I have always been nervous of thunderstorms. If one came at night I would creep into my older brother's bedroom and climb into his bed and wrap my arms and legs around him, he would wrap his arms around me and hold me tight, laughing each time I shuddered with fear. Josh my brother played football for his high school; he was 2 yrs older than I am. He has a swimmers body.

I had just turned 18; I was growing out of fearing thunderstorms. I still like to have an excuse to lay with my brother Josh. One night there was the mother of all storms; the heavens threw everything at us. Our parents were away on vacation; just josh and me were in the house alone. It was a hot night ideal condition to form a violent electrical storm.

I lay on my bed naked sweating unable to sleep because of the heat. In the distance I could hear the rumblings of an approaching storm. As it got closer the flashing and rumbling intensified. The rain started to hit my open window. The wind picked up and started to blow the rain through the window. I jumped up and closed the window. I could see and hear the rain lashing at the window.

The house was shaking as the storm got closer. Suddenly there was a mighty flash and loud bang. I was shit scared, like I had been when I was younger. I sprang out of bed and headed for josh's bedroom, which was at the back of the house. When I pushed open his door, it was like a light flashing on and off, I could make out Josh lying there naked on the bed.

I was trembling as I snuggled up to him throwing my arms around his neck. "I was expecting you," he said as he turned towards me and wrapped his arms around me. We were both sweating the heat was overwhelming. The storm continued to intensify. My heart was beating faster. Josh was trying to calm me by stroking my back and running his hands through my hair. It had an intense inner effect on me; I was still trembling but not from the storm.

I ran my hand down his sweaty muscular back. My cock was getting hard. Josh held me tighter. He gave out a gentle sigh. He kissed me on my forehead. And ran his hand over my butt, making me shudder with delight. I have never experienced a feeling like it before. The storm raged on, lighting the room up and our naked bodies. I moved my hands over josh's butt he made no attempt to stop me or push me away. I could feel his hard cock trapped between our bodies. It was too much of a temptation to ignore. I brushed my hand over his hard cock; again he did nothing to stop me.

I took hold of his cock in my hand gently stroking and squeezing it. After a short time he groaned, shuddered and exhaled as he shot his cum juice onto my belly and hand. My cock was aching it was so hard. Josh lay there with his head on the pillow eyes closed with a satisfied look on his face. My hands were sticky with his juice. I could not resist the urge to taste him. I raised my hand and licked his juice.

Josh looked at me with half open eyes. "Man your eating me." I thought he would turn angry at seeing me doing that. No he didn't. He was still looking at me with half open eyes when he said, "do I taste good?" "Hell yeah delicious," I said. "Good," he said. I felt his hand on my cock. "Now I'll do you the favor," he said. He gripped my cock firm with his hand. As soon as he did I shot my load onto his belly. Just feeling his hand on my cock made me squirt. He licked his fingers "Mmmmm you taste good too," he said with half open sleepy eyes. I just lay there feeling out of this world. The storm was blowing over, just rumblings in the distance. I can't remember that much about the storm.

When we awoke in the morning the sun was shining through the window and it was somewhat cooler. My brother was half-awake he did a full body stretch then wrapped his arms around me pulling me in close to him. He ran his leg between my legs. All this action was having an effect on me, making my cock get hard.

He looked into my eyes with his sleepy eyes. "Is that having an effect on you? He asked. Before I could answer I felt his hand on my cock. He looked at me and grinned. "You want breakfast" he asked. Breakfast was the last thing on my mind. The aroma and feel of his warm body rubbing against me was overwhelming. "WELL!" He asked. I was a little confused. Was he just teasing me? He must have noticed the confused look on my face.

He turned and lay on his back. I thought fuck I feel horny I don't want breakfast. "You want a warm milkshake for breakfast? He asked as he looked down to his hard cock. I looked down his body and could see his rock hard cock sticking up. "I know you like the flavor," he said grinning.

I lay on the right side of him on my belly facing down to his cock. He lay with his legs apart and his left hand behind his head looking down at me. Josh ran his right hand over my back down to my butt, squeezing each cheek in turn then lazily stroked my back making my body contort and shudder.

I pulled the foreskin down exposing the glans of his cock, a thread of precum spilled out of his pee slit down the side of his hard shaft. I licked along the shaft taking the precum on my tongue. A taste of what was to come. I could see more of it glistening in his slit. I licked the precum out the slit with my coarse tongue, making him inhale deeply and his legs shudder. "Careful there man, I'm so sensitive" he said. I looked up at him and smiled.

I stretched my mouth over the head of his cock taking more and more of his cock in my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock pressing on the back of my throat. I inhaled and deep throated his cock making me gag and spit up saliva. I drew back took another deep intake of air and deep throated again. Slowly letting my throat adjust to the width of his cock. I moved my mouth up and down the shaft, taking it deeper until I had it all the way down my throat to the hilt, kissing his pubic hairs.

"Man that feels great, no girl has taken it that deep," he said. What he said pleased me and made my body shudder. I felt his hand on the back of my head. "Time to fuck your face and feed you breakfast boy," he said. I looked up at him. I could see the whites of his eyes as he looked down at me and grinned. "Awwww I like when you look at me with those puppy eyes," he said.

He grabbed my hair and forced my head down on his cock lifting my head each time by pulling on my hair. He thrust with his hips forcing his cock deep down my throat as he pressed my head down with his hand. I was gagging and spitting saliva. I herd him say "I'm gonna squirt Aahhhhhhhh!" The sudden burst of cum juice down my throat made me pull away. It spilled out my mouth and nostrils onto his pubic hairs, I swallowed as much as I could before he squirted some more in my mouth. I had a delicious taste of his thick salty sperm juice in my mouth.

He watched as his cock continued to squirt more into my face and into my mouth. My brother sure did taste good. He lay there gaining control of his breathing. Then he looked down at me and grinned. I licked the pearly white beads of cum off his cock and licked the matted cum off his pubic hairs.

We lay there for awhile then he said. "I need my breakfast now." He flipped me over onto my back took my balls in his hand and squeezed them "yeah that in there will do," he said. My cock was oozing precum. He knelt down on his knees and told me to stand in front of him. He stook his tongue out and held my cock with his hand, catching my precum on his tongue. "Mmmmm real tasty, Ok brother feed me." He slowly stroked and squeezed my cock. Just feeling his hand on my cock made me shoot my load. I was moaning out loud. He held my cock firmly and prevented me from pulling away. He directed each squirt into his mouth I could see his Adam apple moving up and down as he swallowed each squirt.

He ran his tongue over his lips making sure he wasted none. Holding my cock in his hands he licked the pee slit of my cock clean with his coarse tongue, making me writhe uncontrollably. When he eventually released my cock I went and laid on his bed, he joined me and wrapped his arms around me. "That was fun," he said.

Later that day my brother had a call on his cell phone. I heard him saying our parents were on vacation and we had the house to ourselves, then I heard him say, "yeah you can stay over no prob." "Pete and Alex are coming over and staying the night, you like Pete don't you" he said grinning. Fuck I've had a crush on Pete for sometime. Double helpings for breakfast!!! I love my brother.



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