I was looking through some old school papers and I came across

this account I had written many years ago. I was nineteen years old and

going to college. My school was about a mile from the part of town which

boasted strip joints, gay baths and peeps. The account I wrote,

predating the AIDS problem, was hand written. I have and had then a poor

handwriting so please bare with me. It reads as follows:

I just got home from the wildest afternoon I ever had. I can

hardly believe that I did the things I did today. I know when I entered

the Boys Palace, a male strip joint, I hadn't had sex of any kind for at

least two months. I must have become drunk with the availability there

and just let my most beastful nature surface.

I had never been there before. It was situated one flight up,

the entrance just off the busy avenue. At the top of the stairs was a

door which buzzed as I pushed it open. In front of me was a booth, like

that in front of a movie theater. A young man behind the glass said:

'Ten Dollars to enter.' I paid and he released the turnstile. I slowly

explored the place. There were three main rooms. The largest was a

theater with a raised platform. The seats were on three sides of the

room. Sort of a theater in the round. At the moment there was nothing

happening there. I wandered to another room. It was a small movie

theater. A male picture was playing on the screen. It was in bad shape

and somewhat fuzzy. There were about ten people spread about on the

seats. I took note that almost everyone was rather mature, some quite

elderly. The entire room of men stared at me as I stood in the doorway.

A young guy me seemed a rare sight.

There was another room. It had a movie screen showing an

excellent and very sexy movie about french sailors. They were

exceptionally cute and sexy. The room was mostly empty but there were

wooden benches along the sides. I am not sure of the reason for this

room. I sat down on one of the side benches and began to enjoy the

movie. It was quite dark there. I became aware that there was a

youngish guy standing on the bench near me, his back to me. Another

person was in front of him. I realized that he was getting a blow job.

He kept thrusting his trunk forward and the blower kept up with him,

making loud sucking sounds. Suddenly the standing guy shrieked out 'I'm

gonna squirt!' The sucker kept on moaning and humming in pleasure.

Finally the movement stopped, the guy standing on the bench stepping

down. He patted my shoulder: 'He's the best.' The guy that had been

blowing him said sweetly 'Did you have a good cum?'

The departing guy said over his shoulder, 'Excellent Man'

The young guy who had just did the deed came around and stood in

front of me. He was panting from the effort but he peered at me, and

said in a strong Puerto Rican accent, 'You are hot looking. You want

your cock licked?' I took a good look at him. He was wearing long

shorts that came below his knees, almost to his ankles and a vest over

his bare chest. He had that lovely tan color, I could see his dark

nipples which he was now rubbing. His face was quite young and cute. I

didn't answer him but zipped open my fly and pulled my dick out. 'Aye,

it's a big cannon,' he breathed excitedly. He fell to his knees and

immediately took my cock in his wet hot mouth and begin the most ex quite

blow job I ever had. He hummed as he worked. What was different is that

he merely suckled me, gently. He never got heavy suction going. It was

more of the baby at the breast. I was fighting from the moment he

started, to keep from cuming immediately. He would stop every so often

to catch his breath. He was moaning now and I realized that he had his

smooth tan cock out of his shorts and was stroking himself vigorously as

he suckled. Suddenly he froze and let out a high squeal. I looked down

to see him splattering the floor with his coming. He stopped the blow

job and kneeled there in a daze. Gradually he came down from his cum

high. 'Sorry man. I gotta go. I can't do it after I come. Look for me


He left me ;not high and dry but high and wet. I went into the

small rest room and wiped myself off with a paper towel. While I was in

there I realized that there was a sailor getting blown by someone sitting

on the commode. The door lock was apparently broken and the sailor had

resourcefully squeezed his white hat into the crack to keep the door

closed. I came close and stood on my toes. I could see the sailor's fat

cock getting sucked. The sailor had both hands on the sides of the cock

sucker's face so I couldn't see him. The sailor was huffing and puffing,

his fair face suffused with blood. His eyes were closed. I knew I was

witnessing the big moment. But the sailor opened his eyes and saw me.

'Get lost fucker,' he said and flicked a finger at me. I mumbled sorry

and left.

I could hear music coming from the large room. The stage was

spotlighted and most of the men had gravitated from other rooms for the

show. I took a seat in the front. I was sitting next to a well dressed

gentlemen, double breasted blazer with a large silk pocket square. He

was about fifty or sixty years old, he was about sixty pounds overweight

but had a pleasant moon face. I think he was wearing makeup and was

doused heavily with perfume. 'Wait till you see Marek,' he breathed in

my direction. 'He does a single and if we are lucky he was masturbate

right on stage. The dear gets quite excited by our watching him.' He

studied me a moment. 'My goodness, you are the hot one. I bet Marek

with gets it on with you here.'

'What kind of a name is Marek' I asked my neighbor.

'It's Polish. He's that kind of Pole with exquisite white skin

and the greatest ass in the Western Hemisphere.' Just then a hidden

announcer asked us to applaud and welcome handsome Marek. The boy about

my age and fabulous. His body was like that of David. He was naked. and

his cock swung provokingly as he danced. His dancing was someone

dulsitory and ungraceful but that seemed to make it more sexy. My stout

friend had not lied about the ass. It was a work of art.

The boy's eyes swept the audience. I guess he was looking for someone

to get him feeling a little excited. Suddenly he caught sight of me. He

smiled at me. The whole room saw the gesture and looked at me. 'He

likes you guy,' said a voice behind me. 'Take it out, it'll get him


I just sat there, following Marek's dancing. Marek came off and

platform and stood in front of me, waving his body and swinging his dick

back and forth in front of me. Without warning he straddled my legs. He

leaned forward and whispered: 'Come downstairs later for a private show.

Just give me a half hour to revive myself.' No one heard his whisper but

I got a very strong hard on from his hot breath in my ear and his

invitation. I noticed that many in the audience were throwing money on

the stage, folding money, and many had there pants down to their ankles

and were jerking off. I also saw that the dancer was beginning to get

hard. Gradually he cock grew and began to lift upward. Some in the

audience applauded. Marek sat down on a padded bench on the stage and

lay on his stomach and began fucking motions, When he sat up, we could

see that the head of his cock was dripping wet. The kid's face was red

and his lips pushed out in a pout. He began stroking himself, saying

'Yeah' over and over again. The audience was holding its collective

breath when a soft voice behind me said, 'He's gonna cum!': Sure enough,

he stood and vigorously wanked. Finally with a loud shouting moan he

splattered all over the stage. He quickly grabbed his clothes and headed

out but fixed my eyes for a moment. 'Whew,' I was really hot after that.

I got a coke from the machine and sat in the movie theater

drinking it. As I sat, watching the fuzzy screen, several men sat next

to me and tried to touch my crotch. 'No thanks,' I told each one.

After ten minutes later the loud speaker intoned 'Show starting.'

I went back to the room with the platform. In a few minutes, two

kids came out, greeted with loud applause. They were exceptional

looking. Both were tall and slim. One had coal black hair, straight and

soft looking, laying over his forehead, accentuating his brown eyes. The

other guy was blond, a little effeminate but great looking. Both were

naked and had similar long thin cocks. They began to hug each other,

rubbing together, then parted ,both with partial erections. Then lay on

the bench and simulated a 69, then the blond lay on the bench, face down,

ass poking up. (I could see his ass hole with soft black hair so I knew

he was a bottle blond.)

The other boy actually began fucking him but he only entered a bit. It

was a pretty hot show.

Now they both began to move around the audience. Men reached out

and stroked their cocks but they wouldn't stay long with anyone. Finally

both boys came toward me, one on each side of men. The dark one sat on

my lap and the other boy rested his cock on my shoulder. 'You can have

us for $40.00. Go down the stairs beyond the door marked private.' The

drifted away and soon the music rose louder and they waved and left.

I immediately entered the door marked private. A row of stairs

led to room downstairs. There was a mat on the floor, like a gym mat. I

stood near the mat. I heard a door open. It was a toilet. The darker

haired boy came over to me. 'You can pay later. Do you want me to dance

or do you just want to get it on?'

'Get it on,' I answered. I could see he was naked except for a

towel. He came over to me and unbuttoned my shirt. He kissed one nipple

and stroked the other. 'Ummmm,' he breathed, 'You are so hot. 'Can I

see your back. I love backs. Oh yeah, yours is delicious, smooth and

muscular Let me get you undressed and then I'm going to kiss that back.

Do you think you'll like that?'

'Sure. I never had that before.' He and I got me undressed and

he got me to lie with my back up. He then began a pizzicato of baby

kisses on my back and down to the beginning swell of my ass.

'Oh look here, little fine baby hairs on the base of your spine.


The kisses and his enjoyment of them was sending me into daze of

passion. He began kissing my ass checks and licking my crack. He lifted

my legs and put them over his shoulders. This gave him access to my hole

which was completely exposed. I stiffened as I felt his long slippery

tongue push and enter my hole. He turned me on my side and in a moment

the blond was laying against me, licking my cock. The boys were Joe and

Shawn, Shawn being the blond.

As my head was whirling with the excitement of the two servicing

me I wondered if I would be expected to pay double.

Joe began to put the head of his cock at my opening. 'No Joe,

I'm not ready for that yet. Maybe next time. But I love your tongue and

Shawn is driving me crazy. I want to cum soon, my balls are ready to


'OK, you want it, you got it.' Joe rolled me onto my back. He

and Shawn began a double blow job. They kept changing places, first Joe

took the balls and Shawn the shaft, then both would kiss with my cock

between them. I was thrashing and rolling around. Finally Joe said

'Let's take pity on him and finished him up.'

Shawn put his mouth on my cock and pushed his cock into my face. I took

it into my mouth and began a slow suck. Shawn immediately deep throated

me and rolled his tongue over my cock head, back and forth. It was

fabulous. Joe resumed his vigorous rimming. We three were sucking and

humming and moaning. Suddenly I realized that Marek was standing over

us, rubbing his cock vigorously. 'Can you cum again?' I asked the

beautiful guy. 'Oh yeah, with you to look at I can.'

I realized that Joe wasn't getting much stimulation. 'Suck Joe,' I

ordered Marek. He looked at Joe for an OK and Joe nodded and resumed his

ass hole ministrations.

Shawn was the first to cry out and shoot into my waiting mouth.

The delicious taste got me off next and I un loaded with a cry into

Shawn's pretty mouth. Joe and Marek were taking a long time. Shawn

began to rim Joe and I began to play with Marek's handsome ass. A few

flicks over the pucker and Shawn's hot tongue, they both began to pant

and then stiffen and shoot.

We all lay there recovering;. 'I guess it's pay up time,' I

said. The three looked at each other. Shawn said, 'this one's on the

house but you have to learn to take a cock up your ass. Are you staying

around awhile?' I told him a would be there a few more hours.

'OK, then come back and we'll get your ass into the game. We'll

each take a shot at you. You'll love it.'

I dressed and sort of collapsed in the room with the wooden

benches. It didn't work out too well. Men kept coming over and starting

up with me. Finally I knocked on the door marked private. Joe came. I

asked: 'Can I crash on the mat awhile, guys keep bothering me.'

Marek heard me, 'I don't blame them. Sure take a snooze here,

rest your ass for the big event.

I lay on the mat and in a moment I was out, dreaming of being an

ass slut, my legs in the air, calling: 'Fuck me harder.'



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