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As we left off the last chapter, the following Monday Butch and Billie were scheduled to work from 8 AM until 5 PM at the supermarket. At lunch time they went to the break room to prepare their noon meal. Billie had been dying all morning to learn how Butch's Friday night had gone to satisfy his fantasy, as a straight man, to have his first man suck his cock and let Butch fuck his  first young stud's ass. Billie had made those arrangements for his brother Mickey and cousin Hank to help out Butch in a three way.This was Billie's way to keep his secret when he had found his brother and cousin fucking in the barn.

When Butch began to describe the steamy sex scene from the Friday night orgy, Billie became horny as hell. He went over and locked the door. In his lust and raging hormones as a 24-year-old handsome 5-feet and 10 inches, brown eyes, light brown hair and 160 pounds, he grabbed Butch the 32-year old, 220 pound, 6-feet and some 4-inches, former semi-pro ice hockey player by the crotch. He shocked Butch when he slowly unzipped Butch's pants, ran his hand inside the hot shorts, grabbed the growing big 10-inch cock and began to jack him off.

This caused Butch to return the favor as he unzipped Billie's pants, the truly straight dude with a girlfriend, located his 8-inch cock and began to pull it out to start jerking him off.


I could not believe that my hot story of the fucking sex with Mickey and Hank had such an unpredictable effect on the one dude that I knew to be the most straight guy in the entire state. What had happened? Was he so excited about my sucking and fucking with his brother and cousin that caused him to loose all inhibitions regarding gay sex. He was attacking me as if he was a fucking gay sex addict. I had just turned into a gay lover on Friday night and now here was this real handsome lady's man turning a gay trick.

In an instant, Billie began to slowly lower my pants, knelt and took off my shoes, threw my pants off to the side, put his soft warm fingers under the waist band of my briefs and pulled them down my muscled legs and off. He stood, pulled my supermarket shirt over my head placing the front of the shirt behind my neck, leaving the shirt on my back and returning his handsome hands around the base of my cock. I was now only in my birthday suit.

Billie's cock was standing stiff outside his unzipped pants with a spot of pre-cum on the cock head. As he shuck off his shoes, I slowly lowered his pants, slid my hands around the back of his briefs and took them down and off. I pulled his store shirt over his head and off. He had now joined me as a naked man.

I took his big cock in my hand. It felt so soft and velvet like. We began to jack off each other. After some 5 minutes of masturbating each other, Billie grabbed both our huge steel hard cocks and placed them together rubbing them across each other with both his hands. Hell, the feeling of the two cock sliding over one another had me about rather to shoot a load.

We moaned, grunted and began to drip pre-cum from our cock heads. Soon we were dripping with sweat running down our rigged bodies. The lust was so powerful that Billie placed his red rose lips up to my huge thick lips while still rubbing our cocks together. I opened my mouth inviting his wet strong smelling tongue to the back of my throat. The heat from our mouths and the growing saliva spewing from our mouths caused our cocks to literally grow harder.

The lust was now our masters. Billie let go of our cocks and we began to fiercely hump as our big cocks slid up and down our abs and lower stomach. The sweat began to run like a river down our heads, chests, stomachs and onto our crotches. The manly smell of rich odors were pure sexual gratification. No female had ever come close to making us this lustful, horny or excited. We began to scream and yell from the growing lust. We forgot about being heard or even aware of where we were. It was only Billie and I that counted.

Soon Billie grabbed me by the back of my head and said: "Holy fuck Butch, what has happened to me and yea even you? Have I died and come back as a fucking fag? I have never been this turned on and wanted human flesh like I want you. Please suck my cock. Hell, I bet you now know how to give fucking hot blowjobs after last Friday night with my baby brother Mickey and cousin Hank. Suck my cock down that hot throat of yours. I have never wanted my cock sucked more than right now. Here get down on your knees and take my leaking fucking cock in your mouth."

I flopped down on my knees, grabbed the base of this huge cock shaft, placed my hot lips  stretched hard around his cock head, bore down hard and sucked the dripping pre-cum out of his cock. Man, it tasted even better than Mickey and Hank's cum. It must be true that each man's cum has a unique taste. At that instant I thought I've got to suck many cocks to find out. Oh shit, I know I'm now a fucking gay cum slut. I'll never get enough of a variety of cum but I'll try for a daily supply.

But back to the cock in my mouth. I started to slowly inch his big tool deep into my throat until I had deep-throated that manly cock. This caused Billie to go into an orbit. He began to push his hips forward and drive his wet cock further into my mouth. I sucked and he thrust his hips forward as I sucked him harder and harder. I used my tongue to tease his cock head, run my tongue around his cock head, slide my tongue around his shaft and at times clamped my lips hard on his cock. I could feel ever vein in his cock pulsating while he moaned with pleasure.

He was beyond horny when he said: "Oh holy shit, yea that is it. Suck my big manhood. Oh fucking great, you are the world's best cock sucker. No woman could ever satisfy my cock the way you are. OH hell, oh my holy cock, it loves your mouth. My balls have never been this hot. Man, milk me dry. Milk me dry. Empty my nuts. Drink all my semen. Let me become part of you with my seed. Oh Mmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhh, I can't hold back. Man, here I come. Take my cum, you slut, you whore, you fucking man eater."

I felt his cock stiffen and become even harder in my mouth. I actually felt the cum oozing up his cock shaft until he blasted a river of hot thick white semen deep into my throat. I pulled part way off his cock so I could taste his man seed on my tongue. Yea, it was both sweet and salty. Again it was better than that of Mickey and Hank but just another flavor of my now favorite food and protein.

When he was spent, he pulled his still semi-hard cock out of my mouth, slapped it against the side of my face and then ran it down my chest and stomach leaving a small train of cum on my body. Oh, the smell was so great.

Now it was time to get off my rocks.

I ordered Billie to get down on his knees in front of my crotch and bobbing hard cock near his face. 

"You fucking bitch, you slut, you fucking whore, suck my cock. I bet you can't take my whole 10-inch fucking cock down that cute throat and mouth. But you're going to try. I'm going to fuck that hot mouth until you milk me dry. Get it slut."

"Yea, Butch, just try me. I'm fucking going to show you that I can suck that cock of yours to the base. I'll show you how to be a real cock sucker. You'll cry for help when I get through sucking you so hard that you will empty ever drop of that thick white cum of yours. It will take you three days to regain a supply of man seed. Just watch me."

This so turned me on that my cock actually grew to a new record. I swear that I was then 11-inches. My cock had never been this stiff or long. Billie took his strong hands and gripped the base of m y cock and sucked my cock down his throat in a few seconds. Shit, he swallowed ever inch of my blood filled aching and pulsating tool. He started slowly and soon sped up as he came on and off my cock. Shit, he was incredible as a first time cock sucker. He was super great.

He used his tongue, big lips and hands to wildly suck my cock. He ran his hands up and down my cock shaft while he came down and off my cock. The rhythm of sucking my cock and using his hands on my cock were so arousing. I could feel ever vein in my cock pulsating. No mouth had ever felt this good on my manhood. I was near coming in a short time.

"Oh Billie, oh my god, suck my cock. Yea, Mmmmmm, Ahhhh, shit, I can't last. I feel my cum gathering in  my balls. Oh here comes my orgasm. Please milk me dry. Eat my cum, here is your lunch. Yea, oh shit, I'm coming, I'm coming, take it all. Swallow my cum baby."

As I shot my load, Billie drank ever drop until I was milked dry. He came off my cock and kissed me as we shared what was left of my cum.

We got dressed as our lunch hour was up.

Billie said: "Hey, Butch, this has to be the best sex ever had in Tennessee. Can I come over to your apartment tonight and you fuck my ass? Are we going to tell Mickey and Hank what we did?"

I told him we need to think about that for awhile


Naughty Eric


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