I beganed to sweat from the humidity of the heat from outside and somehow trapped its way into the garage.

"Would you like a cold beer Greg?" said Jake.

Sure! I take it that you noticed me dying in heat, I chuckled. We were at the end of our shift for the day and the owner of the body shop had left hours ago. Me and Jake worked side my side on most domestic cars, but Jake was more skilled at Bmw's, Mercedes, and Audi's, which seemed to be our best customers. Those type of car drivers didnt complain about petty stuff or delays with their vehicles. They would always seem to be the most friendliest and most patient. Jake returned from the fridge to hand me a beer.

"Thanks," I said. "What's your plans for the night, Greg?" he asked.

Not much, just going to relax at home and make it a movie night, I replied. "What about you Jake?"

"I am going to the gym to work out my chest and arms tonight and sit in the sauna to relax" he said.

Jake was a very muscular guy, standing 6'5 tall and a good built of 220 lbs, not that I am not an eye catcher myself. Jake tend to work out at the gym after work each day and he woud often go to pool halls to play pool or a pool for a swim. I have seen Jake shirtless a few times since he started working here three months ago and would distract me and almost give me a hard on each time. Jake was originally from Montana and moved to Oklahaoma after a friend of his decided to move to California, after doing well in real estate. Jake's friend was successful at selling residential and commerical properties in Oklahoma City and he lived 10 miles to the north. He seem to be bored with the simple country lifestyle and wanted to be part of the Hollywood scene. Jake took the offer to move into his home and got this job a week afterwards.

"Well it looks like you replaced the spark plugs on that Camaro pretty fast" said Jake.

I had limited tools to work with and somehow I manage to work smarter by not walking back and forth and using the tools that I had present, I said. "How do you have the energy to work out after working hard here?" I asked.

"Its been part of my lifestyle every since I played football in high school. My coach made us work out consistent and I have gained a passion for it. It aso made me a better player physically and mentally." he said

As I reached to closed the hood on the Camaro, Jake had closed the garage door of the body shop. He was very strong and always reminded me on the greek god atlas. It seemed like him closing the door was like picking up a baby. Just as the door closed, Jake said "Im going to get more confortable. My uniform is sweaty and my body needs to breathe."

Jake beganed to unzip the greased stained uniform slowly pulling out of his arms slowly and exposing his bare sweaty shaved muscular chest. I was shocked that he had no shirt on underneath. As I saw Jake slowly undressing, My hands slipped from the hood of the Camaro staring at him and the hood slammed hard. It shooked Jake a bit and he asked if I was okay.

"Seems like you closed the hood too hard. You know it doesnt take much to dent Chevy cars," he laughed.

I grinned as I beganed to sip on my beer. Jake knew alot more about cars than I did and he often taught me something new everyday I worked at the shop. I didnt have many mentors in my life being away from my parents and living in a foster home with a rich family. I was cut off from my foster parents finances when I told them that I did not want to go to college. I took some odd jobs after high school and manage to make enough money to move out on my own. My foster parents decided to move to New York City after dad made a connection in Oklahoma City with a guy who own several finances companies in Manhattan and wanted hi m to help run them so the guy could retire. Mind you that my foster dad ran a very popular insurance agency for many years and was almost a millionaire before leaving Oklahoma Moving to New York to run multi finance companies would quadruple his current income. I am not the big city type, so I decided to continue my life in Oklahoma.

Jake beganed walking around glistening in sweat picking up trash that the wind would blow in throughout the day. He had the best looking nipples I have ever seen on a man. They were large, looking a bit of a toast brown complexion. His pecs curved perfectly at the bottom just like you see with most model guys in magazines and street billboards. I couldn't help but stare at him as I drinked my beer. His biceps seemed to clinch at every moment he made, which started to turn me on. I leaned against the wall and finished my beer. Jake walked to the car I was working on to inspect my performance. He opened the hood to check fluid levels spark plugs, oil and air filters. As he beganed to look towards the front of the car, he reached over to touch relay switches. He bent over and I could notice lines around the side of his butt which became ever so more obvious. Could it be what I though it was? With anxiety I got closer to him, wondering what his backside looked like. He many what seemed to be thousands of muscles in his back and looked like he could crack eggs with his shoulder blades pushed together. I started to grow harder in my uniform and slow began to tent out slightly. Jack had stood back up and his ass had brushed up against my cock. This had turn me on even more! His butt felt so good brushing up against me...Gosh what was it made of I thought? It felt so soft, but yet firm at the same time. I was eager to see Jake naked at this point.

"Sorry, I didnt realize you were behind me" said Jake. I have to be more careful.

In my mind I thought you can be as careless around me as you want. God he was hot bendng over! As I finished my beer put the bottle on a nearby. Jake began to bend over again, this time leaning out in more and his ass stuck out so big and round. I could have grabbed it and ate him for hours, but I feared him. Besides it would've been foolish to make a move on him as big and strong as he was. I was too eager to touch him and I took my fingertips and gently touched his big buns sliding my finger up the crack of his butt. He never seemed to notice or feel my touch. It instantly gave me a hard on and I was sticking out of my mechanical uniform big time! Jake stood up and asked me to check underneath the car for any leaks..This meant I had to slide underneath and he would see my cock hard through my uniform. I told him that there werent any, but he isnt.

"Damn he is going to notice I am checking him out and he may give me a hard time from now on or even to try to get me fired!" I thought to myself.

I tried to wait a minutes to let myself go soft and by this time, he walked backed to the office not noticing the tent in my pants. I grabbed the dolly and slid underneath the car checking for leaks and making sure all caps were screwed on properly. I felt the precum started to soak in my jockstap that I had on. I went down semi limp but I was still rubbery hard. I heard Jake's footsteps coming closer to me.

"Do you mind if I get more confortable bud?" he said.

"Sure, I dont mind" I replied. Then I heard his zipper in the front of his uniform which intrigue me to become hard again. I was just imagining him stripping underneath that Camaro and not being able to witness this time. Jake let out a sigh and it sent chills to my spine.

"Awww, that's much better. I think I may use the shower in the back to rinse off this sweat before I go" said Jake.

I rolled out from the Camaro and got up to see Jake almost completely naked. He had unzip the uniform completely and took it off to lay it on the table where my empty beer bottle was.

He had walked over in front of a nearby fan to cool off. I stood there and watched my atlas relaxing in the cooling air blwoing upon his body wearing now dressed in only a Duke athletic supporter jockstrap. He had a huge bulge and his ass looked like two full sized turkeys squeezed together! It this didnt turn me on, I dont know what would have. As he turned away from the fan to walk to the car, I had turned in the opposite direction so he would my hard on and the pre cum spot I had now formed in the front of my uniform. I knew I woul have to go jack off pretty soon. Maybe I could do it in the shower once he was gone and imagine him in the shower with me. That would have been so hot! He went to take once last look at the car before closing the hood. Once again I watched him bend over, only this time his ass was bare and I could see into the dark treasure, his asshole. The two cheeks flexed to his every move he made. Man this guy had the ass of the century!!! His butt was nice and smooth being shaved and the jockstrap bands had become a bit dingy from the sweat, but curved around the cheeks perfectly. I drew closer to him and he stood up quick mashing his buns against my hard prick.

Im sorry Jake I was looking to confirm every was well.

"Its okay" he said as he looked back at me and then he noticed my hardon. "So what do you think of the craftsmanship" he asked? I think I did I good job.

"Im talking about me?" he said.

What do you mean, I asked.

"What do you think of my body?" he asked. I was dumbfounded by his question, shocked at the fact that he wanted my opinion on how he looked.

"I think it looks great but why do you asked?" I said.

Greg I noticed that you were hard when I got up and pressed against you not realizing how closer you were and this is the second time today it's happened, he said.

I felt so embarrased. "Im so sorry, I didnt mean anything by it!" I said.

Its okay dude, its not the first time someone has admired my body. I get it all the time at the gym. You know if you want to get confortable too, I dont mind either, said Jake.

"I am fine" I replied.

"No you're not. You are craving to get out of your clothes from this heat trapped in the garage" said Jake. Go ahead, no one is here except the two of us and we are both adults here. Are you unconfortable with me being almost naked around you? he asked.

No. its just that I have never seen a guy like you before up close in person like this, I said.

"Its okay to be curious about guys, Jake said. I know you didnt have the chance to express yourself much as a child, not being around your biological parents, but I can help you with advice if need be" said Jake.

"Thanks Jake, I appreciate that. I think I will go home now to get cleaned up and relax" I said.

"You know you can always use the shower in the back. So did you enjoy the view of me under the hood" Jake asked.

"Man I really did, never seen anything like it before" I said. How do you work out your chest and butt like that?

"I do alot of squats and leg curls for my butt and I benchpress alot for my chest" Jake answered with a devilish grin on his face. Here let me help you out. He took m big powerful hands and beganed to unzip my uniform all the way down allowing me to step out of it, revealing my stiff cock leaking precum through my jockstrap.

"Looks like something needs to be worked on too" he said as he took his hand and gently rubbed my bulge making me even harder. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. I couldnt believe that this was happening!

"I think you are a very handsome man and surprise you dont have girls chasing you around begging to be fucked" Jake said. "Would you like to rub me?"

Sure I would love that, I said.

Jake stood in front of me and leaned back against me, pressing his body onto mines.. His ass now locked against my dick. He took my hands and place them on his chest and I started to rub him softly circling his nipples with my fingertips and down to his stomach and back up to his neck. He moaned a bit starting to enjoy my touch as I was to his body. He turned around and gently stroked my body with his fingers. My cock beganed to throb hard at his touch and he seemed to enjoy it the more i stiffened.

"Let's get you out of this" he said. Without warning he pulled down my jockstrap to reveal my hard meat. He stood there and said "not bad for a young stud, now why dont you pull mines off" he insisted. I froze at the fact that this was not a dream and was reality.

"Are you just going to stand still like a deer or what?" Jake said.

I got closer and pulled his jockstrap downward and watched his meat flop out. It must have been 8 or 9 inches soft but it was huge.

"Now thats alot better isnt it" Jake said.

I nodded and then he smiled. "How about a massage Greg?" he asked.

Uhh, well okay. I never massaged a guy naked before

"Doesnt hurt to try" he said as he laid his back on the table.

"Go and grab some baby oil off the second shelf " said Jake

Oh God, he is going to let me massage him with oil!!! I grabbed the half used oil from the shelf and returned to Jake seeing him caress his body with his own hands. I poured some onto my hands and started rubbing his body with it. As I progressed, he closed his eyes and started to enjoy the massage.

"Feels good man keep it up. Its been a while since I had a rubdown. As an athlete we took care of each other in my younger days" Jake said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well after a hardcore practice or football game, me and some buds would come back to the locker room and rub each other down. It would make us feel great! I miss the good ole days" he said.

The thought of sweaty guys like Jake rubbing each other turned me on even more and I started to grow harder!

I took a good amount of oil and rubbed it on Jake's chest working my way down to his rock hard abs. I tried to avoid my cock making contact brushing up against his body but as i stood over his right arm leaning over rubbing his abs, my cock rubbed against his right nipple graing it. I immediately stoop up and stop.

"Whats wrong?" he asked with one eye slightly open.

Oh nothing I need to move to another position.

"No, you are fine right there, keep working" he said.

He seem to enjoy me brushing up against him. As I turned to hear what seem to be a noise from the garage door, without me noticing him, he took his right arm and then drove his hands softly against my back rubbing upward towards my neck. He was definitely enjoy this!

The touch drove chills up my spine and I started to precum from the sense of his hand!

"Mmmmm" he moaned.

My cock began to drip and was now touching his side leaving the precum to smear against the sweat and oil on his body. His hand moved from my upper back to my butt pulling the bottom of my cheeks. Fuck, he was teasing, but I didnt want him to stop! My cock began throbbing hard. The touch of my ass started to make him hard and it was bright as day! It was so inviting but I didnt want to make a move yet. I know that I would need to get off soon. He said "I will turn over on my back and you can finish there." Jake slowly rolled over on his side to expose his huge built back and beautiful ass. I was using more oil that I needed to at this point, but I love the look of his body shining..It was amazing and I wouldnt trade it for anything in th world! I started rubbing his back and neck and he said "Dont be shy, climb aboard."

Shit, this make my cock jump at the thought!

"I want a real message Greg. Get on top of me and rub away" Jake replied.

I slowly got on top of the table with Jake and I straddled his lower back to rub his neck shoulders. By thhis time, I had strands of precum sticking to Jake's body, but I didnt care anymore. Jake was having me fufill a fantasy that I have always wanted. I swear when Jake moaned, it sent frequency waves through his back that rattled my balls!

"Go lower" he said. I took my hands and firmly rubbed his butt which drawed my attention even more. It was like sinking your hands in a mold of clay and sculpting the best roundness of an object that you could possibly think of! I went on his hamstrings to his calves and then slowly back upward to his ass. By the time I rubbed his cheeks hard and he moaned louder. This sent me over the edge and as the moan ended in a low pitch tone, I shot a load off, landing on his butt and lower back. My body quivered in shocked so much. I had never experience an orgasm like that in my entire life! Glob after glob on this fine specimen of a man and his glorious body!! He unfolding his arms that he rested his head on and took one hand and with two fingers, he grabbed some of my cum and stuck his fingers in his mouth to taste it.

"Sweet" he said as he rubbed more off his back to eat.

The sight of him tasting my cum made me jack and I managed to pour out another small load on his back, maybe about two of three more shots of cum. This man liked enticing me!

I laid on his back for a few moments and he said "I knew you would enjoy massaging me. You are a very handsome young man and I find it hard to believe you dont have people chasing fter you. Since you did a excellent job of massaging me I would like to show my appreciation. Come on Greg why dont we get up and get clean? Lets shower. I found some towels in the back and we could use them" Jake said.

In my mind, I wondered what he ment by show his appreciation, but I was eager to find out. We both got up left our sweaty dirty jockstraps on the floor and walked to the back of the body shop were the shower was. I walked behind Jake to admire his marvelous body. W e reached the shower and Jake managed to find towels in a nearby closet next to the sink and mirror. The shower was hardly used and the owner of the shop would use it to clean up whenever he had somewhere to go after work.

"I think you will and enjoy the shower Greg" said Jake. I had a puzzled look on my face and not sure what he meant by it. There was a bar of soap that Jake grabbed from the closet encaved in a soap box.

"We can use this. Why dont you turn on the water?" he said.

"I will wait for you to finish before I shower" I said. Jake looked at me and with a smile and said "there wont be anymore showers tonight after this."

I turned on the water as I stepped in the shower and Jake laid a towel on the sinktop and stepped in the shower with me. We were now face to face naked in the old body shop shower.

I slowly watched Jaked step in with his big balls swinging all over the place. Was this what he had in mind? Shower sex?? Well if it was I was game!

Jaked steps in with a smile on his way. "The water feels good doesnt it" he says

Yes it does, very good, I said

"Relax dude, no one is here and we can do whatever we want." Jake replied.

"I always thought you were a very attractive since the day I first saw you" Greg said.

"Well now you have me all to your self" Jake replied.

Jake placed the bar of soap in the dish under the showerhead and then came closer to me. He pushed against the wall and thrusted his body against mines. He was now rubbing his semi hard cock against mines. I looked into his eyes filled with passion. He leaned towards and I met him halfway. We started kissing and I opened my mouth to recieve his tongue..Damn he tasted great..I was getting hard again! "That was a hot kiss" I said.

Jake replied "well there's more" smiling.

"I want more man, you are so hot" Greg replied.

We started making out again but more passionate. We tasted each other tongues in ecstacy..the water running down our bodys and cocks now hard...Jake took the soap and start lathering himself and me. His touch was so elegant I could have longed. for days, The way he rub my chest with the soap and turned me around to lather me was awesome. Jake beganed to wash my cock soft but firm and rub my balls with his fingertips, massaging them. He then started to stroke it and the sight of his cock growing made me even vulnerable.

"Im ready to thank you now Greg" Jake said.

"Yes man, whatever you want" I said

Jake winked his eye and turned the water down low to where it barely drove into his black push slick hair and squatting down as he held both of my legs strong and tight. He looked up at me with a devilish grin and took his tongue out and gave my cock a few hard long licks smiling at me. "

You like that dont you boy?" Jake asked.

"Aww yeah man, dont stop" I said

He continued to tease me with his tongue and I start leaving strands of precum on his mouth. Each time he licked, the strands from my cock to his lips became longer. God is was great! Without warning he took me into his mouth and sucked slowly but hard.. He was driving me up the walls and I was close. I reached out and caressed the back of his head with my wet hands. He went deeper on my cock thrusting his mouth into my pubes. The sensation of he nosing my pubic made me lose it! I shot off deep down his throat. Jake lifted his tongue as I continued to cum underneath it. Some of the cream slipped out the side of his mouth but it made him look so adorable!

"Mmm you taste good stud" Jake said as he finished gulping down my juice. I started to sweat a bit and Jake got up and gave me a passionate tongue kiss. His tongue very tasy from my load caressing mines.

"That was hot, but I want you to please me now" said Jake. He leaned against the shower wall with his cock now throbbing rapidly. I got down on bended knee to suck him off. Man that thing was huge. It was 11 inches hard.. The back of it was very vein and it was very thick overall. I was so eager to please him and now came the chance to do so. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen on a muscle bound god like him. I had to give him th best blowjob ever. With a long gasp, I closed my eyes and took as much of him as I could in my mouth. I let my caress the back of his cock and slowly moved back and forth. He seem to enjoy it as I opened my eyes and saw his head cocked back with his eyes closed and mouth partially opened. He start to moan and boy did that turn me on! As the moans got louder I starting sucking him harder.

"Do it boy, suck that cock buddy" said Jake.

I could tell he was getting close and I hope that he was. My knees started getting weak and I was ready to stand up before falling on the dirty soapy shower floor. After fifteen minutes of good sucking he let out a loud sigh and shot down my throat with some getting in the side of my jaws and teeth. He tasted good! I never had such a great taste from a guy. He must have shot at least ten squirts or more in my mouth. It just kept coming faster than I could swallow.

"That was good for part one, and now Im ready for part two" Jake said.

"What exactly is part two?" I asked. He said "To do what you wanted when you were standing over me in the garage." Jake stood me up and placed me against the wall with the shower water now falling in front of us. He winked his eye and turned around to place his body against mines and slowly bent over touching his toes.

"Oh my god" I said before I knew it.

"You like that view dont you boy?" Jake asked.

Like hell I do, I said. "Do as you wish Greg" Jake replied.

This was my break! I gained enough enorgy and strength to bend down and start eating his ass. I took my hand and gently palm his meaty cheeks and buried my face in between. He was shaved with no hair in between and his hole was so beautiful with was a dark pink texture. I started to lick slow and hard until he got used to my tongue before I would pick up the pace.

"Stick your tongue in that hole boy, ahh man dont stop!" Jake mumbled.

The taste was incredible. I got more into it and drove deeper into him and he loved it. I squeezed his ass harder and he started to twinch with pleasure. He started to stroke his cock from the sensation of my tongue. My cock was throbbing like crazy. He suddenly stood up and pushed me on the wall..He drove his tongue in my mouth to make out with me..

"Why dont you do something with that stiff cock of yours..Mount it in my beefy butt!" he said.

Jake took me by the hand and leaned against the opposite wall for me to pound him. He spread his legs and arms on the wall, looking as if he was helpless. Jake was being submissive and I loved it. It was like a fantasy come true. Jake wanted to be fucked by me! I leaned against him and slowly enter my cock into his ass. As soon as the head went it, my body went into a shock. It was as someone sound the fire alarm for emergency. The heat from him was almost too much to take. I pushed into slow until I was all the way in and he moaned with pleasure. By now I was getting pretty intense rocking him back and forth on the wall. The sight of his ass just made me so much more excited. The water dripping down his body was a wonderful site!

"Pound that beefy butt man, harder!" Jake yelled. "

"Shit that feels good, do it boy!"

I drew a crazy sweat thrusting into Jake. He started cummng on the floor in long ropes and before long, i started shooting in his ass. We then showered and dry off compleely and got dressed.

"I'll see you tomorrow Greg" said Jake.

"Ok buddy" I replied.

We had sex 3 times a week after that and it seemed to get better each time!





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