Steve is a married colleague of mine who took part in the orgy detailed in my story "Business Frenzy" because he liked man-on-man sex when the opportunity arose. We were having an after-work drink one evening when he told me his first experience with gay sex. I told him I could write it down and submit it and he got very excited. In fact, he damn near dictated the following story to me. So the narrator is not me, it's Steve:

Before I married Jane, she lived with her brother, Bruce, who had just been honorably discharged from the Navy, after serving overseas in Japan, and who had no other place to stay. He was twenty-two, tall, dark, handsome, and, I discovered, gay. He came on to me several times, when I found myself alone with him. I rebuffed him gently, not wanting to hurt his feelings, or cause trouble, and, I'll confess, flattered by his interest and somewhat turned on by it. Jane made me promise we'd let him live with us after we married so she wouldn't have to worry about him. My promise was made reluctantly, not because he was gay, but because his presence had already started me wondering what it might be like to be receptive to his advances.

After I married Jane, the three of us lived together in a two-bedroom, one-bath, apartment. Right away I discovered a disturbing habit Bruce had. When he showered, he left the bathroom door ajar. Jane said he did it because he didn't like steam clouding the mirrors, and anyhow, she said, it didn't matter because he slipped the short-length Japanese housecoat he wore as a bathrobe over the edge of the door, effectively blocking the view. That wasn't true because the robe was so short it blocked little, and because the door was always pushed open wider by his cat, which followed him everywhere.

Since he showered in the morning and in the evening, it seemed like I was always passing by trying to avoid looking in at him. Jane had put up a clear vinyl shower curtain, because "the room didn't have enough light." The tub was right next to the opened door, so it was impossible not to see him standing there naked if I happened to glance in. When I mentioned it to Jane, in such a way that she would think I was embarrassed for her sake, she just laughed and said she had seen Bruce naked so often since childhood that it meant nothing to her and not to worry.

One evening, I glanced in and saw Bruce standing out of the water-spray at the end of the tub nearest the door. It looked like he was lathering up, but I noticed his attention was directed to his crotch. His back was turned but I could see he was working on an erection, in the initial stages of jacking off. It took my breath away to see him handling his meat, enjoying himself just as I had enjoyed myself so often before I got married. I was fascinated, but forced myself to walk away almost immediately. I had seen, though, that Bruce was very well hung. I found myself thinking about that big cock.

One morning, about a week later, Jane was in a foul mood and Bruce came into the kitchen after showering wearing only that nearly immodest short robe and said to her, "I see you've got the rag on." That's how openly they'd talk to one another. Jane got angry and stormed off to work. Bruce winked at me and asked, "Gettin' any?" I blushed and took a sip of my orange juice. I knew he knew I wasn't "getting any," but he couldn't have realized how horny I was that morning. I had managed to sneak a glance into the bathroom and saw him, facing me, his head held back under the water-spray, rinsing shampoo out of his hair with his eyes closed. His gleaming, muscular body looked terrific. His patch of shiny wet pubic hair seemed to highlight his big balls and long, semi-inflated cock. I had been unable to look away for a moment, though I doubted he noticed.

He pulled a chair well away from the table, turned it to face me, and sat down next to me with a glass of orange juice in his hand. He spread his knees wide, like most men do naturally, but because the robe was so short, the movement caused it to open all the way to his navel. Getting comfortable, he raised his hips and shifted forward, which bounced his big cock on the seat. I stared in fascination, a wave of lust surging into my groin, feeling my cock begin to harden beneath the folds of my own bathrobe.

"You're exposed," I pointed out, to which he replied in a causal tone, "You've seen it before." He slipped a hand down into his crotch and scratched, flopping his long dick around. I stared. His scrotal sac seemed much larger than most. He cupped it, hefted his balls, and then withdrew the hand sensually. His cock was growing larger.

"No, I haven't," I denied with a dry mouth.

"Sure you have," he said with a smirk, and, leaning back, filling his lungs with air to expand his powerful chest, he pulled apart the top of the robe, too, exposing his entire physique, leaving only the belt-tie around his waist as any frontal covering at all. He might as well have been nude, although the belt-tie added a certain erotic tone to the vision of him. I drew in my breath, surprised by his boldness. "Gettin' warm in here, now, ain't it?" he asked. I admired his remarkable body, and was dazzled by the growing erection. The very big erection!

"You really should cover yourself," I said in a harsh whisper.

"Why?" he countered immediately, a leer on his handsome face, "Yours isn't covered!"

I was startled. I looked down to see the head of my hard dick and a few inches of shaft poking up through an opening in my bathrobe, betraying my attempt to seem disinterested. Before I could react, Bruce stood up, between my knees, so close I felt the heat of his genitals on my face. I stared silently as he wrapped a hand around his large organ and began a slow masturbation.

"Look at it, up close," he whispered. "I know you've been looking at it in the shower."

"No, I haven't," I repeated lamely. But I couldn't look away.

"It's Okay," he whispered in a sexy tone, "I want you to look at it. I like it when you look at it. I want you to like looking at it." His cock had become completely engorged, an impressive, massive piece of masculine meat. "I want you to like looking at it like it is right now. Isn't this the way you want it to look?" He jacked it very slowly, lewdly, then asked, "Do you only want to look?"

He pushed the thick shaft down so the fat cockhead was pointed at my face, inches from my mouth. I couldn't respond. I was mesmerized by the raw beauty of the cock. I saw a sparkle of clear liquid form in the moist slit at the tip. He leaned in slightly, waving the heavy erection slowly, hypnotically, back and forth, as it neared my lips. I couldn't move.

"Haven't you ever wanted..." he paused as his fiery, hot cockhead lightly brushed my lips, leaving a trail of sticky fluid, " touch it?" he whispered. The cockhead brushed against my lips again, with slightly more pressure. "To feel it on your thick lips?" he whispered. Again, he brushed my lips with the hot, fat cockhead, this time with enough pressure to cause my lips to part slightly. "To..." he paused. He stopped waving the cock. He pressed it straight in against my lips. "To..." he repeated suggestively in a husky whisper, slowly increasing the pressure, shifting his hips forward, as he leaned into me.

"Ooooh!" I moaned quietly, forming my lips around the meaty flesh. He eased it forward very slowly, pushing open my lips. The smooth, hot crown of his cock, pushing past my parted teeth, causing my mouth to open wider and wider, felt amazing. It was like nothing else I had ever experienced. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. It was velvety smooth, hot and very hard but yet pliant and spongy as I applied pressure against it with my tongue, tasting it. As the organ slowly pushed its way into my mouth, I thought, So this is what a cock feels like, and tastes like. This isn't so bad. It tastes good and feels so nice, so hot, and so sexy. It's so exciting I'll cream myself if I'm not careful. I stared at the wide shaft, at his muscular hand, at the fluffy cockhair and at his big balls, as everything inched slowly forward.

"To... suck it," he whispered from above, finally using the word we both knew was coming.

I sucked. The entire cockhead popped into my mouth, filling it. The pressure it exerted against the roof of my mouth was stunning, exploding nerve-ends I never realized I had, delighting my senses, and stimulating my tongue to go crazy. Bruce hissed with pleasure, holding the back of my head with both hands, which felt great, somehow comforting me and guiding me at the same time. Everything combined to stimulate me with erotic feelings and I found myself sucking his cock for all I was worth. I consciously realized that I wanted him to enjoy my sucking and I wanted him to be brought to climax in my mouth, a thought that overwhelmed me. What will it taste like? I asked myself, and will I like it?

"Yes," he hissed with pleasure as if able to read my mind, "suck my cock!" He applied more pressure on the back of my head and pushed the big cock to the back of my throat. He lowered himself by bending his knees, causing my head to bend downward, closer to his muscular abs, over his cock, which straightened upright. As a man, I realized he had shifted his erection into the best position for an orgasm. I sucked even more excitedly at the thought of him preparing to climax. I watched his balls slowly tighten up against the base of his cock. He humped back, tugging the cock. Fearing he might want to withdraw before rewarding me with his nectar, I reached one hand around, slid it under the short housecoat and grabbed a cheek of his firm ass, pulling him into me.

He humped cock into me, pushing so hard against my throat I started to choke. Immediately, he tugged back and ended my discomfort. "Suck it," he instructed, softly, "but don't rush it. You're doin' just great, man. I'm gonna shoot my load in a moment. Can you handle it?"

My response was to hold his ass tighter, press my forehead against his belly, suck madly, and reach my other hand up to fondle his balls, knowing how I like mine fondled.

"That does it!" he exclaimed in a husky voice. "Here..." he said loudly. He shuddered and stiffened. His ass muscles felt like rock in one hand, his balls seemed to vibrate in the other, and his cock got steely hard in my mouth. Suddenly, he shot off, filling my mouth with hot, creamy, thick liquid. Another jolt ripped through him and my mouth was overfilled with his juice. "Swallow it!" he demanded between clenched teeth. I did and immediately he filled my mouth again. I swallowed, and again and again and again my mouth was filled with his overflowing juices. It was an incredible experience. He stayed in my mouth, holding my head against himself, for a long time.

Finally, he straightened up, tugged his spent cock out of me, and collapsed back onto the chair, his legs splayed wide. "Now THAT'S what I call a blowjob!" he announced excitedly. I felt myself blush. "No prior experience, I'll bet, but you're heart was in it, I could tell," he added with a grin. I enjoyed his flattery. "It was the first time you sucked cock, wasn't it?" he wanted to know. I nodded my head, feeling embarrassed. "It was terrific!" he confirmed, rubbing a big fist through his crotch, palming his balls and cock with satisfaction, and looking very well pleased with himself.

For a second I felt I should want to dislike him, but then I realized that I had nothing to be annoyed about. I had enjoyed myself completely. In fact, I had really liked sucking his cock, really liked feeling his cum blast into my mouth, and really liked swallowing the thick delicious syrup. Everything about it had been extremely pleasurable, remarkably satisfying and amazingly sexual.  I glanced down at my own cock, and its head, dripping pre-cum, was still peering up at me. It looked very excited.

"What're we gonna do about him?" Bruce asked in that sexy voice. I glanced up. He was looking at my cock, too. "Can't just put him away and ignore him, now, can we?" he asked. I figured he was planning to reciprocate. My cock throbbed noticeably at the thought and more liquid oozed from the tip.

"Look at him!" Bruce said enthusiastically, pulling himself straight up in his chair, taking a closer look, then demanding, "Open that fuckin' robe and let's get a good look at him." Before I could react, he reached over with both hands, grabbed the edges of my robe, and pulled until the belt came undone and the entire robe opened, leaving me feeling naked. He kept the edges of my robe in his hands as he stared intently at my crotch. A long moment passed. "Stand up," he requested quietly, a catch in his voice, while tugging on the garment as if to pull me up. Pressured by the tugging, and nervously wondering what his opinion of my body would be, I stood up before him. Almost unconsciously, I preened for his examination, sucking in my belly, sticking out my chest, straightening my back. "Damn," he signed, as my dripping cock throbbed in front of his eyes, "what a great body!" His eager approval made me feel better than I could remember. "Yes," he sighed still holding open the robe, "a great body!" His words and the emotion I could hear in them made me feel proud. I loved that feeling.

He dropped my robe. I thought he was going to give me a blowjob right there, but he stood up, took my hand, and led me into his bedroom, saying, "You don't know it, but you're about to have the time of your life." He removed his robe and then mine. We stood naked, facing one another. My cock was rigid. He looked at it. "That's a cock for fucking, ain't it," he asked eagerly. I nodded. "Has it ever been in a real ass, man?" he asked, boldly. "A real man's ass?" I sucked in my breath in surprise. "A real man's ass like the one you've been starin' at lately?" He turned, looking over his shoulder at me, to stick out his ass for my inspection. I stared at it. He rubbed a hand up and down one cheek.

"I haven't been staring at it," I protested meekly, but as I looked at it, comparing its rugged strength, muscular firmness and masculine beauty to his sister's toneless, under-slung little butt, I suddenly knew he was right. I had been looking at it. Fuck him in the ass? I thought excitedly. What a great idea! My erection throbbed wildly.

He read the throbbing correctly. He drew me to his bed, sitting down and taking out a tube of lubricant from his bedside table. "I keep it for jacking off..." he mumbled, opening the cap and smearing some onto his palm. He grabbed my cock, knowingly sliding his greasy hand up and down the stiff shaft. He squeezed the fleshy knob and sent waves of pleasure through me. "You're ready," he said huskily and lay down, rolling over onto his stomach. He spread his legs wide. "Com'on," he whispered enticingly, "you'll never get a better chance."

I knew he was right. The muscular ass intrigued me. I had to satisfy my curiosity and find out what it feels like to fuck a man. I crawled up onto him, my knees between his, and leaned in, poking my slippery, stiff rod between his cheeks. Contact with his puckered hole came almost immediately. He wiggled it around and pushed it back towards me. He's done this before I thought, and shoved my cock more energetically, trying to give him more than he had bargained for. But he accepted it and welcomed it inside himself. The interior was incredibly tight and extremely hot. I couldn't get into him fast enough. I poked and humped, pulled on his hips with both hands, and shoved my cock into him with all my strength. He seemed to try to pull away, but I renewed my effort and fucked into him as hard as I could, finally hitting bottom, in to the bone.

Immediately, I started fucking his ass with abandon. Little strokes at first because he was so tight, but longer and faster strokes as I heated up. I figured I was hurting him, but I didn't care. This felt too good. I needed to fuck and I wanted my cock deep inside of him. I lay atop him biting at his neck, slid my hands to his chest and began caressing his meaty pecs and erect nipples, as I continued fucking him hard. This felt so different from fucking his sister. So masculine. So muscular. So intense. With her I was as interested in her pleasure as in mine, with him I was only interested in my own pleasure. Fuck him! I thought, driving cock up his ass, he's only getting what he deserves. I fucked harder and harder, pounding against the firm cheeks, shoving my cock in as deeply as it could possibly go, pumping as I had never done before, wanting just to fuck him good, so he'd know he'd been fucked.

"OH!" he groaned. I smiled and fucked even faster. Good I thought, he can't take it. "Oh," he groaned again, head being rhythmically pushed down into his pillow by my onslaught, "this is WONDERFUL!"

"What?" I asked harshly, out of breath. "You..." I paused for each thrust, " like it?" I was astounded.

"NO!" he shouted, "I LOVE it! Do it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." His chant, timed to my thrusts, and matched by his tight countermoves, forced me to realize he did love it, and to realize I did too. I WAS having the time of my life, just like he'd promised. Fucking his tight ass felt wonderful to me, too. I slid a hand down his body and found he had a huge erection, leaking liquid, waiting for my help. I wrapped my fist around it, gave it three or four full strokes as I humped three or four more strokes into him, and I came, deep inside him. Everything about him stiffened, tightened, grasped and held on. As I pumped my cum into him, I slid my hand up his rock hard pulsating meat and discovered to my surprise that he was shooting a load of his own all over the sheets, coming with me, whimpering like a lovelorn bear.

When it was finally over, I rolled off of him drained of everything. No worry. No fear. No shame. No sorrow. I was a new man. I would fuck his sister for her softness and fuck him for his strength. I'd suck his cock if he'd let me and let him suck mine if he wanted to, because his sister didn't. I'd do my best to keep them both happy. And that's what happened. After a while, when Bruce made no effort to leave, Jane caught on. The idea appealed to her. The three of us are family. For almost fifteen years now we've been at it with the intensity of rabbits. I think fucking all the time keeps me in great shape. And they both love it.


Jack Sofelot


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