Chapter 7

This one is for Jon.

Autumn was closing in; the nights were getting cooler although the days were still warm.

I had come into town to meet with a new client, a farm supply business that had been in the same family for three generations.  The current owner had told me that the business was a mess.  That was severely understating the problem.

As I came out of the business’s doorway onto the sidewalk, my arms full of boxes and bundles of paperwork; I felt good anticipating the work ahead of him.  It was going to be like solving a puzzle; the books were in such a tangle.

I didn’t even feel someone barreling into me but the next thing I knew, I was laying on the sidewalk with a snow of paperwork swirling around me.

“Hah, hah, sorry sucker.  I must not have been looking where I was going.” a voice said.

I looked up and saw that it was one of the Satans standing over me, the one who’d been burned in the fire.  He had red patches on his face and neck and his once long hair was short fuzz now.

He spit on the sidewalk beside me, then turned and walked across the street.  I sat up and looked after him.

The Satan reached the other side and as I watched, he walked a half block and turned down into an alleyway.  At the same time, I noticed a young man standing directly across, staring at me.  The owner of the farm supply business came outside and when I glanced back across the street, the young man was gone.

“Are you alright, Andy?” he asked as he helped me to my feet.

“Just my dignity bruised.” I replied.  I looked around myself at the scattered paperwork, knowing it would take several hours of sorting to get it back in order.  The breeze was scattering sheets further down the sidewalk, too.

“You pick up what’s here.” the owner said.  “I’ll chase down the ones blowing away.”

We worked away at picking up the mess for a few minutes when there was a sudden blood curdling scream.

I glanced across the street.  There was a middle aged woman standing at the mouth of the alleyway, her hands clutching at her hair.  She let out another piercing shriek.

“I thought that only happened in amateur stories.” the business owner said, coming to stand beside me.

The next few minutes were a blur of activity.  All up and down the street, people came out of the businesses and converged on the screaming woman.  Moments later, the sheriff pulled up in his cruiser.

“Let’s go see what’s going on.” the business owner said, his records forgotten.  I weighted down my pile of papers and followed across the street.

We pushed our way through the crowd so that we could see what everyone was gawking at.  Halfway down the alley, the biker lay face down in a pool of bright red blood.  The sheriff was standing over him, speaking into his phone.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” I called.

The sheriff turned and beckoned me and my client forward.

When we were next to the sheriff, he said, “This is one of those Satan assholes, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said.  “He’s the one who had all of the burns from their fire.”

“He just knocked Andy down across the street.” the business owner said.  “I saw the whole thing and he did it on purpose.”

The sheriff turned and looked at me, his eyes unreadable.

“Is that so?” he said.

“I hurried outside and helped him up.” the business man said.  “We were trying to gather up all of my paperwork when that woman screamed.”

I could see the sheriff visibly relax.

“So you didn’t see anything?”

“Just about the last twenty years of my business history blowing through town.  I’m not sure we even managed to save them all.”

While the two had been talking, I had been looking at the biker.  He was lying on his stomach and poking out of his leather clad back there was a long thin piece of metal, almost like a thick wire.

“Is he dead?” I asked the sheriff.

“No pulse, I checked first thing.  Looks like that thing went right through his back and out the front, directly through his heart.”

“Is that some kind of spike in his back?” the business man said.

“I don’t think so.  I think…” the sheriff said, glancing around.  He walked over to a dilapidated fence that screened off a loading area behind one of the stores, and then waved us over.

“See where this piece of fencing is broken?  Someone just wrenched it off and ran up behind the guy and pushed it through his back.  He probably never knew what hit him.”

“Jeeze, that’s cold blooded.” the business man said.

An ambulance had come screeching up while we spoke and we all three got out of the way so that the medical people could do their job.  While they were doing so, the sheriff went to his car and blocked off both ends of the alleyway with crime tape.

Photos were taken, the corpse was rolled onto a stretcher and everyone dispersed.  The business owner and I went back across the street to see if we could find any more stray documents and then loaded the piles into my car trunk.  When everything was safely stowed away, the business owner went back inside and I walked around to the driver’s side.  The sheriff was casually leaning against the door, smirking.

“Why were you looking at me like that a few minutes ago?” I asked him.

“Everyone with a reason is a suspect until I rule them out.” he replied.  “You’re my first rule out, thanks to your witnesses.”

“Yeah, like I’d go around stabbing people to death in broad daylight.”

“Stranger things have happened in this town.” the sheriff said.  “Feel like coming over to my place tonight?”

*          *          *          *          *          *

A week later, I had basically forgotten all about the stabbing.  My new client’s business records, in addition to being impossibly jumbled, were a total disaster.  How he had never been audited and thrown into jail was a miracle.  Untangling the gigantic mess had taken the better part of the week.  When I told the poor guy what I’d found, he almost had a heart attack.  I had already scheduled a meeting with IRS to save the business from being shuttered.

I walked into the town library, steeling myself for what I knew was coming.

Miss Brown, who’d been town librarian probably since the Mayflower, glared at me from behind her desk.  She’d been known to reduce grown men to tears when they broke one of her rules.  Lose one of her books and she’d probably rip your guts out.

She glared up at me as I approached and silently took the books from my hands.  She opened the first one to the check out card, and then shuffled through the rest.

When she looked up again, her eyes looked like the gates of Hell.

“Almost a month overdue.  Again.” she said.

“I’ve been so busy, things got away from me.” I replied.

She gave me a cold, serpentine stare and said, “So everyone in town who might want to read these books is supposed to wait for you?”

I broke into a cold sweat and glanced around the library, searching for an escape.  Sitting at one of the tables was the same young man I’d seen the day of the stabbing.  Again, he was staring at me with a blank stare.

“Do you have your card?” Mrs. Brown asked, bringing me back to focus.

I fished in my wallet and pulled it out and handed it to her, saying, “I’ll really try to do better, Miss Brown.  I know I have no excuse.”

She ripped the card in two and then into four pieces.

“And you have no library card.  Your privileges are suspended for a year.”

“But, I’ve always paid my fines and it’s not like I was late on purpose.” I said, humiliated.

“See me in a year and I’ll decide if you have learned a lesson.” was all she said as she went back to the paperwork on her desk.

I swiveled, wishing the ground could swallow me up.  It didn’t help that I had to walk past the silently staring young man on my way out.

*          *          *          *          *          *


That evening was the annual high school carnival.  I had rented a booth in the gym, thinking it would be good publicity.  I was raffling off 10 free horse riding lessons and every brat in town was dragging their parents over to buy a ticket.

Daddy and Uncle Cody had refused to even consider coming to participate, saying they already dealt with a houseful of whiny children every day, meaning my brothers and me.  They were probably lying nude on their bed, drinking sodas and eating snacks in front of the TV.

I had forced my brothers, Steve and Tony, and our hired man/Steve’s boy toy Will to accompany me.   On the counter in front I had specially printed flyers stacked for all four of the family businesses.  We were getting a lot of interest in those, too, so my brothers weren’t too surly.

The sheriff was also in attendance, standing across the room from me in his tailored uniform, his big fat cock hanging down his leg.  Every time I glanced his way, he’d make a suggestive face at me.

Finally, he crossed the gym and leaning close to my ear he said, “Can’t keep your eyes off of my cock, can you?”

“The fucker is practically taking up the whole room, what do you expect?”

He was about to reply when his phone rang.  After a brief exchange he said, “I’ll be right there.” and clicked off.

“Cat up a tree or barking dog?” I asked.

“Some kind of trouble at the library.  Don’t forget about me while I’m gone.”

“I wish I could.” I replied.

I watched him cross to the exit, his sculpted buns flexing in his skin tight pants.  My cock reacted without even thinking about it.

At that point, I also became aware of the same young man I’d seen in the library standing across the room.  When he saw that I’d noticed, he gave me a weak smile.

“Who is that creepy guy over there?” I asked my brother Tony, indicating with my head.

Tony glanced over and said, “Oh, that’s Kevin Morton.  He was a couple of years behind me in school.  He’s weird.”

I glanced over and he was still grinning at me.

“Why does he keep smiling at me?” I asked.

“Maybe he likes what he sees.”

“Oh, great.” I replied sarcastically.

Sarcasm is lost on Tony.  He motioned to Kevin to come over and when he reached the booth, Tony said, “Kevin, you’ve never met my brother Andy, have you?”

“I’ve seen him around town.”

Up close, he was better looking for some reason.  He had porcelain, flawless skin and dark blond hair.  It was obvious that he had a well maintained body, you could see muscles through his t-shirt and he had well developed biceps.


Steve could tell that I was uncomfortable so the bastard said, “Tony, Will, let’s go and get some refreshments.”  Looking at me with a smart ass grin he said, “We won’t be long.” and then herded the others away.  He looked back over his shoulder as he left and stuck his tongue out at me.

I looked at Kevin and then to make conversation I said, “So, have you always lived here?”

“I have.” he replied, and then glanced at the ground.  “Shoot, my shoe came untied.” he said.

He turned his back to me and bent over to retie his shoe.  His ass, under his tight jeans, was like two perfect half melons.  His buns flexed and tightened, squeezing the cloth in his tight ass crack.  My cock, already teased by the deputy, suddenly was standing at full attention.

When Kevin wheeled back around, his eyes went immediately to my crotch and the hard meat straining against my zipper.

He smiled and said, “I noticed you the first week you came to town.  I feel like you and I have a lot in common, I’ve been keeping an eye on you.”

“I know this is a dull town but that sounds really boring.” I said.

“Oh, you might be surprised.” he said and then glanced down at my crotch again.  “Do you want to fuck me?” he asked.


“I know you like guys.  I don’t really have a preference; I like men and women both.  I’ll let you fuck me if you want.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I said.  

Luckily, at that very moment, the sheriff, my brothers and Will all came back indoors at the same time.

When they reached us I asked, “Did you save the kitty in distress?”

“A little more than that.” the sheriff replied.  “It seems Miss Brown tripped going down the front steps and broke her neck after closing up.  We’re going to need a new librarian.”

“Are you sure the old bat wasn’t pushed?” I said, facetiously.

“Who do we know around here who has a history of pushing people down stairs?” Tony asked, pointing at the line of scar at his hairline.

“I have a solid alibi.” I replied.  “Besides, you had it coming to you.”

“Oh, like I had it coming to me, almost getting beaten to death with a chair?” Steve asked.

“There are still days when you need beaten to death with a chair.” Will said, deadpan.

“I knew I liked you as soon as we met.’ I said to Will.

“It was almost worth it, just to see your face when you realized that we were pissing on you.” Steve said.

“They pissed on you?” Kevin asked.

“It’s a long story, literally water under the bridge.” I said.  Turning to Steve I said, “But, don’t forget, we still have plenty of chairs at home.”

“Gentlemen, I hate to ruin this fascinating trip down memory lane but I need to go see if I can figure out what happened with Miss Brown.” the sheriff said.

Kevin asked, “Do you really think somebody could have pushed her?”

‘Lord, I hope not.” the sheriff replied.  “Practically everyone in this town would be on the suspect list.”

Kevin hung around a while after the sheriff left.  He really wasn’t so bad, just kind of nerdy but there was also something slightly off about him, something I couldn‘t put my finger on.  And he did have an awfully cute butt.  

*          *          *          *          *          *

The next afternoon I had to drive into town on business.  I had accomplished my chores and was headed home when I drove past the diner.  Glancing through the big plate glass window in the front, I could see the sheriff, back to me, leaning against the counter with his ass thrust out.  The tight fabric of his trousers was molded to the two perfect globes of his ass, the center seam delineating the deep crack between them.  I almost lost control of the car, I was staring so hard.

I decided I suddenly needed a cola so I pulled over and parked.  When I entered the diner door, the sheriff didn’t even turn around.  I passed behind him, making sure that my half hard cock rubbed against his meaty buns.

“You’re blocking public access.” I said as he jumped upright.

“So call a cop.” he replied.  He looked down at the bulge filling my Levi’s and then said, “You just missed all of the excitement.”

I glanced down at the suddenly expanding mound at his crotch and said, “I doubt that.  What did I miss?”

Lois, the woman serving the counter came over just then to take my order and after I requested a cola and some fries, before she had a chance to get away, the sheriff said, “Someone tried to poison your new friend Kevin.”

“You hush up; someone will hear your foolishness.” Lois told him.

“Your friend Kevin has a severe nut allergy and someone tried to slip some in his food.” the sheriff said.

“I’m glad I’m not allergic to nuts.” I said, glancing at the sheriff’s straining crotch again.  “I don’t know what I’d do, I just love them.”

“It was all an accident.” Lois said, pointedly ignoring the sheriff.  “I forgot that our chicken salad has walnuts in it and I cut his sandwich with the same knife.”

“When I got here, his face was as purple as a grape and he was choking like someone had stuck something down his throat.”  The bastard looked at my crotch again.

“How awful for you, Lois.” I said, turning my back to the sheriff.  “Should you still be working after that?  It must have been horrible.  Maybe you should go home and relax.”

“I’m glad there still at least one gentleman in this town.” she replied.  “I’ll be fine in no time if someone will stop ragging on me.”  She made a show of looking at the sheriff.

“Want me to take him outside and kick his ass for you?” I asked her.

She smiled and said, “I can beat that fat ass myself, but I’ll keep the offer in mind.  I’ve heard a few stories about you.”

The sheriff, looking mock wounded said, “Fat ass?  Fat ass?”

“Probably too much diner food and too much sitting around your office.” I said.  “So, what happened to Kevin?”

“Luckily, he had one of those Epi-pen things.  The EMT’s took him to the hospital just to make sure he‘s okay.  That must be a really severe allergy.” the sheriff said.


“Maybe I’ll look in on him on my way home.” I said, paying for my order.  As I exited I said, “See you around town, fat ass.”

When I glanced back, Lois was smirking and the sheriff was looking over his shoulder at his butt.

It only took a matter of minutes to reach the hospital, so after downing my fries and cola I made my way inside.  My nurse friend that I’d met when daddy had stayed there was behind the desk.

“I came to see how Kevin Morton is.” I told her.

“Aren’t you sweet?  They just now put him in a bed; we’re going to keep him overnight for observation.”

“Sounds like it was pretty scary.” I said.

She leaned forward and said, “Just between you and me, he’s got the worst food allergy I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot.”  She leaned back and said, “I bet he’ll be glad to have a visitor.”

She gave me his room number and pointed down the hall.

When I got to his doorway I glanced in.  He was lying on his back in a cotton hospital gown and he looked pale and sweaty.  He must have felt my eyes on him because he looked up sharply.  When he saw me, he broke into a broad smile.

“You came to see me.  How did you know what happened?”

I stepped into the room and said, “I just stopped by the diner and heard about it.”

“Close the door so we can talk.” he said.

I turned and did as he asked and when I turned back around; he had raised and bent one of his legs so that his gown tented over his knee.  From where I stood I had a clear view of his long soft cock and big balls hanging between his legs.  When I glanced up, he was watching me take him in.

“It gets bigger when it’s hard.” he said.  He pulled the gown up so that his whole lower body was uncovered.  He grasped his thickening cock and held it up.

“You can do anything you want to me.” he said.  

He rolled over on his stomach so that his plump ass was now on view.  He had smooth soft looking cheeks and his tight ass crack looked hairless.

I walked closer to the bed and as I gazed down at his plush ass, he arched his hips so that the crack opened and I could see his tight puckered hole.  My dick immediately started growing.

“I’ve only been fucked once.” he said and then reached out and grasped my cock through the fabric of my pants.

“I knew you had a big one.” he said smiling.  ‘I bet that‘s going to hurt.”


I let my hand run over his silky ass cheek and my fingers strayed into his deep ass crack.  I could feel the tight pucker of his hole nursing against my fingertip like a tiny mouth.

“You can fuck me.” he said again.

I pulled his gown down over his sweet ass and said, “You’re going to get us both thrown out of here.”

He still had my stiff cock in his hand and he said as he squeezed it, “Want me to suck you off?”

I heard footsteps in the hallway and had just managed to throw myself backward into the chair by the bed and lean forward to hide my erection when my nurse friend popped in.

“I just need to check vitals and that sort of thing.” she said.  “Don’t let me interrupt.”

“Actually, I was just leaving, I have work waiting for me.” I said.  While her back was turned, I got up and hurried into the hallway with my pants tenting before me.

I stuck my head around the doorway and said to Kevin, “I’ll call you about what we were discussing as soon as you get out.”

“I should be out tomorrow.  Make sure you call.” he replied.

All of the way on my drive home I debated with myself the wisdom of getting involved with Kevin.  He was cute in a nerdy way, he had a dynamite ass and he was more than willing to give it up.  But I couldn’t shake the sense that something just wasn’t kosher with him.

As soon as I got out of the car in the drive, I could smell something baking.  I had forgotten it was Friday, Tony’s baking day.

*          *          *          *          *          *

The house that Steve had found and bought for offices had worked out even better than I could have imagined.  He stripped the entire place back to the original building while leaving the old paintwork and fixtures in place.  Entering it was like stepping into the 19th century.

Steve had his office in the back corner room and I was directly across the hall from him.  Daddy had declined an office of his own and it made sense since I had taken over all of the paper and book work of the ranch.  That meant that Tony was free to have the two front rooms as his antiques shop.

Tony had astounded all of us, not only with his encyclopedic knowledge of antiques but also with his business abilities.  He had spent several weeks during the summer sorting through the vast jumble of objects stored in the building’s cellar and attic, at times coming home in the middle of the night excited and looking like he’d been mining coal.  But the effort had been worth it, he’d pulled incredible finds out of those two junk heaps.  After his loving attention it was impossible to believe that some of the objects had been abandoned for the past however many decades.

He had the parlor room and the kitchen at the front of the house and in an amazingly short time, he’d decorated the two with his inventory.  Finds from the building were augmented with new purchases and items unearthed from the crates in the barn that I’d gotten from the Reverend’s estate.

In no time at all, he’d acquired a following that we referred to as his groupies.  Every Saturday and Sunday he spent the day at the shop surrounded by his admirers.  A gaggle of old biddies came and passed the day with him, swapping gossip and telling tales.  He’d found an apartment sized green and cream colored stove buried in the basement.  It had four burners and an oven and a high back board with a warming shelf.  He hooked it up in the old kitchen and served his guests coffee or tea along with his fresh baked treats.


There were young people, too, who came to buy.  They respected his knowledge and the fact that he’d let them buy on time and was always willing to come down in price for an item they really loved but couldn’t afford.  And then there was his posse of dealer associates, some of whom drove in from miles away.  They were mostly middle aged men who were immaculately groomed and dressed and any one of whom might be found slinking out of his bedroom early the next morning.  

I now also had a room in the house, daddy’s old office, so it wasn’t uncommon to stumble into the bathroom and meet a total stranger there.  Daddy said that he sometimes felt like he was living in Grand Central Station and Tony said that he was just being friendly.

*          *          *          *          *          *


When I came indoors, the aroma of fresh cinnamon buns made my mouth water.  He always baked extra so that we had baked goods for Friday supper and for breakfast all weekend.  He was also excellent at baking.

He was icing the warm rolls when I went into the kitchen and sat down across from him.

“Kevin Morton is in the hospital.” I said.  “He had a reaction to something he ate.”

Tony concentrated on his rolls but he said, “I remember he was allergic to stuff and ate funny.”

“I stopped at the hospital to see how he was.” I said.  “Even after almost dying, he was hot for me to fuck him.”

Tony stopped icing and looked over at me.

“Are you going to?” he asked, stony faced.

“Well, he’s sure got a gorgeous little ass and he insisted on showing it to me.”

Tony went back to icing and I could see him chewing at his lips.

“I think Kevin is kind of fucked up.” he said.  “I’d be careful.”

“Are you being my big brother now?” I asked, being snide.

Tony didn’t bite, he just said, “You don’t know his history.  I used to play with him in primary school.  His mother was always really nice to me because she knew that our mother wasn’t around.  Then, there was a big fire.  Tony was camped out in a tent in the yard so he was the only one who survived.  His mother, father and sister all died that night.  He got a huge insurance settlement and then went to live with his grandmother on the other side of town.”

“You think he’s still fucked up from that?”

“There’s more.” Tony said.  “When we were in high school, he was crazy about a friend of mine named Alison.  They went out together for over a year and then one night her car ran off the road and she was killed.”

“So, he’s got shitty luck.”

“After we graduated, his grandmother died, too.  She fell down the back porch steps one evening and lay there all night.  She was dead next morning.  Kevin said he hadn’t come home until late and he thought she’d already gone to bed so he didn’t even think to look for her.”

“Are you telling me he’s jinxed or something, that I should be wary of him because of that?”

“I’m telling you that if you fuck him you shouldn’t get too involved.” he replied.

“We’re talking about a fuck, not a wedding.” I said.

Tony looked at me for a moment and then said, “Just be careful with him.”

*          *          *          *          *          *

The following Monday afternoon I was up to my tits in paperwork.  The books for the new business that I’d taken on had turned into a giant puzzle.  I’d wound up following the history of the store back line by line and I was finding that there were errors on all fronts.  The good news was that by the time I was done, it would be possible to prove to the IRS that no funny business had gone on and all of the problems were due to plain ignorance.  By the time I finally got everything balanced and in shape, I had a feeling that the government would actually owe the business money.

My phone buzzed, breaking my concentration.

I answered and a voice said, “You didn’t call me.”

“Who’s speaking?” I asked.

“It’s Kevin, dummy.  You said you were going to call me.” he replied in a voice that implied that I should have known who was calling.

“How did you get my number?”

“From your flier, how do you think?”

“I’m sorry, I was deep into work and I’m not thinking straight.” I said.  “What’s up?”

“Your dick if I’m lucky.” Kevin replied.

How could I not make a date for later?

*          *          *          *          *          *

Later that evening as I was about to leave for Kevin’s, Tony was sitting at the kitchen table as I passed toward the back door.  He had several pastry and cookie recipe books open and was absorbed in making notes onto a yellow tablet.

“You look busy.” I said.

He looked up at me and said, “It’s almost like chemistry.  And I wasn’t any good in chemistry.  But I understand all of this.”  Noticing that I had my jacket on he asked, “Where are you off to?”

“I thought I’d stop over and see Kevin.” I replied.

Tony made a face that I couldn’t read and then after a second he said, “Don’t get too involved.”

“The only thing I plan involving is my dick.”

“Well, call me if you need me.” he replied as I exited.

All of the way to Kevin’s place, I kept mulling over Tony’s odd reaction.  But, with Tony, who knows what was normal.

Kevin lived on the last block of our little main street in an apartment upstairs from a thrift store.  I parked out front and climbed the stairs to his door.

Before I could even knock, the door swung open and Kevin stood waiting, fully nude.  His body was slim with naturally defined muscles under the pale skin and he either shaved his body or was practically hairless.  His half hard cock was bigger than expected and I looked forward to seeing it fully stiff.  For the first time, it registered that he and I were almost exactly the same height.

“I like your outfit.” I said as I entered past him.

“I wore it just for you.” he replied and grabbed my growing cock through the fabric of my jeans.  “Get this big thing out so I can see it.” he said.

He led me into the main room, which turned out to be a combination bedroom, living room and kitchen.  I could see a small bathroom through an open door.  Kevin plopped down on the big bed that filled most of one side of the room and rolled onto his back to watch as I undressed.  His cock was steadily hardening and so was mine.

When I was fully nude, my stiff dick swaying in front of me, Kevin said, “Even better than I’d anticipated.” while looking me up and down.  Then, he rolled onto his stomach and raised his hips so that his ass cheeks parted.  “Do you think my little hole can take all of that meat?” he asked.


“I think it will be fun to find out.”

“I already lubed my ass hole up.” he said and passed me a jar of lube from the bedside table.  “Grease your dick up really good.”

I climbed onto the bed between his spread legs until my cock made contact with his plump cheeks.

Grasping the base of my cock, I ran the head up and down in his warm, moist crack.

“That feels really good, I can’t wait for you to fuck me.” he said.

I opened the jar of lube and greased my stiff dick with one hand while I fingered his tiny puckered hole with the other.  He jolted a bit as my finger sunk inside of him and I wiggled it around, feeling the silky flesh inside and the tightness of his ass ring clamping down.  Pulling my finger out of his hole, I used my knees to spread his legs wider and poised my swollen cock head against the rosy opening.

“Shove it in me.” he said.  “I’m dying for your dick.”

He was unusually tight and I had to really press my hips forward before his hole started to unfurl.  He was gripping the pillow with both fists and making a pained face.

“I can stop if you want.” I said.

“Fuck that.” he replied and thrust his hips backward, making my cock slide deep inside of him in one stroke.

His entire body was rigid and his ass ring grasped the base of my cock like a vise.

“Holy fuck, that hurt even more than I thought it would.” he gasped.

“Should we stop?” I asked, concerned that I might do real damage.

“Not unless you want me to kill you.” he said.  “Fuck my ass good.”

His ass was blazing hot inside and the tight sheath squeezed my cock.  I was content just to wait and enjoy the sensation on my dick but he started bucking his hips and saying, “Fuck me…”

I slowly slid my cock out and then back in, feeling the tightness of the channel grip my cock head.  A few more similar strokes and Kevin said, “Pound my hole.  I want it to hurt.”

I fucked him a little harder, wondering what he must be feeling.  He reached behind himself and grabbed my hips and said, “Roll over.”

I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do so I hesitated and he used his body strength to roll me over on my back with for dick still firmly lodged up his butt.  When I was flat, he sat up and used his arms and legs to turn himself so that he sat astride me and facing me.  He lifted his ass with his thighs until just the head of my cock was still inside of him, then slammed himself down, forcing my cock back up his hole.

“I want you to tear my ass up.” he said and then proceeded to ride my cock like he was on a bucking bronco.  My pubic bone actually began to ache from the activity and my cock felt like it was being skinned.

“Hey, slow down.  What’s your hurry?”

“This is how I like it.” he replied.

As he rode my dick, he began to play with my nipples.  I’m not that into nipple play but I figured I’d let him enjoy himself.  The problem was that in addition to slamming himself onto my abdomen, he began to get rough with my tits.  He began to squeeze my nipples, watching my reaction as he fucked himself.

 Finally, it felt like in addition to squeezing and twisting, he was digging his fingernails into me.

“Whoa, that’s enough of that.” I said and swatted his hands away.

He seemed to take that as a challenge and his hands went back to my chest and got even rougher. There wasn’t the least thing pleasant about what he was doing.

“I told you to stop that.” I said and swatted his arms away, harder than before.  He reached up under my arms and pinched the tender flesh on both sides of my chest.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked him as I pushed my hand against the center of his chest to free myself.

He swung his right hand out and gave me a hard, open handed slap to the side of my face.  Without even thinking I swung my own right fist and connected with the side of his head.  He grabbed me by the shoulders at the same time and we both rolled off of the bed and onto the floor.  I could feel my cock slide out of his hole as we landed.

“What are you, some kind of nut?” I asked.  I was pissed off, I don’t like being hit and I don’t like having a fuck ruined.

“You call that fucking?” he said.  “I could barely feel it.  Get out if that’s the best you can do.”  And then, he slapped my face again.

At that point I went on automatic pilot.  I was pissed off enough to kick the shit out of him and I didn’t care about hurting him anymore.

I got up and grabbed him by the hair, making him squeal, and pulled him over to his dining table.  Using his hair as a handle, I swung him toward it until he collided with it, knocking the things on it over onto the floor.  Bent over the table, his ass was unprotected and already spread and I could see the red, greasy hole.

I used my other hand to guide my dick between his cheeks and when I felt the tip meet his hole, I slammed the full length into his guts as hard as I could.  Once I was balls deep in his ass, I grabbed his flailing arms and bent them back behind him so that I could hold both wrists with one hand.  Holding him to the tabletop, I grasped the root of my cock as I slid it out of his hole, and then slammed it back into him.  I punch fucked his hole several times, pulling my dick all of the way out of him and then popping his hole and sliding it in.

“Is this more like what you had in mind?” I asked.

“Fuck you, cocksucker.” he replied and tried to spit at me over his shoulder.

With my cock deep in his ass, I grabbed the back of his neck and forced his face down against the table.

He was unable to move and I began to slam fuck his ass.  Some part of me that I usually kept under control took over and I deliberately did what I could to make the fucking painful, rotating my hips so that my cock head poked the side walls of his ass and the shaft stretched his hole, deep shafting his ass so that he jolted when I hit bottom, everything I could think of.  He fought me, which helped to keep me pissed off and also to make it hurt more.

I don’t know how long I fucked him; it all became sort of a red blur.  It was only when I felt myself getting ready to cum that I came back to reality.

Kevin had stopped fighting by that time and the cum squirting out of my piss slit was so intense that I almost felt faint.  I ground my cock deep inside him as my balls emptied.

After cumming came sanity.  Kevin still hadn’t moved, even after I released him and slid my cock out of his ravaged ass.  I backed up until I felt the bed behind me, and then flopped down on my back.  As I watched, Kevin slid off of the table and collapsed on the floor, his legs useless.

I put my arm over my eyes to block out the light, ashamed of what I’d just done.  I honestly didn’t know what to do next.

The next thing I knew, Kevin was bouncing down on the bed beside me. I moved my arm to look at him and when he saw my eyes he laughed and said, “Damn, you really fucked the shit out of me.”

He was almost jubilant.  He said, “I lied to you.  You’re the first guy who’s ever fucked me.”

Then, he reached between his legs and fingered his ass and brought his hand up in front of his face.

“Look,” he said, “blood.  Just like a virgin is supposed to bleed.”  He put his hand on my chest and began to finger paint with the blood.

I glanced down, horrified, and beyond his fingers I could see my spent dick covered with a drying coat of blood, too.

I jumped up, nauseated, and ran into the small bathroom.  With soap and a washcloth I removed the blood from my body.  Back in the main room, I started to dress.

“Wait, you can’t leave, I thought you’d spend the night.” Kevin said.  I could see blood spots on the sheet where he lay.

“I’ve got to get back.  There are things I need to do.” I said, putting my clothes on as fast as I could.

“But we need to talk.  We need to make plans for the future.”

“My future is already planned, Kevin.  I think you’ve got the wrong idea.”

“We’re two of a kind, we belong together.  I was thinking we could move away, somewhere big like Chicago.  No one would even notice us there and if one of us gets naughty, it won’t matter.  There are unsolved murders every day in Chicago.”

“Kevin, I’m not even going to talk about this.”

“But I did things for you.  I know all about you.  We’re perfect for each other.”

“The only people perfect for me are my family and I intend to stay with them as long as possible.  I’ve already promised my daddy and Uncle Cory that I’d be there for them and even my asshole brothers are more important to me than they think.  Now, I need to leave.”

Finally dressed, I crossed to the door.  When I looked back as I went out, he was laying on the bed with a really annoyed look on his face.

My car practically flew on the way home, I’m lucky I didn’t get stopped for speeding.  When I came in the back door, Tony was still at the table surrounded by cook books and his notes.

“You’re back awfully soon.  Didn’t it work out?”

“You were right, Kevin is weird.  I needed to get away from him.”

“I told you so but nobody ever listens to me.  Is he mad?”

“He looked pretty pissed off when I left.”

Tony looked thoughtful for a minute and then said, “That could be a problem.  We’ll have to wait and see.  Would you like a piece of fresh baked cake and some coffee?”

“I think that’s just what I need.” I replied.

*          *          *          *          *          *  

I didn’t see Kevin for several days after that and I’m ashamed to admit that I let his frequent calls go to message.  I didn’t like how I’d been with him, what he brought out in me and I didn’t want to try for a repeat.  I knew that there were parts of myself that shouldn’t be encouraged.

Almost a week later, I was at my office, afloat in a sea of paperwork.  I had a particularly knotty problem with one client’s previous attempted bookkeeping and I had decided the only way to untangle the mess was to do a hand check, line by line, of his books before I’d taken them over.

I noticed a shadow and when I looked up, Kevin was standing in the doorway.

“You’ve been really ducking me.” he said.

“I’ve been crazy busy, I work and then go home to bed.  You can see how behind I am.”

“You haven’t returned my calls.”

“Kevin, I don’t have a lot of time for leisure.  Maybe when I’m more caught up we can talk.”

“Why don’t you come over tonight?”

“I told you, I don’t have any time for play.”

“Bullshit, you’re just afraid because you liked it too much.  I could tell.”

“Kevin, really, I need to get back to work.”

“I’m what you need.  We’re perfect for each other, you know it.”  His voice had begun to get louder and he was growing angry.

“I think you should just leave.”

“When are you coming over again?”  His voice was very loud, now.

“I think my brother said he wanted you to leave.” a voice said.  

I suddenly became aware of Steve standing in the hallway behind Kevin.  He’d been in the office across the hall and must have heard our voices.

“Fuck you, Steve; this is none of your business.” Kevin said while staring daggers at me.

“My brother is my business a lot more than yours and now I want you to leave, too.   You can either go willingly or I can beat your ass and then kick it out to the road where you’re parked.” Steve replied.

“You’ll change your mind.” Kevin said to me, then pushed past Steve and walked out.  Steve stood and watched him go, then turned to me.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yep, I don’t know what’s gotten into him.”

“I bet I could make a guess about that but, seeing what a cute little ass he has, I can’t say I blame you.”

“He’s a lot weirder than he looks.” I said.

“Like you’re not?  Anyway, I never did like that little creep.  I hope he fucks off.”

Steve turned and went back across the hall.  I was more upset than I’d let on.  Kevin scared me, not in a physical sense, but because he came across as so stalker-like and because he didn’t seem able to take no for an answer.  The last thing I needed was someone always lurking behind me.  And I didn’t like the inferences he’d made about knowing things about me.  I hoped I wouldn’t have to take more drastic measures to solve the Kevin problem.

I went back to work and was soon immersed in the wonderful world of accounting.  I didn’t even notice the time passing.

“Are you going to work all night?” Steve asked from the doorway.  “It will be suppertime soon.”

I looked out the window and it was already dusk.

I jumped up and said, “Just let me lock up and I’m right behind you.”

Steve went on out and got into his truck and I followed.  He pulled away just as I got to the road.  Where he’d been parked there was a wet spot, like something was leaking, and I made a mental note to mention it when I saw him.

I started my car and took off behind him.  He must have been hungry because he was pretty far ahead of me, moving fast.  There is a t-shaped intersection with a stop sign, the only one on our way home, where we turn right to get back to the house.


As I watched, Steve’s truck shot through the intersection and over the opposite side of the road where it came to rest about twenty yards from the road against a hillock.  A second later, an 18 wheeler came flying along the road headed left.  If he’d been a second sooner or Steve a second later, they’d both have been dead.

I jumped out of the car at the intersection and ran to Steve’s truck.  I could see him through the rear window and I saw him raise a hand to his head.

When I got to his door, he was wiping blood out of his eyes.  He must have hit his head on the steering wheel; there was a cut just below his hairline.

“What the fuck happened?” I yelled.

“I don’t know, the brakes just suddenly disappeared.  I tried to stop and nothing happened.  Was that a semi that went past behind me?”  He was holding his head but blood was still coming.

“Fuck yeah, you almost got creamed.”

“I don’t feel so good.” Steve said, then opened his door and puked at my feet.

“Can you walk?”

He turned his body so that his feet were on the ground and said, “I’ve had worse than this from being thrown.  I can feel a pump knot coming up on my head, though.”

He stood up, turned pale and sat back down.

“Come on, lean on me and we’ll get back to my car.  Do you think you need to go to the hospital?”

“Just get me home, Daddy will know what to do.”

I supported him under his arm and we made our way back to my car.  When I’d gotten him seated he said, “I feel better already.  I think I just got scared shitless.”

“You’re probably in shock.”

I floored the gas all the way home and when we got there, I again made him let me support him to climb the back porch stairs.

When we got into the kitchen, Daddy and Uncle Cody were sitting at the table.  He saw the blood that had gotten all over the two of us and said, “Goddamn it, Andy, did you beat up on your brother again?”

“It wasn’t me, this time.” I said.

“My brakes failed.” Steve said.

Tony must have heard the commotion, he came in from the hallway and when he saw what was going on he pulled out a chair and said, “Sit him down.”

Then, he grabbed a dish towel and filled it with ice and held it against Steve’s wound.


“How hard did you hit?” he asked.

“I can’t really remember.”

He got in Steve’s face and stared into his eyes.

“Can you see alright?  Do you feel nauseous or sleepy?”  He lit a kitchen match and held it near each of Steve’s eyes.

“Your irises look okay.” he said.

“As long as you don’t burn my eyeballs out.”

“Where’d you learn all of this?” I asked Tony.

“The last time he got a pool cue to the head, I looked up online to see what to watch for.  I was afraid he had a concussion.”

Once again, Tony surprised me with his calmness and knowledge.

“Should we run him up to the hospital?” Daddy asked.

“Not unless he starts getting a headache or can’t stay awake.  Head wounds bleed a lot; I think it looks a lot worse than it is.”

Just then Willie, who must have dozed off in the other room, appeared in the kitchen doorway and asked, “What the fuck happened to you?”

“Should we go over and check out what’s wrong with the truck?” Cody asked daddy.

“We can do that tomorrow, I want to stay close in case Steve needs me.” he replied.  Even though Steve was over most of his pain I could tell from his small smile that that pleased him.

“Daddy, why don’t you and Willie take Steve in and get him in bed.  I make up a tray with some soup for him so that he can have supper in bed.” I said.

“And I think I’ll just hop over and check the truck on my own.” Cody said.  He left and I went about preparing the soup as Tony watched me.

I walked down the hall to Steve’s room and peeked in.  Daddy and Willie had undressed Steve and as he stood there nude I heard daddy say, “When did my little boy becomes such a fine looking man?”

Steve jumped under the bedclothes and sat there with a smile on his face.

Back in the kitchen, Tony asked, “Was anyone fooling around at the other building today?”

“Only Kevin stopped by.”

I saw an awareness come to Tony at the same time as it hit me.

“He and Steve had a little bit of an argument.” I said.

As I was preparing the tray, Cody returned.

“That was no accident, someone cut the brake lines on the truck.” he told us.

Tony and I looked at each other and I said to Cody, “Tell daddy about it later.  I’ll tell Steve in the morning, let him at least get a night’s sleep.”

I carried the tray to Steve’s room.  He was sitting up in bed naked with Willie on one side of him and daddy on the other.  When he saw the tray he said, “Y’all are treating me like a big baby.”

Daddy got up and took the tray and put it on Steve’s lap.

“You are a baby, one of my babies, and you always will be.” Daddy said.  He leaned over and kissed Steve on the top of the head while Steve smiled and blushed.

Turning to Willie he said, “Make sure that he eats.  And don’t let him go to sleep too soon.”

“I know how to keep him awake.” Willie replied.

“I’ll just bet you do.” daddy replied.  “It looks like something is already lifting that tray off of his lap.”

Steve blushed again and daddy said, “You keep an eye on my son, Willie.  Come and get me if anything comes up in the night, no matter how minor.”

“Me and Tony and Cody, too.” I said.

Steve wasn’t used to so much loving attention but he didn’t seem to want it to stop.

*          *          *          *          *          *

I didn’t run into Kevin again for almost a week.  He must have known that I was looking for him.

I had gone into town to buy groceries.  Tony had come along because he needed more supplies for his endless baking projects.

We had just started filling our cart when we turned down an aisle and almost ran directly into Kevin.  At first he looked startled, and then he grinned at me.  I wanted to punch him in his smug little face.

“Hi, Kevin, how are you doing?” Tony asked him.

Without taking his eyes off of me, he replied, “Nothing new.  Anything new with you?”

“Not really.” I said.  “Steve was almost in a bad accident the other day but fortunately he just got a little banged up.”

“That must have been a relief.” Kevin said, still staring into my eyes.

Tony, oblivious as usual, had been examining the things in Kevin’s shopping cart.  He picked up a bag of cookies and looked it over and then said, “I’ve never seen this brand before.  Are they something new?”

Kevin didn’t even look at him, he just said, “They’re something they stock in back for me.  Because I can’t take a chance with regular cookies, they’re for people with allergies.”

“Are they any good?  I make cookies, you know.  Where are they?”

“Just ask one of the clerks, they have two different kinds.  They’ll be happy to have someone else buy some instead of just me.” Kevin replied, still staring at me.

Tony didn’t reply, he just hurried off toward the back of the store.

When he was out of hearing range I said to Kevin, “If anything had happened to my brother, I would have been severely pissed off.”

“Why are you telling me?” Kevin replied.  “Accidents will happen.”  He smirked as he said it.

“Accidents can happen to other people, too, don’t forget.”

“Then I’ll remember to be extra careful.” he replied.  “Shouldn’t you go look for your retarded brother?”

“Tony is smarter than you’ll ever be.” I said.  “He runs his own business and anything he tries he does well.  What do you do?”

“I guess we’ll find out.” Kevin replied with that same smirk.

Tony reappeared at exactly that moment.  I looked at him, hoping he hadn’t overheard what Kevin had said about him but he looked unruffled.  He held a bag of cookies in each hand.

“They had chocolate chip and ginger snaps.” he told Kevin.  “Which one is the best?”

“The ginger snaps are my favorite, I eat the whole bag.” Kevin replied.

Tony tore the bag open right there in the store and bit into one, then offered the bag to Kevin.  He also took one and they both stood there chewing.

After swallowing, Tony said, “Not much difference from most.  Less after taste, maybe.”

Kevin rolled his eyes at me and said, “I need to get going.  I have things to think about.”

Tony, all smiles, said, “Thanks for showing me the cookies.  I hope we’ll be seeing you again real soon.”

Kevin didn’t even reply, he just pushed his cart up the aisle.

When he was out of sight I said to Tony, “Why are you so nice to him?  He’s an evil asshole.”

Tony turned and looked at me without his usual glassy eyed stare and replied, “I know that.  But, he doesn’t know that I know that.”

We didn’t talk much at all on the drive back home.  I knew that I was going to have to do something about Kevin but I wasn’t sure what.  He was too dangerous to run loose, though.

While we were unpacking our groceries and putting them away Kevin said to me, “I need to borrow your computer this afternoon.  There are a couple of things I want to order on Amazon for baking.”

“I’ll leave it unlocked for you.” I said.

“No need.  I know your password.”

I turned to look at Tony and I asked, “How could you know that?”

“I saw you type it in once and I could tell which keys you punched.”

I didn’t know what to say to that so I just said, “Then I’ll get the credit card out of the safe for you.”

“I know the number for that, too.” he replied and then he recited the 16 numbers, the expiration date and the security code.  “Besides,” he said, “I know the safe combination, too.  Daddy opened it once in front of me when I was a real little kid and I remember the numbers.”

I sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and then asked, “Do you ever get into the safe?”

“Why would I do that?” he asked.

“Well, when you and Steve were running wild, you could have gotten money out of it.”

“Steve doesn’t know that I know.  You’re silly.” he replied and walked off down the hall.

*          *          *          *          *          *

The next few days I couldn’t rest for worrying about how to handle the Kevin situation.  I would have to tread very carefully.  He knew what I was capable of and I knew the same about him.  In addition, people in the town knew that we’d been friendly so it wouldn’t do to act rashly. Every day I felt a little antsier.

Tony, meanwhile, had informed all of us that he was working on a special baking project and until he was done the kitchen was off limits and he was too busy to work on the ranch.  No one argued with him because it wouldn’t have made any difference.

I, as usual, was up to my armpits in paperwork one afternoon when my phone rang.  I could see on the screen that it was my biker buddy Bennie.

When I answered he said, “How’s it going, Dickasaurus?”

“Same old same old.  What’s up with you?”

“Most importantly, my dick.  Feel like taking a little ride?”

“On your dick?”

“That too, of course.  I was thinking I’d run by and pick you up and we could take a little trip into the country, see what we can get into.”

“As long as you get into me, sign me up.”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.  My dick is already dripping.” he said and disconnected.

I finished what I’d been doing and went to tell Tony that I was going to be gone for awhile.

“Where are you going?” he asked, looking disturbed.

“My friend Bennie is picking me up.  We’re just going for a ride.”

“Oh, okay.” he said.  “Just be careful.”

I had turned and was going in the opposite direction when he said, “Wait, I need a favor.”

I walked back into the kitchen and he held up two identical ginger cookies.

“Taste these and tell me what you think.” he said.

I tasted one and he handed me a glass of water to rinse it down, then I tasted the other.  

“They taste exactly alike.” I said.

“But, do they really?  Taste them again.”

I did as he asked and when I was done I said, “I don’t know.  This one has a little bit of an under taste, something sort of funky.  They wouldn’t taste exactly alike but if you added a little more ginger, the taste wouldn’t show up.”

His whole face lit up and he said, “Thank you!  That should solve my problem.”

I walked out front to wait for Bennie, again amazed at the degree of precision that Tony did everything with.  He’d have made a great accountant.

Bennie pulled up moments later in a car I’d never seen before.  As I climbed in and settled, I glanced at his crotch and could see the outline of his big dick, half hard and stretching down his leg.

I wrapped a hand around the thick column of meat and said, “Looks like you’re glad to see me.”

“I’m always glad to see you and right now, I’m getting happier by the second.”

I could feel his dick expanding and thickening in my hand.

“This is just what I need.” I said, squeezing his dick.  “I’ve been stressed out the last few days and a helping of Bennie’s special sauce is the perfect antidote.”

“Anything to please.” he replied, smiling at me.

We drove along for a way and I said, “So where are we going?”

“A special place, nice and quiet, where you can admire nature while I admire you.”

There was no traffic on the road, it being mid-afternoon.  During the whole trip I only saw one car that was behind us for a way but then disappeared.

When we finally arrived at our destination, it was a clearing in one of the rare wooded areas in town.  Trees surrounded us and the old road ended a few feet from where we stopped.  Even though the air was a bit cool, the sunlight in the clearing felt warm as toast.

We both got out and before Bennie had time to walk around the front of the car I was on his side.  I undid his belt, unhooked his pants and lowered his zipper in an instant.  His big stiff cock that had been stuffed down his leg sprang free as I pushed his pants down and I wrapped my fist around the hot meat, marveling at how big and stiff it felt.

I dropped to my knees and closed my mouth around the crimson head.  Bennie let out a long sigh and said, “Nobody has ever sucked my cock the way you do.”

I sucked the big meat as far as I could down my throat, running my tongue over the satiny surface and bobbing my head so my throat got fucked.  Bennie squirmed and rested both hands on top of my head.  His cock tasted better every time I sucked it.

Bennie has a world class cock.  It’s thick, it’s long, it’s beautifully shaped.  I never get tired of having the privilege of making it cum.

I serviced his dick for a few minutes, then raised my head off of it and stood up.  I loosened my belt and dropped my shorts to the ground, then leaned back against the fender of the car.  Bennie watched me, his enormous dick standing straight in the air.  I lifted my legs off of the ground and lay back on the hood with my legs spread.  I could feel the cool air against my hot little puckered ass hole.

“Come on, Bennie; give me what you know I can’t live without.” I told him.

He moved forward and rested the fat head of his cock against my hole and then dropped a load of spit onto it.  As he pressed forward, my hole opened easily for him.  I loved the way he fucked me and I couldn’t wait to be used.

He slid the wide piece of meat up my hole until his belly was resting against my ass, the big dick sheathed inside of me.

“You’ve got the best dick I’ve ever encountered.” I told him as he wrapped his fist around my hard cock and began to fuck my ass.

He stared into my eyes, watching me enjoying the feeling of his cock inside me.

After a minute he said, “We get along really well, don’t we?”

“Better than well.” I replied.

“If you ever thought about just settling down with one guy, you know, having like an exclusive thing, I’d be really interested in being the one.” he said.  His cock was smoothly sliding in and out of my ass.

“Are you asking me to go steady?” I asked, smiling.

The next moment seemed to last forever; it was like everything was in slow motion.  I heard a loud bang at almost the same moment as, looking up at Bennie, I saw his shoulder explode and blood fly out and land on my body.  Bennie had a surprised look on his face, his cock slid out of me and he fell to the ground beside the car.

I slid off of the hood and fell down beside him.  He was sitting on the ground, one hand clutching his bloody shoulder.

“Somebody fucking shot me.” he said.

I started toward him to see what I could do but with his freed hand he reached up and swung open the car door.

“Climb in and lay on the back floor.” he said.  “Stay as low as possible.”

I did as I was told.  When I was inside, Bennie pulled himself into the front seat and laying across it, he started the ignition.  The car started up, the glass in the passenger side window shattered from another shot and Bennie released the hand brake all at the same time.  As soon as we were moving, he sat up and floored the gas pedal.  Within a matter of seconds we were a mile away from the clearing.

I jumped up and pulled my tee shirt off and tried to wrap it around Bennie’s left shoulder.  It was bleeding a lot but I could see two wounds, one in the front and one in the back.  The bullet had passed right through.  I applied as much pressure to the wounds as I could and Bennie groaned.

“I don’t think it hit bone.” he said.

“Stop and let me drive.” I told him.

“Just keep pressure on my shoulder, I’m okay.” he said.  “Can you believe somebody fucking shot me?”

I could believe it.  I even had a suspicion of who it might be but I didn’t tell Bennie.

We pulled up to the emergency unit of the hospital moments later and I ran inside before the car had even stopped.

“My friend has been shot, he needs help.” I yelled.  Immediately there was a blur of moving bodies and seconds later Bennie was being wheeled through the door in a wheelchair.

“Call the sheriff and tell him Bennie has been shot.” I said to the nurse at the reception desk and she immediately picked up the phone.  Meanwhile, they had wheeled Bennie down a hallway and I could see them helping him onto a table in a curtained cubicle.  I started back toward him and a security guard said, “Are you family?”

“I am today,” I said.  “now get out of my way.  You can have the sheriff arrest me when he gets here, if you want.”

I pushed past him and made my way to Bennie’s side.  They were cutting the tee shirt off of him and I suddenly became aware that I didn’t have a shirt on, either.  One of the nurses handed me a gown to put on and asked, “What happened?”

“We were parked, up on the ridge.  We got out of the car and were talking and suddenly Bennie was shot.” I said.

“Could it have been a careless hunter?” she asked.

“I don’t rightly know, ma’am, it all happened so fast.” I said.

Then I remembered the car window breaking.  It was no accident.

The nurses were clustered around Bennie and a doctor arrived at the same time that the sheriff appeared.  While the doctor made his assessment, I filled the sheriff in on the afternoon’s events.

When the doctor stood up from the table, the sheriff asked, “How is it?”

“Not really bad at all, considering.” the doctor said “There’s a lot of blood but the bullet passed straight through.  There may be some muscle damage but I doubt it, he looks pretty healthy and he should heal okay.  A couple of inches to the right, though, would have been a whole other story.”

“Can I talk with him?” the sheriff asked.

“Sure.  I’ll come back and close him up when you’re done; the bleeding actually helps clean the wound.  You just come get me when you’re done.”

He ushered the nurses out and pulled the curtains around us.  Bennie had his eyes closed and he looked pale but otherwise not too bad.

The sheriff stepped over to the table and cupped his hand over Bennie’s cock and balls.

“Any damage I should know about?” the sheriff asked.

Bennie opened his eyes and smiled at us.  “Nothing but my fucking shoulder, everything else seems to be intact.”

“Praise the lord, then.” the sheriff said.  He rubbed Bennie’s crotch and said, “There’d be a couple of real unhappy people in town if anything too severe happened to you.”

He dropped his hand and became business like, drawing a pen and pad out of his belt.  We both told him what we remembered happening while he took notes.  When we were done, he didn’t look pleased.

“There’s probably nothing to find up there and whoever did this is long gone but I’ll go up and take a look around.  Is there anybody you can think of who’d want to shoot you?”

“Yeah, but nobody with the balls.” Bennie replied.

The nurses came back in then, obviously wanting us to get out of their way.  I walked with the sheriff down the hallway to where we saw the doctor was standing and told him that we were finished.  

“We’re going to keep him overnight, just as a precaution, but everything looks fine.” the doctor said.  “He’s lucky he had so much muscle to take the impact.”

The sheriff left and I went back down and peeked around the curtains.  Bennie was sitting up and they were slathering what looked like iodine all over his shoulder and chest.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ll go and tell Ronnie and the guys what happened and where you are.” I told him.

“Tell them to bring me some beers, my shoulder aches like a motherfucker.” he replied.

“You’ll tell them no such thing.” the oldest nurse said to me, then turning to Bennie she said, “And you’ll watch your language in front of my nurses.”

Bennie just muttered, “Yes, ma’am.”

Driving home the shock must have worn off because the more and more angry I became.  By the time I pulled into our drive, I was at the boiling point.  I got out of the car, slammed the door hard enough to break the hinges and stomped into the kitchen.

Tony had just taken another batch of cookies out of the oven.  He looked up and took in my mood and the bloody hospital gown I was still wearing.

All he said was, “What happened?”

“Someone shot Bennie and I’ll bet it was that little fucker Kevin.” I said.  “As soon as I lay hands on him I’m going to kick his nuts up into his throat.”

I crossed the kitchen, intending to change clothes and then go find Kevin.  As I got halfway across, Tony said, “Wait just a minute.”

I ignored him and had reached the hallway when, in a voice I’d never heard before, Tony said, “Stop right there.”

I turned around to look at him and in the same cold voice he said, “Sit down.  Now.  Listen to me.”

I was so surprised that I did as I was told, sitting across from him at the table.

“Kevin expects you to come looking for him.” Tony said in his normal voice.  “Is Bennie alright?”

“He will be.” I said.

“Good, then there is plenty of time.  Kevin is smart, we need to be smarter.”

“I need to beat his head into powder.” I said.

“No, you have to play his game and outsmart him at it.”

“I honestly don’t know if I can.” I said to Tony.  “I’ve tried to think of ways to handle this but I can’t come up with a plan.  He needs to be stopped.”

“He will be.” Tony said.  “Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

“Then do as I say.  I have a plan, just do as I say.”

I didn’t feel good about the whole idea but I nodded my head in agreement.

“Good, now go take a shower and get that blood off of you.  I’ll bring you some cookies, you missed dinner.”

In my room I phoned Ronnie and related the recent events.  He said that he and the guys would go immediately to the hospital and someone would stay with Bennie night and day until he was released.  I at least felt better about that.

A couple more days passed.  Kevin seemed to have disappeared; no one I asked had seen him.  I’m sure he knew that I was looking for him.  Bennie was released from the hospital the day after the shooting and I’d been going over to his place in the morning and afternoon, just to reassure myself that he was doing okay.  By the second day he was up and around with his arm in a sling.

I was coming back from visiting him one afternoon when I saw a car parked in the drive when I pulled in.  I parked and went indoors.

Tony was sitting at the kitchen table and across from him sat Kevin.

Before I could say a word, Tony said, “There you finally are.  I just about gave up on you.”

“What’s he doing here?” I asked, staring at Kevin.

“Just be nice.” Tony said.  He was staring at me with a clarity that I’d never seen on his face before.  “I invited Kevin.  It’s time to stop all of this nonsense.”  I couldn’t read the look on his face.

“How does that happen?” I asked.

“That’s your surprise.” Tony said, lapsing back into his usual self.  “I packed a picnic lunch for the two of you and I want you to spend the afternoon together burying the hatchet.”

“This,” I thought to myself, “is Tony’s plan?  A picnic?”

“Just do as I ask.” Tony said to me.  That strange look had come back into his face.  “Go, have a picnic and I bet everything will be worked out before you get back.”

“Where are we supposed to have this picnic?” I asked.

“Why, at the old picnic grove.” Tony said, lapsing once more into his bubble headed self.  “Where else?”

Kevin was sitting staring at me the whole time, a smirk on his face.

“Come on, Andy, it’ll be fun.  Tony went to a lot of trouble.”

I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or if he was serious.

Tony was bustling around the room and he handed a big basket up onto the table.

“Look, Kevin, I got all special food that you can eat safely.  I even got a bag of your favorite cookies and some milk for dessert.”  He was proudly showing off all of the contents of the basket.

“That’s really nice, really considerate to make so much effort.” Kevin said.  His voice had a snide note that made me want to grab him by the throat.

Tony handed him the basket and gave Kevin a hug and then he followed us out to Kevin’s car.  Kevin loaded the basket into the back seat while Tony leaned against the front fender, then walked around and got behind the wheel.  I climbed into the passenger side and Tony looked down at me with that strange look on his face.

“Trust me, Andy, this is the best way.” he said.

“Let’s get this over with.” I said to Kevin and we pulled away as Tony waved goodbye.

“That brother of yours is one of a kind.” he said to me.

“Let’s just make him happy.” I replied.

As we drove I said, “A good friend of mine got shot the other day.”

“Really?  How is he?”

“A lot better than he could have been.” I said.  “It really pissed me off that someone would do that.”

“You just never know who you can trust these days.” Kevin replied.  “Have you thought any more about my offer?”

“To move away with you and live happily ever after?  I told you, Kevin, that’s never going to happen.”

“You can’t blame me for hoping that you’d changed your mind.” he replied.

We didn’t speak again until we had pulled into the picnic grove.  It was hard to identify it as such; it was a clearing in the middle of a bunch of trees and overgrowth that needed cut back.  It looked like no one had been there in years.

“Well, this is appropriate.  It’s a shit hole.” I said.

“Oh, Andy, it will be fun.” Kevin said with that same sneering tone.  “I’ve got blankets in the trunk, you unload the basket.”

We got out and I opened the back door of the car at the same time as he opened the trunk.  I was just standing back up when Kevin said, “Oh, look what I found.”

When I looked at him, he was pointing a gun at me.  I knew it was a .357 magnum.

“Carry the basket over to that tree.” he said.

“Or what, you’ll shoot me?”

“That’s a definite option.  Then I’d have to go back and kill Tony since he’s the only one who knows we’re together.”

“If you hurt my brother I’ll kill you.”

“Not at this point.” he said.  “Just do as I tell you and no one will get hurt.”  He pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his jacket pocket and tossed them to me.  “Put the cuff on one of your wrists and then put the basket over by that tree like I told you.”

I closed one of the cuffs on my wrist and walked over to the tree.

“What do you intend?  To kidnap me?  To hold me hostage until I change my mind?”

“I intend for you to listen to what I have to say.” Kevin said.  “Now, sit down with your back against the tree, put your arms behind it and put the other cuff on.”

“And if I don’t?”

“First I shoot you and then I shoot Tony.  Maybe a few other family members if they get in the way.”

“You’re just crazy enough to think you could get away with it.” I said.

“I’ve gotten away with more than that.  So have you.”

I reasoned that if I did as he said, there might be some way out of this.  Dead, I had no other option, so I sat down and put the cuff on my wrist.  He walked over; the gun pointed at my head the entire time, and checked to see that I had really done as told.  Then, he stood up and looked down at me.

“Jesus, you really are a dumbfuck, aren’t you.  If you had tried to fight me or something, I might at least have felt sorry for you but you’re dumber than your retarded brother  You actually trusted me.”

He sat down next to the basket, well out of reach of my feet and put the gun in his pocket.

“Here’s what’s really going to happen, dumbass.” he said.  “I’m going to leave you here attached to this tree.  Then, I’m going back to your happy little home and I’m going to kill your entire family, one at a time.  Your brothers, your father, your uncle, your little hired hand…I think I’ll even kill the horses.  And when I’m done, I’m going to come back and tell you all about it.  And then, I’m going to put this gun under your jaw and blow your brains out so it looks like you did it yourself.  Then I’ll take my handcuffs off  of you and go home.  Of course, I’ll call the sheriff’s office and report hearing gunfire out here, anonymously.  When they go out to tell your family, they’ll find them all massacred.  Then, through floods of tears, I’ll tell the sheriff how I’d been at your place a couple of times in the past few weeks and you were fighting with your family and how your father had asked you to leave.

You’ll be famous for a little while.  Murder/suicides make big news.  Maybe they’ll even dig into your past and find some things that will reinforce the idea.  What do you think?”

“Someone will find out the truth.” I said.

“You really are dumb; it’s a real miracle you haven’t been caught already.  I burned my family up when I was just a baby and no one ever suspected.  No one ever suspects me.  No, I won’t get caught.  You’ll get the blame, you fucking idiot.  We could have gotten out of this town altogether.  The two of us could have even gone into business and sold our services.  We would have been unstoppable.”

“You watch too many movies.  I’ve been in the business; it’s nothing like what you think.”

“And yet, you’re the one chained up.”

He sat smirking at me.  I wasn’t about to show any reaction or beg him.  

“Have you ever noticed how hungry it makes you when you’re getting ready to kill someone?” he asked.  “It must be some kind of life affirmation or something.”

He poked through the picnic basket until he found the bag of cookies that Tony had bought for him and tore it open.  Then he opened one of the pints of milk.  He took two of the cookies out of the bag and made a sandwich of them, popped them into his mouth and began to chew.  He washed them down with a gulp of milk.

Immediately, his eyes bulged and a look of panic came on his face.  He grabbed his throat as his face began to turn red.  He felt in his jacket pocket, and then began clawing at his throat.  His feet were drumming up and down against the ground.  His eyes were straining in the sockets and his face was darkening, going from red to purple to almost black.  With his hands still clutched around his throat, he fell over on his side, rolled onto his back, kicked his legs a few times and then lay still.

I sat there, dumbstruck, looking at him.  I was aware of movement and when I looked up, my brother Tony stepped out of the undergrowth with a rifle cradled in his arm.

“Tony?” I said.

He walked over and looked down at Kevin.

“Is he dead?” I asked.

Tony kicked him in the side and then said, “Either dead or just about.”  He picked up the cookie bag and said, “People are so stupid.  They see that the top opening is intact but they never turn the bag to the bottom to see if it has been tampered with.”  He turned the bag bottom toward me.

“You planned all of this this?”

“I told you I had a plan.  I had to buy unrefined walnut oil from some hippie-dippy organic company on line to set it in motion.  The refined kind removes the proteins that people like Kevin are allergic too.  Then I had to make passable cookies so that he’d eat them without noticing anything.  That’s what I’ve been working on.”

He stood up and walked over to where I was sitting.

“This would be a good opportunity for me to pay you back for the scar on my head, wouldn’t it.” he said.

I didn’t reply, afraid of what was coming.

“God, you should see your face.’ Tony laughed.  He walked over to Kevin and went through his pockets until he found the cuff keys, then unlocked them from my wrists.

“Did you hear what he said?” I asked as we both looked down at Kevin.

“Sure.  I wasn’t surprised.  He always was sneaky but he’s never had very good impulse control.  Should I leave his antidote needle here or take it with us?”  He held up the Epi-pen.  “I slipped it out of his jacket pocket when I hugged him.  Let’s take it; it will be more feasible that way.”

I was unsure even what to say to Tony, so I just said, “You just killed him.”

“He had it coming, don’t you think?”

He looked at me with that fully conscious look I’d seen earlier.

“It must be something in our genes.” he then said and started to walk away.  “You’re carrying the picnic basket; I’ve done enough work today.  And don’t forget that bag of cookies, I can feed them to my Elderlies this weekend, they love ginger snaps.  Oh, I almost forgot.”

He walked over to the front fender of Kevin’s car and took a small object out from the wheel well.

“I had to stick this on earlier, I was afraid he’d go somewhere other than here.  It’s a tracking device I bought on Amazon.  It works on your phone.  Pretty neat, huh?”

“What’s the rifle for?” I asked.

“If he’d tried to hurt you I would have had to shoot him.  It would have been harder to explain but I didn’t have much choice.”

I felt chastened in all sorts of ways so I silently picked up the food and followed Tony back through the brush to where he’d parked.

We got to the car and I loaded in the basket, and then took the passenger seat.  We drove for a few miles and I finally managed to say, “You saved my life.  You saved all of us.”

“So?  You’d do the same thing.” he replied.

We drove a little farther and I asked, “Why do you always act like you’re a space cadet?  You’re obviously not.”

Tony gave a wry smile and said, “Self-protection?”

I didn’t understand and he could tell from my expression.

“Steve used to beat on you every time you came to visit.  Who do you think he beat on the rest of the year?  That bastard made my life a living hell until I learned to just act dumb and follow his lead.  I’d still like to beat the fucking shit out of him.”

It really pissed me off that Tony had gone through what I’d gone through, only more and longer.  The accumulated anger of the day bubbled up in me.

“That fucker deserves to be beaten for what he did to us.”

“He’s always been bigger than me or I would have.” Tony said.  He was getting angry, too.

“There are two of us, now.” I told him.  “We should both beat the shit out of him.”

We were home and Tony was pulling into the drive.

He looked at me and said, “You’re right.  Let’s both kick the shit out of him once and for all.”

He stopped the engine and jumped out of the car with me right behind him.  When we reached the kitchen door, Steve was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and Will was standing at the sink.

Tony stepped across the room, said, “You motherfucker.” and punched Steve full force in the side of the head.  Steve fell over sideways in his chair and the table turned on its side.  Will turned pale and slipped out of the door behind me.

Tony was now straddling Steve’s chest and pinning his arms to the floor with his knees while swinging his fist back and forth, hitting Steve in the face with one side of his fist and then backhanding him with the other.  I couldn’t get close enough to punch Steve so I settled for grabbing his foot and twisting his leg as hard as I could.

“You son of a bitch, you picked on us our whole lives.  Why did you have to be such a bastard?” Tony said as he slugged him again.

Steve had been open mouthed with shock but he heard what Tony said and he suddenly began to cry with loud sobs.

“I was jealous, alright?” he sobbed.

Tony stopped his fist in midair and turned to me.  I stopped twisting his leg, too.

“Jealous?  Of what?” Tony asked, clearly puzzled.

“Jealous of you two.  I was always jealous of you.”

“Why would you be jealous of us?” Tony asked.  He was sitting on top of Steve, looking down at him.

“Because you were always the favorites.” Steve said, still sobbing.  “It was always, ‘Isn’t Tony the prettiest baby?’ and ‘Isn’t Tony the sweetest child?’  No one ever called me cute.”

“That’s because you were a brat.” Tony said.

“Even later, when we were in school, everything was so easy for you.  I knew that you were smart, all you had to do was read something once and you learned it.  I had to struggle with everything.  And you grew up so pretty.  You had everything.”

Tony relaxed on top of Steve and said, “But I always wanted to be you.”  He had started to cry, too.

“And you never had any reason to be jealous of me.” I said.

“Like fuck.” Steve replied.  I crawled up the where Tony sat and looked down at Steve.

“You had Mom.” he said.  “She hated me so much that she left us rather than put up with me.  She didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Now I started tearing up as I said, “You weren’t why she left.  Uncle Cody told me all about it.  She walked in on him and daddy in the hayloft and saw what they were doing.  She gave daddy an ultimatum, either Cody left or she would.  Daddy said he couldn’t make that kind of choice and the next day while he was working, she packed up a few things and took off.”

“It wasn’t me?” Steve said.

“No, not at all.  It had nothing to do with you.  Although later, you were such a little asshole whenever she saw you that she finally gave up.”  I was crying full blast by now.  “Is that why you were jealous of me?”

“I had all kinds of reasons.  You were always the smartest; you did all of the sports, won all of the contests.  Daddy always said that he’d never have to worry about you, you’d always come out on top.  And I was just an idiot; all I could ever do is ride a horse.  I always felt like two cents.”

“But I always wanted to be you.” I said.  “I’m a midget, I was always the runt.  I thought if I was good at sports maybe you’d want to be my friend.  I always wanted to impress you.  And then later, you grew up so handsome.  You look like a movie star. Just naturally a hot man.  I would have given anything to be you.”

“So would I.” Tony said.  He climbed off of Steve who sat up.  We were all crying by now.

“I just wanted you to be my big brother.” I said and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“We just wanted you to love us.” Tony said and then he grabbed Steve in his arms.  We all sat on the floor holding onto each other and sobbing.

The kitchen door burst open and daddy and Will came in and saw us all where we sat.

“What in the hell is going on now?” daddy asked.  “Will came running up and told me you were killing each other.  Now I find you all hugging and blubbing.  Have you all lost your minds?”

“We’re just happy to be brothers.” Tony said.

Daddy stood there looking mystified for a minute and then he turned to Will.

“Don’t come running after me again unless somebody’s dead.” he said.  “I don’t have time to deal with these lunkheads.”  He went back out the door and Will stared round eyed at us for a moment and then followed him.

*          *          *          *          *          *

Later that night, I phoned Bennie from my room.

“I’m still  okay, mother.” he said when he answered, knowing it was me.

“I’m just calling to let you know you don’t need a guard anymore.  There’ll be no more shooting.”

Bennie was silent for a moment and then in a different voice he started to ask, “Did you…?”

I cut him off and said, “The problem has been neutralized.”

He was silent for almost a full minute and then he said, “God, I love you, you vicious little cocksucker.”

“Sweet talk will get you nowhere.” I replied.  “Now, get some sleep and heal.”

I disconnected before he could reply.

*          *          *          *          *          *

Early the next morning, just after breakfast, the sheriff’s car pulled into our drive.  Steve, Tony and I were just finishing breakfast.

“What could he want this early?” Steve said.

We all got up and went outside and walked up to the sheriff, who met us half way.  He took a long look at Steve’s bruised and beaten face and said, “What the fuck happened to you?”

Steve smiled and spread his arms and pulled each of us close to his sides.  I wrapped my arms around his waist and Tony rested his head against his shoulder.

“My little brothers beat the hell out of me.” he said.

“We sure did.” Tony said and giggled.

The sheriff stared at us for a minute and said, “I just wait for the day when I get a call to send the men in white coats to come and carry the whole pack of you off to the loony bin.”

“Well, today’s not your lucky day.” Steve replied.  “What else can we do for you?”

“I just wanted to ask Andy about his relationship with Kevin.” he replied.

“It isn’t a relationship.” I answered.  “We fucked once and it went really, really badly.  That’s about it.”

“I knew him when we were in school.” Tony said.  “Oh, and we saw him last week at the market.”

“And I can’t stand the weird little fucker and stay as far from him as possible.” Steve said.

“Well, he was found dead late last night.” the sheriff said.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I said.

“I’m not.” Steve said.

“How did he die?” Tony asked.

“He was out at the old picnic grove and it looks like he ate something that brought on his allergy.  He didn’t have his pen with him.”

“Suicide?” Tony asked.

The sheriff was quiet for a minute and you could see the wheels turning in his head.

“I hadn’t considered that but it would explain a lot.” he said.  “Have you all noticed anyone sneaking around here at night?”

“Not really.  Someone cut the brake lines on the truck the other day, though.” Steve said.

I could tell that the sheriff was weighing how much he should say.

‘Kevin left behind a journal at his place.  He had some kind of obsession with you all, especially you, Andy.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“He wrote about trying to impress you, about how the two of you were soul mates and meant to be together, weird shit.  Then it changed and he started writing about revenge.  He planned to get back at you and your entire family.”

“Now I’m really glad the little fucker is dead.” Steve said.

“There’s other stuff in it, stuff he says he did.  I think I’ll be able to close some cases I’ve had questions about, based on what he’s written.”

“I guess you can never really tell what anyone is truly like.” I said, trying to look innocent.

“I’ve been thinking something along that line for a while now.” the sheriff said, staring at me.


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