I didn't say this the first time, but yes, this story is based on real events, and my partner is really Brock and I love him. Please enjoy the story.

but here is part 2!

-part 2-

I followed Brock to his bedroom and he closed the door behind us. He disappeared into the closet to find some clothes (which disappointed me that I couldn't see). He stayed in there for at least 5 minutes and came out wearing an opened button down shirt, a tight t-shirt, and very tight skinny jeans. He was beautiful. Not to mention the fact that I could see his package (quite nice I must say) very clearly through the jeans.

He finally said something that broke my stare "so what do you think?"

"of what?" I replied.

"my outfit, what else?"

"oh it looks good, I like the pants, but what is the occasion?"

"oh no particular reason. I just want to look good for you."

He seemed shocked at himself for saying this and instantly turned bright red.

I stood up, still in shock and said "well thank you, I think you actually look adorable in the outfit."

His face then lit up like the sun and an embarrassed smile crept onto his face.

"so, umm, are you gay?" Brock asked.

"yes, I am. I've known for a few years now. Are you?"

"I am actually bisexual, or as I like to call myself, "bisexually gay" because I like guys more than girls. But please don't tell me parents, they don't know yet."

So now I knew what he meant on the phone earlier.

I walked up to him and gave him a huge, and unexpectedly sensual hug and told him "your secret is safe with me. Thank you for telling me, I'm proud of you."

I felt another smile come on his face as his head was laying on my shoulder. After about a minute I tried to let go, but he wouldn't let me go.

So I asked him "why are we still in this hug?"

"because I have never felt anything this amazing."

This time I felt myself blush and got a huge smile. I had this weird feeling inside me and wasn't sure what it was. Was it love? My mind was racing.

I felt his lips press softly against my cheek as he pulled away from the hug.

I slowly turned toward him and looked into those beautiful green eyes. He was perfect.

I slowly reached in and pressed my lips against his and closed my eyes tightly.

I felt something cold run down my face. Was I crying? Was he crying on me?

I opened my eyes and it was really blurry. When my vision came back I realized that we were both crying, for what reason I don't know. All I know is that the kiss was amazing. We slowly pulled away from each other and I held onto his hips as he held onto the back of my neck.

"that was my first kiss" brock said finally.

"it was mine too" I said.

"did you like it as much as I did?" he said

"it was the best feeling ive ever had."

"it was the same for me hunny" I said.

"it feels good for you to call me that" he said

"well its more of a southern thing, and I call a lot of people that. If you would like though, I could call you something more special, like baby."

"I'd like that a lot" he said with a cute, dorky smile.

That smile was what made me think I was falling in love.

"so, you are single, right?" Brock asked.

"yes, I am. Ive never had a boyfriend, even though I would love one."

He reached up and gave me a quick kiss and said "maybe I can help with that."

I blushed really bad this time and couldn't help the dopy smile I was giving him.

"maybe you can." I said.

We then heard his mom yell from downstairs "Brock, get your ass down here and help me set the table for dinner."

"do you think we could continue this conversation after we eat?" asked brock.

We both walked downstairs to the dining room, which had nothing but a table and chairs with boxes stacked everywhere. I then finally saw Stephanie, Brock's mom, whom I have missed seeing twice today.

"so is this who came in earlier?" she asked.

"yes, this is Colton. He goes to the school I will be going to."

"well its nice to meet you, and im glad Brock has found a friend here so quickly."

"well you have a great son and I'm glad to have him as a friend" I said with a cheery smile.

We then sat down to the table and ate the pasta that Brock's mom had made. It was really good.

When we finished eating we helped Brock's mom clean the dishes and went back to his room.

"so do you like me?" brock asked as soon as he closed the door behind us.

"well, can I be completely honest with you, Brock?" I said as I walked to him and held both of his hands

"of course"

"well, I think I actually love you. I believe its love at first sight."


"yea, im just trying to be honest"

"well thanks Colton. Because I feel the same way, and I want to do something about it" he confessed.

"Brock, I really love you, and I want to do something about it as well."

So I finally just asked him "Brock, will you be my boyfriend?"

"Of course I will, Colton" he said as he leapt into my arms.

I then kissed his neck and picked him up with his legs wrapped around my waist. I brought him over to the bed and set him down on the edge as I felt his tongue trying to push between my lips. I let him in and had another great feeling added to my list of feelings that have happened today. Then he slowly pulled away.


"yes, baby?"

"will you make love to me?"



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