Brian's First Meeting with Daddy Brian remembers the first time master opened up his ass as well as his mind. Brian remembers the first time he met daddy, the first time he saw daddy he knew he would submit. Daddy was temporarily renting the apartment that Brian lived next door to; the balconies were across from each other and this made Brian and daddy neighbors. Brian always had a thing for older mature men because they knew exactly what it was that they wanted when it came to fucking and being in charge, now Brian had an older mature daddy type living next door to him and he knew he had to take advantage of the situation; he somehow had to get this man's attention. It was a rainy Friday evening and Brian knew that the person next door was home, Brian also knew that he wanted to meet him. Brian works up the courage to walk next door and knock on the door, what seems like an eternity passes the door opens and in front of Brian is the new neighbor. He introduces himself as D and you introduce yourself as Brian, he asks you in and you accept eagerly.

You walk down the hallway, the apartment is similar to yours you get to the living room there is a couch; D asks if you'd like a beer and you say yes. D comes back with the beer sits down and opens his first, you open your beer and he asks you which apartment is yours. You tell D that you are his direct next-door neighbor, D asks you if you're straight or if you're gay or Bi, you tell him that you are most definitely gay and you also hint to the fact that you are a bottom and on the submissive side. D informs you that to he is definitely a top and definitely mature as you can tell; he also tells you that he likes his boys submissive and younger than him; D also mentions that they also need to be adventurous. D asks you for your description, you tell him that you are 27 years old you stand 5'5" tall you have about a 5 inch cock you keep your shaft, balls and ass completely shaved. D tells you that he has hairy legs, hairy chest, six and a half-inch uncut cock shaved, shaft shaved, shaved nut sack, hairy ass hairy ass crack. D also tells you that he has a heavy fetish for leather, boots, jackets, chaps and vests. The sound and smell of leather has always made Brian hard and he knows that he needs to be under this Masters control.

Brian looks at D and says, I'm younger and I know you like that Sir, I'm younger and I like to service Sir, I'm younger and eager to follow proper verbal instructions from my daddy. You ask Brian what kind of servicing he likes to do; there are many types of servicing such as ass licking, boot licking, complete service front and back. Brian tells you that he enjoys following daddy's orders and doing exactly what a boy is expected to do for his father. You asked Brian if he has any fetishes such as leather, boots, masks, gas masks, rubber and other fetish materials. Brian tells you he has a fetish for boots and also for leather but also has an open mind towards other types of play material.

You asked Brian if he has a collection of boots or perhaps leather play items. Brian tells you that he is a collection of boots probably about 10 pairs he also has leather chaps leather vest and leather jockstraps.

You asked Brian what he's wearing now and he tells you that he is wearing 501 jeans with a leather jockstrap, boots and he has on his nipple rings and is very horny. You let Brian know that you have brought some items with you as well from Calgary, he asks you what you brought and you tell him, you have brought several pairs Wesco boots, leather jockstrap, cotton jockstrap, leather chaps, leather vest and want to know if any of that is of interest to him. Brian asks you if he can see your gear you tell him the gear is in the second room just down the hall. You escort Brian down the hallway you turn to the left into the room, turn on the lights and there is the collection.

Brian immediately picks up the Wesco boots starts sniffing on the heel licking the soul, licking the leather you asked Brian if he enjoys this type of man service and he says yes. You just know at that time that you have the perfect bitch, cock sucker, submissive boy. Brian continues to inspect the collection and he notices that you have also brought some toys with you such as large dildo, a collection of nice butt plugs, and other kinds of anal toys. You watch Brian pick up the large dildo and hold it in his hands the cock is so big that his hands do not fit around the shaft; you ask him if that is the toy he would enjoy having work up his boy ass. Brian tells you that he would like to have his ass hole expanded and he would like it done by a mature daddy someone that knows how work and stretch his boy's anus. At this point you tell Brian to put the dildo down and to come back into the living room Brian seems to follow instructions well he walks in front of you to the living room, you tell him to stop and spread his legs as wide as he can.

You reach over and you pull out a joint, you light it and you begin to take a few tokes as Brian watches. You hand the joint to Brian and he takes a few tokes nice and deep, you reach in front of Brian unbuckles his jeans unbuttoned this fly and remove his jeans, you tell Brian to stand and not say a word just like a good little bitch. You come up behind Brian his legs spread you reach underneath between his legs and you begin to work Brian's nut sack. As you are working Brian's nut sack you can feel the weight of his balls as you massage his jock. You watch that cock as a gets nice and hard you keep massaging Brian's ball sack, like a good daddy you keep working the boy's nut sack you know that he loves getting those boy balls worked.

Brian remains with his legs spread apart, Daddy is behind him working his boy's balls and Brian can feel those hands massaging his ball sack, Brian is hoping that soon he will feel daddy working his anus. Daddy pulls his hand back and grabs onto you're stretched out nut sack, Daddy tugs on the ball weights and you can feel your sack really stretching. Daddy works your boy balls for another few minutes just to see how much you can take when daddy tugs on your ball weights. Daddy tells you to go back into the living room, you follow instructions, and you walk into the living room, stop and wait for your daddy's commands. Daddy instructs Brian to bend over the couch, next you are to spread your legs as wide as you can completely exposing your anus. Brian follows instructions well, he bends over the coach immediately spreads his boy legs wide as they will go and he can feel the ball weights tugging on his sack.

D comes up behind you know he's standing there you know he's going to ask you to expose your butt hole. Brian weights with his legs spread apart D comes up behind him he takes his finger and pushes it against Brian's Brown pucker hole. Brian the good bitch that he is begins to squirm and knows that soon his ass hole is going to be expanded beyond what even he can comprehend. D likes pushing his fingers up Brian's ass, D also likes ass that are lubed up, asses where you can see the complete hole and you know where the drilling is going to begin. Daddy can tell that Brian's man hole needs to be fucked deep and fucked hard. Daddy greases up his finger and tells Brian to relax; daddy reaches underneath and begins to squeeze Brian's nut sack. As Brian's nut sack is being worked over daddy takes his greased up finger and works it up Brian's hot waiting manhole.

Brian knows that this is just the beginning and that soon his whole will be worked open even wider than the two fingers that now occupy that space. Brian knows that Daddy will begin to work on his ass it will start with fingers but soon those fingers will be replaced with butt plugs. Brian has seen the many butt plugs that were in the room right beside the leather gear and the boots that he loved to lick. Daddy tells Brian to stand up Brian follows instructions he stands up he's then instructed turn around and face daddy, Brian follows instructions and turns around to face daddy. Daddy asks Brian a question; he asks Brian why his cock is erect. Brian tells daddy that his cock is erect because daddy has been massaging his boy sack. You tell daddy that you love following his orders and that you love to spread your legs and you love the fact that a mature man can work your boy nuts. Daddy lights up another joint, he takes a few steps back and looks his boy from top to bottom from side to side, daddy takes a toke he looks at his boy and then hands him the joint. Brian takes the joint in his mouth, as he is smoking the joint daddy walks back to the room where the gear is stored.

It does not take daddy long before he walks out of the room with several butt plugs in his hand they range in size from small all the way up to what appears to be quite large. Daddy walks up to you and holds the butt plugs in front of you and asks which one you would enjoy having shoved up your ass. Brian knows it has only been a couple of hours but he is feeling like this daddy really knows what he's doing with a boy's ass. You pick the small butt plug because you're not sure how open your ass really is, daddy looks at you and tells you that your ass is much wider than the small butt plug that you have chosen.

Daddy informs you that he will choose the correct butt plug for your ass, you know that daddy will not choose the smallest butt plug he will choose one that is just right for your ass. You watch daddy as he picks up each butt plug he checks the length of it, he checks the girth of the plug, he checks to make sure it will fill your ass and make you think about how much you love having your hole gaped. Daddy holds the butt plug that he is selected in front of you so that you can see it; the plug is quite large it has a big long bulbous head it is about 7 inches in length but it is quite fat something that would definitely stretch the sphincter muscle and make you enjoys the ride. You watch closely as a daddy puts lube on the butt plug that is going to be worked up your ass, the plug is completely lubed it is dripping off the head and there's lots of lube all the way down over the bulbous head to the base. Master instructs you to take one more toke on the joint and then hand it to him, Brian follows instructions takes another toke and hands the joint to his daddy. Brian watches as daddy smokes a joint and when daddy is finish he tells Brian to turn around and bend over.

Brian is all too well aware of what is about to happen but he follows daddy's instructions turns around and bends over. Daddy walks up behind Brian reaches down and grabs his nut sack, Brian winces as daddy does this, daddy squeezes Brian's nut sack hard and Brian begins to get hard. Brian feels the tip of the plug spreading open his anus, daddy tells Brian to relax and do what comes naturally when you're a bitch. Daddy tells Brian to relax you feel daddy squeezing your nut sack again you love having your balls worked, daddy squeezes again and pushes the butt plug in a little bit deeper. You know daddy is going to go slow with the butt plug because he wants you to learn how to accept this toy into your anus as a good little bitch; daddy is stretching your boy hole and making it wide.

Brian is glad that he took the last toke it is allowing his ass to relax and he can feel the big butt plug starting to work its way past his muscle into his boy hole. Brian feels his hole being stretched open by the butt plug that daddy is assaulting your ass with, you relax, you feel your muscles being to spread wider you know that you need to accept this tool, you know that you need to submit, you know that you want to do everything that daddy asks. Daddy feels you relax he knows that you are ready; he knows that you are ready to be worked over using a nice big thick butt plug. Brian feels the head of the butt plug pop past his sphincter muscle and get sucked into his ass, he feels the base of the butt plug pushing against his ass hole and he knows that the butt plug is all the way in and filling his ass.

Daddy asks you how it feels having that butt plug all the way up your ass, you tell him that your ass is completely stretched and that you can feel the head of the butt plug in your anus. You tell daddy that the butt plug is pushing against your prostate gland and you feel like you're about to shoot your boy load. You tell Brian that he is not allowed to shoot his load, you tell him to spread his legs as wide as he can, Brian follows the instructions he bends over spread his legs. He watches as daddy comes up behind him he can feel daddy grab his balls and squeeze, daddy instructs him not to shoot any cum. Brian does not know if he can hold the load, daddy pulls out a thick rubber paddle and grabs your balls and slaps them very hard with the paddle. You feel the pain shooting through your sack, your balls are burning your anus is relaxed your ball sack is turning red you're not sure if daddy will smack you again. Daddy asks you if you're going to cum or do you need another lesson in control and when you are allowed to shoot sperm or be milked by a master.

Brian cannot believe what he's hearing he is being told when he can shoot and when to hold he also heard the word milked. Brian looks up at daddy and asks him to explain what he means by milking; daddy looks at Brian and asks him if he has ever had his prostate gland milked. Daddy asks you if you have ever had your ass opened up and fingers slid deep inside to massage your gland. Daddy explained to you that once the gland is massaged you will shoot a large load of cum and you will not be able to control the size of the shot because daddy will be putting pressure on the gland to shoot a big load. You tell daddy that you cannot wait to see what it feels like having your prostate gland massaged and you are wondering what it feels like to shoot that massive load of cum.

Daddy looks down at Brian and tells him that the butt plug that is deep in his ass is opening up his anus and is expanding him nice and wide, you feel your ass opening up you feel the toy is not as hard as it used to be. Daddy pulls back on the toy you feel some resistance is your sphincter begins to tighten up again but you know that daddy has definitely stretched your ass and you can feel it. Daddy pulls the butt plug all the way out just before it pops out you feel it spread your asshole apart, you love the feeling of the toy opening your ass hole, you like the feel of the head of the toy as it slides in and out of your ass hole spreading it wider every time and helping you to relax. Daddy looks at Brian momentarily and asks him how he's doing Brian looks at daddy and says I cannot believe it's only been two hours and already I am so submissive to you my ass aches to be fucked.

Daddy looks down at Brian and tells him to relax then daddy slams the butt plug hard into your ass, you feel your hole expand you love the feeling of that toy opening up your anus. You know that daddy love's a nice wide gaping hole with a wide hole it makes it easier for daddy to get inside his boy's ass and milk his prostate gland. Brian winces as the tool is pushed deep into his ass hole, you love the way that this daddy is preparing your hole and getting it nice and wide and getting you to relax. As you can tell from the gear in the room this daddy has an extremely heavy fetish for boots his favorite is his Wesco big boss which you saw in the room, you also saw three other pairs of boots that gave you a massive hard on just by looking at them. Daddy instructs you to hold the butt plug in your ass, daddy is heading to the room to gear up and when he comes back he will be bringing a complete arsenal of toys with him to assault your ass. When daddy returns from the room he is wearing leather vest and a nice leather jockstrap his Wesco big boss boots all the way up his legs. You see daddy walking down the Hall and instantly your cock becomes fully erect and you are staring at the jockstrap and the leather boots and wondering which one is making you hard. You see the Wesco boots and you know that the site of the boots is getting your cock really hard. You like the way that the boots go up daddies legs and you like the way that the jockstrap is hanging just beside the boot leather. Daddy keeps walking towards you and you keep staring at his crotch you keep staring at the jockstrap and you wondering what's in the leather pouch.

As a daddy I know there is nothing hotter than getting all leathered up for a boy, this daddy likes to put his boys through their paces this means that you must completely service your daddy and that servicing does include leather, boots, armpits, ass hole, and let's not forget cock and ball work. I instruct you to stand up turn around walk backwards and sit in the chair; you know that when you sit in the chair it will push that butt plug deeper into your hole. I stare at you and wonder what is taking you so long to comply with a simple order, without warning you feel one of daddies rubber paddles slam into your sack and you feel the pain shooting through your nuts and you wince.

When I tell you to sit in the chair Brian you sit in the chair, you never question daddy you never question what daddy wants and you always respect daddy by receiving whatever gift he gives you whether it be Gold or White. I tell Brian that was quite a shot you took to the nuts I don't think you want another one you know what to do. Quickly Brian steps back three steps and sits in a leather chair feeling the butt plug penetrating deep into his anus, I walk up and pull my jockstrap to the side revealing my cock.

Daddy has a nice uncut cock and I love to get sucked and serviced. Tonight however I have on my metal ball weights in my metal cock ring and you are staring at the hardware around my cock and my nuts. Brian it is now time for me to introduce you to ball weights it's the best sensation that you will ever have he stared me you feel master grab your nuts and pulls them down you wince as your sack is pulled. Daddy puts the ball weights around your sack and screws them closed he holds them up a little bit drops they pull on your sack like a good little boy you instantly love this feeling the tugging of your ball sack. As Brian can tell by now this daddy is definitely different from other daddies that Brian has been with in the past, this daddy knows exactly how to work a boy over to get the most out of his ball sack. Brian knows that this daddy will definitely be putting him through some really tough sexual activities.

Brian knows that these activities will help to open up his ass as well as working his balls with a nice set of ball weights and possible torture. Brian is sure that by the time this evening is over this daddy will have expanded Brian's ass as wide as he pleases Brian knows that he loves getting his ass worked. Daddy instructs Brian to stand up turn around put his hands on the arms of the chair and spread his legs nationwide this is the way daddy wants them to stand. Brian feels the ball weights tugging on his sack and he can feel how hard his boy shaft is getting Brian knows that standing this way will cause him to get very erect because he knows daddy is staring directly at his ass and is watching the way the ball weights are pulling his sack.

Brian you have to know is a mature daddy I love nothing better than working a boy's ass I love to expand and ass as wide as it can go. I like the way the ball weights are pulling on your sack the weight is pushing down on your balls and you must love that feeling as I enjoy watching your sack hanging with the weights on. Daddy comes up behind Brian reaches up underneath him and takes his leather covered hand and squeezes Brian's balls, Brian loves the fact that this daddy is working his balls as daddy squeezes Brian's balls Brian's cock shaft is getting extremely hard. Imagine Brian daddy is milking your balls your boy balls with full if I can come and you standing there on Friday night it's raining outside you have come next door to this man's apartment and now something has happened. You find yourself spread eagle with this man's hands massaging your balls, this daddy is milking your nut sack and you can feel him working you can feel him tugged against the balls you can feel them add weight and pull down the stretchers keep your nut sack tight. Daddy knows that the best used to have you stand up spread your legs as wide as you possibly can bend over the chair as far as you can now daddy needed to spread your ass cheeks nice and wide and he needs you to relax as he pulls out this butt plug and begins the journey of expansion of both your mind your balls and your anus. Reluctantly he stand up turn around spread your legs you lean forward and as you do you reach around and grab your ass cheeks and spread them apart so daddy can view the plug that's inserted into your anus. Daddy reaches down puts his hand around the plug and gently pulls out you feel the plug and once again your anus begins to open as the plug is pulled all the way out. Brian feels his ass cheeks pop back together but he knows soon that will be another invader coming to his anus, you tell Brian to relax you tell Brian to breathe deeply daddy reaches down onto the shelf and pulls out a large butt plug and holds it up for Brian to see. Brian looks down at the butt plug and sees it is much larger than the one that daddy had just removed from his anus Brian watches as daddy grabs the lube and works it all over this tool. Daddy holds up the tool for you to see, you asked me how big it is and I tell you it is 10 inches long and has three heads and they start small at 2 inches then go to 2 ½ and then go all the way to 3 ½. This toy was designed to open your ass and make you feel it three times as you work down the different types of heads they pop inside a boy's anus one at a time. It is best to show you the toy before you put it into them you do this for two reasons the first is to prepare them for the assault on their rectum the second one is to scared little boys thereabout be raped by a big black butt plug with three massive man heads up. These man heads of what will expand the boy's anus I'm sure Brian that you will be able to accept this plug within the next half hour if you concentrate on what is going to happen and understand that Daddy is in complete control of Brian, do you understand what this means.

You feel the tool being pushed against your ass and you can tell immediately that this tool is much bigger than the plug that was removed a few minutes ago. The small plug that was removed did cause you to have a tingle this one is going to cause your ass to really react to the size of the device. Brian feels the tool being pushed up against his ass, Brian begins to relax and he feels the first head of the butt plug pop into his ass. Brian can now feel the second had pushing against his ass and Daddy is pushing harder as he feels Brian resists accepting this plug deep into his ass. Daddy or as you call him daddy pulls the plug back again and you can feel him apply the grease to the next head. You know that this head is going to spread your ass even wider and when it pops in it will pull the plug deeper into your fuck hole.

You feel the greased up head pushing against your, ass daddy is pushing hard you can feel it is bigger it is stretching your ass wider, Brian wants to prove to daddy that he can accept this tool deep into his nice hot ass. Brian relaxes his ass daddy pushes hard Brian begins to feel his sphincter opens very wide soon he knows that tool will be in his ass. The second head is stretching his sphincter very wide, Brian relaxes and when he relaxes the second had pops into his ass. There are now two cock heads deep Brian's ass, the toy is both spreading the ass apart and also seeing how deep it can drill the hole. Daddy likes a deep hole, he likes deep drilling and when he drills he likes to drill bareback, imagine the look on your face when you hear those words, drill and bareback. Brian squirms as the second cock head is pulled deep inside his open ass, the plug is beginning to fill Brian's ass completely, Brian knows that there is a third head still to go and that his ass will be required to accommodate the third head.

Daddy reaches down and greases up the third head of the butt plug. Daddy is moving his hands around the plug you can feel his fingers working your sphincter muscle and you know that soon the third head will be accepted into your ass. Daddy reaches between your legs and begins to squeeze your sack, as daddy works the sack your hole begins to open, you like the way that it feels you like the way your ass is being played with and you like the fact that soon the third head will pop past your sphincter into a warm wet ass. Daddy reaches between your legs again and grabs your balls and gives them a nice tight squeeze.

Daddy squeezes Brian's ball sack again and pushes hard on the dildo, the third head is pushing against your ass you relax you feel daddy push again and you relax. Daddy pushes hard and you feel the third head against your sphincter you know the toy is going to open your ass up, you know that you're going to accept this toy into your ass. Daddy has now worked the butt plug all the way into Brian's ass, his ass is both expanded and stretched and he can feel the toy straining against his ass. Daddy grabs Brian's balls squeezes them tugs them checking to make sure there's enough weight on the sack is now time for daddy to pull out the butt plug. Brian feels the third head pulling against his ass and he relaxes and it pops out as it pops out the butt plug pulls up to the second head and Brian just squeezes that I would the last is the first head. Brian tells daddy that he's going to shoot it out with his ass muscles, daddy lets the butt plug go and Brian squeezes the last head out of his ass in the plug falls to the ground.

Daddy takes three fingers and begins to work them into Brian's ass there going deeper this time and they ever have before the fact that his ass was opened up with a plug is helping in the exploration. Daddy pulls it to three fingers greases up his whole hand and gently begins to work it against Brian's ass, Brian can feel daddy's fingers pushing against his whole and begins to relax Brian's ass begins open up and daddy's hand begins to take a trip up his boy's ass. As Brian knows that he loves to expand and ass and you are very willing subject because you love to be stretched and you love to worked over. You feel daddy's hand against your sphincter you open up and you take as much of his fist that you can, daddy knows that his whole fist is not going to make it up your ass tonight but it will be an experience that you as a submissive boy will enjoy.

As the weeks and sessions one by you did learn to accept a fist from your very first encounter with daddy it was always a very positive experience that you had and you enjoyed that relationship. You love the fact that daddy was just next door and you love the fact that he would call you whenever he wanted for servicing and there were times when daddy was not alone and you enjoyed that as well.




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