As I rose up out of the pool, adjusting myself inside my Speedos by tugging quickly at its sides down at my crotch, as one does to minimize tight clinging, I noticed several of my business colleagues staring at me with unguarded expressions of interest. The energetic swim had really pumped me up, especially my shoulders, pecs, thighs, and calves. I realized most of these men were seeing my almost naked frame for the first time and  could now see how really well built I am. A suit and tie can effectively camouflage a good build, or hide a poor one.

A few of the slack-jawed stares had a very familiar feel to them: that feel of open cruising; that feel of dedicated sexual longing; that feel of being looked at with very experienced eyes, which swept my nearly nude body with bold, calculating lust. The looks took my breath away. The most daring of them were aimed directly, blatantly, at my crotch, which started enlarging in an uncontrollable blush of carnal arousal as these flattering stares washed over me. Besides, let's face it, I was horny.

We'd already spent two and a half days in serious business sessions with hardly a break. This was the first time we were given a chance to relax. We were at one of those exclusive private resorts that cater to business meetings. Wives had not been invited. In fact, there were almost no women in the place, at all. Most of us were in our mid- to late-twenties so I figured some of the stares were most likely simply the result of lack of nookie. I had long since come to the conviction that horny men will seek out relief wherever it happens to pop up. It's really not a question of gay or straight; it's more a question of taking advantage of whatever is available to satisfy powerful sudden urges for quick relief.

I scooped up my towel as I walked past my lounge chair and headed for the health club entrance near the pool.

'Where ya goin', Jack?' one of staring men called out. I glanced over my shoulder and saw it was Mike. He was lying on his back on a lounge, legs spread apart, tantalizing bulge in his trim-line swim trunks. He looks good enough to eat, I said to myself, but called back, 'I think I'll rinse off and then get some steam.' And I left them, not thinking much about it.

The health club set up at the resort was impressive. There was a large, carpeted locker room; big, clean toilet room with sinks, urinals, and stalls; huge shower room with several carousel showers around each of which eight men at a time could shower (reminding me of my college days); and both a Sauna Room and a Steam Room.

I pealed off my swimsuit, flipped it onto a hook next to my towel, and went into the showers. Only one guy was showering, so, as has always been my normal habit in situations like this, I started a showerhead across from his on the same carousel and began soaping up. I wasn't consciously cruising him even though he looked very muscular with a high, round butt; I was just trying not to appear aloof and unsociable.

His back had been to me when I entered, but when he heard another shower running, he turned around. In the bright lights of the place, I saw, immediately, that he was very well hung. So well hung, in fact, that I figured he might have been playing with himself before I came in, his cock was so long, and so fat, and so... I reminded myself that I was horny, and simply raised my gaze and smiled at him

'How're ya doin'' he growled huskily, smiling back at me. He was a compact, brawny, linebacker type with gut-wrenchingly sexual appeal and very good looks.

'Okay,' I responded half-heartedly, 'How about yourself?' I was lathering up my chest and arms, trying to appear casual.

He took a couple of steps towards me and in a conspiratorial whisper confided, 'I hate these fuckin' out-of-the-way resorts!'

'You here on business, too?' I asked in an understanding tone.

'Yeah, three days, now,' he whispered, coming even closer, leaning a shoulder up against the center pole and poking his head towards me. It was a very sexy movement. He struck a very sexy pose.

'Hmmm,' I hummed with a grimace of empathy, 'This is my third day, too.' I made it sound  like a very long time..

'And no action, either, I'll bet.' He glanced down my body. 'Looks like you're as horny as I am,   man,' he sighed. He stared boldly at my dick, now, and moved his body to the side of the pole as if to give me an even clearer, unobstructed view of his entire rugged frame, and to show off his big balls and that long cock. Oh, yeah, he was sexy all right!

'Guess we're both in the same boat,' I offered, not disagreeing, yet surprised by his openness and wondering where this was leading.

'I don't usually need to jack off, man, but I'm so damn horny I was really thinkin' about it...' he paused, then added, huskily, '... until you showed up.' He ran a muscular, open hand down the length of his long cock. It was a lewd action I couldn't stop myself from watching. Or enjoying!

'Didn't mean to interrupt your jack off, man,' I whispered back, adding to the conspiratorial spirit of the encounter. I saw his palm finish its journey down the long tube. I sucked in my breath as the big cock leapt upwards when liberated from the intimate, arousing touch, vibrated lustily, and began erecting.

'No. No. I'm glad you did...' he confided, in that husky, deep growl. Then, with a sexy grin he added, '...hate to waste it jackin' off.' He cupped his big balls with a fist, as his cock grew even larger. He was displaying himself to me, openly. It was as clear a sexual invitation as I've ever been given. 'Don't you hate wasting it, too?' he asked huskily.

My eyes opened wide. I couldn't think of anything to say. But my dick, which had been thickening, elongating, kept growing. I looked up to his face, but he was studying my cock. He broke into a wide smile and then looked into my eyes, saying, 'That's an impressive piece of meat ya got there, buddy. Big balls, too! I'd enjoy fuckin' around with you. In fact, I'd like to go down on that big thing. Ever had a man service you? A real man?' He paused as he watched my mouth drop open in surprise. He couldn't have known my surprise came not from being brazenly propositioned but from my not being the aggressor in this situation, myself. I had obviously met my match. Then he added, 'I'll help you out, if you'll return the favor, tit for tat.'

'How?' I managed to squeak out, sounding like a naive schoolboy.

He glowed with pleasure and his cock made an obvious, responsive surge to almost full arousal. I had not said 'no.' 'Lemme suck this big cock of yours, man,' he whispered, moving in on me, sliding a firm hand onto my hip sensuously, grasping fingers kneading the flesh. He paused, waiting for my reaction.

'Uhh,' I grunted with pleasure, wanting to shout out Great! And I'll be glad to suck yours, too! But he misinterpreted my arousal-driven hesitation as inexperience and quickly said, comfortingly, 'Hey, it's okay. You can give me a quick hand-job if ya don't wanna suck cock, man. Anything you want to do is okay with me. Wadda ya say?'

'Where?' I asked, realizing that he was getting off on my apparent lack of experience yet willing cooperation and obvious arousal.

'I could go down on this big thing...' he grabbed hold of my cock knowingly, sending jolts of pleasure through me, as he whispered excitedly, '...right here, right now. Or we could go into the steam room, the sauna, a toilet, my room, or your room. It's up to you, man, but you're so humpy, I don't want to let you get away.' His hand had begun a dexterous masturbatory pumping on my cock, stimulating it to complete the full erection process, as he leaned in even closer, whispering right into my ear, delighting my senses.

I let the back of my hand brush up against his balls and standing cock as if accidentally due to the closeness of our encounter. He hummed with pleasure at the touch. 'Yeah! Feel my dick, man,' he growled.

My fingers flitted along the length of it, tickling it as if taking its measure. His fist tightened on my cock in response, as if offering instruction, while his cock, and mine, stiffened to extreme engorgement.

'We shouldn't do it here,' I whispered, drawing back slightly.

'Where, then,' he asked, looking relieved that I had added the word 'here', thereby giving agreement to doing it somewhere.

'The steam room,' I suggested simply.

In reply, he led me towards the door of the adjacent steam room by tugging me by my cock. As the door was closing behind me, I glanced back and caught a fleeting glimpse of Mike's head peeking round the corner into the showers and watching my naked ass disappearing into the steam. I knew instantly that he'd been spying on the interplay between this sexy guy and myself. I was certain he'd follow us into the steam, but wondered at what point he'd catch us, and what he'd do when he did, but I was too aroused by now to worry much about it.

'Looks like we're alone,' the sexy voice whispered, causing me to wonder how he could see through all the billowing steam. He was still pumping my cock but he slid a hand up my chest, cupped and squeezed a pec and pinched a hard nipple with real passion. 'Man, you are a hunk!' he sighed, and then he lowered his head and slipped his mouth over the entire knob of my cock, engulfing it with a smooth motion of intense moist heat. This cocksucker knew what he was doing, I was delighted to realize. His swirling tongue action and powerful suction lifted me to a marvelous plane of physical pleasure, as I felt the comforting hot moisture of swirling steam gently caress my whole body.

A blowjob in a steam room, I thought, What could be better? I was euphoric.

Just then, a hand slid onto my shoulder and a voice murmured softly into my ear from behind, 'Watcha doin', Jack?'

I wasn't surprised. It was Mike. Several things then happened simultaneously. I put my hand on the back of the neck of the cocksucker to keep him in place because he had noticed the intrusion and seemed to be starting to come up off my cock. Mike pressed the length of his naked body against me, thumping a hot, large erection against my hip and waist, while sliding a finger between the cheeks of my ass and plunging inwards to stimulate the lips of my opening. And my breath was sucked in as my hips slid back to welcome his carnal advances.

The cocksucker moved and I looked down at him. He looked ecstatic as he sucked my big cock. He ran a hand over my leg to reach for and play with Mike's big, hairy balls.

'I asked ya whatcha doin', Jack?' Mike whispered louder, teasingly, his body noticeably reacting to the cocksucker's intimate touch.

'I'm gettin' a blowjob, man,' I responded huskily.

'Yeah, I see that, and, now, you're gonna get fucked in the ass, too. Whadda ya think of that? Think ya can handle my giant dick?' He pressed the length of it against me more forcibly.

'I'll give it a try, but it's awfully big,' I said, excitedly.

With a loud popping slurp the cocksucker released my cock. Immediately, he pleaded to us, 'Let me suck it for a minute and get it nice and slippery for you to fuck him with!' It was a lascivious invitation, and, agreeably, Mike shifted sufficiently to give the cocksucker free access to his hardon, and then shuttered with pleasure as the talented mouth worked his meat. 'He's good,' he sighed in my ear, causing a tingling sensation to surge through my body. It had been a long time since I'd made it with two men at a time. And, as I watched the impressively long length of Mike's cock disappear into the cocksucker's mouth, I trembled with pleasure at the thought of taking that long tube inside of me and letting him shove it right up my ass.

I knew Mike was enjoying the suck, but was pleased when he tugged back, grunting, 'That's enough.' Without hesitation, the cocksucker simply slid my dick back down his throat and continued sucking. Mike slipped his moistened cockhead between my cheeks and knocked at the door. It took patience and skill from both of us to work the cockhead into me without trauma, but once inside, after my sphincter had clamped tightly behind the fat cockknob, we both relaxed.

'Man, you're so hot and tight!' Mike sighed at my ear. 'Relax, and let me get into you, all the way. I wanna fuck this hot ass of yours good.' His body felt great against my back, and, as his cock slowly forced its way up into me, his arms encircled my body and tightened in a sensational embrace of great emotional power. 'Ummm... Take it all, man,' he hummed into my ear, 'Take all my cock!'

As his huge cockhead slid up against and then past my prostate, I knew I was about to lose control. The deep-throated cocksucking was terrific and combined with the ass fucking it lifted me to an intense orgasmic level. I groaned as a terrific spasm flashed throughout my body. My entire body stiffened, my abdomen went ballistic, and I began to shoot off in the cocksucker's throat. He rose to catch the rest of the many spurts of my hot cum on his tongue, savoring the nectar.

'Oh! Man! He's cumming, isn't he,' Mike asserted excitedly, almost shouting down at the cocksucker. He had just begun humping cock in and out when my orgasm overtook me. 'He's really working my cock as he comes. Man, this feels terrific! What a great fuck!' He was no longer whispering.

As my orgasm wound down, in shuddering ecstasy, I wondered if we had better be a bit more discreet, but the cocksucker was too busy swallowing to notice, and Mike seemed too enraptured to care.

Overwhelmed, I put a hand on the cocksucker's forehead and he realized I was at the point of super-sensitivity and relinquished his prize almost immediately. He rose in front of me, leaning back to flaunt his giant, lube-leaking, cock at me. It looked spectacular, ready to burst.

'If ya take it up the ass, man, ya suck cock, too,' he deduced with a smile, and he put a hand up on the nape of my neck and tugged. Mike immediately released me from his powerful embrace and slid his hands down onto my hips to hold on as the tempo of his fucking increased.

'Oh! Do it, man!' Mike encouraged with increasing excitement, clearly enjoying himself. 'Suck his big dick, man, while I fuck you hard and fast! This is great ass!'

As my head was being lowered toward its goal I got a real shock! I spotted an extra pair of feet at each side of Mike. Two naked men were standing there so close beside him he had to know they were there, but he had said nothing. It suddenly occurred to me that Mike had been openly advertising his pleasures for their edification.

Bumping the slippery cockhead with my cheek as I turned my head to look behind me, I saw Steve, a married colleague of mine, looking more muscular than I remembered, fingering a long, fat erection. He was waiting his turn! Sliding my face against the marvelous, oozing cock, I looked back at the other man. I didn't recognize him, but he was toying with his own equally impressive large hardon, waiting his turn, too.

It's easy to recapture the emotions I felt at that very moment, but difficult to express them adequately. For one thing, I damn near had another orgasm right then and there with the recognition that I was, once again but unexpectedly, in the midst of a developing orgy. It had been almost five years since the last orgy I'd been a part of, at college, and I had thought those days were long past. To recognize that they were not over was fantastically exciting. For another, this business setting had seemed sterile and unlikely to yield thrills, yet here I was being fucked and, yes, going down now on a terrific cock. Sucking the big thing in! Really getting it into my mouth and then down into my throat as the guy described to the onlookers every sensation he was feeling as he was 'feedin' it' to me. Both he and Mike were very verbal in the enjoyment. He obviously had seen the naked feet appear on both sides of Mike, but had not reacted. So he certainly wasn't opposed to an orgy, either. And the presence of an erect married man reconfirmed my conviction that contact with another person is always preferable to a dry fist, straight or gay not withstanding.

It's at times like this, too, that every sensation my body feels seems to imbed itself securely into my memory. From the feel of the wet, warm concrete floor on my naked feet; the moist heat of the steam swirling around my naked body; the touch of the hand on my head urging me on to suck cock; the clasp of the hands on my hips holding on tightly as I was being forcibly fucked good by a deeply penetrating long cock; to the feel of the raspy nodules deep in my throat that one only feels when a cock is lodged way down the throat; the feel of my one hand on the strong thigh of the man I was sucking and my other hand playing with his big balls and tight ballsac; to the sounds of flesh slapping flesh as Mike jarred me with more and more urgent strokes; the sounds of sucking; the sounds of meat beating; to the sight of Steve's cock being fingered next to my check after he moved to stand close to my head while the man I was sucking played with Steve's balls; to the feel of my own balls as they swayed with the rhythms of the orgy and helped to let me know how much I was thoroughly enjoying myself at this very moment. I was ecstatic!

I noticed, too, that the steam was dissipating and realized someone had had the foresight to turn it off so that we would not become overheated. I took notice of it because I could now see the door open and saw the lower part of a towel-wrapped man enter. He came right up to stand next to Steve and asked in a deep, husky voice, 'What the fuck's goin' on?'

'He's gettin' fucked, man,' Steve answered in a voice strained with emotion.

'Yeah,' the man I was sucking confirmed, 'and he sucks a mean dick, too, I'll tell ya. He's got real talent! I'm about to bust a nut, man! He's suckin' out my juice and he's gonna swallow every drop of it.'

'Geeeez,' the newcomer exhaled softly. Then I saw his towel slip off and caught, out of the corner of my eye, the always stimulating sight of a large cock steadily erecting itself to full arousal and carnal display. A sixth man had now become part of the orgy. I was delighted! Yet nagging at the back of my mind was the possibility that someone might come in who would be outraged at our behavior, though, strangely, this only served to heighten my awareness of the pleasures I was taking. And besides, danger is an aphrodisiac!

Suddenly, I was being choked with goo. Jism was flooding out of the big cock in my throat without further warning. Its tastes, textures and hot creaminess were wonderful. The guy came in bucketsful. I swallowed it all down with fervor. I love sucking cock!

'Christ! He's cumming, isn't he,' Mike hissed, and stiffened tightly against my ass cheeks. I felt his hard cock expand, then contract slightly, then expand and contract, over and over, and I knew he was flooding my ass with his cream. 'Oh, God! This is good! This is good! This is good!' he sighed over and over again, until his body slumped over my back and he rested on me, catching his breath as his cock slowly deflated inside of me. It made me feel spectacular.

But I knew we were at a very tricky moment. For one thing, three erections wanted immediate attention, and for another, self-consciousness can deflate desire and turn off the shy.

I shouldn't have worried about it. Mike was damn near rolled off me by the guy standing next to him and the head of a cock even larger than Mike's started sliding between my cheeks. I remained in the bent over position, as the still hard cock was withdrawn from my mouth, and sure enough, Steve slipped his big cockhead right in between my lips.

Just as Steve said, 'Man, he can suck!' the other guy sighed, 'What a tight ass!' I love flattery and know what good advertising it is in this kind of situation.

'Man, this has gotten me hot fast,' the man who'd been towel-wrapped said huskily.

'He was suckin' cock before,' I heard Mike say, and I knew he was pointing at the guy who'd just come in my mouth.

To the question, 'Will ya do me, too?' came the reply, 'I'd love to, man!' Then he announced, 'But I don't take it up the ass like Jack, here.' He was being defensive. 'Bring it here,' he ordered and he knelt down so close beside me I could easily watch a nice sized dickhead slip into his mouth as he began sucking cock again.

The room was by now almost completely clear of steam. To my surprise, even though I had an easy view of the door we'd entered by, I suddenly saw two more pair of naked feel coming to stop on either side of me from behind me.

'Holy Shit!' a young-sounding voice exclaimed, 'Two muscular cocksuckers at work!'

'Yeah, Pete,' the other guy added, 'and look at the size of the dick bein' shoved up this guy's ass! It's almost as big as yours! He can really handle cock, man! I wanna give that ass a try, myself!'

'While you're in there, Randy,' came the quick response from Pete, 'I wanna see if he can suck my big one. I never met a really good cocksucker, but he looks like he might do it like it should be done.' The easy banter between the two of them spoke volumes of their familiarity with each other, and it was music to my ears! Without doubt our group had grown to eight.

Steve stiffened in my mouth at the sexy talk. He had watched them entering from what I later found to be a second door in the steam room and he had only momentarily been concerned about their reaction to discovering an all-male orgy. Then he told the guy named Pete, 'That's a big one, kid, but he's so good, and he's got me in so deep really suckin' my cock, that I think you'll like havin' him blow ya.'

'Yeah,' the guy fucking me added huskily, 'and this is the finest piece of man-ass I've ever fucked, Randy, so I know you'll like it. Here, as a favor, and to keep him from gettin' too damn slippery, I'll just shoot off all over his back,' and with that announcement, he stopped humping his long cock deep inside of me but simply pulled out in one long yank, taking my breath away. I felt his hand between my ass cheeks sliding on the length of the long cock, and then almost immediately felt heavy splats of hot juice land at my neck, then my upper back, mid-back, and then on my ass as he pumped out his ejaculate all over me.

'Umm, look at him shoot his load,' someone sighed with emotion. A hand reached out and slathered the cum all over my back and ass. Then the guy stepped aside and I'm sure it was Randy who quickly took his place and began plugging me.

I wondered why Steve had referred to Pete as 'kid' but my attention was diverted as the cocksucker next to me started choking on a really heavy load being squirted into him. Then, Steve, reacting to the cum shot he'd just witnessed, the new dick he watched disappearing up my ass, and the guy shooting off into the cocksucker right next to him, stared to come, himself, hosing a downpour into me.

When Steve finished and stepped aside, I looked up to see the sexiest teen-ager I'd seen in years standing there in front of me, sporting a gigantic erection and a toothy grin. He was trim and muscular, narrow-wasted with washboard abs, and bright-eyed with eager anticipation. I smiled up at him and he walked his cock right into me, just like that. No howdy-do or hesitation. Just aimed the juicy cockhead at my mouth and shoved it home. I loved it! I sucked for all I was worth, knowing instinctively this kid was a quick-comer and a delightful, hot, sex partner.

It had been about two o'clock in the afternoon when I first entered the shower and met the cocksucker. I was finally able to leave the cooled-down steam room at a quarter to seven that evening. Think of it. Almost five hours of nonstop sex! A total of twelve men were involved, and all came more than once. I came twice, myself. So did Steve, Mike, and the cocksucker. Pete and Randy each came four times but it turned out they were both eighteen-year-old sex machines. They both worked in the resort's kitchens from seven to mid-night, and had discovered that horny guys could often be found in the steam room. Pete, the more unconstrained of the two, told me they'd never before encountered an orgy like ours, although he was now happier in his outlook for the future, but that whenever he and Randy had not found a willing cocksucker they had been able to pleasure each other. He winked, sexily, patting my butt as we showered next to each other, and asked, 'See ya tomorrow?'

I shrugged, and admitted, 'I'm not sure. I've been told we're having all day sessions every day, but they let us off this afternoon. Maybe they'll do the same tomorrow. If so, you can be damn sure I'll be here.' Suddenly, three more days at this place didn't seem long enough.

It turned out the steam room had something of a reputation, so mainly only men who were actually looking for action, or wanting to watch, ever went into it. The watchers always were rather fascinating, I thought. They leered, they jacked off, but they never got intimate. To each his own! Performing for them gave me an extra kick.

* * * * *

After dinner that evening, Dom, my boss, the vice-president of engineering at our construction firm, came over to our table and leaned down, quietly saying to me, 'I've got some blueprints with me I'd like to go over with you, Jack. Com'on over to my bungalow in about half an hour, okay?'

'Sure,' I said agreeably, though I was startled by the invitation. It seemed very unlike him to want to discuss business late at night. And I wondered what blueprint could possibly be so important that it had to be looked at during our meeting.

When I tapped lightly on his door, he opened it almost immediately and motioned me in, closing and bolting it after me. He had a drink in his hand, and had changed his clothes. He was wearing sandals and a Japanese Hapi coat - a sort of very short bathrobe which was loosely tied and exposed most of his muscular chest. And that's all he was wearing. I was startled. He was about forty, I figured. I had never thought about him in sexual terms, yet here he was, almost naked before me, and looking damn good, I had to admit. I was intrigued.

'Want a drink?' he offered.

'Well...' I said hesitantly.

'Here.' he said, and handed me a tumbler like his own, already filled with ice and an amber liquid smelling of scotch. 'You don't have to be shy with me, Jack,' he added with a grin. 'Bottom's up!' With that he clinked glasses with me and took a stiff drink. I took a sip and discovered it was straight scotch on the rocks.

We were in a comfortable sitting room in his private bungalow. He grabbed the back of my arm up by the armpit and guided me to a large sofa. He sat down and half tugged me to sit close beside him. The Hapi coat seemed to open even further when he sat and I could see that he probably wasn't wearing underpants. His crotch was covered, but that was about it. He spread his knees wide apart, a very normal masculine motion, and the flow of the robe accentuated interesting bulges at the crotch. But, so far, nothing really seemed out of the ordinary, and I wasn't going to let him catch me staring.

He leaned back, took another long swig of whiskey, and smiled at me. I waited. This was his party.

'Saw you at the pool, today, Jack,' he said quietly.

My ears pricked up. I nodded.

'You looked damn good. I didn't realize you kept yourself in such great shape until I saw you in that skimpy swimsuit.'

I flushed, embarrassed by the comment and wondering what he was up to. I had not seen him at the pool area. I glanced at his bare chest, which showed obvious good conditioning, and responded, 'Looks like you keep yourself in great shape, too, Dom.' Offense is good defense.

He beamed with pleasure. 'I do my best,' he admitted. 'I try to get to the club at least four times a week. I enjoy a good workout.'

I nodded in agreement.

'I happened to catch sight of a few of you fellows showering together earlier this evening,' he told me.


'Yeah,' he said with a huskiness in his voice, 'It looked liked you guys had been working out, too.' He emphasized the phrase with an ironic twist. He suspected something.

'Why didn't you join us?' I asked openly. Offense is always the best defense.

He looked startled. His face reddened. 'No, no.' he insisted, 'I'm too old to get into the middle of a group of naked youngsters.'

I wasn't buying his cop-out. 'Bull!' I said emphatically. 'What are you, a couple years older than I am. That's all.'

'I'm fifteen years older,' he said seriously.

'Ahh, what's fifteen years if you're in good shape? Right?' and I punched his arm playfully. It felt solid. He was in good shape.

'The age difference doesn't matter to you, Jack?'

I shrugged and shook my head. 'Why should it?' I asked, wondering what he was up to.

'Well, to tell you the truth...' he paused, looking very serious.

I took a deep breath.

'...I was gonna get some steam...' he paused to let that sink in.'

I held my breath.

'...but when I saw what was goin' on, I got the hell out of there.' He finished his drink with a long gulp.

I couldn't breath. 'And, so, you're telling me that because of our age difference, you passed up joining in on a little fun this afternoon?'

He nodded silently.

I exhaled. Shook my head. Smiled. 'You missed a good time,' I said quietly.

'The brief sight I got of you guys almost made me cream my jeans on the spot. My God, you looked sexy.' He was being honest, I could sense it. I finally relaxed.

He started to say, 'Think I'll have another drink...' and started to get up, but I put my hand on his naked chest and pushed him back against the couch.

'You don't have to get drunk to enjoy this,' I suggested, taking charge, setting my own drink aside. I knew what he wanted.

'Enjoy what?' he asked.

I smiled. He grinned. He knew what he wanted, too.

'The English call it 'a little slap and tickle,'' I told him.

'I call it a blow-job!' he said in an emotion filled whisper. I took a brazen look down at his crotch and noticed movement. As I stared, the movement became even more obvious.

'Your friend needs a little help?' I asked, grinning.

'Please, Jack,' he sighed, straightening his legs out and pulling them together, shifting his hips upwards and using both hands to slide over his thighs and slowly tug the robe apart. It was a lascivious movement.

I slid a hot palm onto his inner thigh at the midpoint and he hissed at the touch. Immediately, his cockhead poked up between the edges of the material as it surged to erection, stimulated by the touch of my hand. It looked magnificent. Dark red, very large, very meaty! And the shaft kept lifting it higher and higher, growing longer and longer. My hand slid upwards and I cupped what felt like giant balls. The last thing I had expected to discover was a record breaking schlong, but this was incredible.

'Holy Shit!' I sighed, excitedly. My hand slid over the big balls and encircled the wide shaft, near the base, and I felt great strength. This was an awesome cock.

'Yeah,' he sighed dejectedly, 'it's too big. It's what they all say.'

'Who?' I demanded.

'Whoever sees it,' he said flatly. He looked defeated.

'Well, not me!' I said enthusiastically. And I licked my lips for emphasis.

He eyes got big. 'You mean, you'll try...'

I cut him off by bending down and engulfing the meaty glans. It filled my entire mouth. It was huge. My tongue swirled, I sucked and he hissed with pleasure, grabbing the back of my head with his hand. I allowed him to apply pressure on my head and hump his hips into me, as the giant cockknob slowly penetrated into my throat, slowly but surely, little by little. And it was big! Maybe the biggest I'd ever tried to suck. At least up there with the three or four biggest. And it tasted great! Like he'd known a cocksucker would taste it this evening so he didn't use any soap on it to disflavor it. I was loving it!

I used my hands to open his garment and untie the cloth belt-tie, and then roamed his strong body, pinching nipples, tickling balls, rubbing flesh. But I was not pumping his cock, although I was certain he was expecting me to. No, mine's large, too, and I've always found, and know that most other men have also found, that having someone jack you off while sucking the knob just doesn't lift the spirits as high as honest-to-god deep-throating genuine cocksucking. There's no comparison. And as his monster slowly forced itself into me, stretching my throat but sliding inwards, inching itself into me, I heard him say, in awe, 'Jesus! Look at that!'

His amazed tone of voice encouraged me to work even harder. I ignored the pressure and discomfort, the predisposition to gag on such a big one, the need for more air, the difficulty controlling saliva, and I sucked this cock! Finally, feeling triumphant, I felt my lip touch his balls!

'Oh! God!' he sighed softly, excitedly, and I felt his entire body stiffen. Not that he was reaching orgasm, but that he wanted every fucking millimeter of cock in me and was straining to get it all in. 'This is fantastic!' he whispered huskily.

A series of tentative upwards and downwards movements on the giant shaft felt pretty good to both of us, and it wasn't really very long before I was riding the length of it with my face. He was moaning and groaning with pleasure and amazement, but wasn't doing the one thing the eighteen-year-olds, for example, had been doing this afternoon. He wasn't reaching orgasm fast. I liked that. This cock deserved great effort and I gave it.'

Suddenly, as I rose up to the engorged cockhead, I let the giant tube slip out of my mouth.

'Oh! No! Don't stop,' he implored.

'I'm sort of uncomfortable,' I admitted, tugging at my shirt's top button.

'Oh! Yes! Yes! Take off your clothes, Jack. Get naked with me!' he demanded immediately. 'Take them all off,' he added as he watched me remove my shirt. I stood, kicked off my shoes, and then undid my belt and dropped my pants. I was naked. And hard!

'Oh, Jack!' he sighed, 'you really are enjoying this, aren't you.' It was an observation, not a question. And, as I lowered myself and re-engulfed his hard meat, his hands slid over the flesh of my back affectionately.

This time there was no holding back. This time I allowed no quarter, no backing down. I sucked like never before, really applying world-class techniques and pressures, riding the cock's full length. He didn't stand a chance. His body spasmed and twitched, his cock stiffened to cast-iron hardness, his cockknob became stone-solid while expanded to its absolute maximum dimensions, and we both knew he was about to come.

'It's never felt like this, before,' he sighed in a husky voice.

When my left hand slid up his thigh and slipped around his ballsac, he suddenly arched his back, inhaled deeply, and exploded into me. It happened as I was rising on the cock, so I was able to capture most of his exquisite jism in my mouth, savoring its viscous juices and incredible tastes. He pumped heavy spurt after heavy spurt into me, filling me up, coming like a teenager! Forcing me to swallow again and again and again.

Still, there was no backing off. I sucked the big cock dry and continued sucking until he went soft and begged me to stop. He was sucked clean and dry. I reckoned he was through for the night.

As I sat up, wiping my mouth with the back of my left hand, he ran a hand idly over my chest.

'I'll tell you the truth, Jack,' he began, 'I think I was jealous when I saw you in the shower and steam, today. I think I wanted to bring you over here and fire your ass, especially if you tried a girlish ploy like denying what I had seen so clearly. But you didn't deny it.'

I listened.

'Or even firing you if you did suck my cock. I expected it to be like any other less-than-satisfactory blowjob I've gotten, and was ready to fire you for that reason, too.'

I nodded.

'But, this! I've never experienced anything like this! It was spectacular. I'm still spasming with aftershocks. This wasn't a blowjob. This was...' he paused, looking at me while shaking his head in disbelief, '...this was the best orgasm I've ever had!'

I smiled.

'Look, I'm not going to fire you. We both know you deserve a promotion on merit alone, on the basis of your professionalism, dedication and proven success, so I'm going to promote you to Engineering Manager as soon as we get back to the office.' He looked pleased with himself.

'I'm not suckin' cock for a raise,' I insisted, idiotically.

'No, no. Don't misunderstand. I'm promoting you on your proven record. Everyone realizes you're due for a promotion. This does not mean you have to suck my cock every time I call you into my office. God forbid! But I am hoping, too, that you enjoyed this enough to want to do it again sometime. When the mood strikes us. Both of us. For the fun of it. If we have the opportunity and the inclination. No demands! That's all.'

'All right, then. I admit it,' I told him, 'I enjoyed it.'

'Ah, you did!' he said with satisfaction.

'I really enjoyed it!' I admitted with emphasis.

'You did?' he asked with surprise.

'I came when you came!' I confessed.

'Really?' he asked in awe.

I raised my right fist and opened it. Semen dripped from between my fingers and off of both sides. Some of it was still white.

His eyes grew wide. 'You didn't seem to be jacking off...' His voice trailed off.

I shrugged. 'Such a powerful cock. So much cum. I got carried away. Sorry.'

He laughed. 'No. No. That's great! I find it very flattering. It's absolute proof, to me, that you liked it.' He grew serious. 'I'm grateful for it,' he added.

He smiled and rose up from the couch, offering me his hand. 'Com'on, we'll shower off. You're welcome to spend the night here, with me, if you'd like.'

He put an arm around my waist as we walked towards his shower and I put mine around his.

'Maybe you'll even let me...' he paused as we entered the bathroom, sliding his hand onto my high, firm butt, '... slip it in. It's such a fine ass, man.'

'I don't know. Maybe I'll just fuck this fine butt,' I said, grabbing a handful of firm ass cheek.

He shrieked with startled delight!


Jack Sofelot


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