Bro-ship becomes more

 part 1

Hey yall thanks for clicking on my story this is my first ever so please be patient with me as I learn the best ways to write and express my interest/feeling. I hope you enjoy!

Names have been changed to protect identities.

Waking up to my alarm clock ringing right in my ear was not the best start to my senior year but was glad to get it over with. First a little about me im not ur average redneck im 18 bigger built but not fat. I work out when I can but don’t make a habit of it, I have a bad ass beard, and no not the morning after stubble that most 18 year olds have im talking full on man beard. Im fairly hairy, just enough to be hot. My cock is average size about 7 inches and cut with some neatly trimmed pubic hair and im gay. I do everything the “average” redneck would do. I hunt, fish, and go mudding. Anyway back to waking up. After almost Throwing my alarm out of the window I finally got up and headed to the shower. I stood in the shower for a good ten minutes, just letting the hot water wake me up. Ten minutes later I stepped out of the shower grabbed my towel and stared to my room. I got dressed and realized I had a text. I opened the text, it was from my buddy Alex he asked if we where still meeting at our old hangout spot. I responded with a sure and finished getting ready. Now a little about Alex. We were a lot alike both 18 redneck. He had an athletic build about 6’2 great abs and his arms where to die for. He was clean shaven and the sexiest little treasure trail. Back to the story we met up at the bilo next to school. We talked and joked around for awhile and then we compared our schedules. We had all 4 classes together, which we where really happy about. After talking a little more we headed of to school. We got to school and got in our first class. We had mechanics first and second, the teacher was cool and the class became more a hangout then a class. The school didn’t have the money to fund us the tools or stuff to work on so we shot shit for all 3 hours of the class. The last two classes when by quick and we found our selves with nothing to do after school. We quickly decided to go fishing. We got to my house and got the fishing rods together, hooked up the boat and where off. We got to the boat ramp Alex got out and helped me back the boat in the water. We went down the river about 2 miles and decided to try a spot under the bridge. We anchored down and started preparing the rods and Alex was the first to cast out. We sat in the boat talking about random stuff. Alex got up and took his shirt off. I has in heaven he was so hot, but I had to keep my cool because I was not out to him. After about 30 minutes we decided to go back up the river because we weren’t getting any bites. We went back towards the boat ramp and passed and went down a little secluded cove. It was so quite and peaceful. We sat in silence for awhile and out of no where Alex asked me if I was gay. I was so caught off guard without thinking I told him that I wasn’t. and that’s when things got awkward. He just sat there thinking I guess. But I was trying to decide if I wanted to confess or just play it off. As I opened my mouth Alex almost yelled he was gay. He broke down and started crying, I tried to calm him down but nothing helped. He told me he wanted to leave so I drove back and he left without even saying bye. The next day was awkward we talked but nothing about our fishing trip the night before. I asked  him if he wanted to go again and to my surprise he said yes. So afterschool he met me at my house and we left for the river we got there and everything seemed to be fine. We went back to the cove since we got a few bites there the day before. we sat in silence for awhile and I decided it was time. I broke the silence with “Alex im gay too”. His eyes lit up and he smiled and said “good”. Not sure what he meant by that we talked about how we knew we where gay and he asked me if I would be his boyfriend. Of course I said yes but we had to keep it a secret. He agreed and we continued talking. We got a few bites but no luck so we decided to head back. We got to my house and I asked him if he wanted to spend the night. It was Friday night so no school the next day and he had nothing planned so he agreed. It was 9:30 and my mom had left to go to work. She works night shift. We decided to watch a movie. we got in my bed and cuddled up to watch. I was in heaven again still not believing that my best friend was gay and was now my boyfriend. I fell asleep his arms around me. I woke up about 2 am and told him we should get out of our day clothes. I was mesmerized by him stripping down. My eyes were glued to his body until he took his jeans off, he was wearing AE boxers and he had a huge bulge. I snapped out of my daze when he told me it was his turn to stare. I laughed and stood up and began stripping stopping at my boxers. I walked in front of him to take my clothes to the hamper and he grabbed my cock through the boxers. I jumped and dropped my clothes he pulled me into the bed and we began making out. He was the dominant one he stuck his tongue down my throat and I began sucking on it. We continued this  for at least an hour. We stopped for a minute to catch our breath. He asked me if this was my first time and I told him it was. It was also his first time. We got back to making out this time with nothing on. We lye in bed together making out grinding our bodies together. He was about the same size as me but a little thicker. I grabber his cock and slowly jerked him while we made out. Five minutes later we were both hard and ready. He looked at me and said “I hope ur bottom” I didn’t Know if I was or not so I said yes. We hadn't really planned for this so I didn’t have any condoms and neither did he. He asked me if it was ok to go in raw and I told him it was. I grabbed the bottle of lube and handed it to him. I lye in bed feet up and prepare for the pain. He got in front of me and asked if I was ready. I didn’t even say anything I just smiled and he knew I was. He lubed is cock and my tight ass and slowly started to take my virginity. He went slow and it did hurt but nothing horrible. He kept asking if I was ok and after I said yes he would push another inch into me. He was finally all the way inside me and I was loving it. It was weird at first, it felt like I needed to take a dump but felt good. He let me get used to him inside me and then went at it slow at first but steadily fucking me faster. We both moaned from the intense pleasure. I begged him to fuck me harder and he gave me what I wanted. He would slow down and slide in and out almost completely fall out of me which kept us both from cumming then he would ram his thick cock in my ass and fuck me hard. With both of us edging I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go without shooting my load. He fucked me a total of about 30 minutes and I could tell he was almost there. We both started tensing up and knew we where going to cum at the same time he asked me if I wanted it in my ass or on my face and even though I would like to eat his cum I told him to cum in my ass. About the same time I said ass I felt both our balls tense and he fucked me harder and kept going. Without warning he shot 8 huge pumps of jizz in my ass and I shot on my chest. It was weird feeling  his cock tense up like it did then pump me full but I loved it. He collapsed on top of me and we feel asleep. The next morning I woke up with Alex still lying on of me, I woke him up and told him we better clean up before my mom gets home. He got up and was still sticky from my cum so we decided to take a shower together. While we where in the shower we made out more then we washed. We got out and dried off and decided to go get something to eat and go fishing.

Well thanks for reading!

 This is my first story so I know there are a lot of errors. And also know this was done on my phone so yet again I know that  there are errors.

 Comments are appreciated. Please tell me if you like it or what I could do to make it better.




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