The names in this story are fictional. The story & its characters though are real

I met Dane while on a student exchange program in Florida back in 09. We first met at a welcome party we normally host for new recruits. We didn't pay much attention to each other then, but as time went by, we started hanging out and party together. Dane and I never missed an opportunity to do things together: shopping, visiting themed attractions, going to the movies, pizza by the pool, just stuff friends would do to get to know each other better. The more we got to know about each other, the closer we grew until we eventually became best friends.

When at work, we made sure we spent time with each other. Dane never had his work breaks the same time I had mine so he tended to swop out his breaks with his colleagues so he could have his break when I was on mine. We talked about a lot of stuff: life, our families, work, things that others say/do to! Dane had this thing that he joked around about us fucking and having fun, but at times I never took it seriously.

I eventually graduated from our exchange program, leaving Dane behind and returning home to the motherland Namibia. Dane and I kept in touch but he was always out and about and never really replied to my Facebook wall posts on time. He returned home to South Africa after leaving the exchange program and we kept in touch a lot more often. When I was at work and got on Facebook and he was online, we would catch each other and chat time away. At times our chats would turn sexual, with us teasing each other about what we would do to each other when we saw each other again. We invited each other on mxit to stay in touch a lot more. One night while I was at home chilling with a girlfriend, Dane contacted me on mxit. He told me that he was horny and wanted me to call him cause he wanted me to fuck him. That's when I realised that he was real serious about us getting together sexually

Since then I always had these sexual fantasies. I would always fantasize about me fucking Dane hard as he always wanted, with me masturbating to the fantasies. He never actually shared his fantasies with me, nor did I with him, only that we always talked about what we would do to each other when we met again. I planned a trip to visit him in June of 2010. I stayed at his & his parents for 2 weeks. Dane and I partied and hung out a lot during that time. He had a girlfriend then, and mind you, I always thought that he was different, that he was bisexual. He always fought that off with anyone who asked him if he was bi. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a bisexual and I know he is although he tends to fight it off.

One night Dane and I planned a boys night out. His girlfriend Lisa wouldve joined us but she ended up not coming. We slept the afternoon and got up 8pm, had dinner, took separate showers, put up some loud music while getting ready for the night. Dane smoked, so we sat on the patio and talked more. He told me that he was glad that Lisa wasn't gonna join us cause he wanted to spend more time with his best! So we went out and had fun. We got real drunk and I decided it was time for us to head home. When we got home we made us a late night snack cause with all the booze we had, we both got a little dried out & hungry. Dane started doing sexual advances. We got to his room and made out. We got into our separate beds and talked. I was so drunk & tired that I literally passed out. 5 minutes into my sleep, I dreamt about Dane & I getting it off. He came over to my bed, felt my hard dick through my blanket and went back to his bed. I couldve sworn that it was real. When we woke up the next morning to coffee on the patio, asked him whether we felt each other hard when we went to bed. He didn't say it didn't happen, nor did he say it did. He just remarked: ' and your point is?' 3 days after I left for home. Dane and I shared an intimate moment the night I left. We opened up our brotherly feelings to each other and ensured we understood our feelings for each other. That's when we adopted each other as BF's...for life! To this day, Dane and I never had a sensually sexual encounter, but with the feelings we have for each other, the next time we meet again, I'm sure something will go down. And who knows, maybe then I will give him the hard fucking he always wanted me to give him.

...To be continued...



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