I arrived in my new town on my motorbike, wondering what my new job and life would hold. No contacts, no gay pub or clubs, fucking dreary place. The first thing I needed before starting work was a haircut. So I wandered in to a smart-looking place. The guy cutting looked gay to me, and I saw the look of recognition when I walked in. The usual probing questions about being new to the area etc. As there were no other customers, he said as I was leaving. "Would you like to come to a party at my place tomorrow? I have a buddy who is turning 21 and we are going to help him celebrate. I think you will enjoy the company." I took the details and thought, well, I don't fancy him [too queeny] but there might be someone else I fancy. So I roared up on my bike at the right time, leather jacket, skin tight Levi's, leather boots, and the lot. That caused a stir when I was shown in.

I was introduced to the guy whose birthday it was and we hit it off right away. He said, "I'm glad you came, nearly everybody here is fair or blond like me, and I prefer dark hair masculine guys." I thought, things are looking up already. We stood close together in the kitchen drinking beer from bottles and I pressed my crotch up against his, pinning him to the counter.... I said, "How masculine do you like your guys". "Well, to be frank I like the look and the feel, I have never been fucked, I have just got divorced," he said. I lifted my right leg up against him and pinned him with my cock and leg, grabbing him round the waist. I kissed him on his lips and snaked my tongue down his throat. I said; "no worries, you will be fucked tonight, I promise." He went all limp against me and I had to hold him up. I said, "We ought to enjoy the party first, then I'll take you home on my motorbike and fuck you all night long, you'll no longer be a virgin when I've finished with you." He was hardly able to speak and we detached ourselves from each other and went round chatting to the others and making small talk. Every so often we would catch each other's eye and I would wink, he would smile back weakly.

I was only 24 but in physical good shape having spent many years cycling and swimming. I kept getting guys stroking my tight ass; some even stroked my bulging cock. I didn't mind what they did, so long as I got the young dude later. He was shorter than me by about three inches, blond and blue eyed. He was lighter in weight, to the point of being skinny, I had visions of being able to lift him up and carry him about. Eventually the party finished and I led him towards my big bike. He'd never been on a bike either! So I lent him my spare helmet and he climbed up behind me, throwing his arms around my waist. I promptly moved them lower so he could grip my cock and balls as we rode to his apartment.

When we got to his apartment I slowly peeled his clothes off, exposing his skinny tight body. I had a little tube of lube; I kept handy in the side pocket of my jacket. "Use this to lube your ass real good." I said. I did not remove my biker gear, not even my helmet.... This was gonna be a fantasy for me too. I flopped out my big cock and balls from the tight restriction of my faded Levi's. [I had removed the two bottom buttons some time ago so I could get my equipment out without bothering to undress]. I pushed him down onto his knees between my legs and pushed my semi-hard cock just inside his mouth. He looked up quizzically as I held his head either side with my gauntleted hands. I straddled him and stared down into his eyes and told him to drink my piss and not spill any. He looked startled as all that lager came fizzing out. He got the idea of drinking quickly so it didn't spill. "Good man," I said, before making him lick the last drops off the end of my now hardening cock. I made him take my balls in his mouth. He found it difficult without pulling his mouth open with his fingers. That made my cock stiffen and it covered his face. I slapped his face with my cock, I could see he was trying to get an idea of the size of it, and the thought was dawning on him that this huge cock was going inside him any minute now. My balls were full of cum juice and fucking big that night. By the end of the night this boy would be full of my seed.

I pulled him up by the armpits and slammed him against the back of the door and held him there with my powerful body. I pushed my crotch under his ass by spreading my legs and bending my knees. My cock was between his legs and throbbing by now, so I slowly drew it back until I could feel the throbbing head resting against his unfucked cherry. I began to push gently on his ass, I could tell he was really desperate to be fucked. He opened up the first barrier quite quickly and the head slipped in. "Wait, wait, it's too big, I'll never take it all," he shouted over his shoulder. I lifted the visor on my helmet and told him, "it's not coming out until I've cum inside you and you are full of my hot load, got it bitch. All you have to do is concentrate on the thought of my cock slowly taking over your insides, it's what you have been waiting for all these years, relax it will go in when it's ready."

I kept up the pressure, but I didn't force the poor kid, he needed to get used to this big hard thick cock slowly snaking inside him. My pre-cum was juicing him up as well as the lube. His chest was expanding and contracting rapidly as the head of my cock popped through the second sphincter and began its relentless journey deeper inside him. Once you are through the second barrier, it's a lot easier from then on. When my cock was as far in as it could go, I told him, "Good boy, you've taken the whole of my cock deep inside you. "I know man I can feel it. Wow it feels so fucking good, it's an awesome feeling."

I put one hand under his crotch and one round his waist and pulled him back from the door. I found I could walk him best if I lifted him off the ground, impaled on my cock and we walked down the hall into the sitting room. I was looking for somewhere to fuck him. I spotted a real good leather sofa and lowered him onto that. He sighed with pleasure as I climbed aboard and enjoyed the sensation of being really deep inside this virgin's tight ass. [It wouldn't be so tight after tonight!]. As I was thinking this I realized that the sensation in the tip of my cock meant that I was about to shoot, but I hadn't really had a fuck yet so I tried to hold it back. Carefully I got him up and carried him on the end of my cock towards the bedroom. As I strode down the hall he was gently bouncing around on the end of my cock and there was nothing I could do but shoot my first big load of the night as I marched him towards the bed. I didn't tell him what had happened in case he wanted me to take it out. I realized it was the first time I had ever shot a load inside a guy when I was frog marching him around on the end of my cock. Must try that again I thought!

He, being inexperienced, hadn't recognized the sensations and changes in his ass as I filled him deep. My cock was deep in the little virgins fucking ass when I shot my hot cum juice. I thought, you're no virgin now boy! I walked him to the bed and lowered him face down. I was still plugged into him from behind. I lay myself a top of him and removed my helmet at last. The rest stayed on; I was going to enjoy a raunchy night of leather-boy fucking. I lay there flexing my cock inside him, feeling the spills of my own jizz deep inside him. This got me horny again and I began to pump his ass. "Now you are gonna find out what it's like to be fucked real rough and hard, I don't do gentle fucks, I fuck you anyway I want, all you gotta do bitch is lay there and enjoy my cock sliding up and down inside your gut," I said. I fucked away like I was riding in a rodeo. He was yelling, but I knew my own juices were lubricating his ass so he would be ok. I pulled my legs up at his sides as if I was riding a motorbike, held his arms back as if they were the handlebars. That made my cock go deeper into his ass. He was yelling and his body was contorting. I was fucking like crazy. "You like the feel of cock in your ass? You ready to take my load? That what you want?" I asked him. "Fuck yeah man, breed me man, fill me with your cum juices, make me your bitch," he said.

I shot another hot load deep into the guys gut. I went down on him and rested for a while, I may even have drifted off. I heard him breathing regular and realized he was sleeping. My cock was semi-hard but still buried deep inside him. I began to move it very gently so as not to wake him. I imagined the throbbing head pushing into all that hot jizz now bubbling round inside him and I started to get hard again. I began slowly to ride him again, and eventually he woke up to the realization that he had a growing cock inside him. He moaned, I moaned, it wasn't long before I shot my third load. I rested and felt my cock slowly shrinking and working its way out of him. It took what seemed an age to slide out. He was lying there sleepy and exhausted. I rolled off him and picked up my helmet and put it on. I went to the bathroom and washed my cock before tucking it back in its tight denim restrainer. Then I let myself out and fired up the bike and roared off. As I was riding I was turning over the events of the night in my mind. I found the idea of shooting a load while walking was a real turn-on and my cock soon started throbbing again. I thought I had emptied my balls into him, but it would seem there was more to come. I stopped and called him on my cell phone. A sleepy voice answered, I told him I was coming back to fuck him again, be by the door to let me in.

He was waiting for me all tired and sleepy when I strode in. I got hold of him in my arms; he shivered, as my leathers were cold. I didn't care. I just turned him round again to face the door and held him there while I let my throbbing cock find the now willing hole. How different from earlier! This time there was no resistance. It just slipped in as if I was pulling on a velvet glove. He moaned with pleasure as I went straight in to the hilt. I moaned with pleasure as I lifted him up on the end of my cock once more and headed to the bedroom where I shagged him so roughly, I exhausted my own physical ability. I knew he could take it because I had opened him up and filled him with juice all night. Now he could take whatever I was gonna throw at him. Eventually I let out a loud howl as my last final load made its way up my cock tube. Squirt after squirt shot into his overflowing ass, juice was spilling out his now pussy boy hole.

I was satisfied and it was me who fell asleep. Eventually his nudging of me, trying to tell me something woke me up. I couldn't hear because I still had my helmet on! I took it off, he said he needed a drink. So did I. We separated and began to sort ourselves out with showers etc. Over breakfast I asked him what it felt like to have lost his virginity. He said,"it was a surreal moment for him, feels like your still inside me." He had that tired eyes look of satisfaction in his eyes as he stroked his belly. Smiling he looked at me and said, "I can feel your sperm juices bubbling in my stomach man."

I said, "Well there's plenty more where that came from. It was the start of a very hot summer!

I had clearly scored a hit with the slim skinny guy. I clicked early on that this dude was really keen to be full of my load. He rang everyday to plead with me to go over and take him. I wanted him to really want my cock. I really wanted him to want my cock living deep inside him. I wanted him to realise when I was embedded inside him, the reason for his existence was to serve my cock and its needs. I wanted him to forget his life, his ex-wife, his work, all the 101 little tasks that crowd into his mind, and to concentrate on one thing and one thing only; the size and shape of my cock and what it felt like to have it buried deep inside him. If he were good, he would get his reward. Loads, and loads of my hot sperm laden juices deep in his hungry ass.

After a week of teasing and letting him plead, I said I would call over on the Friday evening to see my little fuck boy. I told him to be ready, to be lubed unless he wanted me to fuck him dry, because the mood I was in there was going to be no time for any preparations. He knew, and I knew that within seconds of me pushing through that door, it would be inside his ass and his one purpose in life was to serve me. From that moment I would own him.

When I strode into his apartment, seeing him standing there naked, white eyeballing and trembling with fear and excitement. I knew I needed to assert my dominance and control over him immediately. I loosely grabbed him around the neck and pulled him towards me. Stroking him with my free hand down his back and over his butt. He was shaking uncontrollably, I knew exactly what effect I was having on him. "Unzip my zipper and pull my cock out bitch." I felt his hands clumsily digging into my pants and attempting to pull out my rock hard cock. I saw the look on his face when my cock eventually sprang out.

I told him to turn around and bend over. He was still trembling. I slapped my hands on his ass cheeks. He gave out a little yelp. I dug my fingers into his pussy slit stretching it as wide as I could. He was moaning and shuddering as I dug my fingers deeper in his hole. He was moving away from me. "Hold still you little fucker," I shouted at him. He had a sweet tite hole. I rubbed the head of my cock against his man pussy and leaned into him. Unlike the previous week, he didn't yell with pain, he didn't ask me to take it out,

I felt my cock reach the limits of his insides, I knew that I was going to be able to do just what I pleased with this guy. I put my hand under his crotch and one round his chest and walked with him, speared on my cock, into the sitting room and that handy leather sofa. There I eased myself down into a sitting position and kept him tight on my cock. I lay back, pulling him with me.

To his surprise I started pushing him sideways and bringing his legs up the other side, effectively skewering him on my cock, he was being turned on a spit and it was my cock he was turning on! He moaned as he was slowly turned upside-down, still deeply pinned on my throbbing dick. Even I could feel that his insides had to adjust to each new position as he slowly revolved. My cock explored every crevice of his insides, but he was in no danger of falling off! I lowered him down so his head was resting on one of my boots, my other boot I positioned so he could lick it. I spread his legs apart and placed his feet on my shoulders. "Lick my boot and quit moaning," I said. He was there to make sure my cock had a good time. I was not interested in his comfort or whether being down there made him dizzy. "All you have to do is concentrate on the head of my cock exploring your deepest desires."

By looking down the length of my body and his legs I could see my cock buried in his tite not-now-virgin ass. By holding his legs I could slide him up and down on it gently while he was involved in licking my boot. This had a stiffening effect on my already engorged cock and I realised I had been saving my spunk all week for this pleasure.

I realised as I slowly slid him up and down I could see my cock retreat to the point where I could just see the head appear, then I would slide him back up till I had the satisfaction of seeing he had the lot buried deep inside him. I enjoyed that sight. I realised that this was too horny and I would shoot any second. It was up to me, my pleasure when I decided to let him have my first load, still watching my cock, and still sliding him up and down slowly. I arched my ass up as I slid him more vigorously up and down on my cock. We were both moaning and sweating. I held him more firmly as I felt my spunk gather at the base of my cock and then surging up and out, flooding his insides. I thought, this is what he is for, dumping my load when I want, as often as I want. He was putting up no resistance. He just surrendered himself up to it and hung on the end of my throbbing cock, yearning to enjoy every moment, every sensation he could get out of it. He was the most passive sub I have ever known. It made me feel powerful and dominant!

I slid him back up so he was tite against my pubic bone and said to him. I've decided its time to take you to my place for a bit of fun, and if he knew what was good for him, he would need to keep my juices in his gut. So I lowered him off my still semi hard cock and told him to get washed. I followed him to the bathroom and made him wash my cock as he was now officially my cock-slave and it was his job to look after its every need. When he had washed it and patted it dry I forced him down to his knees and straddled him, pushing the head of my cock roughly into his mouth and, holding his head so he couldn't pull away, I let out a stream of piss for him to drink. He gulped it down and I knew as I looked down into his eyes that he was going to be like an obedient puppy to service all the needs of my cock. It will take some looking after believe me!

I had brought some biker gear in my bag, so he found some really old washed-out ripped jeans and climbed into them. I lent him boots, jacket, helmet and gloves, and we went down to the bike. He knew by now that he had to hang on to my cock and balls as we made are way to my place. We got some strange looks from people as they spotted him playing with my toolkit. But let them freak out if they wanna do.

We arrived at my place. I pressed the electric fob for the garage door so we could drive right in. The door closed after us. I put the bike on its stand. I made him get on the front seat. I climbed on behind him, pulling down his jeans as I did. I prized my cock out of its prison and pushed him down over the petrol tank taking him from behind as was my right now. He was there to take whatever I was prepared to give him. I told him to hold onto the handlebars while I rode him from behind. To prevent the bike from falling over in all the excitement I had to have my boots on the floor either side. This gave me greater thrusting power and so I wrapped my arms around his waist and fucked him hard and deep.

He was yelling inside his helmet, but nobody could hear. On the sofa I had fucked him real slow and enjoyed the sensuality of my spunk surging up my cock almost without any effort. Now I was shagging for all I was worth. Amazingly I had never fucked anyone on my motorbike and I was getting a nut on, I thought my cock would burst with excitement. Even I could feel my cock swelling to a new and bigger size. I was thinking, if I don't shoot soon I would burst a blood vessel. Then I felt the next load gather at the base of my cock waiting there, teasing me knowing it would have to surge up the tube and out into his tite ass. It did. It made me wait for just a few more maddening seconds, till even I was cursing and shouting, "take my fucking load you little queer bastard" as I felt the inevitable climb of globs of hot cum pumping their way up my cock and shooting themselves deep inside him. He was moaning, I was moaning and I pulled him back tight onto my cock and kept thrusting to make sure every last drop was delivered as deep as it could be. Nothing should go to waste. He had to take it all.

I held him there in that position for some time while the testosterone charged moment passed and I could relax. Eventually I said; "you're really gonna enjoy what I've got in the basement."

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