I parked my car in the guest area and hurried down the walk to the building, tucked away a few miles up the canyon road. The whole area was beautifully landscaped and the entry area was a real class act. I had been offered a job as a personal trainer by Michael, the owner of this exclusive men's spa and training center. Today was my starting day, the day Michael would set me up and explain my duties. I had been here twice before and was so impressed with the quality and caliber of the place.

Michael was one of the patrons at the French restaurant where I waited tables. He had been in a half dozen times and always asked for my table after I had served him the first time. This last time, he had opened up this new world to me.

" Corey, you are really in trim shape. You must work out pretty regularly to keep that kind of muscle tone," He said..

"You bet I do, I answered, ".... Every morning, down at Gold's Gym..

Keeps me in shape for both the job and my own personal attitude."

That's when he told me about his spa and asked if I would be interested in filling a new opening for a personal trainer. I snapped at it fo two reasons.. First, it sounded like a dream job and secondly, this guy was so hot himself and his eyes were telling me that there was more to this job than he wanted to share at the table. His eyes had locked on mine several times recently and I could just feel my juices stirring when he looked at me `that way.'

"Corey, Great to see, you," Michael shouted as he came to meet me at the entrance to the exercise room. There were only a few men working out on the weights and we spent the next hour or so going through the routine, as he led me through several series of workouts. Several times he caught me checking out the large bulge in his shorts and he just smiled. One machine has you spreading your legs out and I all but jumped his cock while I stood in front, watching him flex out with each full stretch.

By the time we were done, we had both worked up a sweat and I was trying to keep my mind on the job, not his cock. We went into the locker room and Michael quickly stripped and stood there with his meat hanging halfway to his knees, semi hard and so, so very suckable. I stripped down and my own cock sprung out of my shorts semi hard and all but dripping precum. I thought we were headed for the showers, but he stopped near some lounge chairs..

"Corey, Come over here and let me check you out," he said as he as turned to me. I obediently stood in front of him and let him work his way slowly through all my muscle groups, stretching and testing and, at times, softly massaging different areas of my body. It wasn't long before both our cocks were rock hard.

" Wow, look now what you have done to my cock." He laughed softly and led me into one of several small steam rooms. He stepped up to the top bench and sat there on the edge, with his cock standing straight out.

"I know you want to suck this," he said. "I knew it from that first time in the restaurant that you had a first class hard-on for this. So get over here and start sucking," he ordered. I didn't need a second invitation and got on my knees on the lower bench in front of his spread out legs and fell onto what had to be a magnificent 10 inch cock.

"Oooh, yeah," he moaned as I worked more and more of it into my mouth. He grasped my head with both hands and began to face fuck me, impaling me on his rod. His cock had reached more than half way and I was beginning to gag. Michael held me tight and stepped his thrusting.

"Relax, breath now and relax," he said, as he held me in his solid grip.. We just held there for over a minute..

Suddenly, my throat muscles released and the cock slid in to the hilt, his balls hitting my chin.. Then he began to stroke my head up and down as he humped into me. I had all I could do to hang on, my hands grabbing his ass to keep from falling off the bench.

Michael began to take deep strokes and I could feel his cock getting thicker, his breathing shallower and I knew he was ready to explode into me...... Suddenly, he arched his back and all but lifted me in the air and let burst spasm after huge spasm of thick fire down my throat, so deep that very little was oozing out of my mouth....until he pulled his still hard cock out most of the way...Then I was flooded with it, spilling down my chin and onto his balls. Still, he kept me fastened to his cock.

"Keep sucking, my little cocksucker. You have a long way to go this morning before we are done." It was then I realized that there were two other men in the thick mist of the steam room and they had been watching. One came up behind me and poured several cups of the heated body oil kept there for oiling up open pores.... The man began to massage it over my back and then my ass... I could barely concentrate on the cock in my mouth and was wiggling against his onslaught of my unprotected ass....

Slap! I leaped in the air as he laid his hand across my ass. Slap...

Again, Slap! Dear god, it hurt and I struggled to get off this cock and away from the pain, but Michael held me tight by the back of my head.

"Hold still, you little bitch and let the man have his fun.." he yelled into my ear. Slap! Another assault and then more oil and suddenly the pain shifted as he dug two fingers into my ass and began to rim me....

Michael suddenly began to fuck my face in earnest again and then the real pain came as the guy in back replaced his fingers with what had to be his horse sized cock.

No foreplay with this guy. He slammed his cock deep into me and his balls slammed against my ass as he raped my butt, slamming and grunting, slapping my ass and thighs as he rode me into Michael with each animal thrust........ and then he began to arch and moan and the explosion of cumm jetted deep into me burning like boiling oil. His spasms soon slowed down and finally he pulled out, just as Michael unloaded another series of shots into my mouth... He pulled out and let the last few shots hit me in the face....

I slid off the bench onto the floor, so fucked and used that I couldn't move. Michael stood up and stepped over me. "You can have him now," he said to the two men. "Break him in good for me." He walked out, through the swirl of the steam, closing the door behind him.

I looked up and number two was standing over me, with another thick cock I knew was going to hurt me. This guy had to be 6 foot 10 in bare feet and was 90% muscle. . The other guy poured more oil onto me, so that my whole body was glistening. Big guy picked me up bodily and threw me face down on the lower bench , then grabbed me by the hips and lifted my ass to his cock and without much effort, slid it in, massaging my hot spot so that I started to ooze cum myself. He swung me out and sat down with me mounted on his cock.

"Ted, suck this pussy cock for me," he said and Tom, the first guy, dropped his mouth onto my cock and roughly began to suck me, keeping time with Big Guy's working of my ass.... I was already over the edge and came quickly, screaming with the great release and Tom swallowed each shot of cumm.. It was drooling out his mouth and he yanked my head up and brought his mouth to mine, giving me back much of my own juices.

Then his cock was at my mouth and his hands grabbed my head and somehow big guy was standing and Tom was seated on the bench and I was in the air, my hands straddling Tom on the bench and my monster ass fucker was holding me by my inner thighs, pounding his meat deep into my swollen and cumm filled ass.

The power of his strokes and the intense steam made me light-headed and I think I passed out for a few moments. I don't know what happened to Tom and his cock, but my face was covered with cumm and I down on the floor, on my back, my legs up in the air and still being ass fucked by this giant, ramming his cock to the hilt with each stroke..

Strange sounds were coming out of my mouth with each slam into me and then the pace picked up as he began a deep rumbling groan and started shooting hose bursts of fiery cumm into me. Soon his jerking stopped and I knew he was finally finished. He pulled out and stood over me, stripping the last few ropes of cumm onto my chest.

I lay there gasping, until they picked me up and had me on my knees on the bench. Tom began to work more oil onto my ass and started to ass fuck me with several fingers, slopping all the oozing cumm around my ass and thighs. Slap! Slap! Slap! He began to beat my ass and in between, work his hand into me. Slap! Slap! The pain was killing me as he worked 4 fingers in and worked my asshole to let him have his way.

Holy shit, He is going to try and fist me, I thought in terror. I had never been fisted in my life.

Then suddenly, with a scream of pain from my lips, he slipped his thumb in and I was impaled on his arm, his fist all the way in. I kept blacking out as he flexed his hand deep inside of me and began thrusting into me. I finally backed out all the way and woke up laying on the bench, watching my giant ass fucking Tom. I kept quiet and pretended I was still out, until they finally finished their own private fucking and they pulled me up to a sitting position, my legs hanging over the side, feet on the floor.

Tom brought his softened cock to my mouth. "Open your cunt mouth, bitch.

Take my cock in...I need to take a piss." I started to fight away from this final degradation but Tom slammed me across the side of my head and yelled, "Open, bitch and lift my cock into your face and don't lose a drop or I will beat the shit out of you." I opened my mouth and took his soft cock in, holding it there as it hardened with the piss and suddenly, hot, saltly fire shot in, burning my mouth and throat already so raw from sucking so much cock. I held on and must of taken in a quart of his yellow fluid.

"Suck it dry." I did what he said and finally he pulled away and they went out the door.

I laid back on the bench and fell asleep, my body aching everywhere, my ass was still so numb from the fisting, I couldn't feel it. I don't know how long I slept but was awakened by Michael, who was using a cooling massage cream and was caressing my body with gentle hands.

His hands were smoothing my ass and he inserted a large wad of the cool stuff into my ass and I moaned as it burned. Michael laid me on my back and gently inserted his cock into my very widened asshole and slowly and gently sank it to the hilt and held it there.

`I am so sorry you had to get broken in this way, Corey," he crooned, "

Those two are my roughest clients but now you belong to me and the spa all the way. You will be servicing my clients in any way they want....rarely like this ever again, but any way they want. And they want it every way. Some want you to ass fuck them, others will want to ass fuck you....but now, you will give and take like a master."

"You have any problem with this?" I shook my head. There was nothing left to give up.. They took it all. I wanted this cock in me. I wanted to be part of this man I now knew I loved and I began rocking into his still silent cock, letting him know I wanted to give him my all.

Slowly we rocked and held each other close until he began to get to the edge. He rolled us over so he was on his back and I was sitting on his cock.

"Show me what you can do, Corey, show me how bad you want me" That was all I needed to hear and I began to pound up and down on him, feverishly crying out, "Fuckmeee, give me your hot juices.....", tears streaming down my face...Then the explosions of cumm hit me and I rammed down all the way, taking each rip of his burning hot lava until he finally went soft. I fell onto his chest, exhausted like never before, sobbing for what seemed like an hour.

Michael carried me out of the steam room and held me up and cleaned while I showered. After I had dressed again and slept on a lounge sofa in his office for awhile, I found out that I would be getting

$150 a day and all my tips and would handle 10 to 20 clients a week.....Michael gave me $500 from my two friends.

Strange as it sounds, I was happy and glad to be owned by someone like Michael... I knew I belonged here for good.

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