Growing up in an uber-conservative community isn't easy for a closeted bisexual kid. I, Asher, felt like I had to keep that secret to the grave. But when I was sixteen, my mom was on her deathbed with stage-four breast cancer. I knew I had to come out to her before she passed. She told me she still loved me, and gave me a kiss on the forehead. That was the last time I ever spoke to her. I came out to my father and sister at the funeral. My sister accepted me instantly, but my father denied it was even true, and tried to give me that 'it's just a phase' bullshit all unaccepting parents give. He still thinks to this day that I'm not really attracted to both sexes.

Over the rest of my junior year, I came out to everyone I knew, one at a time. I thought that out of all the people in my school, my friends would still care for me. Boy, was I wrong. Nobody wanted to be friends with 'the gay kid,' in fear of being deemed uncool. There were no other LGBT people at my school (at least, not that I knew of), and to top it off, all of the girls were repulsed by the thought that I might have been with another guy (even though I was still 100% virgin at the time). I pretty much became a loner after then.

After I came out, I was often teased and bullied. None of the teachers or administrators had any sympathy towards me. For all they cared, I was some sort of two-headed octopus monster that deserved to be ridiculed. I made a promise to myself over the summer that I wouldn't take any of that crap next term. Nobody would spoil my senior year.

I stayed true to that promise. On my first day back, I heard some people talking behind my back (figuratively and literally) in my homeroom class. I turned around and asked them, 'Excuse me, ladies, but do we know each other?' Of course, they all shook their heads. God forbid they actually know the school flamer; it would just be the end of their social lives! 'Then I would appreciate it if you would say things about me to my face.' 'Whatever, faggot,' one snapped. 'Oh, you're killing me with your originality!' I said sarcastically. 'You brought this on yourself. Everyone knows being gay is a sin!' said her friend. I knew this girl. She was on the cheerleading squad, the biggest fistful of sluts in school. 'Really? Because, from what I hear, so is premarital sex. And you've probably banged half the guys in this school. Practice what you preach.' I turned to face the front before quickly whipping back around to say, 'And by the way, I'm not gay. I'm bisexual. And I wouldn't sleep with you even if you were the only girl on earth willing to.' It felt invigorating to stand up for myself.

Over the next month, I made a new friend. Her name was Marissa. This was her first year at my school, and she was impressed by my quick wit and sharp tongue that I used to defend myself. Like me, she was an outsider, a lesbian. She wasn't butch like any of the stereotypes, and that's why I liked her. I was sick of how everyone stereotyped each other.

One day, as we sat down for lunch, Marissa was telling me about someone in her American History class who was talking shit about me. 'What was he saying?' I asked. 'Some pretty horrible things...' she hinted at. 'Like?' I said. 'Like about your dead mom. He was said that she died of a heart attack when you came out to her.' I was irate at this point. Usually, I would just turn the other cheek at rumors if I wasn't close enough to the the initiator to tell them off, but to say something about my mother, especially since it hadn't even been a year since she died, was something that deserved punishment for. 'Who said these things, 'Rissa?' I queried. 'I think his name was Nick. Last name... Baxter, maybe?'

Nick Baxter. That guy really rubbed me the wrong way. We used to be friends back in elementary school. My mom would look after him after school until his mom got off of work. If he wasn't at my house, I was at his. We used to have so much fun together. This was all before we started middle school. He changed, starting with hanging out with the league of douchebags, and he was notorious for spreading rumors and getting into fights. Ever since then, I was lucky enough to stay under his radar. That is, until now. I had to deal with him, but I didn't want to be irrational. I had to think, plan.

The next day at lunch, I found Nick standing out in the courtyard with his group of delinquent lackeys, cackling at what was probably one of their lame jokes. I approached him saying, 'You know, I really don't care that much if people talk about me behind my back, but you, sir, don't know when you've taken it too far. You're something else, Nick.' He turned to me and smirked.

'You looking to get your ass kicked, Asher?' he threatened.

'I had something like that in mine. Except it wasn't my ass, it was yours,' I said. People began to form a crowd around us, anticipating a fight.

Nick chuckled. 'In case you haven't noticed, you're outnumbered!'

'Oh, come on man, don't be a pussy! If you were so tough, you could take me on all by yourself!' Everyone 'ooh-ed' at my comment.

Nick's nostrils were flaring, and he yelled 'You asked for it, bitch!'

Just like that, the fight was on. I wasn't very muscular, like Nick, on account of his body surfing and working out, so I didn't actually intend on dishing out any hits. I wasn't scrawny either. I had the build of an average teenage guy, but I was quick on my feet. I dodged the first few hits before submitting and letting him give me a black eye. I stumbled backwards and he hit me again, this time bloodying my nose. I finally fell to the ground, allowing Nick to kick my stomach. I was still being a smartass, screaming out things like, 'That all you got, bitch?' or, 'Keep it coming! This feels amazing!' before administration showed up to stop the fight.

We were both taken to the principal's office, separately, though. I don't know what Nick told the principal, but chances were that it wasn't taken very well. His record was so dirty, it smelled like hot ass on a cold day. Okay, corny jokes aside, his record was really bad. Chances were that the principal wouldn't even listen to his side of the story. Surprisingly, he was so completely understanding of my side that I got off scot-free. It probably also had to do with the fact that Nick didn't have a single scratch on him. He was suspended on spot.

That day was a Friday, and usually at the end of a school week I would slip to my secret spot behind the auditorium and gym to smoke a blunt. The two buildings were connected at a corner, and had no security cameras or other buildings around. It was totally secluded, and the perfect spot for doing things you weren't supposed to be doing. Anyway, I was minding my own business, when I heard someone coming around the corner. I quickly hid away all my stash in fear that it might be a teacher or security officer. To my surprise, it was actually Nick. I nearly shit my pants when I saw him. I thought he was here to finish me.

Instead, he was there for something quite different. Still scared, I backed away from him, hitting the wall. 'Don't be scared, I'm not here to hurt you,' he said. I loosened up a bit and listened to what he had to say. 'I wanted to apologize. I realized I was being a dick and it was wrong of me to say anything about your mom. I was a jerk, and I deserved what you did to me, so I'm sorry.' I was hesitant at first, but gave in and accepted his apology, and even offered him a blunt. He accepted, and we sat there and talked.

It was nice to not be on edge around him. I found myself getting to know him again, making up for lost time. Then, we got on the topic of my sexuality. 'How did you know that you're bisexual?' he asked me. 'I guess it started when I hit puberty. I just started noticing the anatomy of the human body. Most guys just notice things about girls, but I noticed things on both sexes, and realized I liked it all! I mean, why should we have to just get stuck choosing one sex to like, when there's a whole 'nother world to explore?' 'Yeah,' Nick said in agreement...

...WHAT?! I realized from the tone in his voice he understood exactly where I was coming from. He placed his hand on top of mine. We looked up and gazed into each other's eyes. His were beautiful. They were a light blue color with a dark indigo ring around the edge. The wind picked up, and I watched his blonde curls dance with the air. And his lips; they were perfectly proportioned, not too voluptuous but not too thin. And then they were pressed against mine. This feeling stirred inside me, it was like a tingling feeling in my chest, and I loved it. We began to open our mouths and kiss again and again, eventually massaging each other's tongues. I was in paradise. I was getting a hard on. Nick clutched my erection and started stroking it through my jeans.

I stopped him before we got any further. I didn't want my first time to be there, like that. It was getting dark and I realized I had to get home, so I used that as an excuse. 'Maybe you could spend the night sometime,' he suggested. 'Sounds good. When?' I asked. 'Next Friday. I'm off suspension then, and I could just drive you to and from school.' I knew what he really wanted. I could see it in his eyes, the spark of lust. I had it in my eyes too. I was going to lose my virginity to him.

The next week was great. I was still emotionally high from my first kiss with Nick, and I couldn't wait for us to fuck each other on Friday. I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror. I heard that once someone loses their virginity, they look different somehow. I wanted to memorize me face before then. My hair was naturally a deep, red color, and I had a rather fair complexion, aside from the light sprinkle of freckles on my face. There was now a scar on my upper lip from the fight. The feature I focused on the most was my eyes. They were a green color of sorts, probably emerald. They had that lustful look to them. They also had something else. It was a sort of yearning, but not for sex. What was it?

The next few days came and went, and it was finally Friday. I was glad that Nick was driving me to school. It meant not having to take the bus. We didn't have any classes together, so that meant we didn't have to explain to anyone why we rode to school together. My mind was on him all day, though. I couldn't wait for tonight. I imagined it in my head; our tongues fighting for a taste of the other's, lots of skin contact, plenty of rolling around between the sheets...

Each class felt like its own eternity, but school finally let out. I met Nick out in the parking lot and got in his car. Everyone stared us down and chattered about what they thought was going on. Oh, the joys of living in such a judgmental society. I bet that by the time we got back in school on Monday, the rumor mill would still be running.

We got to his house, and his mom was already home from work. I guess she got new hours. She offered to order pizza for dinner, but I said 'I'm actually not that hungry today.' I lied. I was just paranoid of eating after cleansing myself before school let out. We went upstairs and played videogames for a long while. He even broke out his old GameCube so we could play Super Smash Brothers, an all-time favorite of ours. It was just like old times.

'What happened to us?' Nick asked. 'What do you mean' I said. 'We used to be such great friends, playing video games just like we're doing now. Why'd we stop hanging out?'

'Well, it could have to do with the fact that you started acting like a dick, hanging out with dicks, only thinking with your dick-'

'Whatever. You know you want my dick,' Nick interrupted.

My face turned red. He was right, I did want his dick. I wanted it in my hand, my butt, my mouth. Anywhere, as long as I could have that connection with him. 'Hey, I have an Idea!' Nick said, springing to his feet. 'Let's camp out tonight, like we used to.' I had no objections to that. We gathered two sleeping bags, a couple of blankets, a tent, a lantern, and his backpack full of other various supplies. 'Mom, we're going to camp in the woods tonight, we won't be back 'til morning,' he informed his mother before heading out.

Beyond the wooden fence of his back yard was a wooded area. We took the same long, winding trail to get to the clearing we used to set up camp at. As we closed in on the clearing, thunder roared from above. I looked up at the black sky. Not even the full moon was visible in the dense ocean of clouds. 'We better pitch the tent before it rains,' I suggested. It took us a good while to put together his large tent. In the middle of us building it, the bottom dropped and we were getting pelted by huge raindrops. We scrambled to finish the tent, and jumped inside when we were done.

Our clothes were soaking wet. 'Why don't we get out of these wet clothes. We don't wanna get hypothermia,' Nick suggested. We stripped off all our clothes until we were completely naked. His penis was beautiful. I've seen quite a few in my day from internet porn, but his was unique. It was longer than mine, but not as wide. And he had the cutest little head on top of it. I wanted him so badly. 'You know, we should share body heat to stay warm,' I said, crawling toward Nick. We kissed and kissed and kissed. We were in a full-on make out session. My cock shrunk from the cold rain, but was back to normal from all the steamy action inside the tent, and growing ever so hard.

We got in a position where our legs wrapped around each other's bottoms, and started jerking each other off while eating each other's faces. We pulled our lips apart for a moment to breathe. Our breaths were heavy. I could literally feel them, we were so close. My toned, white chest was skin-to-skin with his tanned, buff chest, feeling how it expanded as he took each breath. I removed my hand from his cock and he stopped jerking mine. I started kissing his neck, and worked my way down from there all the way to his nipple, sucking on it, making him tremble in pleasure. I pushed him backwards so he could lie on his back. I took my lips on a journey from his awesome pecs, past his sweet, sweet abs, and finally ended up on his throbbing dick. I licked his shaft a few times before sucking on his balls. He had a bit of precum secreting from the tip, so I licked it to see how it tasted, making Nick grunt. I didn't particularly like the taste, but I didn't mind it either. It felt smooth and sticky in my mouth, and I wanted more. Then, I totally enveloped his rod with my mouth, and began bobbing my head. 'Oh my god!' Nick moaned. Not only did he love it, but I did too. I pushed my head all the way down to the base, trying not to choke on his enormous piece of meat. 'OH my GOD! That's fucking fantastic!' he moaned. I kept at it until he pleaded, 'STOP STOP STOP!' I stopped sucking him to ask, 'What's the matter?' 'I don't wanna cum like this,' he said. 'I wanna cum with you in my ass.'

I turned ghost white. This was my ultimate fantasy. 'Are you sure?' I asked. 'If I wasn't, I wouldn't be asking you.' My shocked expression soon turned into the biggest grin I'd ever had. He leaned over and grabbed his backpack, opened it, and pulled out lube and a vibrator. 'Where'd you get this?' I asked. 'Mom's dresser drawer,' Nick said. I couldn't help but chuckle. I moistened up his manhole, and stuck the vibrator in. He cringed as I stuck it in. 'Ease it up!' he begged. I went slower, until it finally hit something. 'Ooooh, right there!' he moaned. I kept it there for a minute before sliding it back out. I worked on his hole for a good while until I thought it was stretched enough. 'Where are the condoms?' I asked. 'I didn't bring any,' he replied. 'I figured since you're a virgin, and I've never had anyone up my butt before, there's nothing to worry about.' 'But, are you- I mean, did you-' I said, before Nick interrupted me with, 'Asher, I'm clean.' I smiled again, and dove in for another good, long kiss to get the blood flow back to my dick. I was rock hard now, and ready to penetrate Nick. 'Wait,' he said, 'do you hear that?' I stopped to listen. It stopped raining. 'Unzip the sunroof, I wanna fuck under the stars.' I did as requested. The night sky was clear again, and there were more stars out than back in town. It was so romantic.

I brushed the tip of my penis against his asshole a few times before slowly inserting the head. It finally popped in, and Nick let out a moan of pain. 'God, you're thicker than my mom's vibrator! Go slow, will ya?' he said. I did as I was told, slowly pushing it in, inch by inch, until finally Nick screamed, 'JESUS! You're getting thicker the further you go! I don't know if I can take anymore.' 'Nick it's all the way in!' I laughed. He laughed with me. We turned on our sides and positioned ourselves like we were spooning. My slow pelvic motions turned into more powerful thrusts, and we both began to moan in unison. The feeling of his ass was phenomenal. It was moist and warm and so inviting. If making out with Nick was paradise, then pounding his ass was heaven! After around fifteen minutes, we moved ourselves back into missionary. My thrusts progressed into full-on ramming. We were building up a massive sweat, and our heavy breathing had turned into panting and constant moaning. My body, his body... they were both one body now. And I was about to seal the deal. 'I'm gonna... I'm gonna...' I tried to spit out the words but the pleasure I got from fucking my friend's ass was too much to even say it. 'Do it! Cum in my ass!' he yelled. I let out a final cry and deposited all of my man-juices into his hungry bum. I pulled out and fell on top of Nick.

'I didn't cum yet,' Nick whispered in my ear. 'Do you want me to fuck you?' I slowly lifted myself off of Nick and nodded my head. He waved his dick, conveying the message 'come and get it!' I sat on his cock, which happened to fit like a glove, and began to ride it. It was one thing to have you dick in someone's ass, but it was a whole new sensation to have a dick in your own ass. It felt so good, so right, like it belonged in there. Nick sat up and started work his magic. We just sat there, embracing each other while we fucked. We were so close out foreheads were touching. We were working together in this magical moment, two people wanting to reach the same goal. Or pelvic motions became noticeably quicker. Our moans were harmonizing, growing higher in pitch. I knew what was coming. I wrapped my legs around Nick, letting him know it was okay. Simultaneously, we bent backwards and let out the loudest pleasure-cry in the existence of loudness (we were probably loud enough for his mom to hear us all the way out here). His sacred juices felt wonderful inside me, all warm and slippery. Him blowing his load caused a chain reaction in which I blew mine. It got all over us, so he licked it off like it was chocolate syrup.

It started raining again, soon after, and we had to close the sunroof. We spent the rest of the night making out, rolling around in our sleeping bags, whispering 'I love you's in each other's ears, until we fell asleep, nestled in each other's arms and safe from the rain. It was the perfect ending to the best night of my life.

The following Monday, he drove me to school again. Nick shared the same stares and pointing and giggles that I received on a regular basis. When we finally got to his locker, his gang of old pals were waiting there for us.

'So I heard you two spent the night together?' said Brian, now head of the group. 'What of it?' sneered nick. 'So you're best buds with the bastard gay kid, now? What is he, your boyfriend?' Brian and his group of juvies laughed like hyenas. I looked down, trying not to show eyes my swelling up. I know I acted tough towards nick about saying things about my mom, but inside it hurt. It all hurts the same, the ridicule and the teasing. I got the feeling that Nick would somehow turn the situation around so he wouldn't suffer the same way I did. I wouldn't blame him. I'd take the hurt for him if he didn't have to. But instead, he surprised me.

'Actually... he is,' Nick said, putting his arm around my shoulder. His old clique was stunned. They never thought their leader would turn on them like this. I pulled my head up to look him in the face. He was serious. We walked the other way, not bothering to get the books out of his locker. He was parading around school with me, showing everyone he wasn't afraid.

After school, we snuck to my secret spot. I asked him how he built up the courage to stand up to everyone. He looked me in the eyes for a really long time before letting the words softly flow off of his lips. 'I learned it from you,' he said, and gave me a kiss. With that, I realized the yearning in my eyes before, along with the spark of lust, was the spark of love. I knew we would share that connection forever.



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