100% REAL!

JT Thompkins is my brothers best friend. He comes over to our house and spends the night quite frequently. 

My name is Thurman. I am 16 and gay. I'm 5'4 and 136 lbs. JT has turned me on since the 5th grade when him and my brother became friends. 

This is the story of an eventful day. 

It was a Friday. I had been at school all day and I couldn't wait to go to my old schools homecoming game. JT and my brother, RL, were going to my new schools homecoming game. 

School let out and I ran for my brothers truck. The game was at 7:30 as well as the game my brother was going to. 

I got home around 3 and decided to eat dinner. I made a hamburger and French fries.  

It felt like hours until 7:00 rolled around. My mom and dad took me to the game. 

The game ended around 10:30. I got home and it wasn't long until RL and JT drove into the driveway.

RL and JT had to sleep in my room since I had bunk beds and JT didn't want to sleep on the floor or in the bed with my brother.  

I crawled into my brothers bed only to fall asleep instantly. 

~~~~~~THE NEXT MORNING~~~~~~

My family was going to a football game up north but I didn't want to go. I told them I wasn't feeling well when I woke up. 

I heard RL and JT waking in my room. I heard the shower turn on. RL must have gotten in. JT walked into my parents room holding his stomach. 

A few minutes later my mother walked into my room. 

'JT must have what you have.' she said. 

'Huh? What are you talking about?'

'He said he just threw up.'

'Oh. So he's still going to the game right?'

'He said he would go but I don't want to drag him up there feeling like crap.'

'He can stay here,' I said ', I'll take care of him.'

'I don't want to put that on you.'

'It's all right.' I said.

My mother agreed on the terms that I give him nothing to eat and only Gatorade to drink and that he stay in bed all day. 

My family left around 9:00 and it was just me and JT. Alone. Until 11:00 tonight. What would this day bring?

I walked into my bedroom where JT was sleeping. He was shirtless on my bed asleep. I wanted to touch him but I was not sure if he would be weirded out so I just stared. 

I walked out and went to the living room and watched a few shows and called my friend. When I hung up I heard noise in the back and guessed it was JT waking up. 

I walked in and found him awake but barely alive. 

'You want some food or something?' I asked. 

'Sure I guess. Soup?'


I went to the kitchen and found some chicken noodle soup. I heated it on the stove and put it in a bowl. I also grabbed some medicine to make him feel better. 

I went to JT and sat on the edge of the bed and held the soup. I fed him the soup while we talked. 

'So you got a girlfriend?' I asked. 

'Nope not at the moment. What about you?' he asked. 

'No. Not exactly good with the ladies.' I added. 

'Oh well I'm sure someone will come along.' he said. 

'Yeah. Here drink this it will make you feel better but also a little crazy.'

He drank the medicine and made a gagging sound  By then he was done with the soup and almost back asleep. I got up and pulled the covers to his chin and let him sleep. 

I went and did the dishes and again watched a few shows. A few hours later I was shocked. 

'Hey there hot stuff.'

I didn't hear him rouse but apparently JT had awakened and was standing behind me. Completely naked might I add. 

I turned and said 'Well good morning sunshine.' 

He walked over and sat really close to me, almost sitting on my lap. His cock was still soft but very big. It looked to be about 8 inches. 

'You like what you see?' he asked. 

I nodded. 

'You want it?' he asked. 

'So much!' 

He took my chin and pulled my lips to his. His lips were soft and smooth. I took in his smell. He smelled of cigarette smoke but it smelled good. 

He broke off the kiss and pulled my shirt off. He played with my chest and kissed my pecs. I felt his abs and his chest. By now his dick was standing full erect. 

He stood in front of me with his cock only inches from my mouth. I gave it a kiss and began to suck it. I heard him moan a little and so I played with his balls. 

I sucked his balls which made him moan even louder.  I put my hands on his voluptuous ass. It was soft and warm but it felt so good. 

He pulled me away from his crotch and made me stand up. He kissed me again but this time he made me swallow his tongue. He was massaging my tongue with his which felt so right. I sat back down and he knelt in front of me. 

He unzipped my pants and slowly pulled them down. Once they were all the way off I was completely naked. He began to suck me off. I loved seeing his face and mouth. The way his mouth wrapped around my cock got me turned on. 

When he was done I offered my ass but he said no. 

'Why don't you want to fuck me?' I asked. 

'It's not that I don't want to it's that I want it to be special and not the heat of the moment 

while I'm high off of medicine.' he said. 

'Oh well good. I need a nap anyways.' I said. 

'Me too.'

We walked back to my room and crawled into the big bed. We laid there. My head on his chest. At one time we were rubbing each other. 

'I have a question, JT.' I said. 

'Shoot!' he said. 

'Why did you really stay behind from the game?'

'The truth is I've always liked you so I faked being sick to have the whole day to spend with you. ' he said. 

I said that's the exact same reason why I stayed back. 

'Well then I'm glad I stayed back!' he said. 

I remember him falling asleep without another word. I remember the slight snoring noise he made. It was all so cute. I fell asleep very happy that I got my man. 


I was awakened by JT who was gently shaking me. He said something about being hungry but needed to take a shower first.  I think he asked if I wanted to join so I said okay. 

We walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. While we waited I gave him little tongue massages and rubbed his butt. 

We got in the shower and I was still touching him. I stopped long enough for him to say,

'Will you wash me please?' he asked. 

I picked up the shampoo and rubbed all over his head. I helped him wash that out. He did the same for me but he went slower and smoother. I washed the shampoo out and grabbed the soap. I rubbed the soap all over his body. Over his pecs and abs. Eventually getting down to his dick which was half hard. 

He washed off while I played with his balls. When my mouth was just inches away, so close I could smell him, he spoke. 

'No not now. Wait.' he said. 

He turned of the water and climbed out of the shower. I got out after him and grabbed his butt. I know he wants to wait for later. He gave me a wink. 

I dried him off and he dried me off. We went to the kitchen and I fixed us both sandwiches. We sat at the table and ate. We talked of how his first time gay sex was and how mine was. (Long stories for another time.)

We went back to the living room and he laid on the couch. I laid on the other couch. I saw him get a little uncomfortable and he turned to lay on his stomach. I noticed he kept flipping around on the couch till he finally got up and asked a question. 

'Thurman. Do you have any...videos?'

'As in porn?'

'Yeah but not straight porn.'

'Oh no I don't have any gay porn but I do know some sites.'


I went and grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch next to leaned over with the laptop on the coffee table. I saw him glance at my ass but pretend not to notice. 

I went to my most reliable site and let him pick the video. He chose one with two twinks fucking each other. I played it and leaned back, cock in hand.  

When the video came on one guy was fucking the other but then he went faster and faster and eventually stopped. I know he climaxed and cummed in the others ass. 

That's when JT started to get real horny. He chose another video that was pretty much the same except this guy was fucking another guy and he took his dick out and cummed in the guys mouth instead and he swallowed it. 

That's when JT went off. His cum getting all over me and him. I licked it off of him and he kissed me. I gave him some of his cum. I felt his tongue slowly make it's way down my throat and it felt so right. 

I broke off the kiss because he tensed up and his tongue went back into his mouth. 

'What's wrong?' I asked. 

'I don't know, I think it's time.' he said. 

'Your ready to have sex?' I asked. 


We ran to my parents room and he threw me on the bed. He jumped on top of me and kissed me forcefully. My hands felt his muscled body and eventually his asshole. 

My fingers worked the rim of his asshole and I stuck my index finger in first. I worked it in and out slowly. I stuck my middle finger in there with my index finger and I heard JT give a slight moan. I then added my ring finger which really made him moan. 

JT got up and leaned over my dick and started jacking me off. When I got hard he took my dick in his mouth only to send it all the way down his throat. 

When I said I was about to cum he didn't stop. About twenty seconds later my cock exploded sending a huge load in his mouth. And he swallowed it all. 

I thought it was my turn to suck him off but instead I saw him straddling my dick. That's when I noticed he wanted me to fuck him first but before I could object he had already sat down. 

He was warm. It felt weird but good at the same time because his ass was so tight. I had never been a top but always a bottom. 

He started bouncing and moaning. His dick flopping on my stomach. I grabbed his stomach and pecs. He leaned forward and kissed me. But when he sat back up his asshole did this weird thing that made my dick immediately go off inside of him without warning. 

My cum coated the inside of him and he moaned with so much pleasure I thought the neighbors might hear. He got off my dick and his hole was seaping with my cum. 

'It's your turn!' he said. 

He laid on his back with dick in hand. I got him started by jerking him off. When he was hard I teased him by licking his dick with the tip of my tongue.

I put his head in my mouth and slowly worked my way down to his shaved skin. He liked that because his dick convulsed. 

I kept going up and down till his dick did it again this time more powerfully but he couldnt stop it. His load spread throughout my entire mouth. It tasted salty and it was warm. 

I got up and he did the same. He made lay on my back with my legs in the air. I felt his hard dick press against my hole and then pain set in. His dick had entered. Then the pain subsided and it was all pleasure. 

He fucked me hard and kept going even though I cummed when his dick hit my prostate. With cum on his chest he looked sexy. 

I tried to do the same thing his hole did but I just couldn't replicate it. But then I leaned down and licked my cum up and kissed him. When I lean back up I saw his face and I felt his cum. 

It covered my insides and when I stood up it dripped out of my ass. He sat up and licked the remainder from my ass sucking some from my insides. 

I looked at the clock and it was ten thirty already. I freaked and I got JT up and we went and took another shower. He put on his shorts and I got dressed. Not log after my family was pulling up. 

'Hey how was your day?' my mom asked. 

'Great!' I replied. 

Next weekend I'm sleeping over at JT's house while his mom and sister are away on a girls vacation and my family will be in Gatlinburg. I hope his dick can take it. 





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