I was out cruising in the park one night. It was pretty cold and dark, and it was late fall. There had been some rain earlier that day, and the ground was pretty muddy in places. All in all I didn't really feel like being here, but on the other hand I was pretty bored at home, and wanted to get laid.

As with so many other nights, there was no one around when I got there, and I had seen only a few guys that night, there wasn't anyone that I wasn't all that interested in. One of them was a guy named Brent, who I knew a little bit from the previous encounters. Sometimes I would let him suck me off, but he was overweight and older than me (in his thirties, and I was in my early twenties). I wasn't usually interested in Brent, but tonight he was starting to look pretty good to me.

As the night wore on, and my endless walking through the cruising zone was coming up empty, I began to realize that if I didn't do something I was going to be going home alone and unsatisfied. I saw Brent's form walking down the path towards me, and although I had avoided him all night, I stopped now and waited for him to come up to me.

It didn't take him long, and he could obviously sense what was up. When I could see his face in the darkness I could make out something of a smirk, but I was so horny that was starting to turn me on. I said hello, and we made some small talk for a while. He was holding back from his usual invitation to his place, and I was starting to wonder if he was just playing with me.

Eventually he asked me if I was horny, and I said yes. He reached out and stroked my hard cock, then asked what I would do to get laid. I looked at him, and said nothing at first. I couldn't quite read what he had in mind from his face, but was feeling pretty hot and bothered, so I told him I was pretty open to suggestion.

That was good enough for him, and so he asked me back to his place. It wasn't far, and we walked there in silence. He lived in a basement suite in a large house, so we went in quietly and were naked in his room pretty quick. He was chubby, but he had a nice cock, and he pushed me to my knees and told me to suck him. This turned me on, so I did.

He was breathing pretty hard by the time he pulled back from me, and then reached over and took out a dildo from a dresser drawer. I wasn't so sure about this, but I was ready to try it, and my words about doing a lot of things rang in my ears. He told me that he wanted to put the dildo up my ass, but that he wanted me to lick his ass before I did.

This didn't do much for me, but there was no choice if I wanted that dildo up inside me. I leaned back on the bed and he got up and sat down on my face. I started to lick the sweetness of his ass, and was getting pretty hot from the way he was just sitting on my face and talking to me, telling me what a fag I was to do this and so on.

My cock was pretty hard from all this, and I was really ready for the dildo when he got up and reached for it. He greased it up and then handed it to me. He wanted to watch me put it up my ass, and he told me I was going to put on a little show for him.

There was a chair in the corner of the room, with a green vinyl seat and back, and wooden arms. He pointed to it, and I walked over and knelt on the seat, with my ass facing him. I took the dildo and started to push it against my ass. I hadn't had too much experience with toys, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pretty horny though, and the way that Brent was being so dominating was turning me on all that much more.

He sat behind me, telling me to keep putting it up my ass, that he wanted to see me take the whole thing up there. Sometimes he would reach out and spread my ass a little bit more, so that it would go in a bit easier. I have to admit that it was a bit of a struggle at first, but once I started to relax a bit more it was so hot.

It felt so good once I stopped resisting it, and Brent kept up a running commentary to encourage me to take it. Sometimes he would stroke my cock, and sometimes spread my ass even farther so that I could continue to take the rubber penis up my ass.

Finally I had it all the way inside me. I was moaning softly, and I felt so completely filled with it. I felt his hand on my ass.

'That's what I wanted to see you do, to show me what a little fag you are, and how much you love it.' I blushed a bit, chagrined by the hotness of this session in contrast to the way I had treated Brent in the past, just because he was a little chunky. I had often spurned him, or just let him suck me off if there was no one else around. Now he was getting some of his own back, and it was making me hot.

I've always felt that anal was a great leveller, and although people had told me that I was good looking I never wanted to pay much attention to that because I thought it was unhealthy to think of onesself that way. Here was the levelling factor for all that, and at this moment in time Brent had the upper hand of me. My cock started to drool precum.

He told me to fuck myself with the dildo, and so I started to slowly slide it in and out of my ass. The humiliation of this moment was exquisite, and would have been satisfaction enough, but Brent started to jerk me off while I was doing it. He had moved to kneel on the floor beside the chair, and looked both at my ass taking the dildo, and my face as it was happening.

I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer. I couldn't look him in the eye, but then I looked up and saw our reflection in a mirror. He looked at the same time, and the glint of triumph in his look was enough to make me come right there. I moaned loudly and let out a load of hot come all over the seat and back of the chair. He held the dildo in my ass for a couple of minutes, and then let me take it out slowly.

There was a look of contained triumph in his eye, and he stood there before me smiling. I stood up to get my clothes, feeling that this was now being carried a bit far. He moved in front of me and said.

'I don't think we're done yet.' I smiled and started to walk past him to my clothes. In one quick motion he pushed me back and down on the bed.

'Lick my ass, you little fag. Good enough when you're horny, but not after? Fuck you.' I tried to move, but he had me on the bed underneath him. He sat on my chest and then pushed his ass back into my face.

'Lick it, bitch!', he said. My face was buried in his ass, and since there was no way out I tentatively licked his ass. He pushed down farther on top of me and forced me to take his ass as he wanted to give it to me. He started to play with my cock, exposed in front of him. I felt his finger go up my ass, one then two, and three. I squirmed but there was no escape, he shoved my legs apart and stuck his fingers deeper into me. I moaned, and he pushed his ass into my face still harder.

We lay there for a while, his heavy breathing the only sound, then he got up, and handed me the dildo.

'Take it up your ass, right there on your back.' By this point I was horny again with the hotness of this whole scene, so I took the dildo and raised my legs. He was right there in front of me, a thin layer of sweat on his brow.

The rubber cock glided up my ass, which was pretty loose after the fucking and fingering it had just received at his and my hands. I moaned again, and was forced to look into his face, now beaming in triumph. His hand reached down and guided the dildo in and out of my ass. I started to jerk off again, and it didn't take me long to come. I just couldn't take it anymore, and my ass was getting sore.

I came in great white shots which landed audibly on my stomach as I lay there writhing in a torment of ecstacy. He quickly put up his hand against my ass to keep the dildo in there, and then slowly let me take it out as before. He got right down and put his face up against my ass when it came out of me. I grunted as the head passed through my anus.

He told me to lay there still, while he played with my ass while jerking off. It didn't take him long to come either, and so in a few moments, he was handing me a towel and I was getting dressed. We were on our way to being strangers once again, and I nodded and said thanks as I left his place, my ass still quivering and my heart beating fast. I wouldn't say no to that again, if it offers, I thought to myself as I walked back to my car.


Jethro Maki

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