Bruce’s cocksucker

I’m an older married white male. I got started sucking cock later in life by placing ad on Craigslist personals back in the day (fifteen years ago?) when they were free and uncensored. There weren’t many w4m ads to read to titillate me so I also browsed through the m4m ads. I guess reading the m4m ads opened up my mind and I started thinking that I'd like to experience sucking a guy’s cock. 

After answering a few of the ads with no luck I decided to place one of my own. 

I got a fairs number of responses and weeded through them picking the guy I wanted to ‘take the plunge’ with. 

I drove about half an hour to trade head with that first guy, a single elementary school teacher. 

Well we traded head but he and I didn’t really click. 

When I left his place I thought, “I’m glad I tried cocksucking, but I guess it’s not for me.” 

But I was quite wrong, very wrong. A couple of weeks later I was answering more responses to my post again.

I quickly made arrangements for a face-to-face meeting with a second guy who turned out to be very beefy and older than me...a married black man. 

Bruce and I met at a Starbucks just to meet and kinda talk about what we were both looking for. Both visibly nervous, we sat in my car and talked. Bruce hadn’t mentioned that he was black when he responded to my ad, so it was a little surprise when we met face-too-face. 

He quickly asked, “Is my being black was a problem?”

And I told him, “I don’t think so.”

I hadn’t considered race at all so hadn’t mentioned it when I placed the ad. But my first thought about him being black was that it added to the taboo factor of the cock sucking that we were considering.

Bruce and I made arrangements to meet at his condo on his next every-other-Friday off. HIs wife worked Monday through Friday so we’d be there alone and have the house all to ourselves. 

When Friday rolled around and Bruce opened his door we were both still quite nervous. We sat on his living room sofa and just talked for a few minutes. At some point I think I said something like, “Well, shall we?” 

As it turns out, Bruce liked me to take the lead.

As I watched Bruce kicked off his Nikes and pulled his blue Polo shirt over his head. He hesitated for a second or two before he up snapped and unzipped his Levis, letting them drop to the floor before pulling them off completely.

 He was now standing there in white sports socks and his baggy boxers that were tenting in front.

I think stalling for time, he removed each sock and thrust them into his Nikes and then pulled his boxers down over his cock letting it spring to attention. 

By this time I was naked and waiting. 

Now completely naked, Bruce turned around to face me. 

I immediately took his cock in my hand and hefted it as if i were checking its weight. Wow.

My cock is on the smaller side of average, five Inches and not at all thick. Bruce’s uncut cock was veiny, throbbing and generally very alive and was about seven inches and quite thick. Volume wise his cock was easily twice mine. 

Having only played with my own cock and that one time the elementary school teacher’s up to that time, his big black uncut cock and its thick patch of kinky black pubic hair and his great big low-hanging balls looked monstrous to me…In a very good and exciting way. 

Nervously I got down on my knees, wrapped my long fingers around Bruce’s cock, pulled back the foreskin and admired its big dark purple head. I stroked it a few times and then leaned over to guide it into my open mouth. 

Bruce watched as the head of his cock disappeared between my lips. As my lips wrapped around his thick shaft and slid down its length, he moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes.” 

When I felt the head bump the back of my throat I tightened my lips and started sucking his big thick cock. 

Since I was new to cock sucking I wasn’t used to keeping my mouth so far open for very long so my mouth got tired…definitely too quickly for my libido. 

To my delight, Bruce sucked me a couple of minutes while my jaw rested and then we switched again. 

Well, it was soon apparent that neither of us was going to cum, mostly because of our nervousness of a first meeting. 

Bruce apologized and said, “I fucked my wife last night and i guess that I’m just not ready to cum again yet.”

I asked him to suck on one of my nipples while I jacked off. As I recall I finally shot my load, but I wouldn't swear to it.

Shyly we put our clothes back on, talked just a little bit and then said our goodbyes and I left. 

I hadn’t gotten too far from his house when I called Bruce on my cell phone and said, “Although I had been nervous to actually meet, I was already hard thinking about what I just did and us meeting so I could do it again.” 

He agreed saying that he had a good time too. He told me, “I can host again in 2 weeks when he and his wife’s schedules worked to our advantage again.”

 I couldn’t wait.

Well the next time went much better and Bruce and i ended up meeting every other week like clockwork for a long time.

 I loved having his big black cock in my mouth and having him cum there. I hadn’t been looking for a black guy to suck but the interracial ‘thing’ made it hotter for both of us. He like the contrast between my white lips and his black dick as it slid in and out of my mouth.

At first I had a mental thing about swallowing. As I was sucking I was fantasizing about swallowing his cum but something in my brain told me that cum was gross once he dumped his cum in my eager sucking mouth. 

Well I quickly got over that. At first when I’d suck Bruce’s cock, I spat his cum out. There was this one time though, I when I started licking the tip of his cock and then wrapped my lips around the head. He tasted sooo good and felt great in my mouth. As I continued to suck and stroke him, my cock got harder and harder. All of a sudden I could taste his sweet pre-cum. That told me he was getting ready. Then, his cock went super nova on me and his body tensed up and he started cumming in my mouth and down my throat. I wasn't really mentally prepared to swallow his cum.  But for reason this time it tasted so incredible that on the spur of the moment made up my mind that it was the thing to do. 

I milked his big black cock for all it was worth and licked his balls after I swallowed his huge load. I still have fantasies about that blowjob. I can still taste his cum.

As my lips tightened and my mouth slid up and down his thick shaft I was looking forward to very soon swallowing all the cum that I could get.

Bruce usually says something like, “Here It comes,” as he’s about to feed me. He doesn’t need to though because even though I looked forward to swallowing his load, I also liked the momentary anticipation that I was about to get what I was sucking for.

Almost from the first our thing turned into mostly me sucking Bruce off. 

I was always sooo looking forward to sucking Bruce’s cock for him that as soon as we’d settled on his couch I reached over and felt his cock through his sweats and his body always jerked when my hand touched his cock. He raised his hips off the couch when I’d pull his sweats down, fully exposing his cock. When I took hold of his cock I felt him quiver with excitement as I slowly stroked his cock. I couldn’t wait to get It In my mouth. 

Bruce jerked when I leaned my face down his legs and licked his big cum swollen.  Now that we were doing this on a regular basis Bruce wanted to be able to give me the biggest load possible so he refrained from fucking his wife the last couple of days before we met. 

I kept licking and worked my tongue into the pee slit. And then he moaned, "Ooooooh yesssss!" as I slowly sucked the thick head into my mouth. 

I continued to suck the head as Bruce jerked and moaned, "Ooooooh yea suck It   man, suck my cock."

I let more cock into my mouth as I went down as far as I could. As his cock hit the back of my throat, I felt Bruce’s pubic hair rub against my nose and lips. As I tried to suck him deeper I gagged a little. I backed off a little and then settled into a bobbing up and down motion as I suck, but making sure not to go too far down and cause myself to gag. 

I loved sucking Bruce’s hard black cock and the feel of it throbbing in my mouth. 

As I continued to suck his cock Bruce started moving his hips and thrusting his cock up into my mouth. This was a forewarning that he was going to cum. 

I remembered someone telling me to let the cock go as deep as I could take It so the cum would hardly be tasted when let loose. That way any bad taste would be minimized. I’d told Bruce that I probably wouldn’t let him cum in my mouth the first time but hopefully would be able to do it later as I got better and more experience at sucking cock. But as Bruce continued to thrust his cock in my mouth, I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull off. 

Then Bruce moaned, "Oh shit, here it is…I'm cumming. I'm cumming," as jets of cum spurted into my mouth and down my throat. 

There were several large blasts followed by several smaller blasts. Not wanting to gag and choke, I swallowed as hard as I could. I kept swallowing until Bruce stopped thrusting and relaxed. 

His cock slowly softened and slipped from between my lips and out of my mouth.

Since after he’d cummed Bruce was no longer horny enough to do much more, once he cummed I'd just jack off In front of him. And that was something that I was embarrassed to do at first. But my embarrassment was totally unfounded because Bruce really liked seeing how horny I was to suck his dick and loved watching me play with myself afterwards; frequently commenting on the load I produced. 

Eventually Bruce and I got into a routine going where I'd keep his spent cock in my mouth while I jacked out my load. We still frequently keep that same routine. 

I’ve had a few other regular feeders over the years, none black and I still suck Bruce regularly. 

In fact, writing this has made me pretty horny. I’m going to call him and see if I can go over and suck out a load.

The end…



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