I had staked out a house in a small quiet neighborhood, knowing the family was loaded. It was a nice house. Two story victorian styled, big front and back yard, 4 car garage. Beautiful in my eyes. The family looked nice from what I saw, happy couple, little girl.

One day, during a stake out, I see the 3 of them load up into their truck, waiving to the neighbors, exclaiming they'll be back in a few weeks. I smile to myself knowing tonight is my night.

I come back around 1 in the morning, grabbing my duffle bag and gear, I quietly pick the door. I quietly enter, softly closing the door behind me. I wait patiently, not moving, waiting for the alarm but there isn't one. Odd yet stupid.

I explore the downstairs, I find a few valuable items but not much. I make my way upstairs and stop about halfway down the hall. I hear some porn quietly playing. I tilt my head in curiosity as I make my way to the source.

I slowly open the door to find their son, 18 at least, one I didn't know about, naked, beating his 5 inch dick to twink gay porn. Not only did it arouse me but seeing him fucking his ass with his mom's brush handle got me rock hard. 

I walk up next to him silently, my bulge obviously noticeable, he stops and gazes at me in shock, surprise and fear. I put a finger to my lips to tell him to be quiet. He nods then looks at my bulge then back up at me. I slowly unzip my pants, as if on que, he reaches into my underwearless pants, grabbing my cock and pulling it out. I reach down and slowly fuck his ass with the brush as he begins sucking my cock.

He has obviously watched too much porn and well practiced as he sucks my hard cock like a true slut. After about 7 minutes, he pulls off and looks at me in an indering look. I turn to his computer and turn his webcam on as I slip my ski mask on. I make a point to give a good show as I pull the brush from his ass. I turn the chair so the camera sees us from the side.

With his legs still spread, I tease his pussy before slowly penetrating him. Groaning deeply with his whimpers as I slide in to the hilt. Holding onto the arm rests, I begin to slowly fuck him. He unbuttons my pants and allow them to fall to my ankles.

He grabs my ass, pulling me deeper into him as I thrust harder and deeper. He whimpers and groans as he takes it like a pro. He wraps his legs around my waist, begging to be used. Grabbing hold of the back rest, I begin to drill his boi pussy. The sound of skin on skin slapping echoing about the room. I look over to see 57 people watching. 

The tension in my nuts builds before he finally cries out, cumming on himself. His vice grip ass causing me to bellow out as I dump my cum into his ass. His legs loosen up so I quickly pull out and flip him around. His knees in the chair as he's bent over the back. I drive my cock back into home.

Gripping his petite waist, I abuse his ass. Going as hard and deep as I can to long, deep powerful thrusts and back. His whimpers of young lust drive me insane. There are now over 300 watchers. I raise his leg closest to the computer to give a better view. I slide a hand to his shoulder, gripping him firmly then my other hand follows suit.

I begin pile driving his young hole for what it's worth. After at least 10 minutes, we cry out in unison as we both cum. Knowing he's tired and sore, I have at least one more load to feed his ass.

With him still on me, I quickly switch our positions so I'm now in the chair, him ontop facing the camera. I raise his legs up, hooking my arms under his knees and my hands locked behind his head. Placing my feet firmly on the desk, I give his ass one more good fucking. 

I drill his ass like the guys do in the pornos. My nuts slapping his ass, my cock a blur. Cum oozes out his ass and onto my cock, providing more lubricant as I dominate his ass. He's crying out in lust, pleasure, ecstasy. His little cock unleashing another load, without him touching himself. 

I try holding back but his ass is too tight as he cums again. I roar out as I throw my head back, unloading a huge load of hot cum into his ass. I slowly let his legs down, he collapses to the floor in exhaustion. My cock still leaking cum. He musters up the energy to get to his knees and sucks my cock clean, swallowing what cum there is. 

Right as I'm about to shut off the cam, I notice many comments and 1000+ viewers. After turning the cam off and getting dressed, I bend down and kiss him passionately on the lips. He thanks me and says I was better than his dad. I knock him out, regretfully, taking the cash from his wallet.

I see his cute frame on the floor. I show some heart by putting him in bed and tucking him in. I'll be back many times while his family is away, just to fuck this sexy boi.



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