This is a work of fiction. So needles to say that all characters and places a fictitious.

This is a gay erotic writing so if you are offended by such reading go no further. You must be of legal age to read this in your country.

Everything you read in this story is fictional.


hi my name is Robert, friends cal me Rob mostly. I will tell you my story of how I discovered myself and my sexual needs. I know sex does not define me but it most certainly makes a large part of my life and thus makes a big portion of who I am and what I like. 

I wouldn’t describe myself as straight or gay but let’s just say I’m sex flexible and have no qualms whatsoever as to who I choose to spend my time with or my bed for that matter. It was not always so and I needed almost 10 years to understand that, appreciate it and finally accept it.

I don’t think I’m a philosopher or a romantic or something in that matter. Most things I do sexually are like physical motions that become feelings that becomes state of mind. I’m not that guru sort of guy that has every emotion and every action categorized, I have my issues still, don’t get me wrong, I do like the next guy, but trough my life I try to face my demons my fears and insecurities. Sometimes it leads to a heart break sometimes it leads so enlightenment and sometimes it just stays somewhere in between.


So to tell you a bit more about myself my past and my origins. I grew up in a loving home really. My father was a great figure in my life. Mother to but she was the caregiver and an excellent cook. She gave me comfort many times, don’t get me wrong, but it was the approval of my father that I always seek out. And my father had a religion you know, not sort of church going religion, but the other sort, the religion of the body. Well my mother was more traditional, but she did not protest and she did everything to accommodate what me and my father wanted to experience. 

To say sport was an integral part of my growing up was an understatement. For example when I was 5 I remember this, me and my father were playing some games and if I lost I had to do pushup or crunches or stuff. It was always about activity about our body, he distilled that in me. “Remember boy what you put inside that body and how you make that body work it off” was his motto. Now as I look back to it I really see how much of a religion it was, something you don’t put down. You do everything in your power to make the best of your body, you know, to see what it is capable of. 

So yeah as I was seven I was given a choice what sport to play, I could not decide but after I watched Olympic games I knew, I wanted to be a gymnast the best fucking gymnast there is. My father supported me and was proud. I took to practices like fish to water. I lowed it. Our coach was a strict but a careing man and he pushed us guys hard, but he also knew how to appraise and stuff. It was really a nice thing to experience.

All was going well until the summer I hit 14. I got a sudden growth spurt. It was late but still I knew it would be coming soon because my father was a big man around 6,2 I guess. As the school year begun and the practices picked up I knew I was out of luck. I loved gymnastics with all my heart I really did, but I saw it in coaches eyes. I was getting to big, I would soon not be able to support my own weight no mater how hard I tried. I was just to damn big. A head or so bigger than the rest of the boys.

I was bummed for real after the coach asked me what else is of interest of me. I remember getting tears in my eyes and he was not a prick about it. He suggested two thing wrestling and lifting weights. Yeah it was all appealing to me but still it was not an easy choice. This time my father pushed me in the direction of wrestling. I didn’t really choose it but I was reluctant to choose either of the sports. 

Later on I realized my heart was not in it. Not that I was not good at it but it all seemed strange to me, too much in your face stuff and I started gravitating towards weight lifting. My father was not pleased at all he was afraid that my arrogance will get the best of me, he was afraid I would start using some drugs to enhance my performance. That goes against everything he believes is right for a male body to go trough. He firmly believes it should grow and develop on its own not pumping it like like a thanksgiving turkey. We made a pact I was to stay clean and to what the coaches told me to do and not get greedy with the gains. At 15 he put his trust in me and I respected that. Well mostly I will admit to some half circles but that was later on when in university but nothing mayor and I always did it under supervision and as much as I liked the gains I knew it was cheating and I didn’t want to feel fake. After some great inner reflexion I promised myself to stay true to my promise to my father. As it turned out I have great genetics afterall.

So you are expecting measurements right? I purposely will not go into details as I think the numbers do any justice to the body, you have to see it and appreciate it to give it justice. I will tell you this however I was 6,1 with nice meaty pecs, great set of guns, nice washboard abs and slim waist, nice meaty rump and big defined legs, strong calves and all. I was most proud of my meaty shoulders and pecs and my legs.

As to my appearance I am a mixture of Scandinavian elegance and Italian charm. My father is the elegant one and my mother is the charmer. I got the best of their attributes. I have brown curly hair, Mediterranean face with some more fine lines (aka my nose) my mothers full lips and a tall body that my Italian cousins seem to lack. My skin is sort of fair but not too much. I tan nicely, but I definitely don’t have that olive skin complexion.

As for my personality I like to think things trough and make an informed decision but on the other hand I’m also impulsive and definitively got some of my mothers temperament. I boil up quickly if you know what I mean.

As for my dick, well it is a 10X6 inch and something of a beast with a nice helmet head, naturally not circumcised. I leak so much precum it is freaky sometimes, but I like it, like really like it the taste and texture of it if you know what I mean. I have medium sized balls that are pronounced with a large ball sack. So the are like the perfect set of low hangers in my opinion and the whole things makes a nice package. I was really self concious about that in my teens I will admit. Later on I learn to love every inch of my body, including and most noticeably my dick and balls.

So to tell you more about my sexual life. I became sexually active at 15. There were always many girls interested in me and since my father insisted that nudity was to be encouraged I had no problem to show off. I had a nice compact body at that time and girls loved that. My favorite attire was sweatpants and if totally necessary a t shirt. I was an exhibitionist from an early age and I loved it. So I got attention that I wanted and some that I at first did not want. At first it bothered me that guys would check me out or some of them even gawk at me, some gayer ones even drool over me.  I got past that soon after I started dating girls. 

Male physique was something beautiful to me and I was to some extent excited about it and since I put so much effort into my own, I accepted the fact that some guys might get of on me and my pictures. So soon I was not offended by this occurrence rather than get mad and say hurtful things I put on a mini show. What I soon discovered that held the most normal ones at bay, but some of them persisted anyway and I had to set them straight. I remember saying to the few most daring ones: “I don’t care if you stare at my body or even jerk of at the sight of it but if you ever touch me again I swear I will break your nose.” To be fair I remember that in our school there were 2 broken noses, the perpetrator was newer found.

I was know to be a sort of man whore to be honest. I did have a girlfriend every second week at first. And since they were all apparently well satisfied news got around fast and I newer lacked female company. As the slut period ended I got myself a free minded girl she was about 5 years my senior and I had a relationship of sort with her, but that ended as soon as I got to university in Zurich. I didn’t want any baggage to follow me. For the first time in my life I was a bachelor and I actually liked it. I must say sex was great and wild with Miranda, I think I even loved her to some extent. I liked the fact that we opened the relationship in the last year, so the breakup was not that hard on her and me for that matter.

Although I had sex almost regularly from 15 on I must admit I newer stooped jerking my cock. Self love was an integral part of my life. I usually came 3 to 4 times a day and usually 2 times on my own but not always, Miranda was a hard to please woman. And I liked it. 

She sort of got me in all kinds of kink. She helped me discover my nipples, she drove me mad sometimes tormenting them but I think I still love her for that. She wanted me to discover my ass to but I did not let her. OK she showed me the pleasures of rimming but I did not want to go further. It was nice and pleasurable but I didn’t want to go there. What else? Spanking, yeah that got me going like nobody’s business. Me giving it to her or the other way around. In all fairness I liked dishing it out more, we were never abusive or anything, just to get some light color and tingling sensation. Well to be honest I got a high pain tolerance as I discovered early on. I think it was a sort of a trust game. Speaking of trust, we enjoyed bondage to. Nothing elaborate, but I did have some wrist and ankle cuffs and a collar to go with. I liked that sort of play, mostly just wearing them for the smell and the looks. My god you would never believe what sort of looks would I get if I decide to wear them outside. Just the wrist ones mind you but that got some perverts going, I can imagine. Mostly I just had them stashed in my socks compartment in a nice red velvet sack. The way I got them from Miranda.

The time came to leave my childhood nest and I was ready, maybe more than ready. I had good grades and my parents were well of so I could afford the university in Zurich. I went for a degree in economics. But I later did the PE degree simultaneously. Yeah can you imagine a meat head with brains. It was hard but I loved every second of it

October 1999

I just turned 18 a few weeks back and I was on my own in a strange town in a whole new setting. Yeah my clique of buddies were gone, Miranda was obviously in the past. The new chapter in life sort of. There were tears as I left my hometown, but not just mine I guess we were all sad that one chapter in my life was over.

So I got into dorms and got a roommate Paolo from Spain. The foreign students were paired together for god knows why so yeah everything was different. Paolo was a gymnast I was a bit shocked. I wanted to be a gymnast but could not be, well you know the longing remained. Paolo was 5,7 at the most and had to be around 155 or such. He had that typical look about him and really handsome features. Dark and exotic with really prominent lips on him. He was a looker to say the least.

But the cool thing about him was the honesty and the direct nature of speaking. We got along well I had to adjust some for sure, but we soon found a rhythm that worked for us. We became fast friends and I went to most of his competitions with him. The near ones at least. Just loved watching gymnastic. And I find those type of bodies really appealing. Nostalgia kicked in as well. We even did some flexibility exercises with him. It was a good few months. We really connected I think.

He was very up front about his sexuality, he admitted to being gay the first day we met and left me an opening so I could change rooms, but I didn’t want to. Really it did not bother me.

Upon telling me about his sexuality I replied: “well I don’t care who you choose to fuck as long as I’m not on the list of prospects.”

“O don’t get your hopes up straight boy, for that you would have to take me on a date first” and he laughed like a maniac after that. He was like that, a total riot and I liked him for that. He was true to his word he never tried anything those few months. He did look mind you, but that did not bother me at all. Sometimes when I was feeling frisky I even flexed for him or did a slow striptease for him. That got him going he would laugh hysterically afterward but his dick was hard I could see. As I said it did not bother me. I felt relaxed around him, we were becoming good friends. I had some other friends to but I liked to hang out with him the most. 

The dorm room was sort of a small apartment. Two small bead rooms a living space a small kitchenette and a bathroom. Small mind you but apartment nevertheless.

Physically I improved since I came to Zurich. I did retain the regular fitness routine and I got a good mentor at the university gym. Heinz was 35 and ripped as all hell. 5.10 or so in height and weighted around 210 so yeah, a muscle bull. He took a liking for me and he became sort of a father figure for me for the 4 years I was in Zurich. To this day we stayed in touch and are really good friends. He was the one who talked me into doing PE degree along with my degree in economics I was taking.

He improved my lifting technique and I must say he was the one who suggested my half cycles I took after my first year. Nothing mjor mind you just something to boost my growing. But later when I decided this was not for me he supported my decision and I think he stopped doing his cycles at the same time. We both had an impact on each other and I still think he helped me to mature in a man I am.

Sexually things got complicated soon. I promised myself that I would not become tied down with a relationship again. It was good with Miranda and all but I just wanted to breathe some free air if you know what I mean. I guess I was to young when I started with Miranda and now I felt as if I was tied down and a I needed to spread my wings of sort.

So one night stands it was and like before in my life I soon got a reputation and the girls were just coming like bees on honey. So yeah no shortage there but honestly it got old really fast. I wanted more and that is why I started to miss Miranda after a few months. I would imagine her in all sort of kinky situations and I would jerk of like a maniac in those months. I allays took my time mind you.

But what started as somewhat innocent accident developed into something totally different. I liked to flex and appraise my body while jerking of. I found it best to watch myself in the full length mirror in my room and jerk really slowly you know. 

Caressing my chest and nipples. I am somewhat harry person but I hate shaving it of I think it lessens the manliness or something. I do crop my hair closely but I like it to show. I like the feeling I get when I roam my chest and the hair tickles my fingers. And than the difference in texture from my nipples. I like to work them hard. It really gets my juices flowing. Literary. I have a very strong precum flow so yeah. 

I sort of have fetish of sort for my nipples I work them hard and they get so sensitive. I think it is all because they are sort of big you know and all the action they were getting made them only bigger. Sometimes I think I want to get them pierced but I still believe my body is my temple and than I refrain from it. But the sensation of working my nipples it get’s me going.

Then flexing my chest and my arms, my back, fuck it get’s me horny caressing my legs lightly to get goosebumps. Fuck I love it and than edging my dick for hour or so, just teasing my dick under the big mushroom cock head. If I play long enough I would spurt some precum  and this is so intense. I like the taste of my precum, I eat it all. Really get myself beyond horny and needy and ready to blast the cum of of my balls. 

Put some pressure on my balls, tug them, sometimes really work them. I’m a horny bastard that way. I like to really push the limits. That is the reason I installed a mirror over my bead. I like to watch. 

And then the moment of orgasm. Body in a spasm, howling  FUCK  over and over again. And than the sweat release, drenched in sweat and cum juices. Yeah you know, that is self love, that is the ultimate worship of your own body just admit it. Taking yourself to the limit and back again.

Yeah to get back on track about that accident. I really hate closed doors you know living in a household where nudity was encouraged do that to you. And yeah I tried to learn this habit I still have issues with that to this day. So yeah I got horny wanted to jerk my meat and I left the doors open out of habit and my roommate comes home. He would usually laugh like a maniac if he saw me swinging my meat or something or doing some stunt to spur him on intentionally. But this time it was different he knew it was unintentional, he knew I thought I would have privacy and was doing my thing, it was my time.

I saw him in a mirror at the door that look on his face, hard dick in his pants and I didn’t care I liked watching myself I liked being watched to be honest. Miranda and I did that a lot making a show for one another really pleasing ourselves in front of each other, feeding my exhibitionist tendencies that way and all.

As I said I did not care, I was in m own world my time and he was watching, and I did my thing. Sniffing my pits playing my nips and all, licking my get the picture right. He was standing there grabbing his dick trough his pants really squeezing it.

I was making eye contact with him. What the hell. I got turned on even more. I liked it. Feeding my demon. He got his dick out and started jerking it openly this was intense. His 7 inch dick hard as a rock and dripping. Fuck this was hot.

I got back in my zone doing what I liked to do with my body. Enjoining the moment. Even more so because he was watching the whole deal. I came to that conclusion later at the moment I really did not care and was riding the high. As I was riding my orgasm I heard him mutter his own set of litanies while he came but soon after I heard him leave me to collect myself. He was in a shower when I stood up from my bed. I went right in.

it was not customary to barge on each other like this, was no reason to do so really, not on my part but now it was different

“you really enjoyed the show perv” I said noncommittally definitely not accusing

as he opened the shower doors he said. “I’m sorry for barging into your private time, but it was so hot I could not stop watching you. Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you or anything it just got to me. Wont happen again promise, just try to close the doors that would help greatly”

“Who said I was sorry it was hot as all hell” I said teasing him

Paolo got into the drift eminently and was mouthing off like usual: “o goodie I can stop watching porn because I have a live in porno performer “and he fucking hooted afterward

“yeah you are the charmer, so romantic” I said faking offense

“o for that my straight boy you need to pay me diner” he said and started laughing hysterically

Of course I could not let that unpunished and I attacked him tickling him until he surrendered

“i give, I give” he whimpered while I was tickling him while siting on his abdomen. That was our own dynamic we had. When he would not give me something I would make him this way, not in malicious way it was all in good fun.

But I still felt some tension in the room afterward while watching TV with him.

“really it does not bother me at all to share that with you. It turned me on some I think” I started.

He was watching me in disbelief now “we can do it again sometime and I mean it” I said to him.

“I’ll take you up on that someday Rob” he said with a crooked smile. As I started to leave for bed he  added “I’m really glad you didn’t took it the wrong way”

“yeah yeah yeah good jerking” I said winking at him


I blew him a kiss and he started laughing immediately. I for one was happy things didn’t change between us we could still be friends and the dynamic between us was the same.

Well to be honest the dynamic changed a little bit. Once I got the taste for showing myself of in this sort of manner it became a thrill for me. I was actively pursuing opportunities. I know I was evil sometimes because I knew he was gay and was probably attracted to me, but still it felt good. We talked and he admired he was enjoining it and I made him promise he would stop me if it got too much for him. He said in his usual snappy style: “ I would do that even if you didn’t give me permission.”

“I’m so glad I met you” I said to him honestly afterward.

“Me to. But you still have to buy me dinner if you want that blow job” he said being his usual self. Now it was my time for me to laugh like a lunatic.

I was really getting bold after some time. Like calling him into my room like Paolo I have something to show you and all he would say was fuck. We were really like t 2 schoolboys in that regard. But after maybe 2 weeks he got annoyed or something like that and he said: “fuck it two can play that game.” and what a game it was. He was doing the same to me. Jerking where I could see him. Jerking himself trough the pants while we watched TV and stuff.

The most strange thing was I was getting of on this thing and I told him as much. I was getting aroused seeing him naked or in the shower. Flaunting his cute ass around the flat and such. Yeah I found his ass cute, kill me but that is the way it was. He must have been a bigger horn dog than me I guess.

Things started to change subtly for me. I was having fantasies about Miranda a few weeks ago or some random chick or some porno going on. Now it was all different. We masturbated for each other, with each other. And it was not offensive to me, what is more I liked seeing him play with hiss ass I was turned on by his hard dick and his self ministrations, it was subtle at first but non the less significant.

This had gone on for a month or more I guess I couldn’t really tell. It was after he “caught” me jerking again that he said something that changed me for ever: “you should do this professionally I think people would pay good money to see all that.” Sort of a turning point for me I could say.

I was not offended, I was not turned on or anything but a thought was placed in my head and that is bad for so many reasons. It is like I get an impulse for something and than the ball starts rolling and my ever kinky and horny minds makes up the rest, the fantasy the thrill and everything that makes something alluring.

March 2000

Things were getting hectic after that night with Paolo commenting on my jerk off antics. On the one hand I had this image in my head I could not shake, namely that a guy not Miranda this time was watching me flex, was getting of on seeing me flex, dominate him with my looks and sometimes even on my words as I would tell them a fantasy. Like me being big barbarian and he a roman senator or something. Sometimes the images of me spraying my cum all over their face and stuff.

That shook me. Up until that time I never had a wish to do something with a guy but now as the thought and image was placed in my head I could not shake it. My fantasizes while jerking of shifted almost over night. Not that it bothered me much but I was definitely surprised at this turn of events so to say. The worst thing was the longer this status quo lasted the kinkier the images in my mind became, the more I fought to think of something else the more my thoughts betrayed me and turn me on to no end. I knew it was time for action, but I needed someone to talk to that was not Paolo, because I knew he would jump at the opportunity to set me up with a guy, or at least I thought he would, I got this vibe from him, like he was just waiting for me to drop the bomb, like he could read my mind or something.

Well the other thing that made the situation even worst was Heinz and his persistence to get me into my first bodybuilding contest. I knew in my mind I would someday like to do it, but this came at the wrong time totally. I knew why he suggested it and that admant into talking me into it, it was the next logical step after 5 years or so of training, I knew it to but that was not the problem, that was logical, that was in fact the next step.

What bothered me or made it more difficult for me was the fact that that blew my fantasy out of proportion, I was daydreaming about showing off, getting people turned on and at the same time dreading it, because I noticed and acknowledged the turn of sexual desires. It was no longer just the admiration of the male form, but it slowly became something more, something totally different.

Luckily for me Heinz took the incentive and asked me out on a 2 day trip to his countryside cottage to help him with some repairs. I accepted without thinking much of it and we had a great time we really bonded in those 2 days. Yeah I had my own room and I really made the best of it. Being out in the air and stuff.

Heinz said to me the last evening: “look we really need to trust each other if we are going to be able to go trough with it. The last few weeks before the competition there will be no personal space for you, some thing might get a bit to intimate for you so I will come clean with you. You can bail out after you hear me out. I don’t believe sexuality is something that is stationary and is set in stone I believe it is more fluid than that.”

I looked puzzled not really knowing what he meant by that. And he noticed that

“The reason my telling you this is because I want you to hear it from me not some locker room gossip you might hear in the future. People will wag their thongs at us because we will have to eventually spend a lot of time together. What I’m trying to say is I was married and I have a kid, but I got divorced 10 years ago and I had a male partner for a time. I assure you you are perfectly safe with me and I will not force anything upon you, but however you will have to let me really close and for that matter alone we need some solid trust between us.”

“Heinz I’m really glad you told me all that, I did hear some rumors about you, but I thought they were just jealous pricks, because they all envy you and your physique. I did come to learn to trust you before that, now that you told me I trust you and respect you even more.” it was the truth. His way of thinking was something that became familiar to me over the last couple of months. He did not turn me on per se, but the fact he might find me sexually appealing made the whole deal even sweeter.

Eventually after a good talk and he explained some sordid details about his past life I decided to come forth with my own shadows, with my demons.

I told him about my fantasies, about what we do with Paolo and what he suggested. Heinz did not judge me. One thing that he did say was: “get it out of your system soon. Either do it it or drop it entirely. In the long run it will only hinder you if do not resolve this soon.”

So on the end of that weekend we sort of sealed the deal and I committed for the competition and he said he would prepare me the best he could and knew how. And that say it all since he has so much experiences under his belt. 

So for you horn dogs out there no we did not do anything sexual in that cottage, ok it was a small house not a cottage. The only thing we did do was I hugged him after we came back to Zurich to thank him for everything we shared. He hugged me back and rustled my hair and that was it. I was not hard or anything it was not sexual at least for me if he felt differently he didn’t say a word about it ever.

So back to my roommate Paolo we did have a jerk off session after I came back there was a lot of pent up energy in me and Paolo is always ready. That fucker is probably even hornier than me anyways, although he would never admit to that

After I was mellowing down we talked and I said to him I want to go trough with what he said. He at first didn’t know what I was referring to but he soon found about because I could not hod it in me any longer. He promised to have a solution in a few days. I was liking that it was a sort of a shared fantasy I guess. This makes it even hotter in my mind.

So the plan was revealed. Paolo knew this discrete “sugar daddy” as he named him that could help us get the ball rolling. I met Markus in a few days for an informal interview. Well he was no daddy I guess in his 40 or so. He obviously kept busy he had a runners physique as far as I could tell a little gray on the side of his head and a nice mellow demeanor. 

We would do a Scene where I had to come up with a setting and a fantasy that I would like and it was determined that I would have to end my performance with a cum shot. There would be no touching this first time and no body fluids exchange, as he smartly put it (aka no blow job). The whole deal would be recorded and only a fraction of the tape would be used to make a short advertisement for a few well situated men that would like a glimpse at what they would be getting into. I would get the whole tape afterward and it would be the only copy. I would get money for the first shot except for the actual cost of the film. Later on I would be contacted trough email by the prospective clients and it would be my choice how to proceed. 

A sweet deal really. If I didn’t like it I would not be forced to do a pre set amount of exhibitions. Paolo was actually in with me and he bargained like a lawyer for me I guess I would not have gotten such a good deal out of it if he was not involved. Although I think those 2 had some history behind them so it was easier for him. I didn’t want to pry and ask a 100 questions so I just left it at that.

So I had to come up with a scenario I found that amusing as hell. I thought I would die of embarrassment if we didn’t play roll it with Paolo a few times, he was making such a riot over it and we both had a good laugh about it. Naturally it was a barbarian and a roman senator thing.

It went a little like this: you bought me to admire my physique, you like seeing men, you think you are superior, but you really are not. You want to worship this barbarian, you want to leave your stuck up ways of senator behind you, you know you like real men with real muscles, muscles that could crush you. Look at me how big I am and son and so fort. It was a lot of flexing, thank god Heinz showed me how it is done.

So the stage was set and the day came I was a bit nervous, just like before my first date, a bit giddy but I knew what I wanted so I got on with it. The mood was set with the lighting and some silent background music, I had some costume and some posing straps and so on. 

Markus came in and I was a little taken back by the fact he was just in his bathrobe. But I soon forgot all about it. I started with setting the scenario with some words and posturing. He looked mildly amused at first but as soon as I started to loose the clothes he became much more into it. He accepted the role and played with it. Soon I became aroused by the fact that I was turning him on with my body and the tent became obvious, well to be honest it was really hard to miss.

The animal awoke in me. I wanted to dominate him, I wanted Marcus to submit to me.

“focus on me and stop playing with your pecker! You know what is right roman.” I said and I got his attention

“Yes Conan ( the barbarian I guess) I will do as you wish.” he responded meekly

The mood changed immediately and I liked it, I was in command I was the center of attention. Eventually I ordered him to jerk himself. I guess he edged himself enough so he came just a second after me. It was powerful and erotic. I was addicted with this rush of power and sexual tension between us. And I wanted more. I wanted to be worshiped more: more intimately, more sensual, more sexual.

I guess he was satiated enough to want to do it again. I got the tape and we made a schedule for me to come again and this time he wanted to do the talking and apparently he wanted to touch also since he was very specific about it. I however needn’t bother with the scene. The scene was set, he wanted to worship me with his words and hands. The fee was significantly larger this time.

I had to let him know till Thursday if I wanted to go trough with it. I must say I was a bit torn if I wanted to do it actually. It was one think to talk about it, make a scene and act upon it it was totally different to let him touch me and so on. I knew I was OK with jerking of with a man in the same room, but this next step albeit logical was scary to me in some way.

I eventually got trough with it and accepted the offer. This time it got more personal and more rewarding. He was really submissive this day I don’t know why but also reverent to my body, sort of like delicate he touched he talked he worshiped my body in the real sense of the word. he was clothed the whole time but I saw he was hard the whole time. I got of on it. He eventually started stroking my dick. It was strange at first but I felt really powerful. He knew how to please me he even played with my nipples some.

I found it difficult to do the poses right and still remain focused enough on my dick to still be sexual and the other way around towards the end. But I managed somehow and the orgasm that followed was something for the books. The whole deal lasted almost an hour and I was dead tired I even took a shower he offered and than we talked some more.

He was really candid about what was to come next but I was not sure if I could take that step. Namely exchange of bodily fluids aka he would lick me and suck me off. That was something I really could not commit to at this time and mindset.  I liked the whole experience but what he wanted to do next I simply could not jet do and be fine about it.

He was not a prick about it and said he would try to arrange a few clients for me and set the boundaries I was not willing to cross. I tanked him and he said he wished me a lot of luck and if sometime I would like to reconsider my decision he was willing to work with me some more.

True to his word he forwarded my email address to some of the men who were interested in this sort of thing and I got many request from them. Some I accepted some not. The scene had to be right I was with no money shortcomings so that was not a problem form me but I soon discovered I got plenty of money on my hands.

Soon however the novelty of it all wore of and I stopped doing this worshiping sessions after 3 months. Just in time to prepare for my upcoming first bodybuilding competition. My mind was in the right place once more and I could truly commit to what was to come.

June 2000

Once June started it was really hectic. Luckily I studied beforehand so I could finish the test till 15th of June and I could give my total concentration back to bodybuilding and that damn competition. If I knew what a gruesome diet I would have to endure I would newer had said yes to that madness.

Paolo was even more studious than me so he finished a few days earlier and left the apartment we shared so I was alone and left to my own devices. I was getting lonely and depressed. All this dieting had left me sort of bummed.

Everything was sort of OK until I cam to the dorms and than it was bad and than some. Heinz noted my mood change and sort of lack of enthusiasm and was driving me hard to tell him why. I was stubborn but once I got to that braking point I just could not hold it in me any longer.

I lashed out at Heinz for some minor thing: “i quit this shit and your stupid competition” and I pushed him out of the way.

Before I could react he got me pinned down, damn who could think he could be so agile this man was deceptive as all fuck. But I would not give up I fought back, I wanted a fight I wanted to feel something different.

“calm the fuck down pup!” he growled in my ear

“Manzo I so fucking tired, jaded and I’m alone I can’t do it” I sort of mowed out in desperation

 Just to clarify he called me Pup and I called him Manzo which is loosely translated bull or beef from Italian. I don’t know why he called me pup it was I guess my playful nature and me always testing his boundaries and such. I called him Manzo because he was a Bull, compact, meaty and stubborn. Yeah my mother thought me Italian since I was a child. Although we did not leave in Italian speaking part of the country I associated Italian with home and feelings so yeah he was Manzo and not a bull.

“I know. I see it, I promised to help you and I will” he said as he got of me and offered me a hand to stand up. Than he did one of his things again. He put his right hand on my left peck and looked me dead in the eyes serious and somber. “will you let me?” he asked.

This is his thing he can calm me down like no other he has his ways and this was one of this ways.

“Yes, I trust you.” I responded truthfully.

“A hug?” he said playfully I nodded and was to late gain. He got me tricked I was in a bone crushing hug. We had our own set of antic we played with each other. I tried to fight him but has just stronger than me at the time

“Yeah fight me pup, show me your teeth” he teased playfully.

Eventually I had to give and he roared in laughter. “Long way to go pup but someday you’ll get there.” he said and swatted me on my left ass cheek.


“He, he let’s go we are done anyways for today” he sad as he put his arm around my shoulders and as soon as we started walking he actually lowered his hand down to my right nipple and gave it a good squeeze. That got me going and my dick jumped a little.

He started running and I wanted to catch him and repay the favor but he was to fast.

I actually felt a lot better afterward and I got home in good mood but than things just got heavy again and was feeling miserable like hell.

There was a knock at the door later that day and it was Heinz.

“Start packing pup!”

“Manzo? What is going on?” I said as he went past me with a suitcase in his hand and started mashing my things in it.

“i said I would help you now get a move on and start packing” he said as if it were the most logical thin in the world.

“Dare I ask where we are going?”

“My place till the competition and than you can return in be miserable here.”

For once I didn’t argue and started packing the things I would need.

Finally my mood was better and it showed in my performance and energy. Although I didn’t have that surplus of energy I unusually do but still it was great and my definition improved every day. It was after a few days he brought me a fucking gigantic tube of shaving cream and a few razors the better ones not the cheap ones I used. Damn that was a hard nut to swallow. I didn’t really know where to begin and what to do.

I clipped my hair with the trimmer really short but now I was standing under the shower with shaving cream in one hand and razor in the other and felt stupid. I was so proud of my body hair and now I had to shave it of. I newer did that before. Stupid I know but it made me feel like I would become less of a man. In my revere I didn’t see him enter the bathroom.

“Scoot over pup, let’s do this” I was puzzled as all fuck.

“What the fuck?” I said defensively

“Be grateful pup I rarely do this but I like you. So the plan is I shave you and you shave me. Now stop wining and give me the cream” he explained.

“Thank you” I said. And it was not a thank you just only for the shave but for doing it with me. I didn’t really get the implication that would become cleared as I shaved him in return. It was nothing overtly sexual but it was intimate as fuck. Yeah he sort of played with y nipples and asshole and stuff but I knew this time I could get him back and I intended to fully reciprocate.

I was pensive at first and finally I relaxed it felt so alien to be touched in such manner. OK the worshiping session made that easier for me but this was so much more was so much more intimate and I felt so much more vulnerable. But all in all he did a good job and I was hard and leaking like really hard and copious.

As I shaved him it was... can’t really say what it was but it was powerful. All the hair off. He seemed calmer more subdued than ever. Maybe he had the same qualms as me. Thinking of it I newer saw him shaved like this before. I know many bodybuilders make it a norm to be shaved and such, but I personally think it takes something from my manhood. It could be insecurities. But after you are shaved you are truly naked. I saw it now what it meant for him to do this thing with me. I know I was special to him. And that made me feel hornier than ever.

While shaving him I was mesmerized by his chest and nipples they were not as big as mine but damn they were sensitive. He was moaning while I returned the twist and shit he did with me other times and I could now pay him back. He was hard, I was hard it was fucking erotic that what it was. Shaving his crotch, fuck let’s talk about alien. Shaving a hard dick and a big set of balls. Fuck only than I realized what trust is. He trusted me with his junk and I trusted him with mine. That was powerful and it hit me like a truck. Trust and respect.

Shaving his ass. Fuck is all I can say. That was beyond intimate. It was intimate when he did me, but now it was like more, so much more. If you wonder he got the taste of his own medicine I did play with his hole like he did with me. Yeah smooth as smooth is. My dick was hard the whole time while shaving him, actually my dick newer got soft since he entered the shower.

Later as we rinsed off he shocked me again: “Pup time to bust that nut. Look me in the eyes, don’t think just look me in the eyes and don’t look away.”

We jerked off and I came like a fucking geyser and he came a lot he hit me with his cum well his abs got drenched in my spunk so yeah it was like total new territory for me but I fucking loved it.

After we got of our high and still looking in each others eyes he said: “trust”

“Trust” I repeated.

Well Heinz would not be Heinz if he did not do what he did next. Before he rinsed of his body he scooped some of my cum of his abs and sucked it his mouth and with that wicked smile of his said: “sweet” and he made some lame ass crunching sound.

“Manzo you are a fucking pig you know that”

“yeah I know” was his response and than he slapped my ass really hard like he always does when making a point or something

“now kiss me you know you want to” he teased and got all over me

“eow you’re sick” I said while laughing and escaped to my room and he laughed his head of in the bathroom. Yeah definitely back to normal again.

“You have to make yourself sparse this evening, I’m having someone over and I don’t you to spook him away” he said maybe a week or so later.

“Sure thing Manzo it is your home after all.” I responded totally meaning it

“You know you my guest and all. Just making sure you are OK with me doing this. But a man has his need you know and the guy is really ripe for it and all. You can bring someone over if you like some other day.” he offered like a sort of explanation not apology that was obvious.

“I get you. No problem here, but if you want you privacy just close the doors” I remarked

“Maybe I will and maybe I wont” he replied with his mischievous grin of his.

I made some arrangements with some guys from the gym to go out for a bit. It ended sooner than I thought it would and I was thinking of going to the dorms for the night, but I guess the curiosity got the best of me. To explain myself. Well after that shave I really wanted to see Heinz in action. Was not like with Paolo. I know Paolo mostly bottomed and was a needy motherfucker in his own right I saw him with a few guys and it really didn’t peek my interst. But than again I did not have such, for the lack of better words, intimate relationship with him. With Heinz it was different. He had some sort of aura around him and it peaked my interest. I wanted to see him rut, really in action. I knew he was holding back with me because it was something we discussed and we had this trust thing going on. But I wanted to see him when there were no breaks on the bull. The whole deal got my balls tingling and my dick twitching.

As I entered Heinz’s house I heard murmurs and I was really quiet. The fucker had the doors wide open. That looked to me like an invitation and I tentatively sneaked to the doors and peaked in. O my fucking god. What I saw there got my blood boiling and my dick throbbing.

The guy with him was Tim or something I remembered him from the gym. He had a reputation of being a mans man or something. I confess it was all just speculation because I knew him only by what was rumored at the gym. Yeah guys do talk about stuff and there are a lot of rumors behind all that sweat stanched walls.

To get back to what I saw. Fucking hot. They were both kneeling on the bed, Heinz behind him, really working Tim’s pecs over and lightly caressing his shoulders with his lips. Tim seem sort of reluctant and Heinz wanted to kiss him on several occasion dead on the lips but he withdraw his head on every occasion. There was some sort of battle of wills going on. Tim was obviously getting of on it because his dick was definitely getting harder or was hard could not tell because of his denim. All I saw was a big bulge. Tim had to be Heinz’s height, he had some serious muscle on him, mind you not that defined as Heinz but still solid muscle tone without the prominent definition. Well compared to Heinz nobody in that gym had definition if he was to be the norm. You see Heinz has mass and definition. I guess he is well under 10% body fat. 

What struck me odd was I clearly remembered Tim had some body hair going always. If nothing else tufts of dense black hair in his armpits. From what I could see in the dim light there was not a hair on Tim under his very shortly cropped hairline. I could have sworn he had longer hair, but I did not know for sure because I did not pay him much attention until that day. But hello I could see the stubble on Heinz, since he shaved only once with me and the hair started growing back. For all intense and purposes Tim appeared freshly shaven. Just a hunch as I said.

As I said there were two alphas on that bed and I wanted to see how this would go down. I was so horned up I stuck my hand in my pants and started fondling my hard cock, precum already soaking my pants. This was hotter than any porn I ever watched. I knew that this would either change me or totally disgust me. Well I was feeling no disgust whatsoever.

Meanwhile Heinz had Tim sort of turned around, like ¾ facing him. The battle for submission in full swing. Tim was feeding on Heinz ample peck and running his hand on his partner taunt and muscular abs, circling his fingers on the ridges of that 8 pack. Heinz was sort of tender with him, holding his head at his nipple, sort of side kissing his short hair just above his ear. Tim really got into eating that hard nipple. Heinz was definitely gaining control over him.

Than the real battle begun. Heinz was leading Tim’s hand towards his hard denim clad dick and Tim was fighting back, he clearly didn’t want to give in. but Heinz was stronger and finally rubbing Tim’s hand over his massive dick. See Heinz has maybe 7 inches but the damn thing is fat as a wrist. Seriously like a soda can thick fucker. It looked like some atomic missile. He doesn’t have this big mushroom head but his dick sorts of spreads out evenly from tip to base. And by the looks of it Heinz was totally hard and he looked impressive with that hard dick like seriously impressive, I should know right, I shaved the damn thing o and don’t forget the bull sized balls, so yeah a mighty package. Tim fought back some but than Heinz led his hand in his now open trousers and as soon as Tim’s hand touched the flesh it was game over and he knew it. 

He brought the fat fucker out of its confines and was stroking it with ave and determination of sorts. At the same time Heinz started to glide his hand over Tim’s back and consciously or not Tim arched his back for Heinz. And the fucker didn’t stop there he went right under his shorts. I imagined straight to Tim’s asshole and started playing it. Once he retreated his hand to lick his fingers I definitely knew he was playing with that ass and Tim loved it because he started moaning some. The first moan was like a flood gate, he would be moaning something fierce later. One could hardly connect the two, the alpha I thought I knew and the moaning I would be hearing.

With the free hand Heinz was pushing Tims head down towards his throbbing dick, but Tim fought back, he was definitely not eager, he fought but lost eventually and in my eyes his submission was complete when he took that fat knob in his mouth, but boy was I wrong.

They were getting undressed after a while Heinz calling Tim a boy and he called him daddy. Fuck what a turn on. They were both into this. By now my shorts were pushed down to my ankles and my t shirt was over my head and I jerked off, played with my nips and so on. I was totally into it.

There was some serious sucking going on. Heinz standing and Tim kneeling and even that was not the end of it. Heinz started fucking his mouth and really using the jock. Tim was semi hard now and he had a solid looking dick I guess it would be around 8-9 inches medium thickness. Most definitely nothing to be ashamed of and if I were a betting men I would say none of his previous conquests had no complaints whatsoever. Most of the guys in gym were envious as all hell. Heinz sure know how to pick them right. Now watching at this I knew Tim had no more fight in him, he was loving it all.

Soon they ere in a sort of 69 position Tim sucking Heinzes dick and Heinz eating out Tims ass and spreading it with his fingers. Really spreading it and it sort of seemed like Heinz was really meticulous about it. He wanted his young buck to be ready to take him and he wanted Tim to beg for his cock. And not long after Tim really did just that.

“Daddy fuck your boy pussy now, quit playing with it and fucking take my cherry.”

They were really talking dirty to each other the whole time and it made the whole deal real. Hell if I had to imagine Heinz fucking it had to be a bit dirty he is just the sort of person I would say. Well you have to know him to understand.

Tim was on his back and Heinz was on top of him. Tim put his legs on Heinz shoulders. After what looked like and eternity Heinz was balls deep in Tim and he was not that ruthless bastard but he really worked his prick in that virgin ass with care, one could even say lovingly. As he started fucking his bitch all that was gone, it had to be one rough and hard ride. Excuse the harsh words but it really looked like that to me. I know Tim is a man and all and has to be to have taken that log up his ass but the scene of it all it really seemed like he was now totally and utterly a bitch for Heinz. Or my perception and imaginations of things got the better of me. Really as I mentioned before the moaning was something else. And no more fighting too. Now Heinz dominated every part of Tim’s body and mouth too, they were kissing like for real, tongue and all. I think I don’t need to say who was in control do I?

After some serious pounding they changed positions Tim was on all fours and Heinz was really slamming it home I noticed something else. Tim was rock hard and he sexier than ever. Ass in the air and his head hang low. Fuck it was hot I was nearing my own climax when I noticed. Was the dude pissing himself or what. I had to see. No definitely no piss as I at first thought it was cum. Buy the looks of it Tim came without touching himself. I was in ave with both of them. That is some serious shit when you see something like that. I came at that moment and soon after Heinz was hauling his victory while he seeded that conquered hole.

After the realization hit Tim what just happened he had a hard time accepting it I would imagine. But once again Heinz showed his true colors, he was there for him and it was getting seriously intimate and private. I had n business sticking my nose into that. It was Tim’s most private part jet in my opinion, so I left to my room, spent and tired. But hot images burned in my head.

“Pup you were a very bad peeping Tom list night. I should whoop your ass right now” said Heinz the next morning. He was somewhere between mad and proved of himself.

“Sorry Heinz but it was so hot I could not look away. I knew I had no right, but I literary could not take m eyes of of you.” I admitted honestly.

“I see you are honest, and I’m to blame myself a little bit leaving that doors open like that. But you See Tim had a really hard time accepting all of this and when he saw your cum stains on the floor he freaked even more. It took all I have to send him home in the right mindset. Next time cum in your pants or something.” he said somewhat letting up.

“Seriously I’m sorry” I said and I meant it “it was hot as all fuck I could not take my eyes of of you two. Take it as you want but I need to learn some of your moves, Manzo moves.” I finally admitted half jokingly.

“You thing you got what it takes to learn my moves pup?” he said very animated almost playfully but not there yet.

“i would like to think I have,” I responded challenging him.

“yeah yeah yeah, let me be the judge of that. First things first though pup. Go and make things right with Tim you hear me!” he said and it was not a request and I know it.

“Let this be your first and most important lesson from me: RESPECT.” he said. I knew what he meant, but I had to give him something back so he would not get his head to high.

“OK I get it,… Manzo” I said making a pause so he knew I was challenging him.

And he roared with laughter and than he tackled me and we were is a mock fight soon after. At least things with him got back to normal. But the task at hand would take much more out of me, how to approach Tim.

I was seriously lost as to what to do, how to approach Tim. Seriously we did not mingle at all. It was a curt nod of recognition at most before yesterday.

“Hi” I said to him that morning, not really knowing what to say to him after all. No malice whatsoever. But he got that look in his eyes. I could not place it was it shame or anger or fear I really could not tell. However he didn’t respond and I left feeling uneasy. Leaving I could feel his eyes boring holes into my back, of that I was almost certain, but I didn’t want to look back and make matters worse.

I was going to take a leak but two strong hands grabbed me as I stepped into the empty stalls. It was him and he was pining me to the wall shooting venom out of his eyes.

“You don’t own me you sick motherfucker” he was shouting in my face.

I’m no pushover and I really didn’t deserve that, OK I did but would not have admitted it at that moment and I pushed back. I guess I really got him off balance right there. He thought he had the upper hand in all this, but I was not ready to go down like this and I didn’t want to fight him if I could help but I sure as hell would fight him do defend myself.

“Get of your high horse for just a moment will you” I said with more venom in my tone than I intended. I knew that and I continued more calmly: “ OK I know I was wrong yesterday I had no business sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. I wanted to make sure you knew I was not judging you or anything but you go off like some sort of bully. I won’t take that shit from you.”

He was pushing me and I was pushing back. I had enough of this shit so I pushed with all my might and he was not prepared for this so he went plying back tot he wall this time it was me that was pinning him to the wall.

“I want say a thing about what happened yesterday to anybody because I’m not that person, I’m sorry if you think I disrespected you or something, but what I saw was totally hot and I could not look back once I saw you two. If you think you need to settle this with your fist than go ahead slug me if it will make you feel any better. I wanted to be nice and reassure you, but you do what you think you must I don’t fucking care either way” and I let off of him and waited. He stayed there stunned at what I said. And since he didn’t move or say anything I went to do what I came here to do at the first place and went right into the empty cubicle and did my business.

As I came out to wash my hands he was still there looking at me intently. And this time it was me who was surprised.

“It means a lot to me you saying that. And I guess I was the one who misjudged you.” he said while I looked in his eyes “and I’m sorry for thanking my shit out on you.”

I looked him in the eyes and said to him meaning it “Seriously dude I you want to talk about it some time I am willing to listen, but right now I have to focus on other things and I don’t want to be at odds with you.” I said extending my hand “Truce?”

I half didn’t expect him to do what he did.

“I hear you bro” he said and we did this stupid bro half hug thing. But it felt good and right. I was relieved.

Heinz must heave heard what happened and he looked relived and sort of proud I guess. And thing vent back to normal, well almost normal. I could not get the hot images from last night of my head. This two days of my life changed me for ever, because I knew I was changed man and I knew I wanted to feel some of that intensity from yesterday for my self to. Priorities and reasoning, logical thinking got me going on, helped me focus on task at hand, namely getting ready to the upcoming competition, but my fantasies were vivid as ever. First time in my life there was no women in them either and I didn’t care anymore.

July 2000

We talked a lot more openly after that with Heinz and I think think the whole deal with Tim brought us even closer together. Not much more happened till the competition. I mean I was really focusing, even the jerk off sessions I usually had were only down to maybe one a day. I really mellowed out in that regard. The major problem I had was lack of energy and I knew I had to set my mind at only one task and Heinz was right there beside me.

I don’t know if Tim and Heinz got together again or not. If they did I certainty was not aware of it. And it didn’t seem right to ask. I intruded on their private moments enough as it was.

Heinz explained his views on sexuality and what he thought was important for him and what he liked sexually. I explained what I had with Miranda to. He talked about trust, respect and boundaries with me and how on a different level we did that together. It made sense and I liked his way of thinking. To some extend I think it was something I could live by or at least give it a shot. I guess since we did things so slowly and spontaneously of sorts it all did make sense for me. I regretted nothing from that month, I’m sure I was aware of it at that time. I would regret it If I had not done it.

Erections were a common thing leading to competition, but me and Heinz did not turn it into something sexual. The most obvious change was I now saw Heinz as a sexual being, before that night I haven’t really considered that. He did turn me on when he shaved me or applied the tanning creams and such. It was deeply intimate and to some extent erotic to me and for him to because he was always hard and such.

What I did with those 3 men for money back in the beginning of the year was like a childs play. For to be worshiped and to worship at the same time is something so much more and if there is trust and this energy we have with Heinz that is something totally different. Did I consider myself totally straight? Of course not and when the opportunity would arise I would try more with a man I was sure of that, but to put labels on what I was at the moment would be ludicrous because it was not important to me on the one hand and on the other I really didn’t know where all this would take me.

It all lead down to the competition and this time I really was comfortable with Heinz and my body being close and intimate. I found solace in his lazy embraces we shared when I was particularly down and tired.  I learned to cherish simple gestured of comfort. Like sitting on the couch and just watching TV and Heinz would put his hand on my tight or around ma shoulders or even caress my pecs and such. Yeah it was arousing and all but it as not only sexual or something animal like. It was comforting and reassuring. It was an expression of care and companionship. I did the same sometimes. As for me I know why I did it. I needed physical contact and reassurance that someone was there for me, it was not done as foreplay or petting. We both knew we had our boundaries and that. We totally respected each other. 

I know I was selfish because I took so much from him and it was definitely hard as hell for him, because I knew his sexual desires. He reassured me he wanted what we had and was more than OK with what we did.

The day of the competition came and I got a third place. Was a little bummed at that and all, but he was so happy and really first time and getting a third place is something good and totally awesome. Only years later I would see what and accomplishment that actually was.

As we got back from all the ruckus that was that competition I was emotionally and physically drained. And so I welcomed Heinz’s help at cleaning myself up. Yeah I would still look like a freak a few days with that lotions and color dissipating over the next week. But I really needed him. And I think I was finally ready to take the last two lessons from Heinz. 

Namely execution(the act of sexual encounter if you will) and care.

He looked me so differently when we steeped out of that giant shower of his. And he took my hand and he lead me to his bedroom and I followed. It was actually the first time I was in that room it was nice, organized and it smelled of him, totally masculine and to be frank it smelled sort of like home. Although I could hardly admit that to myself, or was not ready to admit, that sort of smell reminded me of a safe place. Right at hat moment I genuinely felt safe.

“We are doing this as friends Rob. I want to show you what I see whenever I look at you, not just on that stage. Although that made me see it even cleared.” he said as he sat down on his bead.

“Come close to me as close as you are comfortable with and flex for me”

I came without hesitation as close as I could my knees touching his mattress and standing between his legs. We looked into each others eyes the whole time as he lightly almost reverently caressed my body. His hands traveling up my thigh and over my ass and up to almost my neck. It felt like electricity running trough my body. He didn’t need to say a word and I knew he was worshiping me, I saw it in his eyes. He was like an open book to me at that time, he did not hide his tremendous lust he had for me, but also respect and admiration.

His hands eventually came to my front and he caressed and glided over every muscle and I flexed and relaxed them for him so he could get the sensation he needed and sort of demanded. He had this intense look on his face I just could not look away. He was totally hard and his cock was leaking like mine.

At some point his motions became sexual and he was driving me in a sexual frenzy with his sweet words that actually meant nothing and his manual ministrations. He was doing a number on my nipples and I was moaning. My dick was really making a mess right now. I stopped flexing and was caressing his hair and ears. It was more than I tough possible and than he showed me how wrong I was thinking that.

Slowly but deliberately he started feeling up my balls. It was reverent not dominating it was sensual and erotic as all hell and than he did something I thought I would never see him do. He took my dick in his mouth and just sucking my flared cock head and I was out of my mind with need to cum, I was sexually charged like you wouldn’t believe.

His masterful sucking left me breathless, all I could do was moan and repeat my litanies of fucks and o my gods in between. I started to buck my hips a little and he let me and it was like nothing I have ever felt before. He took my dick to the root and he was looking me in the eyes it was like the best blow job ever. Miranda was good but he was out of this world. My dick was throbbing, my balls were tingling and I knew I was about to cum and I saw in his eyes he wanted my cum he wanted to taste all of me and at that moment the rush of power took over. I grabbed his head and unloaded deep into his throat. I came so much I thought I would loose my consciousness right there and than.

He pulled me down on his bed with him. We were both smiling and huffing from the intensity of our interaction. And were were only half way there. At least in my book.

As I cam down from my high he was already stroking his cock like a mad man. I took his and away from his dick and he let me. He started to say something and I put my finger on his lips and the silent OK was said and I started to give something back. I was totally taken by his body by his presence by his dick. I sort of did some worshiping but what I really wanted was to take his dick in my hand and stroke it till he came.

It was a slow and teasing hand job and I played with his upper body and hiss balls. He was begging me now to make him cum, but I wanted more, I wanted to feel more of him. I took him to the edge and back again several times, he was cussing and moaning like some old gipsy. But I wanted to take him to the edge of madness and show him what I saw when I looked at him. We were still watching each other in the eyes but I wanted to see hiss body to so I did a little bit of both I guess. I was enthralled by the alien feeling of having someone else’s dick in my hand and the power he gave to bring him over the edge. And when he finally came I whispered over and over again: “Manzo, fuck, come for me, Manzo do it.

He came into a great spasm and his whole body erupted in one giant orgasm and he was loud o my fucking god he was loud. It was intense for me. I grabbed my still hard cock and only in a few quick strokes deposited my own cum to his own magnificent splashes of cum.

Than I did something that as sure as hell surprised him, hell I even surprised myself, I took some of his cum in my mount and tasted it. It was not something I thought I would ever do, but I was sort of compelled and it was totally not something I expected it to be, but it was all good.

“Yeah birds of a feather flock together” he sort of moaned out

“Yeah we are both pigs aren’t we?” I managed to say as he pulled me on top of him. 

And now came the care part I guess. I saw it in his eyes he needed me close and I was more than OK with it, but I saw something else. And I was finally ready to give it.

We gradually closed on each other and we kissed. It was raw and intense. But not in sort of I own you thing but more like I care for you and I need this thing. It does not mean it was not passionate it was the final peace of the puzzle. It was strange kissing a man but I definitely liked it and would do it again if the opportunity arouse. Heinz was an excellent kisser, sensual as all fuck.

After a while of kissing and making out he said “Wow pup you are full of surprises. Thanks I needed that.”

As I was standing up from his bed I said “Manzo, You are not that bad for an old man that is” and I ran for my life and he was chasing me, finally he caught up with me and tackled me and it was a wrestle until someone gave up, of course it was me. Before he left for shower I saw him how he refrained himself from giving me a kiss, I was glad and sad at the same time. But it was better this way because we couldn’t give each other what the other wanted anyways. 

Next day we were like best buddies again and I was glad and I told him so. His OK was not so convincing, but I guess we both needed time to think things trough. He drove me to the train station and we didn’t talked much. But he stopped just short of getting there.

“Do you regret what happened yesterday?”

“No Heinz I’m glad we did it, but I get it that it is harder for you. If you want I will get another tutor next year.”

“NO Rob I want us to work this trough. I liked it and I feel good about it. No shame and definitely no regret on my part at least.” he said

“Than we are of the same mind.” I said

Before I left he hugged me and whispered: ”Come back soon pup, there is lot to be done if you want to get bigger.”

I kissed him on the cheek and said: “Can’t wait.” 

We were both smiling while I stepped on the train that would take me home for the remainder of the summer.

August - September 2000



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