My name is Mat, my mother had passed away early on in life, leaving me and my brother with my father to take care of us.

Ok so this all started when I turned eighteen

So one day I came home from school, decided to go to sleep. Just after drifting off, I heard my door open. It was my brother, probably coming to ask me for help with his homework again.

'Nick, what do you want?' I asked annoyingly.

'Nothin bro, just wantin to wish ya a happy birthday.' He said with a grin on his face.

'Oh, Thanks. Is this how you felt when you turned eighteen, just like any other day?'

'Yeah, pretty much, but we are going to do something special for yours, did dad say when he was coming home?'

'Yeah he did, hes gonna get home at 9 tonite, working late. Why do you ask?'

'Sweet, we got 4 hours to have some fun.'

Without another word, he ran out of my room, down the stairs, riffling through his closet. Yelling in joy when he found something, then came running up the stairs with some pictures in his hand. Closing my door and locking it behind him, he pulled his shirt off, revealing his nicely toned eighteen year old body.

'Ummm Nick what did you have planned?'

'Dude, just chill, check these pics out.'

Handing me the pictures, I wasn't sure what I was in for.

'Dude, there are naked chicks on here.' I said childishly.

'Well duh, I wasn't going to show you naked guys.'

'What am I gonna do with these?'

'Imma teach you how to do what the average eighteen year old does'

'umm ok?'

Taking one of the pictures back, he reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. Watching what he was doing, I was in shock. I had never seen another man's dick before this. I was in awe, it was huge, well compared to mine atleast. He then told me to do as he did. So reaching into my pants, I pulled out my dick and sat there looking confused.

'Mat, its called jerking off, all guys do it, it feels good.' He said

'Ok, what do I do?'

'Just slide your hand up and down on your dick, like this,' he said coming over to me and demonstrating on my dick.

'Oh that feels good Nick, let me try, I think I can take it from here.'

He then slipped his pants and underwear off, I did the same. He then handed me one of the pictures. He told me that looking at a naked chick was the easiest way to achieve an orgasm. Again something I had no clue about. So stroking my little dick, and looking at the picture, I was so confused as to what I was doing, and why I was doing it. After about 5 minutes, my brother was grunting and making noises, looking up to see what was wrong I saw a thick stream of white stuff coming out of his cock.

'Dude, what was that?' I said.

'What, you never heard of sperm or semen in school?' he said laughing.

'Well no, Dad kept me home when we were supposed to learn that, he said he'd teach me all about that stuff when I was ready.'

'Well lil bro, you are ready, that white stuff is what you call sperm, or what guys call cum.'

For the next hour, I sat there pantsless, learning all that a boy needs to learn about sex, and all of that stuff. After done explaining everything, he reached over and grabbed my dick again, and started playing with it again. Immediately it shot up like a soldier standing at attention. Within a minute he had gotten me to shoot my first load ever.

'Oh man, Nick that felt so good, lets do it again!'

'Woah little man, you cant just keep doing it like that, you need to wait, let the cum regenerate.'

'Ok ' I said sadly.

Nick then left my room and went back down stairs. I was so fascinated by this newfound pleasure, that I kept my dick hard for a half hour. Nick then came back.

'Dude, your still hard.'

'Yeah, I love this feeling, it make me feel all tingly,' I giggled.

'Well good, we are going to try something else, you up to it,'

'Umm.. DUH! I will do anything to get that feeling again.'

'Oh boy, another guy in the family that's obsessed with masturbation Ok, so you are going to have to lay down on your back, and I'm gonna have to get out of these clothes.'

He played with his dick until it was hard again, and then knelt next to my dick and took it in his mouth.

'Dude! What are you doing! Oh man that feels sooo GOOD! Are you supposed to do that?' I asked

'Mat, shut up, were not supposed to do any of this,' he said swinging his hips over my body, placing his fat cock of my face. 'Put it in your mouth, and start sucking on it,' he ordered.

I obliged, 'Yuck, this tastes weird, do I have to,' I said spitting it out.

'Yes, I had to do it when I was eighteen, so do you '

'Who did you..'

'Never mind that now, suck my dick Mat.'

Trying to ignore the taste, I took his fat cock back in my mouth. Noticing the rhythm that Nick had on my dick, I made my own up. I heard faint moans come from his throat. I must have been doing something right. Swirling my tongue around the head of his cock and tonguing his piss slit is when I had my first taste of cum. Without warning he let out a yell and his cock pulsated and then my mouth was filled with his white man juice. Looking for help, he told me to swallow.

Swallowing the white juice I said, 'Dude, you didn't warn me, what is the matter with you .and why does it taste so good?'

'I had no time to warn you, whatever you were doing just made it happen. Get your dick back over here, I haven't gotten to taste your juices yet.'

Again obliging, I lay down on my bed, allowing him to make love to my dick with his mouth. I asked him if he could let me play with his cock again while he finished. He then swung back over me to where we had been at. Working on my cock with his mouth, and playing with my balls in the other, is when I got the idea of sticking my finger up his ass. Licking my index finger, I slowly started to wedge it in his tight hole.

'Dude, that feels so good,' he said.

Pushing my finger in further he moaned again. Maybe it was the vibration from the moan, maybe the smell of his cock in my face, or maybe it was the fact I was playing with the inside of his ass with my finger, but without warning, my dick exploded all over the back of his throat. I started yelling in excitement.

'Nick, we have to do this more often.'

'Yes lil bro, we do.'

Laying there, together in bed, fell asleep. Waking to the sound of a key in the lock. Oh shit Nick said, jumping up. Just then our father walked in.

Seeing that we were both naked, he smiled and said, 'Thanks Nick, did you show him everything I showed you on your eighteenth birthday?'

Shocked to our father's reaction to what he found, 'Yes Dad, I just figured he was old enough to experience what I did..'

'Good,' he said. 'I was thinking about it, but I wasn't feelin up to it tonite, thanks again Nick.'

Looking at Nick afterwards, I finally knew who taught him, our father. Would I get to see him next?




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