Bernie answered the door the first time I arrived at the farmhouse. 'Come on in' Bernie said with a gleem in his smile. 'I'm already naked and so are the other guys'. There were five or six young men already there in the living room of the spacious farm house. 'Feel free to undress; or not' said J.R., the co-host of the get-to-gether. I was lead to a attached bedroom where I undressed. 'There's a buffet in the kitchen' said Bernie. I helped myself and joined the other boys. 'Hi' said a tall, lanky fellow with the word MASTER tatooed on the right side of his chest. He then enbraced me and held me for about ten seconds. He felt warm and fun. 'Thanks' I replied, my dick stiffening. Bernie's going to demonstate proper dildo use today, 'arn't you Bernie?' 'Yea man, I'll do it later' Bernie replied. J.R. lead me to a couch. 'Sit down man, let us get to know you'. 'Your profile says you like it in the poop chut' J.R. exclaimed. 'Well, yea, I guess' I replied. Reaching under the couch, J.R. pulled out a large tube of KY Jelly, slathered up his long dong and began stroking slowly while talking to me. 'I'm a top man and a MASTER he said.' The other boys were now looking and listening. I was center stage. 'Ever perform?' asked J.R. 'Why don't you position yourself here and let me fuck you in front of these guys?'. 'He fucked me' stated another freckel-faced guy sitting cross legged on the floor. 'Show 'em my stap mark, Bob' said J.R.. Bob stood up, turned around and displayed his red blistered ass. 'JR taught me to do as I'm told' said Bob. Yea said another, 'we obey JR.' 'Bernie, show our guest your position' said JR. Bernie immediately squatted down, tipped forward, knees apart and maintained this position, standing on his hands. Hold it while I relish your boy-cunt Bernie' said JR. I looked with shock at these men and how they all took orders from JR. 'Come on JR, thats enough' said another boy, 'Bernies getting tiered'. 'Alright' said JR, 'thats enough'. Bernie returned to his seat. Bernie pounded his chest gently and nodded to the MASTER. 'Lay back and spread your legs' JR commanded. I was eager to join, but I didn't think I would be required to perform anal passive in front of others. 'Boys, lets help our guest' stated JR. 'Please, said Bernie, he's new; I'll put out JR, please.' 'No, I'm not scared, I like it in the ass.' Immediately I opened my boy-cunt, legs wide open. 'That's fine 'said JR. 'Don't worry honey' he wispered, 'it only hurts for a minute.' Positioning hisself over me, he inserted the beefy head of his long country dick into my orfice. 'Now hold still, don't move'. Without another word JR slid the full staff straight in. I yelped and bucked. Another boy stood up, walked over and secured my shoulders, pressing me down into the couch. 'Just lay still' JR moaned as he began to churn. My helpless state struck me as funny. I laughed out loud.My legs as far apart as possible. I was being raped and laughing out loud. 'You like it don't you honey' JR quipped as he began fucking me harder. The other guys became quiet and watched the scene with interest. I was erect, throbbing and ready to cum. JR squirted some KY on my boner and began to stroke my dick. He seemed to like making me cum. 'There' he said 'your done.' 'Its my turn now' as he began pounding with extreme force, his face contorting, his motions furious. 'Hold him down man' JR yelled at my captor. 'I'm goin punish you real bad if you move again bitch' he said. Now he withdrew his dick and inserted his three fingers. 'You need your cunt spread open' he said. Furiously he rubbed my insides with his fingers. 'Wow JR', remember he's new said Bernie. 'Shut up Bernie, he likes it' said JR. 'yea, I like it' I moaned. 'I'm a slave and he's the master: I groaned as he repositioned my knees farther apart. Again and again he rammed his prick into my ass. 'I'm cumming' said JR. The room was silent as JR quivered with delight. 'Ohh, BABY, FUCK ME BABY' said JR. The Sloshing sound of fucking began to fill the room. His large puddle of hot sperm filled my cavity and with each stroke the sound became louder. 'Wow BABY, you are like fucking a woman' said JR. He laid on top of me, signaling my captor to let go. Resting on top he wispered,'I love you baby'. I felt loved. I knew he meant it.



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