I'm Mike Roberts. I'm twenty-seven years old and single. I have a couple of ladies I date but I'm not serious about either one. as long as they both put out, I'm happy with things just the way they are.

I work for a large electronics firm where we are constantly undergoing training on new products. Sometimes, the training is just a week when we're getting a new product for a line we already carry. If it's a totally new line of products, the training can be as long as three to four weeks.

So it was when the boss called me and Jake Sims, a fellow co-worker, into his office.

"Gentlemen, I've signed a contract with Greyson Electronics to be the exclusive retailer of their line here in the area. I need you two to go to their plant and be trained on all their products. Plan on being gone a minimum of four weeks and maybe as long as six or seven weeks. Of course all your expenses will be paid for by the company. You will be issued corporate credit cards but make sure you turn in all your receipts."

He continued on saying that we would be leaving on Sunday morning and flying to Atlanta, where their plant was located. A rental car would be provided. We were instructed to use Sunday afternoon to locate their facilities so as not to be late on Monday.

We took Friday off to prepare and were at the airport bright and early Sunday morning for our flight to Atlanta. We got our rental car and proceeded to the hotel. The boss had booked just one double room for us.

It was extremely large and had a nice size refrigerator and microwave in the room as well as a jacuzzi tub.

After settling in, we got a map and located where we were to go on Monday. we drove the route a couple of times to make sure we had it down.

Sunday night we had dinner then walked a few doors down the street to a jumping bar for a few drinks. As we sipped our drinks, Jake looked at me and asked, "With just one room, what happens if one or both of us gets lucky and score?"

"As far as I'm concerned, we go back to the room and get it on. I have no problem having you watch me in action."

"Sounds good to me. I don't mind you watching either, just as long as whatever happens in that room stays in that room and just between you and I."

"For sure. I wouldn't have it any other way," I replied.

Jake was single also, although he had a steady girlfriend that had been trying to push marriage on him. He kept saying he just wasn't ready to settle down just yet. Like me, he was twenty seven also.

We didn't score, although we tried. After returning to the room we stripped to our briefs and showered, Jake first them me. We weren't shy being nude, having seen each other nude at the gym we were both members of.

We made it through Monday which was just an introduction to their line of products and were back at the hotel by three that afternoon. We went to the hotel gym for a workout. Afterward we headed for the steam room and upon entering, saw two guys up on the top bench quickly separate. We looked questioningly at each other. Moments later, they both left and we heard one give the other his room number.

"Fuck it! I bet those two were having sex up there when we walked in," Jake said.

"It looked that way. Damn,I can't believe they were doing it in here," I replied.

"Unreal," Jake added.

We returned to our room and showered then went to dinner. Later we returned to the bar from the night before and found two hot sexy ladies. We had invited them to our room for drinks and things looked promising when one suddenly said she had to leave.

After she left, the other said that if we were interested, she's go with us and take us both on. We quickly agreed and the three of us returned to the room.

Soon, all three of us were nude and Jake and i were taking turns fucking her. It was the first time Jake and I had seen each other with an erection.

Before either of us climaxed, she said she needed to leave. As she quickly dressed, Jake asked if something was wrong.

"Well, yes. Although both of you are well endowed, you're just not big enough for me. Sorry."

With that, she left the room. Jake and I just looked at each other when he asked, "Mike, just how big are you?"

"Just under eight inches, why?"

"Well, mine is exactly eight inches and if we're not big enough for her, to hell with her. Most women would love to get fucked by cocks the size of ours."

I just laughed. Then later, I noticed he was in the shower longer than he had been previously. I knew why and that I'd soon be doing the same.

The next night, we returned to the bar and saw the same woman cuddling up to a well dressed business man. When she excused herself and headed for the restroom, we went over to him.

"Bud, we had a three way with her last night. We both have eight inches but before we got off she jumped up and dressed and left saying that neither of us was big enough for her. Just wanted to let you know what happened to us."

"Well, she damn sure wouldn't like my seven inches," he said.

When she returned,he looked at her and said, "Honey, you're just not my type. I'm not into women who don't go all the way."

With that he turned and left,leaving her standing there and having to pay their bar tab.

We left the bar and decided to walk a few blocks and see what else was around. A few blocks down, Jake spotted and adult video store which had an arcade.

"Mike, you like watching porn?"

"Hell yea. Don't most men?" I replied.

"Let's go see what they got in there."

We did, and found that the arcade fee was eight dollars and you had your choice of any of thirty movies and you could stay up to six hours and watch all you wanted.

We paid the fee and went in, deciding to share a booth and watch the movies together."

We went into a booth and locked the door before going through the movies. we found lots of straight male-female porn, some she-male movies where the man and she-male sucked and fucked each other in the ass, bi movies with two men and one woman and the men would suck each other and kiss while fucking the woman and finally totally gay movies. We watched some of all types and before long Jake said softly, "My fucking cock is hard as a rock. I need to get off."

"I know exactly what you mean," I replied.

"Look, we both jerk off I'm sure. What would be wrong doing it here together? I did it a few time with my buds when a teen."

"So did I. I'm game if you are."

He smiled and quickly dropped his pants to his knees and sat down on the bench. I did the same sitting a few inches from him. As we went from movie to movie, we both stroked our cocks, every so often glancing at each other.

Before long, Jake stood suddenly, firing his load out onto the floor. As his cock erupted, I stood and let mine erupt. Once we were both drained, we began pulling our pants up and I started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Jake asked.

"I can't believe we just did that," I replied.

"Our secret," he added.

We watched for awhile longer ending up watching a gay movie showing two hairy chested muscle studs kissing, sucking, licking each others ass, and fucking each other.

As we watched, Jake said, "I wonder what they get out of sex with another guy?"

"I don't know but I've heard that sex with another man doesn't have all the drama sex with a woman does."

"Fuck, women can ruin the mood with all their drama."

"I know," I told him.

We soon left and walked back to the hotel. Once in our room,he looked at me and asked, "Mike, we've seen each other fuck, and jerk off, so i was wondering if it would offend you if I slept nude?"

"Hell no. I usually sleep that way at home."

"Really?" he asked.


"Mike, you ever just strip down and live nude at home?"

"Yes, Jake,I do. I enjoy being nude. Do you?"

"Sure do. If I'm home, and alone, I'm nude."

"Me too," I said.

"Mike,since we both love being nude and after what we've done, would you like to stay nude together here in the room?"

"I don't see why not," I said.

We both immediately began removing our clothes. For some reason, it didn't feel awkward. It felt so natural.

For the next few days, as soon as we arrived at our room, we'd strip. Our room was on the fifteenth floor and we found that the balcony was totally private and couldn't be see from other rooms. And we were above all the surrounding buildings. Because of this, in the afternoons after we got to the room and stripped, we'd get a beer and go out on the balcony nude and enjoy the sunset.

We had weekends off, and that first Saturday we slept late. After getting up around nine, we ordered breakfast on room service and when it was delivered, Jake slipped into the bathroom while I slipped on a pair of shorts to answer the door. Once we were again alone, we ate breakfast on the balcony nude.

After eating, I rolled the cart back out into the hall and we began watching TV, trying to decide what we wanted to do that day. Laying in our separate beds, we discussed the possibilities. The room had a DVR player and Jake suggested one of us go to the adult video and rent some porn movies. I said that sounded fine with me and he volunteered to go.

He dressed and left and before long returned with four movies; two straight porn and two gay pron.

We put in a straight porn and as we watched it, we both began slowly stroking, not really trying to get off that soon. After it ended, Jake put in a gay movie, then returned to his bed. As we watched the guys first start kissing, we both returned to casually stroking our cocks.

After a few minutes, Jake got up and moved over to my bed. I was curious but didn't ask what he was doing. After a moment, he looked at me and asked, "Mike, please don't get me wrong but have you ever thought about what it would be like to have sex with another guy?"

"Off and on, yea, I have."

"So have I. We agreed that whatever happened in this room stayed here, right?"


"Well, since we both have, would you like to experiment and see what it's like? We can watch them and do what they do."

"I don't know. I admit I've been curious."

"So have I and you I trust to keep whatever we do just between us."

"Hell, I'm game, but if either of us says no, the other stops."

"Agreed," he said.

He pressed the pause button freezing the movie on a frame that showed the two guys kissing and exchanging tongues. He rolled toward me and soon we were kissing and exchanging tongues. The longer we kissed the more passionate it became. Suddenly, I felt Jake fondling my cock. I reached for his.

After the kiss, he started the movie again saying, "That was hot. I liked it."

"Yea. No woman I ever met liked to kiss like that."

"I know," Jake replied.

We watched as one guy began kissing and licking down the others body, sucking his nipples, before going lower and sucking his cock.

Pausing the movie,Jake began doing the same to me. It was awesome and I loved it and began moaning softly. After a while, he stopped and as he lay next to me, he said that sucking a guys cock wasn't repulsive at all. He said it was erotic. I did to him what he did to me and found he was right.

By the time the movie was over, we had each sucked the other to a climax and swallowed and kissed many times more. We both agreed that it seemed natural. We had watched them fuck each other and debated on doing it. Jake decided he wanted to try getting fucked. He had some lube he had brought for a woman and we used it to lube his ass and my cock.

Soon,I was entering his ass and he winced in pain. I asked if he wanted me to stop and he said no. "Don't stop. I want to get fucked."

I eased my way in and soon he was saying that the pain had subsided and it was feeling good. I began fucking his ass and as i did he began moaning in pleasure, telling me that he wanted to feel me cum in his ass.

I soon did and he said that after the pain eased up, it was awesome. I decided to let him fuck me. He did and the pain was unbelievable but soon turned to pleasure. When he climaxed deep into me, I loved the feeling.

After fucking each other we showered, and as we did we kissed some more. Back in bed, Jake said, "I want to try something i saw them do."

He got between my legs and raised them. Lowering his head, I soon felt his tongue licking my hole and drilling into it. I went wild at the sensations that shot through my body. "Oh fuck yea!" I exclaimed.

After several minutes, he stopped and looked at me and asked, "Did you enjoy that as much as I did?"

"More probably," I replied.

Not wanting to deprive him of the pleasure, I was soon eating his ass.

We lay cuddled together, kissing ald talking and both admitting that we had enjoyed all that we had done.

We realized that it was past lunch and dressed and went to get something to eat. Upon returning, we had our first sixty nine and totally enjoyed it.

Afterward, Jake sat up in bed and asked, "Mike, would you be willing to do this after today?"

"Sure. I personally don't see anything wrong with it now that I've done it. We're both consenting adults and in the privacy of our room. What's wrong with with us satisfying each other?"

"Not a fucking thing!" he replied.

The second gay movie was titled 'Bookstore Fun' and showed guys sucking other guys in the booths of an adult video arcade. We watched it and after it as over, Jake looked at me and asked, "Later, shall we see if we can do any of that at the bookstore down the street? We do need to return the movies."

"Why not?" I replied.

We later dressed and went to a small cafe on the way to the bookstore. We wore no underwear to make it easier to get our cocks out and allow our boners to show.

Once in the arcade, we found that a several pairs of booths in the back had holes cut in the separating partitions. We went into one and waited. Soon a guy came into the booth next to us and after choosing a movie, he dropped his pants and began stroking his cock.

As I peeked through the hole he bent down and saw me. He immediately turned and shoved his hard cock through the hole. I began sucking it then stopped and let Jake suck on it. Then we were both licking on it. After a moment, he pulled back and leaned down and said softly, "Follow me to booth five."

He quickly left and we followed, finding the booth door unlocked. When we opened it, he had already completely removed his pants and had his shirt unbuttoned.

"Come on in. I love being serviced by two guys at the same time."

As Jake began sucking his cock, I began sucking on his muscular nipples. He moaned softly then Jake and I traded places. After a few moments he pushed Jake down and we both worked on his cock. I was sucking on it when he said, "I'm about to shoot. I want you to take it but don't swallow. I want to watch you kiss him and share my load."

We did as he requested as he put his pants back on. As he left, he smiled and said, "That was fucking awesome. Thanks."

Jake and I cruised the booths and each ended u sucking three more guys and letting two suck each of us.

Returning to the room, we pulled the covers back on our beds before i asked Jake if he'd like to share my bed with me. He immediately said yes.

We slept cuddled together that night, the first time sleeping with another man for both of us.

Sunday morning, we had a hot sixty-nine and afterward, Jake looked at me and said, "I'm glad we experimented."

"So am I," I replied.

Off and on Sunday, we fucked and sucked each other as well as kissed and rimmed.

Sunday night Jake again shared my bed. As we lay together, I asked, "Shall we make this a permanent sleeping arrangement?"

"I sure don't see why not."

So it was, we shared the same bed every night after that, having sex every evening, either together in our room or with others at the bookstore.

The following Saturday, as we sat nude on the balcony. Jake said, "I have a major problem."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well as you know, sue has been pushing for us to get married. I know know that I'm gay. I don't want her or any other woman. I enjoy male sex too much. I have to find some way to tell her that it's over between us permanently. If I tell her why, she might get pissed off and call the boss."

"Well, wait a short while after we get back ad tell her you've found someone else. she doesn't need to know any more than that."

"That might work," he said. He then asked, "Mike, do you consider yourself gay or bi."

"Probably gay although two weeks ago when we got here, I would have never believed I say that."

"I know what you mean. Somehow it seems that it was meant to be between us."

"Yes, it does," I replied.

For the remainder of our time in Atlanta, Jake and I had sex more and more together as well as inviting guys to our room on weekends.

We returned to our regular jobs and Jake visited me almost daily after work. He managed to get Sue to believe he had found another woman.

Three months after we returned home, I held Jake in my arms and confessed my undying love for him. He did the same to me and we became lovers and moved in together in my large house.

We've been together six years now and constantly remember that business trip where we both found our true selves with the help of the other.




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