Billy had been helping me with the haymaking. He was not only young and fit and well able to pitch bales as fast as anyone, he was fun and physically very attractive. With his unruly hair which stuck up in places, his long smooth arms and legs, whenever our bodies made contact even accidentally I had found myself getting hugely excited.

Perhaps it would have taken us longer to make intimate contact if Billy didn't have this thing about going to town once a week for physiotherapy. He had said it was following an accident he had some time ago but I could never see the slightest reason why he needed it. Anyway when I had volunteered to take the place of the therapist and save him the journey to town things happened very quickly as described in the first instalment of this story.

Things got quite intense and well yea ... pretty hot actually. I mean if you had sex with Billy it was hot. I mean like it was just a fact really! Anyway haymaking got finished and Billy had been due go away back to his home county where he was a college student.

Happily I was able to arrange for him to join a similar course at a local college so we could be together at least until he finished his studies. It was all going fine but he did used to go on about the sports facilities and especially about this sports coach or tutor called Bruno. To be honest I was starting to get a bit pissed off with hearing about him and suspected he might be some sort of rival to me. Anyway somehow or other Billy had talked me into letting him bring Bruno over so we could all meet up.

So there was the scene as described in the previous story where they had just arrived in Bruno's sports car and seeing him emerge from the drivers seat I was so impressed by his physique and I mean really this guy was immensely handsome! It was like 'what's this??'. Here was this fabulous guy coming to my humble little farm, I just felt sort of honoured but in a way it was so bizarre and any idea I had of rivalry seemed sort of pointless; well who could compete with this anyway?!

Bruno had on a tight sweat shirt and athletic shorts. He expressed that confident air of the super fit sportsman who could outclass anyone.

Billy had introduced him and he had shaken hands with me while looking me up and down in a way, I thought, suggested either appreciation of me or of Billy's description of me.

'So where's your room then?' He asked rather impatiently.

This was getting even more bizarre but at the time I was quite excited by what seemed an impossible prospect. Was this guy intent on having sex straight away immediately on his arrival. Thinking back on it afterwards it was almost as if Billy was acting as a go between, with me as a male prostitute! But it was that sort of situation which was so intriguing I just had to see it through.

'It's that door straight ahead at the top of the stairs' Billy replied obediently.

Until then Bruno had just been Billy's sports coach from college. All this talk about how fit he was, I thought it was just Billy's way of winding me up.

As Bruno strode up two steps at a time to our bedroom with me immediately behind him, my eyes were on level with his thighs. They were perfectly smooth and tightly tanned like his arms and neck. In those seconds while we went up and even without touching him, I could sense the tone of his powerful leg muscles. He seemed so strong and in control. Billy was following up from behind.

He had just shut the bedroom door and had barely started to close the curtains when Bruno stripped off totally naked and stood in front of me full frontal, legs slightly apart with a challenging look on his face. He knew he looked utterly sexy, his strong forearms folded under his bulging pectorals and those swollen biceps!

'So now let's have a look at you then!' said Bruno looking at me with a sort of triumphant smile that should have made me angry but somehow I couldn't be especially when he leant forward and whispered in my ear, 'Let's see if what Billy says about you is true'. Upon which he pulled off my T-shirt like someone undressing a child while Billy, seemingly under instructions, pulled down both my shorts and pants together.

'Hmmm!' he said looking directly at my genitals 'so Billy this is your boyfriend! Let's have a look round the back shall we... Oh yes!! now that is some bum!! Oh yes Billy you've got taste I can see that. Wow!' he said running that same big hand, that had squeezed mine when he arrived, down over my bare buttocks and into my slit. At that moment his cock which had hitherto been fairly swollen but still quite limp, suddenly sprung up and stood almost vertical. It had that shiny swollen look all of a sudden that showed it was really hard.

He seemed to utter an impatient sigh as Billy took off his shoes and shirt. Jealousy overtook me when I saw Billy kneel down to suck him. Wasn't I Billy's rightful lover and Bruno my rival? No I just wanted that big pink shiny erection all for myself. So I pushed poor Billy aside in my passion: I took him in my mouth at once. He had such a fabulous knob, so perfectly rounded, so utterly designed for smooth penetration, so hard, so purposeful and so firmly anchored in Bruno's masculine pubis! Nothing else seemed to matter now as I worked my tongue around his hood, then took him in deeper, sucking as I did.

'Come on Billy! Get to work there I want him lubed up and ready for the real thing!' There was plenty of urgency in Bruno's voice and I knew why because I could taste his precum starting to ooze from him. But he was so fucking big! How the hell was I going to take a man of his size?! The more I sucked his pink majestic tool the more massive it seemed to get.

I was bending down and Bruno was having to restrain me as I clasped at his firm muscular buttocks drawing his fabulous fuck pole deeper into my throat. At one point he had pushed my head to one side to stop himself going premature. I was then that I saw Billy finally taking his pants down and putting baby oil on his stiff dick. I loved Billy's dick and was longing for the inevitable. I felt his fingers lubing and exploring my asshole. In seconds he was up me!! Oh yes! it felt so good!!

I was sucking Bruno more gently now as I felt Billy's lovely cock running up deep into my ass and his pubic hairs as they brushed against my buttocks You get this sort of feeling of security with a powerful man in your mouth and a lover shafting your bum. I love that feeling of someone way up inside me; could it ever get better? It did and it did quickly!!

Billy was ramming my ass like I'd never known it. He may have wanted to open me up for the 'real thing' but I guess he was just showing off to Bruno. I was familiarising myself with Bruno's thigh and bottom as I worked my hands into his muscles like when I had given Billy his physiotherapy. I was loving Bruno's nude body like this when Billy started to spunk up my bum.

'Oh shit Carl! I can't stop!! Aaaaah you fucking beauty!! Take my fuck! Take my fuck! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!.' Billy was so virile I felt his sperm shooting right up my rectum. He was such as strong boy! All that hay making and his strong tight arm muscles and now he had done me again! But this was now time to pause or reflect.

I just had time see Billy's softening dick all slimy and sticky as it emerged from my freshly fucked asshole when Bruno was on top of me. He had flung me roughly on my back. He spared nothing in bringing the full power of his muscles to bear on me. He gripped my ankles so hard it felt like a tourniquet. He forced my legs right back until my hips were aching. I was totally overpowered by his supremely manly body. For me then it was just a dream come true; I had always wanted to be taken forcibly by a strong man and fucked mercilessly up my bottom.

I could only lie there letting it happen and waiting for the inevitable pain that would come as he attempted to penetrate my asshole.

'Now you see Billy, this is what I call a real 'boy cunt'. I know he's not that young but he's never really been properly challenged. You see..' I could feel his fingers exploring my hole as he resumed his tutor like role with student Billy.

'No I don't accept that!' replied the rebellious student. 'I fucked him before you and even before he fucked me!'

'Calm down Billy boy! I know you like to be on top but you're just about to see it done properly now aren't you? So there you see! look at him now he opened up really well when he heard me say that!' They had been examining my cherry but then Bruno looked me straight in the eyes, 'You're going to fucking get it!! In fact you're going to get your boy cunt stuffed...'

'He's a man Bruno, he's a farmer!' Billy protested.

'If he's a farmer he should know all about insemination because that's what's about to happen to his sissy bum!!' Billy had just squeezed some cream from a tube and I had felt it cold against my sphincter but the next thing was hot, oh shit massively hot!! and FUCKING GIGANTIC!!. I couldn't resist! I just had yield to him. It took less than a second. I felt a sharp pain then I was being filled up with something so powerful and huge. HE WAS UP ME!!! I was kissing Bruno's biceps and shoulders and as much on his smooth brown chest as I could reach as he gently lowered his huge body over me. It was the sheer mass of his frame that forced his manly meat into my asshole, DEEPER AND DEEPER, HE WAS COMING RIGHT UP INSIDE ME!!! Bruno's massive cock had totally occupied my bottom. I was powerless, he seemed to have utterly conquered my manhood!

'So who's Billy's man now then eh?!' Bruno boasted on seeing me so come so easily under his control. 'Don't worry though, you've got a bum better than any chick I've known and you're the best fuck a man could ever ask for!'

Both Billy and I were kissing Bruno's beautiful naked body. He was concentrating on his balls and his buttocks while I was putting love bites into pectorals. But Bruno was doing me in a very deliberate way, fucking me really deep and hard. It completely distracted me from everything, I could think of nothing but his big nude sexy body and his massive meat pumping my ass-cunt like a huge piston. I was taking him like a woman almost, as I felt completely passive. This big powerful man had me in total submission. But then things were hotting up even more!

'Hey Billy! Stop it! what are you doing? Ah! Oh! Ah no!! I can't stop!' Something Billy was doing to Bruno seemed to be driving him crazy. His face was contorted as if in some intense spasm or fit but then suddenly he opened his eyes wide gazed into mine and that's when it began. This wasn't just a few spurts! Bruno started flooding me with his fuck! It was like he was gushing gallons! I could feel this warm surge of his sex fluids as his massive cum-pump began irrigating my bottom! Oh fuck! He meant what he said about 'insemination'!

Billy was first to get at Bruno's softening 'fire hose' all slimy as he withdrew from my ass cunt. He always beat me to it! Now as he was licking his softening length he got a mouthful of Bruno's final ejaculation. Billy did me with this sort of blow job up my bottom as he put his lips to my freshly fucked anus, I felt it coming up inside me.

I had got out from under him and now Bruno lay face down on his stomach as if exhausted. Billy and I faced each other on either side of this perfect male nude.

It was instinctive; I never planned it but I just found myself caressing Bruno's upturned buttocks; they were so strong, so manly, so muscular and yet where they met there was this deep cleft which I couldn't help finding so intensely exciting. A conspiratorial grin came over Billy's face as I ran my fingers between Bruno's buttocks.

'Hey what are you two up to? They always say 'never trust a sissy boy'' Billy had been about to apply some of that cream to his slit.

'That might be for guys who aren't sissies themselves Bruno! Come on we're going to give your man-ass a bit of a seeing to, aren't we Billy?' I said cheekily.

But Bruno had begun to struggle against us while Billy had his ankles in a tight grip. Somehow I managed to get astride his arms with my knees trying to hold down his biceps.

To be honest I don't believe Bruno was trying all that hard to escape but his whole naked body seemed to be wriggling and struggling against us. Billy tried to get his legs up but then Bruno managed to roll over. I had been almost sitting on his head and at one point Bruno had me literally by the balls as he had taken them and my flaccid penis in his mouth. Billy was giggling so much it was infectious. Bruno started giggling too as Billy struggled to part his buns.

All this resistance only made it more exciting for us. Billy had got his arms around Bruno's bare thighs. The two of them rolled around together with Billy both wrestling and kissing him madly all the while. But at one point as he drew his knees forward we both got this momentary glimpse as his buttocks briefly parted. That split second sight of his cherry made us both get wild with excitement. I stopped him rolling around by sitting astride his back so we both ganged up on his bottom.

Different from Billy's bum (and mine too) which were beautifully soft and rounded, Bruno's buttocks were packed with muscle and with nice big dimples on the outer sides. The inner sides though were clasped together tightly by the power of his buttocks.

'Bruno! Now don't even try to tell me that with an ass like that you're still a virgin because well, what do you think Billy?' I was enjoying this. I was going to let Bruno have a taste of his own medicine!

'What are you talking about? I am a man! I'm stronger than both of you together!' He spoke over his right shoulder in a sort of mildly protesting way.

'Don't panic now Bruno! Calm down!' I said authoritatively 'We are only going to do what's going to happen to you anyway!' With that I made a supreme effort and managed to overcome his resistance and parted his buttocks enough to get my tongue in and start licking his inner lobes. Every time he tried to struggle they parted a bit more until I was able to dribble some saliva in his open slit so it ran down on to his cherry.

'Hey Billy! Can you really do him? You've only just finished fucking me!' I whispered to him seeing his lovely pink slender dick as hard as ever.

'That was half an hour ago and anyway he's my boy friend see?!' Billy whispered; I loved him for his impertinent ways but it meant once more he would get in first! Billy was at his virile best; I got a close up view as he drove his stiff little pink dick into Bruno's man-cunt.

'Where's all that manly power you were on about Bruno? I think needs have got the better of you, haven't they! You know perfectly well how much you need boy-sperm up your bottom and you're going to get our slim dicks right up your bum-hole. Yes Bruno you'll just have to accept your sissy bottom role now won't you?' I teased him. Bruno was still struggling or at least he was trying to make a show of resistance clenching his buttocks and squirming around. But he was fighting a loosing battle with us. Once he felt Billy's prick delving and probing his slit he suddenly seemed to give up all resistance. He was resigned now and relaxed his bum muscles so I got a really good view of Billy's cock penetrating his cherry. Suddenly it was easy to pull his buns apart and between the sides of his inner lobes all slimy with cream and spittle was his utterly sexy and wildly exciting man-cunt!

As Billy probed him with his knob he seemed to resist a bit a first but then we could see each time Billy pulled back the star of folds in the centre of his cherry started to remain open a bit and each time a bit more. I felt all my manhood flooding back to me; my cock was aching hard and I was now determined to dominate this man as well to fuck him. We exchanged glances and I whispered in Billy's ear 'Go for it!'

There was no doubting the virginity of Bruno's bum; Billy had to push quite hard but then, as I watched close up, I had this supremely sexy view of Billy's hood entering Bruno's bum-hole. He was being very gentle with him as it was his first time so I could see the skin of his sphincter both being alternately pushed and drawn out as it clung to the slimy shaft of Billy's boy-dick. I kept dribbling on his shaft as he drove it in and out of Bruno's bottom. Soon he was diving in deeper and getting into a really good bum-fucking rhythm.

I was getting impatient. I feared Bruno might re-discover his manhood if we didn't get on with it. So I started whispering sexy things into Billy's ear and fingering his athletic ass as he pumped Bruno's bum.

'Hey get off you're driving me cra...Ah! Oh shit man!! Oh shit man!! Oh no hey stop it!!!' I pulled back my finger from inside his ass and allowed Billy to get another climax. 'Aaaahhh! Oh thanks you made that so fucking good!' I watched between his legs and behind his balls as his whole groin went into orgasm and gave Bruno a bit of what he so much needed up his bum.

I don't know how much Billy's balls had managed to produce in such a short time but when I went to lick his emerging dick I managed to suck out half a mouthful of lovely thick slimy boy-cum. I wasted no time getting this to its destination. Bruno just lay there with his head on his forearm in a resigned was as I licked his superb man-cunt and applied my mouthful of sperm to his gaping cherry. Wow! he wanted it and wow wasn't he going to get it!!

It was my first fuck of the evening and I was feeling horny as hell to pump this man-ass with everything I had. I was just mad to get up him. I wanted to fuck this beautiful strong body and in that way I felt I was paying homage but I'm sorry I was not so gentle as Billy. Nothing would stop me now: I wanted to be up his bottom and that's where I was going. With Bruno lying there passively I drove my raging dick now near to ecstasy in excitement; I stuffed it between his strong buttocks and drove it into him with all my force. He winced but he had to yield.

'Come on Carl let's get him on his back. You can't do him like that you've go let him know who's boss!' so Billy helped me roll him over and held Bruno's legs up while I stuffed his ass-hole with mindless frenzy. Bruno was yelping out as I probed his gland; his face turned from side to side as he lost control of his inner genitals to the power of my prick. I was going to show this man he wasn't as supremely powerful as he thought. But how could I ever stay the course, I was so excited. I was kissing his thick manly neck and around his ears when I felt that uncontrollable spasm taking hold in my groin. This was it I was going to have to let him have it! The surge came on me all of a sudden; My sex gland started pumping my spunk through my raging dick and straight out into this man's waiting rectum. I could feel every pulse shooting through my knob. And oh! There was that satisfaction of knowing that I was fertilising the innermost parts of this super-fit man. I had overcome his muscles and his manhood and fucked him up his bottom.

Billy patted me gently on shoulder. I thought it might be a sign of respect now that I had overcome his lover and put him in his true pansy place! Anyhow Bruno seemed to go straight to sleep while Billy and I went first for a shower then with just shirts on and nothing else we went down to the living room for a nice cold beer. Actually I had a smart sort of shirt with tails, the type you would normally wear a tie but Billy had just a T-shirt.

'So the question is Billy..' I began

'No I know what you're going to ask. I have never fucked him before but I'm afraid I have let him do me a couple of times. I'm sorry about that; I know it's really unfaithful of me but..'

'No Billy I don't mind! I don't hold any claim over you, you know that. Anyway we wouldn't have had such a good time this evening if you hadn't had this relationship with him.

'A 'good time' you say! Man it was fucking unreal; I have never got so excited in my life! But hey; how did you guess he'd turn?'

'Look Billy any man who poses his body like that; I mean stripping off in front of a perfect stranger, flouting his genitals and didn't you notice, as he took his pants down his showed his bum and that was no accident! And anyway what did you do to him that made him so crazy while he was up me?'

'I was just dildoing his ass like we do. Probably he'd never had it happen to him before that's why he went loopy. Anyway the thing is he's going to want more isn't he?'

'Which means you fancied his ass too! I bet we'll see him round here on a regular basis now. I'm sure he's going to need frequent fucking to keep his satisfied. I sort of get the impression he'll never get enough.' I said

'That's what worries me' Billy said thoughtfully. 'You know, you'll laugh, but now I've seen you fuck him I only want you now. I suppose that may sound strange'.

'But you saw him fuck me too, didn't that make you think he was the real man on top?' I replied

'Bruno on top?! He's not now is he? He right at the bottom!!' Billy seemed to emphasise that with some glee. 'Anyway you wanted him to fuck you! And I'm not blaming you right? Because well I didn't realise that all that bravado was a sham. You've sort of opened my eyes to him really. But when he was lying there with his bare bum upwards and just waiting to be fucked. I was like he was saying 'I am a Bottom please fuck me''.

'So that was your Eureka moment Billy but we have now made this guy dependant on us have we not? I mean that may be OK but you know what they say about 'two is company but three is ...'. So I had also thought er ...well.... possibly at some time.... I should introduce him perhaps to the guys at Rugby Club.' I was a bit hesitant as I had never mentioned about this to Billy before.

'What do you mean? Are you saying you go down there sometimes?' Billy was obviously very alarmed so I quickly changed the subject. We drank the rest of our beer feeling quietly satisfied about the achievements.

'You know what!' Billy said at last 'You look fucking sexy with just that shirt on.'

'So do you Billy. Lets go and see what your boyfriend is up to.

'He's not my boyfriend any more. I told you just now!' Billy said over his should as we went up the stairs. I felt him up his thighs and it made his cock spring up like a jack-in-the-box. Billy was so incredibly sexy up between his legs and especially on the inside of his buttocks. My cock was now raging hard. I gave Billy's bare bum a quick kiss.

Bruno seemed to be still asleep lying on his side having pulled the quilt over himself. Billy gave me that naughty-boy look of his as he raised a side of the quilt to reveal Bruno's bare bum almost sticking out over the side of the bed.

Neither the movement of the quilt not Billy's infectious giggles seemed to stir Bruno but I suspected correctly that he was not really asleep. Billy stooped down and gave Bruno's bum a good licking where it mattered. 'So much for him not being a boyfriend anymore' I thought. But this time Billy was not going to catch me napping.

So there was this man-bum offering itself passively over the side of the bed. It still looked really manly and muscular and I remember sort of thinking how the two buttocks, the deep dark slit and the anal cherry not be mention the internals were so much part of a man's visage like his face. They sort of go together as whole. This was Bruno's bum in presentation mode and ready for servicing!

With all that in mind that I slipped my dick between buttocks and delved into his tight slit to locate his hole. Awake or not Bruno was clasping like hell but because his bum was so well fucked and his slit so slimy, I had no difficult in finding his asshole and pushing right up into him. It is so fucking sexy to fuck a strong man like this. With a sense of conquest, I drove my dick deep as far as I could into his bottom. I was even more excited than before. He seemed so helpless and his attempts to clasp his buns just made it even better. He squeezed my shaft between he muscle bound buttocks while my knob was inside his cherry. It was his sphincter muscles squeezing my tip that provoked me.

What happened? I just fucked him! As I pumped him, it made his body lurch sideways on the bed. I was kneeling with my dick in his bum but I felt I was fertilising his manhood; then I thought 'that's it, I'm inseminating him, after all I am a farmer'. It was this thought that made me ejaculate all my sperm up inside him. It shot out of my dick and up his bum. That's all! he was being fucked in passing if you like. I did him!

After I pulled out I could look on fine body and know that deep inside his man ass and way up his rectum I had penetrated with my dick and impregnated him with my sperm. Bruno was well and truly fucked!!

It was Bruno's last attempt to get back on top. He sprung up, flung his arms around me pulling me down on the bed with him. He ripped my shirt of me and I felt his hot dick against my thighs. Billy had torn off his T shirt and all three of us wrestled naked together. Bruno soon penetrated my bum hole and started fucking really furiously. He was on his back and had pulled me down on his cock. I had never had it like this before. But Billy was everywhere, his strong arms were around both of us as he pulled us over. It was like Bruno was revenge fucking me, he was getting so rough as he drilled my ass with all his might. But then suddenly he stopped and I realised Billy had got on top and was up him.

Bruno's cock was gradually subsiding in my ass as Billy slammed him, he went wild. 'I'm gonna fuck your sissy bum Bruno! I'm gonna stuff your pansy ass cunt! You're no real man are you! Oh fuck you're just a bum poser!' Billy puffed as he shouted himself almost hoarse. He was shafting Bruno' ass with all his youthful energy. 'You can't make it can you? you wimp!! You can't fuck Carl. He's my man; I'm on top yea and you're getting fuuuuuucked!!! Oh Aaaaaah you bitch there's some real cum up your fucking bum!! I'll spunk you, you bitch!! Aaaah!!! Ooooh fuck that was so good!' Billy sighed and lay on top of us in a state of ecstasy.

I was so confused. First I had bent over and surrendered both my body and my manhood to Bruno only to regain the upper hand when he was spent. But had I really? I was now starting to realise Billy was really always the one on top. It was just that he was so boyish and younger than me that I thought I could be a man to him. But then I remembered how Billy had stuck up for my manhood when Bruno was about to fuck me and how Billy had anyway done me first. The thing is I had often found myself looking to him for a lead. He was now about to confirm my thoughts.

'Sorry to insult you Bruno!' Billy said at length leaning round and speaking in his ear 'But I've got to tell you this; Carl is my boyfriend and its simple really, you are a bottom and bottoms tend to get fucked!' Billy tossed his head with boyish confidence as he flicked he hair back, got up off him and looked like a man in full control.

After we had all showered and got dressed Bruno thanked us for having him in a rather formal way as if he was just like any other parting guest. I didn't even know his second name!

'That will be another hand on the haymaking next year then won't it Bruno. Your volunteering is gracefully accepted!' I said

'But won't your bank balance be stretched by that' said Billy giggling again and recalling how I had said I could not afford to pay him all the time as a farm hand.

'No Billy' I replied with my hand on his shoulder, 'I think such payments will be made from the Sperm Bank'

We all laughed.



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