"Yes, yes, YES!" shouts Michael as his hands are moving at nearly impossible speeds. Sweat trickles down his temples, past his clenched, strong jaw and down his neck. His concentration is laser-like as he works furiously. I too am deeply engrossed in the love of our activity. Our guilty pleasure. My mind is racing, my hands tremble, and adrenaline speeds through my veins.

He finally makes it and the game is over. That's 5 and 0 that he's beaten me at Hell Racers XXI!

As Michael does his little victory dance, like a cowboy having wrangled a steer, he exits the game and goes to the gaming-system's main frame. He goes into Yahoo Mail, but I know I'm already logged in. A chilling feeling grows inside of me. He notices an email entitled 'Great Offers, Check It Out!!!'

"Offers on what, hmmm?" he asks. I try to calmly take the controller to exit from my account, I nearly fall off of the sofa, but he's already opened the file and my heart drops.

A large, sparkling page appears featuring two muscular, scantily dressed men; one like a firefighter and the other like a police officer. Nothing but tiny speedos and big badges. The headlining reads 'Greatest Deal on the Hottest Gay Vids on the Web."

WIth dread, I turn to Michael, whose eyes have to leave the pop-up. His gaze is wide and his mouth is open. I'm not sure if it's simply a look of shock or of disgust. I start, "I...I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you but... I..."

I can't finish my sentence because, to my immense shock, has his hands on my face and his lips to mine. I pull away only slightly so that we are at least more than a single inch away from each other.  "So you're-I mean, you actually..."

"You talk too much, boy." And with that I'm in his embrace again, his soft lips pressed firm against mine. Michael slowly pushes me down until he is laying on top of me. His warm, lean body pressing against mine. His left leg running up and down my own. One hand is placed on my pec as the other slips down torso. I can feel his warm, growing bulge grinding against my crotch. In no time, I can feel the impressive boner trapped inside his skinny jeans.

I so wish to set it free.

He sits up onto his knees and, without breaking our eye contact, he nearly rips off the buttons of his shirt. His sunkist body glows in the late afternoon sun streaming through the living room windows. I run my hands over his rippling abs as he undoes his jeans and ends up in only an adorable pair of silvery black briefs. As I fumble with taking off my own shirt, he unzips and pulls down my own jeans. I'm so excited, I precum a little.

He pounces back on top of me. There isn't a single inch of me that doesn't come into contact with either his hands or his lips.  I clench my hands firmly upon his Merengue-sculpted bubble butt and squeeze. The whiskers on his upper lip leaves a tingle in their wake and soon I'm tingling all over.  

He begins to kiss and lick and suck at my neck, and then my nipples, my abdomen, lingers and tongues my belly-button playfully, then proceeds onto my aching crotch. He fits my entire package into his mouth, still wrapped in cloth. The moisture from his mouth soon seeps through. His tongue swirls around and I can barely sustain myself. I can only but lay rigid, completely still and watch in perfect ecstasy as he peels back the now-wet cloth and my stiff dick springs forth.

He gets up from on top of me and I'm shocked. He's not just going to leave me here like this?!

He doesn't. Instead, he circles around to the other side of the sofa and as I look at his glorious upside down figure, he slips off his briefs and crawls over me. I am now face to face with his magnificent cock when he takes mine in hand and begins to lick at it like a lollipop. I moan as a thin but steady stream of precum spills from me. He seems all too glad to lap it up as well. Suddenly, he squeezes the base of my cock hard and jabs it into his mouth. I would probably have screamed, but before I can, I'm provided with my own lolly.

Michael arcs his entire body back and forth, sliding my dick deeper into his mouth and his into mine. I hear him humming with enjoyment. He gradually begins to quicken his fucking my mouth until I'm afraid he's going to break his back. My cock going deep down his throat but his staying just on my tongue. I suppose he wants me to taste it. And boy-oh-boy does it taste heavenly.

Not before long, I feel like I'm about to burst. His tight throat gagging my dick to the point of ecstatic suffocation.  "I'm gonna...gonna..." 

He gets what I'm trying to say and does a 180 with his body, again. He continues to deep throat me. But, now, I'm looking into his big bright eyes. Those eyes I've been looking into for years as nothing more than a friendly and distant dream and now they are like gold. Precious and in my grasp.

As my load bursts from me, I cry out with such a loss of weight and pain, it's like I'm lighter than a cloud. A sweaty, satisfied cloud. He swallows my cum like it's a refreshing beverage and crawls up to my face and kisses me. I pull him down onto me and pull a blanket over our twinning, heaving bodies.


Anthony Simpson

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