By Everett

Chapter 2 - "I Am Hooked on Bobby."

My first thoughts when I wake up in the morning are of Bobby. I know that I will taste his acrid piss before the day is over; that he will wet my hair and face and shirt with a strong spray from his bladder through his beautiful cock; that I will smell that special pungent aroma as the vapors rise from my piss-wet skin and soaked clothing.

I anticipate feeling his cock growing long and hard in my sucking mouth; tasting the sweet precum against my tongue as it seeps from his piss slit; feeling his cock throb as he presses it past my soft palate and into my willing throat, fucking my mouth until he pulses stream after stream of warm boy-cum, filling my mouth with the jizz just churned up from his roiling balls.

I keep track of the hours and minutes on my mantle clock, noting the time until just after two when Bobby's bus will come to a noisy stop at the curb just beyond the decaying old mansion across the street from my cape cod and disgorge the boisterous teens. Bobby's noisy friends will go in a group up the street to the center of town to whatever amusements await them.

But Bobby, hanging back until the others are out of sight, will come to me. His head will be down, his eyes watching his feet as he treads his way through the overgrown shrubbery on the mansion's lot to the little weedy clearing which has become our meeting spot. I will be waiting, just as Bobby has instructed me to wait, on my knees. And Bobby will not disappoint.

On this day, as on all other days since I first met Bobby, fifteen minutes before our meeting time, I crossed the busy street and threaded my way through the shrubbery. I've walked this path so many times that I think I could do it blindfolded, but there are thorny branches of old rose bushes that overhang the path, scratching my arms and snagging on my jeans, so I walked with care.

I reached the weedy clearing and sat on a fallen log to wait. When I heard the distinctive Diesel engine of Bobby's bus, I got into a kneeling position. I could note Bobby approach through a few gaps in the shrubs, his light blue baseball cap bobbing slightly as he walked.

"Hi, Bobby," I greeted him.

"Yeah," he grunted. "Hi."

"Do you have anything for me?" I asked. "How long has it been since you've pissed?"

"It's been a while," he said. "I gotta go pretty bad."

"Great," I said. "Let's do it. Am I all right where I am?"

"Get up," he said. "Come over here and get my cock out of my pants."

"Sure, Bobby," I said, "I'd be happy to do that for you." I rose to my feet and went to where he stood. I found the tab of his zipper and lowered it. I looked into his beautiful deep brown eyes.

"You need to be on your knees," he said. "You know that."

"I know, Bobby," I said. "Right away."

I sank to my knees and put my fingers in his pants. It was warm in there and I fondled his cock and balls briefly. I felt around for the fly of his cotton briefs but had some difficulty pulling his growing cock through. "It would help if I could lower your pants," I said.

"Do it," he said briefly, so I opened his belt and lowered his pants and briefs together. "Now what?" I asked.

Instead of answering me, he lifted his cock and let loose a stream golden piss. I closed my eyes as he pissed on my face. "Open your mouth," he directed. I did and he filled it with piss until some spilled out of the corners and down onto my shirt.

"You're wasting it," he said. He staunched the flow and said, "Swallow."

I squeezed my eyes shut and swallowed. He resumed pissing on me.

"Do you want to piss on my cock and balls?" I asked hopefully.

"Take 'em out," he said.

I opened my pants and pushed them down to just below my package. My cock was swelling in anticipation of what awaited.

"That's good," Bobby said, and he directed his stream to my open jeans. His piss was warm and it excited me even more, making my cock gradually pulse upward.

"Like that, don't you?"

"You know I do, Bobby."

The stream from his cock lessened. "Are you finished?" I asked.

"Almost," Bobby said. "Just a little bit more." He stepped closer and seeped some more piss into my open mouth and onto my exposed cock and balls.

He dropped his jeans to the ground and stepped free of them. He came closer to me, pushing me into a sitting position. I put my arms behind me to support my upper body. He inched forward a little more until his balls were directly over my upturned face. "Lick them," he said.

His scrotum was damp with perspiration and gave off a mildly raunchy aroma. I smelled deeply of him before I licked. I swirled my tongue over the wrinkled sack. The wiry hairs that grew there tickled my lips. "Now, suck them."

I sucked each orb into my mouth and swirled my spit over the hairy surface with my tongue.

He inched forward again, placing his perineum over my mouth. It, too, was sweaty and smelly. I licked him there, tracing that wonderful raised line from his ball sack to where it disappeared in his ass crack.

Then I licked his ass cheeks, first on one side of his slit and then the other. He reached back and spread his ass cheeks open. I touched his pink pucker with the tip of my tongue.

"Ohhh," he sighed.

He squatted, forcing me to lie back on the ground.

"Eat it," he said. I circled his hole with my mouth and licked with the flat of my tongue. Bobby moved his ass around in little circles. "Yes," he whispered. "Eat my hole."

He stood abruptly and turned. "You're hard, Bobby. Do you want me to suck your cock now?"

"Yeah," he said. He got over me on his elbows and knees and rubbed my lips with his seeping cock. I opened to him.

"Keep it open," he said. He pressed his glans against the back of my throat and began to thrust with little fucking motions. I instinctively closed my throat but Bobby persisted, pressing his erection down and in. I put my hands on his hips and pushed up.

"I can't breathe," I gasped.

"Get used to it, Cocksucker," he said.

"I'm sorry, Bobby," I said. "I'll try. Put it in again. Let's try it some more."

He renewed fucking my mouth, going deeper into my throat with each downward thrust, and each time he lifted his cock up and out of my throat preparatory to his next downward push I took in as much air as I possibly could. But breathing remained a problem for me and my throat was getting sore with his persistent fucking. I lifted his hips again. "Do you want to fuck my ass?" I asked hopefully.

Bobby rolled off me and onto his back. His cock was sticking up in the air at ninety degrees to his body. "Get me wet," he said.

I eagerly scrambled over to him and started to suck him in this new position. I lifted my mouth off him, held his cock firmly in my fist and spit on his shaft. I licked my saliva over his gland and shaft and spit again.

I straddled his hips and positioned my slit over his stiff cock. I lowered my ass until I could feel his glans against my hole. He lifted his cock trying to enter me, and I sat some more, sighing when I felt his cock enter me and begin to fuck with shallow upward thrusts. I opened my hole wider with my hands and held my hips motionless. He fucked upward eagerly, filling me with his hot, hard rod.

I looked at down at his face. Our eyes locked. "Fuck me, Bobby," I said softly. "Fuck me and send your hot seed deep up my man-cunt."

"I'm going to," Bobby promised. "I'm going to fuck you until I cum up your ass."

I sighed as he increased the speed of his upward fucking. He looked back at me as I gazed into his beautiful eyes. "Take me, Fucker," he said. "Take all of my cock up your ass."

"I love you fucking me, Bobby," I said. Just then he hit my prostate. "God, Bobby," I cried out. "Fuck me."

I could feel him grow harder in me. His body tensed and he stopped thrusting momentarily. I squeezed my asshole around his hard shaft and he thrust upward once more - hard and deep. His first shot of cum blasted my insides.

"Do it, Bobby," I gasped. "Give me your seed."

Bobby renewed his fucking and let loose with several more blasts.

"Yes, Bobby" I sighed, and I lowered my mouth to his. Bobby kissed me too, something he rarely did. I worked my arms under his shoulders and hugged him, lowering my mouth to his ear. "Thank you, Bobby," I whispered, and I kissed his ear.

Bobby turned his head away from me. "Get up," he said.

When I lifted my ass high enough, some of his cum seeped from my hole. I felt it ooze down my ass cheek and inner thigh.

"Wait," Bobby instructed, and he reached down and scooped up his cum with his fingers. "Eat this," he said and he held his cummy fingers to my mouth.

I licked his fingers clean.

"There might be more," he said, and he worked himself under me. I lifted to make things easier for him. He got up and knelt behind me. He put two fingers inside me to force out more cum. Again he raised his fingers to my mouth. "Lick," he said.

I cleaned all the cum off his fingers as he instructed.

After we dressed, Bobby asked, "Have you ever been inside that old house?"

"Sure," I admitted. "Lots of times."

"What's it like?" he asked.

"There's not much in there," I said. "Lots of dust and spider webs, but not much else."

"No furniture?" Bobby asked.

"Not much," I said, "and what furniture there is is lying about, all broken and dirty."

"I wanna see," Bobby said.

"Sure, Bobby," I agreed. "If that's what you'd like to do."

"That's what I want to do," Bobby said, so we made our way up the seldom used path to the wide steps leading up to the porch and wide double front doors. The weathered old steps creaked under our weight. On either side we could see that the porch wrapped around the first floor.

"Let's go this way," Bobby said and started walking to the left.

"Why this way?" I asked.

"Why not?" Bobby asked philosophically.

All of the first floor windows go from floor to ceiling, and Bobby brought cupped hands to his eyes as he peered through one after the other.

"What's that?" Bobby asked pointing to a structure not too far from the porch. "Probably the outhouse," he ventured.

"Kinda close to the house for that," I said.

"Why's that?" Bobby asked.

"The smell," I said. "Outhouses were further away from the main house than that building is."

"Let's check in out," Bobby suggested. He led the way down a narrow side stairway to an overgrown path leading to the structure. The door was hanging by its top hinge. We peered through the doorway and saw a pool of water in the middle of where one might expect to see a floor.

"It's a spring house," I said.

"What's a spring house?" Bobby asked.

"Well, it's what the people who lived here used as a refrigerator. The water is from an underground spring and it's cold, so the air in the spring house is cold, too. They kept things like milk and butter in here."

"Cool," said Bobby. "Let's go," and he led the way back up the stairs.

He peered through another window near the top step. "Look at this," he said. "This window's open a little. Let's see if we can get in here."

We lifted the window easily and we stepped through.

Bobby saw the huge cast iron range, the cupboards along one wall and a big old work table in the middle of the floor. "Kitchen," he said.

"Makes sense," I said. "It's near the refrigerator.

"And here's the back stairway. No doubt this leads to the servants' bedrooms."

Bobby peered up the steps and said, "Let's go."

On the second floor we went into each of the servant's bedrooms and looked around, but the only thing of interest was the view from the windows to what used to be the yard and gardens.

"I wonder when the last time was that anyone had sex in here," Bobby said.

"Long time I bet," I said.

"We could fix that," Bobby suggested.

"What do you mean?"

"Well," Bobby said, "You're my personal cocksucker, and my personal ass licker, too. You could lick my asshole and suck my cock and make me cum. You like sucking my cock and eating my cum, don't you?"

"You know I do, Bobby," I admitted, "but you just came a little while ago."

"So what? I'm ready to cum again, and you're gonna suck me until I do, aren't you?"

"If that's what you want," I said.

"That's what I want," Bobby said. "All we need to do is find a place to do it.

"Over here," he said and pointed to the staircase. "Get down a couple of steps."

Bobby sat on the top step and took his limp cock out of his fly. "On your knees," he said; "Down there," and he pointed to a step below the one he was sitting on.

I got into position and took his cock in my mouth.

"Good," Bobby whispered. "Now, suck me."

Bobby's cock quickly lengthened and hardened in my mouth. "That's good," he said softly. "This is why you're my personal cocksucker.

I redoubled my efforts, sucking hard and deep-throating him over and over.

"I wanna fuck your mouth," he said.

"Not here," I warned. "Let's go down to the kitchen."

Bobby followed me down the narrow steps. When I got to the work table I turned. "How about here, Bobby?" I asked.

"Sure," Bobby said. "Anywhere will do."

I got to my knees and took Bobby's hard cock into my mouth again. He was seeping precum which I swirled around his shaft with my tongue. He placed his hands on either side of my head to hold it still, and he started his pumping motion with his hips, small thrusts at first and then probing my throat, cutting off my air supply again. I backed my head away from his crotch. "I gotta breathe, Bobby," I said.

"Here," Bobby said. "Come here."

I moved to the table where Bobby was standing and stood between him and the table's end. I was facing the table with my ass near Bobby's crotch. He reached around my hips, opened my belt buckle, and ripped my pants and shorts down to my knees. "Bend over," he said. He pressed his middle finger against my asshole and tried to push it in.

When that didn't work he stuck three fingers into my mouth and moved than against my tongue. Get them wet," he said. He held his hand near my mouth and I spit on it. He smeared my spit around my hole, moved his hand back to my mouth and said, "Again."

I spit again and he added that to my ass and jacked his cock momentarily. Then he smeared around the little bit of precum that was seeping from his piss slit and pushed. I moved my ass back and his glans moved through my rubbery ring and into my chute. "Yes, Bobby," I sighed. "Fuck me."

Bobby started his in and out motions. After several thrusts, he held his cock still, the head still implanted in me, and he dribbled more spit onto his shaft. He moved it up and down a few times before pushing it further up into me. He placed his hands on my hips and began a hard in and out fucking of me that drove me wild.

"Yes," Bobby I said loudly. "Fuck my ass."

He rammed me deeply, over and over. I wriggled my ass and he increased the speed of his fucking.

He began to tense up. "Do it, Bobby," I urged. "Come deep in my ass."

Bobby bucked against my ass and shot the first of his load deeply.

"Yes, Bobby. Again," and he shot five more blasts in rapid succession. He slumped over my bent frame.

"That was wonderful, Bobby," I said.

"I'm not finished," he said, and he began to piss into my gut.

"What are you doing?" I asked incredulously.

"You know damn well what I'm doing. I'm pissing up your ass." He pissed and pissed until I felt I couldn't hold any more.

"Squeeze your asshole," Bobby said. "Squeeze it and don't let any come out."

He withdrew his cock from my asshole and told me to stand. "Follow me," he said, and don't lose a drop."

He headed for the window we used to enter the house and stepped through onto the porch. I followed gingerly.

"Come over to the rail," he said.

"What are we doing?" I asked.

"You'll find out. Just hold it," Bobby said. When I got to the railing he said, "Turn around. Face the house."

Then he went down the stairs to the ground. "Now," he said. "I wanna see my piss come out of your asshole. When I say 'Go,' I want you to bend over, open your hole with your hands, and let it out. Got that?"

"Yeah, Bobby, but I don't see . . ."

"Just do it, damn it. It's what I want, and you're gonna do what I want. Got that?"

"Sure, Bobby," I said meekly.

"Then do it," he said. "Go."

I did as Bobby asked, sending his spray of piss over the edge of the porch past where he was standing. "Yeah," he screamed like he was cheering at a football game. "A-ha! Great!"

When I finished he exclaimed, "That was so cool. Got any more?"

"Maybe a little," I said. "I don't know. I don't think so, though,"

"Let's see," Bobby said, and he trudged back up the steps. "Squat," he said.

I squatted and he put his hand under me right at my asshole. "Push," he instructed.

I pushed and grunted, but there was nothing else to come out.

"That's OK," Bobby said. "Let's get dressed. I'm late for supper. Mom's gonna be pissed."



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