As I'm sure was the case with most everyone, the first time giving head I was very nervous but excited that it was finally going to happen.  I hadn't had any contact with a dick. Although I thought about it through nearly every masturbation fantasy. 

I was thirty five and my wife Barbara and I had been living here for seven or eight years. I had a friend, Bruce who was an ex-landlord and a native of the area. We’d been friends for as long as we lived here and the three of us spent a lot of time camping and fishing.

One day, while out fishing with him and Barbara, I learned that he was gay. I had no idea. No gaydar. It was presented to me by my forthcoming wife. We were gearing up at the back of the truck and she blurted out, "So Bruce, you like to take it up the ass, right?" 

I nearly shit myself at this comment but Bruce just smiled and said, "I like to give it up the ass too." 

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. 

So now there was this 'thing.' Me, Mr. Ultraconservative. In my upbringing, gay was bad, very bad. They got beat up and worse all the time. And then there was those crazy feelings I had constantly thinking about feeling a hard cock explode in my mouth. It's like god hated me or something. 

Anyway, fast forward. I held out doing anything for a couple years. I even stopped camping with Bruce due to homophobia. I was still having the same thoughts, just not acting on them.

I finally gave in to an invitation to Bruce’s cabin. I had kinda decided to see if he would be amiable to me sucking him off. I wasn't sure how to bring it up but he was an alcoholic and I was no stranger to the bottle so I assumed there would be some alcohol involved. 

As I was setting up the place for the weekend, Bruce was working on some outside damage, which was the main reason for the trip. I brought in and set up the VCR and TV. 

I noticed that there was a gay video in the VCR. Hmm, imagine that. 

I hadn't started drinking yet but went ahead and poured a stiff shot of Jack Daniels, did a couple bong hits and settled into my first gay porn. 

I was almost all the way through it when, during an anal DP scene, Bruce came back in. He acted like he was really happy that his lost porn turned up. He'd been looking for it for a month. 

So we get we headed to the red neck back woods bar back at the cross road. 

It was a long night of partying and we got hammered. Other than too many Jack and cokes, I won't go into the evening until we got home from the bar and Bruce sat in the kitchen in a chair and I sat on the sofa. 

I decided to go for it so I went to the kitchen and took Bruce’s hand and asked, “Will you come sit on the couch?”

He let me lead him into the living room and sat down on the couch. 

Bruce had a funny look on his face, when I got down on my knees between his legs.  Hands on his thighs, I spread them and rubbed his dick through his sweat pants. It was already semi-hard

It should have been obvious from my position, but looking down at me, Bruce still asked, “What are you looking for?”

Since that seemed to be the ice breaker, I said, “I want to suck your dick.” 

His answer was to put his hands on my shoulders and lift his butt enough for me to gently ease his his sweat pants down and off. 

My first dick was right there before me awaiting my attention. It was so close I could feel the heat and his sweaty crotch smell was intoxicating. I was nervous at the prospect of sucking my first cock. It was almost too much for me. I was still shaking from head to toe with the excitement of the entire situation.

He held it up to my face and touched my lips with its head. When I opened my mouth Bruce thrust toward and into my mouth.

It was soft at first but the heat and moisture of my mouth caused it to slowly swell and fill my mouth.

Because I’d been on the receiving end before, I tried hard not to drag my teeth on the sensitive skin.

Taking a tip from my latest exchange with Barbara, I took my mouth off and sent a testing tongue up length of his shaft. I licked the velvety head with vigor and then dove in. 

I took Bruce in my mouth and started slowly bobbing my head. He seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. 

I tightened my lips and continued to bob. After about three or four minutes of bobbing I felt Bruce’s cock get even stiffer and knew he was about to cum. I readied my mouth and throat for his onslaught as best I could and braced for the rushing goo. When it arrived it spewed across my tongue and slammed into the back of my throat. I couldn’t believe how forceful it was. 

The acrid peppery taste kind of burned my tongue as I swallowed. After swallowing what I could, I licked the rest of the tip and my hands.

While I was catching my breath Bruce asked, “Can I fuck your ass?”  

Then without any other warning, Bruce flipped me over and started massaging my butt cheeks. He grabbed some lube and started fingering my tight hole, telling me how good it would feel to have his cock deep inside of me. He propped me up with my ass in the air.

As much as I protested at first, deep down I was a very nasty, dirty slut and wanted Bruce’s cock in my tight ass. I have to admit that my legs were shaking from nervousness. For one thing, I was afraid it would hurt too much, but I was also worried that I wouldn't be able to take it at all.  When I felt him grip his hand on my hips, I took a deep breath and braced myself for what I knew was coming next.   

I must admit that I chickened out a little and turned around to give him head to buy me some more time. After a few minutes, he flipped me back over again and told, “Its time.”    

Bruce wanted me to know that he was in control and to remind me that my hole belonged to him. He grabbed my hair and pulled it so hard that I almost screamed. Then he made me beg for it. By the time he was through with me, I was begging him to put his cock up my ass. I couldn't believe that I was even saying it, much less that I really wanted it.    

He didn’t hesitate for a moment. After coating his mushroom head with lube, Bruce used one hand to spread my butt cheeks and one hand to guide his cock into my ass. The first motion pierced my sphincter and put the tip of the head in, it hurt so badly that I was gritting my teeth and had my fists clench in the sheets in pain.   

He knew just what to say to put me at ease. "That's it, you’re so hot and I want your ass badly."  

Once he eased the head past the sphincter of my tight asshole, Bruce gave a hard push and drove it in all the way to his balls. It hurt so badly that I thought he was going to split me in half.   

He moved very gently at first but then I started to get really fired up. Before I knew it, I was yelling, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass!"     

Bruce was shouting in return, calling me his slut, his whore, his “dick-loving, take-it-up-your-ass bitch.”    

After about ten minutes, Bruce was really fucking me hard. I mean, seriously pounding my ass. Finally, I put my face in the pillow and put both of my hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Bruce was big and I wanted to open myself up as much as possible to him. I wanted him to own my ass. I begged him to cum deep inside of me. He tortured me for a while by making me beg again and again for it. 

Finally, I got what I really needed. Bruce’s balls exploded and he cummed deep inside of my ass. I loved it. I truly loved every bit of it.  

That was the beginning of a long association that lasted almost fifteen years. I must have drank gallons of Bruce’s cum over the years. Funny thing was even though Barbara knew Bruce was gay she never guess what we were up to on our hunting and fishing trips.

The end…



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