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Ensign's Ross' personal log, star-date - unknown at present - I am aboard a Borg Cube assimilated into their collective this is my recollection of events as happened when uncoupled from the collective Hive mind I can only hope that I can retain this mental log of current events and somehow shield it from Them (the Hive) simultaneously somehow retain my individuality from Them before I am re-assimilated back into the Hive mind...if possible....

I was a former crew member, just an ensign, Brian Ross 1st class aboard the Enterprise D when the Borg managed to assimilate me and another crew member into their collective. It was during a training mission while I was on an away mission exploring an abandoned mining planet that once held what appeared to be an advanced, at one time, civilization. I understand now that one of the Borg's drones was left on the world should there be any lingering life left to be assimilated into the collective. I was now called by my new designation, engineering maintenance drone 6 of 10, I am keeping my own personal log about the events as I remember them, aboard this Borg cube which is now in transit to an unknown world 400 light-years outside of the Delta Quadrant.

      Connected to the Hive mind, I was not an individual anymore, I was joined with the minds of hundreds of Borg crew, I could hear them, they could hear me, we function as one mind, one mission, and one ship. The ship was in transit to this unknown location that the Borg ship ran into trouble, the Cube was loosing power, the lights on the instrument panels were flicking, life support was vacillating between full and partial power. Suddenly without warning the Cube, the collective experienced an all systems stop, no warning, and we were not attacked by any federation ship or other civilization's technology that I was aware of, perhaps we were that was still unknown to me. The Cube was now listing in space after dropping out of warp, we lost 87.8% of our power and for all intents and purposes we were nothing much more than space debris floating in the oblivion of space. The Borg voices fell silent in my mind, I was alone with my own thoughts again for the fist time in weeks, years, decades...I didn't know for sure. I was my own, but an individual again nevertheless. 

     The 10 of us were now active throughout the Cube in assessing the ship's status and reporting and/or correcting the ships' malfunction to get us underway again, when the fracturing of the collective Hive began. It was some time during the maintenance and damage inspections that I no longer 'heard' them, the collective.The voices of the crew faded, flickered, then all was quiet in my mind. I now became fully self-aware again, I was mostly still organic rather than machine, perhaps by 57%, my facial skin was grey and head was smooth and bald with some kind of mechanisms attached to the base of my neck I saw a reflection of myself on the now dark computer monitors. My machine parts consisted of a left eye implant which allowed me to see in infrared and to focus on any surface on the ship and assess, to the billionth's of a micro-dot if there is any breach or imperfection and/or defect in the structural integrity of the Borg Cube. My left hand/arm was mechanical up to my elbow, equipped with various tools to plug into the ships' systems and run diagnostics my right hand was still my own, all five digits present. I continued to assess my predicament. My nipples were connected to my neck by means of a synthetic metal/rubber hose, the left nipple had one connected into my neck just behind my ear the same was true on the right side.The hoses ran throughout my body inside my belly-button, down inside my cock, redirecting my previous human system functions somehow, bypassing them in favor of the new cyborg metal/organic matrix, my chest was covered in a metallic exo-plating of some kind. I couldn't see where the various hoses were going, with the exo-plating on, but I felt them throughout my body. My legs had various metal rods and hoses coming out of and into them, they didn't hurt or maybe my nerve responses have been switched off during the operations to make me Borg, they had assimilated into my body with ease in fact. 

     I had vague memories about the assimilation process, lying on a table with lights mechanical noises and the voices of the collective telling me that they will make my unique qualities and make them their own: new parts being installed onto and into my body, tubes inserted into my belly-button, rectum and down into my cock feeling my cock harden and relax, my balls swell and subside adjusting to all these new...additions. All the while chanting: Resistance is futile.It was futile, I was systematically taken over by forces beyond my control, but at the moment for now I was 'free' of Them, of the collective mind that is...all those voices I was used to hearing.Something disengaged me from the collective during the ships malfunction I surmised. I found myself dislodged from my regeneration alcove, where the rest of the crew of 10 was I didn't know. I wasn't the only one, another Borg: designation 7 of 10 who was an ensign on the same away team I was on, when we got separated. 

     It was ensign Chris Drake, my off again on again boyfriend.We noticed each other right away, we were both self-aware and instead of barely hearing each other in the multitude of voices in the collective we started to speak to each other using our vocal chords, instead of our vocal sub-processors. We found ourselves incredulous that were were disengaged from the singularity of the Hive mind....for now. Normally, assimilated Borg didn't need to speak when connected to the Hive, but we could verbalize using our vocal-subprocessors if necessary, albeit now in hushed, raspy and garbled voices using our natural vocal chords. After our initial shock, we looked each other over, he was half mechanical just as I was, with the same implants and configurations. We were shadows of our former humanity. The longer we were on the Cube as Borg the less organic we would eventually become as new or improved components or implants were needed to make us better then before. 

     We were a bit confused at what had happened, there were no other Borg near us in the section of the ship we were in, the ship was still listing in space and it was deathly quiet except for the subdued hum of life-support systems operating on minimum power, for now. I looked at Chris and he stared back at me as we slowly continued to put coherent words together. We were maintenance drones with nothing to maintain at the moment, we were walking around, disengaged from our programmed instruction, with no purpose for the time being. As to where the other 7 of us were, I didn't know. Possibly they were as we were, disengaged from the Hive mind lost somewhere within the vast cavernous Cube, now floating aimlessly in space. Without instructions, without the Collective Hive guiding us through our routines we were nothing but 'lost' individuals at the moment. We wasted no time in taking advantage of our new 'freedom.'

"Shit!...I've...looked .....better..." I managed to finally say. My voice crackling, and raspy, straining to vocalize my thoughts I touched my face with my human hand, slowly going over my 'parts' and what was left of my skin.

"I can say the's good to hear.....your voice again...I can't believe.....this." Chris said hoarsely, trying his best to crack a smile."We're from ......those damn things!"

     We slowly walked over to each other and shook hands, with our 'human'hands...finally some human contact! I thought I'd never feel that again, especially with Chris. I experienced a rush of feelings anger, rage, fear and in spite of that was hornier than all hell...looking at Chris he was feeling the same things it was obvious. Being free of the collective meant being and individual again and allowed us to have this time together. It was good to 'feel' another human being again, his facial expression was one of relief as well as some apprehension, he looked around nervously as did I, we didn't know when we would be re-assimilated again so we made the most of what time he had left. What happened next was a simultaneous rushed exchange of feelings, needs and desires, we had our ups and downs in our previous lives, but on this ship it was just us, and we made the most of it. We waited what seemed like an eternity before it happened...but we finally kissed. Our lips just touched, gently pressing against each others, as we tilted our heads slightly to clear our cybernetic ocular implants. Chris swirled his tongue into mine, surprisingly his lips felt good. So good, a bit dry and rough in places but that was expected give what we had become as Borg. 

     A bit shaky, but we still had our humanity intact. Our sexual desires exploded, my mind was racing as my cock came to life, stirring between my legs for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.Something was in my way however, as my cock hardened it was brushing up against something metal. Some kind of metal-mesh cod-piece part of my exo-plating was covering my package, as did Chris. He reached down and removed it, uncoupling it from my chest exo-plating. My balls were still very much organic, alive and well, yes! The recycled air of the ship blowing against them made them tingle as they tightened and loosened. In our cases, the reproductive systems remained intact post-assimilation process, usually they were to be removed but the Hive saw this non-beneficial to the rapid production of new Borg entities as of now. Semen is now routinely harvested from various drones in the collective. 

     Lucky us! Chris used his left hand it was still human and cupped my balls for a while. Then reached for and slowly jerked on my cock, it felt so good to have a human hand touching me like that, my dick immediately hardened. My cock felt restricted somehow but the harder it got the more it ached, Chris removed the soft rubber tubule that was inserted in it, a catheter of some kind he pulled it out slowly, as he did so a stream of urine sprayed out, followed by a few spurts after. I reached for his cod-piece and removed it, his setup was the same as mine as I removed the hose from his cock, he sprayed urine out as well. That release felt so good, I felt like my bladder let loose gallons of piss after that! My right hand cupped Chris' balls and both our cocks throbbed, painfully so, my dick was so hard it ached! The blood that pounded through my veins felt different pulsing through my cock. As I looked down, I felt a flurry of movement through the veins of my cock and balls, as if ants or something were scurrying throughout them. They were the nano-probes that were injected into me during my assimilation. I could see the tiny probes congregating just under my skin. Coursing through my pulsing veins scurrying through them as my cock hardened to it's full eight inches, they were responding to this new body changing event I surmised. 

     Those nanobots added another aspect of pleasure as they coursed through my cock and balls. I felt a swarm of them coarse throughout my body as well. Traveling on top of and through the still skin-covered parts of my body, and all rushing to my cock as it hardened. Chris continued to yank on my cock slowly at first, it hadn't been touched in forever, he jacked mine as I jacked his, we didn't speak, just enjoyed the incredible feeling.Relishing every second, since it could all end at anytime,we wasted no time...the was an empty space behind the alcove we were once connected to. It provided enough cover to hide us, and since we weren't connected to the Hive anymore, we felt safe. Chris knelt in front of me taking my big hard cock in his mouth and working it like I never remembered it being worked! He caressed my balls as he sucked my dick and gently yanked on my sack reaching up and uncoupling my chest-plating, it clanged loudly as it fell to the floor, I felt hundreds of pounds lighter all of a sudden. He pulled gently on my nipple hoses being careful not to pull them off at first, we didn't know what they were supposed to do, so we concentrated on what we knew was safe to handle...our cocks. After a while I reciprocated and sucked that big tool of his, his veins pulsing and bulging out on his cock, I felt each pulse with my tongue the nano-probes rushing throughout and back and forth through his pulsing veins. 

     I could taste his precum, it was dripping like a faucet from his dick. Chris managed to moan, watching the probes beneath his penis skin startled him at first, but arched his back and let out a whimper in pleasure as I did. I came up and kissed Chris again, or tongues connecting as our cocks surged, pulsed as they rubbed together, we both reached down and jacked each other off as we kissed. Feeling Chris's hard dick in my hand, having him jack mine off was incredible. Precum was leaking like a faucet from my dick as well, Chris used it as lub and jacked me for a while more before he assumed the position against a railing, spreading his legs wide. My nipples were tingling, hardening, pulsing, the tubes were having a sucking effect on them, they hardened and lengthened sporadically. I removed Chris's rear exo-plating, it was a combination of metal and flexible meshing, it uncoupled from his waist revealing an awesomely defined ass, just at it's always been there were hoses coming from his hole connected to various other ones along his back. 

     The Borg consume everything, all waste was recycled and used to keep the organic matter that we have alive. I removed the tubing and the plug that was installed in his rectum, he winced as I inserted my throbbing cock into his tight hole. I practically came within seconds of feeling his hole shut tight around my dick's head, and groaned loudly, my voice echoing of the cold metal walls of the cavernous engine room walls as I moaned in pleasure. There were no other Borg around as I kept thrusting in and out deeper and deeper into Chris's hole. I spread his legs apart more and spread mine as well to get the best position for deeper penetration, my balls tightened and loosened the nano-probes were furiously rushing inside them, surging through my cock as it hardened so much I winced as I thrust and grinded my cock deep in his tight ass. Chris whimpered and moaned all the while as I pounded his ass. I was afraid eventually the Borg Cube's systems would come online and we would return back to the collective hive mind, loosing our individuality once again so I furiously fucked his ass with abandon.I held on to his hips with my arms and my one human functioning hand reached around to jerk his cock which was dripping precum onto the floor.

"Fuuuuuck Chriiiisss..." I managed to whisper.

"You feeeeeel soooo goooood...Brian...oh man...Just..just ...keeeeeep fuuuuuuckin' me....don't stop! Just don't stop!!..." Chris whispered back, his voice raspy and hoarse.

     I continued to tear into his hole, grinding in deeper and deeper pulling out and allowing my head to tease his hole, thrusting in slowly, teasing his anus, feeling it wrap tightly around my throbbing head. The ship made creaking noises as it was repairing itself from whatever structural damage had occurred as the power fluctuated on and off. One of us, a Borg drone was walking on top tier platform just above me, I didn't know if it was still connected to the Hive or was this an intermittent thing that just happened to a handful of Borg drones. I stopped for a moment in mid fuck to watch it walk by and turn a distant corner before I resumed my assault on Chris' ass. He arched his back and let out a loud moan, I could feel his prostate pulse as he shot his cum onto the cold metal floor.

"Oh maa...annn, man..I'm cuuu..mmming..." he said softly, almost imperceptibly muffled voice.

     I could hear the semen splatter on the floor, feeling his spasming cock as I thrust deep into his hole, brushing up against his prostate at just the right moment. My turn was coming up, a few more furious hard, deep thrusts and I let out a subdued groan. I winced, pulling my cock out, Chris's ass as my cum poured out at first then spurted out, splattering on the floor and Chris' back. The thick semen kept spurting out through my pulsing cock, the nano-probes furiously rushing through my cock as it did so. Through the pulsing veins on my shaft and scurrying deep inside my balls. I saw as they assembled around my swollen head rushing around just beneath my skin adding to the pleasure as spurt after spurt of semen shot out.

"Oooohh!Shiiiiiit!!" I managed to gasp nearly out of breath, as my cum trickled and dripped out of my semi-rigid cock now. I arched my back in pleasure, feeling the thick semen pump out after all this time was reminiscent to my first ejaculation when I was 12yrs old and how frighteningly new and pleasureful it was. It was a combination painful-pleasure as the semen spewed out, I hadn't felt that rush of thick semen through my urethra for what seemed like centuries. Chris got up turned around and faced me, tugging on my left nipple hose...another tug and he pulled it off breaking the suction effect I could feel liquid pouring out of it down my chest, it felt cold and tingly as it gushed out. I looked down to see what was happening as Chris sucked on my nipple as it squirted out the semi-thick clear fluid, he pulled the tubing from my right nipple breaking the suctioning effect making the fluid spurt out. Chris sucked on it as I gasped for breath and writhed in pleasure, precum started leaking out of my cock.

"Oh fuck man....ohhhhhh fuuuuuuckkkk...the hell is this?!" I managed to yell out still dizzy from the pleasure, but startled at this new sensation.

     My dick instantly got hard again as he continued to suck on my nipple, from the left one to the right, I was practically hyperventilating from the pleasure, Chris came up to kiss my lips as I stepped back and braced myself against the back metal wall. His lips were moist and wet, from the water or whatever the fluid was that I leaked out. Oh fuck was my dick hard as steel again! As he kissed me I began to cum again, a rush of semen poured out of my cock down my shaft over my balls and splattered onto the floor, I winced as I did before, panting as I did so...I never wanted it to end! I reached down to yank on Chris' still hard cock still wet from his seed, it felt so good to have his mouth on mine. He went back and forth from my nipples to my mouth and then sucked on my cock again, as it throbbed in his mouth I knew I had another load to shoot. After a few moments my balls emptied again, this time into Chris' mouth as he swallowed every drop sucking my shaft dry. We both managed to compose ourselves and began to speak more clearly and coherently.

"Fuck that was great...." I managed to say, exhausted.

"...but we've got other problems...we...have to...get out of this ship...find....a way...we're free of them!" Chris said in an discernibly exited but hushed voice.

"I know.....but we're not...really free yet...we have way to know...where to begin...or where to start..." I replied, still catching my breath as residual cum dripped from my rock-hard pulsing cock.

"I can help with that....there is internal transporter node technology aboard this ship if we can access that..."

"We can transport to any other ship within close proximity to this Cube and escape!" I continued.

"Even so, we must somehow bury this knowledge away in our minds, if the Hive realizes this, it would delete those memories with ease, reorganize our thought process or whatever...we'd be nothing but dutiful drones again." Chris said.

" matter what happens to us we have to try and locate that transporter node...and to configure it so we can transport off this ship without the Hive knowing about it."

" can we block...Them?" Chris said.

Thinking for a moment, getting my thoughts composed with some modicum of clarity I replied.

"When the collective goes back online, we'll block them...we'll block them with a steel wall."
"What? What do you mean, steel wall, man?"

"I mean the slightest hint of hearing their voices, we'll be thinking about a steel wall to protect our knowledge of events to date, at least try to block their minds from reading it!"

Chris thought for a moment and agreed, he began to understand the possibility of that logic.
"I see, I got it...worth a try." He said.

"Damn straight it is...and probably our best hope of getting off this damn Cube and getting back to the Federation." I replied.
Not being connected to the hive mind, we no longer knew where on the ship to even begin trying to contacted the federation to employ this technology even if we incorporated it into our current physical matrix. The lights on the ship flickered and started to stay on, the systems were slowly coming back online. We looked at each other, it was only a matter of time before we were going to be re-assimilated, we knew it. As we turned around six Borg drones surrounded us, we tried to struggle a bit but that was a waste of energy indeed, we were both led back to our alcoves to regenerate and reconnect with the Hive.

"Remember!......Remember what to do Brian!" I cried out before I was hurried away.

"I will! I will!" Brian shouted back. The drones took him away around the corner to be re-assimilated.

     I could hear the many voices of the collective again slowly entering my mind as I was regenerating there, in my alcove again. A Borg drone reconnected my nipple tubes, as it was put into place a forceful sucking effect made me wince as the suctioning hardened my nipple and the fluid pumping through it started to flow rhythmically. The catheter was inserted back into my urethra deep into my bladder once again and I could feel it being re-assimilated into my organic systems. My cock still managed to twitch and get semi-rigid, as my cod-piece was reattached, the Hive mind was growing louder in my mind as I was slowly reverting back into the collective, my individuality once again was fading away. I managed to hold onto the memory of being free of the Borg. I began to simply think 'steel wall' over and over. Burying that 'memory of events' deep into the recesses of my mind, hopefully one day me and Chris will uncouple from the Hive for good, and make our escape but for now...I can hear Them...'We are the Borg traveling the universe to assimilate civilizations and make their unique qualities our own...resistance is futile'. 

     The Borg Cube was once again under full power and traveling to it's next location, the Borg drones were put back to their locations and re-assimilated. The one drone, 6 of 10 maintenance drone was back it it's alcove regenerating. But dripping from it's mesh cod-piece, was more semen, dripping to the floor.Brian, 6 of 10's cock twitched as he leaked more semen. Reconnected to his regeneration alcove, there was also the regeneration of his humanity and individuality as's far from over. 'Steel wall....steel wall...........steel wall......'



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