I screamed as his huge cock slammed deep into my love sleeve, spewing his hot jets of cum into my belly. His hands held me by the hips in a death grip, his cock still hard and throbbing as he ground it into me, his balls pressed tight against my own. He slowly pulled it out so that only the head was still inside and then slammed it home again.

I screamed in pain and ecstasy. "Fuck me mister, fuck me, please fuck me," I crooned as he bent to the task for a second round.

It started earlier when I was working in the equipment room of our boat house. My parents owned a small lakeside resort in the mountains with 12 cabins along the shore. I had laid down on an old boat seat that was opened up to make a small couch, against the back wall.

I was taking a short nap when I awoke to grunting sounds just outside the door and in the main boathouse area. I raised my head and looked out the small window to see one of our guests, Michael [about 35]

standing naked and pounding his cock for an apparent quick jerk off.

I must have made some sort of sound, because he turned my way and our eyes locked. He gasped a curse and came running into the room, his beautiful cock swinging loose between his legs.

"What the hell are you looking at, you little shit!" he cried. "Nothing Mister, I just woke up and saw you jerking off." He stopped and looked at me... in just my shorts, no shirt and with an obvious hard-on. My long blond hair falling over my shoulders

"Well, Well, Well.."he murmured, "what do we have here...a little slut girl whore with a hard cock of her own." He stepped forward and reaching down, stripped my shorts off. What was left was my own secret, now exposed. Under my shorts, I was wearing girl's bikini undies, lace and all.

"So, my little friends is a secret pussygirl." He smiled, checking me over. It was then he saw me for what I really was. My breasts were baby teen girl's breasts, even though I had a lean, smooth swimmer's body..

my breasts were always girl-like, with long nipples.

My older sister told me I was a girl in a boy's body and dressed me as a girl from the time I was 5. Even to this time, I secretly dressed that way, even developing a sultry girl's voice...

Because of my father beating me, I had been living in one of the smaller cabins now for almost two years. There wer4 things going on in the house he didn't want me to see.

Michael stood in front of me now, stroking his cock.. It was really big and I couldn't take my eyes off it. I wanted to suck it, like I did my friend's cock. Jim lived up the road and had been staying over weekends with me for the whole summer. He loved me so much. We had learned mansex together over the last two years and now I had a real man standing there with cock in hand.

I bent down and took his cock in my hand and brought my lips to it....

He moaned as I sucked the precum from its gaping lips and I went at it with all my desires flaming up inside me. Michael grabbed my head and began thrusting into me.....ooooooh this was so good. I reached around and grabbed his rock hard ass cheeks and pulled him deeper into me..

His 8 inch cock slid deep into my ready throat and he cried out fucking my face ramming cock deeper into me, holding me by my head for fear I would pull off..

Faster and faster he fucked my sweet mouth, finally arching into me as his cock swelled with cum and he exploded into me, more cum than I had ever thought possible, deep ropes of cum, one after the other, hot burning cum, powering down my throat and oozing out of my overloaded mouth, down my chin, and up my nose and face. Finally, he slowly pulled out, with a popping sound from the sucking as I tried to suck out the last drops of his sweet cum.

He stood back and surveyed his work, smiling. "Oh, Babydoll, my sweet cuntface, you are such a good cocksucker. I love my little princess..,

" he cooed. "Now, he said in a firm voice. Lay your sweet body down so I can fuck you." I laid down without a sound and looked up at his still hard cock above me. It looked so huge from my position that I was sure he would kill me with it.

Michael looked around and saw a large jar of Vaseline on the workbench and stepped over the few feet, taking a large glob of it in his hand.

He flipped me over on my tummy, roughly lifting me up on my knees, my tiny pink hole calling out to him. He quickly smeared the Vaseline onto my asshole and fingers began their probe, sliding in and out, finger fucking my wanton slot.

"Fuck me, fuck me, Michael, " I moaned. A hand came down on my ass, with a stinging slap."I'm not Michael to you, you slutty bitch, you fucking whore.... You call me Sir, do you understand....SIR!" with that another brutal slap.

This slap was different then the ones my father rained on me, mixed with his closed fist beatings.. Somehow, this made my cock jerk out.. I maoned and wept, as tears filled my eyes," Yes Sir."

"Tell me what you want, boycunt. What do want me do to you

"Fuck me ,Sir, Please fuck me!" I cried out. Then his cock was at the door of my love slot. I felt the searing pain as the head popped in, breaking through the tight muscles. I let out a cry, a whimper as my asshole was stretched to fit his thick cock..

Michael...eerrr, I mean Sir grabbed me by the hips to get an anchor hold and shoved in with a deep cry of his own.... "Take my cock you little cunt... oh sweet pussyboy"

He was like a mad man humping into me with a fury... within three or four massive lunges, my ass opened up to his cock and his balls were slapping against my balls, making a rhythm of music, his cock now working me hard and furiously.

He was taking full strokes now, pulling out to just the tip of his cock head inside and then a forceful piston of a powerful lunge into my deepest parts..

I was screaming with each lunge now, screaming in joyous rapture as I was getting the best fuck of my young life....Oh man, this was a dream come true...

Now his grunting was coming faster and I felt his cock swelling even larger inside my love hole.. He gripped my hips in a death grip and began to jerk and spasm as the cum came up from the bottom of his balls through his long cock and blew into my belly, hot and burning fire, pumping hot cum into my very being... I wept, sobbing as it hit me, crying out, "Oh yes, yes, yes, oh yes, Sir more, please more, please more," until he finally stopped, still buried deep in me, rolled us over onto the seat, holding me in a cupped position, his hands now on my breasts, my nipples hard , my hair all over the place.

We talked and I told him I loved to dress up as a girl and wanted to be his girl, for as long as he wanted me. He told me I was the best fuck of his life and he would be my lover and master. Sir held me tight for at least 15 minutes, kissing my neck and licking my ears, massaging my breasts, and then stroking my cock until I groaned with true pleasure, shooting my cum out in grateful release.

Finally, his cock went limp inside me and slowly, ever so slowly, so reluctant to take it from its love nest, he pulled out and left me there. As he left he stood at the door, smiling down at my so ever fucked, broken body.

"Be at my Cabin at 8 PM sharp. Do you Understand?. 8 Sharp! And sweet pussygirl, cum as a slutgirl, all dressed up to play...get that sweet cunt all ready to take my cock again."

"Yes sir,"I smiled, knowing Just what I would wear, the make-up I would use to be his slutpussy.

Little did I know that when I stepped through the door of that cabin tonight, my life here would be essentially over for good and new, strange, awful and exciting things lay ahead that I could not even imagine..

But I'll tell you about that next time... write me if you like.. I write about things that have happened in my real life, making me who I am today.. How about you?

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Corey Anton

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