England! Wow leaving South Africa never felt better than this holiday, I was going to get a lot of time to shop and maybe meet a few new and interesting people! In the small town that we stay in there is a really nice family with two daughters more or less the same age as my sister and I, they are both terrific people and the younger is very beautiful. First on our agenda was to go for lunch with them on Good Friday, all I could think of was the food really not much more...

We arrived and walked through the door to be greeted by a six foot nine hunk.

"Hi guys, it's really nice to see you all again!" Says Mrs Brown.

"I'd like to introduce you all to Lisa's boyfriend Victor, he's Polish just like you, and you should practice your Polish with him Jake!"

I looked at him and shook his hand, tall, dark, and handsome was all I could see, he squeezed just that much more than usual, and looked into my eyes, his happened to be a light blue. He had dark brown hair, Polo glasses on and a layer or stubble around his jaw.

"Hi I'm Jake, really good to meet you" I let go of his hand stepped aside to greet the girls in the usual manor of two kisses and a hug.

"Who wants a drink? Jake I'm sure you'd like a cider"

"Yeah that sounds great thanks"

I proceeded to take my jacket off and take a good look at this seriously hot guy I had just met. I mean, it's not like I have ever had any gay tendencies towards other guys before, but this guy was just so perfect I wanted to be just like him and maybe see what was underneath his vintage shirt and trousers. But let's be serious for him to notice anyone they'd have to be a Hollister god, or a red carpet model, but maybe just maybe he would find and see an interest in my six foot three, swimmers frame... I have dark green eyes and blond hair, I live in Africa so I have a slight tan, and maybe that would be enough!

We all congregated around the fire in the lounge and chatted, loads of stuff was spoken about like the lack of rain that was plaguing the farmers, the possibility of having the longest drought on English history, then they turned to the Oxford Cambridge boat race and how much of a disaster it was, this then naturally let to me as I am a strong rower at home. Victor turned to me and asked,

"You are a rower then? That must be quite a difficult sport."

"Yeah, I started at the same time as swimming and I have competed at a national level for both of them, it's actually really fun, you get to meet loads of people." I replied

He considered this and looked away as the topic changed to University.

I found out that Victor was in his third year and really enjoying it. Mrs Brown then eventually stated that we should all go for a walk before lunch, and everyone heartily agreed. I inwardly groaned and wish I had met Victor before he had met Lisa. I stared at him as he got up and stretched, revealing a seriously prominent bulge in his jeans that angled off to the left... then is was over and he was looking at me with a slight hint of curiosity. I looked away embarrassed hoping that he hadn't seen what I was looking at.

"Please excuse me for a sec" I said and left the room to go to the loo before another dreaded British walk in cold windy weather. I strolled slowly down the corridor to the bathroom, dreaming about Victor naked, when I heard a thump behind me, I looked and saw nothing. Ignoring it I walked into the bathroom, not bothering to lock the door behind me. I unzipped my trousers and a half hard cock flopped out craving air and space. I stared at it and rubbed it slowly, no I can't do that here, I told myself!

I zipped, washed and walked out the room, to find a really tall man standing outside, leaning on the wall with his arms crossed.

I stopped with my hand on the door and in my moment of slight shock let my mouth drop open. He pushed himself of the wall and moved closer to me then when I thought he couldn't get any closer, asked, "are you finished here?" he said this with a smile on his face, almost a knowing smile.

I pulled myself together and replied, "Yeah sorry Victor, best be off to that fucking walk hahaha. Ah sorry it's just we have been on so many cold walks here its ridiculous!" I moved aside for him while talking.

"Yes, I agree they are really boring especially when you live here, I'm not going on it anyway, you can tell me about what uni you want to go, while we wait"

I laughed, "You neither ha, good plan"

He went in, didn't close the door, and unzipped his jeans, I couldn't move, he removed his cock, all I could see was the tip which seemed really large. I turned and walked away, maybe he was a bit hard as well. I was really surprised when he was walking next to me a second later; I looked up to him surprised.

He laughed, "I'm quick in some cases but not others, if you get my meaning."

I smiled my best smile and let my hand brush against his leg while we walked. "So I'm planning on going to the US, Harvard mainly, what do you think?"

"No you can't go there, there's no night life for students! You should come to Edinburg, we party almost every night, and it's awesome!"

I considered this as we walked slowly down the corridor, " Yeah I guess that's important, who doesn't want to go clubbing every night, what are the clubs like, do you get a lot of action there... oh wait haha did you get a lot of action?"

He laughed earnestly and stopped walking, and looked at me; he cocked his head to the side for a couple of seconds, after a pause he said, "Yes everyone has left for the walk... I still get a lot of action, but not in the same department as I do when I'm with Lisa!" He smiled mischievously when he said this.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, he was moving closer to me now pushing me against the bookshelf along the wall, "Wow sounds amazing I wish I was getting the same action as you right now..." I left my sentence hanging and he reached me completely, he moved his huge hands to my face and caressed my cheek; he then pulled in and down to find my wet lips. All I felt was a powerful tingle that ran all the way round my body as his soft velvet lips moved delicately over my mouth, his tongue then found its way inside and we were suddenly kissing passionately against the book shelf. His hands roved all over my body and soon found my cock, which was really hard by now and throbbing! I abandoned my shock and slid my hands up his shirt and felt abs, and pecks, and hard nipples, I homed in on these and lightly tweaked them, he groaned and stopped his exploration of my mouth and looked at me with lust, those light blue eyes asked my dark green ones, all I did was grab his ass and squeeze and pull him towards me, "Victor you are so fucking hot, please can you show me a good time!"

He held me, and said, "Jake, you are just as sexy, I want to do things to you and make you feel like you have never felt before!" With this he pulled my shirt of and kneeled down, and started kissing my nipples, he licked all round them and sucked really hard against them, I had never felt anything like it and let loose a sudden groan, I was shuddering from it, I then leaned down and slowly pulled his shirt of, it revealed a godlike body that could have melted an iceberg. He moved down my stomach between my tense abs and started licking my dark trail.

He slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, he looked up and said, "Man you are so hot, I just want to suck and fuck you!"

"Victor all I want you to do is suck and fuck me!"

He then savagely pulled my underpants down, letting my rock hard 7" inch cock swing out and slap him on the cheek. He grabbed it and slowed down, he gently licked all the way down the shaft from the tip towards my low swinging balls, when he got there he took them in his mouth and my mind went green with passion. I shudder and groan loudly, "OH Victor, Fuck!!" He moved up and swallowed the head. I watched as my previously untouched cock disappeared down this hunks mouth and went all the way, I couldn't stop myself from thrusting softly as he went up and down my shaft making very load slurping sounds while he did it, all the while I am groaning like a horse on heat.

He stops suddenly, maybe because my balls were rising up to meet his juicy mouth as it slurped all the way up and down my cock. He licked of the precum on the tip and swallowed it. I then dropped down to him and kissed him hard, "Can I suck you?" Was all I asked.

He lay down on the floor in the middle of someone else's house and spread his legs in response. I hungrily unzipped his jeans and puled them down his legs, I then slid of his Calvin and Cline underpants, to reveal a monster, 11" cock that was red and throbbing slowly. I stopped to admire it, and then moved in and swallowed as much of it as I could, I licked up his fast leaking precum, which tasted like raspberry juice. I managed to get about half way down, when I started choking, but I came straight back up and went down again. All I could hear past his hairy groin was, "Fuck... fucking hell Jake, oh yeah, oooh yeah" I slid my hands through his hairy balls while sucking his monster cock, I didn't bother to think what it was going to be like sliding up my tight virgin ass.

Suddenly he shouted, "No more, I need to fuck you so much!" I stopped and leaned up towards him and replied.

"Anything you want" He smiled kissed me quickly and pushed me onto my back he spread my legs wide and leaned down and started licking my hole, he licked, and licked, and licked, and I moaned and moaned and moaned. After a while of complete and utter bliss, he whipped out a condom and lube from his discarded jacket on the floor, I glimpsed, extra-large and then heard a rip, a gasp and then a spurt. Then a cold finger entered my 18 year old virgin ass covered in lube, it was cold and slippery but an amazing feeling, then another one slip up followed by another one which started moving around quickly, it felt quite uncomfortable now but soon good better, I could feel my ass stretching slowly.

Victor then sat up and breathed, "Are you ready my sexy fuck partner?"

"Yes, Victor fuck me already!"

He nodded, and placed his cock against my hole, it felt fucking massive from my position on the floor, he then started to slowly push in, I screamed as it broke the entrance, and started sliding up inside me. "Are you ok Jake?"

"Yeah.... I'm fine, carry on, get it in, aaah it's so filling!"

The monster cock, started moving up again, and didn't seem to ever finish, it just slid in, and on and in, then all of a sudden I felt rough hair bump up against me. I looked up to find Victor grinning, and licking his lips, he paused for a second, then moved out again, he started a slow rhythm that was so amazing it made me want to shout as loudly as possible. I slipped into a dream state and bumped against the bookshelf as my new God fucked me. He held my legs in the air and whipped his head around with a huge smile on his face.

I'm not sure how long we lasted but soon I could feel that amazing drawing feeling in my balls, and sure enough my cock was hardening again ready for its grand finale. "I'm gona cum Victor, its coming!" He pulled out suddenly, leaving a popping sound, and lent down to start sucking my cock again.

And, then, I, cummed like never before, I felt it jet into Victors mouth and saw it leak out the sides, jet after jet of cum fired into his mouth, and he tried as best he could to suck it all up, but he couldn't.

He then ripped the condom off his huge dick, and started stroking it; he lifted his head, as if baying to the moon and cummed all over my chest. "Oh FUCK" Was his response to his strings of thick white cum that shot all over me. When he was finished he lay down on top of me and kissed me slowly and softly.

"Victor, thank you, that was amazing man, you fucked me like a hero!"

"Jake, you took me like a hero, wow you are a boss!" He laughed and traced my pecks with his finger. "I think we should clean up before the others get back."

"Yeah let's do that, wow I completely forgot about then!"

We got up off the floor and, picked up all our cloths then went to the bathroom, moving quickly. While we cleaned and got re dressed, Victor asked me, "So that was you're first time was it?"

"Yeah it was, and fucking amazing too, How come you're with Lisa yet you're so amazing with the guys?"

He smiled, and said "Well it was great; I think my best fuck ever! Well she is amazing too, I want kids so I'm with her, I guess you could call me bi..."

"Yeah I guess I could, wait I think I heard someone lets go"

We walked out, dressed and clean, and went back to the party.



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