***Author's Notes: Before reading scroll down to the comment section and you'll see the image photo at how Jack Twist appears in this story. I think you would agree it's pretty understandable why Ennis is always fucking him.***

He stood in front of the mirror, razor in hand. The blade slid across his face, removing the warm foam and what few whiskers had grown during the night.

He ran the razor under the stream of hot water and swiped the last bit of shaving cream from his face with it. He winced as the sharp blade nicked his chin. A few drops of blood trickled down and he reached for the towel to wipe them away.


The heavy, warm voice behind him was no more than a whisper and he smiled as he turned to greet the man who had spoken it.

"But I'm gonna bleed all over the place if I don't," Jack replied with a twinkle in his eye. The man stepped forward and reached out tentatively to swipe his finger across the tiny red fluid. With a sly smile, Ennis raised his finger to his lips and sucked the blood from his finger. Jack shuddered, smiling back as Ennis moved even closer, snaking relaxing arms around his lover's waist, pulling him close, flicking his tongue over the small cut.

"I would never let that happen," Ennis whispered softly as he attached his lips to Jack's newly smooth chin, sucking more of the blood from him. Jack tasted like soap and shaving cream and that rich coppery tang that only comes from one's life force. Jack shivered slightly in Ennis' arms, more from anticipation, then being cold.

It was the early morning and Jack wanted to get out to the field as soon as possible. He was hoping to be finish and outta the cabin before Ennis woke. Like any man, Ennis had a morning hard-on, but unlike the average man who normally relieve themselves using the toilet, Ennis enjoyed taking a different avenue. An avenue that always made Jack late to his chores.

A wicked smile crept across Ennis' face. He took a step back from Jack, moving him away from the sink and turning him to face the large full-length mirror wall next to it. In fact the walls in the bathroom was made entirely of mirrors. No matter where they looked they could see the reflection of themselves staring back at them.

The cabin was modest. It wasn't fancy nor grand but it had everything one would want in life with plenty of room. But the bathroom was something else. It was the most modern room in the cabin. Ennis purposely had it design that way for his own reasons.

Jack watched as Ennis' strong, large hands circled his waist, slowly tracing the path of fine dark hair slightly dusting the solid, rippling abs of his tightly flat belly. Ennis raised his fingers to his mouth, licking them thoroughly before reaching and moving the moist tips over Jack's hardening nipples.

Jack watched his reflection from the mirror as his lover lovingly began molesting his body. A needy groan filled the still air as the towel around his waist began moving with his growing cock underneath.

The towel fell, with a bit of assistance from Ennis' nimble fingers, and Jack watched from the mirror as long fingers raked the skin of his balls lightly. Instinctively, his hips arched backward, seeking the warmth of Ennis' groin. It was Ennis turn to moan as the taut globes of Jack's firm ass grinded into his pajama pants, causing even more friction.

"You put a spell on me Jack Twist," Ennis dreamingly mumbled, not so much for Jack to hear, but more to himself as he softly patted Jack's delicious, naked booty with extreme warmth. "Can't ever get enough of this. Feels so good...always."

Jack turned himself in Ennis' arms, lips connecting with each other, as they engaged in a long, leisurely kiss with Jack gratefully allowing Ennis to take the lead. Jack is always a sucker whenever Ennis was in the loving mood. There was something about the man that simply made Jack weak in the knees. Ennis was a man in constant need sexually; his need for passionate lovemaking was overflowing and Jack has been the happy recipient of that need ever since they decided to ranch up after leaving Brokeback.

It all started with a handshake on the steps of Aguirre's trailer office. They were given their working orders and yet there was no formal introduction. So Jack reached out his hand as an offer of friendship to this silent stalwart cowboy which life had thrown his way for next couple of months. The moment Ennis clasped his strong palm into Jack's equally strong grip an electric current charged straight through Jack's body.

Ennis del Mar was far from the first man Jack has known, but with that firm handshake, Jack was hoping Ennis would be his last. Nothing had ever come over Jack so intensely. He had heard about love at first sight but Jack always thought that was bullshit. But he was feeling it now and it was earthshaking.

Jack played it cool at first. He didn't want to show his attraction too obviously. But damn if that cowboy didn't lit a fire in Jack's belly. Not just physically but emotionally. With just that one physical contact Jack saw his future more clearly then ever before. He knew right there and then his life would be forever entwined with this tall, larky, gorgeously handsome cowboy named Ennis del Mar.

It wasn't easy at first. In those first long weeks Jack wasn't able to get two words out of Ennis. He was a mystery wrapped up in a riddle. But Jack loved figuring out riddles and he was determined to crack that shell.

It came about slowly but Jack was able to penetrate that shell and a friendship developed between them. Ennis was a quiet, cautious man but underneath the man possess a sly wit, a strong mind and a comforting way a listening as if every word coming from Jack was the most important then he'd every heard. More importantly Ennis was a gentle soul longing for companionship. Those qualities only deepened Jack's emotions. He was convince he was the first man Ennis allowed in and that made Jack very proud.

It happened suddenly; quickly. That first night in the tent was a revelation. But it was a revelation Ennis at first didn't want to accept. Jack thought he may have played his card to quickly. Like any wild stallion you have to approach them carefully and with ease. Too much to soon could frightened them off.

But that following night when Ennis came to him, hat literally in hand, Jack knew he had tamed Ennis. That night they exposed their souls to each other that would leave a mark on them that either could ever deny.

When the summer job was over they came down that mountain united as one. Nothing was discuss; nothing was spoken. A postcard was sent to the girl, and the two cowboys, set off to whatever world they were destine to live.

They found a nice plot of land east from Casper. It wasn't much but it was enough. It was situated in a small valley surrounded by mountains off in the distance. The ground was well fertile and there's was real promise for growth. They had a flowing creek for water that flooded down from the mountain river. The views from their land were breathtaking and majestic. It was a small Eden come to life.

They built their cabin as well as the barn together side by side. While being built they would sleep together in a tent underneath a huge oak tree. The day they finished their cabin was a happy and significant day for both of them. They stood back and observed their accomplishment with great proud. It was their home. They had built with their own hands and they were going to share it together for all-times.

With his hands on his hips, Jack glanced over at Ennis who only stood a few inches next to him. He watched the glow of pure contentment wash over his friend's face. Ennis was happy, perhaps more then he had ever been in his whole life. Either men could say they had happy lives growing up. But in some ways Jack always felt Ennis had a tougher time. Jack may have had a bastard of a father, but he had a home with a mother who loved him as best as she could, something that was taken from Ennis when he was young.

At an early age Ennis was force in the life of a drifter. Moving from one place to another with no place to call his own. Now he had a home; a home to call his own. The more Jack looked upon Ennis' glowing face, the more Jack's heart filled with silent joy at knowing he was giving Ennis something he had always longed for but perhaps thought he would never achieve.

Seeing the front door of their cabin wide open, and filled with happiness not just for himself but also for his friend, Jack spontaneously hoisted Ennis up in his strong arms.

"What the hell," Ennis asked startled. "Jack if you don't..."

Before he could finish Jack awarded him a long loving kiss as he began walking towards their cabin with Ennis in his arms.

Breaking the kiss and quickly seeing what was happening, Ennis tried, half-heartedly to free himself outta of Jack's strong arms. "Jack Twist you better not be doin' what I think you're doin'."

"Welcome home, bud," Jack said smiling, "and I promise ya as long as I live no one will ever take it away from ya," And with that Jack carried a slightly embarrassed but blushing Ennis over the threshold.

It took them awhile but their cow and calf operation proved successful. They weren't by no means rich in the beginning but they had money in the bank, a solid reputation, and a natural business sense. Over time things would grow to even greater success. But that was a long way off.

It wasn't always easy. They had lean years in which they lived on nothing but beans and a prayer. A few times the bank was nearly close at taking the land. But they stuck it out and things began slowly turning around in their favor.

In time they were able to purchase more land and hire a few hands for several weeks out of the year. They were excellent overseers and their workers quickly came to respect their honesty and decent pay. Ennis was nervous at first but Jack was there to reassure him that everything would be fine. In time Ennis's fear subsided, not completely, but enough.

They made few friends, but the ones they had, was honest and true. They've had moments of discord between them. Disagreements and arguments were plentiful. Both were strong willed and could be stubborn as mules when they believe they were in the right and the other was wrong. They had to learn the art of compromise which wasn't always easy for them. They've had their shares of arguments that ended in fist fights over the years. But in the twelve years they've been together they over all lived in perfect harmony.

Life was good between them. Wonderful in fact. Jack had never been in the presence of a more fascinating and intriguing man and he knew Ennis felt the same about him. They spoke and breathed as one. They seemed to have the ability to know what the other person was thinking and feeling before the other person spoke those very thoughts.

There was this connection between them in terms of mind and thought, something that neither one of them has ever experienced with another human being. They just seemed so right for one another despite being very different in nature.

Ennis was a quiet, shy self-control man, and indeed, that was the very thing that attracted Jack to him. But within the rays of those warm brown eyes, Jack could see, the soul of a tiger and from that first night up there on the mountain Jack was to learn just how much an animal that was stored up inside that quiet, gorgeous unassuming man.

In all their years together there wasn't a night in which Ennis need for Jack was plentiful. Spontaneous and passionate, Jack was delightfully overwhelmed at just how powerful Ennis was in his lovemaking. He was filled with such potency and Ennis was always eager to demonstrate that life force all over Jack.

Long ago Jack had lost count of the numerous times in which Ennis would spontaneously take him. Out in the open fields when they should be working; in the stalls in the barn; by the creek; on the side of the road by their truck when going or returning from town and literally in every room of their modest cabin. Ennis always had the ability at leaving Jack startled, breathless, panting, wanting and needing more.

There were moments in which Jack literally had to beat Ennis off with stick in order for him to get his bearings. In those moments Jack couldn't help chuckling while watching Ennis moping around their cabin like some lost little child who was told he could longer play with his favorite playmate. It only endeared Jack even more to Ennis because he looked so sweet and adorable.

Ennis enjoyed Jack's outward enthusiasm and eagerness to embrace all the wonders the world has to offer. It gave Ennis the belief he could be more adventurous within himself without fear because he knew he had someone there to protect him. Ennis could be his true self, his real self for the first time in his life. For his part, Jack admired Ennis' quiet calmness and steadfast common sense. It was something Jack knew he could lean hard on for support without once breaking his fall.

Over the years Ennis had come to spoiled and pampered Jack. Ennis wasn't much for words. They were always difficult to come by. However his quiet action spoke volumes. Words were nice but Jack learned awhile ago the wordless actions Ennis demonstrated at showing his deep affection and respect towards him was more meaningful and powerful then all the words Ennis could have ever mustard up to say to him. In many ways Jack wouldn't want it any other way.

In those protective yet strong arms, Jack could feel Ennis hands traveling downward caressing and squeezing his buttocks. He could feel those strong hands grabbing them firmly yet ever so lovingly. Their harden cocks pressed together as Ennis slowly began rotating his pelvis against Jack's.

"Taste good," Ennis whispered hungrily as he tightened his arms around Jack's hips, deepening their kiss, making it more passionate, more intense. "So happy."

"Feelings mutual," Jack whispered in his lover's mouth. "But I really do need to get to work. You too in fact. This ranch won't work itself."

"We got time," Ennis replied wrapping his arms tighter around Jack as he smoldered his tongue deeper in the warm confines of Jack's mouth, "Its not even full light yet."

"There's enough..."

"I know," Ennis said interrupting Jack's words kissing his lover deeper, "but the chores can wait."

"That doesn't sound like you Ennis," Jack chuckled.

"Hungry," Ennis sighed kissing Jack more sensually, more fully, "very hungry..."

Reaching a hand upward, Ennis inserted a long finger in Jack's mouth while still kissing him. Jack wetted the finger with a coat of saliva before Ennis removed it, taking it down and began rubbing the tip of that finger around the opening of Jack's butt hole. Jack could feel the seductive pressure as he spread his legs slightly in order to give Ennis greater access. "God," Ennis whispered hypnotically. "love this ass...need it bad."

Jack felt his body tremble slightly as his strong hands wrapped around the back of Ennis' head, deepening their mutually hungry kiss. The smacking sounds of their wet heated lips and tongues filled the bathroom. Jack was pinned hard against the mirror and he could feel, and thanks to the mirrors, see their raging woods rubbing hard and tightly against one another.

Ennis began feasting upon Jack's neck. He could feel as well as see Ennis chewing and nibbling at his expose strong flesh; he felt and watched Ennis' arms grip tighter around his waist. Ennis left hand caressed his right butt cheek, while the finger from his right hand embedded itself inside the warmth of Jack's anus, making love to it, as Jack widen his legs.

"Your body feels so good...so fucking good Jack."

Jack threw the back of his head against the mirror, his hands gripping tightly around Ennis' sturdy shoulders as he gave himself completely over to Ennis' molesting. Ennis strength and determination was seeping from him and filling into the pores of Jack's electrified body. Beads of sweat began forming on Jack's forehead as his entire body began melting in a warm puddle of lava.

"Uh En-nnis...wait...uh...God."

He could feel the slow meticulous humping of their crotch as Ennis seductively rubbed them more tightly together. Jack could feel his pulsating cock growing thicker, harder with each forceful friction. His blood was pumping, his scrotum growing heavy as it tighten around him. He could feel the boiling heat building up inside his balls, as Ennis pulled at his neck sucking mounds of his flesh inside his heated mouth. He felt a second finger being embedded inside him as the other fingers grabbed at his cheeks holding himself stationary. It was scorching torture as Jack tried fruitlessly to stop Ennis.

"Wait Ennis...no...w-w-wait...n-not y-y-yee-eettt...wait...no-no-ooh-God!"

Completely ignoring Jack's pleads, Ennis roughly kneaded their genitals together, not letting up for a second. Jack gasped, groaned, and whimpered, tossing his head about. The pressure was intoxicating and mind-boggling. It was seeping all into Jack. It was leaving him in a listless, agonizing state of drowning euphoria. Despite his overwhelming desire for Ennis to stop Jack couldn't find the strength nor the willpower to push him away. If anything Jack's trembling legs only spread wider allowing Ennis greater advantage over his weakened, quicksand-like body.

This wasn't what he had planned. All he wanted was to go to work and for once be on time. He told himself to stop Ennis, to grab his hips, push him away, yell, anything. But instead he stood helplessly as Ennis tortured his loins. Ennis' enfolded arms were like granite, Jack simply couldn't move away from them even if he wanted to. His cock was so electrified that it sent shockwaves of warm, heated electricity up and down his spine. He began to pant like a puppy dog.

"Ooh s-s-stop! Puhleeze, ahh, I'm so close!" Jack began to panic as he neared closer to climax as his rested his strong chin on Ennis' wide shoulder. He had to stop Ennis. But Ennis showed him no mercy, as he continuously grinded their groins together, squeezing his butt cheeks, stabbing Jack's exposed asshole with now three fingers while sucking hard on his lover's neck.

Jack threw back his head once more and panted heavily desperate for some semblance of control. He couldn't stand feeling helpless. And yet, his cock was as strong as steel, and damn it felt incredible. In fact the entire sensation Ennis was dragging him into was indescribable. Jack's mind may have been begging for Ennis to stop but his body was speaking volumes on the contrary. Through blurry eyes Jack watched his entrapment reflected from the mirrors before him.

Ennis had him perfectly pinned up against the wall. He could see the lean, taut muscles of Ennis' strong back dancing and tightening from underneath his lover's skin. They moved with such power and confidence. The suction motion of Ennis' rip buttocks at he pushed his pelvis forward in smooth yet forceful rotation into Jack's wonderfully aching groin was a sight of intense grace and beauty. Feeling it was one thing, actually seeing it in action had Jack hyperventilating as his left leg involuntarily lifted itself off the floor and wrapped itself tightly around Ennis waist which only increased the pressure Ennis was giving to Jack's groin.

"No more! I beg ya. Please!" But it was fruitless. He couldn't stop his imminent orgasm.

"Aah fuck-fuck!!" Jack cried out. He gripped his hands tighter around Ennis' shoulders, knuckles white, willing himself not to cum. I'm not going to cum, he repeated in his mind. But his throbbing cock belied his mental chanting.

"Uh, shiitt! I'm cumming! Gawd, I'm cumming! Fuuucck!" Jack roared as he felt his hot semen spring forth from the head of his cock, shooting high in between his and Ennis' naked torsos, coating it with a mountain of milky spirit.

Ennis rubbed the explosive cock against the fabric of his pajama pants, spreading the wetness over his clothing, and Jack's exposed crotch. Jack bulked his hips as the sensitive head of his penis scraped against wet fabric and the clothed hardness of Ennis' cock. Jack felt warm, sticky wetness on his cock, pubic hair, balls, hips as well as feeling his own semen beginning to dip down in between his thighs. All of this stimulated his orgasm, making him spew his juices longer and harder than he had ever had.


His words were muffled when Ennis reinserted his tongue down Jack's throat and kissed him with the powerful force of an erupting volcano.

"That's it Jack," Ennis quietly growled in between kisses. "Keep coming for me...keep it up bud!"

Ennis held onto Jack with greater force; his large hands plastered to his partner's back. He could feel Jack's knees buckling as Jack continued releasing his load. Ennis went back chewing on that delicious neck as he humped his crotch deeper into Jack's raging cock. He could feel the goo smearing their contracted abs. Jack was spasming, his shadowy voice was all haggard while still ejaculating an endless stream of semen.

With a grunt, Jack slouched in Ennis' arms as the last drops dripped from his pee slit. His head hung slack-jawed, arms dangly against the strength of Ennis' shoulders. He stared down as much as he could at the state of his crotch. His pelvic area was completely soaked and wet. Sticky cum was everywhere. He was a complete mess. But marveled over the fact that despite being well-spent his cock raged with relative firmness.

"En-nis," Jack gulped trying to catch his breath. "You son-of-a-horse's bitch. Look at the mess you made me do."

Ennis didn't say a word. He just awarded Jack a wicked, satisfied grin before kissing him passionately yet again. Ennis adored kissing Jack's lips. Their were soft, full and warm. Ennis loved stretching them out as much as possible as he thrust his long tongue down his partner's throat. Like everything else sexual Ennis enjoyed overwhelming Jack with his heated kisses. Jack once told him he felt he wasn't so much being kissed as he was being suffocated by a tongue that felt like a long passionate snake. Ennis loved that image.

Their arms wrapped around each other intensely as Ennis rubbed his wide, bare hands over Jack's buttocks as he continued humping their crotch hotly together. Ennis was in a needful mood. He needed that booty and he needed it something fierce.

He covered Jack's left foot with his right. He could feel Jack's toes curdling. He enjoyed the sensation. But then again he always loved it when he had Jack sexually heated. Sex has always been Jack's weakness. Seducing Jack was always easy and fun and the rewards were always gratifying for both. It was one of the reasons why Ennis loved spoiling Jack.

Over the years Jack has made him so overwhelmingly happy there wasn't anything Jack couldn't ask for that Ennis wouldn't happily give him. He knew he had made himself a complete slave to Jack but Ennis didn't care. Jack Twist was his soul mate. All he cared about was loving this man who has given him everything he could have ever hope for in his life.

"You really have put a spell over me Jack Twist," Ennis sighed happily as he gently rubbed his nose against Jack's cheek. "I'm nuthin' but a sex fiend 'round ya."

Jack giggled. "You was already a sex fiend before I came around. You just didn't know it."

"And whose fault is that, huh?" Ennis asked as he began seductively sucking on Jack's strong chin racing his tongue over the length of the jaw line until he began nibbling on Jack's right ear lobe. "I swear Jack, you was simply made for this."

"Make for what," Jack asked as he tightened his arms around Ennis' shoulders and back.

"Whaddaya think," Ennis replied softy as he buried his face in Jack's neck and began to gently suck that favorite spot he so enjoyed. "You were made for sex. You were built for it. It seemed God Almighty Himself decided to structure ya for that sole purpose."

Jack squeezed Ennis closer as he felt the intoxicating softness in which his man sucked upon his strong neck. "You make it sound as if I'm nothing more than a sex object."

Ennis grinned in Jack's neck. "You make it sound as if that's a bad thing." Both men couldn't help giggling.

Once again Ennis' hands find themselves caressing Jack's buttocks. He squeezed the length of his body even tighter against Jack, pressing his lover firmer against the mirror wall as his tongue once again dropped itself back in the warmth of Jack's mouth.

"You know I care," Ennis whispered in between kisses. "More then I'm own life. But I won't lie. I like that package you're wrapped up in. It turns me on and I like it that way."

Ennis indeed enjoyed Jack's body. It was so athletically lean and wonderfully muscular. Every inch of that body was structured in diamond symmetry. Built like a quicksilver champion thoroughbred, Jack's physique bulged with a brilliance few men could ever mustard. He was well-buffed but by no means massive. He was more streamline and agile with finely tone features which highlighted every muscle in his body to utter perfection.

Jack's solid shoulders were wide which tapered down to a trim narrow waist. His chest was muscled hard and the flatness of his stomach was peppered with shredded abs. His ripped biceps were lean yet powerful. Years of riding gave Jack's long legs true thickness and his crotch area was full. His hands are large and his neck was wonderfully thick.

But it was Jack's buttocks that Ennis adored the most. Smooth, round and tight it was so gorgeously taut and compact with muscle strength. Ennis simply couldn't get enough.

Normally Ennis wasn't verbal about his adoration over Jack's body but Jack was fully aware at how much Ennis enjoyed his physical looks. When he thought he wasn't be observed Jack could see how Ennis would stare at him. Jack witness the looks in Ennis' eyes as they would roamed over his body: the tightness, the strength and the beauty. Jack enjoyed it. He enjoyed how aroused he could make his man by his mere presence.

After twelve years together Jack could still see the fire inside Ennis whenever he looked upon him. How could Jack not enjoy that? And although he never had the courage to say it, by the stares Ennis would give him, Jack knew his man still lusted heartily after him.

Ennis loved seeing Jack in snug, tight fitting jeans, jeans Ennis purchases for him to wear. The material hung terrifically around Jack's buttocks, strong legs and crotch area which always gave Ennis an enormous amount of enjoyment.

Thanks to Ennis silent, passive encouragement Jack never wear boxers or briefs. Ennis only wanted Jack in jockstraps - red jockstraps - one size too small. Like the tight jeans the material hugged around Jack's crotch and buttocks with a snugness that intoxicated Ennis whenever he saw it. Jack also knew Ennis enjoyed those jockstraps because it gave Ennis much easier excess whenever he had the desire for lovin' which was often.

Jack still remember the day Ennis decided he would much rather prefer for Jack to walk around their cabin shirtless. It was Jack's turn to make supper and while cocking over the hot stove Ennis wordlessly walked up behind him, unbuttoned his shirt, took it off, sat down at the kitchen table and silently with dreamy eyes watched as Jack finish making dinner. From that moment onward Jack was rarely seen wearing a shirt inside the cabin.

For his twentieth-five birthday Ennis surprise Jack by converting one of the small rooms in their cabin into a home gym. Jack had gone on a three-day business trip to Denver. When he returned Ennis had the room ready and waiting.

It had weights of all variety, a multi workout bench, an upright stationary power cycle and many other workout equipments. They were all new and were of profession quality. Jack mentioned he would someday like to have a home gym. He just didn't know Ennis was listening. He should have when thinking back on it.

Ennis purchase the workout equipments because he wanted to make Jack happy. But he obviously also did it for his own selfish reasons. Ennis is a serious voyeur. It excited him at observing Jack while going through his workout regiment. He watched stimulated as Jack worked his muscles hard. It aroused him and Jack was fully aware of it. Ennis was unabashed in his voyeurism as he sits off in a corner of the room rubbing his jean-clad groin silently staring hard at Jack lusting openly.

Sure these workout session kept Jack healthy, but he knew the real reasons for these workouts, was that he was being placed on sexual display for Ennis' own pleasure. Jack felt exposed as a human sex object. But instead of feeling humiliated, Jack find himself often working out with a hard boner between his legs.

With Ennis watching those workout sessions became more exotic and sensual. No words were ever spoken between during those workouts. The only sounds were Jack's grunts as he work through his regiments. Jack felt enamored knowing he had a captivate audience looking upon him with besotted sexual obsession. He would workout slowly, seductively, going through routines at a slow pace he knew would arouse and excite Ennis the most. Jack would watch as Ennis' eyes grow dark with hungry as his tongue would lick around the corners of his lips as he grope his hardened crotch even more luridly.

Ennis would sit and watch from the sidelines as Jack worked up a heavy sweat from his nightly workouts, wearing nothing more then a pair of extremely tight fitting gym shorts that literally left nothing to the imagination. Like every other clothing Ennis brought for him the skimpy shorty shorts were a size too small and hugged delectable around Jack. They were so short and so tight the shorts were barely able to cover the upper crack of Jack's buttocks and his private area - while clothed - was obscenely on display.

The light gray shorts were made of thin cotton material and Ennis loved watching the way the color of the shorts would darken with perspiration. The sweat from Jack's workouts would make the shorts cling even more explicitly around Jack's crotch and buttock areas. Ennis would watch the river of soggy sweat soaked up Jack's hardened, ripped muscles. It gave off a glow of radiant masculinity which Ennis enjoyed. Jack's strength, his laidback confidence had always been attributes Ennis admired in Jack and seeing all of that being displayed in his partner's workouts always titillated his senses.

By the time Jack was through with his workouts he was brimming with adrenaline. His endorphins were charged up and he was the physical embodiment of strength and virile. Not to mention the muscles on his body was glistening with sweat. Jack was drowning in that perspiration as if he swam in it. It gave his appearance a shine that was marvelous to look at. Jack's muscles were even more tightly ripped and pronounce thanks to the hard workout and they were pulsating hard with energy...raw sexual energy...that couldn't be ignored.

Not being able to take it anymore, Ennis would approach Jack, grab him in his arms, pull him down onto the work bench, rip off Jack's sweaty shorts along with his own clothing, and give Jack's ass an intense workout session neither men would soon forget.

"I love your muscles, Jack," Ennis proclaimed as he kissed his friend and lover in the bathroom. "I like the fact you keep yourself so fit and lean. Love havin' ya."

They kissed for several long moments, neither one of them moving from their spot. Their embrace was tight, loving, all-consuming. They simply indulged in the wondrous lip play of their opened mouths. They breathing was heavy as Jack grabbed hold of Ennis' face pulling it tighter into his own making the kiss more sloppy, more delicious as his fingers curled themselves though the chestnut strands of Ennis' hair. Their hearts were racing, pumping blood throughout their mutual heated bodies.

"Jack...ah Jack," Ennis said in a panting, dreamy voice. "I swear...need ya...always."

"I know Ennis...love it."

Those soft, deep-rooted words of affection went straight to be both Jack's heart and his loins simultaneously. Ennis was always a man of few words but whenever he spoke them they pierced directly into Jack's soul. He knew for Ennis those words went beyond the sexual. It was more profound, laced with emotion, that went beyond words. It not only made Jack even more aware of just how much he's been blessed at having Ennis in his life. It only made him hunger even more for Ennis.

Jack broke the kiss and dropped to his knees as his fingers fumbled with the cum-covered strings holding Ennis' pajamas in place. Before long, they were open, traveling southward to Ennis' ankles. Ennis turned and leaned against the mirror as Jack carefully lifted one foot then the other and threw the discarded pajama bottoms across the bathroom floor.

"Whatja doing down there, huh?" Ennis asked playfully looking down as his fantastically thick, long nine and a half inch cock were mere inches away from Jack's perky, warm lips.

There was no reply, other than the wet suction of those lips wrapping around that cock, followed by the heated tongue embedded inside that mouth working the thick vein on the underside of Ennis' huge erection.

Ennis was torn between throwing his head back in pleasure or watching the dark head bobbing up and down on his cock. Jack's handsome beauty won out and Ennis reached down, grabbing strands of hair as gently as he could as he stared happily in the mirror watching himself being given a throbbing blow-job.

He watched as Jack's cheeks balloon and his throat expand with each long deep-throat. The warm vacuum of Jack's suction and the velvet smoothness of his tongue had Ennis gyrating his pelvis in long, sensual movements as his hands wrapped tighter around Jack's head.

That sweet little mouth continued its assault as Jack's hands made their way up Ennis' thighs. When they reached his ass and grabbed hold, Ennis gasped. Jack pulled him in further, swallowing him whole. Jack could feel Ennis' legs shaking as he deep-throated him long and sensuously. Jack is a superb and gifted cocksucker as well as a greedy one. He could never get enough of his partner's overly huge thick inches.

Jack used his fingers teasing Ennis' butt opening, causing Ennis to lean against the opposite wall for support. And when one of those fingers sank inside, hitting home in record time, Ennis gasped even louder than before. He felt Jack's lips curl into a smile around his throbbing cock before sucking even harder.

"Ah shit Jack," Ennis said in a moaning, breathless voice, "uhh you're making me feel so good."

As he watched Jack from the mirror sucking down on him hard, Ennis smiled. He loved the image of Jack's mouth filled with cock. For a few precious moments he held Jack's head tightly and thrust himself deeply down Jack's throat. Over and over he watched himself disappearing in his lover's mouth stretching those full lips to the extreme. He could hear the delicious sounds of gagging and gulping coming from Jack as he plunge himself fully in the warm, wet, juicy mouth. It was a beautiful sounds and Ennis enjoyed hearing it.

"So good Jack," Ennis sighed, "your mouth is so good!"

Ennis leaned over and grabbed a bottle from the counter, dropping it to the floor. Jack giggled as he popped the cap, coating his fingers with the slick fluid. Ennis was treated to a whole new sight as his eyes wavered between watching Jack suck his cock and preparing himself to be mounted.

It was too much for Ennis - the feel of those lips on his cock, the sight of that agile body on his knees before him as he readied himself to be loved fully. He could feel himself on the edge. Ennis pulled his cock from Jack's mouth with little protest, leaning back to watch his lover gratify himself. One hand worked feverishly to stretch his tight ass while the other stroked his somewhat flaccid but quickly re-hardening cock, careful to gather the remaining pre-cum leaking profusely from the tip.

Blue eyes met brown one and two words were grunted out between clenched teeth.

"Take me."

Jack was on his feet before Ennis could reach down to help him. He planted his hands and forearms against the mirror, spreading his legs as his ass swayed, tempting Ennis beyond anything.

A slick hand reached back, guiding his cock home. The reflection in the mirror made Ennis tingle, watching Jack's eyes open and close as his rigid long cock sank fully inside. Ennis needed no further instructions or prompting. They were dancing a routine as old as time itself and it was a dance neither men could live without.

Their eyes met in the mirror and Jack smiled, glancing at the wall next to them. They turned together, Ennis still buried deep inside. From their new position, with a slight turn of the head, they could both watch in the mirror as Ennis' cock slid out, his hips circling slowly before sinking back in once again.

The visual sensation was almost as intense as the physical as Ennis fully pressed his body against Jack's which was now flattened against the mirror. Their hands joined together, wrapped tightly around Jack's long, thick eight inch cock as they stroked it erratically.

Hips moved back, forward, in perfect unison. Their breathing grew heavier, their moans louder as their eyes met one another in the mirror. Ennis draped his torso over Jack's heated back, squeezing their bodies into one. His lips covered Jack's left earlobe, licking and sucking on it as his eyes continued staring into the reflection of Jack's flush heaven face coming from the mirror.

He could see the ecstasy glowing from Jack's beautiful face as he continued mounting him with loving ease. He took Jack slowly, leisurely, rotating his hips at a pace that kept his strong full length buried securely inside rubbing, kissing and caressing the warmth of Jack's prostate, releasing soft purring sounds from his lover's lips as the pupil of Jack's blue eyes grew wide and dark while his eyelids became lazy making it nearly impossible for Jack to keep them open. Pure euphoria had taken over him and it was a look that pleased Ennis greatly.

Ennis picked up the pace - but only just - as he continued stroking Jack's increasingly bloated cock. His eyes never once leaving the beautified reflection of Jack's face in the mirror even when removing his lips from Jack's ear and was now sucking hungrily on Jack's exposed neck. He watched with a mixture of self-pleasure and pride as Jack's gorgeously blue eyes rolled gently in the back of their sockets.

"Uhh Ennis...Ennis...uhhh Enn-iiss."

Jack's delicious lips were parted slightly, his tongue licking the moist edges, as moans and purrs grew louder, more needful. Ennis felt the muscles of Jack's sphincter hugging his cock with each thrust. It had both men hearts racing.

Ennis wrapped his arms tighter around Jack's midsection. He rubbed his hands against Jack's sweaty contracted, steel-like abs and powerful slightly hairy pecs. Ennis loved the feel of Jack's strong and healthy body. Everything about Jack was beautiful and gorgeous. He adored feeling himself buried deep inside that handsome, muscular body as he thrust himself deeper inside Jack's small opening stretching and widening it with his girth.

Ennis increased the pressure jabbing more forcefully, more thoroughly inside. The soft slapping sounds of Ennis' groin hitting into the wet confines of Jack's opening began echoing throughout the bathroom as the vibration of Ennis' loving had Jack's body trembling and bouncing off the mirror.

"Oh God En-nis," Jack murmured, "Yes-yes take me...take it...aahh feels so good."

While still firmly implanted inside him, Ennis maneuvered Jack slightly until they were both facing the large mirror above the sink. It gave Ennis an even better view of Jack in the reflection of the mirrors. He could see everything more perfectly, more gloriously.

"So beautiful Ja-cck," he whispered. "Love havin' ya. Look so good...feel so-so good!"

Ennis continued staring in the mirror. His heart began racing as the pressure of his cock thrust even more passionately inside Jack's hole. He looked longingly at the reflection of Jack. Every strong muscle in Jack's warm body was contracted from his chest, abs, arms and shoulders. Jack's powerful legs were spread extremely wide. His strong hands were gripping tightly upon the sink which gave him something to brace on with each plunge he was receiving from Ennis' steadfast loving. A light sheen of sweat had covered over him. Jack was drowning in the loving he was being given. He looked so gorgeous, so perfect, so wonderfully erotic as he threw his head back relaxing it upon Ennis' shoulder.

At this point Jack was in some other world, some other place, and Ennis was taking him there. It fed Ennis. It emboldened him into ravishing Jack even more thoroughly. There was nothing more beautiful in life then watching Jack Twist being brought into paradise!

The truth is there were times in which Ennis glorified in the pleasure at viewing Jack as a personal plaything for his very own. He enjoyed watching the ecstasy he always manage to bring out in Jack. It was a heightened sense of overwhelming pleasure, not so much for Jack, but for Ennis own personal enjoyment. Ennis told Jack he was made for sex and he was speaking the God honest truth. Ennis simply adored making love to his adoring lover.

Ennis continued thrusting himself further, deeper inside his man. He sucked harder on Jack's neck, his hands roamed even more passionately over his lover's tight, strong torso. Jack's skin was soft as silk but the muscles underneath felt like raw iron steel. With each firm thrust he gave him Ennis watched as Jack's muscles would respond. They would all tighten, stretch and expand to it's fullest. With each intake of breath Jack took his strong muscles would pulsate with heightened intensity highlighting every curve and crevice to the utmost extreme. It was that image of Jack's body that kept Ennis going as his huge hands wrapped around his partner's long dick. He stroked it steadily. It was so hard and so wonderfully thick.

"Ah En-niiss...so good...you feel so-so fuucckiingg good in me!"

Ennis watched as he stroked Jack's powerful rod and squeezed the nuts housing a load desperate for escape. He could see Jack's breathing was coming in irregularly, shallow and breathlessly. He listened to Jack's moaning and sighing which was coming in at various intensity.

Jack was in a drowning state of exhilaration. His tone hard muscles were pulled sharply to his flush glistening skin. They seemed to be on the verge of snapping in half. They were bulging brilliantly and the view was heatedly exotic. With each thrust he gave Jack, Ennis could see the dancing play of those muscles in all it glorious symmetry. This is why he had those mirrors built. Ennis loved watching.

Ennis made a mental note: it's time to have some mirrors mounted in the gym room!

Jack was visibly convulsing, hyperventilating. He was giving himself completely over to Ennis. Ennis stared at the image. It was addictively intoxicating. Harder and harder he increased the pressure, plowing more firmly, more fiercely inside his lover, life mate and friend. Ennis wanted so much to crawl his entire body inside Jack. He so much wanted to make them one soul, one body as he lifted his bent thigh, resting it upon the surface of the sink using it as leverage in order to impale himself even further inside Jack's warm entrance. He had Jack completely entrapped in his embrace.

"Oh God En-niss," Jack moaned out in a crying state, "Mercy...ooh mercy!!"

Ennis tightened his arms around Jack's lower hips while stroking Jack's inflamed cock and balls. He continued humping, grinding and plugging himself inside Jack's body. He knew the time was close at hand. His seed was about to burst forward so Ennis thrust himself more firmly inside his lover with passionate vivacity. Jack felt so good, so wonderful Ennis wanted to leave his mark upon his friend.

"Can't get enough Ja-cck," Ennis sighed, "need ya...love ya...so fuckin' much!"

"Oh En-niiss...ooh God!!"

Ennis wanted to see Jack explode with him firmly inside. To see all that load shot out in barrels.

"Cum for me Jack," Ennis grunted as he chewed heavily upon Jack's neck, "let me see it!"

A low growl reverberated in Jack's throat just seconds before his body tensed. He threw his head back even harder, resting against Ennis' shoulder as he yelled out his pleasure, his sperm shooting out coating the mirror. The muscles of his ass tightened around the cock deep inside him, pulling Ennis over the edge with him, as Jack felt his sphincter being filled with his lover's seed over and over again.

Jack's muscled body went completely limp like a rag doll. Exhaustion had taken over. He was beyond spent as he rested his entire body against the warm comfort of Ennis' warm, protective embrace. Jack was in a state of rhapsodic delirium. It was like a warm blanket wrapping over him.

He felt Ennis' strong, rough hands holding him tightly as his partner continued sucking warmly upon his neck. He could feel the length of Ennis' cock still embedded inside him...still firm, still filled with power as it continued pumping semen inside him before finally going soft.

The cut on his chin was bleeding again. Jack wiped the red droplets away, then ran his fingers through the congealed mess on his stomach. He turned his body around in Ennis arms to face his spent lover, wiping the mixture of fluids across Ennis' lips. His tongue snaked out, tasting every true essence of his cowboy.

"Now I need another shower," Jack said, tenderly wiping the sweat from Ennis' face before resting his head on his partner's shoulder as Ennis cradled him tightly in his protective arms. The heartbeat begin to slow, finding another steady rhythm Jack had grown to love. With a tender kiss and a smile meant to reassure him everything was alright, Ennis nodded.

"I'll join ya," Ennis remarked as he opened the glass door of their large walk-in shower escorting Jack in as he closed the door behind them. Turning the jet stream on the shower was quickly filled with warm water raining over them as steam enveloped around them.

Grabbing some soap Ennis began covering Jack's body in thick layer of soapy lather. Jack gratefully allowed himself to be taken in hand as Ennis washed him thoroughly. He felt those large hands sensually caressing themselves over every inch of his body, purifying and making him clear once again as Ennis stood behind him holding him closely in his arms.

"Feeling good Jack," Jack could hear the voice whispering in his ear as he lean his back against Ennis' strong comforting torso. His eyes were closed. His body drowning in that wonderful sensation of blissful surrender as he continued feeling the warmth of Ennis' hands rubbing and massaging his happy body.

"Yeah, Ennis," He sighed, "I'm feeling very good."

"Good." Ennis rubbed his nose in Jack's ear. "I've been thinking. We could take the day off from work. Spend the rest of the day in bed."

"Mm," Jack sighed loving the thought. "Sounds nice but don't forget we have to drive off to Casper to meet up with the lawyer."

"Urgh," Ennis grunted.

Jack smiled. "We have to get it done." A few weeks back Jack arranged for their lawyer to draw wills and power of attorneys for both of them to sign. It's been long overdue. Ennis frowned upon it. He knew Jack was right but he just didn't like thinking on such things.


"C'mon Ennis." Jack reached behind and patted Ennis's wet butt softly. "If something would happen to one of else, we want the other one to be legally in charge. It's for our safety. You agreed."

"I reckon," Ennis sighed. "It's just that...oh I don't know."

Jack turned himself in Ennis' arms and wrapped his lover protectively in his own.

"Know what, Ennis?"

"Nuthin'." Ennis pulled Jack deeper to him and gave his friend a warm kiss. "We finish up here, get dress, have some breakfast and we'll go off to the lawyer." Ennis then grin a naughty smile. "Afterwards we'll come back home and I'll tie you up to the bed and play with ya."

Jack playfully jagged Ennis's ribcage with a fist. "I don't know about that. The last time you tied me up you left me in that bed for a day and a half. Left me all exposed in order to fuck me anyway you wanted. I swear sometimes I think I should call the authorities on ya."

"Please," Ennis chuckled as he rubbed his ribs. "I've seen the way those local cops look at ya. If they storm in and see ya all tied up, they'll end up joinin' me. Hell they may even pay me money for the pleasure which I'll take happily. I think I'll charge them a hundred dollars a fuck. It's worth it."

Jack laughed as he turned around. "You gotta a sick mind Ennis del Mar."

"Yeah-yeah whatever. Now give me some more soap so I can finish washin' that ass of yours."


38 years later...

Two gray hair gentlemen were sitting at their kitchen table. It was morning and the bright summer sun was shining through the open windows and a soft breeze was filtering in the room.

They had lived a life time together and things were peaceful. Age has grown over them. They possessed wrinkles and frown lines and both had put on weight. Both men had a touch of arthritis in their joints. They were now on a regiment of vitamins at preventing bone loss, improving the flow of blood in their system among other things that comes along with old age.

They're not nearly as agile or as fit as it once were but they still rugged cowboys deep at heart and despite their seventy years of age they are still capable at running their ranch with a strong and assured hand.

Wearing his reading glasses Ennis looked over the newspaper he was reading and smiled. Jack was busy looking over the work schedule for the field hands while sipping his hot coffee - black with four sugars. As always in the privacy of their home Jack was shirtless. Sure the muscles on his man's physique wasn't nearly as sharply define as they once were but in Ennis' eyes Jack Twist was still the most gorgeously handsome man he has ever known.

Age may have weighted down the body but the soul within Jack kept him forever young. All Ennis could see when looking at him was that nineteen year old cowboy who stole his heart back there on a mountain a long time ago. Time hadn't diminish that if anything it had only increased.

Going back to his paper, and using it as a shield, Ennis felt it was time for that talk he has been thinking on for sometime.

"Jack, I've been thinking."

"Ennis del Mar thinking," Jack grunted with mock astonishment as he continued looking over his papers. "A true rarity if there ever was one."

"Hush up!" But it didn't stop both men from chuckling.

"I'm serious," Ennis continued. "I think it's time for us to sale the ranch."

"Whut," Jack frowned as he lifted his eyes staring at the newspaper. "Whaddaya talking about?"

"Just what I said. We ain't getting younger Jack..."

"...speak for yourself..."

"...we're gonna get into that again..."

"...ain't old Ennis del Mar. Just middle age..."

"...okay-okay. Now that I'm old and you're middle age..."

"...damn right..."

"...we can't run this ranch forever so I've been thinking we should sale it."

"But why should we," Jack asked amazed that Ennis would suggest such a thing. "Things are going great. We've just came off a huge profit this year. Better then last year. In fact we've been making good profit off the land for the last fifteen years straight."

"Yeah I know. Still surprise me just how good we've been doing in all these years."

"It wasn't always good. We had some rough times in the beginning."

"Yup we did," Ennis sighed, "but we made it through didn't we bud?"

"We sure did Ennis. Couldn't have done it without ya."

"Same here, bud."

They paused briefly absorbing their accomplishment with rightful pride.

"So I don't understand why you want to sale it?"

"I just think it's time," said Ennis. "Like you said, we've been making a strong profit for several years now. Course we never did it for money but we got it. I think it's time for us to start enjoying it a little."

"Well I'm all for that," Jack said as he drank down the rest of his coffee. He leaned back in his chair stretching his limps. He could hear them cracking just a little. He rubbed his naked belly. Despite his age his stomach was still flat even if the abs was no longer there.

"You know Ennis it's a damn shame you still got me walking around here shirtless. I think it's one of the reasons why my bones ache so much. Keeping me on display like your personal stud."

"Well you are," Ennis smirked as he turned a page of the newspaper. "Besides you're still the finest lookin' cowboy I've ever met. I thought we made that clear last night."

"Yeah we did," Jack smiled. The men may have snow on the roof but inside a raging fire was still burning brightly in the fireplace. "But to sale Ennis? Why?"

"What more can we do? What more could we get?" Ennis asked in a calming voice while still reading the paper. "Beside I've been thinking it's time to move...outta the state."

"What a minute. First you're suggesting we should sale our land and now you're thinking we should pick up and move outta Wyoming. You've never left this state in your entire life. What's going on Ennis?"

Ignoring the question Ennis continued speaking his thoughts.

"It's time for retirement Jack. It's been fifty years after all."

"Fifty..." the moment he spoke the word Jack paused absorbing the significance of that number.

"My God," Jack said in a whisper reflection, "Fifty years Ennis...fifty? Fifty years of ups and downs..."

"...fights and arguments..."

"...kissing and making up..."

"....putting up with your snoring..."

"...putting up with your goddamn stubbornness..."

"...same here..."

"...but we made it through. Couldja ever imagine Ennis? All those years ago outside of Aguirre's trailer when we first shook hands that we would be here today? Still together."

Ennis pulled down the paper staring at his man with grateful bliss. He looked across the table into those handsome melting blue eyes which mirrored the affection Ennis was sure his brown eyes were registering.

"Yeah bud. I can imagine. Most important moment in my life...at least so far."


Ennis smiled pulling the paper back up in his face.

"Like I was sayin' we should sale the ranch and move to a new place."

Seeing how he wasn't getting anywhere Jack decided to just play along. Clearly Ennis was up to something.

"Okay we're movin'. Where too?"

"I've been talkin' with Clem Boatwright, you know that realtor from Casper."

"Yeah-yeah," Jack answered with a touch of impatience in his voice. "He made the deal in which we were able to purchase the Parker's land on the western end of our ranch. It was a good bargain for us."

"That it was. I rang him up a few weeks back. Asked him how much we could get on the ranch if we ever sold it."

"I don't know why you would ask such a question. We both know the answer to that."

"Yeah I know but I asked anyway. He gave the correct answer: a million and a quarter. But he said he could easily sale it for three."

"That much?" Jack couldn't help hiding the surprise in his voice. "Whoa that's something boy."

"Yeah I was surprise myself but Boatwright said I shouldn't be. With our good land, strong work ethnic, solid profit and good business sense and reputation, our ranch is a real prize around here. He said he could have it sold in two or three months easy."

"Won't lie Ennis. That would be a nice pocket of money."

"Sure would. I was thinking we could take that money and move out to San Francisco."

"San Francisco," Jack said in amazement as he sat further up in his chair while staring at the newspaper shielding Ennis's face. "You know that's queer country Ennis."

"Boatwright told me there's some nice areas surrounding San Francisco. There's a place called San Ramon. It's about an hour drive. Same distance we drive to Casper. From the photos Boatwright showed me off his computer there's a lot of land there. Rustic just like the land around here. Open skies and real spacious."

"He showed me a small ranch that had surrounding mountains off in the distance. It's not a working ranch it's just there for beauty. Just twenty acres and you could tell by those photos the land is real good. It looks also like the land we got here only much smaller. He printed out the photos for me along with the selling information. Got them in my deck draw. He wrote down the website for me as well."

Ennis continued.

"The price wasn't bad at all. Boatwright knows the realtor. He does plenty of business with her. He said we could buy the ranch easy and still have a nice saving to call our own. It has a nice house on the property. Ranch style. It's fancy lookin' but real manly. Made entirely of oak, red brick and stone. The photos inside the house showed it had all the modern equipments and you could tell was recently finished so we don't have to do any working on it. We could move right on in."

"The furniture comes with it and you tell the old owners spent some serious money on it. It has two baths, a big living room, a huge kitchen and den and a massive master bedroom with it's own bathroom and two guest rooms. It had a nice porch - front and back. The place even had a nice size built in swimming pool."

"There's a stable out in back made of oak. Not big. Only enough stalls for five horses but that's more then enough for us. We could bring our best horses with us and ride them up in the surrounding mountains and go exploring. Sometimes we could go and journey in the big city. I'm sure you'll love that. You've talked about that queer city often enough over the years. Be a sweet second life for us."

Jack sat there speechless. Even after living with that man for fifty years Jack couldn't recall the last time Ennis ever spoke this long about any subject in one sitting without Jack interrupting him or adding to the conversation in order to keep it going.

"Jack are ya listening?" Ennis noticed the long pause coming from the other side of his newspaper. He was momentary grateful for that paper. He gave him the ability to smile broadly. It's not too often he was able to leave Jack speechless. He soaked it in. "So what about it? Does it sound like something you'll be open too?"

"Um...yeah...sure," Jack replied gathering his thoughts. "But why California? We could sale our ranch or better yet simply hire a manager to run the place for us..."

"...never thought about that. A possibility..."

"....and still be able to settle somewhere here without havin' to move outta state."

Ennis knew the moment had finally arrived. Taking a deep breath he took the plunge.

"I was thinking it's about time I finally made an respectable man outta ya. You're lived in sin long enough."

"Respectable man? Ennis what the sam hell are you talkin'..."

Suddenly Jack stopped. 'Make an respectable man outta me,' Jack thought to himself as those words sank in his mind absorbing him totally. Remembrance quickly dawn on him. It wasn't no more then six weeks ago both he and Ennis was sitting in at the kitchen table. There were watching the cable news reporting on the US Supreme Court ruling. In states in which people like them could marry was now fully accepted by federal law and that would include California.

Jack's mouth went dry. His hands were clammy, his stomach was all knotted with a truck load of butterflies. His heart was racing a mile a minute and his forehead began to sweat. Getting up from his chair he walked with shaky legs over to Ennis. Pulling the paper away he looked down at Ennis.

Taking a few deep breaths and squeezing hard Jack looked at him with starry eyes.

"Whaddaya sayin' Ennis? Whaddaya sayin'?"

Removing his glasses and slowly standing up, Ennis gathered his friend up in his arms. Jack wasn't the only one who's heart was racing, with butterflies in his stomach and emotional sweat seeping underneath his armpits.

"Well...um...I was thinking," Ennis paused and squeezed hard, "ain't it time we got ourselves hitched. I know I ain't much and I probably don't deserve ya." Ennis grinned one of those shy smiles that always melted Jack's heart. "But I do like ya...an awful lot. And well...I don't know...I just think the time is right. How about it bud?"

Tears began forming in the corners of Jack's eyes. He was shaking all over as he threw his arms around Ennis holding him tight. For a moment he said nothing his feelings were overwhelming him.

"Oh Ennis," he said in a cracking voice, "Fifty years and you're still surprising the shit outta me."

Ennis held Jack tighter. By now his eyes were just as moist as Jack's

"So is that a yes?"

Jack laughed holding even more tightly on his friend.

"Show me those photos of our new home Ennis," he said as his voice gave over to the emotion he was feeling in his heart. "I can't wait to start our second sweet life together!"




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