My boss had scheduled me to attend a week long exposition to show off our products. I was to leave on Saturday morning, spending that afternoon and Sunday setting up our booth.

My name is Mark Walker, a twenty-nine year old sales manager for a large housewares manufacturing company.

I had my bags packed, sitting by the front door, ready to leave when there was a knock on my door. It was my nineteen year old neighbor and i knew what he wanted. He and I had been having sex two to three times a week since he was seventeen and it had been awesome.

"Tim, we'll have to make it fast. I have a flight to catch."

"Where are you going?"

"I have a conference in Miami and won't be back until Sunday late," I replied.

We quickly stripped and there on the living room floor began making out, kissing passionately and fondling each other. Soon we were in a hot sixty-nine. devouring each others cocks. We both climaxed seconds apart and after swallowing our rewards, we dressed ad he carried my bags to my car.

"Will I see you Sunday night?" he asked.

"It might be late, but if you're up and see a light on come on over."

He smiled and wished me a good trip.

I was had called and said for me to meet him at the office for some reason. When I arrived, I saw Mr. Jacobs standing by his car with his son. Clay.

Clay was almost twenty-five and had just joined the company, after two years in the Army after high school them four years in college where he got his degree in business management.

"Morning," I said to the two men as I got out of my car.

"Morning, Mark," Mr. Jacobs replied. "it was a last minute decision but I decided to send Clay with you so he can learn more about our products and meet some of our customers. I hope you don't mind."

I did, but I looked at him and said "Not at all. It will be good for him."

Clay was damn good looking and muscular and hot as hell. I had been interested in him for a while but of course, no one in the company knew that I was gay. I knew it would be difficult to be working so close to him for a week.

we loaded his bags into my car and we headed for the airport. as we drove he said, "Mark, I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better. I hope we can make this a fun trip."

"Let's just take it day by day. Being on your feet all day can really drain you."

"Well, to save some money, I had dad change our reservations at the hotel. Instead of each of us having our own room, I had him change it to a double. We'll be sharing a room."

'Holy shit!' I thought. 'This trip is going to be more difficult than I expected.'

We flew to Miami and after renting a car,drove to the hotel where the products show would be held and checked in. Our room was on the twenty-eighth floor and was large with a great view of the beach and ocean from the large private balcony.

We unpacked and went for some lunch before going to the convention area. We found our booth and saw that our crates had arrived and were waiting.

We began our set-up had it half done by six that evening when we decided to call it quits for the day. During the set-up and break-down, I knew I'd be glad to have Clay with me.

We returned to the room to shower before going to dinner. Clay shocked me at the way he had no problem stripping to his bikini briefs in front of me. He showered first and when he came out, he casually dropped his towel before putting on another pair of bikini briefs. All during this time, he was watching me casually.

I stripped to my briefs and went to shower, taking clean briefs with me to the bathroom. When I came out, he laughed and said, "You must be modest. I'm not. Hell, all guys are built the same so why hide what you got."

"I agree to a point, but still have some modesty," I said.

We dressed and went to dinner and had a drink in the hotel bar afterward. Returning to our room, we prepared for bed, knowing we had a rough day ahead on Sunday. I stripped to my briefs and slipped into my bed as Clay pulled back he covers on his bed then removed his briefs, saying, "I always sleep nude. I hope you don't mind."

"It's none of my business," I replied knowing it was going to be a trying week.

Sunday, we went to breakfast then to the convention hall to complete out set up. We put the final touches on our set up and headed out about five. We decided to stop by the bar for a few beers before going to our room.

We later went to the room and again showered before dinner. after dinner it was back to the bar for a couple more beers, then to the room.

We lay out our clothes for the next day, then prepared for bed. We were both in our briefs when he came up to me and said, "I think this is going to be a fun week." Then suddenly, without warning, he placed his hands on my shoulders, leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.

Stunned, I just stood there, frozen.

After our lips parted and he stepped back, I finally managed to say, "That was certainly unexpected. What brought that on?"

"I see nothing wrong with guys showing friendship with a kiss. It's no different that two women kissing or a man and woman kissing."

"But does you dad know you kiss guys?"

"No. And if you told him he wouldn't believe you anyway. There is a lot about me that he doesn't know."

It was then that I figured that he might be gay or at least bisexual, but I knew I had to let him make the moves. I wasn't going to risk my job by making advances toward him.

Monday, the kiss wasn't mentioned. we did our job as professionals and when the event closed for the day, we joined a few of our customers in the bar for drinks and dinner on us.

Returning to the room about nine, we each showered and as we prepared for bed Clay again came up to me saying, "Thanks for all your help today with the customers. I really appreciate it."

"No problem," I replied. "Anytime."

He again leaned in to me and kissed me however this time as we kissed he began groping my cock through my briefs, soon slipping his hand inside and grasping my cock.

"What the hell, Clay?" I asked backing away slightly.

"Mark, I'd really like to show you my appreciation," he said, sliding my briefs down enough to expose my hard cock.

Before I could react, he was on his knees and swallowing my cock. All I could do was moan softly. I was his.

He sucked me like a pro and I knew it wasn't his first time. He swallowed my cock balls deep and soon brought me to a roaring climax. I had warned him ahead of time but he took my load and after collecting it all, he hungrily swallowed.

As he stood, I looked at him and said, "That was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated."

"Mark, I've wanted to do that to you since the day I started working for the company."

"Is that something else that your dad doesn't know about?"

"That, among other things," he said with a smile. "And I hope you will keep it to yourself."

"Clay, as far as I'm concerned, your personal life it just that, personal. If your dad finds out, it won't be from me."

"Thanks, and I'd like to do that every day if you'll let me."

"I'll have to think about that," I replied, already knowing what my answer would be when he offered it again.

I glanced at his crotch and could see a large bulge created by his own hard cock. It looked heavenly and my mouth watered.

We went to bed and as he removed his briefs, I got a good look at his hard cock. It was at least seven and a half inches long and of average thickness, with a beautiful nice pink head.

Wednesday was all business. We had dinner with the three guys from the booth next to ours and after drinks we returned to the room. Once we had showered and were in our briefs, he came up to me and asked, "May I?"

I smiled and said, "Sure, but let's get more comfortable."

He smiled and said, "After you."

I removed my briefs and lay in the middle of my bed. He watched and casually removed his briefs, crawling onto the bed between my wide spread legs.

"I'm all yours," I said.

He began fondling my rapidly stiffening cock and massaging my balls. After a moment he began sucking my cock as he continued to massage my balls. He paused and began licking and sucking my balls. As I moaned he began lifting my legs and I knew what he wanted.

Once my legs were up, he began rimming my hole, Licking it and sucking on it. Then he began to tongue fuck me, drilling his tongue deep into me and I heard him moan softly in pleasure. He soon returned to my cock and brought me to another roaring climax before swallowing and looking up at me.

I motioned for him to lay beside me. He did, and I turned to him and kissed him. After the kiss, I said, "Like you said, there is nothing wrong in kissing a guy to show appreciation."

He leaned toward me and as our lips again met, I parted mine and offered my tongue. He immediately did the same as I began to fondle his hard cock.

I broke the kiss and quickly went to his cock swallowing it totally. I heard him gasp as I began sucking him. I son brought him to his climax and it was huge. I collected it all before swallowing and then kissing him again.

After the kiss he asked, "Why didn't you do something sooner?"

"I had to be sure that you were totally into man sex. I didn't want to reveal myself too soon and have you report me to your dad."

"Never happen," he replied. "So you're totally into it all also?"

"Oh yea," I replied, "and I've had desires for you also."

"Well, now we can really make this trip fun."

"Definitely," I said. "Would you like to stay and share my bed tonight?"

"Man would I ever."

We cuddled together after another kiss and remaining nude went to sleep. We started the next morning with a hot sixty-nine. That night, we went further and fucked each other.

In the room we stayed nude and did a lot of kissing and making out, having hot sex every night. All to soon, the week was over and we had to pack up our displays.

On Saturday a tropical depression quickly formed and headed straight for Miami. It quickly grew and by the time we were scheduled to check out of the hotel, the airport was closed.

We stayed in our room for three extra days before the airport reopened. It was almost constant sex.

We finally got out and returned home on Wednesday. Clay and I had become close friends by then and I told him that he could visit me anytime.

At work, we were professional as always, stealing glances at each other when we could. Our relationship continued to grow and I soon introduced Clay to Tim.

Tim loved having two cocks to suck and have up his ass.

Clay and I met several times a week and spent most weekends together for over a year. Then, unexpectedly, his dad passed away and he inherited the company as well as his dad's house and estate. He asked me to move in as his lover and I readily accepted. We kept it secret at work, however.

We've been together now for two years and Tim visits a couple of times a month sometimes bringing one or two of his college buds to play with us.

I look back on that business trip and am so grateful that Clay joined me on the trip.




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