My stomach was growling. It had been twenty-four hours since I had anything in my gut that could be called food. Oh, I had taken in plenty of protein, and the big ten-inch black cock swaying in my face was about to make another deposit! I heard the sound of the men in the next room. It was like a fucking party out there, as they waited their turn to enter the dimly lit bedroom.

It all started so simply. No complications, just a summer diversion. Jerry washed dishes at my father's restaurant in upstate New York. We served simple country food, lots of grilled meats and potatoes. Jerry had just shown up one day, his duffle bag clutched in his big meaty hand, looking for a temporary job, some quick cash on the side. He said he was up from Manhattan, and had washed dishes at a restaurant there. Dad, the old softie, gave him some gloves and put him to work.

He was a very tall black man, maybe six-six, in his mid thirties. His nappy hair was thick and inky, tight shiny rings that grew above a deep forehead. Jerry's nose was wide, and his nostrils flared as he breathed. He sported a short fuzzy moustache over thick, deep pink sensual lips. He always wore white cotton tee shirts that were way too small, pulled dramatically over wide muscular shoulders. He would often pick up the front of his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face, exposing firm chocolate brown six-pack abs. His arms were enormous, stretching the rolled sleeves of his tee. Years of working out had made them rock hard, and traced with veins. I suspected that he had been in prison, and that's where he'd developed the awesome body that was driving me nuts.

I was helping out in the kitchen that summer between semesters. Sweep up a little, bus a few tables, and spend all day at the pool. My boyfriend back at State College was in Ohio with his folks, so I was a little lonely and very man-hungry... Jerry was just too hot to be true! I sensed that he was interested in me, too. His eyes would follow me as I walked through the kitchen, and he would stop what he was doing and rub his chest as I passed by. His big dark eyes twinkled, and he flashed large white teeth at me through his soft, fleshy lips.

One afternoon as we were prepping for the dinner rush, I ran into Jerry in the big walk-in refrigerator down in the basement. I didn't know anyone was there, so it startled me when he came out from behind the shelves. I heard him whistle under his breath as I bent over a box of carrots I was unloading into the fridge.

'Hey, howyadoin' Wally?' He drawled, the Bronx obvious in his voice. 'Those are fuckin' big carrots, man. What ya do wid sumthin' that goddam big, make stew?' He laughed, picking up a very large carrot from the box.

'I guess so, Jerry. They're way too big and woody to serve as a side dish, huh?' I answered, reaching out to take the carrot from Jerry's rough hand. He held it firm, as we grasped the carrot together. It suddenly seemed pretty intimate, and out of the blue I was hit with the sexual innuendo! Jerry was twisting the carrot in my hand, the orange root moving in my palm as if I was masturbating it. Jerry shot me a devilish grin in the dim light of the walk-in. Damn! No doubt any more. He was coming on to me.

'It's a nice shape though, isn't it Jerry? It's so thick and long, and stiff enough to hammer nails with!' I said, waiting for his reaction. He didn't disappoint me. He pushed the carrot into my face and rubbed the rough nub end against my lips. 'You like big stiff things, baby? Shit, this fuckin' carrot ain't nuthin', man! I think you might like whut Jerry's got much better than this little stick!' I grinned, took the end of the carrot in my mouth and bit off the tip.

I could feel the enormous bulge in his jeans as I brushed past him, and went back up the stairs to the kitchen. The rest of the evening he ignored me, as if our little flirtation had never happened. We began to clean up for the night. I watched his muscles tighten and contract as he lifted the heavy tubs of oil from the fryer and dumped the contents into the waste drums. Perspiration dripped from his brow, and his colossal ebony arms glistened with grease and sweat. I lingered in the doorway as Dad locked up behind us.

'Hey, Jerry, you need a lift, man? I can drive ya over to the Mosey Inn!' I yelled, as I ran to catch up with him in the parking lot. 'Sure, sure, why not? Thanks!' He replied. We put the top down and drove back to his motel mostly in silence, although he talked a little about his family in North Carolina, and how he wished he could get back there soon. He asked me to stop at the convenience store, he was gonna spend his split of the tips on something to drink. He came back to the car with a pack of cigarettes and a pint of Jack Daniels.

The mosey In was a mid-century ranch-style motel, with long bunkhouse rows of picture windows facing a cracked and weed covered center parking lot. I pulled the car into a space near the end of the row. Jerry never asked me to come in; I just followed him like a puppy to the door of room 1C. It was small, dingy and dimly lit. The bed had not been made, and I could see sweat stains on the sheet where he had slept, probably on the same sheets since he got into town a couple weeks ago. He crossed to the kitchenette and pulled two plastic cups from the sink and rinsed them out. He poured some JD for himself, lit a cigarette and offered me the bottle.

The booze was warm and soothing. Jerry lay on the bed, and I sat at the desk against the wall. I felt relaxed, as Jerry slowly drew on the cigarette, sending lazy smoke rings into the air. He was so sexy, so arrogant. 'So you gonna suck on my fuckin' carrot tonight? You better not fuckin' bite the head offa this one, wiseass muthafucka!' I crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed. He snuffed out the butt and opened his zipper, revealing a gigantic tent in his underwear. His brown belly contrasted against the startlingly white briefs that strained to contain his huge penis. I lay next to him and reached under the elastic, releasing his fully erect cock.

'Yeaaaah, baby! You like what you got in yer hand, white boy? Les' see what ya can do for me cocksucker! You make me feel real good and maybe Jerry's got a big surprise for you, too!' He hissed, as I reached under his tee shirt and stroked his rippled belly and mountainous chest, covered with a luxurious dusting of curly black rings from nipple to nipple. I wanted to suck him off, I wanted to taste his salty cum in my mouth, but I silently hoped that my big surprise later would be a furious fucking! I reached across his wide hips and took his throbbing dick in my mouth. Pulling gently on his foreskin, I revealed the angry red glan. It slipped against the roof of my mouth, slick with pre-cum. My lips stretched out in astonishment as he wedged his thick, shuddering hard-on into my face.

'OMMYGGGDH!' I choked as Jerry's rigid shaft of black meat lodged in my throat. He held the cup of Jack Daniels on one hand, gulping the fiery gold liquid as he pulled on the back of my head with the other.

'Shuddup and suck, bitch! You ain't gonna get a chance to suck on a dick like this often' he growled, 'Yo! Get busy, man!' Soon I felt him swell in my mouth, his nuts tightening in my hand. His breathing became heavy, his chest heaving as my head bobbed over his crotch, his cock forced into the back of my throat. I could only inhale when I pulled completely off his cock, a frantic gasp of air before diving eagerly back down on his potent rod. His shiny black prick and wiry pubic hairs smelled like a man...musky, strong and intense.

Jerry threw the empty cup to the floor, and grabbed my head with both hands. My face was just a fuck toy for his prodigious manhood, his dick in my mouth and his hands covering my ears. He pushed himself deeper down my throat with each thrust of his pelvis, until my nose was buried in his fragrant pubes. Jerry arched his back, and screamed, 'Fuck Yeah! Oh Yeah...Shit! Take...My...Fuckin'...Dick...COCKSUCKER!' as his load of hot thick cum shot into the back of my throat. I gagged again and tried to pull myself off his cock, but Jerry wasn't ready to stop. He continued to thrust his hips upward, pulling my face into his crotch and ejaculating deep in my head. Thick wads of his creamy white cum were forced up my nose as I was smothered with the huge quantity of fluid he was unloading into me.

I fell exhausted across his sweat soaked chest and clung to him, as my heart raced and I panted for air. His cream was everywhere: smeared across my lips, running from my nose, dripping from my chin onto his silky brown belly. Its briny tang burned on the back of my throat. I felt Jerry's heart beating rhythmically in my ear as he lay beneath me. He lit another cigarette.

Shit, man, you good! I gotta keep you around, I can get used to cocksuckin' like that!' He said, pulling me tightly around the shoulders and dragging on his Kool. 'Lissen, Wally, I'm goin' back down to the Bronx tomorrow night. I wasn't gonna let anybody know, I was jus'gonna go. I wantcha to come wid me, man! It would be fun, you can be my bitch, and I know you ain't got nuthin' goin' on round here, anyways!'

He was right; I sure didn't have anything keeping me here in this Sleepy Hollow. I had a couple weeks until school started again, why not have a little adventure? An end of summer fling? I couldn't think of a reason to deprive myself of a couple weeks of this fine black dick in my face! And he hadn't fucked me yet. I couldn't let him go until I felt that ten inches of licorice in my ass.

The next day I explained to Dad that I was going down to Manhattan to stay with friends for a few days. He was a little upset because, coincidentally, his dishwasher quit that very same day. How was he going to run the kitchen with no help? I shrugged and wished him luck. I picked up my big black man in front of the Mosey Inn and we headed south in my Camaro.

Two hours later, I parked the car on a side street and we walked to an apartment building off Castle Avenue. Jerry was in his element as we strolled the streets of the Bronx. I followed him a pace or two behind. I understood, he wanted everyone to see me but to understand that I was the bitch, and he was in charge. At the corner, a woman named Shanequa threw herself into his arms. 'Jerry, where you been? I missed yo' ass, Baby! You gonna stay a while and let me taste some of that sweet stuff, honey?' She shouted, loud enough for her girlfriends to hear. Twisting her face in disgust, she said, 'Who's the skinny little white dude?'

We entered a five-story apartment building with fake Tudor stucco on the peaked roofline. Climbing the stairs, Jerry unlocked apartment 4D. I stepped past him as the door swung into the dimly lit room. To say it was furnished simply would be an understatement. There was a couch in the middle of the room, and a television on a snack tray against one wall. A small dinette set was under the double window next to a Pullman kitchen. 'This is my crib, baby. Make yourself to home.' He walked through the next room, a bedroom with a thin full-size mattress on the floor and a small dresser. I heard the sound of his piss hitting the water in the toilet. I couldn't help imagining his long, elegant cock, foreskin hanging loosely from its tip, a jet of hot yellow liquid streaming into the stained porcelain bowl.

I looked around the kitchen. There was nothing in the refrigerator or the barren cabinets. Obviously, no one had lived here for several weeks. Jerry adjusted himself and pulled his zipper up, walking towards the door. 'Wait here, don' let anyone in, no matter what. I'll be back soon, wid' some food and shit.' He paused at the door, 'Gimme some cash, man. How much you bring wid' ya?' I pulled out a wad of singles, about a hundred dollars, saved from my tips last weekend. I peeled off a few bills but Jerry reached out, grabbed the whole fistful and left the apartment.

I was getting sleepy; it had been several hours since Jerry left the apartment. I went into the bedroom to lie down and wait for his return. I was certainly regretting my decision to go with him to New York. This was not the adventure I had envisioned! I was almost asleep, when I heard the sound of scuffling on the other side of the bolted door, and a key inserted into the lock. The door swung open and an anemic shaft of light from the hall entered the apartment. Jerry was back!

I heard several voices coming from the main room. They were joking and laughing, and I heard Jerry's voice. 'Shut the fuck up, assholes. Lemme go in and talk to him. You'll see, It'll be cool!' More laughter as Jerry entered the bedroom. I pretended to be sleeping as he swaggered across the darkened room and sat next to me on the mattress. He reeked of grass and booze. His speech was slurred, but his words were very clear to me.

He put his big hand on my balls, and squeezed them with his long black fingers. 'Lissen, Wally, You're a fuckin' great little cocksucker, and you sho have a sweet little ass. I figgered out a way to make some change, man! New York's a fuckin' expensive place to live. You like black dick, and we can make that work for us...The rent's due, baby! Time to pay up!'

Jerry motioned to a dark silhouette standing in the doorway. The hulking figure moved into the bedroom, and as my eyes adjusted I saw a mountainous man, easily 325 pounds of muscle. 'Jerry, no way! Are you kidding me?' I whined. The new presence in the room was so black he looked blue. He wore a nylon basketball tank that revealed arms like railroad ties, biceps as big and as round as cannonballs. His big grin flashed out of the gloom as he approached the mattress, a gold tooth glinting in the darkness. I felt betrayed by Jerry; his promise of good times in New York just lies. He was using me, taking what he needed and loaning me out for profit. Yet, I looked at the gargantuan man standing before me, his hand in his trunks rubbing his enormous cock, and I remembered that I had come here looking for adventure. I had found more than I ever dreamed of, so why was I complaining?

Jerry took a few bills from the man. 'I gave ya the full hunnert, so I get to fuck him too, right?' the enormous beast said to Jerry.

'Sure, sure, no problem, man!' My heart raced, I wondered if I could survive getting plowed by such a large dude. Jerry left the room, closing the door behind him.

The man dropped his trunks and turned on the bedside light. 'I wanna see my dick slide into your mouth, faggot. Start suckin' me, and you better be fuckin' great, boy!'

He had a very large cock, richly veined and as thick as a bottle. I had used dildos in my ass that were even bigger, so I decided to see if I could handle this Goliath. It would hurt, but hopefully cause no permanent damage! I sat up on the bed and pulled his wide hips in front of my face. My hands grabbed his big fleshy ass, and the tip of his thick member touched my chin. I parted my lips as he slid himself snugly into my mouth. 'Oooh, yeah, nice...treat it good, cocksucker!' He hissed at me, 'You're fuckin' worth a hunnert...that's for sure, baby! Jus' wait'll I get my dick in your tight little white ass, Ummm-hmmm!'

He pushed me down on the bed, and I turned to place my head over the edge of the mattress. Kneeling on the floor, he began to fuck my face. The angle of my mouth made it possible for him to shove almost his entire meaty club into my throat. I felt it's slippery head sliding past the tender bend at the back of my tongue. 'I don't wanna cum yet, puss boy! I got other ideas for my nut!' He said as he pulled himself off my face, covered in the sweat from his hairy balls. He stood up before me and stripped off his tank. His barrel chest was immense, and completely covered in rich, curly black hair. His belly was enormous, but not fat, just extremely well packed. His cock stood straight out from his hips, a slab of glistening black flesh pointing angrily at me as I turned myself into position to take him into my man cunt.

He didn't have to force me; I backed into him and felt the hot, slimy tip of his cock press against my rectum. He was dripping pre-cum, and the head entered me with no resistance. He held my hips and drew me onto his erection. His cock swelled and thickened as it slid in, and the pressure was intense. I gasped in pain as he shoved it halfway in, inserted about six inches into my gut. I had no time to think about the pain, as his enormous weight fell onto me and we collapsed together onto the dirty sheets. His cock plunged into me to its hairy hilt as his huge body slammed down on mine, his immense weight crushing me face first into the mattress. The air was knocked out of me, I felt like I was hit by a truck. His massive body thrashed on top of me as he relentlessly pushed and pulled his fat sausage through my asshole. I felt his body heat, the sweat pouring off his skin onto mine.

Unngh, Unngh, Shit yeah, Fuckin' white boy-pussy, ain't nuthin' like it!' He bellowed in my ear between thrusts of his prodigious penis. His chest was heaving as he shuddered and exploded in my ass. One... two... I lost count of the endless heaping loads of cum he shot into my gut. I could hear the squishing sound of his man juice in my asshole as he churned it to foam with his fleshy piston. It dripped between my legs and I felt it's liquid fire streaming under my balls. Soon the man rolled off me, pulled on his trunks and left the room.

Jerry came in, and I gave him the cold shoulder. 'Fuck you, Wally, you little white pussy-boy! You tellin' me that you ain't gettin' into this?' He yelled, 'I know you want cock, and Jerry's gonna make sure you get it. And if I get me some scratch in the doin', then so much the better!' Another man was standing in the doorway. Jerry took a towel and wiped the mountain man's cum from between my legs. 'Gotta freshen ya up a bit, ain't no man want a dirty cunt!' The two men laughed, as my latest lover stripped nude in front of Jerry and me.

He was not as big as the last man, but he was still very formidable with the hard body of a weightlifter. His muscles were tightly defined, angular and rock-hard. His skin was absolutely hairless except for the dark bush of hair under each arm and over his cock. He had his name, 'Jamul', tattooed across his stomach in old English script. I remembered that tattoo, I recognized him immediately: he had been a middleweight boxer about three years ago. I recalled that he had been arrested for rape and drug possession, abruptly ending his promising career. A paternity suit had recently brought his name back into the media.

Jerry slapped Jamul on the ass as he left the room, shutting the door behind him. Jamul grinned at me and approached the bed. The thought of screwing with a famous boxer, a man convicted of rape, a man who made his living being brutal and violent made me incredibly horny! My dick was as hard as a pipe, and stood erect between my legs as he hovered over me. 'Baby, you afraid of me? You fuckin' should be afraid, cause I'm gonna fuckin' rip your pussy open tonight!' He taunted as he crawled between my legs. Wasting no time, he threw my ankles over his broad shiny black shoulders and entered my asshole. His cock was long and thin, and he drove it deeply into my belly. I felt him pressing against my prostate, making me shiver and gasp. He stopped... pausing deep inside me. He began to kiss me deeply, driving his tongue past my lips and exploring my mouth. His hands caressed my chest, twisting my nipples gently at first, then firmer as I arched my back to meet him. My guard was down, so I was startled when he pulled his tongue from my mouth and slapped me hard across the face with his open hand.

He continued to talk tough in my ear, as he slowly resumed fucking my aching ass. 'I'm gonna breed ya, slut. You gonna be my fuckin' bitch tonight. Tell Jamul what you want, baby!' I clung to his powerful neck as his crotch slapped into my hips. I could feel his wiry pubic hairs rubbing on the base of my scrotum.

'I want you're cock buried in me, I want you to fuck me hard! I want you deep inside me!' I panted in his ear as he sucked on my neck with his sensual thick lips. He smelled like grass, smoky and intoxicating. I clung to him as his body intertwined with mine. His large hand wrapped around my cock, and he massaged it in rhythm with his penetrating thrusts into me. I felt our pulses beat as one and we both came together, an explosion of heat and energy.

Jamul didn't pull out right away, which was fine with me. I was swooning in the afterglow of what seemed like perfect sex. His dick slowly softened, and he popped out of my asshole, trailing a thick rope of cum on my inner thigh. I thought he had fallen asleep--he was so still! I heard the other men in the living room, laughing and cursing, getting more rowdy and boisterous as we lay there in silence. He slowly got up, dressed, and held out his hand to me. I thought he was going to hit me again, and I flinched. 'Here's a C-note for you, boy. Don' tell Jerry about it, I want you to keep it, like a tip, yknow? Fuck that crazy nigger, you deserve this all to yourself!'

When Jamul went out of the room, he left the door open. My cheek burned where he had slapped me. I enjoyed the sensation, a warm memory of a very hot lover. I saw shadows against the wall in the hall outside the door, and I knew my next tormentor was about to arrive. Jerry stood at the door like a gatekeeper, and demanded another twenty from the man. 'Okay, you fuckin' thief, but if the faggot's not worth it I'm takin' the goddam money back and fuckin' your ass instead!' Jerry laughed as he led the man into the room.

His goateed face was very handsome; he could have been a model except that he was way too short. When short men get into bodybuilding, they really take on major proportions. The ratio of muscle to height makes them look incredibly wide, buffed and ripped. This dude had that look, an almost unbelievable physique that was making me drool! He wore a black nylon rag on his head, pulled tightly over his skull and tied in a knot at the back. Impossibly big 'diamond' studs flashed on both ears. He sat on the bedside chair and told me to stand. 'Let's see what I'm gettin' for my cash. Turn your sorry white ass around and bend over for me.'

I guess I could have refused, I could have gotten my clothes together and made a run for it, but why? I hadn't been disappointed yet; Jerry's choice in 'John's' had been pretty amazing so far. This guy was not an exception. I was aching to feel him touch me, to press himself into me. I bent over and grabbed my ankles, offering my pale white butt to the sexy man.

He sat up in the chair and began to finger my puckered asshole. One finger slid easily into my slippery cum-filled cavity, then another. Soon he had all four fingers deeply wedged up my chute. I felt his thumb twisting around at the opening. His entire fist was practically in my body, with only the residue cum from my previous fucks to help me accept the intruder. I moaned and squirmed at the incredible pain of his knobby knuckles rubbing on my tender bowels. 'Uh-oh, you been fucked silly tonight, huh? Maybe I don' wants get my dick up in there with all those other dude's slime. Maybe I need ya to blow me instead, okay Whitey?'

He pulled his hand out of my ass and wiped it on my back. I felt the hot creamy residue that came off his fingers, cum pulled from my overworked gut. He told me to turn around and get on my knees. I climbed up between his short but astoundingly muscular thighs and took his hot cock in my mouth. My gag reflex had been defeated a long time ago, and I immediately consumed his full eight inches of black meat. He tasted bitter, like lemon peel, or vinegar. I didn't know yet that his bladder was full, and he had something special in mind for me.

I was sucking him with greed when suddenly I felt a warm blast of liquid hit the back of my throat, just enough to fill my mouth, then he pinched it off. Startled, I let it run out my lips and it dribbled down his shaft to his balls. 'Hey, Goddam it, I want you to have that! You waste another drop, faggot, and I'll fuckin' beat the livin' shit outta ya!' He pushed his dick into my mouth and released another quick shot of sizzling hot piss. I choked, but managed to gag it down. He repeated it almost immediately, rapid shots of urine, just enough for me to swallow without losing it. I took shot after shot of bitter yellow piss, gulping it down between gasps for breath. I hoped that he wouldn't drown me in his burning urine. Finally he squeezed out the last golden drops, and by this time I had mastered the technique. Hungry for more, I sucked on him until I felt him swelling in my jaws, as a warm load of his semen followed the piss into my stomach, a velvety injection of liquid man into my belly.

I kneeled in front of the black Adonis and lay my head on his thigh, as he stroked my back. 'Man, that was fuckin' hot. You must be some kinda cocksuckin' genius or sumthin'? I never seen a white boy who could take piss like that. Usually they go runnin' from me at the first shot.' He was quiet for a few minutes as we caressed each other in the darkness. 'What the hell you doin' with that scumbag Jerry? You know he's playin' ya, he's planning on takin' the fuckin' cash and leaving ya layin' here in the dirt!'

I guess I knew that all along. I never really expected more than an adventure, and since I was headed back to school soon, I wasn't looking for a long-term arrangement, certainly not a relationship. But it bothered me that Jerry had no emotion for me at all. At least I was horny for him, and infatuated enough to run down to the Bronx and whore for him. To Jerry, I was just another white pussy, to use and abuse, and finally throw away.

'You aughta come with me. I'll pay Jerry off for ya. Hell, he won't ask much, he's about through wid'ja anyways.' The man said. 'We'll have some fun, I'll treat ya be my bitch, and ain't no man gonna have a piece of ya but me!' I held his narrow waist, felt his cock stirring on my cheek as I nuzzled my face into his crotch. He stroked my head and called Jerry back into the room.

I never made it back to State that fall. I stayed with Jason at his place on 238th street. We played house, he was the Daddy and I was his obedient boy. I found lots of ways to please him, and he rewarded me with treats that I had never even conceived of. He turned me on to new experiences, the joys of being controlled by a powerful and masculine man. Things were good for a while but eventually he was picked up and incarcerated for a parole violation and grand larceny.

I moved back home with the folks. I've never found another man to take his place so I jerk myself to sleep every night in my lonely bed, waiting for a letter or a phone call from Jason that never comes.


Jimmy Gordon

[email protected]


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