I was out the door at my usual time to do the morning chores. The light of day was breaking over the horizon of the woods. It was balmy, going to be another hot one. Dog came out from under the porch, stretched and yawned then ran to catch up to me as I walked to the barn. That was his name, Dog. He nipped at my pants leg, wanting to play. I bent down and scratched his ears but walked on.

When I went inside I heard the stirring of the animals coming awake at my presence. The young stallion, Merk, came to his feet and lifted his head out of his stall. I went over to pet him and scratch his ear and laughed when I saw his big cock stick out, throbbing and quivering.

'I gotta find you some ass,' I told him.

The two milk cows looked at me. The Guernsey looked miserable in her state of pregnancy; she was ready to drop any day. The other one was a big Holstein. Other than the waking up noises, all was quiet, the way I liked it. I went into the feed room and set about scooping out the measures of grain and feed for the animals. As I was dumping the grain into Merk's feed box I noticed his horse blanket wasn't draped over the front of the stall where I always kept it. I looked around; I didn't remember moving it. I didn't see it. Well, it had to be somewhere, I wasn't going to worry about it right then.

I went over to the cows with the feed bucket, but stopped at the sound from the hayloft. I listened for a moment; it sounded like snoring. It was snoring. I tensed up at the thought of somebody being in the barn. I set the feed bucket down and went over to the ladder, snatched a pitchfork off the hook as I went up, cautiously, to be sure. I climbed up and peered over the top of the ladder and got the surprise of my life. There was a boy stretched out on the horse blanket in the loose hay, snoring as big as you please. He looked to be sixteen or seventeen, good looking lad, wearing work boots and old tattered jeans and a white T-shirt, and a baseball cap lay close by. He looked strong, muscular for his age. I watched him for a moment. It was a shame to wake him, but I wanted to know what he was doing in my barn.

I reached out for the toe of his boot and shook it. He came awake with a start, wide eyed to see me, and crawled back away from me a couple of feet, a frightened look on his face.

'No need to be scared, son, I just wanta know what you're doing in my barn,' I said.

'I...n-needed...a p-place...t-to sleep,' he stammered. 'It looked like it was gonna rain, and your barn looked safe.' He scrambled to a crouch, still a safe distance from my reach, his eyes shifting to the pitchfork I had in my hand. 'I'm sorry, I'll get out and be on my way,' he said, as he stood up, but still back from me.

'On your way to where?' I asked as I climbed on up to the loft. He cowered back. 'Look, son, there's no need to be scared of me. I just came up to throw down some hay, and found you. I don't care if you slept here. Where're you from? Where're you headed?'

'I'm on my way to...West...I got let off by a trucker just down the road, about nightfall.'

I eyed the boy. 'You don't know where you're going, do you?' I said as I started pitching down hay.

'No, sir. I'm just...going...till I decide to stop.'

I handed him the pitchfork. 'Tell you what, you throw down the hay while I go water the livestock, and then we'll go in and have some breakfast.'

He was still wary as he took the pitchfork but I figured the mention of food would sway him. 'How much you want me to throw down?' he asked.

'Till I holler up for you to stop. Then you can climb down and toss it over to the cows and the horse.'


I climbed back down, watching the play of the boy's muscles till I disappeared down the ladder. I had a lot of questions for the boy, and over breakfast would be the best place to ask them. I took the hose and ran water in the troughs in the cows' stalls then went outside and turned the water on to fill Merk's horse tank. When I went back in the boy had a good size pile of hay tossed down.

'That'll do it,' I called up to him.

He tossed the pitchfork down, stabbing it into the pile of hay then climbed down. I watched him climbing down, the stretch of his muscular arms and his thighs bulging against the worn material of his jeans, and the way his T-shirt pulled up and his jeans pulled down, revealing the beginnings of the curvature of his tight looking little butt. He dropped to the ground, tugging his T-shirt down, but not before I caught a nice glimpse of his tan washboard abs. He jerked the pitchfork out of the pile of hay and started tossing hay over to the animals.

'You know what you're doing with that pitchfork,' I said.

'I was raised on a farm,' he said.

'But you're running away from it. How come? You didn't like the idea of farming?'

He looked around at me with a scowl. 'I didn't say I was running away from anything,' he said.

'You hitched a ride with a trucker, you spent the night in my barn, and you don't know where the hell you're even going. No matter how you slice it that all adds up to running away.'

He looked away and tossed over another fork of hay to Merk's stall. Then he leaned the pitchfork against the wall and turned back, hitching his jeans up on his lean hips. He followed me back to the hog lots where I checked the feeding stations. They were in good shape.

'Do you want me to fill the water troughs?' he asked.

'Yeah, you could do that,' I said.

I went inside the barn and peered out while he filled the hog troughs.

'Are we done?' he asked when he came in.

'For now,' I said, nodding for him to come with me. He had a good stride but he was shorter than me and it was funny to see him try to match his stride to mine. I took him into the house, into the kitchen. 'You can wash up in the bathroom, right around the corner, or shower and change clothes if you want, while I make breakfast. You like sausage or bacon?'

'Either one. But I don't have any change of clothes. Everything I got, I got on.'

I looked him up and down, sized him up. 'If you wanta shower, I can round you up some clothes.'

He looked at me, sizing me up. 'You're way bigger than me.'

'Clothes that belonged to my son,' I said. 'He was about your size.'

'Is he gonna care if you loan me or give me his clothes?'

'He won't know. But no, he wouldn't care,' I said. 'Go on in, I'll get your clothes.'

I went to Rick's room and got an outfit of clothes for the boy then tapped on the bathroom door. He didn't hear me so I went in and laid them on the toilette seat. He didn't see me either. I went back down to finish getting breakfast. I wanted to stick around in the bathroom but I didn't.

The boy came out looking scrubbed and healthy. It was a bit of a jolt to see him in my son's old faded jeans and T-shirt, and knowing he was wearing his shorts. He filled them out even better than Rick.

'Can I do anything to help?' he asked politely.

'You can set the table,' I said, pointing to the cabinet.

He set the table then stood around till I told him to get the milk and orange juice out of the refrigerator.

'Or do you drink coffee?' I asked.

'Sometimes. I think I would like coffee,' he said.

I told him to pour it. When we sat down to eat I saw that he had some manners. He seemed to be okay with himself, whatever his situation was.

'You mind if I ask you about your son?'

'I was expecting it, since you're wearing his clothes,' I said. 'I had a boy, he was about your age, what are you sixteen, seventeen?'

'I'll be eighteen in a month,' he said. 'Your son's not with you anymore?'

'We, uh...there was a lot that we didn't agree on, and he didn't like being disagreed with,' I said.

'He just took off?'

I nodded. 'Like maybe you have,' I said.

'What all didn't you agree on? You couldn't work it out between you?'

'Could have, maybe, if he'd stuck around. But then, probably not. There was a lot between us, but...' I stopped. This was nothing I ought to be talking about with a stranger. 'It was nothing. What about yourself? You still insist you're not running away, but I think you are.'

'I guess I am, or could be, except there's nothing for me to run away from. I'm just looking for a change of scenery. It's more like I'm running to.'

I hadn't come clean with him so I didn't press him. I changed the subject. 'Are you up for some more hard work? It could mean some pocket money to help get you wherever you're going,' I said. 'That is, if you're not in a big hurry to get there.'

'I'm not in any hurry. I would appreciate it,' he said.

So we worked. I asked his name; Acre.

'That's an odd name.'

He smiled. 'Yeah, but I kinda like it.'

I worked him hard, hoping he would tire out and need to stick around for the night to get some rest, and then maybe stick around in the morning. We mended fence. He kept up with me. At one point he took off his shirt, revealing a well muscled upper body, and I could tell by the way he filled out Rick's jeans that he had muscular thighs. It was a pleasure to watch him, not just that he was a good worker, but to watch his smooth, young muscles ripple under the hot sun. He seemed unaware of his physical attributes. We went in for lunch and he put his shirt back on when we sat down to eat, which I thought was mannerly of him, even though I would've been just as glad to have him at my table bare chested.

The afternoon we cleaned out the horse stable and the cow stalls. It wasn't pleasant work, but he never complained once. I contemplated what I would say at the end of the day; how I might approach him about staying on for a while. I didn't want to see this young, good looking boy striking out on his own to God only knew where, cause he sure didn't know himself. He was like tender, fresh meat for the wolves, but he didn't know it.

I let him shower first while I opened the mail. He saw I was making hamburgers and he said he could take over if I wanted to go shower. I let him. When I came down, the table was set and the hamburgers were done, served with sliced tomatoes and onions, and iced tea.

I approached him head on. 'I've been thinking, to offer you to stick around a while if you want to,' I said. 'I could use the help, and it would put some money in your pocket and give you some time to think things through.'

'That's a good offer, but I need to be on my way,' he said. 'I thank you for all you've done for me, though.'

I took some money out of my shirt pocket and laid it beside his plate. He picked it up and laid it beside my plate.

'I'm not taking your money.'

'That was deal, and you earned it. You're a hard worker.' I started to hand it to him again but he put up a hand with a stern look on his youngish face.

'No,' he said. 'If I could take these clothes with me, that'd be enough.'

I laid the money back down. 'Sure, you can have the clothes. Nobody was wearing them anyway.'

After we ate, he started to clear the table. I wondered what could be his problem; he certainly had some upbringing. When we were done in the kitchen, I went into the living room. He followed me but stood at the door of the living room.

'I guess I'd better be going,' he said.

I scowled at him. 'This is not a good time to be heading out, Son,' I said. 'Why don't you at least stay the night then head out in the morning. Rick's bed ain't being used either.'

'Rick. That your son's name?'

'Yes.' I motioned for him to sit in the chair. He did, and we watched television for no more than ten minutes before he was asleep. I let him sleep for a short while then turned the TV off and woke him up. 'Come on up to bed,' I said. 'It'll be cold out there tonight. I'll send you off in the morning with a full belly.'

He didn't argue. He followed me sleepily up the stairs. I showed him into Rick's room and told him goodnight after I made one more stab at it.

'Listen, Acre, whatever you decide, you know there's no law against changing your mind. If you do....well, you're welcome back here.'

'Thanks,' was all he said.

I didn't go to bed. I had an uneasy feeling that he wouldn't be there in the morning. He was asleep, snoring, I crept into the room and quietly dug out Rick's backpack then put some of his clothes in it. I tucked two twenty dollar bills in the pocket of the jeans. I left and closed the door then took the back pack into the bathroom where I added a towel and some toilette articles wrapped up in another towel. Then I wrote a note.


If you decide to leave before I wake up, take this with you, and there's food packed in the refrigerator you can take too. Good luck. And thanks for the help. And you know you're welcome back here if you change your mind.

I didn't sign it. I crept back in his room and set the backpack against the nightstand then went down to make some sandwiches. I put them along with some apples and bananas and two pints of milk, in a plastic bag so he would know what to take. I knew he wouldn't take anything that wasn't designated for him. Then I went to bed, and worried....and prayed that he would be there in the morning.

He wasn't. When I woke up--it was about three--he was already gone. So was the backpack, and the note, and the food out of the refrigerator. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

I worried about the kid all day. Just what I needed; something else to worry about that I couldn't do anything about. I thought of Rick, and wondered where he was; wondered if somebody along the way had treated him to some kind hospitality. Or if he had been taken in by a pack of wolves.

Dusk brought a chill and the dark clouds boiling over the horizon promised more bad weather. The rain started as I was coming in from the barn. I was soaked by the time I got to the house. I changed into dry clothes then ate supper, then fell asleep watching TV.

The rain came down hard, peppering against the windows and hammering on the roof with a steady hum. I had just gotten to sleep when flashes of lightning danced at every window and a loud clap of thunder woke me up; one that shook the house. It was a vicious storm that caused me to get up and look out the windows; fearful that it might be doing some damage. I saw some limbs down but nothing serious. I stretched out on the couch again.

The next sounds that woke me up weren't thunder, although I thought it was when I jumped awake. But then I heard only a steady downpour of the rain. I sat up, listened for the sound again. I don't know how I heard it above the rain but there it was; a loud knock at the door. I looked at my watch. It was nearly three a.m. Somebody broke down along the road, I thought. The knock came again, louder, before I got to the door. I opened it before I realized I was wearing only my briefs. It didn't matter. When I turned on the outside light, I saw it was the boy, drenched to the skin.

'You said I could come back,' he said through the water sheeting down over his face.

'Well, yeah, get in here,' I said. I reached out and pulled him inside by his shoulder and closed the door. 'You look like a drowned rat.' I saw he was shaking from the cold.

'I'm sorry to bother you at this hour.'

'Get out of those clothes, I'll get you a towel and some dry clothes.'

'I'm afraid everything in the backpack is soaked too,' he said, his teeth chattering. He looked down at himself. 'I'm making a puddle on the floor. I should take 'em off outside.'

'Stay right there. The water will mop up,' I said, and left to get some towels and some dry clothes. When I went back down, he was down to his shorts and shaking like a leaf. I wrapped the towel around him and would've dried him off but he took the towel from me. 'Listen, if you want, why don't you go up and get under a hot shower and get warmed up, then I'll get you some dry clothes. I'll have some hot chocolate for you when you come back down.'

He nodded, still shaking, and wrapped the towel around his waist and went to the stairs.

'Take all the time you want, there's always plenty of hot water,' I called after him. Then I set about wringing the water out of his clothes into the sink and tossing them into the washer, and mopped up the water off the floor. Then I emptied the backpack and tossed it and all the clothes into the dryer, after removing the money. I didn't know if there were towels in the bathroom so I went up to check. I got two heavy towels out of the linen closet and knocked on the bathroom door.

'Can I come in? I've got some towels,' I said, just as the shower was turned off.

'Yeah, it's okay, come on in,' he replied.

I opened the door as he was stepping out of the shower, dripping wet. I stifled an intake of air at the sight of him. He was absolutely stunning in his nakedness. My eyes fell instinctively to his young manhood but I quickly raised them, handing him a towel. He took it and began drying off and I was almost taken aback again by the beauty of his smooth, rippling muscles.

'Did you get warmed up?'

'Yeah, thanks.'

'Go on in the room, I'll bring your hot chocolate up to you,' I said.


When I went back upstairs with two cups of hot chocolate, I found him sitting up in bed with the covers pulled up around his neck, waiting for me. I handed him a cup and the covers dropped to his waist. I sat on the edge of the bed, down at the foot.

'This oughta keep you warmed up so you sleep good,' I said.

'I know I'm being a nuisance. I thank you for doing all of this; for taking me back in,' he said.

'I told you, you could stay, in the first place.'

He drank the hot chocolate fast and I asked if he wanted more.

'No, thanks. It was good,' he said, handing the cup back.

When he snuggled down under the covers I stood up. 'It'll be plenty warm in a little bit, but would you like to have some pajamas to sleep in?' I asked him.

'No, I'm warm now,' he said. 'I like sleeping naked.'

I smiled. 'So do I. Well, sleep tight. Goodnight.' I left the room, leaving the door open, with a small prayer of thanks that the boy had come back. I thought of Rick, and prayed he would do the same someday.

I went back to the kitchen and rinsed the cups out and checked the door. I turned the lights out and went back upstairs. Passing by his room I paused at the door. He was lying on his stomach, the covers pulled down to the small of his back. I couldn't help myself; I went quietly into the room and stood and gazed at him for a moment. How will I manage this, I wondered, having this beautiful boy in my life, for I was sure now that he would be in my life. As I was about to leave, I whispered, 'Goodnight, Acre' very softly so as not to wake him. I was surprised when he raised up and turned over.

'I'm not asleep,' he said.

The covers twisted around his hips, pulled down now almost to his pubes. He pulled the pillow under his head and laid one arm across his torso, but made no move to pull the covers up any higher.

'How far did you get?' I asked.

'I don't know. I just know it was a long way back here,' he said.

'I'm glad you came back.'

'It was the only place I knew to go.'

'What made you come back?' I asked.

'I hitched a couple of rides. The second one was with a trucker. He drove quite a ways and I started falling asleep when he....he wanted me to do things I didn't want to do. I told him I wanted out. It was storming, but I didn't want to go any farther with him. At first he wasn't going to let me out; he said I could crawl back in his sleeper and get some sleep, he wouldn't try anything again, but I was too scared. I didn't trust him. He finally pulled over and let me out and I headed back this direction.'

'Did you come all the way on foot, or were you able to catch another ride?'

'No. I didn't even let myself be seen. I ducked down in the ditch every time a car came by.'

'I'm sorry, Acre. I wish you'd stayed.'

'I do too now,' he said.

'Well...goodnight again,' I said.


I went on to my room, knowing I wouldn't sleep. The thunder and lightning had subsided but the rain continued. I wondered if the creek would flood. If it did, it would likely wash up over the hog lots. That'd happened once before. I decided I should go check on them. If the rain didn't let up, the lots could be flooded by the time I woke up. I went back downstairs and put on my boots and raincoat and hat and grabbed the high-beam lantern. I was out the door and down the steps when I heard the door open behind me.

'Where're you going?' Acre yelled over the rain.

'To check on the hogs. If this rain keeps up, the lots will be flooded.'

'I'll come with you.' Before I could protest, he was out the door.

'You don't need to, they're probably okay,' I said. 'You'll just get wet.'

'I'm already wet,' he said, rushing up beside me. He hadn't bothered with even a jacket. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and his sneakers. 'You're gonna get cold again.'

'I got warmed up before,' he said.

We walked through the downpour, back past the hog pens. The creek was swollen but not crested yet. I hated having to move the hogs but I couldn't judge whether the creek would overflow its banks. Acre made my decision for me.

'We might as well move them, we're already out here,' he said.

So we moved the hogs. We let them out of the pens and drove them along the enclosed pathway to the barn.

'Is that all?' Acre asked when the hogs were all in and the doors were secured.

'Yeah, they'll squeal for a while, till they get settled down,' I said.

'I guess the cows and the stallion won't be getting any sleep,' he joked.

Back at the house, Acre started taking off his clothes out on the porch.

'Get inside, you're gonna be chilled to the bone again,' I told him.

He went in, carrying his shirt and his shoes. 'Seems like we did this before,' he joked as he undid his jeans.

'Yeah, and I'm running out of dry towels,' I joked back.

By the time he was naked, he was shaking.

'Go get in the shower again,' I said.

He rushed upstairs and I heard the shower being turned on. I wondered what I was going to do with this kid. He was a beautiful, wonderful enigma. I'd worn a rain poncho so I was pretty dry except for my boots. I took them and my socks off and went upstairs. I went into the bathroom to make sure there were towels.

'I'll be out of here in a minute,' Acre called out.

'That's okay, I don't need the shower. I didn't get that wet,' I said.

'I sure did,' he said, laughing

'Well, you crazy little shit, you could've worn a raincoat. It was hanging right there.'

'I didn't see any raincoat,' he said, pushing the shower curtain back. 'Hand me a towel?'

I grabbed a towel and tossed it to him.

'You said before that I could stay,' he said as he began drying himself. 'Is that offer still open?'


'Then I'll take you up on it, for a little while. I promise I won't be in the way, and I'll work to earn my keep.'

'I don't see either one of those things being an issue,' I said.

'And I'll leave anytime your son comes back,' he added.

His words gave me pause and I just looked at him.

'Did I say something wrong?' he asked, with a worried look.

'No. But that's not something you need to worry about.'

'I think he will come back,' he said.

'What makes you think that? You don't even know him, or what the problem was,' I said.

'Because he's your son. You're his dad. That's blood.'

'Don't you have any blood?' I asked.

'Yeah, but.....'

'Yeah, but you took me up in my offer to stay here,' I cut in. 'If blood isn't going to take you back, what makes you think my son will come back?'

'Because I know you would be a better dad than mine was. I can't imagine why he would've wanted to leave in the first place. Why did he leave, if you don't mind my asking?'

'I don't mind, but I doubt you'd want to hear the answer,' I said.

'If I didn't, I wouldn't ask. But if I'm being too nosey......'

'I'll make you a deal, son. I'll tell you about our disagreements if you fill in the gaps about yourself.'

'I got nothing much to tell, but okay,' he said. 'Do you hear from him?'

'Not once. He really wanted to cut all ties apparently.'

'That's terrible.'

'I hope it's not, for his sake,' I said. 'But who'd you leave behind, worrying about you?'

'Whoever I left behind, I doubt they're worrying about me,' he said.

'That's hard to believe, that there's nobody in this world that cares enough to worry about you.'

'They sure didn't worry about me when I was around,' he said.

'Why'd you run away? And don't tell me you didn't,' I said.

'I got tired of seeing how my dad treated my mom.'

'Was he mean to her?'

'He beat her.'

'Might've been better if you stuck around,' I said.

'I did, as long as I could. It might sound cowardly that I left, but nothing's going to stop it, and she won't leave him and I wasn't going to stick around and watch it.'

'Have you called to see if she's all right?' I asked.

'I did, but he answered the phone so I hung up.'

'Did he ever beat you?'

'I got more than my share of whippings with a belt. He only beat me once. I told him if he ever did it again, I would kill him in his sleep.'

'Do you think you could've done that?'

'I don't know, but he believed I would, and that's all that mattered.'

'You might have used that threat......'

He held up his hand to stop me. 'Before you go there, I guess I should explain their arrangement. My Mom is a prostitute. My Dad is her pimp. To tell the truth, I don't know if they're really married. And that pretty much fills in the gaps about.'

'You said you were raised on a farm,' I said.

'Maybe I stretched that some,' he said. 'I spent my summers on my grandparents farm. But I had to go back home to go to school. So, what about you? What came between you and your son?'

I thought he was trying to divert me from asking any more questions. 'Well, biggest problem was, the boy couldn't accept that I had a preference for guys as well as women.'

He just looked at me. I didn't know if I'd said the wrong thing, or if he didn't hear me, or if he fully grasped what I'd said.

'You...y-you're...gay?' he asked finally.

'No. I said guys as well as women.'

'Oh, then, that makes you...Bi.'

'I guess it does.'

'And your son was straight.'

'I guess so. He sure as hell didn't like the notion that I wasn't,' I said.

'Well, I got no problem with it,' he stated flatly.

'How about you?'

'Oh, I'm straight too, but I got no problem with anybody else's sexual preferences,' he replied.

'No, not that, you were going to fill in the gaps about yourself,' I reminded him.

'Not many gaps to fill in beyond what I've already told you. Except my Mom isn't really my mother. My Dad is my real dad, as far as I know, and like I said, I don't know if they're even married. Not that it matters.'

He acted like he was finished, but he wasn't.

'There's something else, Acre; something else lingering in your voice,' I said.

He smiled. 'Seems like you can see right through me.'

'I raised a boy,' I said.

'Okay, here's the biggie. He wanted me to fuck my mom. I wouldn't do it. She's not my real mother, but she was the only one I could remember, and that was sick. Worse, she wanted me to do it. They wanted me to do it in front of others--her customers--put on a show for them. I heard them talking about getting another boy to do it, said nobody would know the difference if he was their son or not. Then they brought this kid to the apartment that they found on the street. I knew what was going down and that's when I left.'

I was stunned, and saddened by his story, and even more sadly touched that anyone so young was able to tell the story so forthrightly.

'Well, I can see why there's no blood bond that'll take you back. I hope you can put it behind you.'

'I will,' he said confidently.

I didn't find out till weeks later how old he really was; just weeks short of turning eighteen. He didn't look that old except from the neck down. Not that turning eighteen made any difference. I had decided that regardless of how hot and sexy he was, and no matter how much I wanted him, I was going to keep my distance. He'd gone through enough in his young life and he was trying to put it behind him, and me putting the make on him, or even trying, would set him back. And, I feared, it might make him leave. I had grown attached to the boy. He was nice to have around. He was fun, and funny, besides being sexy eye candy.

I had found out that he had only gone through his junior year of high school. As the school year approached I reminded him that he had to go back to school. He said he didn't need to; he hadn't learned all that much anyway.

'Well, your living situation was hardly conducive to school and learning,' I said. 'But I hope that's different now. I want you to go back.'

'I didn't do that good in my junior year. I doubt I could handle even being a senior.'

'Then you go back and take your junior year over again,' I said. He frowned. 'There would be no stigma attached; you're starting out in a new school. I want you to go and enjoy it like you should, and graduate. You'll have a vehicle to drive. Spending money. New clothes. It'll be a new start, with new friends.'

'The pickup?' he asked with a sly grin.

'Are you expecting me to bribe you?' I asked, laughing. 'Yes, the pickup.'

'Oh, Man, that is the coolest damn truck!'

We became comfortable with each other. He started calling me by my name; Ben. He had never called me anything before. I would've liked to call him Son, and I did, but not in the true sense of the word. It was like I would call any boy his age son. I secretly hoped he might someday ask to call me Dad, and then I could call him Son, but that would have to be up to him.

School started and Acre took to it like a duck to water. He joined the football team, and the wrestling team. He signed up for the baseball team for later on. I was amazed when he told me he had never played sports. He made new friends and became popular with the girls. No surprise there.

As he got into sports, he grew more confident in himself, and more comfortable around me. He wasn't the least embarrassed about being seen walking past my room to the bathroom, naked, and always with a morning hardon. We joked about it, in fact. He was okay coming in to shower while I shaved. It was torture for me, but wonderful torture.

He started dating a couple of girls and I found condoms in his room. I discovered them when I went in to talk to him about something, and there they were, laying out on his dresser; I supposed he'd forgotten to hide them. He saw me notice them.

'I...bought those...just in case,' he said, a little embarrassed.

'I don't have to ask, in case of what,' I said with a smile.

'I guess you don't. I guess you're okay with it, then.'

'It's not for me to be okay with it or not. You're a big boy; those are your decisions. I'm just glad you're being responsible.'

'Well, honestly, I'm getting tired of my fist,' he said boldly. 'It's been a good and faithful companion, but it's time for the real thing.'

'Don't rush it,' I said. 'Make sure you're ready........'

'Oh, I'm ready,' he said.

'No, I mean, make sure you're ready for this particular girl. And make sure she's ready. It's not like it's going to shrivel up and drop off if you don't find it some pussy within the next month or so.'

He laughed, then said the darndest thing. 'I wish your son would come back home.'

I blinked, taken aback. 'So do I, but I don't hold out much hope for that anymore. Why do you want him to come back?'

'I would leave, like I promised, but it would be worth giving all this up to have him come back. You deserve to have him back, and he deserves to know what a great Dad he's got...or could have. Sometimes I feel guilty, having and taking what's rightfully his.'

'You got no cause to feel guilty, Acre. You're not taking anything away from him. It's all been right here all along, his for the taking. It was his choice to leave. And if he does ever come back, I would want you to stay. There would be no reason for you to leave.'

'I doubt he would like that, coming home to find another guy taking his place.'

'That's something he'll have to deal with.'

'You would take him back, wouldn't you?' he asked.

'Of course. But he would have to accept me for who I am,' I replied.

'If he comes back, I think he would be prepared to do that,' he said. 'Listen, about this girl, and the condoms, and having sex. I know it's my decision, but it's your truck.'

I laughed. 'Hell, Son I understand hormones; you don't need my permission to fuck your girl n my pickup truck,' I said. 'Just use some common sense.'

'I've got condoms,' he said.

'Use 'em.'

Going to his first football game was a bittersweet experience. I was so proud of him, yet saddened that I wasn't going to watch my own son. And there was the curiosity of friends and people who knew me.

'Seems like you've adopted that boy,' a neighbor said as we stood on the sidelines.

'He needed a place to live,' I said.

'You hear from your boy?' his wife asked.


'Just don't let this boy take his place....don't get too attached, I mean. It'll only make it harder if Rick comes home, having to let him go and all,' she said.

'Well, he wouldn't necessarily have to leave. Rick could have the brother he never had,' I said.

'He might not like finding some other boy has taken his place,' the man said.

'Oh, Rick's place is always open.'

They won the game and Acre got due credit for his part in the victory. I was pleased to see how he was drawn in by the other players, and how the girls gathered around him, jumping and cheering and hugging him, actually leaping up to wrap themselves around him. He broke away to come over to me.

'Is it all right if I come home a little late? We want to do some celebrating,' he said.

'As long as it doesn't involve drugs or booze,' I said.

'Do I have a curfew?'

'Do you need one?'

'I don't think I do.'

'Well, let's see, then.' I took him by the arm and pulled him aside. 'Do you have everything you need?'

He looked at me with a confused scowl then his face lit up with a smile. 'Uhh....yeah.' I let go of his arm and smacked him on the butt and he ran off to catch up with his teammates going into the gym.

It was one thirty when Acre came home. I heard him come quietly into the house and up the stairs. I didn't think he was sneaking--there was no reason to--he was just being considerate. He paused at my open door.

'I'm awake,' I said.

'I was going to tell you I'm home, but I didn't know if I should wake you. We never talked about that,' he said as he came into my room. He stood beside the bed.

'No, we didn't. I want you to always report in,' I said.

'All right.'

'And I would like for you to get in a little bit earlier,' I added.

'Whatever time you say.'

'I'm not going to set your time, but one thirty seems just a hair too late,' I said.

'All right. Well, goodnight. And thanks for letting me use your pickup.'

'How did your date go?' I asked.

'I don't know if I should tell you, or if you really want to know,' he said.

'I asked.'

'Well, I'm not a virgin anymore.'

I smiled and he broke out in a wide grin.

'I'm glad I can tell you things like that,' he said.

'There's nothing you can't talk to me about, Acre. Remember that.'

He took a couple of steps away from the bed then came back. 'Did you wish it was your son you were watching play tonight?'

'Yes,' I replied honestly. 'But that takes nothing away from you. I'm proud of you, Acre. As proud as I would be of Rick.'

'Thanks. I never had anybody tell me that before.'

Then he left, before he saw my tears. Godd, how I wanted to take him into my bed and just hold him tight.

Things began to unwind a little bit one evening at supper. Acre seemed quiet, almost sullen, as he set the table. When we sat down to eat I engaged him in conversation but even that was like pulling hen's teeth, even though he tried to hold up his end. Finally, I came out with it.

'Acre, you've been here long enough for me to know when you've got something on your mind,' I said.

'It's nothing,' he said with a shrug.

'Well, you don't have to tell me, but it's not nothing,' I said. 'I'm not going to pry but I told you, you can talk to me about anything. I meant it.'

'Some guy came on to me at school today,' he blurted out.

'And...how did you handle that?'

'Well, I think he was coming on to me. I didn't really handle it because I wasn't sure.'

'What happened?'

'We'd just finished PE class, had our showers, dressed and we were walking out of the locker room. Right at the door, just as I was pushing the door open, he grabbed my butt and said, 'Nice butt.' It surprised the hell out of me. As we were going through the door, I fired back with a smart ass remark, like, Don't do that unless you're serious. He laughed and said he was serious. Then he walked away to his next class.'

'I don't know if I would call that coming on to you,' I said. 'Hell, guys play grab ass like that all the time. Just testosterone boiling over, hormones acting up.'

'It was how he said it....just something in his tone, and the way he looked at me.'

'What're you going to do if he does it again, and lets you know he really was serious?'

'I don't know. It scared me a little, after I thought about it. He was so bold about it. I mean, somebody could've seen us.'

'Well, it might've been nothing,' I said. 'But you might want to give some thought as to how you'll handle him if he does try something like that again. You're not gonna deck him or anything, I hope.'

'Naw, nothing like that, even if he is serious. Actually....' He paused. 'I gotta admit, a little part of me sorta hoped - hopes - he was serious. It might be interesting to see where he might go with it cause I don't know what he might be serious about, if he is.' He paused again, taking several bites and washing them down with cold milk, over ice the way he liked it. 'Actually, Ben, I thought it'd be you trying something like that....you being Bi and all,' he said with a grin.

I almost choked on my food. I picked up my coffee to wash it down. He broke out laughing.

'You've been expecting me to come on to you?'

'Well, you are into guys, you said so yourself. I'm a guy. And I'm not all that hard to look at. I don't know, makes me feel sort of like, what's wrong with me.'

It was my turn to laugh, partly because I thought he was joking. 'Trust me, Acre, there's nothing wrong with you. I just didn't want it to look like I was trying to take advantage of you, you being so young. You know, like you might think you had to submit because I'm furnishing you a place to live.'

'I might've thought that at first,' he said. 'But not anymore. I think you care about me too much to take advantage of me. And I wouldn't look at it that way anyway.'

'So what would be your reaction if I came on to you, made a pass at you?'

'I would say, go for it. Heck, Ben, you're not that hard to look at either.'

Again, I was more than a little surprised at his forthrightness. 'Well, I'm not going to get much sleep again tonight,' I said jokingly.

'Oh, have I been keeping you awake?' he joked back.

'I've had some thoughts about you,' I admitted.

'Can I ask what kind of thoughts?'

'Acre, I think we'd better stay on the high road with this. It's worked well so far and I don't want to screw things up.'

He nodded thoughtfully. 'All right. You're probably right.'

I didn't think either of us was comfortable with it and we dropped it. But I knew that wasn't the end of it. He felt like he had opened the door a crack, I didn't know how long I could resist going through it. I think we both knew that I would, in time.

I didn't delve much into Acre's private life; if he wanted me to know something he would tell me. It was a short time later when I was awakened about three in the morning by him stumbling up the stairs. I knew he was drunk. I got up and met him just as he was trying to make it up the last few steps. He gave me a goofy smile and put his hand out for me to help him. I backed away.

'You got yourself into that mess,' I said.

He dragged himself the rest of the way up the stairs and staggered along the railing toward his room. I was close at hand to keep him from falling over the railing but I didn't help him. At the end of the railing I steered him toward the bathroom.

'I don't have to go to the bathroom,' he said.

'That's where you're sleeping,' I told him.

He started to sit down on the lid but I stopped him and lifted the lid. 'You're going to need that lid up,' I said. I eased him to the floor, which was pretty easy to do because his legs were rubbery.

'I'm not sick,' he said.

'Not yet.' I went to get a blanket. I covered him up and left him. Shortly after I got into bed I heard him puking. I didn't go check on him. It was his mess, he would have to take care of it. A couple of hours later I got up--it was my regular time--and went in to check on him. He was a sad sight, curled up on the floor with drool running out of his mouth. A more compassionate man would have helped him to his bed. I am not one to show compassion for stupidity, and besides, he'd driven my pickup. I nudged him with my toe. I damn near had to kick him to get him awake. He groaned when he moved.

'How're you feeling?'

'I don't have any feelings.'

'Breakfast will be ready in a little bit.'

'I don't want anything to eat.'

'You have to eat something,' I said. 'I'll see you downstairs in a few minutes.' I left him and went down to make breakfast. I purposely made his eggs sunny side up and poured a glass of milk.

When Acre came into the kitchen he shied away from his place at the table and went to pour himself a cup of coffee. I set a glass of tomato juice in front of him.

'Coffee's fine,' he said.

'Have you ever had a hangover before?' I asked.

'No, I've never been drunk before.'

'I have.' I handed him the glass. 'Drink it, then the coffee.'

He did as I told him, leaning back against the sink counter. The toast popped up and I took it to the table.

'I don't think I want eggs,' he said.

'Have some dry toast then. We're going to clean hog pens, and you can't work on an empty stomach.' I had to keep from laughing at the look I got, but he didn't say anything.

Pig shit is not a pleasant thing to endure in any circumstances....with a hangover and a queasy stomach, it can be devastating. It got to Acre pretty early on. He had to go outside and throw up again.

'You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?' he said when he came back in. 'Well, I just want you to know, I didn't drive and drink. A buddy brought me home and another guy drove the truck.'

'That was smart of them. But a man's first hangover should be a memorable event, I just want you to remember yours,' I said in a droll tone. 'Next time you start drinking, you're gonna taste pig shit in your throat.'

I worked him hard. I wanted him to remember his first hangover as his last. He skipped supper. He went straight upstairs and showered and went to bed.

Next day being Sunday, I let him sleep in. See, I am a compassionate man, but of and at the right time. Coddling a drunken teenage boy is no way to show compassion. I slept late myself. Like I said, I worked him hard. Acre came in to take a piss while I was in the shower.

'How're you feeling this morning?'

'A lot better than yesterday,' he said. 'Yesterday was the worst day of my life.'

'You oughta keep it that way,' I said. 'Other than that, how was your date?'

'Well, I wasted the condom,' he said. He chuckled. 'I got it on but couldn't get it up.'

'Bet that impressed your lady.'

'I think the guys who brought me home took care of her.'

I pulled the shower curtain back just in time to see him shaking his big cock. 'I was thinking we might go out for breakfast,' I said.

'If it's okay, I'd just soon go back to bed.'

'All right, some other time.'

He started to leave but paused at the door. 'Ben, would you come in, too?'

'All right.' I wondered what was up.

I dried my hair and my feet and legs and walked over to his room, still drying my upper body. Acre was in bed, lying on his side with all the pillows piled under one arm, and not covered up.

'What's up?'

'I'm sorry for being such a dumb ass, getting drunk like that.'

'I wanted to make you feel sorry,' I said.

'I knew what you were doing. I said yesterday was the worst day of my life. It was also the best day of my life.'

That threw me. 'Well, I don't know how pig shit and a hangover did that for you, but if you say so.'

'It was the first time anybody ever showed they cared about me,' he said.

That got me. It got to me worse when his lip started to quiver. 'It's gonna sound weird but when you didn't let me sleep in and you worked my ass off, it was the closest I ever came to having Dad.' He barely got the words out before he buried his face in the pillows and started crying.

'Acre.....' I laid the towel aside and sat on the edge of the bed. I felt bad. It seemed twisted, the way he was making my harsh discipline into something so good. 'Acre,' I said again as I laid my hand on his shoulder.

Suddenly he twisted away and raised his head. 'I'll tell you this, if your son doesn't come back, well, he doesn't deserve you.' He sounded angry.

I moved onto the bed and lay beside him. 'Acre, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel like this. I only wanted to....'

'Don't you get it?' he blurted. 'I'm thanking you, for being so tough on me and treating me like a.....' He stopped and swiped his nose with his foreman. 'Like a son.' The way he finished, it was as if he weren't sure he should say it, and he turned fully onto his stomach and buried his face again.

I moved against him and put my arm across his shoulders that trembled with his sobs.

'Acre, I was tough on you because that's the way I would've been with Rick. Only he wasn't the one who came home drunk. You did. And you've become like a son to me,' I told him as I rubbed his shoulders and down his back. 'You've become so much like a son that I've wanted to ask you to call me Dad, but I wasn't sure how you would feel about that.'

He regained his composure then lifted his head and looked at me.

'What would Rick say about that?'

'Rick is not the issue here,' I said. 'I don't mean to sound like I'm writing him off, but he will become an issue when he decides to come home.'

'I don't know if I want to get used to calling you Dad and then have to stop all of a sudden when he comes back.'

'You wouldn't have to. He would have to get used to it....that, and me calling you Son. That is, if it's all right to call you that.'

'You already call me that a lot.'

'I mean with a capital S,' I said.

'I've wanted to call you Dad for a long time, but I wasn't sure you would want me to, you having a son of your own.'

'Well, a man can have more than one son.'

He started to cry again, and when I tightened my arm around his slim waist he suddenly turned onto his side facing me and moved up against me. 'I'm so glad I came here,' he said, sobbing.

'I'm glad you did, too. I'm glad you stayed.' My arm was still around his waist and my hand had found its way down instead of up and my fingers curled around the curvature of his taut butt. I say that because I had not intended to feel his butt. I had not meant anything sexual in the embrace but it was becoming that. I could feel the heat of Acre's young manhood pressing against my hip and there was a tingling rising in mine. I should've pulled away and left his room, maybe I would have, but he put his arm across my shoulder.

'Can I call you Dad?' he asked.

'Yes. Yes, I want you to.'

He sucked in a nervous breath and clinched his eyes closed, trying to keep his composure. He didn't. He broke into sobs again and I held him tighter. His cock began to harden against my lower stomach and mine was coming to life. He got hard fast, like a steel bar, and he pressed his full body hard against me.

'You feel so good, Son,' I whispered hoarsely.

In response he threw his leg over mine and wrapped it around me, hugging me even tighter. He wasn't just pressing against me now, he was writhing against me. My head was spinning; I didn't know where this was going, what he wanted, what he expected. As it turned out, it didn't have a chance to go far.

'Ohhh....Ohhhh....Ohhh, Dad!' he gasped, and suddenly he was cumming!

He spewed out cum like a young stallion, his tight, young body convulsing in my arms as he locked us tightly with his leg around me. The liquid heat shot up between us, it didn't run, it was thick, and it became the glue that held us together.

I held him till he was finished and his body stopped convulsing. His cock stayed hard, throbbing between us. Acre buried his face in the curve of my neck. I knew he was embarrassed.

'Oh, Godd, what'd I just do?' he whispered.

I reared my head back and tilted his head by his chin, smiling. 'Felt like you emptied the tanks,' I said.

'I'm so sorry. The very first time I call you Dad and I do that.'

'It's nothing to be sorry about,' I said. 'Felt like you needed to let it go.' I laughed softly. 'And if calling me Dad makes you feel like that, then I guess I'm honored.'

'I've never felt like this about anybody in my life,' he said.

'Well, then, I'm doubly honored,' I told him.

'I made a real mess.'

'I don't call it a mess. Just a natural occurrence,' I said.

'More like a natural disaster,' he joked as he pulled his leg back and eased away from my hold. The cum clung to us like glue.

'Dang,' he said, looking down at the ropes of cum clinging to us. 'I'm really sorry.'

'It's okay, Acre. Stop apologizing. Let's go shower.' I got up and pulled him up from the bed. We went in to shower together. There was no hesitation, he just got in the shower with me.

'I can't help thinking that somehow that shouldn't have happened, I mean between a Dad and Son,' he said.

'Well, it was an unusual way for it to come out in the open, that we would call each other that,' I said.

'Are you sorry it happened?' he asked. 'Would it have ever happened between you and your real Son?'

'First, no, I'm not a bit sorry. Secondly, no, it probably would've never happened between me and Rick. Last, I don't ever want you to refer to Rick as my real Son.'

'He is your real Son.'

'We both know that. But saying it demeans you. I won't have that,' I said sternly.

'Yes, sir.'

Oddly, there was nothing sexual about the shower even though I was still pretty steamed up. Odd to say, what'd happened really had not all that much to do with sex. When we were finished in the shower and left the bathroom, I left Acre at his room and went on to my bedroom. It was that much not about sex. I didn't go right to sleep. I spent a long time just lying there, gazing into the darkness with wet eyes.

There was a new closeness between us when Acre came down to the kitchen the next morning. He was dressed for school.

'Hey, Dad,' he said cheerfully, in a tone that made it sound like he was telling a secret.

'Morning, Acre....Son,' I said.

He laughed. 'You forgot, didn't you?'

'It's going to take some getting used to,' I said.

'Not for me,' he said.

We didn't speak of the incident.

More and more, Acre was coming into his own, free to be himself. I liked it that he felt comfortable enough to run around naked, not just upstairs in his room or the bathroom. Clothes were for wearing outside, he said, in case somebody drove up. Rick was always way too modest for that. Acre chided me about doing the same, but maybe Rick got it from me. I still wore my shorts around the house.

Then there was another incident. One morning Acre was standing at the sink doing dishes while I sat at the table going through several days mail. I didn't bother with the mail every day when it came. He was naked and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off his perfect, smooth butt.

'You need more coffee?' he asked over his shoulder.

'No, I'm, fine,' I said, quickly glancing down at the mail. But my eyes lifted again, focusing on the beautiful naked boy at the sink. I don't know what propelled me but I got up and walked over to him.

'I'm glad you're here, Acre,' I said, as I move up beside him, surprised at the huskiness in my voice.

'I'm glad I'm here, too. If I wasn't here, heaven only knows where I'd be and what kind of trouble I would be in. I owe you a lot, Ben.' He never looked up from his task.

'You don't owe me anything. And I don't think you would be too prone to trouble, no matter where you were,' I said.

He laughed, still without looking up. 'You've got more faith in me that I do.'

I started to move away. I could feel his body heat, and smell the boy musk and his shower, and it was intoxicating. Suddenly I moved up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight against me. 'I'm really glad you here,' I said, not worrying about the huskiness in my voice.

He didn't freeze, but he stopped washing dishes and became very still. He reached aside for the dishtowel to dry his hands. When he turned around in my arms and his warm, naked body pressed against mine, intoxication swept over me as I looked down into his innocent eyes. There was confusion there, and his lips were slack, as if he was about to say something, but he didn't. I found myself drawn to his beautiful lips; they were like magnets and my mouth was brushing over them before I knew what I was doing I was kissing him. He didn't seem surprised; he was more accepting. I worked my lips gently against his with no urgency till I felt him kissing me back, then I kissed him hard, I held him tight and I felt his arms go around my back and shoulders as he kissed me back even harder. Suddenly I broke away and eased my hold on him.

'I don't know why I did that,' I said huskily. 'There was nothing sexual intended.'

With a mischievous grin he reached down and playfully groped the front of my shorts where I had begun to fluff up. 'You sure about that?' he asked.

I moved away from him to go back to the table. As I turned, in the same instant I heard the knock and saw Randy, my sometimes hired hand, standing at the screen door. My insides tensed; he had seen everything! I felt panic. Normally I would've invited him to the table to have coffee but I went out on the porch.

'Randy, what're you doing here at this hour?' I asked, in as casual a tone as I could muster.

'I came by to see if you would be needing me today. If you don't.... well, my wife wants to go look at a house she's had her eye on.' It was a simple request that was filled with nervousness from what he'd seen.

'Go ahead, if your wife is looking at a house, you ought look at it with her,' I said. 'Listen, Randy....' I didn't finish; I didn't know what to say.

'It's all right,' he said, looking down, and a little embarrassed.

'What you just saw....it wasn't what it might've looked like,' I said. 'Just a show of affection for the boy. He's been severely lacking in that all his life.' I laughed nervously. 'The boy runs around like that all the time, naked. Hates wearing clothes. I don't want to tell him he can't, not in his own house.'

'Sure, just trying to make him feel at home,' Randy said. 'I understand.' It was an awkward thing to say and he sounded awkward saying it.

'It's not something I'd want commonly known, how we show our feelings for each other. It might appear unseemly to some.'

'I won't say anything,' he said.

I didn't know whether I believed him. I trusted Randy implicitly, but something like this might well be just too good to keep to himself. I would know next time we spoke whether he had kept his word. I went back inside. Acre was sitting at the other end of the table, his hands wrapped around a cup of coffee. He had refilled my cup.

'He saw us, didn't he?' Acre said.


'Will he say anything?'

'He said he won't. I think I made him understand.'

'Do you trust him?'

'I've trusted him with everything else,' I said as I sat down.

'Maybe you can make me understand,' he said.

I looked up at him. 'I wish I could, Acre. But I don't understand it myself. I don't know what came over me. Seeing you standing there like that, you seem so happy in your skin, and I just want to make you feel loved and wanted. There really was nothing sexual intended, despite what you felt.'

He nodded and sipped his coffee. I knew he didn't believe me.

We had cleaned up the kitchen one night after supper and stayed up to watch television but I got bored and went up to bed. Acre said he was going to finish watching the movie. I showered and lay in bed with the light from the hallway shining in, wrestling with the gnawing doubts about staying on the high road with Acre. I didn't give that one incident credit for being anything but what it was; an incident brought about by new and intense feelings. I refused to credit it with anything sexual, except for the reaction of Acre's young, vibrant body.

It had started to rain again and a hard wind came up, slamming the rain against the windows in sheets. Damn, I wished the rains would stop. I heard the kitchen door slam shut and felt a twinge in my gut. I sat up in bed. Was Acre leaving again? No he wouldn't....he had no reason to, he seemed so happy. I waited for quite some time. I was about to get up when I heard the door shut again. A few minutes later he came upstairs. I can't describe my relief when he appeared at my door in his T-shirt and shorts, soaked to the skin.

'You're soaked.'

'Yeah, I heard something banging, it was one of the barn doors. I went out to shut it before it got ripped off the hinges.'

'You'd better take a warm shower,' I said.

'Yeah, I was going to. Seems like it comes a downpour every other day.'

I heard the shower running. Then he came past my door again on his way to his own room at the end of the hall. I thought it odd that he had a towel knotted around his waist. He wasn't usually that modest.

He went past my door with barely a glance, and I was expecting the hall light to go out. But he reappeared a moment later.

'Acre....Son?' I said.

'Can I come in, Dad?'

I laughed. 'I don't remember you asking before; you know you don't have to ask to come into my room.'

'Thought I'd better this time,' he said. 'The high road and all.'

'Nothing I've said or done was meant to drive a wedge between us. If it's what happened.......'

'Can I say something, Ben?' he interrupted. He had his hand at his hip, his fingers at the knot in the towel. 'I used to be afraid of thunderstorms. I'm not anymore, but the night I left and came back, like a drowned rat, I had those feelings again, being out in it.'

'Well, just now, you ran out to close the barn door. And you came out in it with me to check on the hogs that time. You insisted on it. I think you're dealing with it just fine,' I said.

'I was okay being out in it with you, I felt safe,' he said. 'When I was a kid, though, I used to lie in bed all curled up with the covers up over my head and try to keep from crying. I remember just wishing my Dad would come in and hold me, or tell me I could crawl in bed with him.'

'I wish I could've been there for you, Acre,' I said.

'Was your son afraid of storms?' he asked.

'Yes, and he crawled in bed with me more than once.' I wasn't going to say anything else, but I paused noticeably for some reason. Then I said, 'I miss that. He would be too old for that now, but....' I saw the boy's fingers fiddling with the knot and that cut off my words.

'You would think I'm a baby, then, if I wanted to sleep in here tonight.'

I immediately thought, Oh, Godd, where is it going this time? It didn't matter; he was sending out a plea.

'What I really want to say is....you're Bi. And I'm willing and up for it. So why not?'

I was dumb struck for a moment. Acre was coming on to me!!

'If I'm out of line....I mean, if you wanta keep that line drawn in the sand, I understand. Well, I don't understand, but I respect that.'

'Acre...son, there was no intent to draw a line in the sand,' I began. I reached out. 'Give me your towel, Son.' I rose up on my knees closer to the edge of the bed and I undid the knot myself and removed his towel. I tossed it aside and put my hand on his hip to urge him into my bed. I saw him start to pucker up. I felt a terrific surge of excitement and other emotions go through me as the muscular teenager crawled into my bed.

'You're still cold,' I said. I had kept my hand on his hip and as he lay down I pulled him against me. He turned onto his side away from me and I spooned him. I felt him tremor and I knew he was crying, or trying to keep from crying.

'Aww, fuck, I'm even acting like a baby,' he said through his sobs as he pulled the covers up over his head.

I pulled him tighter and threw my arm and leg over him. 'No you're not,' I said softly as I removed the covers from his face. 'You're acting like a boy with a lot to let out. You've been carrying too much around way too long. Let it out. Let's get rid of it.'

He turned over, facing me, and I kept my arm and leg around him as he buried his face in my chest. I held him while he cried, his tears streaming down his face and across my chest. The feel of his warm, muscular young body felt wonderful, but for those first moments, it wasn't sexual, it was just emotional.

'It might sound crazy...I hate storms, but I love the fog,' he said. 'I feel safe in the fog, like I'm where nobody can find me.'

'I think some part of you wanted to be found,' I said.

'I didn't think so, because I was afraid of who might find me. I didn't know there were people like you out there. I love you, Ben,' he said as his sobs began to subside.

'Say that again.' I raised my head and he looked at me. 'That's not the way you meant to say it.'

'I love you, Dad.'

'That's more like it. And I love you, Son. I have for a long time,' I said, and I leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. He started crying again.

'I don't remember anybody ever saying that to me.'

'Well, now somebody has.'

I leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. He started crying again. It tore me up that this beautiful boy had so much that was painful inside him that needed to be let out and gotten rid of.

When he had quieted down, he shoved his right hand and arm under my waist to hug me tight, and he wedged his thigh between my legs. It was becoming sexual now, or at least sensual as I felt his cock coming to life. I don't know why I kept making the distinction.

'Feels like you're warming up,' I joked.

'If we stay like this, I have a feeling it's going to get a lot warmer,' he said.

'Are you going to be okay with that?' I asked.

'Damn right. I've secretly wanted it to come to this for a long time.'

'Do you know what 'this' is?' I asked.

'Not exactly. But I've got a pretty good idea.'

'Of what you think it's all about, or what you want it to be?'

'Well....I don't think it's anything that has to be talked about,' he said. 'The other night, everything happened so natural, even though most people wouldn't think it was natural.'

'Are we worried about what other people think?'

'I'm not. I hope you're not,' he said.

'I know I should be, but I'm not either,' I said.

'Then....that's out of the way,' he said.

I heard a sense of expectancy in his voice, and anticipation. He wasn't sure where it was leading--I was--he only knew he wanted to go there; to be taken there.

'Acre....Son, I....if I do something you don't want, you tell me,' I said hoarsely.

'I don't think that's going to happen, but yeah, I'll tell you.'

'Starting with this,' I murmured. I brushed my lips lightly over his, barely touching. He brushed his lips against mine, tentatively, even shy, and I wasn't sure he was going to go for being kissed. I didn't press harder but I didn't pull back, it was like just our lips were making out for a moment, then it was he who applied the presser and started kissing me back. I responded with my tongue and his lips parted and I felt his tongue on mine, and he moaned softly and squirmed against me.

When I parted and began kissing along his neck he kept kissing me on the forehead. I kissed his chest and licked and nibbled on his tits.


I smiled and moved to the other one. It was already standing tall and hard. He cried out again as I sucked on it. I nuzzled into his armpits and he raised his arms overhead.

'Ohh....Ohh....Ohh,' he moaned again as I licked his armpits. 'Ohh, why is that feeling good, it usually tickles.'

I laughed softly and moved across his chest again then headed south along the thin treasure trail that separated his tight, bulging abs. His cock touched my chin and bobbed up and down, coating my chin with precum. Lower, I licked the stuff off the head of his cock....'Oh, Godd!'.....but moved on to nuzzle my face into his crotch and his balls. He spread his legs out wider. I nuzzled under his balls and began licking the crack of his ass. He clenched his butt muscles at first but then relaxed them when I was persistent. When he was okay enough with it that he began humping his butt into my face, I slipped my arms under his thighs and lifted them onto my shoulders. His legs fell to the side and his butt was squarely in my face, like a feast, and I feasted on it.

'OHhh, Mannnnn!' he moaned as I licked deep into the crevice. He cried out, 'Ohh, Goddd!' when I pulled the crevice wider and flicked his asshole. He almost went wild when I stretched his asshole open and began tonguing it. I spent a lot of time on him because he loved it and I loved doing it, but I didn't take it any further. There was no intention of fucking him or having him fuck me. Neither of us were prepared for that--I wasn't prepared at all for this moment--and besides, I thought it was too soon.

His cock beckoned me. I was hungry for it, and his precum tasted so good. But I took my time getting to that, and I kept him from doing anything with it. I rimmed him and licked his perineum then sucked his balls. He squealed when I sucked one of them into my mouth and that turned into a low moan as I worked the other one in with it. I was able to suck his balls and lick his ass at the same time.

When he reached for his cock again I brushed his hand away and he groaned with frustration. Finally, I released his balls, gave his asshole a few more laps, then began licking my way up the underside of his cock. It throbbed and bucked violently against my tongue and oozed precum like mad. There was a pool of the stuff on his stomach with a string of it that stretched from the pool and his cock. I licked it up then licked the head of his cock clean before I took it in my mouth.

'OOOOhhhhhhhh!' he groaned in one long outburst as I swallowed his cock all the way in my throat. He lifted his head, his eyes wide. 'Ohhh, Godd....Ohhh, Mann, how do you do that?'

I smiled and began sucking him. Perhaps I spent too much time on foreplay. His first blowjob was short lived. I barely got in twenty strokes before he started clawing at the sheets and gasping that he was going to cum. His body tightened and began to convulse. His cock got hard as steel in my mouth. Then he exploded. I mean it was like a cum rocket had exploded. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction. I couldn't believe a kid that age could produce so much semen, and the power and force behind it was awesome. I took his load and held it in my mouth so his cock was swimming in it for several minutes after he had begun to settle down. Then I swirled it around before I swallowed. That blew him away too.

'Ohh, Godd....y-you're swallowing it!' he exclaimed.

I smiled around his cock and swallowed his cum and when I had it down I swallowed his cock again. I held it lovingly in my throat till it went from steel to wood then I slowly lifted up from it. It smacked hard against his stomach when I let it go.

'Godd, I can't believe you took it in your mouth, then you swallowed it. Fuck, that was so hot. It all was. I couldn't believe you tongued my ass either. Man, I no idea about all this stuff.'

I was smiling as I crawled up and lay beside him again. I slid my arm under him and pulled him in tight. 'There's a lot more I can show you,' I said.

'I wanta learn everything you've got to show me.' He laughed softly, then said, 'I shouldn't say this but I sorta hope your son doesn't come back for a while.'

'I know you don't mean that in a bad way,' I said.

'No, but in a selfish way,' he said. 'We couldn't be doing this if he was home, right?'

'No, we couldn't.'

'Man, he doesn't know what he's missing.' The words were just out of his mouth when he gasped and said, 'Oh, I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry, that was out of line. You wouldn't be doing this with your son anyway. I mean, that wouldn't be like doing it with me, cause I'm not your real son. I know I'm not supposed to say that either, but I don't know how else to say what I mean.'

'It's okay, Acre, I know what you meant. No, I'm sure Rick and I would never be doing this stuff, but you're right, he doesn't know what he's missing.'

'I'm sorry.'

'No need to be.'

'You know, if he came back and found out....I mean, that you and I were messing around....do you think he would get mad and leave again, or maybe he would be curious enough to wanta try it himself?'

'I doubt it, but nothing is impossible,' I said. 'Acre, I want to ask you....do you know about fucking? I know you know about girls, I mean about guys fucking.'

'Mostly only from jokes in the locker room and I always thought that was a lot of talk.'

'Well, that IS probably a lot of talk, what you hear in the locker room, but guys really do fuck.'

'You mean....I mean, that would have to mean in the ass,' he said.


'Well, I don't think I wanta try that.'

'No, I didn't mean fucking you...I meant you fucking me.'

He lifted and turned his head and gaped at me. 'You're serious?'


'Wouldn't it hurt?'

'Not enough to worry about it,' I said. He started to say something else but I shushed him with a finger to his lips. 'We can try it sometime if you want. But we have to be prepared for it. I'll show you when you're ready.'

'When is sometime?' he asked.

'When you're ready.'

'What if I was ready now?'

'Then we can try it now.' I got up from the bed and pulled him to his feet. I took him in the bathroom and set out a Fleet and told him to read the side of the box for directions. Then I went downstairs to the other bathroom.

I met him as he was coming out of the bathroom. He had a screwy little grin on his face. I asked him if he was ready.

'Yes, but....how come I had to do that? In case you decide you're going to fuck me anyway?'

I took him by the shoulders, standing in the doorway to my room. 'It won't be like that. I said, we won't ever do anything you don't want to do. But you might change your mind, so it's best if you're ready.' I smiled and added, 'Besides it makes your ass more edible.'

'Do I have to do that to you in order to get to fuck you?'

'No. Dammit, Acre, what part of what I just said don't you understand? Nothing you don't want to do.'

'I'm sorry. I just can't believe we're doing this, and I'm so excited, and all confused.'

I lay back on the bed and motioned for him to join me. When he did, I pulled him on top of me and hugged him tight.

'You said, get to fuck me; I'm glad you consider it a privilege,' I said.

'I do,' he said. 'I mean, how many guys are gonna let you do that?

I laughed. 'Son, you don 't have a clue about this, but every other man or boy you see would probably turn up their ass for you. You'll realize that someday, soon.'

'Do you think that boy at school who came on to me would let me fuck him?'

'Don't get carried away. You're not even sure he was coming on to you. Besides, he squeezed your butt, didn't he? He might want to fuck you.'

'Are we going to do it now?' he asked.

'Yes, but let's get me ready first.'

'You'll have to show me how to do that.'

I pulled him over onto his side and started kissing him again. He got right into it. Not shy brushing of lips this time; he practically devoured my tongue and his cock grew hard in a matter of seconds.

'I think you like kissing,' I said as I squeezed his hard cock.

'Yeah, because I know it's going to lead to something else,' he said.

While I kept kissing him I put my hand between his legs to play with his butt. I squeezed the taut muscles that he made tighter, but I kept playing with them till he relaxed. I pulled my hand back to wet my fingers then reached back through his legs and found his asshole. He tightened up again but quickly relaxed when he realized how good it felt.

I rubbed his asshole with my wet fingers for several minutes, till he was starting to respond then I pulled back again.

'Ohh, why'd you stop?'

'I'm only showing you,' I said as I reached back and dug the bottle of lube out of the night stand.

'You mean I'm supposed to be doing that to you?' he asked.

'Yes, but use this,' I said as I uncapped the bottle. He held out his hand and I drizzled some lube on his fingertips, then some on my own. I capped the bottle and tossed it aside and reached back between his legs. He followed my lead. As I rubbed his asshole with my slick fingers he did the same to me.

'Ooohhhhhhh,' I gasped softly.

'Does that feel good?' he asked.

I rubbed his asshole. 'Does that feel good.'

'Ohh, yeah.'

'Feels the same for me,' I said.

I rubbed his asshole till he was squirming around on my fingertips, and I was squirming around on his. The tip of his finger slipped into my hole and he quickly jerked it back.

'Oh, sorry.'

'It's okay. Do that. I'll show you,' I said. I pressed my finger against his hole and it slipped through. He winced but it was from surprise, not pain. I worked my finger deeper, very slowly, wriggling it around as I went, till I found his prostate.

'Ohhh!' he gasped. 'Ohh, Godd, that....whatever it is, that feels good!' he exclaimed.

'That's your prostate. We won't go into it, let's just call it your love nut. It's made to make you feel good.'

'Let me find yours,' he said, and he did the same to me. It was wonderful, feeling his inexperienced finger moving around inside me, searching for the same spot. 'How will I know when I find it?' he asked.

'It'll feel kind of like a spongy walnut,' I said. 'We'll both know when you find it.'

He continued to search. 'Oh, wait....I think I felt something.'

'AAAwwwhhhhhh!' I moaned suddenly.

'Yess! I found it!' he said excitedly, and began feeling all around it

'Ohhh....Ohhh, Godd, yess you did! Ohh...ohh, Acre, that feels so good.'

'Yess, me too! Oh, yeah....I love your finger inside me!'

It got intense pretty fast, till we were both gasping and thrashing about.

'Ohh, Godd...Ohhh, Acre....Son....one of us has to fuck the other!'

'Will it feel like this with your cock?' he asked.

'Yes, only better.'

We fingered each other some more. We were thrashing around harder now.

'Ohh....Oh, my Godd....Awww, Ben, Y-you can....f-fuck meeee!'

'Are you sure?' I would've just as soon he fucked me.

'Yess! Godd, Yess! If getting fucked for real feels better than this, I want you to fuck me.'

I slowed my massaging finger. I didn't want him to cum but I didn't want to lose the momentum.

'All right, but here's where the rules change a little,' I said.

'How do you mean?'

'I said you could stop me at any time. That rule no longer applies. Once I start, there's no going back.'

'In other words, it's gonna hurt,' he said.

'Yes, at first, but I'll work you through it, I promise. I just want you to know, we're not going to stop just because it might hurt a little.'

'All right,' he said in a weak voice.

'You don't sound very sure about that,' I said with a warm smile.

'I'm sure. I'm just a little scared. You're so big.'

'I'll be as easy as I can. I would never hurt you on purpose. Besides, the way it'll happen, the pain, if there is any, is even going to start feeling good, just before it goes away completely.'

'I don't understand how, but I still want you to fuck me. Godd, your finger feels so good.'

I withdrew my fingers from his ass and lubed up my cock. I left us in that position, on our sides, and lifted his right leg. He lifted it higher and I guided my cock to his slick hole. Holding my cock, I worked my fingers inside him again and slid my cock along my fingers till the head of my cock was pressing against his hole. I heard him suck in a deep breath.

'Don't be scared, Son. It's going to be fine. Just trust me.'

'I do,' he said.

I slipped my fingers out of his ass and set the head of my cock firmly against his gaping hole. He was scared, and a perverted little part of me liked that. But I didn't want to hurt him. I pushed and felt the muscles around his hole give, but that wasn't penetration. He pushed back.

'If it starts to hurt I want you to kiss me. We can work through it together. Part of it, Acre, is that you don't know what to expect, and the next time you will.'

He nodded. He even looked scared but there was so much raw want and desire in his eyes. I held his frightened, lustful gaze as I pushed harder against his hole. I could feel it giving way, the real thing now, not the spongy muscle around it. I could also feel his asshole resisting me.

'Try to relax, it'll be easier,' I whispered. 'I know it's hard to do, but you won't be sorry.'

He tried to but I had to force my way in. His hole suddenly stretched open, like it burst open and the head of my cock slipped through his sphincter. He let out a loud gasp but choked it down. I could see his eyes growing wet and when he tried to blink it away, two big tears popped out and ran down his face. Despite that it hurt, it was sort of cute.

'Hang in there, we'll wait just like this till you get used to it,' I said. 'Squeeze your ass as tight as you can around my cock, that'll help work it out faster.'

He squeezed so hard I thought he was going to squeeze my cock off but it worked. I could see the pain leaving his face. As it did, I eased in deeper. It was a slow and gradual penetration as my cock snaked through the channels his inner being, dislodging something here and there to make room for itself.

'Ohh, Godd!' he gasped suddenly. 'Godd, what's that! It's that spot again! My love nut!'

I knew it wasn't his prostate--we had passed that depth--I felt it too, felt my cock snake to the side and burrow its way through that second tight ring.

'I don't know....sort of like you went into my ass again, only way deeper inside me, only it didn't hurt, it feels awesome!'

'It's sometimes called the second sphincter. I really don't know what it is but I've felt it too. I know it feels good and I'll make it feel even better. It's not hurting anymore, is it?'

'No. It's amazing. Godd, it hurt so bad I thought I was gonna pass out, but then I did like you said and squeezed my ass real hard, that made it hurt even more but it didn't last long, like less than a minute, then it started feeling good.'

'All right, I'm going to fuck you then.'

'Okay,' he said, and laughed nervously. 'And I don't think I'm going to be begging you to stop.'

I pulled my cock back through his guts till the head was being gripped mercilessly by his clenching sphincter. It was a wonderful sensation, the way he seemed to want to hold me in deep and not let my cock go.

'Please, don't take it out,' he whimpered as he put his leg back around my thigh to hold me in place.

'I won't,' I said as I shoved back in. 'Wild horses couldn't pull me out.'

He moaned the whole way in and he never stopped the whole time I fucked him. It was a slow, almost languid fuck. The buildup of momentum was barely noticeable. The sounds were noticeable and music to my ears; his soft moans and whimpers and the soft, gentle sloshing noise of my cock sliding in and out of his ass.

'Ohhh....ohhhhh, Godd, Ben...I never dreamed anything could feel so good?'

'That's the second time you've called me Ben.'

'Dad. I'm not used to calling you that, and it seems kinda weird, calling you that when you're fucking me.'

'I know. But somehow it gives it more meaning, hearing you call me Dad, and I'm like fucking my Son.'

'Do you wish it was Rick?' he asked.

'No,' I said without hesitation. 'And I wish you would stop comparing yourself with Rick. You are two separate and different people.'

'All right. Sorry.'

'Don't be sorry. I just don't like the way it sounds like you're putting yourself in second place.'

'Well, I sorta am, since he is your....I'm, not supposed to say that.....'

'There is no second or first place, Acre,' I said sternly. I eased my cock all the way in, through the deeply embedded O-ring and he moaned again.

'OHh, Godd, that feels so good.'

'Yes, it does,' I said.

'And it doesn't hurt at all anymore.'

'I told you it wouldn't.'

'I won't be afraid next time,' he said.

I smiled, then laughed. He asked me why.

'You said next time.'

'I hope there will be a next time. I like this,' he said.

'There will be as many times as you want,' I said. I gave the boy everything I had, in as many ways as I knew how. He said later that it boggled his mind, how many different ways I could make him feel so good.

Acre didn't fuck me that night. It seemed to be enough for us to just lie together after I'd fucked him with my cock buried deep inside him, languishing in its own juices. It was well over a week when he brought it up again.

It was Sunday morning and we had slept in. I had just finished my shower when Acre came into the bathroom. He was fully dressed in his work clothes.

'I'm going out to do the chores,' he said.

'I'll be out as soon as I get dressed,' I said.

'You don't have to. I can handle it. I'll put the coffee on before I go out, you can relax and read the paper.'

I didn't get a chance to respond before I was left alone with the warm thoughts of what a great and responsible kid he was. I was tempted to take him up on his offer. But when I dried off and was putting one some nice smelling body splash, the smell of the stuff made me change my mind. I felt sexual and I wanted to be around Acre. I wanted the manly, sexual feeling of working at his side. As an afterthought, I took the time to flush out, just in case. I was glad I did.

I got dressed and went out just as he was finishing feeding the hogs. He met me at the barn.

'I made coffee for you,' he said.

'I know. I'll have some when we're finished here,' I said.

'You won't let me do anything by myself, will you?' he said as we went into the barn.

'You try to take on too much responsibility,' I said. 'It's not that you can't handle it; but you always want to do more than your share. Have you thrown hay down yet?'

'No, I was just going to do that,' he said as he walked over to the ladder leading up into the loft. He had hold of a high rung, his boot cocked up on the lowest one.



'We never got around to it before, but....am I still going to get to fuck you?'

Despite that I had flushed out as a hopeful precaution, I was taken aback by his question.

'I wasn't sure you still wanted to, thought you might've changed your mind. I'm ready for that any time you are,' I said.

He smiled, a cocky little, mischievous smile and the muscles in his left arm bulged out of his shirt sleeve as he pulled up on his weight.

'How about now?' he asked.

I blinked and smiled back.

'I think it would be neat to do it up in the loft where you found me,' he said.

'All right.'

I followed him up the ladder and by the time I merged through the opening he already had his shirt off.

'I love the smell of hay,' he said. 'It turns me on.'

'I think breathing air turns you on,' I joked.

We undressed together till he was naked and I was down to my shorts. I started to shove them down but he stopped me.

'Let me do that,' he said. But he didn't move. He just stood there, a couple of yards from me, and looked at me. 'Sometimes I have to look twice to realize how big you are,' he said.

I smiled. 'You think I might be too big for you to handle?'

'I just like looking at you,' he said. 'But let's face it, I can handle you only if you let me.'

'Well, I'm not going to fight you, boy,' I said. 'I want this probably more than you do.'

'You really do? You're not doing this just because you fucked me?'

'No. If you remember, that was a tossup, who was going to fuck who. We would've fucked each other if we could've.'

He was rubbing his hands lightly over my chest, tweaking my nipples and feeling my stomach muscles.

'I love your muscles, Dad,' he said.

'I like feeling your body, too. I like your muscles against me.'

He went slowly to his knees, kissing and licking me all the way down, till he was face to face with the bulge in my shorts.

'You smell good,' he said.

'So do you.'

'I didn't shower, and I'm probably sweaty.'

'You still smell good. Like a man,' I said.

'I hope I grow to be the man you are,' he said.

'You'll grow into your own man, and that's the way it should be. Don't try to be somebody else.'

He was pulling my shorts down, and his face took their place over my manhood.

'Ohh, Fuck,' he whispered as he mouthed the side of my rubbery cock. 'I love your cock.'

'Don't get carried away down there, remember, you're supposed to fuck me,' I said, ruffling his hair.

'I want this first,' he said, and he sucked my rubbery cock into his mouth.

'OOOhhhhh, Acre,' I moaned softly.

He sucked me slowly; he always sucked me like he was worshipping my cock. My cock swelled out to its full size, throbbing, and he kept licking off the precum. I let him enjoy my cock for several minutes before I had to stop him. I cupped my hands in his armpits and brought him to his feet.

'You have to stop before I cum. I want you to fuck me.' I reached down for his cock. It was hot, and hard as steel.

'It is so awesome to hear you say that.'

'I have a feeling you're going to show me what awesome really means,' I said, squeezing his cock.

'Even if I don't, you'll tell me I did,' he said.

'I don't think I'm going to have any reason to lie to you,' I said.

The whole time we were talking our words were murmured as our tongues and mouths brushed back and forth. I was getting so turned on by the boy that my breath was coming short.

'I want to kiss you, but I think I would cum,' I said.

'I want you to cum while I fuck you. I want to fuck your load out of you.'

He did kiss me then, but I broke it off.

'I can't Acre,' I gaped. 'I am so hot and horned up for you. We have to do it! Fuck me! I want your cock inside me!'

'I can't believe you're begging me.'

'I'm begging you.'

Part of it was for effect, to make him know how much I wanted him; but not much of it. I really did want him.

He guided me over to the horse blanket that still lay in the straw where I'd found him and went to his knees. He pulled me down with him.

'I never dreamed when you found me here that we would be doing this,' he said.

'I remember how scared you were; you drew away from me,' I said as I lay back and spread my legs and cocked my knees up.

'Not anymore,' he said as he ran his hands up and down my thighs. 'I want to show you how much I love you for all you've done for me.'

I reached up and touched my fingers to his lips and took his cock in my other hand.

'No, Acre. I know you love me, but I don't want you to make love to me this first time. There will be other times for that. Right now, I want you to fuck me, really hard. I want you to fuck me so hard the rafters shake.'

I didn't have to beg him anymore. He lifted my legs and shoved them toward me. My butt tilted up for him, spread wide. He lubed up his cock with a handful of spit then dropped another big glob of spit into my ass. Then he pressed the head of his cock into the spit.

'That's not a pussy, you don't have to treat it like one,' I told him.

He didn't. He shoved hard and penetrated my quivering asshole and buried his cock in one fluid motion.

'Ohhh, Goddd!' I cried out. I hadn't intended to, but he pushed it out of me.

'That's not a pussy, stop crying,' he said.

I laughed at his audacity.

He started fucking me, without giving me a chance to get used to his big cock. With barely a dozen strokes he set his pace and began fucking me hard, like I'd asked. His cock stroked hard across my prostate.

'Ohh, Godd....Godd, Acre, that is so good,' I moaned. 'Ohhhh, fuck.....fuck, yess....do it.....fuck me, you little stud.....Ohhhh, I love your cock!....Ohhhhhh....OHHHHHHHHHH, shit! Damn! Ohhhhh, FUUUCCKKK!......Fuck, I'm cumming! I'm cumming, Acre!.....Fuck Meee......Ohhhhhhh.......'

My breath caught in my lungs, choking off my outcries. Blood pounded in my temples and I saw stars. I saw black, and stars dancing against the blackness. The buildup inside me threatened to explode my loins and I screamed silently for release. Godd, let me cum! Suddenly the release came, like a dam burst and I was spurting huge streams of cum in long ropes that shot over my head and made soft splattering noises in the hay.

'Holy shit!' I heard Acre gasp from somewhere way off. 'Damn!'

I floated off again, into a violent force, like I was being swung around in a whirlwind. I gripped the boy's muscular arms and hung on for dear life.

'Shit, Dad, what the fuck was that?' I heard Acre saying.

I blinked and saw him smiling down at me, and I thought, but for his muscular weight holding me down, I might have literally floated off into the blackness.

'My Godd, Acre,' I gasped.

'Man, you exploded,' he said. 'I counted fourteen shots!'

'I've never cum like that in my life,' I said. 'I've never experienced anything like that in my life.'

'I'm glad I was here to share it with you,' he said.

'You didn't just share it, Son, you caused it,' I said.

'I don't know what I did to cause that. I was just getting started fucking you and all of a sudden....Wow!'

'I'm sorry I cut you short,' I said.

'Man, you're like a teenager,' he said, laughing.

'I don't know what happened; it just got too good too fast,' I said. 'Give me a moment and we'll do this again; I'll make you know you're fucking a man.'

I was sleeping soundly but I woke up when I felt the presence of somebody in my room and I knew instinctively that it wasn't Acre; I was used to him coming in. The lamp came on as I was reaching for it.

'Who's that in my bed?'

'Rick! You're home!' I gasped. I sat up and started to hug him but his demeanor and tone stopped me.

'Yeah, I'm back. Who's in my bed?'

'His name is Acre.'

'That's a weird name. Who is he?'

'A boy who needed a place to stay.'

'Is he living here?'

'He's staying here for a while. Are you hungry? I can fix you something to eat.'

'I raided the fridge before. I hope that's all right.'

'You know it is.'

'You're not going to ask me what I'm doing home?'

'You don't need a reason to come home, Son.'

'Well, we can talk about it in the morning. I'm going to bed.' With that, he was gone as quickly as he had come in.

I excited beyond words that my Son was back home, but bewildered over his attitude. I waited and listened. There was some noise and Rick said, 'Hey, you're in my bed. You wanta give it up; willingly, or do I kick some ass?'

I waited.

'You must be Rick,' Acre said. 'You can have your bed, but you're not going to kick my ass. I'll sleep downstairs.'

I smiled.

'Okay....I'm glad you're being cooperative, on second thought, I wouldn't want to have to tangle with you.'

I knew he had gotten a look at Acre out of bed, probably naked, and saw that it wouldn't be so easy to kick his ass.

So my Son was home. I was so thankful; I breathed a prayer. But was he? He was thin, almost gaunt in the face, I guessed from drugs. I wondered what kind of trouble he was in.

I had a fitful for the rest of the night. When sleep did not return I got up and went downstairs to start breakfast. I put the coffee on and set the table. I had the sausage and eggs out, ready, when Rick came into the kitchen. He was barefoot, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt.

'Do you still like your eggs over easy?'


'How many?'

'Four if you have them.'

'Sausage, bacon or ham, or all three?'

'I'll have ham. Thanks.'

'Do you want to put the toast in?' I laid a thick slice of ham in another skillet to warm and broke the eggs in the other one.

'Are you home to stay?' I asked.

'I don't know.'

'Are you in some kind of trouble?'

'Am I going to get a lecture?'

'Are you in trouble, is not a lecture, it's a question. Answer it,' I said sternly. I felt perhaps I should handle him with kid gloves, but only to a point. I would not shirk my role as a father.

'No, I'm not in trouble,' he said. 'Not with the law anyway. Just with myself.'

'I won't pry and ask what that means. I hope you stay at least long enough to get things figured out.'

'I would like to. How did he get in the picture?' he asked, nodding to the living room where Acre was asleep on the couch.

'I found him sleeping in the hayloft.'

'No kidding!'

'He'll sleep in the guest room now.'

'I was a little surprised to find him sleeping in my bed instead of yours,' he said.

'There's no need to take it there, Rick. And if that's still a problem for.....'

'It's not,' he cut in. 'I really was surprised. I would've been okay with it.'

I gave him a curious look, wondering about his change of mind.

'What?' he asked.

'What turned you around?'

'I grew up. Experience.'

'That kind of experience? Or should I ask?'

'You wouldn't be proud of the answers,' he said.

'All right.'

'I had some experience working as a male escort. I was broke and it was easy money.'

'You knew where I was the whole time. Did you forget your home phone number?'

'I was too proud to ask for help. And too ashamed.'

'What part of unconditional love didn't you understand?'

'I understood it. I'm here.'

'You look like hell. You look like drugs,' I said.

'There was some of that too.'

'So you took up one bad habit to pay for another one. We might as well get this out on the table, Son. I don't want to run you off, but I won't abdicate my role as your father. If you stay, and I hope to God you do, there are some conditions.' He didn't say anything. I went on. 'First thing, we get you tested. Then, do you need rehab?'

'No. I wasn't in the drug scene that long.'

'Well, you're not into it all here.'

'I know. That's a given.'

'What made you come back?'

'I felt like my life was in a whirlwind, everything going in circles, going nowhere. A whirlwind sucks you in. I was being sucked in. It was all sex and drugs. I was being paid for sex so I could pay for the drugs. I realized that the common denominator for the friendships I thought I had was sex, or it was drugs. Take that away and the equation fell apart.'

'So what made you come back. That's all good reasons to, but something made you turn the corner and look towards home.'

'One of my so called friends--he was older than me, like thirty--his father died. His family sent him money to come home for the funeral. He didn't go. He spent the money on drugs and wanted to pay me to have sex with him. I thought of you. What if I got that call? What would I do? Not like him, I hoped. But I didn't know. I really didn't know, and that scared the crap out of me.'

'You wouldn't have got the call. I never knew how to get in touch with you,' I said.

'I know. And a stranger would've been standing at my father's grave, in my place,' he said, glancing at the living room.

'Acre is no stranger. Where did you live?'

'Here and there. Wherever there was a roof over my head, where the rent was paid. Sometimes.....' He dropped his head. 'Sometimes the roof was a cardboard box in an alley.' I saw his shoulders shudder. 'I'm sorry Dad, I just want you to forgive me.'

He didn't look up; like he was talking to his plate. I didn't move. I let him cry. It was cruel maybe, that I didn't go to him and comfort him, but I wanted him to feel the pain he was feeling. I wanted him to hurt before I went to him, because hurt would be his cure. I was feeling sick to my stomach and it cut me to the bone when he lifted his head, tears running down his face, the most pitiful sight I'd ever seen.

'Will you? Will you forgive me, Dad? Will you take me back as your Son?'

I still sat for a moment longer. I was hurting but I wanted the pain to go deep. I wanted his guts to ache from it so he would never forget it.

'I'm angry, Rick, and sad and hurt, and happy and thankful.' I stood and went around the table to him. 'So thankful. Through all of that, and most of all, I love you Son,' I said as I went down on one knee beside his chair. 'And I don't have to take you back as my Son; you never stopped being my Son except in your own mind. You were always my Son, every minute you were gone. You will always be my Son and that's something you can never change, no matter what. I hope you understand that now.'

He put his head on my shoulder, sobbing. I put my arms around him and held him tight.

'Do you understand unconditional love now?'

'I do, Dad. God, thank you. I am so ashamed. I am so grateful to you.'

'You don't ever have to thank me for being your father.'

I let him cry till my shirt was damp with his tears and probably his snot I pulled out my bandana for him to wipe his tears and blow his nose.

'Our breakfast is getting cold,' I said.

'I don't care,' he said.

'I'll start over,' I said, and started to take his plate, but he grabbed hold of it. He was like a dog protecting his food.

'No, don't throw it out,' he said, holding tightly to the plate. 'There were too many times when I would've killed to have this much to eat.'

I could only stare at him. 'My Godd, Son,' I whispered as held him again and this time it was my turn to cry.

I hadn't noticed Acre had come in from the living room. He was in his shorts. He glanced at me then went over to Rick.

'Those times are over. And we have to feed the cats,' he said as he pried the plate from Rick's hands.

Rick let him have the plate and I went back to the stove to start breakfast again.

'I'll do it,' Acre said as he eased me aside. 'You go sit down.'

I let the boy take over and I sat down at the table with Rick. He was watching Acre, with a bit of a scowl.

'How long have you been awake?' Rick asked him.

'Long enough. Did you have a pimp, or were you a free agent?' he said as he put bread in the toaster.

Rick stared at him then looked at me with a surly smile, shaking his head as if to say, what the fuck.

There wasn't exactly tension while we ate but it wasn't a comfort zone either. Acre wasn't helping matters any. He talked about the farm, of things that Rick knew nothing about. I thought he might be doing it on purpose in an attempt to establish himself against the threat of Rick being home. Rick seemed uninterested and I thought that was on purpose too. I didn't attempt to run interference. I would when the time came, but most of it the boys had to work out between them. When we had eaten, Acre started clearing the table.

'I can do that, I do still remember how to do dishes,' Rick said. He almost had to push Acre out of the way. 'You made breakfast, I'll do the dishes.'

'Good. I'll get dressed and go start the chores,' Acre said.

Rick was washing dishes when Acre went out the door. I was drying.

'He seems to know his way around,' he said.

'He's accepted his share of responsibility around the place,' I said.

'Is he still in school?'

'Yes, but he's a year behind. And you have to finish,' I added.

'I'm not going back.'

'Then you get your GED. And that's not up for discussion,' I said sternly.

'Do you have sex with him?' he asked 'And don't tell me that's not up for discussion; it'll come out.'

'Yes,' I replied, without hesitation.

'How is it?' he asked.

'We are very compatible,' I said. 'You can't hold that against him. He didn't take your place, but he filled a terrible void.'

'I'll bet he did.'

'Don't be smart.

'I'm not. I'm smiling, Dad. I'm happy if he makes you happy.'

'Are you? You don't have to be,' I said.

'But I am. I told you, I understand now.'

'You understand sex for pay. It's not like that.'

'Who's the top?' he asked.

I was taken back, but he was smiling so I wasn't offended.

'Dad, if I stay, your room is right down the hall. The guest room is right across from my room. You can't have many secrets. And I don't want you to. I don't want to be an intruder in your life; someone you have to hide from.'

'So far....he is,' I lied. I wasn't good at lying, especially to my Son, but I felt I needed to keep some things about me and Acre from him for now.

'Oh,' he said with a smile and a raised eyebrow. 'He must be a little stud.'

'Look, Rick, maybe we should get this all out in the open. You seem to be okay with everything. Acre is my lover, pure and simple. I have to ask, with your newfound experience....are you interested in Acre?'

'I could be. He's cute as fuck, and built and he's got an awesome little butt. But I doubt he would be interested in me.'

'Well, there does seem to be some animosity between you. You will have to work that out.'

'He would need your approval, even your permission, I think, before he would have anything to do with me.'

'He and I will talk,' I said.

'I don't want to come between you, Dad. I can tell you really like him. I don't want him to think he has, to, to please you.'

'I can make him understand that. But I'm not going to play match maker. Whatever happens between you and him will be without my intervention.'

'Well, I guess I'd better go out and help with the chores,' he said.

It began to rain and I was dozing off. It was a soft rain, even soothing, and I felt more okay with the world than I had in for a long time, with Rick under my roof. A rumble of thunder brought me out of my sleep but I didn't wake up Suddenly--I wasn't sure how much later--I did wake up, but it wasn't the thunder or the rain. I sat up to the vague memory of hearing a door slam shut. Maybe it was a dream, but I remembered nothing else of a dream. It was still raining, with a little more wind now. I listened for the door again. I was suddenly seized with panic. Was it Rick or Acre....leaving?

I got up and went into Rick's room. Relief flooded through me when I saw him in his bed, sleeping soundly. Thank you, God. But the panic was still there as I went across to Acre's room. My heart sank when I saw his bed empty. The lamp was on low. I didn't have to check his closet for his backpack; I saw the note. My hand shook as I picked it up.


Your son is back. I am happy for both of you. But Rick should not have to feel like he is in competition for his rightful place as your son so it's time for me to leave Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for me. I will be in touch sometime.

I love you.


I sat on the edge of his bed, sick to my stomach. I ran a hand under the covers. It was still warm from his body heat. He couldn't be far. Maybe I could catch him before he got a ride, which he would surely do.

I went back to Rick's room and woke him up.

'What's up?'

'Acre's gone.'

'What?' He sat up in bed.

'He left a note. I should have expected this. He often spoke of leaving when you came back. I'm going to see if I can find him.'

'Where will you look?'

'Along the road is all I know. He'll probably try to catch a ride. He ran off once before and got a ride with a trucker.'

Rick threw off the covers. 'I'll get him,' he said as he grabbed his clothes.

'Where will you look?' I asked.

'Same place as you. But I've been where he's at. I think like him.'

'I should go. He might not come back with you; you're the reason you left.'

'You think I don't know that? That's the reason I need to find him. Let me do this, Dad. I'll find him for you.'

'Rick, not.......'

'What?' he asked.


There were a lot of reasons why Rick should be the one to find Acre. But there was a tiny part of me that wondered if he would....how hard he would try. But I finally relented.

'You just put the coffee on, Dad. We'll back in a little while,' Rick said. 'How long ago do you think he took off?'

'His bed is still warm,' I said.

'Well, then he's not far. Where's he from? Which way do you think he might be going?'

'Well, last time, he mentioned California.'

Rick ran down the stairs and was out the door before I got to the kitchen. I breathed a prayer as I made the coffee. Then I waited.

I waited for a long time. Then it became a very long time. I stood out on the porch and watched the rain and I cried. I went back inside and paced. I poured myself a cup of coffee and went back outside. The rain had stopped. I glanced at my watch. It was coming up on four hours. I was losing hope.

I sat at the kitchen table and stared into the coffee mug with both hands wrapped around it.

'Please, God, let him find him, for Rick's sake, because he's going to blame himself. I want him back, but for Rick's sake, please.'

I drifted off into what could only be called a brain dead stupor. I was aware of the sound of the truck doors slamming shut without really hearing it. I came back to reality when I heard the clomp of footsteps on the porch, and I listened closely. Was it one set of footsteps or two? I couldn't tell. The screen door opened, then the kitchen door, and I was breathless till I saw Acre appear in the doorway, then Rick close behind, his hand on Acre's shoulder. They were both drenched.

'I found him for you,' Rick said.

Again, it was for me. Not entirely.

I sat there, unable to speak for a moment. Finally, I got up and went over to them and pulled them both into a tight hug. I felt Acre's shoulder shake with a choked sob but Rick remained staunch straight.

'You must never do this again,' I said 'I'm talking to both of you. I'm getting too old for this kind drama in my life.'

'He won't,' Rick said

'You are my Son,' I said to Rick. Then to Acre, 'We know you are not my Son but you are as close as can be and either of you would leave a huge hole in my life if you weren't around.'

'He won't run off again. Neither will I. You've got our word on that. Doesn't' he?' he smacked Acre on the back of the head.

'Yes,' Acre said.

'Cause he knows I will kick his ass if he does it again.'

'And I'll kick his ass if he does,' Acre said.

I took them both by their necks. 'I want to say something. If either of you ever do this again, don't stop. Just keep on going. Because I 'm not going to go through this every time one of you gets a burr up your butt. So you decide if you are here for the long haul, good or bad, through thick and thin.'

They looked at each other. I could tell Acre was waiting for Rick to say something.

'Thru thick and thin' Rick said finally.

'Thru thick and thin,' Acre agreed.

'Good. Now, let's eat.'

The tension and animosity were gone but I could sense some apprehension in the air. I didn't know what it was about except for the two boys yet to get to know each other. I decided to clear the air a little more.

'You should know, Rick, before you hear it from him, that Acre has taken to calling me Dad.'

'And you call him son?' Rick asked.

'Yes. Do you have a problem with that?'

'If you do, we can stop,' Acre put in quickly.

'I don't,' Rick said. 'Does that mean you want to call me brother?'

'Do you want me to? I would like that,' Acre said.

'I guess I could get used to it.'

Except for some confrontational moments, and Acre running off, the two boys seemed to hit it off. With Rick home I didn't have the opportunities with Acre that I had before and I had to drive into town to hook up with guys who I knew would be up for sex. Then one day, Rick bought that to a head, with his usual lack of diplomacy.

We were working on one of the stalls that had been kicked apart by a horse that I'd gotten rid of after Rick left. The boys had talked about wanting to get another one.

'There's something I would like to bring up,' he said out of the blue.

Acre and I stopped working and waited for him to go on.

'I want to talk about sex.'

I was surprised. Acre was visibly taken aback.

'What, you think I don't know you have sex with my Dad?'

Acre looked at me, wide eyed with panic.

'He knows,' I said to Acre.

'Hell yes, I know,' Rick said.

'Not since you came home,' Acre said defensively.

'That's what I want to talk about. How come you stopped? I mean, I've watched and waited to see you sneak into my Dad's room.'

'I didn't think it would be right,' Acre said, embarrassed.

'What wouldn't be right about it? If it was right before, how did my coming home make it wrong? Hell, how come you two are sleeping in separate beds?'

I spoke up to take the pressure off of Acre. 'We didn't think....I didn't know you would be all right with it.'

'I don't care if you guys fuck on the kitchen table, just don't do it at my place where I eat. By the same token, I get to assume it's okay for me to bring girls home for the night.'

I definitely wasn't ready for that. 'Uhh....Rick, I don't know about that.'

'Wait. Wait. Wait. It's okay for you to have a boy younger than me sleeping with you, but I can't have a girl home? What if I said I was bringing a boy home?'

'Okay, you've got a point. But that would expose us too much to the outside world.'

'There's no reason why anybody I bring home would have to know anything about you and Acre,' Rick said. 'That's what doors are for. And it wouldn't be like every night.'

I was thinking about it, while Acre stared down at his plate, with his hands spread out on either side of it. Then he spoke up.

'Ben....Dad, I don't care if the outside world knows. I'm not ashamed anymore of anything we've done.'

'I do care,' I said, quickly. Too curtly, even, as I saw that it hurt the boy.

Rick was smiling. 'Looks like he just slammed the ball into your court, Dad,' he said.

'You don't know what it would bring you, Acre. You've got another year of school.'

'But I'm eighteen, I've got a right to make those decisions for myself, don't I?'

'This isn't about just you. It's about me too, and Rick.'

'Hey, I've got no problem if he takes out a billboard ad,' Rick said.

'Shut up, Rick,' I said, laughing.

'What are you afraid of, Dad?' Acre asked.

'Yeah, what are you afraid of, Dad?' Rick repeated.

'Shut up, Rick,' Acre said.

'I know the misunderstanding....how cruel people can be, especially kids. I don't want you to go through that,' I told him.

'I think you're afraid of it. Or you're ashamed of me,' Acre said.

Rick was trying not to smile. I glanced at him.

'You gotta be running out of defenses. He just keeps cutting you off at the knees,' he said. 'While you're planning your next defense, I want to talk about sex some more.'

'What now?' I asked.

'I just want to point out that I think you're both being selfish.'

'What do you mean?'

'You guys are in there having hot sex, while I'm relegated to my room by myself. I gotta tell you, I feel like a second class Son.'

Acre looked suddenly worried. I was surprised. So he knew that Acre sometimes came into my room in the middle of the night. 'Rick....what're you....saying?'

'How come he gets preferential treatment? I'm your Son, too.'

I leveled a gaze at him. 'I don't want you to do something you'll regret,' I said in a warning tone.

'From the noise I hear from down the hall, I don't think I would regret it,' he said.

'Be sure,' I said. 'Be very sure. That' a line that once crossed, can't be undone.'

'I've already crossed the line in my head. That can't be undone.'

'All right,' I said.

'All right, what?' Rick asked.

'You know your way to my room, when you're sure you're ready.'

Rick sat there, nodding. 'All right. Good. Then that's settled.' Then he got up to go outside.

Acre caught up with him out on the porch.

'You let me know ahead of time, you hear? I'll stay in my room, or sleep downstairs,' Acre told him.

'No need to. I would sort of like you there.' He laughed. 'You could show me how it's done.'

'No. It needs to be between you and your Dad. Besides, I think you know how it's done.'

'Not really. When I was an escort, it was always one sided.'

'He'll show you, then. I won't be there. Not the first time.'

'There'll be more than one first time, won't there?' Rick asked. 'I mean, we won't do everything the first time out, will we?'

'I don't know. But you've been gone too long, Rick, you need to get to know each other.'

They had walked off the porch and I couldn't hear anymore.

I was a bundle of nerves the rest of the evening. I didn't know what Rick had in mind, or when, or if he was even serious. I was somewhat relieved when Acre came in to get in my bed instead of sleeping in the guest room. We had sex but we were quiet about it. It brought relief but it only prolonged the wait, and the nerves started up again the next day.

A week passed. Acre and I didn't talk about it. I wondered if he and Rick had talked more but I didn't ask.

Another week passed and the nerves began to calm, and I thought maybe Rick had changed his mind and moved on. Then one night Acre came into my room, but not to go to bed. Instead, he came to my side of the bed, leaned down and kissed me and turned the lamp down, and told me goodnight.

'For the record, he's as nervous as you are,' he said quietly.

My nerves jangled as I watched him walk out of the room and I knew what was going to happen. I wondered how Acre knew; what the boys had talked about. I heard the toilette flush and a moment later Rick appeared at my door.

He paused and said, 'Dad.....?' There was a question in his tone.

'Rick,' I said.

'You want some company?'

'Sure.' I lifted the sheet and laid it aside in a welcoming gesture.

'It's been a long time,' he said as he moved to my bed.

'Yes, and it's not even storming'

'I still don't like storms,' he said.

'Neither does Acre. But he's getting over it.'

Rick laughed. 'What if we told you we just used that as an excuse to sleep with you?' he said as he got in bed with me.

'You don't need an excuse. You never did.'

'I tried to get Acre to stay. He said it should be between you and me. He said you would show me. He thinks I don't need to be shown, but he's wrong. When I was an escort, I was sort of numb to what was happening. I blocked it all out.'

'I'll show you all you want to know,' I said.

'Everything,' he said.'

'You know what all that entails?'

'Of course.'

'All right, then, I'm going to be the top for the sake of instruction. Since that's where you already have your experience, you need to be the bottom.'

'I thought you would probably top me,' he said.

'But that doesn't mean you have to do anything you don't want to do,' I said.

'I want to try it all, satisfy all of my curiosities. They talk about being bi curious. I think I'm straight curious.'

'Forget the tags. You just be Rick. You don't need a sticker on your forehead to identify who you are.'

'Is Acre gay? Does he believe he is?'

'We've never talked about it,' I said.

'I know he still dates girls, but I don't know if that's a cover.'

'I never got that impression,' I said.

'I've always wondered about something, Dad. Did you have these feelings for guys when Mom was still living?'


'Did you have the feelings for me when I was a kid?'

'Yes, but only fleeting.'

He laughed softly. 'Are you as nervous as I am?'

'Probably. Nothing has to happen, Rick. I like just lying here with you, talking.'

'So do I.'

'I've really missed you, Son. I've been half sick inside the whole time you've been gone, from worrying and missing you.'

'I'm sorry. I'll try to make it up to you.'

'That's not what this is about, is it?'

'No, it's about....I see what's between you and Acre, and I can see it's about how much you love each other, and I think part of that comes from expressing how you feel in a physical way.'

'It is that,' I said.

'In a way, I see it like a man and wife expressing their love that way,' he said.

'Not a socially acceptable analogy, but very true. Only those who experience it can understand.'

'I want to understand it. I understand unconditional love, now I want to understand this.'

I laid my arm across his chest, my hand covering his left pec. 'This will be show and do,' I said. 'I show you, then you do it. So if I do something you don't want, you tell me.'

'All right, I will. Does Acre do everything you've showed him?'

'Yes. But that's Acre. You're Rick. You take your own path.'

As I talked I tweaked his nipple with my fingers. I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck and moved my mouth to his armpit. I had to push his arm up as I kissed his bicep, then I pressed my face in to lick the hair there. He moaned softly. His tit became taut, like a hard rubber tip. I moved my mouth across his chest and sucked on it.

'Ohhh, Mannnn,' he moaned softly.

'That feel good?'

'Yes. I didn't know I had feelings like that in my tits, like a girl.'

'No one ever did this to you?'

'No. They paid for cock, and they didn't want to waste their money.'

I spent a lot of time on his chest. I ignored his cock and I wouldn't let him touch it either. After a short while I lay back with my arms flung overhead.

'Your turn,' I said.

'Oh. Time for my exam, huh?'

'Something like that. I want to see if you were paying attention.'

'Wow, you're really leaking ball juice,' he said as he rose up. 'There's a pool of it on your stomach.'

'Lick it up.'

He looked up at me.

'That's the only way you're going to know if you like it,' I said.

He leaned over me, tentatively, then lowered his face to my stomach. Then he lapped up my precum.

'Not bad,' he said, licking his lips.

I smiled then laughed. 'Come on, admit it, you liked it,' I said smacking the back of his head.

'Do you think I'll pass?'

'Yes. You've got about a B-plus so far,' I said. 'You know, Rick, most of this can be on the job training. We can do it at the same time, you following my lead.'

'All right, show me. You're talking about sixty nine, aren't you?'


'Show me, then.'

'I don't think you have to be shown much,' I said. I rolled onto my side and pulled him onto his side, facing me. He knew the position, even though he said he'd never been in it. I took his cock in my mouth and he did mine. We sixty-nined. We even rimmed in a sixty nine position. He really ate that up.

'How are you doing, Son?' I asked at one point when I'd paused for a breather. 'How do you feel about everything so far?'

'I like it, sort of.'

'It felt like you were really getting into the rimming part,' I said.

'Yes, I like doing that. But the most awesome thing is taking your cock in my mouth.'

'Yeah, that felt pretty good from this end, too.'

'It was an emotional thing for me,' he said. 'I mean, taking my Dad's cock in my mouth....the very cock that created me.'

'That was just the equipment used to make the crucial deposit,' I said.

'I want that too. I want your cum that made me. I want to taste it and have it inside me, have you become part of me physically as well as emotionally.'

'We can become one simultaneously....you become a part of me, too,' I said.

'Yes. This is going to be so awesome.'

It had not become emotional for me for some reason. It should have been, I thought, the mere fact that I was having sex with my Son.

Till Rick paused and said, 'Listen, I know Acre excused himself, but do you think we could invite him in for this?' Rick asked.

I smiled at him. 'This really is a big deal for you.'

'It is.'

'You want him as a witness?'

'Something like that. It would just be neat if he watched the first time we did it. I can't explain it.'

'You go get him then.' I lay stroking my cock while Rick went in to get Acre.

'Acre....are you awake?'

'I am now.'

'We want you in there with us. We both do.'

Then I couldn't hear them, then there was laughter.

'What were you two laughing about?'

'Just something Rick said. Something he said we ought to do to you.'


'Tell him.'

'He wants us to double fuck you.'

'I'll think about that, for later,' I said. 'Did you tell him?'

Rick looked past me, then at Acre. 'Dad's been showing me stuff then letting me do it.'

Acre laughed. 'Yeah, he likes to see if you're paying attention.'

'But I haven't got him off yet. Not the whole way,' Rick said. 'Then it came to me that when I do, I'll be taking the cum that made me, from the cock that delivered it. I know he didn't make you, Acre, and I know you've already done all of this with him plenty of times, but we're like brothers now and I wanted you to be part of this, my first time doing it. Not just a witness. I want you to share it with me when he comes. Does that sound too corny?'

'No, it's not corny at all. I'm honored that you want me to share the moment.'

'Not just the moment, Acre. I want us to share his cum, as brothers.'

'Fuck, Rick, it's awesome. Then maybe Dad and I can share you,' Acre said.

'Yes. I can do you and share yours.'

'We'll be so mixed up into one, nobody will ever be able to pull us apart,' Acre said.

Rick got on his knees beside the bed.

'Move over here. I want to be on my knees to do this.'

It wasn't what I expected. I thought Rick and I would continue to sixty nine. I sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread apart. He pulled my cock down and began sucking me. Acre knelt close to him and watched.

'Is he good?' he joked.

'He's great,' I said.

'He should be if you taught him.'

Rick was better than good. He was as good as Acre. I put my hand on his head and thrust my cock into his mouth. He moaned and made loud slurping noises on my cock. Acre took my other hand and held it tight. I thought it was neat the way he watched Rick sucking me, almost a worshipful look on his face.

'Rick, do you want me to try to hold off or not?' I asked.

'No. I want your seed.'

'All right, it won't be long.' I let it build up for a couple of minutes. It was easy to do I edged for a couple of minutes to create more of a buildup. I wanted it to be something he would remember.

'You'd better get in there, if that was your plan,' I told Acre.

Rick put his arm around Acre's waist and pulled him in close beside him and tilted his head to the side to let Acre get on my cock too. Together, they brought me off.

As my breath came short I put a hand on each of their heads and pushed their faces close together. Then I unloaded. I gave Rick the first shot which he took, easily. Their tongues came together and I coated them both with thick semen. They were quite adept at taking the rest with only a little running down Acre's chin, and Rick licked that off. It was an impressive and loving thing to see, the way they looked at each other, their mouths open, as if to proudly display their share of my load of cum. I pushed their faces closer and they locked their mouths together. At that moment my emotions emerged and took over. I wanted to weep.

'That, my Son, makes you truly brothers,' I said.

It was more than a passionate, brotherly kiss. It was a melding of two brothers souls and I knew nothing could come between them.

The End

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