BRET shares his story pursuing this hot guy


About 13 months ago after work, I stopped by this large national chain supermarkets in my home town to shop for my week's grocery list. As I began to examine several produce needs, I spotted this incredible sexy young man who was around 21-years-of-age or certainly not over 23. Man, I felt my crotch heat up and my hormones took a jump. The lust for this hot guy was almost beyond my ability to keep my mind on my shopping. Shit, I struggled not to get a rock hard cock.

I intentionally moved close to where he was re-stocking some oranges and I began to bag some of the oranges. It became obvious that he was shy and did not even look in my direction. He showed no interest in starting a conversation with me or any other customer. He was concentrating in completing his chores. I became discouraged and thought this would become a mission impossible. Soon he left and began to work on another section in the produce department. I decided not to give up so easy and I moved to where he was unloading bags of potatoes. I got the same result---total failure.

Let me describe how hot this cute guy was to the gay eye. He stood about 5-feet and 10 or 11-inches tall; very well-trimmed coal black hair; sexy brown eyes; weighed no more than 160 pounds; slightly light tanned complexion as if it was a summer tan; beautiful handsome face (that is my favorite trait of a hot guy); beautiful white shinny teeth; slim athletic looking body but not too muscled; his pants and shirt had a tight fit showing off his very trimmed sexy body; the hottest bubble ass I've ever seen; and he had a somewhat bulge in his pants that I took to mean he was fairly well gifted with a tool and nice balls. He obviously would be awesome in bed assuming he might be gay. I dreamed of getting into his pants. I'd never been more horny for any guy although I'd had a good sample of hot men for sex.

I made two or three trips a week to the supermarket for the next six months and often he was busy at work in the produce department. He never talked to me or any other customers in my presence but was totally concentrating on his work---a very good employee always busy. I often thought about such questions as: Is he shy? Does he have a harsh boss who tells him not to spend time chatting with customers? Does he not feel comfortable talking with others? And of course he might have a girlfriend and is turned off by any hint of a guy coming on to him?

I could not forget about my hots for him and how much I lusted after his beauty. I often went home and masturbated with the fantasy that we were giving each other blow jobs and fucking that hot bubble ass of his. My frustration went on for the next six months without any contact or words with him. It could not be because I was not attractive. I'm a 32-year-old single guy standing 6-feet tall; weigh a solid 165 pounds; light wavy blonde well-trimmed hair; dark blue eyes; rock hard body from daily workouts; very smooth almost hairless body; a weekly hand ball player in both singles and doubles; swim several miles each week at the athletic club; and posses a smooth hard 7-inch cock with above average balls.

About seven months after spotting this hot guy, I was at the store looking over what type of bottle water I wanted to get when this hunk came down the isle and I almost fainted when he stopped and said hi. He asked me how I was and he hoped my day was going well. I almost became speechless but managed to ask him how he was and that I really enjoyed shopping at this particular supermarket. We chatted for only a few seconds as I felt my cock began to grow. I thought I noticed a slight move in his pants around his crotch. I noticed he looked at my crotch and I was sure he saw my growing bulge. He said I better get back to work. I was so excited that I forgot what all I needed to purchase and rushed home and had the hottest masturbation of my life with a monstrous load of cum.

I began to shop almost daily just getting one or two items most days so I could come back the next day to hopefully run into his hot guy. Well to speed up this story, I learned that he worked Monday through Friday, a day shift, in the produce department. From his name tag, I learned his name was Rob.

Each time he was working when I visited the store we said hello and a brief chat. I learned that he like me had at times to take something for certain seasonal Allergies. Our conversations became a little longer and very friendly. About a month ago as we chatted I learned that he loved snow boarding. Two other workers were helping him at the time. When I moved away to get some produce, I noticed Rob seemed to glow and began to be much more extroverted with his fellow employees. I read that to mean he was very excited about our chat. I soon was determined to make my move.

One day while at the athletic club I learned that one of the local movie houses was going to show a sports film about worldwide snowboarding events. This was my chance. The next day I went to the supermarkets and found Rob at work. I went up to him and said: "Rob, guess what? Saturday one of the movie houses is showing the world events of snow boarding. Would you like to go with me to dinner and then the show?" I felt light headed and very nervous waiting for his answer.

"Gee Bret that sounds so exciting. You know how much I love that sport. Yea, I'd love to go with you. Where shall we meet?"

Great Rob, give me your address and I'll pick you up around 5:00 PM."

I learned that he was a single 21-year-old guy living alone in an apartment about one mile from my condo. Man, was I ever excited and so turned on. I picked up Rob in my new purchased Bentley at 5 PM and we had a nice dinner at one of the best restaurants in town and went to the show. As the theater became dark and about 10 minutes into the movie, I moved my left leg over and began to rub it against his hot leg. Gee man he did not move his leg but rather I felt him push his leg hard against my leg as we touched. In a few minutes, I put my hand on his shoulder and said: "Rob, I hope you are enjoying this movie about your favorite sport?"

As he put his hand on my knee, he said: "Yea Bret, this is really cool. Thanks for bringing me to such a groovy show.

When the show was over, I asked: "Rob, would you like to come over to my condo for a night cap? I'm sure I have whatever kind of drink you prefer. I have a big liquor bar."

"Bret that sounds so good."

I mixed us a drink and we went to my sports and athletic room. We sat down on my sofa and began to drink and talk. Soon I put my hand on his hot thigh and said: "Rob, I'm gay and you have had me so turned on ever since I saw you the first time. I hope I'm not out of line but tell me if I make you uncomfortable."

Holy shit, Rob put his hand on my thigh and said: "Gee, Bret, you need to know that I'm a virgin. I've never had sex with a man or woman. But ever since I was about 13 I've know I liked men and was gay. Yea, I'm shy but the first time I saw you I so wanted to be with you. I've masturbated, watched gay porno and had the thoughts that you were fucking me. I've dumped many loads of cum thinking about us having sex. Please show me how to make love to you. Yea, I want you so bad. You are so handsome and look at that bulge in both our pants.

I reached over and grabbed Rob behind the neck and drew his red soft sexy lips up to my wet lips and began to kiss him. Before long, I used my tongue to part those young hot lips and I drove my tongue deep into that virgin mouth. Soon we were wild French kissing as gobs of saliva ran out our mouths, down our chins and began to wet our pull over shirts. I felt Rob's hot breath on my face. Soon we were beginning to sweat, moan and grunt with the most lustful feelings for each other. It became even more intense when Rob caught on and our tongues began to battle for position in each others mouth.

After a long series of hot kisses and as we continued to breath in each others mouth, run our tongues inside our new buddies throat and moan, I reached down and began to fondle Rob's crotch. Man, there was a huge bulge and I began to feel his cock twitch and grow even more. It felt like a policeman's night stick. How big was this cock on this average sized guy. Cock size is not based on the size of the man as I had learned many times before. Oh how I wanted that cock in my hand and mouth.

In a few seconds, I felt Rob's soft young hand grab my crotch and he began to run it across my pants feeling my rock hard cock through my pants. This desire for each other got very lustful and hot. Soon we felt we spots on our buddies pants---yea we were spewing pre-cum in our shorts. I could not wait any longer, I took Rob's hand in my hand and led him to my big King sized bed. I threw him on his back on the bed and I began to lick his face, ears and neck. He began to thrust his hips upward into my body or crotch as I lay on top of him. We were humping wildly as we felt each other's cock rubbing against the other cock inside those growing wet pants. I felt all that wet pre-cum wetting my cock and pubic hairs. Man I was in pure nirvana. We had to get out of these confining clothes. Rob was the most sweet smelling man I'd ever been with as his cologne was driving me wild and also his body manly smells were like none I'd ever smelt. Man he smelt awesome. I thought I might climax at any moment.

I took charge and got off Rob, puled his pullover shirt up and off of him, unzipped his pants leaving them on him, and I began to run my tongue up and down that tan chest and belly that was almost hairless. Soon I began to suck on his rock hard nipples, suck and lick under his sweaty armpits, and I drove my tongue into his cute belly bottom. To make him more horny, while I continued to suck and lick on his upper body, I took one hand and put it inside his now unzipped pants, found his huge cock and began to jack him off. His pre-cum continued to ooze out and onto my hand.

Then Rob managed to utter: "Oh shit, Baby, yea this feels so good. Hell yea, jack my hard 8-inch cock. I want to come so bad. Holy shit, suck my nipples and suck those sweaty underarms. Man, this is pure heaven."

My dream had come true. I was making love to the hottest man I'd ever seen and yea I was the one to fuck this virgin. He would now be no longer a shy virgin. He was mine.

After several minutes of this hot scene, I got up, took off his shoes and socks, pulled off Rob's pants, took off his shorts, and looked at this totally naked awesome beauty. His cock was standing straight up and man he had cute large hanging balls. His cock head was unusually large and dripping with all that white pre-cum. I got out of my clothes and now we both were butt naked with stone hard cocks and dripping all that white liquid.

As I pulled Rob's sexy legs and feet off the bed while he laid on his back on the bed, I got down on my knees and began to insert his throbbing cock deep into my mouth to give him his first blowjob. I ran my tongue around his purple cock head and down the under side of his cock shaft for several minutes. He thrust his hip and butt upward making the blow job even hottier. He moaned and begged me to suck his cock.


As he got near coming, I came off his cock and told him to get up. I laid down on my back on the bed with my feet and legs hanging off the bed and asked Rob to suck his first man cock. He was a fast learner. I felt him take his hand and grab the base of my cock, he began to use his tongue to swirl it around my cock head, he put his tongue in my piss slit and he began to suck more pre-cum out of my cock and swallow it. As he slowly took my cock inch by inch deep into his soft slick warm mouth, he took a hand and began to play with my red hot balls. He deep-throated my cock for the longest time and not once did he gag. Wow, this first timer was some great cock sucker. Shit he then took my balls in his mouth while he jerked my cock. I'd never had a greater blowjob or mouth on my balls. I let him suck my cock and my balls until I was near coming then I ordered him to stop.

I asked: "Rob Baby, lets do a 69?"

He replied: "Fuck yea Bret that sounds so hot."

This time we got down on the carpet and we took each others cock into our mouths and swallowed as we deep-throated those two throbbing cocks as we shared more precum. The feel of having Rob's cock in my mouth and feeling his mouth on my cock was driving me crazy while Rob was having the same feelings. A good 69 is hard to beat for lustful feelings of cock in mouth and your cock in another mouth. I was so aroused from the clean smell and taste of Rob's cock, his hot balls and the odor on his body. I knew he was having the same tastes and smells.

I became so turned on that while sucking on his cock, I began to thrust first one and then two fingers up his virgin pink wet asshole. He moaned loudly when I did that. He took a lesson from me and I felt his young soft fingers began to slide inside my experienced ass that had been host to many cocks before. We sucked each other's cock and fingered each other's ass for some 10 minutes when I felt his cock head swell, his balls tighten and his breathing became rapid. Then I felt his first huge blast of cum deep in my throat followed by several more volcanic eruptions. The taste and feel of his cum in my mouth set me off as my cock swelled and I blasted a huge load of my semen deep in Rob's throat. When we were both spent, we hugged and kissed sharing all that hot nectar.

We were exhausted and drained of all our cum but I so wanted to have Rob experience fucking ass that I asked: "Rob, Baby this was so awesome but I want you to experience ass fucking. Do you want me to fuck you or do you want to fuck me?"

With a huge mischief grin, Rob said: "Oh Baby, this has been beyond my wildest dream, man sex is awesome. I want you to fuck me and I want to fuck you. But we are drained. Can we rest, have a drink and fuck later. It is Saturday night and I do not work tomorrow, Sunday. Let rest and fuck all night."



Naughty Eric


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