Bill laughed at my hard-on. I mean it was in the bottom of the 9th inning and the girl next to me was standing and cheering and her breasts were swinging like crazy. She turned and hugged me as the game winning ball sailed over the fence and she giggled and squealed as she rubbed those tits into my tee shirt.

My cock was bulging in my shorts and she just laughed and gave it a good squeeze...

"Baby, if my old man wasn't expecting me to get home and give him a good fuck tonight, I'd be on that big boy between your legs and ride it into the sunset..." She laughed and gathered up her things and scooted off, leaving me standing there with a rock hard one.

Bill and I were on a boys' night out at the game, both with wives to go home to. As we finally reached his car, Bill smiled broadly and commented, "Rick, you are really hung like a horse. Your wife must love getting that hummer planted into her.. I bet you slap it in every night."

"Well, to be honest," I replied, "it's too big to be comfortable for her.. I'm lucky if I get laid twice a month."

"God, What do you do with all that cum juice", he gasped?

I kinda turned red and sighed, "I shake it loose about 4 or 5 times a week. Guess that's all I can do."

Bill was quiet for a full minute. " I have a confession to make, too.

After the baby, Ruth has all but cut me off...I've finally got tired of beating my woody and worked out something that is safe and fun and gets me off 3 or 4 times a week...takes the edge off and when she does let me have a bit of a fuck, I don't blow my load before I get it half buried into her pussy."

I smiled.. "I guess we are in the same boat.. What do you have, Bill, a mistress hidden somewhere."?

"No, Something better, much better and so less complicated. If you are interested, I can show you how to take care of that hard-on in your shorts and we will only be an hour or so late getting home.


I had to grin. My cock was at full mast. This kind of talk was getting me all hot. "I'm game.. Let's go," I said, a bit nervously. " I just don't know if I want to cheat on my wife."

"It isn't cheating and I want you to just be quiet and go along with me.. Don't ask any questions and just do what I tell you. OK?"

"OK!," I laughed "Let's find out what the secret is."

Bill had already taken a different route home and was heading onto the East Side Freeway. Fifteen minutes later we were pulling into a lot next to a single building with about a dozen cars parked there. I was surprised to see the sign for an adult bookstore over the door. We stepped in to a dimly lit room with spotlights highlighting the shelves.

Bill waved a friendly hello to guy at the counter and handed him several twenties. "Room 6," the guy spoke quietly as he handed Bill a key. I followed him down a long hallway and entered one of a number of rooms lining the hallway as Bill unlocked the door and waved me in.

The room was fairly barren with several chairs, a sink and some towels and one wall covered with a video screen. I gaped at the screen as Two guys were doing a hot babe with huge tits.. One was getting his cock sucked while the other was plowing his cock into her from behind.. The scene changed and the one guy was now ass fucking the other guy....

God, his cock was plowing in and out like a ramming machine.

"Well this is home for a while," Bill smiled as he stepped out of his shorts and loosed a fat 8" rock hard cock. He began stroking it and wagging it at the screen. "Strip out of your shorts and get your horse cock out," he spoke firmly. I quickly obeyed and stood there next to him. I couldn't believe I was doing this.. It was like my frat days all over again, when did some circle jerking.. My cock was a hard 9-1/2 inches and was at full bloom.

Suddenly Bill made a bee-line for the wall, knocked a couple of times against it and pressed his cock and balls through a hole I hadn't seen there. He moaned as someone on the other side took his cock in hand..

"This is it, baby," he moaned. " "This place is for guys like you and me who need to get their rocks off. OOOOOOOOOH God, he is sucking on my cock now..........OH baby suck it good. We come here and no one knows the others. but we do take care of each other! Oh yes, suck me baby, suck me" Bill began to hump against the wall.

"Go to the other wall and do exactly what I just did." He groaned out as he pressed into the mouth he was fucking..

I didn't have to be told twice. Pre-cum was already oozing out of my cock. I had barely got my cock through when I heard someone on the other side sigh, "Oh dear, what a wonderful piece of meat," and lips quickly took my cock into a warm and wet mouth.

A minute later I was lost in getting the best sucking of my whole life.

He had one hand massaging my loaded balls and the other pumping my cock deeper into his throat until I seemed to break through some barrier and now his face was buried to the balls with each thrust onto my cock.. I felt the juices boiling inside me and began banging up against him as I slid over the edge.. I moaned loudly as the cum burst loose and the guy took it all, sucking it into him, deep down into his throat..

Finally, he pulled back until just the head was in his mouth and he kept sucking my juices up while he stroked my cock from the base to the head, getting all the cum there was until he pulled off, licking and slurping my cock and balls... Then he was gone....and I came back to reality.

Bill was standing behind me, his own load emptied, his cock semi-hard, smiling. "You loved it, didn't you?" "Oh Yeah, that was so hot, " I replied..

"Well, we are half through," Bill grinned. "Now we have to pay our dues, too. Just watch me." He went over to the wall again and knocked quietly. This time a cock and balls came through the hole into our room. Bill quickly moved a chair to the opening and sat down next to the hole took the cock into his mouth and began sucking. I couldn't believe I was watching my best buddy sucking a cock right in front of me. He seemed to be enjoying it and within just moments had that long pole down his throat and was riding it like a master. I was dizzy with everything happening so fast.

There was a knock at my own wall and as I turned to it, a nice hard cock came into view. I gasped at the sight of it. It was really beautiful and I felt the juices come alive again inside me. I figured it was now or never and moved my chair to the hole and took the cock into my hands and began pumping it . There were beads of cum on its head and I slowly licked them off. I had been eating my own cum since I was in high school and secretly loved the taste of cum. This guy's cum was delicious.

The taste was sweet and hot and before I could back out, I began swirling my tongue around the bright red cock head and squeezed some more pre cum out to lick up. My cock owner began to moan as I increased my sucking and soon I was taking almost 4 inches of cock into my mouth.

I was determined to get it all in there and somewhere along the way, lost my senses and became one with this hot cock, my face up against the wall as I took it all... My face fucking friend on the other side of the wall began to hump into me with a faster pace, his moans became louder and suddenly he arched into me and the cum burst loose, gagging me as it filled my mouth and throat and oozed out my lips as I fought to swallow it all. Remembering how he so nicely serviced my own cummy load, I pulled back so just the head was in there and pulled on his cock, getting even more strips of cum to suck into my very being, wanting every drop.

At last his cock softened and as I licked and slurped the last tasty drops from his cock and balls, he sighed. " Oh baby, You did me so good. I love you." Again, he stepped away and I was sitting there on the chair lost in space when I realized Bill had been long done and was there smiling, enjoying watching me suck cock like I was born for it.

We just looked at each other for a few moments. My cock was still rock hard again and with a boldness I never knew I had, I stood up and presented my cock to Bill. " Suck my cock," I said firmly. "You started this. You finish it."

Bill looked up at me as if to ask, are you sure about this. I nodded and brought my cock to his lips. He quickly took it in and brought his hands around to my ass and with a hand pulling on each ass cheek, took me deep. I was moaning and groaning against him as he worked his lips and sucked me in. I was pumping into him until I was buried to the balls, fucking him with an energy and abandonment I didn't know was in me.

Bill was like a wild man. His fingers bit deep into my ass and then I felt one of his thumbs working deep into my ass hole and I felt my juices suddenly come to the surface and I went over the edge, screaming as each rope of cum burst forth deep into him, like burning fiery lava. Bill swallowed it all, half a hand buried in my ass and the other holding me in a death grip, my cock buried full length...

holding me tightly until my spasms stopped and my cock finally went soft. When he let his grip loose and slowly removed himself from my asshole, my cock slid out of his sweet pussy lips. His cock was hard as ever again now....he laid back a bit and presented it to me.

I dropped to his cock and took it greedily into my mouth, wanting to do this, wanting to give him the pleasure he just gave me.. It seemed like I went to that other place again as I sucked hungrily at his cock.

He held me by the head and worked his cock against me, stroking it into me for probably 5 long minutes, with just the sounds of my mouth and his cock until he started moaning that he was cummmming.......

I sucked frantically, wanting his hot cum juices, wanting Bill to fill me with his cum.... wanting to eat my best friend's cum, knowing that it was going to change our relationship forever, wanting it , needing it....begging for it..

And then he bucked against me, crushing my head down on his cock as it exploded cum deep into me, deep into my throat. I started to gag but he held me firmly, impaled to the hilt on his hardness and pushing it deeper into me as I fought wildly against it. At last the gagging stopped and I was able to relax and enjoy what was happening. I was crying silently as I felt the heat of his cum going down my throat, deep into my being.. rope after rope of hot cum flooding me until he finally stopped his humping motions and slowly pulled his cock out.

We sat there for another 5 minutes, just staring at one another. Bill stood then and brought a wet towel from the sink and wiped me clean, smiling and fussing as I let him get between my legs up into the crack. He gently worked his fingers along my crack and rubbed the sensitive opening to my hole there, bringing the wetness of the towel against my soreness. I knew that would be the next step and whispered a `yes, next time...I want you to fuck me there...' into his ear.

The drive home was pretty quiet. When we left the store, Bill dropped the key in the counter and nodded again, promising to `see you again soon." I knew this was not a one night thing, but that it would be the core of my sex life from now on. I knew I had suddenly found what I had been longing for in my life. I knew I was born to suck cock and I knew I was going to love to be ass fucked, too.

I knew I had hit a home run this night. I looked over at Bill and smiled. His eyes met mine... "I have wanted you for 4 years," he whispered. "You own me," I whispered back.


Corey Anton

[email protected]


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