Every year for the last 10 years my entire family would gather in a town about 2 hours away that was a boater's paradise. It was a quaint little town nestled in an area that was clustered with lakes. The sides of the highway leading into town was lined with shops like you would see in a Norman Rockwell painting.

This year, I wasn't overly excited about the trip. Being busy at work, and knowing that the vacation would end up being more about babysitting my niece and nephew than anything else. Begrudgingly I agreed to go, with the stipulation that I would not be stuck in babysitting mode.

Our second day was started with tension filling the air. The night before my brother and sister-in-law broke the stipulation of not just leaving the kids with everyone and going off to do their own thing. We boarded the boats, my brother's family in my parents boat, while I climbed in another boat. Cruising across the lake, we quickly reached the sandbar where we usually anchored and spent the day.

As we pulled up, I noticed the area was full of boats already and we were able to wedge our boat in a small space a few boats away from the rest of the family. Looking to my right, I saw a large boat surrounded by a bunch of guys who looked like they were frat brothers. I instantly went semi hard looking at their tight muscular bodies.

As the other's climbed off the boat, I let them know that I was going to be over in a bit. I knew that I was no where near as muscular as those men over there, but I have a tight body, and nice bubble butt. Pulling my t-shirt over my head, I began applying sunscreen to my neck, arms and legs. Not realizing my positioning, I was bent over with my ass sticking up in the direction of the frat boys.

Climbing out of the front of the boat, I stood there for a minute, enjoying the warm water. Suddenly, there was a huge splash and I was gasped, getting covered with water. Looking up, I saw a man running toward me. This man was amazing, at least 6'3", ripped, hairy, and judging from the movement in his shorts-hung.

Getting closer to me I hear the deep, gravely voice of this god of a man. "Sorry about that, my buddy has terrible aim." I look up into his green eyes, "It's ok, I don't mind getting wet." My flirt was on in a big way. This man was making me weak in the knees. Winking at me he said, "I'll keep that in mind cutie." Turning back to his friends, I got a clear view of a bubble butt that put even mine to shame.

Realizing that I had not put any sunscreen on my back, I reached back into the boat and grabbed the tube of sunscreen that I had used on my arms and legs. Squirting it onto my hands I reached and attempted to get my back covered. With my attempts to spread the cream over my back I was fairly confident that I was going to have some interesting patterns burned onto my back. Facing the boat, my eyes were closed trying to reach the furthest areas of my back. From behind I heard a splash, followed by the now familiar voice, "Hey do you need a hand with that?" Turning my head to see Marc standing there, I said, "That would be great.

Grabbing the tube from my hand Marc squirted some into his hands, rubbing them together and began kneading the cream into my skin. Now most guys would do quick swipes across the skin to get the job done with. However, Marc was almost luxuriating in the touch. For me the touch was erotic, and each swipe of his hands sent electric shockwaves straight to my cock. Without realizing it, I was moaning softly at his touch, almost in a trance. My cock was pressing lewdly against my shorts. I heard Marc say, "Ok, I think you're covered now." Turning, I looked up into his eyes and was close enough to feel his breath on my nose.

"Hey do you want to come see our boat?" I nod dumbly. Grabbing my hand, "Follow me then cutie." I follow Marc to the massive boat next to the one I came in on. His boat was more of a cabin cruiser, with a sleeping berth. When we approached the back of the boat, Marc motioned for me to climb up first. As I did, I heard a groan from behind me. Looking back Marc's eyes rose from my ass and he grinned at me, winking.

Stepping down into the berth, I realized that it was one of those boats where the berth is basically just a bunch of cushions. As soon as I stepped down, I was knocked off my feet and immediately covered by Marc's gorgeous body. Attacking my mouth he ground his cock into me, groaning. Reaching back, I slid my hands into the back of his shorts and grabbed the amazing globes of his ass, pulling his harder against me.

Lifting himself on his elbows he says, "I don't usually do things like this…" Moving down my body, he pulled my shorts with him. My cock was soon enveloped in Marc's wet, warm mouth. Taking my cock to the base in the first go, I knew that Marc wasn't a novice. Working my cock, I could feel myself building to an explosive orgasm, but just as it was about to fill his mouth he pulled off. Opening my eyes and looking questioningly at him, he smiles and moves lower. Almost lovingly his tongue slides over my tight hole, burying itself inside.

I was flailing against the cushions in ecstasy. I was afraid that my moans of sexual pleasure would be heard, but quickly remembered that several of the boats were blasting music from their speakers. With my shorts still around my ankles, Marc lifted my legs and teasing my hole with his fingers. Pushing the front of his shorts down, his massive cock sprung free. Spitting on his cock Marc lined up his cock and thrust. I grabbed a towel on the cushion next to me and bit on it, screaming out in pain and pleasure.

Feeling his shaft slide deeper into my ass, I finally felt the tickle of his pubic hair against my stretched ass. He didn't waste any time, before sliding in and out quickly. Holding my hips as he fucked me relentlessly. I was now moaning like a cheap whore, as I watched the serious look of concentration on Marc's face. "You like my fucking cock, don't you baby?" I moaned out my answer. "You have such a sweet, tight hole."

Bending down, his tongue invaded my mouth. I was lost in the kiss and the incredible feeling this stud was giving me from inside. His cock was making me lightheaded. Breaking our kiss, he looked deep into my eyes and said, "You have me so close, do you want me to pull out?" "Not on your life, shoot inside me you fucking stud." A grin broke out on his face, just before his face contorted and I felt his cock expand. His cum began firing inside me, filling me with the all over warm feeling. Collapsing on top of me, Marc began kissing me again.

Looking into my eyes, "My name's Marc by the way." I reply softly, "I'm Mikey…and you are amazing!" As I said that I felt the softened cock slip from my stretched, cum filled hole. "You're an awesome partner too there Mikey." Laying down on the cushion next to me, we saw someone coming across the boat toward the berth. I went to grab a towel and Marc stopped me, "There's no need, we're all gay, it's nothing they haven't seen before." Just then another very good looking guy stepped into the berth and said, "Marc, you always get the cute ones." Marc looked at me and then him and said, "Ian, you're just jealous." Then looking at me Marc says, "Believe it or not, Ian here has a bigger cock than I do, don't you Ian?" Ian dropped his shorts and said, "Not by much, but it's surely thicker."

"Holy shit Ian, that's huge." Ian just looked at me and said, "See what you are missing out on?" Marc looked at me and says, "Go ahead Mikey." Without any further hesitation I scooted off the cushion to my knees, taking Ian's cock in my mouth. Swallowing his cock to the base, I began to work his shaft with all that I had. As I sucked his amazing cock, I could feel it firming with each pass of my lips. His hands worked their way down my back and soon a finger had snaked it way into my hole, sliding in and out. Pulling off his dick, I stood and lay across the cushions between Marc's legs.

Marc looked up and said, "Yeah Ian, fuck his tight ass, fill it with my cum." No sooner had I bent over and I felt the stretch of Ian's cock as he slid deep into me. Marc lined his cock up and rubbed the pre-cum covered head against my lips. As Ian bottomed out in my ass, I swallowed Marc's cock and began to rock back and forth between them.

Ian, grabbed my hips and began to fuck me like Marc had. Each thrust into, was hard and deep. I was lost in the cocks inside me. Marc started fucking my face, as the thrusts from Ian picked up. Finally, one hard thrust, and Ian grunted loudly and said, "Take my load, fuck your ass feels good." Feeling his cum squirt into me, I felt Marc's cock expand in my mouth. It was only a short time later that Marc released into my mouth. I had to swallow quickly to keep up with his load. Ian had now collapsed onto my back.

Taking my ear between his teeth, Ian said, "Thanks for the fuck stud, your ass is hot." Marc then said, "Ian get the fuck out of here. I need some time alone with Mikey." Ian pulled up his shorts and moved back up the stairs and, hearing a splash, jumped in the water. Marc pulled me to him and said, "That was so hot Mikey." Climbing back on top of me, Marc was grinding into me again, kissing me deeply while I groped his ass.

Finally breaking our kiss, Marc looks at me and says, "Mikey, I should tell you we are leaving tomorrow. We have to get back to Illinois." Looking into his eyes, "Marc, I totally understand. We can trade numbers and keep in touch?" Looking around the berth, Marc came up with a Sharpie and wrote his name on hand. I took the marker and wrote my number on his hand too.

As we stood and began pulling up our shorts, Ian climbed back on the boat and walked over to us. "Mikey, I think the people you pulled up with are looking for you." Grabbing Ian's cock I pulled him close to me and kissed him, then reached over and grabbed Marc's and kissed him. Both of them slid their hands down my shorts and pushed a finger into me. Stroking their cocks harder they were on each side of me moaning. They were going to cum again, I could tell. We all pushed our shorts down, pulling my ass off their fingers, I slid my ass back onto Marc's cock just as his cock fired rope after rope of cum. Leaning forward, I swallowed Ian's cock, first taking a shot to the face.

Grabbing the towel I used to bite down on before, I wiped the cum off my face. Ian grabbed the hand that Marc hadn't written on and wrote his number. He said he would keep in touch. Kissing them both again, I walked to the back of the boat and slipped into the water. As I did my friend, whose boat I rode on, saw me and said, "Where have you been? We've been looking all over for you." I just looked back at the next boat as Marc and Ian came out of the berth and said, "I was getting to know the neighbors." My friend just smiled and said, "You know your family is only three boats over, you slut." Chuckling with him at his remark I simply said, "Well, what they don't know, right?"



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