Hey I'm Andy you may remember me from the New Beginnings: Revelations series. Well this is a prequel to this for the literature world

Here is how it all began before I met Riku and Ryan

The college was offering a student exchange programme which I signed for which offered one student from Britain to go to Australia in exchange for an Australian student to move to Britain

So I sat on the plane listening to my music as we were airborne over the Atlantic sea

I looked to the seat on my right and saw a stunning man. He must have been in his late 30's he had very short brown hair and he was on his laptop. I could see he was working on a script for a film

I took my headphones out of my ears and talked to him

"hey what movie you writing?" I asked out of curiosity

"umm it's a gay porno parody movie" he blushes

"oh right does not concern me but I'm gay also and you caught my eye when you sat next to me" I confess

"really?" he says as he has a twinkle in his eye and I get a sneak peek of his bulge in his pants

"want me to take care of that?" I ask

"sure but how you gonna do that without getting caught?" he whispers

"follow me" I say as I nibble on his neck

I take his hand as we enter the small claustrophobic toilet stall and we lock the door

I look around in case there are any cameras available

I then unzips his pants and pull his underwear down as I see his soft cock hit my cheek

It was impressive even if it was not erected it stood at 6 inches soft I was told.

I lean over him and I suck the head of his penis which makes him moan softly

I then deepthroat him as I feel his cock expanding in my throat

I unbutton his shirt and pinch his nipples as I suck on his dick gently

"yeah swallow my dick you slut" he moans

He then stands up and starts fucking my face as he gets near his climax

I then feel his load down my throat as he removes his dick and I clean the head for him

He then puts his pants back on but tells me to keep the underwear

I hide it in my hand luggage as he pushes me against the panel and drives his tongue down my throat

"hope you enjoyed that stud" he winked at me as he walks back to his seat

I walk back and sit on the seat next to him and we carried on our normal duties like we were total strangers

So the plane landed in the beautiful city of Brisbane. As I walked down the steps from the plane the heat from sun exposure hit me instantly

I walk into the airport and gone through the procedures as I look for a sign with my surname which I instantly spot and walked to the taxi driver

He introduced himself to me as Max and he ironically was part of the family I will be staying with for the month

He drove us to the house where I will be staying and it was magnificent

We got out of the taxi and enter the living room where I was introduced to Max's brothers Mike and Jack

Jack was a stunning 19 year old guy with short blonde hair with a tank top and brown shorts with sandals showing off his big feet

I sit next to jack when he suddenly kisses me

"Woah what's happening here!" I questioned

"I dunno I just wanted to kiss you" he says shyly

"well I am going to go" I say as I explore the rest of the house

I then walk into my bedroom for the night and start resting my head after a long exhausting flight

As I was in a deep sleep I could feel breathing on my neck

Panicking like mad I turn the light on and accidentally punch jack in the face

"OWWWWW" he screamed in pain

"oh my gosh I'm sorry" I say in a panic

I pull jack onto the bed and hold him since the punch was not as bad as I intuitionally thought

He then shares another passionate kiss with me as I look at him and return the favour

He bites my neck as he removes my clothes and sucks on my nipples

"hmhnh" I moan out loud as I remove his clothes and stroke his  monster dick

He then sucks on my cock and deepthroats me as I moan quietly trying to keep the noise down

I then hear Jack pop open a lubricant bottle and spreads it into his hole which his ass was nice and round

He then straddles me and I feel his tight ass around my dick as he moans out loud.

I grab hold of Jack's waist and stand up as his ass rolls around on my cock and he moans in my ear

Suddenly the door opens and Jack's dad appears in our room

"What the he'll is going on?" he shouts

"d d d dad please it's not what it looks like" jack pleads as he takes his ass off my dick

"I'll fucking kill you" he screams at me as I get dressed and ran for my life away from the house

And that is all I remember. A few months later I met Riku and Ryan and started that love triangle

Love is a mystery sometimes don't you think?





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