It was a cold night in Mansfield Texas when I made my way to Aarons apartment. He invited me over to play some super smash brothers and just hang out. I walked up the 3 flights of stairs and knocked on the door. It opened to revel Aaron, standing there in his underwear with a smile on his face. 

“Hey-O!” He greeted me as I walked through the door. 

“Hey dude” I said giving him a hug. 

“Well come on, strip, get comfortable, and lets get this party started!” He said chuckling and walking into the kitchen to get some wine. I took off my shirt and pants. I was wearing my jock just to drive Aaron a little crazy. 

“Wellll hello there,” Aaron chuckled walking behind me and smiling. He slapped my ass good and I smiled. 

“Like what ya see?” I laughed

“Yea I do, but its not gonna distract me from kicking your tight ass at Smash Bros. Let's go!” He said sitting down not the couch and tossing me a controller. I sat down in my usual spot and the games begun! 

Dark Pit and I were killing at this game! Kicking ass left and right! Aaron was clearly getting frustrated, but at the same he was trying not to show it. I laid down on the couch ass up and faced the tv. I could feel Aaron’s eyes staring at my ass, and I couldn’t help but smile. 

“You are not playing fair sir!” Aaron said. 

“So sorry” I said, “What are you gonna do about it?” Aaron chuckled and got up. Came over and straddled me. 

“Heres what I'm gonna do about it,” He said grabbing my arms and putting them behind my back. I chuckled as he tied them behind me. “Having fun there are we?” He asked. 

“I am actually,” I said. 

“Good,” Aaron said. Just then everything went dark. He blindfolded me. I couldn’t see anything. I was rock hard at this point. I have never seen Aaron be so erotic! “Ok, now come over here.” He said as he got up, walked me over to the other side of the couch. I felt him walk around in front of me. He ran his hands up and down my body. He cupped my ass and smacked it real hard. My cock bounced instantly. 

“Like that?” He asked, as he ran his hands over my groin, and then over my nipples. 

“Hell yea I do!” I said, trying not to sound too excited. Cuz lord knows what this man is capable of. 

“Good, now let’s get you doing something fun,” Aaron said. He put his hands on my shoulders and led me to the ground. Once on my knees, I heard him sit down on the couch. He grabbed my necklace and pulled me towards him. He then put his hand on the back of my head and guided me towards him. I felt his rock hard dick on the side of my face. “Why don’t you put that mouth to some good use huh?” He said. I opened my  mouth and took all of his cock into my mouth. “Now you keep sucking that till I say you’re done ok?” Aaron said. I heard him pick up the game controller and he started playing the game again. 

I kept sucking his hard dick for what seemed like hours. Just bobbing my head up and down with my hands tied behind my back. His dick continued to throb with every flick of the tongue. It was oozing with precum and it tasted amazing. My cock was rock hard and throbbing so hard I thought I was going to cum right there. I felt his dick throb more and more and then he pushed my head off his dick. 

“Damn man, you bout made me cum!” Aaron chuckled. “I don’t want to cum just yet!” He got up and walked away.  

“I’m sorry?” I said laughing. Sitting there in the middle of the room, blindfold and tied up. Didn’t know where he was at all. I suddenly felt him behind me and kissed my neck. 

“Oh you will be,” He whispered in my ear. Then I heard a tear, and he slapped something on my mouth. Duct tape. He wrapped it around my head twice and then tore it off. I officially at his mercy and god I was so horny! He picked up and laid me down on the couch ass up. “Your ass is mine!” He said. I felt him pull my cheeks apart and he shoved his tongue in there. 

“Mmmmph!” I moaned. Hot damn he has a dangerous tongue! I was in heaven! He kept at this for awhile, then he started fingering me. I was moaning and moaning. I could tell this was turning him on and me as well. 

“You ready?” He asked. I felt him put lube on my hole and then he pressed against me. 

“Mmmph,” I nodded. He pushed right into me. “Mmmmmph!!!” I moaned in pleasure. 

“Ohhh fuck yea!” Aaron said. He picked up speed and started pounding at my ass! With every thrust I started to feel myself ready to cum. He was hitting the spot every single time. 

“MMMMPHHH!!” I moaned loudly. He shoved himself balls deep into me and held it there. 

“You bought to cum?” He laid down on me. I nodded. “No you’re not.” He flipped me over and laid me on my back. He tapped my throbbing dick. He pulled it out form behind the cloth of my jock and licked it. I twitched. He took me into his mouth and sucked my hard cock while he shoved a finger in me. 

“Mmmmmmmmph” I moaned. My back arched and I was having the best out of body experience. 

“You bout to?” Aaron asked, finger still in me. 

“Mph mph” I nodded. He pulled his finger out and got off the couch. He put my cock back in my jock and walked away. 

“Not till I say so,” He laughed as he walked away. 

“Mppppph!” I protested. I want to fucking cum! I laid there, cock still hard and tied up for what felt like hours when out of nowhere I felt Aaron back on the couch. He lifted my legs and shoved himself back into me. 

“MMMMPH!!” I moaned. 

“Oh yea!!” Aaron said as he began to fuck me so fast I felt my eyes roll back into my skull. He pulled my cock back out and started jerking me off while he fucked. He kept thrusting and thrusting. I thought he was going to fuck me to death, but in a very good way. “You close?” He asked sounding out of breath. 

“Mpppph!” I moaned! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 

“Good!” He pulled out and shot all over my chest and stomach. He kept jerking me until I shot to. 

“mmmmmmmmmmph” I was so happy and tired. He took the tape off and the blindfold. He helped me stand up and untied my hands. 

“You should probably go shower,” He said slapping my ass.


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