I knew these two guys when I was in my early thirties, who owned a cabin on a small island to the north of the city where I lived. This island had about three hundred people living on it, and was a sort of haven for those who weren't into the daily rat race. Many of our tribe made their homes there, and the place itself was known for its open embrasure of diversity of all kinds. The two guys I knew I had met at a party some months before, one of those meetings in which a mutual cruise takes place, but the circumstances don't warrant getting together right at the moment. Taking the measure of each other as we made small talk, I had mentioned that I had never been to the island they lived on. A vague invitation was offered, but nothing had happened for a couple of weeks when one day I got a letter in the mail from them inviting me over for a weekend. I wrote back and accepted.

Their place was on the southern end of the island, which was a ten minute drive from the ferry on my motorbike. Their place was nice, kind of rustic, without electricity but with running water. They had made a unique home out of this place, and I was pretty charmed with it all, especially when we walked out in the garden and saw how beautiful the place was in the afternoon sun.

'These have been down the well all morning, so they should be pretty close to cold by now.', he said as he reached over the stone sided well and pulled on a rope. After a couple of minutes, a bucket slowly rose from the bottom, which had a half dozen bottles of beer submerged in the cool water it contained. We gathered them up and walked clinking with them into the house. It was summertime and a hot day in the bargain, and as I gathered the bottles in my arms and carried them the cool glass felt good and its wetness soaked through my t-shirt as we went inside. We drank a couple of beer, and I found that after a few minutes my head was singing happily.

We sat around in the kitchen drinking the beer and talking for a while, and then as darkness started to come on made a pleasant meal. It was fascinating to watch how these two guys worked together in what to most would be quite primitive conditions. While it took a little bit longer to make, I got the impression it was a lot more fun. I sat back and watched Jack and Erik. They were in their late thirties, both hot looking guys. Jack was very nicely built, with a small round ass and a nice body to go with it. He had long black hair, and a small beard on his chin. He was from back east somewhere on the prairies, and I think he might have had native blood in him. He was wearing a pair of shorts that showed his legs and ass to great advantage.

Erik was a little older, and also had dark hair, which he kept short. He was stockier than Jack, and was also wearing shorts, which were worn and faded. It was pretty clear that Erik had a big cock, the outline of which was clearly to be seen. I sat at the small table making small talk with them as they prepared the meal, and wondered how all of this was going to go down. As time would tell, I didn't have long to wait in order to see.

We ate companionably, and cleaned up the dishes after having drank some more beer, which added yet another note to the song playing in my head. I was wearing jeans from when I was riding my motorbike, and so after we had done in the kitchen proposed taking a shower and getting changed. The shower in this place was a stall at the end of a covered deck, with a drain built into the floor and a a bucket suspended above. The water was cold and bracing, and by the end of it my skin felt alive and refreshed as it met the warm night air. I walked across the porch wearing only a towel, and into the bedroom, which was quite dark by this point. I remembered having put my bag down in the far corner of the room, and as I stood there letting my eyes get used to the dark I realized that I was not alone. Jack was standing in the doorway, and as I looked at him he walked over to me and gave me a playful slap on the ass.

I turned to face him, but he put his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face away from him. His hands then went to the towel, and in a second I stood before him, naked, with my ass exposed. He ran his hands over it, and then pushed his now hard cock against me. His fingers ran up the crack of my ass, probing gently. He sighed, and pushed me forwards towards the foot of the bed.

My eyes had by this point become used to the dim light, and I noticed that the bed was an old brass one, with smooth rails on the head and foot, solidly built and rounded at the corners. The metal felt cold against my legs as I touched up against it. We stood there a moment, with Jack pressing his hardness against my ass, then he got down on his knees and I felt his tongue lick the cheek of my ass. I shuddered with pleasure at the sensation. He worked his way to the crack of my ass, and then inside until his face was buried there. One of his hands was pressing at the small of my back in order to encourage me to bend over which I did until I had to support my body with my elbows on the soft mattress. He groaned softly in lust and pleasure as he knelt there behind me.

I stood up straight, and Jack, who continued to lick my ass while moaning softly made no effort to stop me. He had taken a finger and put it up against my asshole, and now as I stood there, he applied full pressure to it, and pushed it firmly into my ass. At that moment, Erik walked inside the room. I suppose he had been standing there for a while in the doorway, but I hadn't noticed him. He came over to the bed and pulled his shorts down. His enormous cock stood out at a hard angle to his body. He was close enough to reach for my head, and did so as he mounted the bed to be kneeling in front of me, his cock pointed at my face. I needed no further encouragement to cooperate, and bent over more fully to take his penis inside my mouth.

Jack thrust two fingers up my ass, his other hand spreading me open further. He was quite determined in his motions, and while he was careful not to hurt me, he was clearly going to do exactly as he pleased. I stiffened, initially resisting him, and then the realization the it was pointless to do so, and so tried to think about what a hot situation this was. Erik's cock was hard in my mouth, and his hands were on the back of my head, forcing me to take him all the way down my throat, which was a struggle at first. The beer had left my dried my mouth out, and at first I resisted him a little bit. The pressure of the hand on my head grew stronger.

Jack now stood up behind me, and walked across the room to get something. I could hear him open a drawer, and as he came back Erik, recognizing what he was about, sighed with deep lust. Jack had a big rubber dildo in his hand, and he rubbed it against my ass as he snapped open the tube of lubricant. As the tip of the dildo pressed against my ass I moved to close my legs, but of course to no effect, since he gently spread them again. I wanted this to happen more than anything. There was something in the atmosphere between the three of us that told me there would be no negotiations in this. I hadn't played with toys much, but this one felt pretty big to me. It was pressed against my anus, and in a couple of seconds was penetrating me. I groaned again, and felt a wave of discomfort as the dildo entered my ass, but turned on at the same time. My own cock, which was rock hard at this point, bumped against the cold metal bed frame.

Jack was on his knees now, and I could feel his hot breath against my ass he watched intently while fucking me ever faster with the dildo. Occasionally he would lick my ass, or run his hand over it. I was deeply humiliated and turned on by this. Helpless as I was, my resistance lessened as I felt the warm glow inside me grow hotter with the thoughts of what was going on. Erik took his cock out of my mouth, and moved forward so that his balls were pressed against my face. He rose slightly on his knees, and I could tell he was leaning forward to watch the dildo fucking my ass. I licked his manhood and he stroked my back softly. Jack was spreading my ass open with one hand while he firmly pushed the dildo in and out of me. I could feel the sides of it, and the feeling of being filled up with it was overwhelming.

At this point the dildo was withdrawn, and Jack and Erik changed positions. Erik put a condom on his cock, and then pushed it up my ass with no delay. It felt hot and hard, and he put both hands on my ass to spread it farther and allow himself to get as deep inside me as he could. Jack was now in front of me, and I took his cock in my mouth. It wasn't as thick as Erik's, but it fit in my throat more easily, and he made sure it was as far down my throat as it could go. The motion of Erik fucking my ass moved the bed rhythmically. I luxuriated in my utter and complete helplessness.

Things were building up to a crescendo, which came after another period of intense fucking. Erik came first, pushing his cock hard up my ass as he did so. Jack was not long after, but he made sure that I swallowed all of it. Erik stayed in my ass for a while, his hands gently rubbing along my back. Jack lay on his back now, but with his cock just below my face, his hand still on the back of my neck pressing me against him. Erik slowly withdrew from my ass, and then picked up the dildo and pressed it up against my ass once again. He fucked me with it slowly, and reached around with his other hand and stroked my rack hard cock. There was a liberal flow of precum, so the head of my cock was slick and sensitive, and it wasn't long before I was ready to come myself. The strength of Erik's hand was a big turn on, and when I came I gasped for breath, staggered by the force of the orgasm. My feet strained against their bonds as I did so.

We stayed where we were for awhile, spent, and then I moved to the bed and flopped on top of it. We lay there, and Erik came up with a cigarette, which we smoked in silence. I was really grooving on the weight of these two bodies against me, and on what had just happened. This was going to be a very interesting couple of days. After we had lay there for a while I could feel Erik's cock getting hard again, pressing itself against my leg. I stood up and went to the end of the bed, and stood there, waiting. Jack got up, his teeth showing white in the darkness as he smiled. I bent over to service Erik's waiting cock, standing hard and ready before me. I smiled to myself as I went down on him. This was definitely going to to be an interesting couple of days.


Jethro Maki

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