Brother part One - Love hate relationship

Just like a regular youth i hated going to school, i hated sharing my room with my brother ( unless i get to catch him jerk off), i hated being smaller than my brother so he could not bully me easily. Just so many things i hated. That is not all i Love a few things too,

I loved playing my computers games daily, i also loved winning my brother in many Xbox games those are the only times i get to win him. Oh yea and i love my wonderful mother's awesome cupcakes and other sweet treats she bakes just to pamper me. I always considered myself to be lucky to have such a loving and wonderful parents, its just that i always wanted to be their only son, i don't like sharing all that love with another person on earth , that is the bad side of me i am extremely possessive. What is mine will forever be mine or shall be destroyed.

As said earlier i am a youth with dark deep eyes and nice thick eyebrows and full juicy lips, My hair is shiny black unlike my blonde brother, he is a postcard perfect guy but i am a regular dude not a great body but well its lean and smooth .. No hair at all ... Just a bit of scruff along my crotch area.My brother is Well he is taller than me at least 6 feet tall . Just the right soccer players body with perfectly defined abs and chest which makes me go nuts. He is a very quiet and mysterious guy which makes me want to find out more about him, I know a lot of girls are crushing on him and i swear that dick must be getting all the attention it wants! But he never seems to care about all those crushes his keenly interested in his studies and sports only.Everyday i ask myself do i love my brother or do i hate him?? Here love dose it mean brotherly love or more than that?

I knew a year ago that i am just not keen in girls, i did a few test on myself and realized that definitely even the scent of a hot guy can make me sexually aroused but while watching a hot hardcore porn with super cute girls masturbating have no affects or whatsoever.

One fine day i got to find out,that i loved him and its certainly more than anything brotherly i felt like he is my world, i just could not stop thinking about him.That incident that day made me go completely crazy with love and lust for this hot dude i sleep with every other day.So on that faithful day my workaholic parents were working all day i was home and my brother was in his bed, this is usual cause he goes to parties on Friday nights and will sleep till afternoon during Saturday. I wake up at 8 daily like clockworks and will go for a jog its a must for me i love to go jogging with my golden retriever( named cookie) once i m back home after a nice shower i will usually crash in my couch playing Xbox while enjoying my mother's baked treats for us.My brother will join me at about 2pm to play xbox with me thats my usual Saturday like, but on this day i was playing alone and it was almost 2.30 he wasn't down yet, but i was just playing till it was almost 3.30 and was a little worried and decided to check on him.

When i opened my room door i could still see he was asleep as usual nude, so i just wanted to wake him up i tapped his hands no movement,but i could feel his body being slightly hotter than the room temperature,so instantly i touched his forehead to check for fever and confirmed he was having a fever, while i did that he actually grabbed me and started kissing me all over my face he was saying i love you Sandra or sandy it was a girls name but i couldn't figure out what was the name, My face was wet with his kisses but he did not let me go yet i was hugged tightly close to him. He is way stronger than me but i knew i could easily break away from him ,but i didnt obviously because i was enjoying being so close to him and i was wondering if he is acting or really sleeping because his eyes were still closed. I was also not sure if he was doing this because he was drunk. While this thought were racing in my mind i could feel his body tight against mine i know he is pulling me close towards him any closer or tighter i will go breathless. The kissing started again this time he kissed on my lips again and again. Sometimes when i think about it i really blush cause i never thought my first kiss would be with my own brother. Soon i could feel his tongue evading my mouth.

I just allow him to do whatever he pleased i was too frightened to react but at the same time it was obvious that i was enjoying this because i had a boner in my shorts not as big as my brother's but mine was at least 5.5inch.Speaking of that , my brother was kissing me hugging me tight and grinding on me i could feel him moving his hips towards me as though he was fucking me,as he wasnt wearing any boxer shorts his thick 7.5 inch dick was just rubbing my ass through my shorts.If not for my love for him i would probably think that he is trying to kill me cause he was hugging me so tight and by kissing me so much i felt like he was sucking the air out of my mouth. I could feel his humping got faster his raw cock humping against my ass with shorts on felt amazing. I could still see his eyes shut close so i gathered my courage and grabbed his dick he continued humping and fucking my hand for another 10 sec or so and i felt his body tightened and he started spraying his load, i could feel my shorts getting soaked with his load my hands were drenched he was still kissing me while he continued cumming. 20 sec after he stopped cumming his dick became soft i was hoping he will stop kissing me but it just went on and my dick was still hard as i have not released my load yet. I slowly tried to break away and i was successful. I then stepped off his bed and was just starring at him trying to figure out if he was sleeping or all this time he was awake.The back of my shorts was soaking wet with his cum and the front of my shorts was damp with both our sweat and my precum. Without further delay i left the room after covering him with his blanket. I walked straight to the toilet to release my load as i was jerking i brought my right hand which was cum soaked by my brother i sniffed it and almost died from the pleasure so i decided to taste it and stuck out my tounge and licked it, the moment my tounge tasted the gooey stuff my own dick fired out my load like a rocket. I was just cumming so much for a guy who just came in the morning.

After a clean up and change of shorts i went back to the room to see him sleep like a baby i went down to the hall and started playing with my xbox again. Till today i can never tell if he just forced himself on me being awake or it was something he did without his conscious mind.



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