Synopsis: A new paralegal on the ABC TV show 'The Practice' longs to get into Bobby Donnell's legal briefs. (Bobby Donnell, of course, is played by the totally lunchable Dylan McDermott.)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and does not imply that either Bobby Donnell or Dylan McDermott are gay.

Todd Pierce looked around happily. He had been working for Donnell, Dole, Young and Frutt for just about 4 months now and loved his job. Especially his boss, the incredibly hunky Bobby Donnell, defense lawyer extraordinaire. The 6'0, dark-haired, blue-eyed, and nicely built attorney had taken Todd under his wing, praising his budding legal insight. He had even begun using Todd exclusively in preparing motions and legal briefs. But Todd was more interested in Bobby's briefs and over the past few weeks had devised a way of getting into those briefs.

Todd had always been interested in hypnosis and had read several books on the subject. He knew that if he could get Bobby alone at the office he wouldn't have any trouble hypnotizing the handsome attorney.

It wasn't long before Todd got his chance.

Bobby was in the middle of a highly publicized wrongful death suit and the stress was getting to him. Not to mention his opposing counsel. Helen Gamble was a formidable opponent, and even though the two attorneys were friends outside the courtroom, once they were in trial the gloves came off.

Bobby had been irritated because Helen's office had been flooding the firm with discovery motion after discovery motion. Bobby was also frustrated because he hadn't been able to spend any time with his girlfriend, Lindsey Dole.

On Wednesday afternoon Bobby called from the courthouse and asked Todd if he could work late that night on some discovery motions that Helen had sent over earlier in the day. He sounded a bit ragged.

Todd made sure that the office would be empty that night, telling Lucy she could go and even asking the janitors if they could clean the office suite the next morning instead of that night. He knew Bobby would be back from court soon. He had just called from his car and said he was bringing some Chinese for dinner and to expect to stay late. The day hadn't gone well for him, Todd could tell from the sound of his voice. He told Bobby it would be no problem to stay late, and he made myself at home on the large leather couch in Bobby's office. After about 30 minutes Bobby arrived, looking frustrated and tired. What Bobby didn't know, however, was that Todd had earlier finished most of the discovery motions early so there wasn't too much work to do. Just some fun - for Todd.

Bobby sat down in his leather chair, tossed his brief case on the floor, put the cartons of Chinese food on the desk, and spun the chair to face Todd, who was still sitting on the couch, playing with some sort of crystal on a chain.

'What's that you've got there, ' Bobby asked, leaning forward.

'It's some crystal. I think Lucy dropped it. It's kind of cool. Have a look,' Todd replied, holding the crystal up so the light flowed through it. 'Check out how it breaks up the light into all these different colors.'

Bobby looked over and smiled tiredly. 'Yeah, it's nice.'

'No, serious. It's kind of relaxing,' Todd continued. 'I bet you could use a little bit of relaxing after the day you've had.'

Bobby sighed, 'You've got that right.'

'Just lean back and jell a bit,' Todd urged, walking over to Bobby's desk, holding the crystal a foot or so above Bobby's eye level so the tired attorney would have to look up. With a twist of his fingers on the chain, Todd set the crystal pendant spinning. The light refracted from the prisms and danced across the room. He could see the lights bouncing off Bobby's pupils.

'Sit back and watch the colors change. See how relaxing it feels.' Bobby sat back, his eyes fixed on the crystal as Todd continued spinning the crystal. 'Just look at those colors, Bobby. Fix your eyes on them.'

Within a few seconds Bobby's eyes began to glaze over. His body began to relax and he sank deeper into his chair. 'Keep looking at the colors. Don't you feel more relaxed?' Bobby nodded his head slightly. 'In fact,' Todd continued, 'the more you look at them, the more relaxed you feel. You might even want to close your eyes for a while.'

Bobby's eyes closed for a couple of seconds and then popped open. Within seconds they were drooping again. He was almost under. 'You can hardly keep your eyes open. The harder you try to keep them open, the more they want to close.' Bobby's eyes fluttered briefly, closed, and stayed shut. He was finally under.

'Bobby,' Todd whispered.


'I'm going to count backwards from ten. As I get closer and closer to number one, you will find yourself falling into a deep sleep. You will feel comfortable and safe. You will be to hear me and speak to me, but you will be asleep. Do you understand?'

'Yes,' Bobby replied, his voice soft and whisper-like.

Todd began the countdown. When he reached number one, Bobby was completely asleep, slumped slightly in his chair. Todd pulled his chair close and whispered, 'Bobby, as you listen to my voice you will realize how comforting and soothing it is. You will want to follow my instructions completely and it will feel completely natural for you to do so. Do you understand?'

'Natural... comfortable,' Bobby mumbled, his voice slightly slurred, as if he was talking in his sleep.

'Good,' Todd said. 'How are you feeling right now?'

'Nice,' Bobby answered, '...relaxed.'

'That's great, buddy,' Todd continued. 'Just let your mind drift. Nothing will wake you up until I tell you to wake up. Do you understand?'

'Yes,' he murmured.

Todd sat back a minute and took in the sight before him. Bobby was wearing a dark navy suit and deep blue shirt. It was complemented nicely by an iridescent gray tie. Todd's eyes moved down the shirt to Bobby's waist and then lower. Bobby's pants fit snugly and Todd could make out a nice-sized bulge in the front. He had always admired Bobby's ass as he walked through the office and knew it would be only a matter of time before his hands would be all over it.

Todd looked up at Bobby's peaceful face. His lips were partly slightly and Todd had to hold himself back from running his fingers over them. Bobby's deep, slow breathing reassured Todd that the stud was well under.

'Bobby, as you listen to my voice, you will want to follow all of my commands and to please me, because it feels so good to relax and be under my control, doesn't it?'

'Yes,' he replied.

'Bobby, in a few moments, I am going to count to five. When I reach five, you will wake up feeling very good and relaxed, but will not remember being asleep. You will only know that you feel great and very refreshed. Do you understand? You will not remember any of this.'

Bobby nodded his head. 'I'll feel refreshed but won't remember any of this.'

Now for the zingers.

'Bobby. Every time I ask you 'How is the Miller case coming along', you will close your eyes and return to this same deeply relaxed state. You will be asleep, but you will be able to hear everything I say. Do you understand?'


'And you will listen to what I say and obey every word I say,' Todd said reinforcing his earlier command. 'Do you understand?'

'Listen to what you say... obey,' he mumbled.

Todd offered another post-hypnotic suggestion just for fun. 'Bobby, whenever I say 'billable hours', you will excuse yourself to use the restroom. When you are there, you will forget to zip up your fly. You will then return to my desk. You will have no knowledge that your fly is open. You will remain at my desk talking to me and you will keep one hand in your pocket. You will continue talking until I tell you that your fly is open. You will be very embarrassed to discover that your zipper is down, but you will also be very grateful to me for telling you. As many times as this may happen, you will never remember that your fly has been open previously. Do you understand?'

Bobby nodded. 'Yes.'

'Okay, Bobby,' Todd said, moving his chair back to it's original position. 'I'm going to count to five now. One... two... three... four... five.'

Bobby woke with a start and sat up. 'Man, I'm sorry! I must've dozed off for a few minutes. How about we grab some food and then get down to these motions?'

'Sure, let's do it,' Todd said, pulling his chair back to Bobby's desk and reaching for a carton of rice. 'By the way, Bobby, how were your 'billable hours' last week?'

The look on Bobby's face changed slightly. 'Excuse me, man, but I've gotta use the men's room. Be right back.'

'No problem,' Todd said. While Bobby was gone Todd reached behind the couch and retrieved the video camera and tripod he had placed there earlier. The camera was used sometimes for depositions and would come in handy tonight for Bobby's 'deposition.' He set the camera on the tripod in the corner facing the door and turned it on.

Todd looked up as Bobby returned to the office, standing in the doorway. He was in perfect camera range. One hand was in his pocket and the other hand was holding his suit coat slung over his shoulder. His zipper was all the way down and spread open. Todd could see both the blue of Bobby's shirt as well as a flash of white underwear.

'I'm sorry,' Bobby started. 'You asked me about my billables? They're getting to be pretty high on this case. It's a good thing...'

'Dude,' Todd interrupted, chuckling. 'Your fly's open.'

Bobby's eyes flew down to his crotch and he reached to zip up. His face turned bright red and he began to stammer. 'Geez. I'm glad this didn't in front of Lucy or Ellenor! I would've just shi...'

Todd interrupted again. 'How's the Miller case coming along?'

This time Bobby's face went completely blank and his eyes glazed over. He froze in mid-zip, stood up straight and let his arms drop to his side, his suit coat falling to the floor.

'Bobby,' Todd said, 'can you hear me?'


'Good. Come into the office and lock the door behind you,' Todd commanded, moving the video camera closer.

Bobby obeyed.

'Now, I want you to just stand where you are. You will be unable to move or to resist any command that I give you. Do you understand?'

'Not move... unable to resist...'

'Bobby,' Todd asked, 'when was the last time you and Lindsey had sex? You told me that the trial's been keeping you busy.'

'Mmmm,' Bobby murmured, 'a couple of weeks.'

No sex in two weeks! Todd couldn't believe it. 'You must be pretty horny by now, big guy,' he said seductively.

'Yes... horny.' The bulge was growing.

'Bobby. The next touch you feel on you will be Lindsey. You miss Lindsey and want to have sex with her.'

'Ohh, Lindsey,' Bobby whispered. 'Linds...'

Todd approached Bobby, being sure to keep him in view of the video camera. He moved his hands over Bobby's crotch. The hypnotized stud moaned quietly as Todd massaged. Then he moved to Bobby's waist and undid his belt. He unbuttoned Bobby's pants and slowly worked the zipper the rest of the way down, revealing Bobby's white underwear. Todd smiled. He loved white briefs. His eyes were fixed on Bobby's crotch. He pushed the slacks halfway down his legs and moved his hands to the bulging briefs.

'Oh, Lindsey,' Bobby murmured, his body shivering. 'Mmm, that's so nice.'

After a few seconds of tickling and rubbing, Bobby's dick began to strain against the bright white material of his briefs. The outline of his dick was totally visible. Todd unlaced Bobby's shoes and told him to kick them off. He then lowered Bobby's slacks completely and had him step out of them.

He began to rub his hands more vigorously over Bobby's dick through the briefs. He wanted to see that dick but he could wait. He knelt down and buried his face in the hypnotized attorney's full crotch. He moved his hands to Bobby's butt and squeezed. He continued to squeeze Bobby's ass while he kissed and nuzzled his brief covered bulge.

Todd could feel Bobby hardness. But there was something else he wanted to do. Getting to his feet he unbuttoned and removed Bobby's shirt. He then lifted the hypnotized attorney's tee shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. Bobby Donnell now stood before Todd in only his white briefs and socks. His nipples were jutting out, fully aroused. Todd reached out with his tongue and licked one.

'Uhhh!!' Bobby grunted, still unable to move. 'Oh, do it, Lindsey. Do it!'

Todd continued to lick Bobby's hard nipples all the while caressing the now huge bulge that packed the front of Bobby's briefs. He moved Bobby over to the soft leather couch and ordered him to lie down on it. Bobby complied.

Todd quickly stripped down to his briefs and lay down on top of Bobby. He slowly rode the squirming attorney who began to move his own hips in rhythm with Todd's. He was getting close to climax, Todd could feel it.

'Bobby,' he said tersely. 'I don't want you to cum. You will be unable to cum until I give you permission. Do you understand.'

Bobby's face creased in a frown but then smoothed over in compliance. 'Yes. I won't be able to cum until you give me permission.'

Todd knelt down next to Bobby and continued his assault on Bobby, who was still wearing his tight white briefs. Slowly Todd lowered the waistband of Bobby's briefs, tucking it under his egg-sized balls. His cock was rock hard, rising straight up for seven inches. Todd took hold of it and stroked it a few times as Bobby's breathing became faster. He then took it in his mouth and began to work his tongue over the sensitive head. Bobby was now gasping. Todd reached down, quickly pushed his briefs down, and began to stroke his own rock hard cock. Within seconds he exploded, shooting cum onto Bobby's legs and the couch.

He pulled up off Bobby's cock and began to stroke it again. Fast and then slow. Over and over again for fifteen minutes. Bobby was squirming and whimpering, almost begging. It was time.

Making sure they were still in camera range, Todd moved back and ordered Bobby to cum. Bobby exploded, cum shooting from his overworked knob like a volcano. On his chest, the couch, the ceiling. A satisfied smile crept over his face and his breathing slowed. He looked content. Todd felt content.

After cleaning up himself, Bobby, and the office, Todd slipped Bobby's briefs back up and lay the still hypnotized attorney out on the couch. Another reach behind the couch produced a digital camera. Todd snapped a couple of pictures. Bobby's briefs were still bulging. He then told Bobby to get to his feet. After several poses and several more pictures Todd ordered Bobby to get dressed. He also got dressed and once they were both fully clothed Todd turned off the video camera, popped out the cassette and put the camera back into the utility closet outside the conference room. When he returned back to the office Bobby was still standing, his eyes vacant. He walked over, unzipped Bobby's fly and told him to move back into the doorway.

'Bobby, you're going to need me to work late again tomorrow night, do you understand,' Todd said, slipping the digital camera and the video cassette into his own briefcase.

'Yes, Todd,' he said. 'I'm going to need you to work late again with me tomorrow night.'

'Good. Now, I'm going to count to five. When I reach five you will wake up and remember nothing that has happened here. You will only remember that you were zipping up your pants. Do you understand?'

'Yes,' he said.

Todd counted to five and Bobby opened his eyes. He shook his head a bit and finished zipping his fly. 'Shit,' he laughed, 'can you imagine this happening in front of Ellenor or Lucy? I'd probably stroke out on the spot!' He looked over at Todd, who was digging into a carton of Chinese food.

'Hey, save some for me, will you, Todd?'

'No problem, Bobby,' Todd said, wondering if Bobby could dance...



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