'youll be over some of the older kids...i hope you dont mind'the elder camp counselor said in an almost warning tone handing me a set of keys

'i dont mind at all'i said trying to stay confident.i had been attending this same camp since i was six and was just offered the chance to be a counselor the day after i graduated with the promise theyd write letters of recommendaton to any school i chose.

'good,good'the old man said as he walked me to a cabin at the back of the lake 'we dont have to many kids your age voluntarily coming all the way out here.youll be bunking with scot,hes one of those college kids looking to pad there resume...but at this point we would take anyone'he finished before turning to leave

'yo' thats all i got from the guy id be spending all of summer with 'hey' i replied setting my bags down on the hard bed. 'scot...scot turner' the blonde said offering his hand 'riley porter' i said shaking his hand. 'so...you go to school in greenwich...right'? he asked looking me over

'yeah...well i just graduated really' 'you must be alexs little brother,you look just like her' he argued 'yep...thats me'i stated looking out of the window. it was true..i did look a lot like my sister...black hair,green eyes.i always 'earned' comparision to her as my mom put it

at that point scot took hold of the conversation. and for the next few hours we bonded.

'so youve never had a boyfriend'? scot asked as we walked by the lake. 'no'was all i said

'thatll change in college...guys experiment.. with just about everything...especially the frat guys'he stated as if he was proud of himself

'cool'i replied trying to hide the stiffy id been sporting for the past ten minutes.

'you dont have to hide it dude...we all get them' was all he said before yanking my hands away causing me to moan out

'your a little screamer'he added with a laugh before taking a seat on the bank and taking his shirt off

'so i take it youve done this a bit to often'i asked looking around and realizing we were alone

'done what'he asked staring at me with a devilish grin 'seduced people'i replied

'lets face it ry...were two guys stuck at a summer camp for kids.we can hide our boners and jack off in the dead of night...or we can...help each other out'he stated walking over to me 'which do you want'

he answered for me with a kiss on the lips pinning me to a tree making sure i wasnt going anywhere. 'thought so' he stated as i wrapped my legs around his waist causing him to start dry humping me. things quickly moved to the ground where my shorts and tee were instantly thrown aside 'your mine now' he added before stripping off his pants and ramming into me with everything he had

'oh fuck'i moaned earning a chuckle from scot 'if your gonna moan like that i might have to drag this one out all night'he stated picking up his pace. i wouldnt care.if he could keep this up all night id be game. 'go faster...please' i begged

i got my wish as he drilled me as hard and as fast as he could earning more screams from me

'youll get us caught if you keep yelling'he whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine

we switched positions plenty of times.and scot obviously took joy in bringing a shy gay kid into his world

'you wanna suck me off' he asked pulling out. within seconds id engulfed him and sucked with everything i could trying with all my might to bring him as much pleasure as hed given me.'swallow me' he moaned before blasting stream after stream of salty,sticky cum down my throat before pulling his limp dick out and hoping into the lake

this will be a summer ill never forget



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