Once again the holidays were rapidly approaching and once again Brad Tomkins had no money for gifts. And he had no one to blame but himself. Brad had quit another job on a whim. He had wanted to attend a concert but he had to work. When his boss wouldn't give him the night off he quit. Being nineteen years old and a freshman in college with a full class load Brad didn't have many options open to him. He had to settle for part time jobs at the mall or at some fast food joint.

Just when he was about to give up hope Brad came a cross an ad in the Sunday paper. The local mall was in need of elves for Santa's village. Normally this was not something that Brad would even consider until he saw that the job paid the outrageous price of $25.00 an hour. This was too good to pass up. Brad ripped out the ad and made his way to the mall, his plump buns jiggling all the way.

When he arrived at the mall offices he was greeted by an small older gentleman of about 60 who was wearing a well starched white shirt with gray trousers and a bright red bow tie. When Brad told the man why he was there the older man gave him an odd look. He then looked Brad up and down from head to toe. Without a word the little man circled Brad to appraise him from behind. Though he hadn't spoken a word yet once he circled around Brad the man let out an audible gasp. Brad grinned to himself. He knew that the man must have gotten a good look at his full meaty rump.

This was not the first time nor the last that Brad's huge hind quarter would be met with this sort of approval. He had been receiving attention because of his overly large ass all his life and had even learned how to use it to his advantage. He could see that today would be no different.

The little man, whose name was Mr. McClennon made his way back to the front of brad, cleared his throat and said, 'You seem rather...large for an elf.'

It was true Brad was much larger than you would imagine a traditional Christmas elf to be. Not only was he way too tall at 6'4' but he was built like a wrestler, which he was. His biceps rippled and his shoulders bulged. His shoulders then worked themselves down into a perfect 30' V-shaped waist which them absolutely exploded into the largest fullest booty imaginable. Even on a frame as muscular as Brad's his ass was amazingly over sized. His ass had so much shelf it could house an entire place setting with ease. And then of course his thighs were thick and meaty without an ounce of fat.

Brad knew it was time to turn on the charm. He pushed his sandy brown hair out of his smoldering dark eyes and looked the man square in the eyes,'I know sir, but I could really use money. I promise I'll be the best darn elf you ever had. Cross my heart.' He said all of this in the most nauseating 'good boy' voice he could and even crossed his heart. He really needed the money and this was way too good to pass up.

Mr. McClennon looked him up and down again and just as he was about to say no Brad bit down on his full bottom lip and gave the man his most pleading puppy dog eyes. Then he turned ever so slightly. Just enough to make his huge ass mounds visible to the older gentleman and pushed his full rear out enticingly for him to see. The man's eyes grew wide at this sight. Though he knew it was not a good idea Mr. McClennon liked the idea of having this big meaty Adonis around if only for a few weeks. And the thought of him in the tights the elves had to wear was way too much for the man to handle. Brad saw the change the man's eyes and knew the job was his.

'Okay.', said Mr. McClennon,'The job is yours. Santa comes the day after Thanksgiving. Be here at 8:00 AM that day and I will give you your outfit.'

Brad thanked the man and was on his way. He'd have the money he needed for the holidays in no time. And how difficult could this job be after all.

The day after Thanksgiving Brad reported for work but not at 8:00 AM like he was supposed to. Instead true to form Brad showed up an hour late at 9:00AM. He met Mr. McClennon, who was not very pleased, in the office.

'Brad, your an hour late. You are not off to a good start.', the older man snapped. 'My alarm didn't go off.', Brad lied, 'I'm really sorry.'

Feeling that same feeling of arousal he did the first day Brad entered his office Mr. McClennon accepted the hulking wrestlers apology and instructed Brad to follow him to the locker room to receive his outfit.

The locker room was empty when they arrived. It wasn't a large room. There were two sets of lockers on opposing walls and a row of benches in from of each set of lockers. Mr. McClennon handed Brad a garment bag which held his elf's costume. The bag contained green tights, a red tunic trimmed in green, a pointed red hat also trimmed in green, red pointed slippers with bells on the toes and a green thong.

Mr. McClennon saw Brad look at the thong and said,'We ask that all of out elves were the thong under their thighs so that in the event their tunics ride up there in no visible underwear line. I hope this is okay with you?'

Brad just smiled and winked at the older man,'No problem Mr. M. I wear thongs all the time.'

This flustered the older gentleman who suddenly visualized the young man's massive booty pouring from the thong. 'Well...ahh...try the costume on. I'll be right back.' And with that he was gone leaving Brad alone. Brad laughed to himself at seeing the old man so flustered.

Brad found an empty locker and hung the garment bag in it. He then pulled his sweatshirt up over his head and let it fall to the floor. Next he kicked off his sneakers as he unbuckled his belt. He undid the button on his jeans, which although a loose fitting cut clung to his enormous booty hugging each will rounded mound of flesh. Brad pulled down the zipper and began to peel the denim from his ample backside. He wiggle his fleshy ass cakes in an attempt to free them. He then pried them from his thick thighs and kicked them to the side.

Bending over the teen pulled off his black cotton socks off. As he did his plump rump pushed way out causing his itty bitty candy can stripped bikini to ride up over his acres of ass revealing his smooth hairless white buns. He threw the socks in the locker and straightened up. As he did he pulled the small bikini free from between his gargantuan ass. Though this was a pointless act because no sooner had he freed his underwear from the confines of his massive booty they rode right back up on his beefy glutes and went to rest in the dark cavern of his ass crack once more.

Bending over to pick up his jeans and shirt his candy cane stripped bikini rode further up over his monster hiney. This time he did not free them. He just hung up his clothes before grabbing the scant underpants by the thin quarter inch waist band and schucking them. His massive shaved balls and and thick donkey like dick flopped out and bobbed up and down. Absentmindedly he began to scratch his low swinging nuts working his way up to his well groomed pubes. He hung the bikini in the locker with the rest of his clothes as he grabbed the garment bag and unzipped it. At first glance the costume looked sort of small but he decided to try it one before making any judgments. First the hunky teen stepped into the bright green thong and pulled it up over his manly thighs and well padded buns. It was tight but felt good as it pulled his ape dong in. The way it clung to him made his ass appear to be even bigger as it practically came bursting out. Next his pulled on the tights which hugged every curve of his ample young body, especially his larger than average bottom.

Next he pulled the tunic over his head and pulled it down. It wasn't exactly that it didn't fit. But at the same time it didn't fit quite right. His muscular chest strained against the red material. Then hem of the garment rested just below his ass, which ballooned way out in back. Brad bent over to pull on the slippers and as he did he caught his reflection in the mirror and took note that as he bent the tunic rode up revealing the bottom half over his plump rear, which in the green tights resembled lime Jello. Next he put on the hat and took a good look at himself in the full length mirror. As he took in the sight of himself in the ridiculous outfit he kept reminding himself that the job paid $25.00 an hour. He'd ask Mr. McClennon if he had a larger size when he returned.

Just then Mr. McClennon returned. 'How does it fit?'

'Well, it's a little tight. And when I bend my butt pops out the bottom.', said Brad bending to show the man how revealing the tunic was on him. 'Do you have a larger size I could try?'

Eyeing him up like a piece of prime beef the older man said,'Nope. That was the last one. If you had been on time you would have had a larger selection. I guess you'll just have to be careful about bending over. Now lets get out to the floor.'

Brad followed behind tugging on the hem of the tunic as he waked. As he followed the runt of a man Brad couldn't help but wonder if he was really stuck with what was left or if Mr. McClennon had planned on giving him this outfit all along just so he could get the occasional glimpse at his blubber butt. Every time the man looked at him he felt as though he were stripping away his clothing with his eyes.

Over the next few days Brad learned the ins and outs of being an elf in Santa's Village. Brad was given the prize position beside Santa's throne. His job was to lift the children on and off of Santa's lap. He and Santa were elevated high above the crowd. Next to where Brad stood was the waiting area for the parents to meet their children when they came out from seeing Santa. In fact at the elevated level Brad stood his meaty rump was face level with the waiting parents.

Mothers and fathers alike stood below waiting for their kids and as they did they couldn't help but look up Brad's tunic to see his big green mountains of ass. Each time he bent to lift up one of the kids his tunic rode up and his ass cakes came out the bottom and flashed the parents. Fortunately from his angle his rump was concealed from the kids but every parent got a full view of his big green buns. He heard women and men alike discuss the size and shape of his ass. All with great excitement and approval.

The money was good and Brad was going to have enough for gifts in no time. However, Brad being Brad he never could get himself to work on time. And his 30 minute lunch break always managed to creep into an hour. This went on for almost 2 weeks until one day when he returned from one of his extended lunches he was greeted in the locker room by the man playing Santa.

Santa had complained to Mr. McClennon about Brad more than once. And Mr. McClennon warned Brad that he next time he was late he would be terminated no questions asked. But Brad made no attempt to change his ways.

'Brad.', said Santa. 'Your late again. When you are late we have to wait for you which backs up the line. This isn't fair to anyone.'

'Yeah, well I'm here now so lets get back to work.', replied Brad with attitude.

Santa just shock his head sadly and said,'You have no respect for the older generation. Back in my day a young man of 19 did not speak to his elders this way. If I had even thought about doing so my father would have put me across his knee and tanned my hide. It appears to me that your father should have spent more time taking a switch to your backside.'

Brad had to stifle a grin at hearing that. If this guy only knew how many spankings he had received in his life and by so many different people. Not only had his father spanked him but so had his high school principal, his wrestling coach and assorted teachers and professors. Hell he had even been spanked by more than one boss on the job and a girlfriends father. No Brad was no stranger to having his super sized buns tanned.

What's more he secretly liked it. He always got an erection and almost always came as he was being spanked. Brad was straight as an arrow. He had never even considered sex with another man. The idea aroused him in no way. However, he had to admit that when it came to having his full round rear spanked no woman could pack the punch that a guy could. He had even asked a few girlfriends spank him as part of foreplay. But, it was always lacking something and left him frustrated.

However, with his larger than average rear he seemed to get lots of attention from gay guys and he always found himself in a situation where some guy wanted to spank him to 'teach him a lesson'. Brad knew that what they really wanted was to see his big buns bared and bent over. He knew that they wanted to touch his mounds of fat ass flesh. And he knew that they would have the force to satisfy his unspoken desire so he always allowed it to happen. And now here he stood before Santa Claus and he knew exactly where this was going, Santa wanted to spank his huge rear.

Brad spoke,'Yeah that's nice. Now can we get back to work?'

At hearing this Santa's face grew red with anger,'I am disappointed in you Brad. I ought to put you across my own knee right now to teach you a lesson. You know Mr. McClennon said you were fired the next time you screwed up. Maybe if you accept your discipline from me instead I can keep this between us.'

Again Brad grinned to himself,'So, if I let you punish me you won't tell Mr. McClennon I was late?'

'That's right.'

'Well, alright then.'

Santa sat down on a bench in front of the lockers and patted his lap as encouragement for Brad to lay across it. Brad stood before the old man whose beard really was white as snow and draped himself over his lap. As he did his small tunic rode up exposing the bottom part of his meaty posterior. Santa reached down and pulled the tunic up high on Brad's back so that his green tight clad ass was fully exposed. Brad's plump bottom really did look like two mounds of lime green holiday Jello. Santa raised his hand and took aim. CRACK. His hand came down on the young man's big ass. Brad let out a moan as he pitched forward. Then Santa really picked up the pace.


Brad held onto the old man's leg for support. He may have been older but there was still lots of strength left in him as he wailed on Brad's hefty bottom. Brad's ass shock like a bowl full of jelly as Santa's assault continued.


Brad's large package rubbed along Santa's thigh. Brad could feel his manhood growing beneath his tights and thong. His ass was burning and as always a part of him wanted it to stop but a larger part of him wanted it to continue. His big butt felt like it was set ablaze but his cock got stiffer with each whack from the Merry Old Elf.


Santa stopped spanking and ordered Brad to his feet. Without a word Brad did as he was told. Then Santa instructed Brad to remove his tights so he could spank his bare bottom.Brad gulp,'Do I have to, sir?'

'You will do as your told or I will go to Mr. McClennon.'

Brad couldn't lose this job. He needed the money too badly for the holidays so he complied. He turned his back to Santa and raised his tunic up high showing off his well rounded green buns. He then began to peel away the tights that were like a second skin. As he pulled them over his ample posterior and down his thick manly thighs his creamy white flesh came into view. As he bent to remove the tights his red tunic rode up and his fat ass popped out the bottom, the thin green band of his thong was swallowed by his obscenely large ass. Santa just licked his lips with lust.

'Now stand facing the lockers. Hands up high on the lockers. Arch your back. Ass out.'

Brad did as he was told.

'I said ass out. Come on, with an ass that large I know you can stick it out farther than that.', barked Santa.

Brad was shocked to hear the old guy talk like this but did as he was instructed. Then Santa came up behind him and pulled his tunic up high so that Brad's well reddened ass was fully on display. He then sort of turned it up inside itself so that it stayed up without anyone touching it. Then Santa removed his thick black patten leather belt. Brad looked back over his shoulder. His eyes grew wide as he realized that he was about to be spanked with the leather belt. SMACK! The belt landed on Brad's big buns.


Brad jumped from foot to foot. The pain was intense and his butt a glowing red. Brad reached back to rub his well spanked ass but Santa yelled,'I said hands on the lockers young man. If I have to say it again it will be worse for you!'

Brad couldn't imagine it being much worse so he quickly put his hands back. Santa raised the belt and started spanking once more. He showed no mercy.


Brad's cock was straining against the thong. He was now fully hard and the small undergarment just could not contain all of him as his cock head popped free of the waistband. The pouch of his thong was covered in precum and a string of it hung from his piss slit as Santa continued to spank him.


Brad's ass jiggled and bounced all over the place with each swat from the belt. His cock couldn't get any harder and he knew he would blow any second now. He was moaning in both pain and pleasure. Wanting it to both stop now and go on forever. All it took was one more swat from the belt and Brad exploded as he did he let out an ear piercing yell of ecstasy.

His warm gooey cum spilled out freely. It sprayed the lockers and dripped onto the floor below him. Santa realized what was happening and stopped spanking the fat assed teen. His mouth dropped open as he watched Brad's balls drain. In shock Santa just stood there in silence as did Brad.

Once he finally gained his composure Santa spoke,'I hope you've learned your lesson young man. If you haven't you'll get more of the same. Now get cleaned up and get out on the floor.'Brad turned and faced the man. His hard cock still hanging from his green thong and dripping cum. 'Yes, Santa.'

With that Santa exited the locker room leaving Brad to clean himself and the lockers. Brad turned to look at his well reddened ass in the mirror. He ran his hands over his fleshy ass cheeks feeling the warmth the spanking had generated. Then he hurriedly got to cleaning up. After all he had a job to do and money to make. As he did he laughed at himself thinking,'No one would ever believe I was spanked by Santa Claus.'

The End




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