It was a Sunday. Even so the trains were a little more crowded than I'd expected. Many of the passengers were young men, some quite lively. Shame, I thought, that the person across the aisle from me was a prim, unattractive woman with a dubious taste in shoes. Typical!

Some years had elapsed since my last encounter with a guy and, being married, such encounters had in any case been all too rare. Today appeared to be another day where the most I could expect was a bit of 'window-shopping' on London's shabby Metropolitan Line. Not that I was ever expecting to meet a young stud, exchange looks and immediately find a corner in which to go and have instant bareback sex. That sort of thing only happened in gay erotic stories. It certainly didn't happen to me.

As the train pulled away from Baker Street my mind turned to the cute ginger-headed lad I had admired on my way into London that morning. His jeans were too baggy but he wore them well. I hadn't brought anything to read with me so I could do little else than stare out of the window and loose myself in my imagination.


Five minutes later the train slowed as it came into Finchley Road station and the sight of three lads waiting on the platform pulled me abruptly out of my fantasies. They were slim with youthful faces. Two were wearing skinny-jeans, the third was in those narrow-legged chinos that were currently fashionable - all worn low, dangerously low. Good-looking faces and good-looking bums were, for me, two essential features of a desirable young man. At first the three desirables appeared to be heading for the next carriage, but a moment later they doubled back and entered mine.

'Fuck me! That was fuckin'amazing!' declared the first lad in. Nice blue skinny-jeans, I thought, low-waisted with a brown leather belt. Nice bit of tight white boxers showing. Nice close-fitting grey striped top. Good head of floppy dark brown hair, although he looked too young to be covered in much hair elsewhere apart from his pubes. These boys were doubtless still teenagers. 'Fuckin' amazing!' he again declared.

There was room in several parts of the carriage for three people to sit together. All three laughed as they came to take their seats by me. My luck was turning!

'Did you see their faces, Dan? Fuckin' amazing!'

'I reckon they were pissed,' said the boy called Dan less vociferously as he took his seat by the window facing me. His was a pretty face, I thought snatching a look, and that was a great casual short-sleeved shirt he was wearing - blue, close-fitting, open to half way down with the lowest button or two also undone.

The lad in the blue skinny jeans and stripey top sat down next to him, all the while expressing further amazement at the event they clearly had witnessed. 'Fuck me!' There's a nice invitation, I thought. He had dark brown eyes and a more Mediterranean complexion compared with the others. 'Fuckin' amazing!'

The third boy sniggered and then hesitated for a moment. His grey T-shirt revealed that he was quite muscular for his age. A pleasant face, albeit a bit wide. He and I exchanged a swift look before he sat himself beside me. I looked away and stared out of the window as if I wasn't interested in them.

After a few moments I carefully looked again at the boy, Dan, opposite me. His were faded grey skinny jeans; a small rip, probably intentional, just at the top of the left leg exposing a hint of flesh; tight up the calves and thighs but with just enough give around the knees and crotch to keep them looking masculine enough. Yet the front of his jeans was tightly drawn across his adolescent cock and balls like a tent across a ridgepole. What I would have given to run my hands up those legs and put my head in his lap. Sigh!

What the three of them were talking about I couldn't fathom. They spoke eagerly, although the conversation was dominated by the mouthy lad who continued to regard much of what they had just experienced as 'Fuckin' amazing!' He was certainly good-looking, and he clearly thought so himself. To be honest I rather liked his rough, mouthy manner and his vulgar language. It was a turn on. But his looks paled by comparison with Dan's. I don't know if the names of the other two were said at all but it was only that of Dan I remembered. I wondered if he was slightly younger than his friends or whether he just looked younger.

My God! Dan was beautiful, with a smooth finely-chiselled face. His hair was a mousey brown, but it was fashionably tousled which accentuated his innocent beauty. Was he innocent? His lips were a little bigger than average, and he was all the more attractive for it. I wanted to kiss those lips.

I casually turned my head as if to look out of the window on the other side of the train. The unattractive lady was quite disinterested in these foolish youths. Out of the corner of my eye all I saw of the boy next to me was those camel-brown chinos hugging an admirable pair of firm, teenage legs. I thought how nice it might be to move my hand casually across the inside of his thigh and up towards his crotch. I turned back to look again out of my own window.

'Maisie's a bitch,yeah. She like sent me this fuckin' weird text, right...' They talked about their friends, their plans for the week and other aspects of their social life.


At Wembley Park the carriage emptied significantly. There must be an event on at Wembley, I deduced, but clearly not one to which my three travelling companions were going.

'That Trisha, yeah, I reckon she fancies me. She keeps looking at my bulge.' My eyes instantly flicked towards the mouthy lad and towards his bulge. I couldn't help it, and I quickly looked away again. His blue skinny jeans definitely had a bulge but whether this indicated excitement at the thought of his possible encounter with Trisha I couldn't say. Maybe he was just well endowed. I very much wanted to check.

'Fuckin' 'ell,' cried the boy in chinos, 'You're like always looking at Trisha. Bet you've always got a hard-on.' All three burst into juvenile laughter. Chinos-boy did so with much sniggering.

I was a bit taken aback by their lack of inhibition. Perhaps they were out to shock. I looked across to lady across the carriage but she didn't flinch.

Opposite me Dan broke into the widest smile. He was even more beautiful than at first I thought. Imagine kissing that mouth! Imagine running my tongue across those nice teeth! And then Dan did what I would have liked to do. He moved his hand across and felt his mate's bulge. 'Yep, he's got a boner!' pronounced Dan calmly amidst more laughter and more dirty sniggering from my right.

Dan's bulging friend was not fazed, though. He seemed almost proud of exhibiting his manliness. Yet, to my mind Dan's hand lingered a little too long on his mate's cock.

'It's my fuckin' belt,' said the mouthy lad with the bulge. The other two appeared puzzled. 'My buckle,' he explained. 'It presses on my cock when I sit down and gives me a semi.'

Now my mind was whirling. Of course, the effect of low-rise jeans and a big buckle on a teenage boy is inevitable. As the three of them laughed at their own hilarity I felt a rush of blood to my own cock and I wondered if my bulge was becoming equally obvious.

I glanced across at Dan. God, he was stunning! I only glanced but he caught my eye momentarily. He looked at me with his gorgeous green-blue eyes and it was as if he knew I was enjoying it. He watched me blush and look away. Instinctively, I placed my arm across my lap to disguise my erection.

'Thought belts were meant to keep your jeans up,' commented the chinos-boy. They all thought this was funny of course. Only their dads used belts for that purpose!

The mouthy lad turned the attention from his bulge to his companion. 'Yeah, Dan. You need a fuckin' belt.'

My eyes darted back to the thin waist across from me. Sitting down, Dan's shirt just overlay the top of his jeans but parted at the front enough to demonstrate the absence of a belt.

'Why?' Dan asked.

Dan's mouthy mate leaned closer towards him. 'You're not wearing any fuckin' boxers, are you?'

'Really?' questioned the chinos beside me. 'Cool!'

'Yeah, look!' Dan objected only slightly as his shirt was lifted to reveal the smooth area of skin between his belly button and the low waistline of his jeans with no hint of underwear to be seen. 'Likes to flash his dick at old ladies! Dirty little cunt!' Dan just grinned at his mates.

Dan was going commando! I didn't know where to put myself. I was embarrassed for the prim lady who, to her credit, still remained motionless. More to the point, I wasn't sure how I should be seen to react. I didn't want to inhibit them, but nor did I want to risk being publically exposed by the boys for getting off on their teenage banter. As it was I just stared at Dan's abdomen for a few moments. The other two boys took little notice of me. However, I was convinced Dan noticed. At least, though he didn't look at me this time he had me in his field of vision and I felt sure he was fully aware of my fascination with him.


The lady across the aisle got off at Preston Road. I supposed it was her stop, though she may simply have had enough of the boys' impropriety. Whichever it was, it left the seats over the way free leaving me worried the boys would move away. They didn't.

Something on the platform drew the boys' attention away from Dan's lack of underwear, although I confess it didn't have the same effect on me. I remained admiring his body up and down. I was fascinated with the bit of midriff left exposed by his friend's interference, and I loved the way the ends of his short sleeves finished snugly at the widest point of his adolescent biceps.

As Dan stretched to see out of the other window the train jolted again as it built up speed and caused his leg to knock briefly against mine. The boys chattered on. Another jolt and Dan's right knee once more fell against my left leg, this time staying there. My instant reaction was to pull away. Was it an accident? Was he even aware of it? How extraordinary that such a small thing caused my heart to beat faster. He's just a boy! Don't be an idiot! I left it a moment and then let my leg rest gently back against his. His didn't move. The three lads continued gossiping about friends and teenage things. And still Dan's leg didn't move. In fact it was most definitely pressed against mine with firm intention.

For a minute or two I sat stock still, the inside of my left lower leg returning equal pressure on the outside of his right leg. I peeped over at the mouthy lad but he was too taken up with talking. I couldn't have seen the other lad without turning and drawing attention to myself. My arm continued to lie across my lap. I looked down to observe Dan's calf enclosed in faded grey denim and pressing against my calf.

I wondered if Dan was gay and, if so, if his mates knew. I didn't suppose he could really be interested in someone older. It occurred to me he might just be having a quiet laugh to share afterwards with the others. I imagined them getting off the train, looking back and mocking me. But this Dan was so sexy and his leg felt so good against mine. Enjoy it while it lasts, I thought. Besides, they might be getting off next stop and who cares if they laugh at me. I'll not see them again.


The train stopped at Northwick Park. Some other passengers got off but not my three boys. The mouthy-lad looked around. 'Oh my God!' he exclaimed, 'Where the fuck did everyone go?'

Dan glanced round and then looked back at me. He smiled a half-smile. He smiled at me! I'm not actually sure what my expression was but it certainly wasn't a smile. A look of shock probably. Idiot!

'Hey!' said the chinos boy, pointing to a man on the platform. 'That bloke looks like Wallace.'

The train moved off again and Dan asked 'Do you reckon Mr Wallace is gay?' This boy knew exactly what he was doing, the little tease.

'Why?' asked his mouthy friend. 'Does he fancy you?'

'No, but it's what everyone's saying.'

'I reckon he prefers more muscly guys,' suggested the chinos next to me. Dan's leg released its press on mine as he shared another laugh with the others but a moment later it was back. Dan didn't have a body-builder's physique - he was too young for a start - but his tight shirt revealed that he was fit, even toned.

The mouth with the stripes and the bulge was wide-eyed. 'Muscly guys? Fuck off! He likes little bum-boys. Hey, Dan! Better borrow my belt. Wallace'll 'ave that bare arse of yours.' And I wouldn't blame him, I thought. Dan gave his mate a friendly clout, and in so doing leg contact was lost.

As their mirth subsided again the train begin to slow once more and the boy in chinos stood up. Oh! They were getting off here. Well to be honest, I could imagine them living in Harrow. Ah well! It was good while it lasted.

The mouthy lad stood and adjusted his bulge. 'Oh come on, you twat! Come with us! It'll be fun.'

'Told you I can't,' Dan replied. 'Need to get back.' Dan wasn't getting off here? The best news! 'I promised Mum,' he said.

The chinos-boy sniggered. 'Okay, fuck off then!' was the other's well-meant parting remark, and the pair of them bundled out onto the platform at Harrow-on-the Hill amidst a run of crude jokes.


As the two lads walked past our window I fell to wondering how much farther Dan was travelling. How would he be now without his mates around? However, what Dan did next startled both me and his friends. Dan jumped up, knocked on the window to get the other lads' attention, swung around and dropped his jeans low enough to display his entire backside. I was awestruck, both at his nerve and at the beauty of his smooth, pert, muscular buttocks. Any artist would have been happy to sculpt those in marble, they were so well-formed. To be honest, I was also greatly impressed how easily those skinny jeans descended.

The other two collapsed with shouts of laughter at the sight of Dan's moony. 'You fuckin' wanker, Dan!' was the last we heard as they disappeared from view.

I sat helplessly, watching Dan pull his jeans back up and check to see who else was left in the carriage. It was now almost empty and no one else seemed fully aware of what he had just done. Dan turned towards me to sit down. He sat, but not before adjusting his clothing which involved lifting his shirt with one hand and pushing down into his jeans pocket with the fingers of the other. It was intentional. He looked directly at me, observing my reaction as he revealed his tidy group of pubic hairs – also mousey-brown but not over-copious. I stared at those pubes and then up at his face. Dan smiled and sat back down. This time I smiled back.

Now what should I do? Was this an invitation or was he still out to shock me? Could he see how hard my cock was?

Dan slumped on his seat, his right hand draped across his thigh, and looked out of the window. But I continued to look at him – at his lips, at the smooth area of developing teenage 'pecs' showing through his shirt. And Dan looked at me again. He looked me straight in the eye. He watched me as he drew his hand up deliberately so that his fingertips rested on the ridgepole of his crotch. He paused as if to check my expression for a sign of consent. I returned his gaze, then looked at his fingers and then back into his eyes. Was that consent? It must have been, for he shifted those fingers almost imperceptibly up and again down the front of his faded grey skinny jeans, up and down that ridgepole. I was aware my breathing was getting heavier.

Dan looked down at his fingers and then back at me, all the time stroking his cock so it began to get noticeably bigger and firmer. With no underwear those skinny jeans were the only constraint on that pubescent cock and I very much wanted to liberate it. My own fully erect cock was now held prisoner by my own briefs, though only just, and now I didn't mind him seeing the effect he was having on me.


On this section of the Metropolitan Line trains stop practically at every other lamppost and a few minutes later we reached North Harrow. Dan remained seated, but my entertainment was interrupted by the arrival of a young mother and her toddler. The woman sat in the seats immediately behind Dan. Despite this, all she could see was the back of his tousled, mousey-brown head of hair and my face over his shoulder, so Dan resumed his display of gentle masturbation once the train began moving again. He lounged even lower in his seat and lifted his shirt. After flashing his arse at his friends Dan had left his jeans pitched enticingly half-way down his bum-cheeks. He must have been conscious of the grubby seat material against his bare skin. I loved those neat pubes peeping suggestively above the waistline of his jeans and I loved the perfectly flat area of pale smooth skin above it. But with the woman so close I didn't dare do anything other than look.

Dan then put his left foot on the seat opposite. Of course, disrespectful teenagers up and down the country are regularly putting their feet on train seats, but in this instance I happened to be in the seat across from Dan and his left blue-plimsolled foot pushed itself tight up against my upper right leg. His eyes glinted challengingly. I looked over the seats behind Dan and the young mother glanced back at me. I tried hard to make sure my face betrayed no hint of what was going through my mind. At the same time I responded to Dan by placing my right hand on his ankle and, in doing so, let him see the tent in my own trousers. Now I'm not really a shoe man, not one of those who get off on smelly trainers, but just the feel of Dan's foot inside his fashionable blue plimsoll made me leak pre-cum into my briefs. At that moment I wouldn't have cared who knew it. That foot and that ankle were in my grasp and I was loving it.


The train stopped at Pinner. Two women walked past the window towards the platform exit but they were too engrossed in discussion to observe me fondling Dan's lower leg. Actually, the possibility of being seen caressing a young lad was quite exciting, but with the young woman still sitting close I wasn't quite ready to throw caution to the wind. As the train moved off again I carefully increased the movement of my hand up and down his lower limb. With the desire caused in me by the feel of worn denim clinging to taut young calf muscle it was a wonder I was able to maintain my dignity from the waist up. I looked again at the young mother but she was too busy fussing over her chattering daughter.

With his back to her, Dan undid the few remaining buttons of his shirt and opened it to expose the full beauty of his slim young torso. My God, he was bold! I considered what sporting activities he might do to produce those emerging muscles across his stomach and beneath his nipples. Swimming perhaps? I could visualise him now, his hairless body emerging wet from the pool as he tugs in vain at the skimpy pair of shiny-blue speedos caught in the crack of his bum. I used my left hand to adjust my cock as it struggled for freedom inside my briefs.

Dan was clearly up for more than this. He lifted his foot from my grasp and placed it between my legs, pushing firmly this way and that on my hardened penis. I wouldn't ordinarily allow anyone to walk over me but at this moment I wanted him to do whatever he wanted, even if that meant leaving a footprint in my groin. It felt so good. Like me, Dan probably wanted to escalate our activities and felt inhibited by the close proximity of the woman. Given that he couldn't, he settled for teasing me with his foot knowing I was unable to respond as I wanted. He smirked, he pushed down on my erect cock, he pinched his nipple. If it could only have been my hand on those inviting pale brown nipples! With slow deliberation Dan dropped his hand to the modest patch of pubic hair which still peeped so immodestly and alluringly in full view. How casually his fingers then slipped out of view under cover of his jeans. Out of view, and yet the shape of each finger and the shape of the pole around which they danced were as clear as a bell beneath that stretched grey denim. I willed him to pull his cock out from its hiding place. Instead Dan kept it captive and continued to torture mine with his foot.

The movement of the woman behind Dan made him quickly retract his leg and remove his hand. Coming into Northwood Hills, something about the two of us sitting opposite each other in an otherwise almost empty carriage evidently looked odd to the young mother. Still, getting her small daughter safely off the train was ultimately more important.


Once the doors closed again Dan sat up and turned to see who else was there. There was just one old man right up the other end. Dan relaxed back down and pushed his legs wider apart. That was my cue. I leant forward, placed my hands on his thighs and took a deep intake of breath. How firm his young muscles felt to my touch. He watched as my hands journeyed to his hips and back down to his knees. He sat with slightly parted lips as my fingertips reached inside the small rip in his jeans. His muscles tensed in response to my grip. I was being allowed to investigate those legs intimately and this boy looked like he was getting off on the experience as much as I was. And every time I looked up from his legs to his face those blue-green eyes were watching me and the half-smile returned.

In the two minutes it took the train to reach Northwood station I had fully explored that boy's upper limbs. In the process I had pulled him a little nearer me and pulled his skinny jeans off his hips even more. His pubes now lay in full view along with a merest glimpse of his sizeable and fully erect cock which extended diagonally down under his waistband.


Nobody appeared to get on or off at Northwood – why would anyone? But the break in our journey did not halt my manual examination of Dan. I slid my right hand further up his jeans to clutch the mound formed by the head of his penis. It jumped to my touch and Dan's breathing increased rapidly. I placed my forefinger and thumb either side of the boy's cock and rubbed it steadily through his jeans. For a moment I believed he was about to climax and discharge adolescent sperm over his balls and inner thighs, leaving a sticky damp zone in his crotch. I held off for a second or two and the crisis passed.

I considered leaning back and inviting him to suck me off. I looked at his mouth and was flooded with images – images of me ejaculating into his mouth and my cum spilling onto his fresh young cheek; of him pulling himself up to kiss me with the taste of my own semen on those full-bodied lips of his. But I didn't know if he had any interest in my cock. He was certainly appreciating the attention his own cock was getting. So instead I took firm hold of his waistband and wrenched him towards me so I could bend down and put the tip of my tongue on the soft part of his stomach above the belly button. Dan groaned. Well in fact he sort of squeaked and then gave a little semi-apologetic giggle, before the sound of his heavy breathing resumed.

Who would have believed half an hour ago that I would have been crouched like this before a fit slim teenager? Yet here I was, licking my way down across his navel, his body sweet with the taste of teenage hormones and the remnants of this morning's shower-gel; his arse now fully off the seat and resting heavily on my right thigh; his left leg up on the seat beside me, knee in the air; and his right knee pushed into my crotch which I took advantage of with indelicate pelvic movements. Here I was using the fingers of my left hand to fondle at last his boyish nipples; and meanwhile, my right hand still gripping those partially-removed jeans, my fingers curled inside the waistband and pressing up against the hot rock-hard flesh of his cock. I was in paradise and I wasn't going to stop now until my lips made contact with his...

Oh, for Christ's Sake! We were already at Moor Park and a number of people were waiting on the platform.


At that moment I hated Moor Park and I hated the greasy-looking fat bastard that got in further down our carriage. Dan's jeans were hurriedly jerked up and I sat back, feeling flushed. As the train moved off, I hated that fat bastard as he remained standing there by the doors looking at his fat-bastard phone. I was positively pissed off but Dan simply broke into a broad smile. Oh, that smile! I was aware there were only two stops before both the train and my enjoyment of Dan terminated. Dan seemed to be going all the way to Watford with me. Go all the way! If only we both could.

It occurred to me that Dan hadn't spoken since his friends got off at Harrow, and that he hadn't heard me speak at all. I wanted to say, 'You are so beautiful, Dan. You are the sexiest lad I've seen in ages.' I wanted to tell him how much I wanted my cock in his mouth, and how much I wanted to lick his compact hairless bollocks and his tight little teen-boy arsehole. I wanted to listen to him grunt as I pushed my cock inside him and pump him full of cum. I wanted to tell him, 'I love you!' I didn't love him of course. It was just lust. But it was a long time since I had lusted after anyone that much and my cock was aching for him.

The fat bastard continued fiddling with his phone. Dan and I continued fiddling with our genitals. Was the fat bastard's phone a substitute for a small penis? The question was hardly a distraction and didn't really alleviate the frustration.

Luckily, he got off at the next stop.


The fat bastard got off and so did the old man up the other end. So Dan and I departed Croxley station with just us in the carriage and only about four minutes to go before we arrived at Watford and the end of the line.

Barely out of the station, Dan wrenched down his jeans, revealing all but the tip of his smooth, straight seven-incher. Another quick tug from me and the uncut end of his adolescent pride and joy, as hard as can be, was released and it sprang skywards with a slap against his abdomen. He was dripping with pre-cum. I paused momentarily, both in admiration and to undo my trousers. I took in the sight of those adolescent juices oozing from the tip of that bolt-upright cock. And with a swift downwards movement of my head I took in their smell and their taste, too.

Up and down my mouth worked on that tool of his, pulling on his knob with my lips and running down its length with my tongue. In and out Dan thrust his dick into my mouth, each thrust stronger than the last. I shoved my left hand under his buttock and wormed my thumb into his crack. I would have liked to have softened his boy-cunt with a gentle rimming, causing gentle moans of pleasure to emanate from him. But there wasn't the time and with a grunt of surprise from Dan I pushed my thumb through the opening of his anus. I stopped sucking for an instant to check he was all right with it all. He was. He grabbed his cock in his hand and pumped it up and down a few times, before grabbing my head in both hands and using my mouth for the same purpose. Dan's hips writhed and lunged as I allowed him to fuck my mouth almost cruelly.

Then he twisted suddenly and his hand flailed around under his leg, searching and grasping until he found my cock. I was beating it hard but I stopped to push it forwards as best I could. He fumbled and groped with it for a moment or two without quite being able to get a grip and then finally gave up, succumbing once more to the pleasure he was getting from his own phallus. All the same, just that fleeting touch of his hand brought me to a climax. With a couple more quick jerks of my hand I promptly ejaculated, but I did so without losing focus on Dan's cock at all. Rather, between each spurt of semen that shot from me I sucked hard on his cock despite the rush of blood to my head. At that moment I hadn't a care for where my cum was going. My right hand abandoned my own dick to clutch the base of Dan's between my finger and thumb as he continued to face-fuck me with unrelenting movements of his hips and an almost violent hold on my head.

Dan's body tensed. 'Oh, fuck!' he mumbled. I froze, Dan's cock between my teeth. 'I'm going to cum.'

For a second there I thought there was a problem. Perhaps Dan thought he should be cumming on the floor of the train. I imagined him at home in his room, wanking at the thought of his mates and spilling his cum over his stomach or shooting it over his own face. But I was having none of it. I was going to eat his cum. I carried on sucking but with slower and stronger motion.

'Oh, fuck!' he said more loudly. 'Jesus!' Dan grunted again. His body tensed again. His arsehole tightened on my left thumb and I pulled back to look up at Dan's screwed-up face as he reached orgasm. 'Oh! Fu-u-ck!!'

Cum exploded from his cock with considerable force. I felt the first shot hit the roof of my mouth, but such was the energy of his ejaculation that the next few bursts were sent flying in different directions. I soon took full hold of his cock and licked at the volley of semen that poured forth. Some of it I managed to swallow, the rest escaped down the length of his cock and all over my hand. As the gushing began to slow I put my hand, now covered in his adolescent seed, back on my own throbbing cock and pumped it a bit more, enjoying the slippery feel of it in the cocktail of Dan's cum and mine. At the same time I eased my left hand thumb out of his bum, causing him to grunt loudly once more.

Having climaxed, Dan found it almost unbearable to be sucked with any force. He was still very young! He jerked and groaned. For another half-minute he alternately thrust and withdrew his cock in a confusion of mixed messages. I eased off and as tenderly as I could lapped up any spilt cum I could find. Dan heaved a final sigh and looked at the damage. There was a lot of cum. He smiled. God, what a smile!


And that was it. The train trundled into Watford at the end of line. I was tucking my still softening penis into my trousers and Dan still buttoning up a fashionable number of shirt buttons when the doors of the train opened. The evidence of our encounter was apparent.

'You have my cum on your leg,' were my first words to him.

Dan looked down and saw two long streaks of wet semen up the right leg of his jeans. I wanted those jeans. If I couldn't keep him I wanted to keep his jeans and use them to wank with. He bent over, scooped up one globule with his fingertip and raised it near his lips. He paused, looking at me with amusement, and then placed his finger in his mouth. 'And your shirt'll need a wash, mate,' he told me, still licking the finger. I looked down and saw more than a few patches of teenage cum on my clothes. I'll have to work out a story for the wife before I get home.

'You go first,' I suggested. 'I'll follow on.' Hey, I thought. We could head for the park and carry on there. Behind a bush! I could have him suck off all the cum covering my testicles. Maybe he'll let me fuck him.

'It's okay,' he replied. 'I'm going back the other way.' I looked at him quizzically. 'My stop's North Harrow,' he explained.

North Harrow! That was one stop after his friends! Wow! Dan shrugged his shoulders and smiled again. I contemplated placing a gentle kiss on his full, cum-soaked lips, my arm round his slender waist in a final tender embrace.

'See ya then!' he said, and plonked himself back down in his seat.

'Right. Bye.' I hesitated, wanting to make hurried plans to meet up again so we could do more things together. I could entertain him. Go shopping with him for more skinny jeans and for clothes even he might find too revealing to wear in public. But that wouldn't happen. This was but a brief encounter on the Metropolitan Line. 'Bye,' I said again and stepped off the train.

As I did, I almost walked straight into the cute ginger-headed lad that had grabbed my attention this morning. He showed some surprise but I doubted he recognised me. I glanced back to see if Dan was looking. Through the train window Dan responded with a subtle nod of the head and just a hint of a smile. No, the ginger-head in front was very cute, I thought as I passed through the platform barrier, but Dan was in a league of his own.




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