Chapter One

Benford Boarding School was situated in the rural South in the tiny village of Benford, some twenty miles from the town of Atkins. It housed, fed and educated some sixty boys; nearly as many students as the population of the town itself. It began as a high school but as more boys applied, it was pared down to just juniors and seniors. The boys were from all over the country. The campus occupied a major part of the village, set back off the road from the residences, in the farmland.

Chad Cunningham arrived at the school for the second semester of his junior year. I never knew the reason for his arrival in midyear but it wasn't a concern of mine. My big concern was Chad himself. He was the most handsome, sexiest boy I'd ever seen. From the moment he walked into the dorm I had trouble keeping my eyes off of him. It was all very confusing because I had only recently discovered the true meaning of the deep-seated feelings that had haunted me for so long, and had finally faced those feelings head on. I was gay. There was no denying it. There was no other explanation for my strong attraction to other boys, the way I watched them in gym class, in the weight room, and more dangerously, in the showers and the dorm. Having admitted it to myself, the problem was what to do about it, whether to act on it, and how. Simply being gay, and admitting it, wasn't enough; not when you're housed with sixty other boys.

My attraction extended beyond Chad; in fact, well before his arrival at school. Brock Fedderman, a huge, muscle-head, practically made me drool, but he was so intimidating I wouldn't even think of trying anything with him. There was Ben Carter, too, with his lean, tight physique, that made my heart pound when I saw him in the showers. The attraction for the new boy, Chad, was somehow stronger because I had the gut feeling that he might secretly share those feelings. Don't ask me why, I just had the feeling.

Then in the showers one time, I happened to dare a glance in his direction and saw him looking at me. It was a split second thing; he was lifting his eyes, I was sure, from my manhood just as I looked over at him. His thin, embarrassed smile sort of clinched it for me. I was certain this was the guy. It gave me cause for fright, and hope. If I didn't do something with Chad, I feared I might never have the courage to do it with anybody.

Chad seemed a little shy, and unaware of his physical attributes. I wasn't exactly an extrovert myself so we didn't get acquainted right off the start. Barely a dozen words had passed between us but they were warm, friendly words, and several times I saw him looking at me, I thought, the same way I looked at him, in the classroom or at meals. Twice, there were those awkward moments when he sort of smiled but quickly looked away.

As I saw others becoming friendly with him, I rose above my shyness, for I was afraid he would be drawn into his own circle of friends that might not include me. I was a bundle of nerves that day that I'd decided to stake him out as my territory. I had no idea how or where or what, but I had to say or do something. We were coming out the double doors from Bradley Hall after the last class of the day, heading for the dorm. We were sort of holding the doors open for each other and I had a sudden burst of courage that blocked out all rational thought.

'Look, if I can find a place......,' I started.

'Yes,' he replied, before I finished the question.

His response took the wind out of me, rendered me numb for a moment. I paused at the side of the sidewalk and he stepped to the other side of the walk to let others pass by till it was just him and me standing there in a nervous face off.

'Well, that was easier than I thought,' I said with a soft sigh of relief.

'I wanted to make it easy for you, if you ever got the nerve,' he said.

'You did? Whew! Then I guess I was right.'

'You sound as relieved as I am,' he said.

'You can't imagine. You knew, said if I ever got my nerve.'

'Just a gut feeling,' he said.

'Yeah, me too,' I said. He stepped onto the sidewalk, then I did, and we took our time walking back to the dorm. 'Look, I....I'm completely new at this,' I admitted.

'So am I.'

'I mean, I've never done anything like that, with another guy. Nothing. Ever,' I told him. 'I don't know how I even found the guts to blurt out what I did.'

'Neither have I. You said you could find a place?'

I laughed. 'Yeah, but I don't know where. It just came out. But I will,' I promised.

Now my nerves were a mess. I was so damned excited that I had the green light, but there was no place to go. I wracked my brain for days trying to think of a place. I was so on edge. Seeing Chad now in the shower, or running around in his shorts in the dorm, in gym class, or in the weight room; hell, just sitting in the classroom, it was tearing me up, knowing he was eager and willing for the same thing I was but I couldn't do anything.

I began to think outside the box; outside the school and the campus. We were out in the country, with fields and farmland all around us, a huge woods and a cornfield behind us, there had to be a place out there somewhere where we could find intimate privacy. I finally hit upon an idea to go exploring. I asked Mr. Barstow, the headmaster, permission to go running in the field behind the campus.

'You know that's private property,' he said.

'It's a cornfield, I don't think anybody would care.'

'But it's not our cornfield,' he said.

'If somebody happens to stop me, I'll apologize and stop running there,' I said.

'Why do you want to run in the cornfield anyway? You have a half-mile-long circle drive. And the gym.'

'The gym is boring. And I get tired of being honked at and whistled at when I circle along the road,' I said.

'Well, maybe if you didn't wear those skimpy running shorts that you outgrew two years ago,' he chided me.

I looked down, embarrassed that he had noticed. 'It's just that it would be nice and quiet and peaceful running along the woods,' I said.

'All right. Go ahead. We'll take our chances.'

I was elated. That afternoon after last class, I slipped on the skimpy running shorts the headmaster had made fun of and grabbed a towel. He was right, the shorts were too small, but I had an attachment to them. They were dark blue, made of something like satin and silk, and the slits up the sides had ripped apart so that they covered virtually none of my thighs, and revealed a glimpse of my butt and my jockstrap when I walked or ran. Maybe that's the reason I liked them; I was a showoff at heart. I always checked myself out in the mirror when I put them on and I liked the way I looked in them.

I slung the towel around my neck, hefted the jock-bulge into place and took off. I walked along the backside of the campus and went around the end of the fence, then began an easy lope in the field along the other side of the fence. It was maybe a mile to the woods where I swerved hard right and ran along the shade of the trees for another mile. It was peaceful and quiet, except for the birds. I saw rabbits and squirrels. I even had to leap over a big snake.

After finding no place we could call our own, I headed back, thinking I might check out the woods. On the way back, I turned and trotted backwards for a ways, looking all around to see if there was anyone around. Seeing no one, I dodged into the woods. The cool felt good on my sweaty body. I walked through the thick trees searching for a likely spot; anyplace where we could get together. Suddenly I spied a small structure ahead. Coming up on it, I looked all around to see that it was well hidden from all directions. I certainly hadn't seen it from the edge of the woods. It looked like a hunter's cabin or something. It was old, from the deteriorated gray boards that had moss growing up from the ground, and the way it leaned a little to one side, and the roof sagged under the weight of thick moss.

I walked around to the other side to find the door. It took all my strength to pull it open, dragging the bottom along the ground. Inside, there was a small, rickety table, and pieces of a chair in one corner, nothing else, except a ladder at the end of the room, leading overhead. I couldn't imagine how long the cabin had been there, what it had been used for. Maybe it was there long before there was a cornfield. I climbed carefully up the ladder and peered through the opening, into a loft. Damn, this was ideal, I thought as I climbed up. It was low overhead, not enough room to stand, but it was easy to move around in a crouch. And plenty big enough for two people. I was so excited I realized my heart was thudding. It could be made into a perfect retreat. I climbed down and headed back to the campus, my mind racing how I could make it a decent place for us to go.

I didn't tell Chad I'd found the cabin. When he asked, I just told him I was still looking. He was obviously as anxious as I was. Anxiety and anticipation finally got the best of us. We were just too horny to hold out, and we got careless.

My bunk was at the far end of the dorm, well beyond the last window, so I was sort of back in the shadows. Chad had moved to the bunk right next to mine so we could be close together and talk. The first four bunks across from us were vacant as was the one on the other side of him, so it offered a small degree of privacy if we talked in low tones.

One night after lights out I looked over to see Chad lying on his side, facing me, with the blanket lifted to expose the front of his muscular body. I strained to see, and could make out that he had his shorts pulled down to reveal a big hardon! I glanced up at his face and he was smiling. I started breaking out in a sweat. Fuck, there he was, only a few feet away, practically naked, and horny and offering himself to me. My throat was dry even though I was swallowing spit to keep from drooling. I reached down to grope my own hard cock and heard Chad giggle softly. We lay there, watching each other slowly pump our cocks and I was frantic to do something.

I got up and walked through the dorm to the bath room. Going and coming, I checked to see who was and wasn't asleep. There were some guys at the far end of the barracks, talking in real low tones but most everyone was quiet or sleeping. Some bunks were stacked so our bunks were visible by only a few. I went back and got in my bunk. Chad and I lay there for a few more minutes while I worked up my courage and abandoned my common sense. Finally, I slipped off my bunk, hunkered down low so nobody would see me, and crawled silently across the few feet of floor that separated my bunk from Chad's. Beside his bunk, I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. Just like that. No hesitation, no inhibitions; only fear in the pit of my stomach that we would be caught. But at that moment, I didn't care. I was so hot! Chad was so hot. I had to have him. I had to find out what these feelings were all about, and show Chad.

He muffled a tiny, gasped moan and thrust his cock at me. The head hit the back of my throat and I pulled away a little. I didn't want to choke and make any noise. He lay still and let me suck him. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but Godd, he tasted good. I couldn't handle much more than half of his cock, but it felt wonderful in my mouth; so hot and hard and totally male! My head was spinning with the realization of what I was doing. I was sucking a cock!! For the first time in my life I had the feel of a warm, hard, live cock in my mouth. I loved the feel of it, the texture, the way it throbbed and quivered with certain ways I touched it with my tongue. I was so excited I was drooling.

Chad put his hand on my head to guide me in the way that felt best for him, and to ease me off when he got too close. I wanted it to go on all night, but there was the constant fear that somebody would come up on us or hear us. And the headmaster was known to make an unexpected appearance, we all thought, to see if we were jacking off.

I hadn't really thought through to the finish, but I knew I wanted to finish Chad off. I had no idea what it would be like to have a guy go off in my mouth, or what another guy's cum would taste like. I wondered if everybody tasted the same. I wondered how much Chad would shoot. I wondered if I could bring myself to swallow it, and if I couldn't, where I could spit it out.

The next time he tried to ease me off I pushed forward and sucked him all the harder. He let me, and let himself go with the flow. He started fucking my mouth. He got a little excited and the bunk started squeaking softly and he eased off a little. Suddenly, without warning, he went off. I was totally surprised for some reason. I shouldn't have been, I was expecting it, yet it took me by surprise when I felt the warm thick semen spurting against the back of my mouth. Quickly, the stuff coated my tongue and my taste buds absorbed the taste of him. It was awful, yet wonderful. I didn't like my first taste of come, but I loved the feel and the texture and the idea of the big stud shooting his very manhood in my mouth, and the longer I held it in my mouth and the more he shot, the more I decided I liked it after all.

I stifled a quiet squeal of pleasure as I felt my own cock suddenly bolting upright and spewing out great ropes of come underneath his bunk. I hoped no one else heard the soft, wet thuds on the bare, wood floor. Chad came a lot. I didn't know where it was all coming from, or if he was going to stop. But finally, he did. He held my head tight till he was completely finished then he released his grip to let me know it was okay to move off. I didn't want to let his cock go. I wanted to stay right there with my face buried in his crotch and let him float off to sleep with his cock in my mouth. But we were in a dorm, for chrissakes.

I slowly eased back, pulling the long tube of his cock between my pursed lips, drawing out the last of his creamy load. Then reality hit me and I felt a sudden twinge of panic. I had a mouthful of semen! What was I going to do with it? I hadn't thought that far ahead, or even that he really would go off in my mouth, till he was doing it. I crawled back onto my bunk and lay with my hands locked behind my head. I was dry gulping, that is, I was swallowing but closing off the opening of my throat so I wouldn't actually swallow any come. The acrid taste was softening as it mixed with my spit. I couldn't spit it out and make a mess of the sheet or the pillowcase, and I didn't want to. I lay there in the quiet dark and savored the taste of my new friend. Finally, I closed my eyes tight, relaxed my throat and swallowed. I was surprised how easily the stuff went down. I swallowed again and again, till only the taste of him remained, and I was sad that there wasn't more. I let out a quiet sigh and turned over to go to sleep. I was so happy that tears came to my eyes.

Chapter Two

When I awoke the next morning I was seized by panic as I remembered that I had shot my load all over the floor under Chad's bunk. I rose up and looked all around. His bunk was empty and guys were waking up and climbing out of their bunks. I sat on the edge of my bunk, eyeing the space under Chad's bunk. Shit, it was still there! More than a half dozen streaks of semen that stretched all the way under the bunk, so thick there was no chance that it could evaporate or soak into the bare wood. Just then Chad came back from the restroom. He gave me a knowing smile as he sat down on the opposite side of his bunk, his back to me, and discreetly placed a handful of toilette paper behind him in the rumpled sheet. He was giving me something to clean up the mess and he was creating a shield for me.

I leaned across and grabbed up the toilette paper then ducked down behind him and quickly wiped up the mess. I raised back up and headed for the bathroom with the wad of toilette paper carefully concealed in my towel.

Chad was smiling when I came back.

'That could've spelled disaster,' I said quietly.

'Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I saw the stuff clear on the other side of my bunk.'

'It felt like it might've landed about three bunks over,' I said.

'I know what you mean. If you hadn't blocked it with your mouth I think I would've hit the wall.'

I put my fingers to my lips to shush him; it was no time to be talking about it. We never got a chance to talk again till after chow that evening when we went for a walk across the grounds.

'I gotta tell you, that was the most incredible thing I ever had happen to me,' Chad said.

'Yeah, me too,' I said.

'I mean, it was better than pussy,' he said. 'Not that I've had all that much pussy, but it was better than anything I've had.'

'I'm glad.'

'Are you a virgin? I mean, with girls?' he asked.

'No. But just barely not,' I said.

'What do you mean?'

'I did it just to be able to say I'd fucked a girl and not be lying about it. It wasn't much for me either,' I said.

'Did you find a place for us yet?' he asked.

'I've scoped out a couple of places.'

'When can we go check them out?'

'I gotta have more time. I need to know if there's any traffic where we might be seen, or if anybody's using the place.'

'Damn, hurry up, will you? I can hardly wait.'

'You're no more anxious than I am,' I said.

'Well, we sure as hell can't do it again in the barracks,' he said.

'No. That was the stupidest thing I ever did.'

In truth, I had already decided on the shack in the woods the moment I checked it out. I had only to devise a plan to get it livable. I started running with my backpack on for more resistance. It looked like it was heavy, but each time I ran, it was stuffed with a blanket that I took from the laundry room. I decided I had better stop at four. Folded in half, three of them made a comfortable pad on the floor of the loft. I took one more to cut into pieces to cover the windows below, and I had to take a hammer and tacks from the maintenance room. I also lifted some plumber's candles from the maintenance room for lighting because there were no windows overhead in the loft. At the last moment I stole some nails to use in crafting a bar that would rest across the door from the inside so no one could get in. Then, responding to the urges hidden in the dark crevices in the back of my mind I also managed to lift a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen. Adding a couple of towels from the gym, I was ready.

'Okay, I've got a place,' I told Chad quietly one morning as we were getting dressed for class.

'Where? When?' he asked excitedly.

'This evening, you can go running with me and check it out.'

I was a nervous wreck all day and every time I looked at Chad he was looking at me with a sly grin. Finally, the day passed, dinner was over, and we were on our own free time.

We changed into running shorts and I had a hard time keeping my eyes averted as I watched Chad strip down and pull on his jock and shorts. He seemed to be having the same trouble not looking at me. I left word at the desk that I was going running and that Chad was coming with me.

'Fuck, I've wanted to tell you, I like those shorts,' he said as we were trotting along the fence in back of the campus.

'Yours are pretty sexy too,' I said. 'You need to rip them out like mine, though.'

'I'll let you do that for me,' he said. 'How far is it?' he asked as we loped along the other side of the fence that separated the campus from the cornfield.

'In that woods up ahead,' I said.

When we came to the woods, though, I ran past it.

'Where in the woods,' he asked.

I stopped and started running backwards. 'We have to make sure there's nobody around,' I said. At the right spot, I ducked into the trees with Chad right behind me.

'Hey, this is nice,' he said as we entered the dark, cool woods.

'Wait till you see it.' I hurried along to the shack.

'This is great!' Chad exclaimed when he saw it. 'How did you find this place?'

'It took some doing, finding it, and fixing it up.'

'How did you fix it up?' he asked.

'You'll see.'

I took him around to the other side of the shack and pulled the door open. We went inside and I pulled the door shut and laid the two-by-four across it.

'I made this security bar and covered the windows. Up that ladder,' I said.

I followed him up the ladder, swallowing excess spit as I practically drooled over his muscular thighs and his taut butt clenching in my face.

'Wow! This is great!' he exclaimed as he shoved himself up into the loft.

'Glad you like it.' I shoved myself up and we hunched on our haunches on the pallet, facing each other.

'How did you manage the blankets?' he asked.

'How do you think? I could get expelled if they ever found out all the stuff I took.'

'They'll never find this place,' he said.

'Yeah, I don't think it's been used in our lifetime,' I said.

There was a short, awkward silence where we looked at each other. I was ready to reach out for him but I lit one of the candles first.

'Hey, this is neat, with the soft light,' he said.

'Yeah, you look good in the light,' I said.

'Maybe I can look better,' he said as he skinned his T-shirt off over his head.

'Oh, yeah, lots better,' I said as I reached out and put my hand on his thigh. I squeezed and he flexed the muscle for me. 'You've got fuckin' great thighs,' I said hoarsely as I ran my hand up and down his leg.

'Thanks. You know what I've dreamed about doing with them?'

'No, what?'

'Locking them around your head,' he said.

'We can do that,' I said as I took off my T-shirt.

Chad shoved his shorts down and started to take his jockstrap with them but I stopped him.

'Wait, leave your jockstrap on,' I said.

He wriggled out of his shorts and tossed them aside.

'Fuck, you're beautiful like that,' I said.

'Nobody ever called me beautiful before,' he said. 'And you're the only guy who could get by with it.'

I took off everything but my sneakers. 'Let me stretch out,' I said.

Chad hunkered to the side for me to stretch out on the pallet.

'Shit, talk about beautiful,' Chad said.

'Okay, now, what were you going to do with those massive thighs?'

'I'll show you.' He crawled over me, astraddle my chest and smashed his jock in my face.

'MMMnnnn, yeah,' I moaned as I began mouthing his jock pouch.

'Is that why you wanted me to leave my jock on, so you could chew on it?'

'Yeah. Mann, your sweat tastes good,' I moaned as I licked his crotch on either side of his jockstrap. 'MMmmm! I almost took your jockstrap one time when it was lying on the bench,' I murmured.

'It wouldn't be the first one I've lost here.'

'Oh, no kidding?' I said, surprised. 'Then you must have another secret admirer.'

'Or somebody that's too cheap to buy a jockstrap,' he said.

'Nobody's that cheap,' I said. 'There's somebody else that's hot for you. We gotta find out who.'

'Okay, but can it wait? I'd like for you to put your mouth to better use than talking.'

I laughed and laid my mouth open for him to cover with the bulge of his jock.

'Ohhh, fuck, yeahhhh!' he moaned softly. 'Get me hard, then chew your way right through my jock.'

I got him hard by chewing on his jock but I didn't chew through it. He was humping my face and we were both so hot and excited and breathing hard and I finally pulled his jockstrap down so I could get at him. His cock swing out over my face, bucking and throbbing. I think it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I just lay there for a moment and looked at it, till he pressed it down against my face. I licked the underside of it and he slid it back and forth over my mouth. I could taste his precum.

'Fuck my face,' I said hoarsely.

Chad rose up and I pulled his cock down to my mouth. He shoved it in across my tongue that was already in action.

'Ohh, Goddd! I can't believe anything feels so good,' he moaned.

I raised my arms and locked my hands under my head in a submissive stance and let him fuck my mouth.

'Fuck, that is a sight, you laying there like that.'

I smiled around his cock. I wanted to tell him that he was an awesome sight too, but I had my mouth full.

He pulled up. 'I'm gonna cum in your mouth,' he said.

'Damn straight, you'd better. You pulled out to tell me that? Let's make that a given from now on. No cum goes to waste,' I said. That meant him too, although he didn't verbally agree.

He shoved his cock back in my mouth. He was careful not to thrust into my throat. I sort of wished he would, like force me, but I knew he wouldn't. He just swayed to and fro using only what my mouth would hold.

'Godd, this is good, I've been looking forward to it, not very patiently,' he murmured.

I moaned around his cock and nodded.

He didn't last long, but we couldn't be gone too long anyway, so that was all right. He warned me when he was getting close. I braced myself; I remembered the other time when he almost drowned me. I nodded and unclasped my hands and put them on his hips. I whimpered when he started cumming. I had decided I didn't like the taste of cum but I changed my mind as Chad's semen filled my mouth and washed over my taste buds. I held it in my mouth and swirled it around his cock till he was jerking and lurching and saying he couldn't stand it another minute, then he pulled out, all sticky and slick and glistening in the soft light. He lay beside me and shoved one arm under my head.

'You still got it in your mouth?' he asked.

I nodded, unable to speak. I held it till the acrid-salty-sweet taste began to dilute with my spit then I swallowed.

'How come you hold it in your mouth like that? Do you like it that much?' Chad asked.

'I'm getting to like it, yeah.'

'I don't know if I could do that,' he said.

'You don't have to,' I said.

The candle made a spitting sound and flickered.

'This is nice here,' he said.

'Yeah. But we'd better get back,' I said.

'You didn't get off.'

'I don't have to,' I said.

'That's not fair.'

'What's not fair? We didn't establish any rules.'

'I just don't like leaving you hanging,' he said.

'You're not leaving me hanging.'

'Fuck you're not, look how boned up you still are.'

'Yeah, I'm taking it to bed with me where I'm going to have hot dreams,' I said.

We went running every other day. We might have gone every day but it wasn't according to our exercise schedule of working out one day and doing cardio the next, and people would notice. With our newfound desires, it was more difficult working out together. It was even more difficult keeping my eyes where they belonged. Not just Chad, but some of the other boys as well. I lusted after them, too, and now after experiencing that lust with Chad there was an edge or horniness all the time as I considered those possibilities, remote as they were. It was made worse when Brock Federman and Ben Carter took their shirts off part way through their workouts. I could hardly wait till the next day when I could feast on Chad's thick cock and taste his cum again. I had to admit I was developing a taste for the stuff and it would be easy to become addicted to it.

I didn't mind that it was pretty much one sided between Chad and me. It wasn't, really, but he mentioned one day that it was. It was the same each time we were together in the loft of the cabin, yet it was different. I sucked his cock and received his load--that was the same--but we did it in different positions and he always had different little moves he made which made it different. But Chad started feeling guilty.

We were running along the field, heading back to the campus one day when he slowed to a walk. I slowed several yards ahead of him and waited till he caught up with me. I didn't know why he had slowed down.

'I wanta do stuff too, Justin,' he said. 'I know I'm gay, and I wanta do stuff, but I can't. Don't ask me why. I know I will, because the desire is there....I hate that it's always so one sided.'

'It's not one sided,' I said. 'You don't think I get anything out of it? You're crazy.'

'But it should be mutual,' he said.

'It is in that respect, and it will be, the way you mean it,' I said. 'You said you wanted to do it, so you will, when you're ready. Maybe you're just not as gay as I am.'

'I don't think it's degrees of being gay, it's just that I'm a coward,' he said. 'So you don't mind, then?'

'Fuck, no, I don't mind,' I said, laughing. 'Man, I wouldn't care if you're straight and NEVER did anything back. That would be just as hot.'

'I'm not straight,' he declared.

'Then why are we even having this conversation?'

'I wanted you to know how I feel.'

'So now I know, and you know how I feel. We don't have to have it again.'


I punched him. 'Don't thank me. I'm so damned happy we connected.'

The next time when Chad was astraddle my chest, feeding me his cock I felt him groping around the edge of the blankets.

'Where's that olive oil?'

I reached on the other side and found it and handed it to him. He poured some into his hand then reached behind him and took hold of my cock. I moaned around his meat as he began pumping his hand up and down and I started humping his slick fist. At one point I grabbed his arm to stop him.

'I'm getting too close,' I said.

'You're gonna get off this time.'

'I got off the last time, and the time before that,' I said.

'But I'm gonna help you this time,' he said.

'Whatever you say.' I was happy that he was doing it; it made me think he might be ready to do more. His hand on my slick cock and then him blowing his load in my mouth got me so hot that I lost it.

'Oh, fuck! Damn!' he gasped when he felt me cumming, shooting all over his back and shoulders. He kept pumping my cock till I was drained then he brought his hand around, dripping with cum.

I handed him a towel.

'Man, you shot all over my back, clear up on my shoulders,' he said.

I had to wipe him off with one of the towels. I took the towel with me to stuff it in my laundry bag. I wished I'd licked the cum off him.

'Remind me to bring a couple of clean towels next time,' I said. 'And thanks, by the way.'

'You're thanking me for my hand?' He laughed.

'It was a well oiled hand. It felt good.'

'Your cock felt good in my hand,' he said.

Our eyes met and I told him in a husky voice, 'It was wonderful, Chad, but your time, Chad. I'm in no hurry.'

'I know you're not, and I love you for that.'

I wasn't addicted to cum yet but I was becoming addicted to Chad. I could hardly stand to have him out of my sight. We sat together at lunch and sometimes pressed our legs together under the table. The space between our bunks was like an ocean apart and I ached to have him in my bunk with me. Why did there have to always be space between us. I could hardly keep my eyes off of him in class. It was even harder in the locker room and showers. Even in the showers when there were other naked studs there, I didn't feel complete unless Chad was close to me.

I was having trouble with my studies. I couldn't concentrate on anything but Chad. My mind was always on the next time we would be together. With my first C grade I knew I had to buckle down.

'What happened?' the headmaster asked as he passed out the test papers. He made it a practice to pass out all test papers, no matter what the subject or the class. It wasn't a rhetorical question. He had stopped at my desk, which meant he was waiting for an answer.

'I don't know, sir. I studied for it,' I said.

'You must have studied the wrong chapter,' he said. 'You know average is not acceptable.'

'I know, sir. I'll bring it up.'

'To an A,' he said.

'Yes, sir, to an A. I know you are capable of better. You can do extra credit work and wipe out that C.'

'Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.'

That night I left the dorm and went for a walk. It was a cool, balmy night, almost too cool for my running shorts but that's what I wore, without a jock. I liked the freedom of my balls hanging and my cock almost coming out the leg.

I was half way across the grounds in the direction of the road when I heard, 'Hey, wait up.'

It was Chad. I wanted to be alone, but I was happy to hear his voice. I stopped for him to catch up. He was wearing his shorts and I noticed he had ripped the side seams like I told him so his thighs showed up to his butt.

'Was that my fault? If it was, I'm sorry,' he said.

'Was what your fault?'

'That unacceptable grade.'

'My grades are my problem,' I said.

'But did I cause it, somehow?'

'No. I did. But I have been thinking....I need to focus on my studies.'

'Does that mean we need to stay apart?' he asked.

'Yes, for a while. Till I know I've got an A.'

'That's an entire grading period.'

'No, I'll know how I'm doing well before the end of the grading period,' I said. 'Godd, I couldn't stay away from you that long. Just don't go finding someone else.'

'I would never do that.'

'There are plenty of other guys......'

'I wouldn't do that,' he cut in gruffly

His tone made me pause and I looked at him.

'I've never heard you talk like that, in that tone,' I said.

'It's how I feel,' he said huskily.

'This is when I feel the closest, when we're alone like this,' I said.

'Justin, I....I think I'm in love with you.'

I stopped again, because he had hold of my arm.

'You beat me to it, I've been thinking the same thing,' I said.

'What are we going to do?' he asked.

'As we've been doing. Go to class, go to meals, sneak away when we can. We can't do anything else.'

'I just made it harder by saying that, didn't I?' he said.


'Your studies....for you to concentrate.'

'I was already dealing with it,' I said.

We walked on. We moved off the sidewalk and walked across the lawn, through the trees and tall shrubs that offered a sort of barrier between the grounds and the road, where the light from the lamp posts was blocked. Suddenly I felt Chad's hand take mine. I was startled but I entwined my fingers in his as we walked.

'If someone's watching......' I said.

'Screw 'em,' Chad said. 'I don't care.'

'You would,' I said.

'Maybe I wouldn't. Sometimes I think I'm ready to come out.'

'Don't. Not here,' I said.

'Sometimes I want to wash your back in the showers. Sometimes I want to stand up and announce to the dorm that you're going to start sleeping in my bunk with me.'

'They would find a reason to kick us out,' I said. 'But I'm glad that's how you feel.' We were in the shadows of the tall shrubs and I slowed, then stopped, holding Chad's hand tight against my thigh. We faced each other and I could see the soft sparkle in his eyes and smell his sweet breath. Neither of us seemed to move, yet our faces drew closer.

'Aww, Chad,' I whispered as our lips brushed together. He put his arms around my shoulders and we literally melted into a passionate kiss. We played tongue tag, we tongue fucked each other's mouths as he pressed his loins against me. The passion quickly overflowed and mixed with raw lust and I felt his hard cock. He reached down for mine.

'Godd, I want you so bad,' I said.

'Yess, I want you,' he said.

'Let me do you,' I said.

'We shouldn't....not here.'

'Yes, here. Now!' I insisted. 'We're safe. Nobody can see us and you can hear somebody coming.' I started to go to my knees but he stopped me. 'Don't,' I said, brushing hands away. 'Let me do this. I want to go to bed with your cum in my belly, with the taste of you in my mouth.'

He let me go to my knees and I tore at his shorts. I was so anxious and excited that I fumbled and he helped me pull them down and held his cock out.

'Godd, your cock is so beautiful,' I said.

'We can't be long,' he said.

'How long we take is up to you, but we're not going back to the dorm till I get your load,' I told him. Then I went down on him.

'OHhhhh....ohhhh, my Godd, that is so good,' he moaned. 'Every time we do this, it's like the first time all over again.'

It was that way for me too. We didn't take long. He was as hot and excited as I was and it was barely ten minutes before he was belching huge torrents of warm, thick cum into my mouth. I took it all without swallowing. His legs were trembling in my hands and I wrapped my arms around his awesome butt to steady him as I drained out every drop. I swirled it around his cock a few times then stood up.

'Justin....d-don't swallow it yet,' he said. He was nervous. 'Give it to me. I'll give it back so you can go to sleep with it in your belly.'

I nodded. We kissed, another hard, passionate kiss, made more so now with the exchange of his warm cum from my mouth to his. I kept my tongue in his mouth as he wallowed it around to get the taste and our tongues swam in it. Then he gave it back to me and his tongue swam in my mouth. I gradually swallowed it as we were doing that.

We broke away with a loud gasp.

'Godd, that was hot,' he said. 'Next time I want it to be your come we spit back and forth.'

'All right,' I said, but I didn't expect that to happen any time soon. Chad talked a lot about things he wanted to do but never got around to.

We started off, back to the dorm. Just as we were emerging from behind the tall shrubs, he pulled me back.

'Did I tell you I love you?'

'Yeah, I think I remember you mentioning it,' I said.

Chapter Three

I was hunkered over, down between Chad's legs, making soft slurping sounds as I sucked his cock. I took a break from his cock and was fisting it while I munched on his balls. He put his hand on the side of my face and I glanced up at him.

'Turn around,' he said.


'Turn around. Bring your cock around here so I can get to it.'

I hesitated. 'Are you sure?'

'I'm sure,' he said.

'You know you don't have to.'

'You've made that perfectly clear. I want to. I've wanted to for a long time. I've been a gutless wonder. I mean, how can a guy be gay and have sex with a stud like you and not do anything back? Bring your cock around here.'

He turned onto his side as I turned around on the pallet and we lay side by side. I went back down on his cock, thinking my doing him would encourage him and show him how. It was a couple of minutes of cock play before he found his courage, but when he did, he didn't need lessons. At first he only stroked my cock and rubbed the precum all around the head. but I could feel his hot breath on it. Then I felt his tongue, licking the head and my cock quivered.

'Mmmm, you taste good,' he murmured.

More of his hot breath blowing over it. I almost told him again that he didn't have to, but it was time. I thought he needed to get on with the business of being gay. It wasn't a selfish thought; I wanted him to experience the pleasure that I did, of having a big, live cock in his mouth. I knew he would like it once he tried it. He was certainly liking my ball juice. Suddenly I felt the warm wetness of his mouth closing around the head of my cock.

'Mmmnnn, Goddd!' I moaned. 'MMMMmmnnnhhh, Fuck!' I groaned louder as he brought his tongue into play.

He licked and slurped and moved his mouth up and down several times, then he asked, 'Is that okay?' he asked.

'Shut up and suck,' I said.

He laughed softly and went back down on my cock.

It was a long session, both of us relishing every stroke, every lick, every slurp of warm cockmeat. We both also fought to hold off because we wanted it to last. We were so into it, so relaxed with each other and I got so caught up in it that I found myself wanting to try new stuff. As I sucked Chad's cock, his butt felt so good in my hand, and I began squeezing and appreciating the solid, smooth muscles more than ever before. I gripped his butt to pull him into my mouth, my fingers curling into the crevice and when I did that, I explored further. I soon made contact with his hole. He didn't seem to mind so I began rubbing his asshole. He seemed to like it; he moaned around my cock. I massaged all around his asshole, pushing against the rubbery muscle, probing gently. When he still didn't object, I wet my finger. When I put my finger back, it felt like he pushed back against it. I took that as a sign that he liked what I was doing and I probed again, only this time my finger was wet and it slipped through.

'Uuhhnnn!' he moaned, but still, he didn't stop me.

I worked my finger gently up inside his ass, past the first knuckle, and wriggled it around. I felt his asshole clench around it. I gave him the second knuckle and heard him moan. I pushed in as far as I could. He moaned really loud when I wriggled it around.

'AAAhhh! Ohh, Godd!! Ohh, Fuck!' he gasped, coming up off of my cock. 'Ohh, Fuck, Justin, you're making me cum!'

I was surprised, I had no idea that playing with his ass like that could get him so excited. His asshole clenched and loosened around my finger and went spastic. It was then, as he was blowing his load that I felt the palpitations against my finger. It was something that I'd touched inside his ass that set him off; something firm, like hard rubber, something alive and almost throbbing. I didn't keep my mouth on his cock and he shot all over my face and neck and shoulders and chest. He white-washed me. I never saw so much cum in my life, and he shot really hard. He was trembling by the time he was finished, and he collapsed, gasping for air.

I reached for a towel to wipe myself.

'Holy Shit! What'd you do?' he gasped.

'I was just experimenting around. You didn't seem to mind so I.....'

'Mind! Geezuss! Fuck, no, I didn't mind. Goddamn, that was the hardest I ever shot off in my life.'

'Yeah, you did shoot quite a bit. You white-washed me. You would've drowned me if I'd had your cock in my mouth.'

'Godd, Justin, I don't know what you did....what it was that you made contact with in there, but it was incredible. Fuck, we gotta do that again. I gotta do it to you and show you.'

'You wanta do it now?' I asked.

'I would rather wait till next time, when we're both primed. If you don't mind,' he said.

'No, I don't mind. But you've got me curious as hell.'

'I'll get you off, though,' he said.

'Naw, you don't have to,' I said as I started to raise up.

He shoved me back down. 'Just stay put and let me do it,' he said. 'It's not just about me anymore.'

I let him finish me off but he didn't take my load in his mouth. Instead he pointed my cock so I shot on my stomach and hip.

The next time we were together Chad showed me what the ass play was all about. He didn't rim me but he played with my ass and used his wet finger in my hole as I had done to him. He was quick to find the spot he was looking for and from then I was choking down screams the whole time. I thought I was dying and floating off to heaven when he also took my load in his mouth. He even swallowed it! I was shocked to the bone that he did it

'Damn, you're really moving fast,' I said as we lay together in the aftermath. I was also pretty stunned at how hard I came, and how much I shot. There was something to that certain spot inside our bodies.

'I wonder what it is that makes that feel so damned incredible; I wonder if it's something like a girl's clit,' I said.

'It's not a clit, its up inside our asses,' Chad said.

'I'm gonna look it up,' I said.

I went to the library and looked up male anatomy. I was very careful and discreet of course, sitting off in a corner with my back to the wall. I didn't want anyone to see what I was looking at. I found what I was looking for. I'd heard of the prostate but I had no idea where it was located or what it was for. I only knew from overhearing older guys conversations that it could become enlarged and sometimes was cancerous. I found out a lot more than that. I was anxious to tell Chad.

'It's your prostate,' I told Chad that evening as we were walking among the trees that dotted the front of the campus.

'Is it like a clit?' he asked.

'Sort of. The way I read it, it's the nerve center of your sexuality. The way I understand it, it manufactures and stores your cum that makes up about a third of your load and then when you cum, it picks up your sperm from your balls on the way out. The stuff neutralizes the acidity in a girl's pussy so it doesn't kill the sperm. It's like a bunch of muscles that contract and make you shoot hard. I felt yours moving when you came, like it was throbbing.'

'Yeah, I felt yours too. You sure made me shoot the hardest load of my life,' Chad said.

After that we sixty-nined and fingered each other at the same time. We were having some awesome sex. I was also thinking about taking it to the next level.

I told Chad that next time we were on the way to the cabin.

Chapter Four

We ran at an easy pace so as not to work up too much of a sweat. We both decided we liked the aroma and the taste of fresh sweat, the way it mixed with soap and body splash and natural body oils to form a unique musk, but we didn't want to get too stale or rank. We ran past the opening in the brush then trotted back to it.

'I'm ready to take it to the next level if you are,' I said as we made our way through the tall thick brush that was separated by now to form a path.

'What is the next level, exactly?' he asked.

'You can fuck me if you want.'

'Fuck, yes, I want! Today?' he asked excitedly.

'Yes. I'm ready.'

'Ohh, man, I wasn't expecting this at all! It's going to be awesome.'

We went inside and I double checked the covering over the windows. One of the tacks had come loose and I had to search around on the floor to find it and pound it back in.

Chad followed me up the ladder. I was already half stripped by the time he shoved himself up through the opening.

'Man, you really are ready.'

'Yes. I've had dreams about it,' I said.

'I'll try to give you something to dream about,' he said.

While he was undressing I lit the candles, then stretched out on the pallet, naked, on my stomach with my legs spread wide. I thought it was an inviting gesture. I was right.

'Ohh, fuck, I drool over your ass all the time, but it looks even more awesome right now, knowing I'm gonna get to fuck it.'

I got the lube from under the blanket and handed it to Chad

'You don't believe in foreplay?' he joked.

'You lubing up my hole will be foreplay enough. I drool just as much thinking about your cock inside me,' I said.

He didn't spend much time on the foreplay. I wished he would find my prostate and give it a little attention, but he was too anxious. He slicked me up good, though, then did his cock.

'Is this going to hurt?' he asked.

'Not you,' I said.

'I don't want to hurt you either.'

'I'm sure it can't be helped. Don't worry about it. I'm not,' I said.

'You're braver than I think I'll be.'

'It's not about being brave. It's about wanting it. When you're ready, when you want it bad enough, you won't think about being brave. You'll just do it.'

'You talk like such a stud.'

'It's all bluff. Just fuck me, before I chicken out.'

'Right, like you would do that,' he scoffed.

I raised my hips a little to cock my butt up for him. I felt the head of his cock separate my butt muscles and press against my hole. My asshole clenched anxiously, like it did for his fingers. I braced myself. I wanted it, but I didn't know what to expect and I was a little scared. Chad pushed and I felt my ass give; not my asshole, but the spongy muscle surrounding it. He moved back and forth several times.

'You're not in,' I said.

'I know. I don't want to rape you.'

'You won't rape me.' I hunkered up and back a little more to meet his pressure so he knew I meant it.

He clasped his hands around my hips and pulled me back as he pushed forward and I could feel my asshole giving way. Suddenly the head of his cock burst through my tight hole.

I groaned out loud.... 'AWWwhhhhhh!'.....tossing my head back in agony. It hurt more than I expected. It was worse than anything I'd ever felt in my life. I clasped my fingers tight around the edge of the opening for something to hold onto. But I didn't cry out again. If I had, they might have heard me all the way back at the school. He was stretching me something terrible and I wondered if he was doing any damage. If he was, I was sure he would notice and stop. He went deeper and deeper and it was like he was pushing my asshole up inside me. As he bore into me I felt things being pushed out of the way. He felt so big; I didn't realize he was so long. Godd, how much more, I wondered.

'Fuck, man, this is SO awesome,' he said as he impaled me.

'How much more,' I asked nervously, hoping I didn't sound like a baby. Just then I was relieved to feel his pubes press against my spread butt. He was all the way in me. He held tight and his cock throbbed madly deep inside me.

'You got it, dude. You got me all the way inside you. It's awesome. Fuck, my cock is totally gone! Every fuckin' inch buried in your sweet ass.'

'Tell me about it.'

'You okay?'

'I will be,' I said.

'Want me to pull out?'

'No, just let me get used to it before you start fucking me.'

'Take our time, dude, your ass is so warm and tight and alive, I could stay just like this. Hell, it feels like your ass is sucking me.'

After I got past the pain I wriggled my butt around, letting him know I was ready. Godd, I was SO ready.

'You ready?' he asked.

'Yeah. Fuck me.'

'Godd, it's so hot to hear you say that.'

He started moving and I started moaning. I tried to be quiet but he made it so good.

'How's that feeling?' he asked.

'Fuck, you have to ask? Godd, Chad, it's so good I can't believe it. Ohh....ohhhh....awwwh, fuck....yeah, that's it, in real deep....OOOOHhhh, yess, like that, twist your hips around!' He was fucking me but I was fucking back onto his cock, twisting around to cause his cock to rub against my prostate. It felt like I wanted to cum the whole time and I wondered what it would be like when he did get me off. I wondered what it would feel like to have him cum inside me. I was dripping sweat off my forehead. I was going nuts. If he didn't make me cum soon........

We worked together, rather diligently, I might say, so we would cum together. But it just kept getting better and better for me and I wondered if I was going to be able to cum. Suddenly he pulled out.

'Wait! What.....'

'Turn over,' he said.

I scrambled to turn onto my back and he brought my legs up and shoved them toward me. 'Let's try it this way so I can see you,' he said.

I gazed up into his eyes as he entered me again. I winced when he went in deeper.

'Yeah, that's new territory,' he said with his drop dead smile. His smile made me weak in the stomach. We kept looking at each other, then he leaned down over me. I knew he was going to kiss me. What I didn't know was the effect it would have on me, and him. It was an open mouth kiss from the start and it was like a bolt of electrical current went through me when our tongues touched and it jolted me right down to my ass and made my cock quiver.

'Oh, I felt that,' he whispered.

I squealed into his mouth, and whinnied and moaned as he started fucking me again.

'Oh, Godd, Chad....what's happening!' I gasped. 'Fuck, man it's so good it's almost scary. I'm shaking inside! Godd....fuck, Chad, I'm cumming!'

'Yeah, I kinda thought so,' he said with a soft chuckle as he kept smothering me with his kisses. 'Cum, baby, I'm right behind you.'

He was closer than I thought. His body lurched and I felt his cock bolt hard as he erupted inside me at the same instant I start cumming. I convulsed under him as we clung to each other, and spewed cum everywhere. We choked and gasped as we rode it out and it was a couple of minutes before we were able to speak.

Chad supported himself over me on his arms. I saw his upper arms tremble and clasped my hands around his triceps to steady them.

'Holy fuckin' shit! How does it keep getting better!' he said.

'I think it might just be possible to get fucked out of your senses and into oblivion,' I said.

He laughed. 'We can't let that happen. Can't you just see us going to the emergency room and I gotta explain why you're a babbling idiot? I tell the doctor, I think I really did fuck his brain out.'

'I wonder if we can duplicate this; if it can ever be that good again,' I said as I reached for the towel.

'I will do my best,' he said as he took the towel from me. 'You don't need this. My Mother taught me to clean up the messes I made.' 'And he began licking my cum off my body.

We shouldn't have stayed so long but it was such an intimate, wonderful time as we lay side by side, our warm bodies pressed together.

'Fuck, I love you so much,' I whispered.

'I know you do. I hope I've showed you how much I love you,' he said.

The way Chad was pressing and sort of squirming against me, I thought he was getting boned up again too. I reached down for his cock.

'Are getting as boned up....yup, you are,' I said when his cock throbbed in my hand. 'I want to move it away from love and focus on raw sex before we go back.'

'That's how we started out till the love thing moved in and took over,' he said.

'What's three times thirteen plus thirty?'

He hesitated then smiled and answered. 'Sixty nine.'

Chapter Five

We had exams coming up and I was trying to study. We tried studying together, but his presence and even his voice was distracting. I'd tried studying in the library but it was no good, having him so close by. I couldn't ask him to leave so I left and found a spot out on the green, leaned back against a tree with a nice view looking back at the campus. That wasn't wholly successful either, because he was with me whether he was or not. And he followed me.

'What's wrong? Why'd you leave?' he asked as he caught up with me.

' the guy said in that movie....I have to quit you for a while,' I said.

'Brokeback Mountain. Why? Sounds like you're divorcing me,' he joked.

'No, just separating. I have to concentrate on studies and these exams. It'll only be for a few days.'

We were in the dorm one night, lying on our bunks, trying to study; most of us. Others were talking, or listening to music. Somebody asked where Brock was.

'Where do you think?' was the reply.

'I don't know. Where does he disappear to all the time? He's not in the dorm about every other night,' the questioner said.

'He's across the road fucking that farmer's daughter.'

'Not just the daughter,' someone put in. 'He's fucking her mother, too.'

'How do you know that?'

'Because I fucked the daughter two weeks ago and she asked me if I wanted to fuck her Mom too. She said that's what the other guy was doing, meaning Brock.'

'Geezuss, who else is getting laid and I'm not?' somebody complained.

Nobody else admitted to it.

'Well, I just hope you guys graduate with your balls intact. If that guy catches you, he'll blow 'em off.'

Besides the chatter about getting laid, Justin's bunk right next to mine back in the corner, it was hard to keep my mind on ancient history. And it didn't help having the mental picture, now, of Brock fucking the girl across the road, and her Mom. Lucky bitches, I thought. He didn't have to go across the road. All he had to do was come back to my bunk. It was hard being around Brock, too, but not because of any deep feelings for the guy. It was purely physical. He was a total hunk, something that he was proud to show off in the dorm and in the showers and in the weight room. I had taken to avoiding working out when he was in the weight room because he got me so hot and made me think stupid thoughts, like going over and groping him when he was doing bench presses. Or going down on him afterwards in the shower. I would never have the nerve to try actually anything; he would probably kill me if I did.

I lay on my side, facing Justin, turning a page now and then, and then turning it back when I realized I didn't know what the fuck I'd just read. He was lying on his stomach with his book propped up on the pillow. Every other sentence I read I looked across at him and every time I looked at him--I think he could see me out of the corner of his eye--he was looking back at me with a smile that was ready to burst out on his handsome face.

After a half hour of that I closed my book and got up and took his book out of his hand. I closed it and handed it to him. I said quietly, 'Let's go.' He followed me out of the dorm.

'I brought my book just for show,' I said as we walked across the lawn.

'Are you having as hard a time concentrating as I am?' I asked.

'Must be, every time you look at me, I'm looking at you,' he said.

'Well, I'm done studying. It's useless. I've either got it or I don't. The more I study the more my head gets clogged up, like I've got a head cold.'

'That's probably the best attitude,' he said.

I crossed the sidewalk to the other side of the campus.

'Where're we going?' he asked. He thought we were going down to the shrubs.

'To the wall. I just want to talk,' I said.

We sat on the retaining wall, me with my legs hanging over the edge, him with his feet cocked up, his legs apart, facing me so I could see right between them. The light from the pole light was just right. I looked, my mouth started to water, and I looked away.

'The school year is going to be over soon; three months of summer coming up,' I said.

'Yeah, I've been thinking about that too. Always before, I looked forward to summer.'

'What're we going to do?' I asked

'I don't know. Get together on weekends, maybe over July 4th.'

'We're nine hundred miles apart. That's a weekend of just driving.'

'It's only four hundred and fifty if we meet in the middle,' he said.

'I don't know if I can handle that, seeing you just once in a while,' I said. 'Fuck, Chad, I ache inside just thinking about us being apart that long.'

'Well, we can make the best of the time we have left here, then we just do what we have to do.'

'I don't think you feel the same way I do,' I said. 'I feel like there's a time bomb ticking away inside me, just waiting to go off if I can't be with you. You seem so calm about everything.'

'You're wrong. I handle things differently, that's all,' he said.

'Tell me how to handle it your way,' I said.

'I don't know how,' he said. He thought a moment, and I knew he was thinking that I thought he didn't care for me as much as I did for him. Then he said, 'Best way I can explain it is....when my Mom fries hamburgers or bacon--you know how the grease pops--she puts this screen thing over the skillet to keep it from splattering. You're like the open skillet; your thoughts and feelings are splattering all over the place. I'm like the screen on the skillet.'

I laughed. 'I love you, fucker,' I said. I glanced down between his legs. When I looked up he was smiling.

'I've been sitting like this for a reason. Do you want to go down to the bushes?'

'No. I want to go back to the dorm and have you crawl in my bunk with me and go to sleep holding you in my arms. I want to wash your back in the shower. I want to walk across campus holding your hand. I want us to make love where everybody can see how it is when two guys love each other.'

'I don't think any of that would be a good idea. We'd better settle for the bushes,' he said with a grin.

'Let's save it for the cabin. We'll go running in the morning,' I said.

Next day was Saturday but we had two classes in the morning right after an earlier breakfast. After the second class, Chad and I went running as planned. A half hour later I was lying on my stomach on the pallet overhead in the cabin with my hands clasped over the edge of the opening while Chad pounded my ass. My legs were spread out wide, my knees drawn up so my butt was tilted up at just the right angle for him to fuck me. My own hard cock bounced against the pallet and swung around in time with his thrusts. I could feel his sweat dripping on my butt and on my lower back when he leaned over me. It was his turn. I'd fucked him the last time and we were trading fucks now.

My eyes were closed and my breath was coming in forced gasps as the tension mounted. Suddenly I felt warm air wafting over my face; warm and sweet smelling, like gum, or mints. I opened my eyes and gaped in horror. I said 'Oh, fuck!' but heard no sound come out. In the dim light of the candles I was looking into the handsome, smiling face of Brock Fedderman!

'Hey, guys,' he said in a cheerful tone.

I remained speechless, frozen with fear.

'What the fuck....Brock!' Chad gasped.

'Just confirming my suspicions,' Brock said with his wide grin. 'Mind if I come up?' He didn't wait for an answer. He was already pushing himself up through the opening, his massive arms and shoulders bulging.

'How did you get in?' I asked, finally able to form words.

'Through the fuckin' door, how do you think?' he said, laughing, as he moved around us in a crouch so he wouldn't hit his head on the overhead beams. 'You forgot to bar it, the bar was standing beside the door. Fuck, how long you guys been doing this?' he asked, as he dropped to his knees and rested back on his haunches, surveying the sex scene before him.

Neither of us answered him. I was surprised to feel Chad's cock still throbbing deep inside me where he had rammed in as if to hide it. My cock had gone down but it was rising again.

'So, do you just fuck him, or do you fuck each other?' Brock asked.

'What do you want, Brock?' Chad asked. 'You're not going to tell anybody about this, are you?'

'Hell no, I'm not going to say anything. I just want some of what you're getting....on a regular basis.'

'Is that a blackmail threat?' Chad asked.

'Fuck no, I just want some of that ass you're hiding your cock in,' Brock said, laughing, and I saw him groping the front of his jeans.

'I've seen your morning wood, Brock, you would rip him apart.'

'Naw, I'd be......'

'Let him,' I cut in. 'I'll take him.'

'Fuck, yeah....see, he wants it,' Brock said, and I felt his big rough hand on my butt. He was undoing his jeans, shoving them down off his hips. He stood, crouched over, and pulled the jeans off with his shorts, then knelt back down, stroking his cock.

'Geezusss, Justin , are you sure?' Chad said.

'I'll take him,' I said again.

'You've got him loosened up and stretched out for me. He'll be okay,' Brock said.

He was right about that, Chad did have me loosened up and stretched enough that it wouldn't be a brutal entry. I felt him pulling out. I wasn't being charitable, or afraid we might be blackmailed. I couldn't say it out loud but I wanted to at last experience Brock's thick beer can cock in my ass. I wanted to experience his incredible, muscular body pounding me and those muscles pressing against me. I was secretly glad he'd showed up.

Chad's cock popped free and I felt my asshole gaping open to the cool evening air. He moved to the side and Brock took his place on the pallet. He smoothed his big, rough hands over my butt then I felt his long, thick fingers probing up inside me, couldn't tell if it was two or three.

'Yeah, you got him stretched out real good. Fuck, I could drive a truck in there,' he said with a chuckle, as he probed and twisted his fingers around inside me. Then there was air again, then I felt the broad, blunt head of his cock cover my hole. It was hot and it felt like the big end of a baseball bat.

He dug his fingers into my butt muscles and applied pressure and I felt my ass spreading wider. There was a little pain when the head slid in surprisingly easy, but the excitement was greater. I gripped the edge of the opening again as he slowly impaled me. He buried his eight or so inches of thick meat and pressed his loins hard against my butt, letting his cock throb and buck inside me.

'You doin' okay?' he asked me.

'Yeah,' I said, nodding. 'I'm okay, go ahead.'

'See, fucker, told you,' he said to Chad. Then he started fucking me.

The first couple of strokes made me lose my breath. Godd, it was good. So much different from Chad. I couldn't say better, but it was different; a good difference. His cock was rubbing over nerve endings that Chad hadn't touched, all the way in and all the back. On top of that, he was so thick that his cock was in almost constant contact with my prostate.

'You tell me if it gets to be too much for you, then I'll fuck Chad,' he said, laughing.

Chad didn't say anything. Brock kept fucking me and I tried not to make too much noise or act like it was feeling too good because I didn't want to hurt Chad's feelings but I couldn't help the tiny moans and groans that he fucked out of me.

'Hey, do you guys kiss?' Brock asked out of the blue. I glanced over my shoulder to see him reach out and put his arm around Chad's waist and pull him closer. 'I always wondered what it'd be like to kiss a guy.' He pulled Chad in tighter. 'Wanta show me what it's like?'

I craned my neck to watch the big muscle stud kissing my lover. It sent chills down my spine, especially the way Chad was responding; it was like when I kissed him. It wasn't jealousy; it was just so damned hot. Then I could tell he was playing with Chad's butt.

'Fuck, kissing a guy is hot!' Brock gasped. 'You guys just might be onto something.' He kept playing with Chad's butt and at one point I was sure he was fingering him. Then he said, 'Why don't you get on your hands and knees over him and I'll fuck you both.'

'I don't know if I can do that,' Chad said. There was a nervous quiver in his voice that surprised me.

'Sure you can. You were fucking him, and he's taking me okay,' Brock said and he was urging Chad forward towards me.

I liked the idea.

'Come on, you can do it. You'll like it,' Brock was saying as he gently pushed Chad onto his hands and knees on top of me. It didn't look like Chad was putting up much resistance and I felt him hunker down on top of me, tilting his ass up for Brock. His cock burned into the small of my back, and it was throbbing hard.

'Take it easy,' Chad said.

Brock pulled out of me and Chad wrapped his arms under me and hunkered down tight against me.

'Oh, fuck,' he whispered.

'It'll be okay, you can take him,' I said.

Brock penetrated him and I felt the liquid heat of a lot of ball juice being forced out of Chad's cock.

'OHhh, Goddd!' Chad groaned and pressed his mouth against my shoulder.

'Why don't you guys kiss and ride it out that way,' Brock said.

'Fuck, man, it feels like you're cumming,' I said.

'I'm not, he's fucking precum out of me,' Chad said.

Our faces were close and it was only natural that we did as Brock said. We kissed. It was different from other times. There was passion but it was more erotic and lustful than our usual love kisses. But he wasn't fucking me while he kissed me; it was somebody else's cock causing the passion in him. We kissed and I swallowed his groans and felt him responding back to Brock's fuck motions. His cock slid along my spine, painting my back with his warm precum, and I found myself pushing back against him.

'Fuck me, Chad,' I whispered. 'Make me feel what you're feeling.'

Brock heard me. 'Fuck yeah, great idea,' he said. 'You fuck him while I fuck you, you'll be getting it double.'

We paused till Chad found my hole and shoved his cock in me. He slid right in of course and he felt wonderful. Despite being stretched by Brock, my ass closed around his cock like a glove. Brock started fucking him and Chad fucked me and from there it was pure chaotic bliss. After a bit, Brock stopped and let Chad do all the work. His lean hips swung back and forth, fucking me and fucking himself on Brock's cock at the same time. He went nuts. He was like a freight train out of control; he moaned with desperation how good it was and he wanted to hold off but couldn't. He slammed into me a few minutes later, his body convulsing violently as he shot his load deep in my guts. At the same time, Brock started pounding his ass again and I felt the rhythm and the pressure of each hard thrust till he lunged with a loud grunt and I knew he was depositing his cum inside Chad's ass.

Through the sweat and gasps, Chad asked me if I had cum. It was so intense all the way through, like one continuous cum, that I didn't really know, till their combined weight pushed me flat onto the pallet and I was lying in the warm, sticky mess of my own cum.

Chapter Six

We were in class listening to Mr. Bradford's short overview on the fall of the Roman Empire and what parts of the material would be covered on the exam. Suddenly the door swung open and there stood the farmer from across the road. He had a shotgun in one hand. He didn't have to introduce himself; everyone knew who he was. He looked angry.

Mr. Bradford kept his cool. 'Can I help you, sir?' he asked politely.

'One of these boys has been screwing my daughter, maybe two of them. Could be more. One of 'em has got her pregnant. I'm here to find out which one it is.'

'Sir, if you'll put the gun down we can discuss this,' Mr. Bradford said calmly.

'It don't take a discussion,' he growled, his angry eyes moving back and forth over the class. 'All it takes is one of them to raise his hand.'

'I don't think that's likely to happen with the threat of that gun,' Mr. Bradford said.

'Then it's likely to go off,' the man said. He raised the gun and aimed it high. 'First one goes over their heads.'

Suddenly, brave as hell, while we all sat there scared shitless, Mr. Bradford walked right up to the guy and took hold of the barrel of the shotgun and pushed it aside.

'The gun will not go off in my classroom,' he said in a loud but calm tone. 'You leave, now. The boy, if he is in this room, will be over to face you tomorrow before sunset. That is my guarantee.'

The man's steely eyes raked over the class once more. 'He better be there,' he said as he slowly lowered the gun. He focused on several boys for a few seconds, as if he knew who the culprit was, then he turned and walked out.

Everyone heaved a collective sigh of relief. Mr. Bradford stood in front of his desk. 'Everyone is familiar with the school's honor code. Now I will ask, is there anyone in this room who could possibly be the father of that man's grandchild?' He wasn't asking a question as much as he was demanding an answer.

There was a long pause as shoes scuffed across the floor and boys shifted in their seats.

'While we are waiting, is there anyone in this room who does not grasp the seriousness of the situation?' He sounded impatient now, even angry.

Several heads turned toward Brock, and the other boy who said he'd fucked the girl was within that line of vision. Finally, Brock put up his hand.

'It could be me,' he said quietly as he looked squarely at the other boy, but he didn't move. Brock waited for a brief moment. 'Are you going to put your hand up or do I have to come over there and kick your ass.'

The boy's face turned red and he raised his hand. Everyone looked around to see if there were any more hands up. I was stunned numb to see Chad slowly raise his hand! I know my face registered shock, with my eyes wide and my mouth dropped. He took great pains not to look at me.

'I fucked her once, but I used a condom,' he said, his voice not very strong. I was surprised to hear him use the 'F' word but Mr. Bradford didn't seem to be bothered about it.

'It only takes once if the condom wasn't effective,' he said. 'Anyone else? And I will tell you that if you do not admit your involvement here and now and we discover your guilt, your parents will receive a letter informing them of your expulsion, and the reason.'

No one else raised his hand. Mr. Bradford excused the class, except for Brock and Chad and the other boy, Jase Conner.

I grabbed up my books and half stumbled out of the room. Chad avoided looking at me. I waited outside the building for several minutes then walked toward the wall. He would be able to see me there when he came out. I tossed my book on the wall, choking down my emotions. I felt betrayed, even used. I was hurt. When, I wondered, had he sneaked over to meet the girl? More, why had he gone to her? And was it really just one time, or was he lying? I sat with one leg slung over the edge of the wall, the other leg cocked up on the wall and I had my hands wrapped around my knee. I was situated so I could focus on the building and see when he came out.

Brock came out first. He walked towards the dorm with his head down. Next came Chad. He paused just outside the door when he saw me and I wondered if he would come my direction. He didn't seem sure. Finally, he did. He walked fast. I was angry that he had such a sexy walk. He came right up to the wall and tossed his books and sat down with his legs dangling, facing the shrubs, not looking at me. Neither of us said anything for a moment.

Finally, he said, 'Justin, I'm sorry.'

'When?' I snapped. 'And was it really just once?'

'Yes, just once.'

He didn't answer when it had happened and I didn't ask again.

'Wasn't I enough for you?'

'It wasn't about us,' he said.

'Apparently not,' I said.

'It was a spur of the moment thing. Brock and some guys were talking about it and laughing and they urged me to come along sometime, and then a couple of them were saying they were going over there right then and I got dragged along.'

'They hogtied you and dragged you over there and made you fuck the girl,' I said dryly.

'I got caught up in the moment,' he offered.

'Just the girl, or did you fuck the Mom, too?'

'No, just the girl. And the condom wasn't defective. I checked it afterwards. There were no leaks.'

I looked away again.

'I said I was sorry.'

'Where does this leave us?' I asked.

'It leaves us right where we were,' he said. 'Shit, man, it was a piece of ass,' he added angrily.

'Is that what I am?' I asked.

'It's not like we're married, or even engaged,' he said.

'It's not like we're anything,' I said.

'I had to find out, dammit!' he yelled and jumped off the wall. He took several steps away from me then turned, with a pained look on his face. 'I had to find out,' he said again, more softly.

'Find out what?' I asked.

'If I could still....if I really am gay....I had to find out if I could still fuck a girl....even get hard for a girl.'

'Sounds like you did, you filled a condom,' I said dryly. I couldn't bring myself to be very sympathetic to his pain; I was hurting too.

He came back and stood in front of me and placed his hands on my shoulders. I glanced down; I didn't even want to look at him. He squeezed my shoulders, hard.

'Look at me,' he said.

I looked up. There was pain in his eyes and I was starting to melt.

'Whatever it takes, I'll make it up to you. Just give me a chance. I fucked her, yeah, but there was no feeling above the waistline. Everything above the waistline, and below, is for you. So give me a chance.....Please....Please. I love you Justin, don't turn your back on me over this.'

I felt his pain, and it was worse than my hurt. Our eyes were locked onto each other. It was like I was looking into his soul, and he into mine. I felt the penetration of his look. He didn't say it but his lips formed the word please again. It was almost sensual the way they moved. Then his mouth was coming closer to mine....I could smell his sweet breath....closer....No, he wasn't going to.....

'No, Chad, not here......' I don't think I got 'here' out; it was muffled by his lips brushing against mine. Just barely, it was more rubbing noses but our lips touched and in that instant I was his....I was about to kiss him back. My Godd, I thought, we're in full view of the classroom building and the dorm....hell, in view of traffic going along the road if they were looking. I started getting hard. He showed me he was too. He was standing between my legs and when he pressed his hard bulge against mine I broke the kiss and stood down off the wall to break our contact.

'We can't do this here,' I said, short of breath, and just short of a full kiss.

'We already did, sort of.'

'Let's walk,' I said, and started off across the campus.

'I don't care if somebody saw us,' he said. 'Does that prove anything to you?'

'It proves you're nuts,' I said, laughing.

'I'll take it a step further,' he said. 'I'll lay down right here and let you fuck me.' He was undoing his belt and jeans.

'No! Man, what the fuck are you doing.'

'Tell me you forgive me. Tell me you're giving me another chance,' he said, unbuttoning his fly. He was facing me, so nobody could see. 'Tell me, Justin, or I'm going to be bare assed right here in front of God and everybod y.'

'All right! I forgive you! I'll give you another chance. You don't need it, but I'll give it to you if you want!'

He buttoned his jeans and closed his belt.

'What'd you mean, I don't need another chance?' he asked.

'You don't need another chance. You don't even need me to forgive you. It's nothing to forgive . You fucked a girl....I overreacted.'

He stopped and smiled at me.

'What?' I asked.

'You know, you're fuckin' cute when you're jealous.'

'Fuck you,' I said.

'Here?' He reached for his belt again.

'No! Keep your pants on!'

We laughed and walked on. It felt good to be our old selves again.

'What went on in the classroom after we left?' I asked.

'I think Brock will admit to it. He said he never used a condom once.'

'What do you think he'll do? He won't marry her. And he shouldn't. It was a steady piece of ass. Hell, he was fucking her mother too. Sounds like the farmer is the one with the problem.'

'They might nail him for child support,' Chad said.

'I don't think he would pay child support. He'll take off somewhere, get lost. I would probably do the same thing.' Then I asked, 'What would you do, Justin, it if was your kid?'

'I don't know. I like to think I'm more responsible than Brock,' he said.

'By the way, what'd you have in mind to make it up to me?' I asked with a sly grin.

'Let's go to the cabin, I'll show you,' he said.

'Do you really want to? We'd be off campus after hours.'

'It's no different than sneaking off to that guy's barn,' he said.

'Is that where you did it, in the barn?'

'Yeah, back in a horse stall. She had blankets spread out over a stack of bales.'

'I wish I could've been there to watch,' I said.

'Do you want to go to the cabin?' he asked.


We went back toward the dorm and walked around behind the building, along the shrub lined fence, to the corner post where we climbed over. It was a shorter distance to the cabin. Instead of walking along the field, we ducked into the woods.

Chad was up in the loft before I got the door barred. By the time I climbed up in the loft he was naked, and hard as a rock.

'Listen, let's don't make this about you making anything up to me,' I said as I began taking off my clothes. 'Let's just be who we are....let's just make love.' It was that and more. It was intense, it was loving, it was wild, unbridled sex. It was everything we needed.

Walking back along the field I reached over and took Chad's hand.

'That was great,' I said.

'Yeah, it was. I lay in bed a lot and think about how lucky I am,' he said.

'Listen, I've been thinking....about the summer.....and I came up with an idea how we can stay together,' I said.

'I'm coming to live with you for the summer?'

'They hire a caretaker to stay here during the summer; someone to watch over the place, keep the grass cut, stuff like that. We could apply for the job.'

'That's a great idea!' he exclaimed. 'Let's talk to the headmaster.'

'Yeah, I was thinking we could do that now, if he's in his quarters,' I said.

'He doesn't like to be bothered in his quarters; he's made that pretty clear,' Chad said.

'I think he'll be up to listening,' I said.

Mr. Barstow didn't act pleased when he answered his door but I had a jolting suspicion why when I looked past him and saw Eric Sands half lying on the couch, focused on the television. He was wearing cargo shorts, nothing else, and he had a pillow resting over his middle. I had to wonder....Mr. Barstow was in just his boxers and my suspicious mind thought they looked a little full in front.

'I know you don't like to be bothered on your private time, sir, but we would like to talk to you about something while there's still time for you to consider it.'

I purposely glanced past him to Eric as I spoke.

He was hesitant, but maybe he sensed some urgency in my request.

'Well, this sounds rather urgent. Eric, could you excuse us,' he said as he stepped aside to let us in. 'We'll finish discussing your problem another time, soon, I promise,' he told Eric.

Eric wasn't pleased either. My suspicions were confirmed when he fumbled under the pillow, trying to discreetly zip up his cargo shorts before tossing the pillow aside. I hadn't thought about it before but suddenly things came to mind that strengthened my new suspicions. Eric seemed never to respond well in class, as if he never read the assignments, yet he made excellent grades. And he didn't spend much time studying. Maybe this was why.

'What can I do for you boys,' Mr. Barstow asked as he closed the door, with a wave of his hand for us to sit down.

I briefly stated our case, with a couple of interjections from Chad. I couldn't tell if I was making any headway or any impression at all.

'We could keep the grass cut, the shrubs trimmed and check on everything every day. Even do some maintenance work if it doesn't require too much expertise.'

'One of you would have to be eighteen,' he said thoughtfully.

'I will be on June first,' Chad said.

'I'm a Fourth of July baby,' I said.

'I got held back in grade school,' said Chad.

Mr. Barstow leaned back with arms on the chair arms in a relaxed, even relieved stance.

'Well, this is a rare time when I can say I'm glad to be interrupted....bothered, on my free time,' he said with a slight smile. 'You boys have just solved my problem. I've been looking for someone but the two men I've interviewed didn't strike me as being very responsible. The job doesn't pay much, it would be more like having free room and board.'

'That would be fine. We can get money from home for anything we need personally,' I said, even though I wasn't sure how my parents would go for the idea of me not being home for the summer. Chad's parents, either.

'You, Chad, will be designated legal custodian of the school property,' Mr. Barstow said. 'I will make up a list of your responsibilities, along with the names and phone numbers of people you can call in case of emergencies. And of course, a list of things that need to be done throughout the summer. It will be enough to keep you both busy, but still give you plenty of free time to go into town and have a social life. No wild parties of course, no drugs or alcohol, that goes without saying, but you can have friends stay over.'

So we made our case, there was graduation, and we had the place to ourselves.

'Suddenly I feel the weight of responsibility,' Chad said as we watched Mr. Barstow, the last to leave, go down the driveway.

'I feel horny,' I said.

'Well, you said you wanted us to sleep in each other's arms and wash each other's backs in the shower. We can do that now,' he said.

'And walk around campus holding hands. I remember I said, too,' I said.

'I don't think we should do that, we've got neighbors. But we can sleep together and have sex any time we want and I can kiss you anytime I want.'

It was a good time for us. When the neighbor girl discovered that we were there by ourselves she came over to visit several times till she realized her efforts, even with Chad, were futile. She even offered the encouragement that she couldn't get pregnant because she already was pregnant. In her fury of being scorned, she accused us of being gay. It pissed Chad off. He told her we were, so leave us alone. Shortly after that we never saw her anymore. It was rumored that she had been sent away to have the baby.

Brock had graduated but we never learned the consequences of his involvement with the girl.

It was the best summer of my life. Chad and I slept in the same bunk most nights except when we were dog tired and needed to just sleep. After a while we shoved our bunks together. We also made it a game to sleep in the other bunks; thought it would be fun to know that we had fucked in every bunk in the dorm. We had more sex than I could have imagined; we averaged it out one time and it was averaged every day and sometimes more than once a day. We worked hard, most of the time in just our school PE shorts. We got tanned. We ate well, with the entire food pantry at our disposal. We worked out as well. We used the school van to go into town once a week or so. We hung out at the mall and met girls and some guys, but we didn't develop any social contacts. We had each other and that was enough.

Approaching the end of summer we had both put on pounds of solid muscle that was highlighted by our dark tans. We loved being naked together, showing our tan lines. It was a wonderful summer of content and I was more in love than ever. There was still the gnawing feeling that my feelings for Chad ran deeper but I shrugged it off, believing that he gave me what he was capable of.

Chapter Seven

School started. We were seniors. We were also not alone anymore. Our bunks had to be separated once more and we would have to go back to using the loft in the cabin. Or so we thought. I noticed Eric Sands and Mr. Barstow were still buddy-buddy and remembered the brief encounter when I'd seen him in Mr. Barstow's quarters in his cargo shorts. I mentioned it to Chad, saying I thought I might try to draw Eric out.

'I would leave it alone,' he said. 'Barstow seems to be on a tight rope a lot of the time. If he's got a favorite in Eric, for whatever reason and to whatever end, let it be his business. You stick your nose in, you're liable to get it knocked off. Your grades might even suffer.'

But I didn't leave it alone. The more I saw, the more it pissed me off that Eric was little more than a fuckoff, sailing through school on the merits of personal favors with the headmaster--it was obvious as hell--while I worked my ass off for my grades. Approaching Barstow was out of the question. But Eric wasn't off limits. I pondered how I would approach him. I hadn't come up with a good approach but an opportunity created one, spur of the moment.

I was up to go to the bathroom when I saw down the darkened hall, Eric coming out of Mr. Barstow's quarters. It looked like he was sneaking out, the way he was looking all around. I confronted him head on. He jumped when I came out of the bathroom right in front of him.

'You scared the shit out of me,' he said.

'You know, you spend a lot of time in Barstow's quarters for a man who does not like his time imposed on or his personal space invaded,' I said.

'I don't know what you're implying, but he's being paid as a private tutor,' he said with a sneer.

I hated that sneer. I didn't much like Eric, but I totally disliked that sneer.

'Tutoring what?' I asked. I wasn't blocking his way but I wasn't getting out of his way so he thought I was.

'Whatever I need help with,' he replied. 'And I don't see what business it is of yours.'

'Last year when Chad and I came to see Barstow, I saw you, fucker, zipping up your pants under the pillow you were hiding under. So let's cut the crap.'

'What're you saying? What do you want?'

'I want you to work for your grades like everybody else. You're a fuck off, yet you get better grades than a lot of guys who work their asses off.'

'No, what do you really want?' he asked. 'So I'm making out with the headmaster. It greases the skids; makes life easier. Is that what you want? I can speak to him, tell him you were inquiring about his personal life.'

I thought he was trying to bluff and get me to back off. I didn't.

'You do that,' I said.

'So what do you want from me?' he asked again.

It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't know what I wanted except to expose the guy; to let him know that his little secret wasn't so secret anymore.

'I don't know yet. I'll let you know,' I said.

I didn't tell Chad about our confrontation; I didn't expect much, if anything, to come from it. I was surprised when I was called into Mr. Barstow's office after lunch one day.

I was even more surprised and a little pissed to learn why I was called in.

'I understand you've been inquiring about being tutored. I've looked at your grades and they are quite good,' Mr. Barstow said.

Eric HAD told him. Now I had to handle it.

'Well...yes sir, I....but there are a couple of grades I would like to bring up,' I stammered. 'I've only got a B-plus in anatomy; I would like to bring that up to an A. Same with ancient history. It's an A, but I would like to come away with an A-plus if that's possible since that will be my major in college. I sometimes get the Greeks and the Romans mixed up; their cultures.'

He nodded thoughtfully. 'I see. Perhaps I could help you with that. As for anatomy, that's pretty cut and dried; it's just a matter of memorization.'

'It may be to you, sir, but I know several guys who have trouble making out those picture charts where you lay one transparency over another; it just gets confusing and you don't know where things are located inside the body.'

'Unless you're going to medical school, there would be no need to learn all of that in such great detail,' he said.

'I'm not going to medical school but I would like to come away with the best grade I can.'

'Well, I might have an idea that would help clear things up in that area, but considering your major will be history, we should focus more on that.'

'Yes, I agree. Does that mean you'll tutor me? And while you're considering it, Chad could use some help with ancient history. It's not his major but he wants to leave with a good GPA.'

He nodded again. 'Do you think it would be all right if we combined your tutoring sessions? It would save time, and I know you and Chad study together.'

'Yes, sir, that would be fine, I know Chad wouldn't mind.' I said eagerly.

'Very well, why don't you and Chad come to my quarters about seven this evening and we'll get started. You can come casually dressed; I don't stand on ceremony in my own living quarters.'

I didn't know what exactly we would get started on but I was excited about the prospects. I told Chad about it, that I had included his name if he was interested. He was interested.

We went to Barstow's quarters at the appointed time.

'Come in, boys,' he welcomed us with a bit more cheer than was generally customary for him.

I wasn't surprised to see him in boxers and a T-shirt and socks. He looked pretty impressive for a guy his age, which I guess to be late thirties or early forties. He was in good shape; he worked out a lot and I liked the way he filled out the shorts and T-shirt. There were cokes and glasses of ice on the coffee table. He motioned for us to sit down; we both did, on the couch, figuring the big easy chair was reserved for him.

We got right into my subject, ancient history.

'I've often thought it would've been great to live in those times, and be a gladiator,' I said as he handed me one of the books he had laid out on the coffee table.

'Although I don't think many of them enjoyed a very long life,' Chad said.

'The best ones did,' Barstow said. 'The ones who became famous were treated like gods.' Then he said to me, 'I've read a couple of your papers to see where you are on the subject. I found them interesting, and well written, but I think you might have gotten a little higher grade had your essay been a little more in depth.'

'What do you mean, in depth?' I asked.

'I pulled a paper written by a former senior,' he said, handing me the paper. 'This demonstrates what I mean.'

I took the paper and glanced over the pages, thinking he was giving it to me to take with me and read later.

'Go ahead, read it. It's part of your lesson for tonight,' he said. 'In fact, read it out loud, for Chad too; it will save us time.'

I cleared my throat and took a sip of coke then leaned back in the couch and began reading.

'Relationships between two males in ancient Greece and Rome were quite common, almost always involving an older man and a younger boy in his mid to late teens, handsome and well built. Relationships between two older men were not common and were frowned upon, and the submissive male especially was looked down upon. Putting it plainly, to maintain one's masculinity in such a relationship, one had to be the penetrator. The one submitting to penetration - i.e., taking the woman's role - was seen as effeminate, whether he was or not. This was not necessarily true in a relationship between an older and younger man or boy. The older man was, and was accepted as, the boy's mentor, his protector, and was seen more or less as his teacher in things sexual, therefore the boy wasn't usually looked upon as being effeminate for his part in the relationship, which was almost always submissive, but simply a willing and eager student.'

I paused and looked over at Mr. Barstow. He was watching me, a bare trace of a smile on his lips; or perhaps the smile was in his eyes.

'He wrote pretty plainly,' I said.

'Apparently not too plainly. You see he got an A-plus on the paper.'

I read on.

'The Roman baths, the ruins of which we can tour today, were the focal point of the Roman male social experience. Public nude bathing was the norm, and the baths were constructed with corridors leading to private rooms where men could meet young men and boys, and vice versa. The women - wives - were aware of and accepted their men's extra-curricular activities.'

'I have visited several of the baths in Rome and in surrounding cities,' Barstow said.

'That would be interesting as hell,' Chad said. 'Are they ruins like the coliseum or are they pretty much intact?'

'Oh, very much intact,' he replied. 'In fact, some are still used.' He nodded for me to read on.

'The best example of the pure homosexual relationship was of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. He was considered to be bisexual but his love was reserved for the youth Antonious, believed to be a beautifully handsome teenager of sixteen or seventeen. The Emperor took him into his household and took the boy with him on his travels for long periods of time. It was on one of these travels that the boy died; believed to have fallen overboard from the Emperor's boat and drowned. The Emperor was devastated; his reaction to the youth's death excessive. He had statues of Antonious erected throughout the empire, named a city in Egypt after him, and even had him deified as the god he thought him to be. There was no general outrage from the Roman populace.'

'In Greek mythology, the gods were always extremely handsome and muscular and of legendary endowment, to render them superior to mortal man and desirable to both male and female suitors. This seemed to permeate down to the human Greek society in general, where physical perfection and beauty, especially in the male, was the benchmark; thus the term referring to a handsome, well built male as a 'Greek God.' But it wasn't all brawn and no brains. Like no other society in recent history, the goal of Greek education was the attainment of male perfection--both physical and mental perfection. Most of this education took place in the arena or the gymnasium. The gymnasium was the center of every Greek town, and served a far greater purpose than the modern gyms of today. The gymnasium was an elaborate structure with many rooms, baths, and hallways decorated with all sorts of artwork, including statues of their gods and heroes. Philosophers, poets, and other intellectuals would come together in these places to teach and have dialogue. Boys and men would spend their days in both intellectual and physical exercises, and it is assumed from the structure of the gymnasiums....the private rooms....also in sexual encounters.'

I glanced at him again.

'Yes, very much like gay bath houses of today with the private rooms, but those were much more elaborate,' he said.

I wondered how he knew that to make the comparison. I went on to read the next paragraph to myself.

Youths weren't just valued for their bodies, but also for their minds--their ability to reason and debate. Academic competition was matched by physical, athletic competition where athletic prowess and the male form were celebrated. Sports events and even the public Olympics were performed in the nude. Public nudity was not at all uncommon. The body was something to be proud of. It did not elicit the feelings of shame or modesty that many feel or try to impose in our modern society. Nudity seemed to be predominant among males, however, sometimes even to the exclusion of females, thus more easily and comfortably promoting homosexuality between males. Most athletic games in Greek towns, and especially the early Olympics, excluded females, both as participants and spectators. Men were stationed surrounding the towns to assure that no females were allowed in, thus leaving the spectacles to the enjoyment of men and boys.

I glanced at Barstow. He had that tight smile again.

'What part are you reading?' he asked.

'About the ease and comfort of promoting homosexuality between males,' I said.]

'Well, you should read it aloud for Chad's benefit,' he said.

I read it again, out loud, then continued aloud.

'Wrestling was especially popular among the Greeks, as it matched one athlete against the other, where one was always the victor and one the vanquished. It is generally believed that the sport of wrestling emerged as the most popular of Greek athletics because of the hard physical contact between two males, usually naked, which contributed greatly to the enjoyment of the spectators and the wrestlers alike.'

'I can sort of understand that,' Chad said. 'You know how jocks like to hang out with other jocks. I think it's a natural curiosity to being around other guys, muscular athletes, in the locker room and the shower, like it kind of lifts you up, being among your own, so to speak.'

Mr. Barstow looked at me and nodded for me to go on reading.

'Such 'bonding' between males was common in the military as well, and deemed to be not only useful, but necessary. Many ancient Greek cities had their own armies where male lovers were ordered to fight alongside each other because they were likelier to fight harder and win. The most famous of these armies was the Sacred Band of Thebes. An army which could be considered a version of today's Special Forces, it was composed entirely of older men and their younger male lovers. These ancient Greek warriors numbered about three hundred and were known throughout the land as the most fearsome, courageous, the most tenacious fighters ever to pick up a spear and shield.'

'To ensure the tightness and fighting tenacity of the small army, it is recorded that you couldn't join the Sacred Band of Thebes unless it was known that you had sex with a male partner or lover. The idea was that soldiers might do something cowardly, or cut and run in front of other men, but they damn sure weren't likely to do it in front of someone they loved and would give up their lives to protect. And the men and boys of that army proved over and over again, in undefeated battle, that they would rather die than let down a lover. I say boys because the age to be eligible to join the Sacred Band was sixteen, and then only if they had a lover to join with them. Members of the Sacred Band didn't have to conjure up images of loved ones they had left at home. They stood side by side on the battlefield with those they loved. Plato said, 'Who would desert his lover or fail him in the hour of danger.'

'The famed army of Sparta was thought to be the finest army in ancient Greece. Their brutal government took boys away from their families and raised them in the barracks to be soldiers. They were not considered adults until they snuck out of the barracks at night and murdered a member of the lower class and came back undetected.....literally getting away with murder.'

'Yet the army of Thebes defeated the Spartans over and over again until their very last battle, the battle of Chaeronea. The rest of the Theban army and its allies cut and ran but the Sacred Band kept fighting to the last man, and they perished to the man.'

'After the battle, Phillip II (father of Alexander the Great, who fought in the battle against the army of Thebes) was so moved by their courage and valor that he had them buried in a mass grave and erected a lion monument over them that can still be seen today. It is recorded by the writer Plutarch, that Phillip said of them as he walked the battlefield afterwards, 'Perish any man who thinks that these men did or suffered anything disgraceful.'

'Witnessing the tenacity and courage of the soldiers of the Sacred Band of Thebes, it became not uncommon after that ferocious battle for a warrior of the city of Sparta to take a young recruit under his wing. These relationships were both erotic and educational. The soldier cared for the young recruit, trained him, and like those of the Sacred Band, stood next to him on the battlefield, where the two men bravely protected each other.'

I paused and held the paper, gazing at it for a moment before I looked up at him. 'This is very good!' I said with great emphasis.

'The content doesn't bother you?' he asked.

'Not at all. This guy obviously did his homework. He describes it all very well, how it was all woven into the fabric of the Roman and the Greek cultures,' I said.

Mr. Barstow looked at Chad. 'What do you think, Chad? Can you imagine being a soldier in the Sacred Band at your age or younger?'

'It's pretty hard to relate to,' he said.

'I don't want to say I can relate to it,' I said. 'But I can imagine it. I mean, I can sort of understand how I would fight to the bitter end rather than be thought a coward by my older mentor soldier.'

'I can more relate to Antonious,' said Chad. 'Can you imagine traveling at sixteen or seventeen all over the Roman Empire with the Emperor of Rome? How exciting would that be! And having statues of Antonious put up all over the empire, a city in Egypt named after him, and even been made a god. Heck, this school is the farthest I've ever been from home in my life.'

'If you had lived in that time, one of you might well have been chosen instead of Antonious,' Mr. Barstow said.

I laughed. 'Well, I don't know if I would've wanted to pay the price Antonious did for his fame,' I said.

'Or do what he had to do with the Emperor,' Chad put in.

'I doubt he thought of it as paying a price; more like a reward,' Barstow said.

'I would like to be able to go back in time,' Chad mused, 'and see firsthand what it was like to live back then, and be an athlete in that society, in that purest form of athleticism.'

'Yes, naked athletics was the purest form of physical expression, both for the spectators and the athletes,' Barstow said.

'The way this guy wrote it, it's easy for anyone to understand how wrestling in particular emerged as the predominant sport of Greek athletes,' I said.

'You think about it, our gymnasiums and sports arenas are closely patterned after the great Coliseum and the arenas of ancient Greece, except for the private rooms,' Barstow said.

'I especially want to read more about the soldiers of Sparta and the way they adopted the ways of the army of Thebes, with the older men looking out for the younger soldiers,' Chad said. 'It's sort of like the way a lot of coaches look after their players today. Except for that kind of intimate relationships.'

'Well, that does happen, probably more often than people realize,' Barstow said.

'Yeah, but not with the general acceptance of the Greeks,' I said.

'You know what would be great?' Chad said excitedly. 'To have naked sports, like the early Olympics.'

'We could hardly do that here, with the road running along the front of the campus, and we do have neighbors,' Barstow said.

'Bet nobody would care,' he said.

'We could hold the games in the gymnasium,' I suggested.

Mr. Barstow looked at us, a curious look. 'I believe you boys are serious,' he said.

'If enough other guys went for the idea, I would seriously be up for it,' I said.

'Yeah, I mean, we see each other naked all the time in the showers and in the dorm, what would be so different about playing sports naked?' Chad put in.

Mr. Barstow laughed. 'Well, I'll have to give that some thought. Now, there was some mention of anatomy; I forget which one of you.'

'That was me,' I said.

'All right, If you can hold off on that, I have an idea for that class, one that will solve the frustration of those pesky transparency overlays. So, if there are no questions I think we will conclude this session and continue on Thursday evening.'

He wasn't asking for questions, he was excusing us so we thanked him and left.

'That went well,' I remarked as we were going back to the dorm.

'Yeah, except I kept getting hard when you were reading that guy's paper,' Chad said.

'If you're still hard, we can take the long way, down by the shrubs,' I said. 'Hey, do you think he will seriously consider us having naked games?'

'I don't know, he said he would think about it.'

Chapter Eight

I was stunned--everybody was--at anatomy class the next day.

Mr. Barstow came up to his desk rubbing his hands, as was his habit when he had something especially interesting to say.

'I've recently gotten some complaints about the transparency overlays in our textbooks, how confusing they are to use and understand. From that it is easy to conclude that learning the names of every bone and muscle in the body does not necessarily translate to knowing where those muscles and bones are. Unfortunately, transparency overlays are the best instrument that the educational system has to offer. Fortunately, however, this is a private school. It is not only a private school, it is a private boys school. So I see no reason why we should not have a more hands-on approach, by that I mean using a live model in place of overlays.'

I knew what was coming and I instinctively glanced around to see Dan Kennedy's desk empty; Dan being the most logical boy in school to be the model. Dan was new to the school, a senior transfer student. He was a bodybuilder, built like a god. He had won a couple of contests in the teen division, and little wonder. He had the most perfect body I'd ever seen. If I had not already met and fallen for Chad, Dan would've been my target.

As Mr. Barstow went on he gave me a sly, discreet side glance.

'It goes without saying that this live approach to learning the muscles of the body, and the bones, requires someone with well developed and well defined muscles. I believe you would all agree that it also goes without saying that Dan Kennedy is the best candidate for the job.'

'That's for damn sure,' somebody said.

'So, we will show Dan in,' Barstow said as he went to the door.

I fully expected Dan to come in wearing his gym shorts, or maybe even a pair of those tiny white briefs he wore. Even from spending the evening being tutored by Mr. Barstow, I was not prepared to see Dan walk into the room totally naked! Even barefoot. Fuck! I felt a jolt in my cock.

He entered the room to a chorus 'Holy shit!', 'Damn', and other surprised gasps. I didn't express my two cents worth, my mouth was too dry and I was concentrating on trying not to get a hardon. I'd seen Dan naked, but it was different seeing him walk into the classroom that way. I glanced at Chad and he was practically drooling. Dan strode into the room nonchalantly as hell and stood in front of Mr. Barstow's desk, looking a little bit embarrassed, but confident. With a body like his, he couldn't help but appear confident. His was a classic build of the gods and that included his manhood. It hung out proudly, thick and meaty, about five or six inches. The head was big, with a wide flanged rim; it looked heavy. His balls were impressive too, large and held high and proud in their sack. They were smoothly shaved and his pubes were trimmed and shaved into a neat patch around the root of his cock.

'Now, gentlemen, I believe we should be able to identify just about every muscle on this specimen,' Mr. Barstow said.

It was the best damned anatomy class of my life and to this day I can name most of the muscles of the body by visualizing Dan Kennedy's body. Well, I got to know them more intimately but more about that later. I never knew how the guy kept from getting a hardon as Mr. Barstow had each one of us walk up and identify certain muscles by finding them and touching them on him. He was the perfect model.

Chapter Nine

It was a weekend and students had permission to go home if they wanted to. More than half of them went. It was too far for us and Chad and I had stayed behind. We decided to work out.

The school hadn't sprung for the fans they'd promised so it was dead air in the weight room. The windows were open but they were high up so the fresh air didn't reach down in the pit, as we called it. Most guys waited till late in the evening when it was cooler, which was why we didn't wait because it got too crowded. Brock was already here. He'd probably been there for a while, his body was glistening with sweat. Even his jockstrap was sweat soaked, which was all he wore, besides socks and shoes. I grabbed up a couple of towels and tossed one to Chad.

'Here, you're going to need this, he doesn't wipe up sweat,' I said quietly.

'I know, but don't he look great,' Chad said.

'Yeah, but that's not going to do us any good; we're here to work out.'

'Hey Brock,' Chad greeted him.


Brock didn't like to be bothered when he was working out so there wouldn't be any conversation, and Chad and I would have to talk quietly.

I was surprised even when Brock said, 'You guys can work out in your jockstraps if you want to. It's cooler.'

I had to smile that he thought he had to give us permission, but Chad took him at his word. He said it was a good idea and was taking off his shorts. I did the same. It was a little cooler and it felt sexy. Chad and I were working arms. Brock was doing legs and bench presses; both were obviously successful workout routines for him. His chest was massive and his legs were like tree trunks. I well remembered how solid they were pounding his thick cock into my ass, and how they felt locked around my head when I was sucking him.

We were about twenty minutes into our workout when Brock asked us to spot him.

'I'm going to failure on bench press warm-ups today, you guys wanta come over here and spot me?'

Of course we would!

'I don't see how those arms could ever possibly fail,' I said.'

Any size arms will give out under enough strain,' he said as he lay back on the bench. He reached down and casually hefted and adjusted his jockstrap then grasped the bar. Chad and I stood at each end of the bar. It wouldn't take both of us to handle his warm-up weight but he had asked us both to spot him. He started pumping the barbell and counting reps. Very quickly, sweat popped out on his face and chest. Beads of sweat ran down the slopes of his thick pecs and formed tiny rivulets that trickled down into the deep ridges of his abs. At twenty reps I reached for a towel and wiped at the sweat running into his eyes. He muttered thanks in between counts.

He counted ten more with no signs of weakening. We stood at the ready. The weight wasn't heavy for Brock but I couldn't have gone past twenty reps with it. At thirty six he began to slow down. He did three more then announced, 'one more.' He pushed the bar up one last time with minimal help from us.

'That's not failure,' I said.

He managed to spit out, 'fuck you' and did one more. That one was failure. He couldn't get it up to the rack. We had to help bring it up and rack it. I made a swipe across his sweaty chest with the towel. He took the end of it and wiped his face then sat up. His chest muscles bulged mightily and sweat continued to run down his tanned muscles. Beads of sweat glistened around his nipples. He clasped his hand over his right pec.

'Fuck, working out in my jockstrap and feeling my muscles all pumped up and being all sweaty makes me horny Which one of you guys wants to get fucked?'

I did a double take, not that he wanted to fuck--watching him had made me horny too--but we were in the weight room. He must have read something into my look.

He laughed and said, 'You want it, don't you?' as he groped his jock. 'Watch the door,' he told Chad as he waved me over to the bench. He spread a towel over it and told me to lie down. I did. There was no resisting the guy. If you saw him you would understand. He straddled the bench and reached down and brought my legs up. He shoved my legs over me and put my feet under the bar, bending me completely in half. My ass was straight up and wide open

'Fuck, your ass is even more awesome in a jockstrap,' he said as he pulled his own jockstrap to the side to free his cock and balls.

I noticed again how his fingers wouldn't reach all the way around his cock and I braced myself. This was going to be like a virgin entry; Chad hadn't opened me up for him this time.

He dropped a mouthful of spit into the crack of my ass and dipped the head of his cock in it. I could see Chad at the door, watching it, and us. He had his jockstrap pulled aside too, and was stroking his cock.

'This is going to be a good, sweaty fuck. You're gonna like it,' Brock said. Then he shoved and entered me. Brock wasn't known for gentle finesse. He set his cock firmly on target so there would be no slippage then he dug his thick fingers into my butt muscles and shoved.

My attempt to psych myself up and brace myself failed. There was no such thing with Brock. His cock bored into me in one powerful thrust, like a battering ram. I closed my eyes and winced and grasped the barbell with all my strength, so tight my knuckles turned white. And I cried out, 'Mother-Fuck!' It hurt.

'Not so loud. The windows are open. They can't see us but they can hear us.'

I didn't cry out again, but he forced a lot of squeals and groans out of me which I think delighted him. He didn't much care if they were groans of pain or pleasure. Most of them were the latter, and after a while I was trying to keep from screaming with pleasure.

Brock knew how to fuck. He knew how to move. I suspected he practiced fucking his fist when he was still in the womb. And his size was just incredible. On top of that was the mere sight of his muscular body over me.

'You watching the door?' he asked over his shoulder.

'Yes. All clear,' Chad said.

'Don't jack that thing clear off cause I wanta fuck you next,' he told him.

'I won't....I won't,' Chad said.

Brock's confidence was as sexy as he was physical. He knew he would get me off and as soon as he had fucked my load out of me, Chad would take my place under him. I have thought back that it was little wonder that he was able to keep the mother and daughter happy. He was like a prize Clydesdale stallion; he was bred for breeding. He saw it as his purpose in life.

He was fucking me crazy. He kept an eye out, concerned that Chad wasn't being diligent, while I didn't care of the entire student body came in to watch us. I wanted to cum so bad, and I felt constantly on the verge but it wouldn't release. I thought it was because Brock's cock was so thick, he was causing a restriction that prevented the valves from opening, or something like that. Maybe it was the position we were in, too. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer.

'Brock....!' I gasped.

'You getting close?'

'Yeah, but I can't cum!' I moaned. 'Maybe....if you take your cock out....and use your fingers on me for a little bit, till I start cumming, then you can shove back in and finish fucking my brains out.'

'I can do that,' he said.

He pulled out, leaving my asshole feeling like the Grand Canyon. I didn't know if Brock even knew what the prostate was but when he shoved two long, thick fingers inside my gaping hole he easily found it and I had to put my forearm over my mouth to muffle my outcry, he knew.

'I guess I found it, huh. Man, I can feel something.....feels like a live walnut, it's sort of throbbing. Is that doing the truck? Am I getting you there?'

I nodded frantically, cringing from the intense pleasure.

'Let me know when you're ready.'

I nodded and fought to gain some control so I could move my arm from my mouth.

'Now!' I gasped finally. 'Now, Brock! Give me your cock! I'm gonna cum! Fuck me! Ohh, Godd, fuck me, you big stallion!'

I could try to describe it but it wouldn't be an accurate account because I sort of blacked out. I didn't know for how long. Chad said only for a few seconds. Brock was smacking my face and laughing when I came to.

'Shit, man, I was afraid I really did fuck your brains out. Fuck, look at the load you shot off. Looks like you saved that up for a month.'

I was so drained and weak I couldn't move. Brock had to work my feet from under the barbell then pull me out from under it and help me sit up. Sweat almost sheeted down my chest, along with the cum. Brock was barely fazed. His cock as still standing out like a battering ram.

'You ready?' he asked Chad.


'Soon as Justin grows some legs so he can come and watch the door.'

While I stood watch, Brock fucked Chad. Instead of lying on the bench like me, Brock bent him over the barbell. Chad nearly went nuts for the first minute or two from being impaled almost to the raping point. As I watched I wondered if Brock had been as brutal on me as he appeared to be with Chad. I really didn't know, I was so consumed with lust and pleasure. The sight of them brought my cock back up and I was drooling over Brock's awesome butt muscles. His butt was like smooth rock except that it was alive, rippling mightily with each thrust. It would be impossible to rim him, the way he moved, but I had to have my hands on his bulging, rippling muscles, and smell his sweat, and taste it if he would let me. I set two fifty pounds plates against the door and went over to the bench.

'You're supposed to be watching the door,' he said.

'I blocked it with two fifty pounders,' I said as I put one hand over his butt. I put my other hand on his massive chest. His nipples were like bullets.

'Let me do this,' I said hoarsely as I leaned in and locked my mouth over his nipple.

'Ohhh!' he gasped with surprise. 'Ohhh...Ohhh, fuck....ohh, yeah, man, suck it....Ohhhh..... awwwh, damn, suck that tit.

Brock was no match for both of us. He lasted barely minutes after I started sucking his tits.

'Let us share your load,' I told him.

He didn't say anything and I didn't know if he would, or if he wanted to shoot in Chad's ass. A moment later he pulled out and announced with a grunt that he was about to cum. I squatted down beside the bench with my mouth open and Chad scrambled to turn around on the bench. We sucked and licked the thick cock till Brock sprayed us both. We were like two hungry birds being fed their mother...or father, in this case. He got a lot of it in our mouths, but most of it streaked down our faces.

When he was finished he smacked our faces with his rubbery cock and used it to scoop up his cum and guide it into our mouths. We were both savoring the wonderful taste of the virile stud when he clamped his big hands on top of our heads and turned us to face each other.

'I wanta see you kiss.'

We were happy and quick to oblige. We lashed our cum coated tongues and locked our mouths together to kiss and pass his warm, wonderful semen back and forth.

'Aww, fuck, that's hot,' Brock moaned.

It was hotter than he knew.

Chapter Ten

Our next anatomy class, and what would be our final class before exams, was way beyond mind boggling. We had been told to come to class in our gym clothes and that we could go commando if we wanted to. Everyone was curious about that. But not as curious as being handed, each of us, a small package containing a male douche kit. Even Chad and I were curious and we knew what they were for. Nobody else did. I also wondered who had paid for them. Mr. Barstow, I presumed, as it would be hard to explain why the school's purchasing records showing such a purchase. We were told to use the thing when we showered the morning of anatomy class.

Showers that morning were interesting, if not fun, but there were no unfortunate or embarrassing incidents. Chad and I joined in the 'merriment' so as not to reveal our knowledge of the things.

We arrived at class in our gym clothes, feeling fresh and clean....a lot of guys said they liked the feeling of being clean inside as well as out....and all were very curious. I could tell that a lot of the guys were commando, including myself and Chad.

Dan Kennedy was off to the side talking to Mr. Barstow and when we walked in he waved us over.

'I purposely wanted to spring this on you at the last minute so you wouldn't have time to think about it,' Mr. Barstow said.

'Spring what on us?' I asked.

'Well, you two and Dan, here--and Eric, of course, but he had a dental appointment this morning-- so you are the only ones who might have a clue what this all about.'

'A clue maybe, but what is it all about?' Chad asked.

'He's going to teach these guys a little more about their prostates,' Dan said.

'I think it's a crime that boys grow up not knowing anything about one of the most important organs in their bodies until their doctor springs it on them that they need to start having prostate exams. It's even more criminal how many guys put it off for years because they are scared of the idea, or it is simply too foreign to their macho psyche.'

'I agree,' Chad said. 'A girl's got a clit, a guy's got a prostate; he oughta know about it.'

'So, you haven't told us what this is about as it concerns the three of us,' I said.

'I want you to be my guinea pigs.'

I guess we both scowled.

Dan laughed. 'He wants you to bend over and let guys explore your ass and find your prostate,' he said bluntly.

'Something like that,' Mr. Barstow said.

'Exactly like that. Don't sugar coat it,' Dan said, laughing. 'He talked to me about it and I told him I was sure you guys would do it.'

'Once they've done that, then I will pair them up or team up and everyone will have a chance to discover his own prostate, with the help of a friend.'

'Is this going to involve sex?' Chad asked under his breath.

'No,' Mr. Barstow said.

'What if I cum? Or what if others do? That makes it sex, doesn't it?' I asked.

'No, that is simply a physical reaction. I will make that understood so one is embarrassed.'

Dan looked at us. 'So, are you going to do it?'

'I guess we will, if you are,' I said.

As class was called to order the sense of curiosity and tension in the room was almost electric.

'Class! Class!' Mr. Barstow said loudly, clapping his hands to quiet the loud buzz of excitement and conversation. 'This may well be the first anatomy class of its kind in the country. We will never know, of course. But it should not be. I must preface by saying that it is not something you can write home about or share with anyone outside this class, and I will ask your solemn promise that you will not do so. You do not have to participate in this project but I do ask that you remain in the classroom to at least observe. I remind you that part of your final grade is dependent on this particular class.'

'Now, we have briefly studied the prostate. But to stop with the brief paragraphs in your health textbook would be as if you had not even read it. It does not emphasize that your prostate is one of the most important organs in your body as a male. And your textbooks are is derelict in not even explaining the full function and purpose of the prostate. You all have one. But I daresay you are ignorant of it. I want to erase that ignorance. The best way to do that, to understand your prostate, is through physical exploration, which is why this is a hands-on lesson. What we will be doing here this morning is no different than what a doctor will be doing, or should be doing when you are in your thirties. Chad and Justin and Dan have bravely agreed to be our guinea pigs.'

He nodded to us and we took up our stations as he continued....Dan at one end of the desk, me at the other end, and Chad at the front with his back to the class.

'What I want three of you to come up and, using the lubricant provided, carefully explore with your finger, or fingers, till you find his prostate. When you have done that, you will trade places and become the guinea pigs. After that, six more of you will come up, and take their places, and so forth.'

I was surprised at the reactions. There were no expressions of 'gross' and no one was refusing to take part.

'How will I know if I've found it, by his reaction? What's it feel like?' one boy asked.

'It's about the size a walnut, somewhat spongy, although in a state of excitement it can become firmer and you might feel it palpitating,' Mr. Barstow said. 'And do go easy, you can cause discomfort if you are too rough.'

He nodded to us and together, we shoved our gym shorts down. We had all come commando.

'Now that is one fine looking ass,' someone said quietly, causing an outburst of laughter.

Mr. Barstow laughed by lightly reprimanded the boy. 'This is not to be viewed as anything sexual,' he said as sternly as he could, and I thought, what a hypocrite. 'Although this would be a good time to point out that since the prostate is somewhat a sexual organ, depending on an individual's sensitivity and the manner of contact, it could cause an ejaculation. Don't be embarrassed. It is your body's natural reaction to stimulation. I've been told it even happens in the doctor's office. So, do we have a first volunteer?'

Several hands went up and Mr. Barstow called on James Dillman, Allan Bates and Josh Meyers.

I guess I wasn't surprised when Josh seemed to rush to get to Dan before the others did. Dan had the kind of ass that would naturally attract anyone, straight or otherwise.

'Damn, this is what you call a butt buffet,' Dillman joked as he moved up behind me. Bates got behind Chad.

I was glad Dillman had chosen me. He had big basketball player's hands with long, almost muscular fingers. Josh finished lubing up his fingers and squeezed some out onto Dillman's fingers, then on Allan's. Then they all went to work.

Dillman's laid one hand flat on the small of my back and began to probe my asshole.

'He's pretty tight, do I just shove through?' he asked Mr. Barstow.

I almost told him yes but I didn't want to appear too eager.

'You should ask him,' Mr. Barstow replied.

'How about it, do I shove right in or what?' he asked me.

'Yeah, go ahead, I'll handle it,' I said bravely. I almost said 'I want it'. I couldn't appear so anxious in front of the class and I quickly did a mindset adjustment before he found my prostate.

Dillman's fingers didn't disappoint me. He was gentle but he wasn't timid. He shoved his middle finger inside me and immediately began searching. I cringed inside. Fuck, it felt good!

'Are you going to let me know when I find it?'

I started to say yes--the word was on the tip of my tongue--but instead I let out a gasp. 'Aww! Right there; you found it!'

'Yeah, I can feel it!' He sounded so excited and I wondered if this was what it was like in medical school. 'I never felt a live walnut before, but you're right, that's what it feels like. I can feel it moving, palpitating,' he said as he explored all around my love nut.

Godd, don't! I closed my eyes tightly. He was going to make me cum if he didn't stop. I was bent over the desk on my elbows and I had my hands clasped. I opened my eyes to see my knuckles were white. Then he pulled his finger out.

'Good job, you took that okay,' he told me, patting my butt. 'Hey, your eyes are watering. Did I hurt you? Man, I tried to be easy.'

'No, I'm okay,' I said, shaking my head.

'Well, I guess you get to do it to me,' he said.

I straightened and stepped back and he took my place, bent over the desk. I lubed up my finger and went for his asshole. I rubbed the tiny aperture for a moment. It felt good and I liked doing it; I guess I did it a little too long.

'It's okay, you can go in,' he said over his shoulder. There was a little tremor in his voice that told me he might be already enjoying it too much. I decided I wanted to capitalize on that. I entered him slowly, one knuckle at a time, wriggling my finger around as if I were searching for his prostate. The tremor was worse when he said, 'It's okay, man, you don't have to treat me like a baby, it don't hurt.' He wanted me to get it over with.

With my finger all the way in him I went on a wider search. He was bent over like I was, hands clasped tightly together.

'Oh!....wait! I think you....f-found it....there! Yeah, there, man....I f-feel something.....don't you feel it?' he stammered.

I felt it but I didn't let on. I kept probing moving my finger around, actually rubbing all over his love nut. It was quivering.

'That's it, man, that's gotta be it!' he gasped. Then, very softly, under his breath, 'Oh, fuck!

The next instant his prostate went ballistic, almost like it was dancing and jumping around inside him. It was evil of me but I didn't stop. I think it would have been too late anyway. His asshole tightened around my finger, and loosened, then sort of fluttered and I knew he was cumming.

His head dropped into his hands and I heard soft splattering thuds against the side of the desk. He was really cumming.

I heard, 'Oh, shit! Look! Do you see that?' from somewhere in the classroom.

I kept my hand on his butt and my finger inside him till he finished shooting his load. His legs were shaking a little and he kept his head buried in his hands.

'Okay, I think I found it,' I said, patting him on the butt.

He remained bent over for a few more seconds then tossed his head back and straightened. His face was red, but he handled it like a trooper.

'I don't know if that was supposed to happen, Mr. Barstow, but I couldn't help it. I made a huge mess all over the side of your desk.'

Mr. Barstow handled it well too. 'I told you all that might happen. Don't worry about it, James, we'll take care of that later. There might be more,' he added, laughing.

James went back to his desk, shaking his head. As I returned to my desk I noticed most eyes were on James's cock swinging out in front of him.

Surprisingly, there was only one other explosion, although there were little puddles where precum had dripped on the floor, and streaks of cock drool on the sides of the desk.

When they were all finished, Mr. Barstow told us we could get dressed as he came in front of his desk, stepping gingerly over the little pools of precum. Then he moved to the side of the room.

'I think it might be safer over here,' he said, laughing.

'With that, gentlemen, you may well be the only high school students, or college, who have learned about your prostate in a classroom environment. I caution you again not to discuss this outside the classroom. Were you all okay with it? What did you think? Do you have any questions?'

'I have a question,' said Randy Blake. 'Is it supposed to feel good? Or, that good? James shot his load and he was embarrassed by that, but if Joe hadn't stopped when he did, doing me, I would've white washed the entire classroom.'

Everybody laughed.

'It's not a matter of supposed to or not,' Mr. Barstow said. 'If it felt good, then I think it should be something to be celebrated, not ashamed of.'

Another boy spoke up. 'I think the prostate is a guy's answer to a clit. It's just that nobody knows about it. And I wanta thank you, Mr. Barstow, for being brave enough to have this class and show us.'

'Oh, I'm, not the brave one. I wasn't one bent over the desk,' he said, laughing. 'What I am most impressed with is, not one boy left the room.'

'Well, I for one, won't be afraid to have the exam when the time comes,' a boy said.

Another hand went up. 'Having made this discovery, I'm wondering if that--the prostate--is what makes gay men like to have anal sex.'

'I don't know, but it must have some great bearing on it. If it was painful, it wouldn't be so popular,' Mr. Barstow said.

'Yeah, otherwise, they would stick to blowjobs,' the boy said. 'Just like the feelings in your dick make sex with a girl feel so great, the feelings in your prostate could make that kind of sex just as great. James sure got off on it, and there's a lot of ball juice all over the floor all around your desk.'

'Yeah, James, do you want to meet me after class?' someone said in a stage whisper.

The class erupted in laughter.

'I have a couple of questions for all of you, then I'll let you go,' Mr. Barstow said. 'Is there anyone who experienced pain that would make you still dread the 'bend over' exam?'

No hands went up.

'That's wonderful. Is there anyone who did not experience some bit of pleasure from it.'

Still no hands went up.

'I'm very glad to know that. We all know that every one of you masturbates from time to time. It's a perfectly natural and healthy thing to do. I would like to know, having made the discoveries that we have, if any of you think you might add ass play, if you will, to your private activities.'

There was dead silence and no hands went up.

Finally, Roger Brown spoke up. 'I'm gonna answer for all of us, Mr. Barstow, because we all know everybody's sitting here lying by keeping quiet. I think I might try it if the circumstances are right, I mean, if it's so I could be by myself and experiment around so I'd know what I'm doing.'

Mr. Barstow nodded thoughtfully. 'That is a very brave answer, Roger, and I'm sure you did speak for most everyone here.'

'I know I did. Hell, everybody here knows we all jack off.'

'I have just one more question,' Mr. Barstow said. He hesitated, then shook his head. 'No, I don't think I should ask that.'

'Go ahead and ask.'

'Don't be shy now, Mr. Barstow, what'd you wanta ask?'

Roger spoke up again. 'Since I'm the only one with any balls, I think I know what you want to ask, Mr. Barstow.'

'What? All right, you ask it and I'll tell you if you're right.'

'You wanta know if any of us are thinking or might consider teaming up for a jackoff-assplay session together; you know, help each other out, cause I don't know if you can reach your prostate with your own fingers.'

Mr. Barstow smiled broadly, shaking his head.

'You're a mind reader, Roger. You're absolutely right, that's what I was going to ask. Thank you for being so brave.' But he didn't pursue it.

Again, Roger was the brave one. 'Well?' he said, looking all around the room. 'You heard the question. Is anybody gonna answer it, or am I the only one in the room with any balls?'

Another boy spoke up. 'You didn't answer it either, Brown, you just asked the question.'

'Okay, yeah, I'd be up to experimenting around with somebody with some balls,' he said cockily.

Suddenly Mr. Barstow stepped in. 'The question has been asked and answered, at least in everyone's mind, but I think we are moving well beyond the subject at hand. So if there are no more questions, class is dismissed.'

As was his way, he wasn't asking if there were any more questions, he was dismissing us.

'Can I ask one more question, Mr. Barstow,' one boy called out anxiously. 'It has nothing to do with this, except I would like to know how you're going to grade this class. I know Roger blasted a huge A-plus all over your desk, but what kind of grade might I expect?'

When the laughter died down, 'There is still a written exam, but for this part--and it does count for fifty percent of your grade--you will all receive an A.'

If he'd held us a bit longer there would've likely been more questions, because there was an eruption of chatter as we left the building. I could almost feel a shroud lifted and a new feeling of excited freedom among the boys.

Chapter Eleven

From the tutoring sessions, even though we knew we were going to get good grades, Chad and I turned in our extra credit papers and Mr. Barstow said to come to his quarters that evening to find out the results of our grades on the papers. As before, he said to come casual.

He opened the door in his boxers again, barefoot. He had his phone in his hand.

'Come in, come, don't be afraid, your grades aren't that bad,' he joked.

There were cokes on the table as before but he didn't offer us one or even invite us to sit down.

'I have to make a quick call,' he said 'I left your papers on the nightstand in my bedroom where I graded them, if you would be so kind as to go get them.'

We went to the bedroom and stopped in our tracks.

'Welcome to tutoring 101.'

There lay Dan Kennedy, stretched out on the bed, wearing the tiniest pair of white boxers I'd ever seen.

'Dan!' Chad said, expressing his surprise in his tone.

I think I gasped, not from surprise, but from the sight of him. His darkly tanned body, contrasted against the white sheets, by was absolute perfection. Every muscle--and there were so many of them--stood out in sharp definition and seemed to ripple even when he breathed.

'Mr. Barstow said we might have company tonight,' Dan said with a killer smile.

'We, uh....c-came over to check on our grades,' I stammered. I felt like a fool, unable to take my eyes off of him, and they kept being drawn back to his manhood, sexily encased in the bulging pouch of tight, stretch boxers.

'I wouldn't worry about your grades if I were you,' Dan said.

Mention of grades drew my attention to the nightstand but there were no papers, but I quickly dismissed that and looked back at Dan. Godd, he was built! Not an ounce of fat to be seen, his chest and stomach bulged and rippled when he breathed. The bulge in his shorts was mouth watering; in fact his shorts were almost all bulge with a narrow waistband holding it in place. I wondered what his butt looked like in those shorts. He got up from the bed and hitched them up on one side then the other.

'Mr. Barstow may be on that call for a little bit, he said to get you something to drink when you arrived. What'll it be? There's beer if you want it.'

'I'll have a beer,' Chad said.

'Yes, me too,' I said.

Dan went over to a small refrigerator on a table in the corner of the room and got three beers. It was a chance for me to see what his butt looked like in those shorts. I nearly choked. He handed us each a beer and I guzzled it; my mouth was dry.

'Get comfortable, looks like it's going to be an interesting night,' Dan said as he sipped his beer.

I must have hesitated. Probably did because I was so taken by this guy that my head wasn't in gear. He smiled and set his beer down and came over to me.

'Do you need some help?' he asked as he tugged my shirt out of my cargo shorts.

'I....thanks,' I managed. I took another hard slug of beer and he took it from me and set on the nightstand so he could pull my shirt off over my head.

'Fuckin' nice headlights,' he said, tweaking my nipples.

I laughed. 'Look at you, fuckin' nice everything,' I said.

'How's your ass, from that class the other day?' he asked.

'Okay. Fine.'

I glanced past Dan and saw Chad taking off his shorts and I could see he was already hard. He shoved his shorts down and his cock was bobbing around like a stick in the wind. He smiled at me.

'How's your ass?' I asked Dan.

'Fine. Wanta see?' he asked with a cocky grin.

'More than anything,' I said. I couldn't believe this was going so smoothly. He had my cargos undone and they fell to my ankles. He started to shove his shorts down but I stopped him. 'No, let me do that,' I said.

He smiled, said 'Okay' and picked up his beer.

I scrambled out of my clothes and went to my knees as Chad was coming over to us. I put my hands on Dan's hips and turned him around so he was facing Chad and began squeezing his butt through his shorts. They barely covered the twin mounds of muscle, so solid that I could barely make a dent with my fingers.

'Fuck, this is awesome,' I said hoarsely.

'I guess I get the front,' Chad said as he went to his knees. I didn't care. This wasn't about Dan's cock, it was about his body, the most perfect and beautiful body I'd ever seen.

Chad was pulling his shorts down in front and when I tugged on the waistband at the sides he entwined his fingers with mine and we pulled them down off his butt together. Chad pulled them the rest of the way off while I wrapped my hands around Dan's butt. My eyes fixed on it and I had to swallow the excess spit that had built up. Each side shifted and flexed sexily as he lifted his feet for Chad to remove his shorts completely.

'Holy Shit!' I heard Chad say and I knew he was feasting his eyes on Dan's cock. 'This is the most perfect cock I've ever seen,' he said.

I smiled. 'Same for the back side,' I said. I leaned in and kissed each side then pressed my face against his butt. My nose was in the top of his crack and I licked the lower part. Dan moved but I thought it was from Chad taking his cock in his mouth. I knew it was when his butt muscles tightened with a forward thrust. I ran my hands up and down Dan's smooth thighs. They were like warm marble. I reached one hand between them and hefted his heavy balls and felt Chad's tongue where he was completely down on his cock. Then I reached further to feel his lower abs. Chad took my hands and guided them to Dan's slick cock and moved them up and down on it. It was hard as rock, and so thick, and so hot. Chad put his mouth back on it and I moved my hands to let him have it.

I returned my focus to Dan's butt, pulling it apart to lick deeper in the crevice.

'Relax your butt for me,' I told him.

' is relaxed. That's just the way it is,' he said.

Chad reached around and clasped his butt to pull Dan's cock deeper into his throat, and pulled the muscles apart. I licked deeper as Chad sucked-fucked him for a moment then released.

'Damn, your ass is like two bowling balls.' Then he said between slurps, 'Hey, I've got an idea. Let's get on the bed and have Dan sit on your face, that'll spread his butt wide open for you, and I can still suck him at the same time.'

I stretched out on the bed and Dan stepped up on the bed and stood astraddle me. He squatted down over my face with his muscular arms spread out across the headboard. His asshole found my protruding tongue and I went to work on his ass, my face a perfect fit between his spread butt. Chad straddled me on his hands and knees and began sucking him.

I was in heaven, so hot and excited that my cock ached from the erection I had. Chad told me later that it was like sucking a hot poker. Dan was moaning and working his butt back and forth over my mouth and fucking Chad's mouth at the same time. I could feel Chad's drool on my chest.

Suddenly I felt my cock engulfed in the wet warmth of a mouth. I'd almost forgotten about Mr. Barstow. He was good. Ohh, Godd, he was good! I almost wished he wasn't so good because I was already so hot and boned up over Dan that it was going to be harder to hold off and I didn't want to ever give up his delicious ass. I wondered how many other guys Mr. Barstow had invited or summoned to his private quarters.

With Chad sucking him, it was hard for Dan to hold still for me to tongue his ass. I was okay with the ride he was giving my face but I wanted to taste inside him. I clasped his butt to hold him still and used my thumbs to stretch his hole wide open. I could see up inside his ass, the velvety inner muscles moving and palpitating. I urged him down and drove my tongue through his hole.

'Awwwhhh!! Awww, fuck!' he groaned loudly as he bore down on my face so I could tongue fuck him. But it was still hard for him to hold still and he began swinging his butt to and fro to fuck Chad's mouth at the same time.

The four of us fairly hummed; four bodies moving and thrusting, moving in sexual unison. I was in a constant state of trying to hold back, knowing it was futile, and I whimpered from the sheer pleasure of the futility.

Mr. Barstow was able to swallow my cock in steady gulps and lick my balls on each downward stroke. He paused every few strokes, releasing my cock completely to take a breath. Once when he did that he guided my cock to Chad's ass. He must have been preparing him all along because after several repeats, Chad pushed back and my cock was suddenly inside him. I squealed and moaned as he started riding me. But as the pleasure mounted Mr. Barstow took my cock back and sucked me some more. He did that several times.

Then Mr. Barstow lifted my legs up, high. 'Take hold of his legs,' he told Chad.

Chad reached back and took my legs without missing a stroke on Dan's thrusting cock and Mr. Barstow began rimming me.

I would have been happy just to rim Dan's gorgeous ass; now I was getting rimmed, I was getting fucked and I was feasting on the most incredible ass in the world, and it was almost more than I could stand.

But Mr. Barstow, knowingly or not, seemed set on pushing me to my limits and beyond. There was a short pause then I felt his cock pushing into me.

'Ohh, God, this is more than I can take,' I murmured aloud as his very long cock slowly entered me without pause. He started fucking me with long, deep strokes and when Chad rose up and groaned I knew it was because Mr. Barstow was rimming him now.

I tried desperately to hold off. I prayed for it not to end but it was Dan who shattered my hopes for continual pleasure when he lost control. His sweet asshole seemed to take on a new life, squeezing with slow, hard palpitations around my tongue, then, 'ohh, fuck....ohh, Chad you're getting me off....I'm gonna cum!....Oh Godd, I'm cumming, Chad, suck me hard. I'm cumming!'

He rode my face like it was a bucking bronco and I thought he might break or dislocate my nose. It was like he was going to come out of his ass. I wrapped my arms around his upper thighs and held on for the ride. Dan was practically screaming and my own screams were muffled by his butt, and it was almost a shock to me to realize that I was cumming too.

There was a blackout--I didn't know how long--during which I was hurled off into an unknown place of extreme pleasure, but pleasure more tolerable, as if the sexual part of my brain had gone into overload and shorted out to protect my sanity. Then the blackness began to clear and I was transported through a moonlit haze into a beautiful place of sexual pleasure that I was able to stand. I was aware of the wet heat surrounding my cock and a glove like tightness squeezing all around it as I continued slurping Dan's delectable ass. Then Dan's ass was lifting up from my face and was replaced with Chad' handsome face over me. Then his lips locked over mine, his tongue forcing my lips apart and I tasted Dan's warm, sweet cum. I opened my mouth eagerly to receive it but Chad sucked more of it back into his own mouth. We exchanged the delicious male nectar several times in a passionate kiss as we swallowed it. I whispered 'thanks' as our mouths parted. He said, 'no problem.'

My own ass was empty and I was coming back to reality, but I couldn't move.

'Fuck, what just happened?' I asked as I tried to form the picture in my mind. I heard someone laugh then Dan was lying down close beside me to make room for Chad and Mr. Barstow beside us. They didn't need much room. Chad drew his legs up, Mr. Barstow pushed them against his chest and started fucking him.

'Fuck, that was awesome,' Dan said as he pressed against me in a tangle of muscle. 'I never had anybody do that to me before.'

'More awesome than you know,' I said. 'I hope awesome enough that you'll want to do it again.'

'Shit, put me spread eagle on a rack, pry my ass open and do me all day and all night long,' he said.

'Ohh, fuck, what a picture! God, I love your body. I love feeling your muscles.'

'Yours feel good against mine,' he said.

'I'm surprised you even noticed mine,' I said.

'Oh, I've noticed,' he said. 'But I wasn't sure till Mr. Barstow said he was pretty sure about you and Chad.'

'How long have you and Mr. Barstow......'

He laughed, interrupting me. 'I spent my first night at school here in his quarters,' he said.

'Aww fuck, all this time wasted,' I moaned.

'We can make up for some of that wasted time,' he said. 'Barstow was fucking you just now, wasn't he?'

'Yes, but I was barely aware of it. I was concentrating on your ass. You've got the most beautiful, incredible ass I've ever seen. It makes my mouth water.'

'Would you let me fuck you? I think I could make you notice,' Dan said.

'Any time, any fuckin' place,' I said.

'There is one condition,' he said.


'You gotta fuck me back.'

I must have showed my surprise.

'What, you don't want to?' he asked.

'I don't know if I could.'

'I know you're big but I'll handle it. I want to see how far you reach with that big hunk of meat, and what it feels like.'

'I meant I don't know if I could hold off even to get my cock in you. You don't know what your butt does to me. Just watching my cock slide into your ass would probably make me go off.'

'Then don't watch. I'll blindfold you,' he said.

'No! I wanta watch your muscles ripple when I fuck you, and see your face.'

'Okay, we'll work together. I'll show you what my ass can do for you, and then sometime I want to try rimming. I've never tried that.'

Dan fucked me till I nearly screamed. He was wonderful but it was more the sight of his magnificent body hovered over me, those beautiful muscles rippling and bulging as he moved. I couldn't keep my hands off of him, and that felt almost as good as his cock moving inside me.

We traded places and I fucked Dan. He was so tight--he had such powerful muscles in his ass--it was hard to penetrate through his sphincter and it hurt him, but he took it like a man. We started out with him on his stomach. In that position I was fucking his butt muscles as much his asshole. He was moaning and gasping and tossing his head back and forth and clawing the sheets, and I loved pounding the twin mounds of muscle but they prevented me from penetrating all the way.

'If you really want to feel how far I can reach, we need to change positions with you on your back. Your butt is a great fuck cushion and I love fucking you this way, but your muscles are so firm I can't get in deep enough to use all of my cock.'

'I want you to use all of it on me,' he said. We changed positions. The sight of him on his back, submitting his muscular body to me like that, was breath taking and I did have to concentrate to hold off, just entering him again but once I was in I was okay.

'Ohh, Godd!' he groaned as I penetrated past where I'd been before. 'Ohh, Geezuss....fuck, man, you do go in deeper this way with my ass spread open.'

'Is it okay?' I asked as I shoved his legs against his chset.

'Yeah, it's fine. Fuck me.' He spread his legs out wide, holding onto his ankles so he was bent in half. It was the most vulnerable position I'd ever seen.

So I showed Dan how deep I could go and he loved it, he said as much as him fucking me. He was amazed how long I could fuck and he said later that he was a little sore from the hard, incessant pounding I gave him, but he said it was a good soreness.

After we showered he rimmed me. He started doing it in the shower. I didn't have to show him anything, he just did it, doing what he felt me do to hm.

Chad and Mr. Barstow occupied each other but it was like we were, each couple, in separate worlds. Except when Dan and I were sixty-nining. Dan was on top and Chad came up behind him and began fucking him. That was pretty incredible too. I could feel it every time he made contact with Dan's prostate. It made his cock bolt harder in my mouth and it got him so primed, when he went off it was like a fire hose. Mr. Barstow made it even more pleasurable by fucking me at the same time.

I couldn't accurately say what all we did or many times or how many fiery loads we shot off. It was a virtual orgy with one long, continuous cum.

As I'd hoped, it wasn't the last time I had with Dan. If he hadn't transferred in....if I'd met him first....I might have fallen in love with him instead of Chad. Or as well as Chad, because falling in love with Chad was inevitable. I felt a little guilty that I was so smitten with Dan, but I couldn't keep my mind off the guy. He was in my thoughts as much as Chad.

Then one day Chad relieved my guilt.

'Look, I know you're all hot for Dan,' he started as we were walking on campus one evening.

'It's the hots, nothing deeper than that,' I lied.

'Whatever, it's okay. I wanted to ask how you feel about sharing the cabin....letting somebody else in on it.'

'Brock already knows about it. Who else do you want to take back there?'

'Not me, you.'

'What do you mean?

'Here's the deal. Eric wants me to fuck him; more actually, he wants me to dominate him. He wants to role play....he wants me to rape him. He's paying me.'

'Paying you? Why would he do that?'

'It's what he wants to do. He says it'll be like he owns me for the night if he pays me, like I'm bought and paid for. I wanted to ask you first.'

'You don't need my permission to have sex with someone else.' I said.

'Yeah, I do. I have to know you're okay with it.'

'Sure I'm okay with it. What has it got to do with me taking somebody back to the cabin?'

'Eric and I will be using Mr. Barstow's bedroom. I thought maybe you might want to take Dan back to the cabin for the night.'

My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't speak for a moment.

'I know you're wanting it from him again.'

'I do, but....'

'Then do it. Mr. Barstow said we can trust him.'

'Wait....Barstow knows about the cabin?'

'Yeah. I slipped up. But he's fine with it. Just like he's fine with Eric and me using his quarters. Eric wants him to film us but I don't know if I want to do that.'

'Don't. I don't trust Eric that much.'

'I probably won't.'

'No probably....just don't let him. And make sure there are no hidden cameras,' I said

'So do you want to?' he asked again.

'Hell, yeah. Thanks. Have fun with Eric.'

'Thanks, for what? You don't need my permission either.'

'Yeah, I do,' I lied. I didn't really; I was ashamed to admit that I would've been having sex with Dan anyway if there had been the chance.

Two days later I told Dan about the cabin. I was pleased that he was so excited. I was also pleased that he asked about Chad.

'Chad has other plans,' I told him.


'I'm not sure. Do you want to sneak out tonight?'

'Fuck, yeah.'

So while Chad was raping Eric for pay, I was steeped in sexual pleasure with Dan. It was another night to remember, equal to the orgy. I couldn't get enough of his body. I couldn't tear my eyes away from him or keep my hands or my mouth off of his muscles. I actually tried just to see how strong the attraction was.

Several times I looked away and drew my hands away from him, not touching him anywhere. I couldn't do it. My eyes and hands were drawn back to him, like his body was a magnet.

'Why do you keep doing that, looking away and pulling away from me?' he asked.

'To see if I can. I can't. You are so incredibly beautiful I can't keep my eyes and my hands off of you.'

He laughed and the ripple of his stomach muscles made me whimper with excitement.

'What?' Dan asked.

'This,' I said, flattening my hand over his abs. 'The way your abs ripple and dance when you laugh or move at all, it makes me shiver and get all weak inside.'

'If the light was better you would see you're embarrassing me, saying I'm beautiful. That's for girls.'

'Don't be embarrassed, just accept my adulation. You are the most beautiful male I've ever seen, more beautiful than any girl I've ever seen. It's almost impossible to keep my eyes and hands off of you and I thank the gods that I don't have to.'

'Come on,' he said with an embarrassed smile. Then he asked, 'What about Chad?'

'He told me to bring you here.'

'No shit!'

'No shit. So will you just indulge me my muscle worship?'

'Yeah, fuck yeah. It makes it worth all the work, building myself up to look like this, when someone appreciates it as much as you do.'

'Believe me, I more than appreciate all the work you've put into your body. I lust over you.'

'Well, just so you know, I sorta like your body too. Especially that awesome cock. Now there is a thing of beauty. So you can worship my muscles if I can worship your cock.'

Like I said before, it was a night to remember, and I can still almost feel Dan's smooth, solid muscles when I think of that night and look at his pictures. Yeah, nearly everyone was taking pictures of everyone else before the school year ended, outside on campus, in the weight room, in the dorm--some pretty raunchy ones there--and later when Dan and I sneaked off to the cabin just before the sun went down. It wasn't to have sex--there wasn't time--I wanted some candid pictures of him. I took them of him posed naked in the field right at the edge of the woods, doing all sorts of poses, even some of his cock hard. And I didn't forget some back views of his awesome ass. Dan Kennedy is one of my fondest memories of school.

Chapter Twelve

We never did have the naked Olympic games, although there was some favorable talk about it; about what schools might be invited to take part. It just never came together.

Gradation was bitter sweet. We were looking forward to it, yet we dreaded it because we would be parting ways into an unknown future. The night before graduation, without being seen, we unscrewed the light bulb over our bunks. We discreetly stuffed our bunks with pillows and clothes and when the time was right we sneaked out of the dorm and headed for the cabin. We spent the night making love and holding each other close. Not having gotten much sleep, we were groggy when we got back to the dorm the next morning. We tried to sneak in but we got caught. Jase Conner was going downstairs to shower and met us on the stairs.

'Where the hell have you guys been?' he asked. 'You both look like shit.'

'We went for one last early morning run,' I replied quickly.

He laughed. I knew he didn't believe us but I wasn't sure he knew about us.

We graduated, perhaps without the fanfare of larger schools, but it was a grand affair just the same. Many parents were there, including mine. I was saddened that there were some boys who graduated literally alone. Chad was one of them. It angered me that his parents couldn't make it but my parents more or less took him under their wing.

The biggest surprise was when it was all over and people were dispersing. I was walking with my parents to where the cars were parked along both sides of the drive that circled the entire campus. I would go back to the dorm for my stuff, I would say goodbye to Chad then we would be on our way home.

As we approached my Dad's car I told him I had to get my stuff but he interrupted me.

'Oh, you can take your time with that, you're not riding back with us anyway,' he said as he shoved his hands in his pockets.

I frowned. 'What do you mean? I'm taking a bus, or what?'

They were both smiling. 'That's your ride over there,' he said, handing me a set of keys.

Still with a frown, I looked around. The only car in the area where he was pointing was a big, shiny, black Suburban. I looked back at him, then the keys, then back at the vehicle, then back at my father.

'Dad....? Are you serious?' I choked through my laughter. 'Geezuss, Dad, what're you going to do for college?' I joked as I moved in to give them both a hug.

'This is it for high school and college, but we thought you needed this for college,' he said.

I cried on their shoulders. Through my tears I saw Chad standing off in the distance, half hidden by the trees, alone. I ached for him.

I straightened myself up and saw my parents off--they and Chad had already said their goodbyes. It was the strangest thing as my Dad and I were saying goodbye. Mom was already in the car and he and I were walking around the back of the car.

'I can't begin to tell you what this means to me, Dad, but I was sort of looking forward to riding back with you and Mom.'

He stopped at the back of the car. 'It's worked out best this way,' he said. 'This way, you will have the proper time to say goodbye to your friend.'

I thought it an odd thing to say and I must have showed it.

'He's lingering in the trees, aching to say goodbye,' Dad said.

'His parents didn't come,' I said.

'All the more reason......' He let his word fade, and I knew he was telling me something.

'Dad....?' I said with my head cocked. 'Does Mom know?'

'I don't know, we haven't talked about it. I wasn't sure myself till I saw you two together. Thought this would be a good time to let you know it's okay.'

I looked down at my feet, my lips tight, fighting back my emotions. I said, as I looked up at him very slowly. 'Dad, I want to tell you I love you, then you need to get in the car and drive away before I fall apart.'

He smiled--there were tears in his eyes--then he walked around and got in the car. I stood and watched them drive off. I didn't wave till I saw my mother look back and wave. I watched them drive out of sight then I looked at Chad. He hadn't moved from the spot.

We walked toward each other.

'What's up? How come they left without you?'

'I'm driving back by myself.'

'Driving what?'

'That,' I said, pointing to the SUV. 'My parents drove separate vehicles so they could deliver it'

'No fuckin' shit! My parents don't even show up and yours bring you an SUV!'

'I'm sorry your parents didn't make it.'

'Don't worry about it. Let's check this baby out.'

I handed him the keys. He got in and started it up and tried all the knobs and bells and whistles, smiling the whole time. He was truly happy for me despite his own disappointment.

'We better get your stuff,' he said as he turned the SUV off and tossed me the keys.

'What about your stuff?'

'It's already loaded in the van.'

'I could drive you to the station,' I said.

'Thanks, but I want us to part here,' he said.

We walked over to the dorm and went upstairs. It was eerily quiet. We went back to our bunks where my stuff was laying on mine. I left it there and turned to him.

'I don't know where life is going to take us, Chad, but I want you to know.......'

'Wait, wait. You sound like you're saying goodbye.'

'Well, it can't be like it was. We've got college ahead of us, and we'll have jobs.'

'Nothing can ever be like it was. But I'm not saying goodbye to you. We got together last summer and we'll get together this summer.'

'I hope we can.'

We stood looking all around the dorm.

'I wish we could live that first time again,' he said.

'If there was time......,' I said. I took hold of his hand. 'I want to kiss you, Chad. It doesn't have to be a goodbye kiss....but a parting kiss.'

'You weren't going to get out of here without it,' he said. He put his hands on my hips and drew us together, his manhood pressing hard against mine.

We pulled each other in tight and melted into a hard, passionate kiss; writhing together, moaning, devouring each other. I kissed him till I drew the passion out of him and he drained my emotions.

'If we stay here, I'm going to throw you on your bunk and give you one last fuck,' he said, breathlessly.

'Then I would have to throw you in my SUV and drive you to the station. Let's lock the door and do it,' I said.

'Godd, Justin, you don't know how tempting..... but they would come looking for me. We can't.' Then he gave me another quick kiss and said, 'Let's go,' and picked up my bag.

I picked up the box of my stuff. At the landing he stopped.

'What? Did we forget something?' I asked.

'I gotta have one more feel, so I don't forget,' he said as he dropped the bag and groped the front of my cargo shorts with both hands. 'Ohh, fuck, yeah, you're so fuckin' hard.'

'Chad....Chad, if you don't stop now, you're going to have a whole lot to remember, cause you're gonna make me cum in my shorts.'

'That would be funny,' he said, laughing. He groped again, then gave me a quick kiss and picked up my bag.

We loaded my stuff into the SUV. The guys without a ride were gathered around the van.

'Looks like you're getting to take off,' I said.

'Yeah. Aren't you going to walk me over?'

'I can't.' I smoothed my hands down over the very obvious protrusion in my shorts.

Chad grabbed me by the arm and pulled me around behind the SUV. 'Take it out, I'll take care of it for you.'

'What?! We can't do that here!'

'We can, and I will,' he said. 'We should've done it upstairs. We can ago back upstairs, say we forgot something.'

'They're loading up. There's not time for both of us to......'

'Who said anything about both of us? I said I would do you. It would be so neat to spend those hours on the bus with your cum inside me. It wouldn't be such a long, lonely ride; I would have you with me. Come on.'

He was pulling me around the SUV, and then he let go of my arm and ran towards the dorm. I ran after him. I didn't know if the others saw us or not. We dashed up the stairs and Chad locked the door behind us. It was one of the few times I'd ever known the door to be locked.

'Come on, back to our bunks,' he said. 'Back where it all started.'

At the end of the room we stood between our bunks and he tore at my shorts to get them down. They fell to my ankles and he pulled my briefs down as he went to his knees.

'Godd, I love this cock,' he said as he took me in his mouth.

I stood there, suddenly mesmerized at the sight of his handsome, tanned face moving back and forth, watching my cock appear and disappear in and out of his mouth. He boggled my mind; I'd never seen him like this.

'Godd, I love it,' he gasped as he paused to stroke my cock. He looked up at me. 'I love you. We can't be long.....give me your load to take with me.'

'Ohh, Chad, I wish.....'

'Don't wish. Just give it to me. I'm not leaving without it.'

He sucked me furiously, like a hungry wolf on a piece of raw meat. My cock felt like a bar of steel, my balls ached for release. Godd, I was going to drown him when I came. I was trembling with lust, and fright that someone would come looking for us. I didn't think he would stop even if they did, till I gave him what he wanted. It seemed like it went on forever. I wanted it to, so maybe I willed it to be so.

We timed it just right. 'Chad....fuck, man, I'm gonna cum!'

'MMmnnnn,' he moaned, nodding, as he continued to suck me.

Seconds later I exploded. I was unloading what felt like the cum of the century when I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. Chad didn't stop. He clasped his hands tightly around my butt to hold me in place. I didn't think I was going to stop cumming. The footsteps were coming closer; I heard the clomp on the landing.

'Chad, someone's coming!' I gasped.

He nodded and kept sucking. I was still cumming!


'Hey, you guys up here? The van's ready to leave!'

He jerked off of my cock and stood up and I scrambled to get my clothes pulled up. He was smiling a goofy smile as he was swallowing my cum. He waited till I had my shorts done up then headed for the door. Whoever had come up the stairs was trying to come in.

'Yeah, Justin thought he forgot something,' Chad said as he unlocked the door.

'Why's the door locked?'

'Must've swung shut and locked itself,' Chad said. Godd, it sounded lame.

'Yeah, right.'

I came around from the bunk.=

'Had to get in one last time, huh,' the boy said.

'What do you mean?' Chad asked with a scowl.

'Come on, you don't think everybody knows you guys have been lovers all fuckin' year?'

'What the fuck are you talking about?' I blurted as I approached them. I tried to sound shocked and pissed but it didn't come out that way.

'Come on, we gotta go,' Chad said, and started down the stairs.

With that, it was dropped, for the moment. We walked to the van. Most of the guys were loaded. I followed Chad around to the side. The back looked full; he was apparently going to ride up front.

'Come on, we're loaded and waiting,' someone said.

'Yeah, we're loaded and they're upstairs unloading.'

Suddenly things were getting hairy; I was hearing things that I had no clue anybody knew about. My face was feeling warm and Chad had a funny look on his face. He put out his hand and I took it.

'Well, see you, buddy,' he said.

'Yeah, have a safe trip back,' I said.

It was awkward.

'That's it? You're shaking hands? Aren't you going to kiss him goodbye?' someone said.

It was like somebody had poured a bucked of cold water over me and the heavy shroud of pretenses was suddenly washed off. My face had even cooled. Chad had sat in the passenger seat, facing out, one leg slung out over the edge of the seat. Our eyes met and it was like we were seeing each other and the world in a whole new light. I felt a warm flush go through me as he rose up out of the seat.

'Yeah,' he said huskily. 'Yeah, I am.'

Oh, Godd, he's going to do it! He's going to kiss me right here in front of everybody! The thought barely flashed across my brain before he was wrapping his powerful arms around me, pulling me in tight against him and his mouth smashing against mine. I met his passion; I kissed him back with everything in me Every fiber of my being trembled and I felt his cock getting hard.

I was aware of the whooping and applause only as we were coming down from the kiss. I didn't know if Chad was even aware of it. We parted but held close and his eyes were so fixed on mine that it was like we were alone in the universe. He kissed me again. The blast of the horn broke us up and we stepped apart. The applause was still going on.

'About fuckin' time.'

'Fuck, that was hot.'

'Hey, let's try it.'

'Get the fuck away from me.'

Chad was smiling and his eyes were wet, I couldn't tell if it was embarrassment or emotion. He leaned forward and planted another kiss on me then got in the van, his hand on the door to close it.

'We better get rolling before he throw shim over the hood and fucks him,' somebody said.

I stepped back from the van and Chad closed the door. The gravel crunched under the tires.

'Until!' he said as the van was pulling away.

'Until!' I said back. I stood and watched the van go down the drive. The turn signal came on and I watched it pull out onto the road. I stood till it was out of sight. Suddenly, I felt empty, and more alone than I'd ever felt in my life. I looked all around and saw one lone vehicle; my new SUV. I was the last to leave.

Chapter Thirteen

So we graduated and went our separate ways. We stayed in touch by letter and phone--we even had phone sex once--and we got together over the 4th of July as we'd planned. It was a roller coaster of emotions, from hot, raw-even rough--sex, to tender lovemaking. We professed our love many times, often in terms of desperation, as if it might be the last time we would be together.

We got together twice that summer before we went off to college. We saw each other over Christmas, but not spring break. It was like that each year, twice over the summer and at Christmas. It was like we were on a schedule. It wasn't enough but it was all we had. It wasn't enough for Chad and it didn't come close to meeting my physical needs. We had talked about it and agreed that we wouldn't, probably couldn't remain 'faithful.'

I wasn't promiscuous but I got my share of sex. I didn't play college sports but I befriended one of the jocks from the soccer team and he and several of his teammates provided me with all the sex I could handle. I spent many nights in their dorm.

Chad wrote that he was doing okay, too. I didn't doubt it. We spoke on the phone from time to time but our conversations seemed uncomfortable at times. We seemed more ourselves in our letters. I liked it, too, that I could reread his letters.

We didn't make it to each other's graduation; they were on the same weekend. He called me but it was short; there was too much going on. His parents gave him a trip to Europe for graduation and I took a job at one of the companies where I'd served an internship so the summer following graduation turned into the fall and then winter, and we didn't see each other. It seemed our lives had been taken over by the total reality of living.

I never stopped loving him, but time made it easier not to miss him so much. It was the next Fourth of July before we got together again, and again over Labor Day, and the passion was still there but I felt the love was waning. Not mine; his. I felt his passion was laced with raw lust. It made for great sex, but the aftermath was left wanting.

We didn't talk much on the phone. We still wrote letters, and then I wrote letters, without getting a reply. I didn't call him to see what might be wrong. I was afraid to. Then one day I got a notice from the post office that I had mail that had to be signed for. I drove to the post office and signed for fat, heavy duty mailer from someone named Madeline Ford.

I didn't know anyone named Madeline Ford. I sat in my truck and pulled the zip tab on the mailer with a feeling in my gut that this was not good news. I dumped the content on the seat beside me; a bundle of letters tied with a ribbon and several other letters and envelopes. I flipped through the letters in the tied bundle; they were my letters to Chad. I sorted through the loose ones and found the last three that I had written to Chad, unopened. There was a plain blue envelope and another letter addressed to me bearing the return address of this Madeline Ford. My hands trembled as I opened it. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

Dear Justin:

We don't know each other but I feel I know you from listening to Chad talk so much about you. By way of introduction, I am Madeline, Chad's fiance.

I went numb. My eyes seemed to freeze and I couldn't make them focus to read any further.

Fiance!?!? When? How long? When was he going to tell me this little bit of news? The pages shook in my trembling hands and I had to lay them on the steering wheel.

Chad and I were to be married in October. It was to be a simple and very private affair. We were going on a cruise and be married on the ship.

It wasn't to be.....we were.....why was she writing in the past tense?

It was not to be. Chad was killed in a car crash two months ago........

The words trailed off in my head, as if my brain was refusing to process them. 'Oh, God! God, no,' I breathed. I stared at the words, I read them over and over again till they began to come back into my reality. I didn't want them there but they came back.

I was permitted to go retrieve my personal things from his apartment, with his mother, and she asked if I would help her go through his things. I came across these letters and thought you might want them. You understand now why the last ones were not opened. The others, along with a few notes that I had written him, were found in a very nice treasure box that he had apparently bought just for their safe keeping. Unless you want the chest, I would like to keep it. Let me know, and if you do want it, I will part with it and send it to you. Somehow, I feel you have as much right to it as I do; I am being selfish.

I was reluctant at first to mention this, but I shall. There was one letter from you, laying open, on his nightstand where he had apparently been reading it. With it was a letter he had started, to you. I thought you should have it as well. I must admit, with some guilt and shame, that I read them both. I also read part of one of your other letters to him but guilt overtook me and I put it away. I do not regret reading what I did, though.

I did not know the extent of Chad's relationship with you. Nothing in his words or actions gave a clue that he might have been bisexual. So I didn't really know his true sexual orientation, but he was totally straight for me. He was an incredible lover. He was apparently so with you as well. You should know that I was very surprised but I am not upset about this. Had he lived and had I known what I know now, I still would have married him. I loved him, and he loved me. He loved you as well, and I know you loved him. I loved him enough that I would have shared him with you if that made him happy, and I hope you might have felt the same towards me.

I don't know if we will ever meet but it is a comfort to know that you are out there and were such an intimate part of Chad's life. It brings me comfort that he found such happiness before me.

With deep respect and gratitude,


PS. I went through everything of Chad's as thoroughly as possible to insure that there was nothing 'unseemly' that his mother might find. I found nothing 'incriminating.'

I sat staring at the top of the steering wheel, numb from shock. It was supposed to be 'Until.' I heard the words but didn't know I had spoken them; they seemed to come from far off. Then I came to and the reality of it all washed over me and I began to tear up.

'It was supposed to be until, dammit, not never.' I felt the emotions swelling up inside me but I fought them down. I didn't want them to emerge; I didn't know what they would be--anger....hurt--I just didn't know, and I didn't want to find out.

Gradually, as it soaked in, I felt my world crumbling in slow motion around me, till I felt crushed. I was aware of people coming and going but I didn't know how long I sat there. The pages of the letter fell from the steering wheel onto the floor. I picked them up, folded them carefully and put them back in the envelope. Then I gathered everything up and put it back in the mailer, including the unopened blue envelope.

Chapter Fourteen

Life went on although there were times when I felt it was passing me by. I never got over Chad. Maybe I never will; but time makes it easier to think about him.

I wrote Madeline a thank you note, nothing more, and we never corresponded.

Dear Madeline,

You can keep the treasure box. Thank you for sending me the letters, and thank you for loving him. I had no clue either. I wish things had worked out differently so we might have shared him. I believe he had enough love to share.

Other than the empty hole in me, my life was going well. Life was not fair to many of my sex partners who even became lovers who in my mind had to live up to Chad. None of them ever did; perhaps because I would not allow it. I had a lot of great sex but I avoided any serious involvement. I think the idea of becoming involved frightened me.

Nearly eighteen years after graduating from Benford I was in that part of the country on vacation; close enough that I felt I would regret it if I didn't take the time. There were second thoughts....I passed the road sign pointing the way....but the prospect of regrets made me turn around and go back. There were flutters in my stomach as I approached the turnoff. The flutters became pressure that moved up into my chest as I went up the drive that circled the school.

The place looked well kept, the grounds neatly trimmed and it looked like fresh paint around the windows, and I wondered, could it still be in operation as a high school?

Along the back of the drive I parked in front of the kitchen side of the dorm. A shirtless youth on a riding mower was making the last swath along the far side of the grounds on the opposite drive. He finished the swath as I was getting out of my car and drove the mower to a nearby shed where he parked it. He was very muscular for someone his age, I thought. When he got off the mower I saw that he was more than shirtless; he was pretty close to naked. Besides heavy work boots and a baseball cap all he wore was the tiniest shorts I'd ever seen. The light khaki tan material was dark in his crotch and along the waist from sweat. The shorts rode low on his hips, well below his navel, and so high on his thighs that there was no leg to them. The front bulged with his manhood, which but for the way the shorts hugged his upper thighs, surely would've fallen out.

He was absolutely a mountain of muscle on the move as he came toward me, muscles rippling everywhere, especially his abs which were exposed clear down to number seven and eight of the eight pack. My Godd, he was stunning!

He seemed even more muscular up close yet he was lean and tall so he didn't look like a freaky bodybuilder. He was just in damned great shape. He looked younger than I thought. He smiled, and suddenly it struck me.

I took it all in again in one sweeping glance; the body, the walk, the cocky smile, a weird feeling swept over me....I did the math....and remembered the scandal of the farmer's daughter.....!

This was Chad walking toward me! He was more muscular than Chad had been, with tree trunk thighs and heavily muscles shoulders; he was Chad enhanced. But no, I remembered he said he used a condom....and he said there was only that one time. It was Brock who got the girl pregnant. I tried to see Brock in the youth who stood before me, but for the muscles, this wasn't Brock.

'How can I help you?' he asked cheerfully as he tilted his cap back off a shock of dark blonde hair. The way he stopped moving he reminded me of a young stallion, still so powerful, at ease. I had to take a quick breath to prime my voice.

'I was passing by and decided to stop. Does the place still operate as a school?'

'No, no, they closed it down several years ago, over some scandal about the headmaster and some of the boys. Did you go to school here?'

'Yes. It was a long time ago. What's here now?'

'Nothing. It just stands empty. Some of the neighbors pay us to cut the grass and keep things up so it don't look run down and ruin the looks of their property. When did you go to school here?'

'It was eighteen years ago when I graduated.'

His face lit up with a big smile. 'Maybe you knew my Dad, he went to school here.'

I was looking him up and down, trying to keep from drooling. 'I...think I...might have. Was his name Chad?'

'Yeah. You did know him! That's neat as hell!' he said excitedly.

Just then another boy came around the corner of the building. I did a double take that must have showed on my face.

The boy laughed. 'Yup, there's two of us,' he said. 'That's Tom. I'm Taylor. Hey, Tom, this guy went to school here; he knew our Dad. What's your name?' he asked me.


'This is Justin.....this is my brother, Tom. As you can see, we're twins.'

'You're also clones,' I joked.

'No, shit, you knew our Dad?' Tom asked excitedly

'Yeah, he knew his name, without me telling him,' Taylor said.

'Bet you could tell us stories about him,' Tom said.

'I could but it's not good to tell tales out of school,' I joked.

'Hey, would you like to go inside and have a look around your old dorm?' Taylor asked.

'No kidding, you've got keys to let me in?'

'Well....we don't exactly have keys,' he said, looking at Tom.

'When we were doing some work inside we jimmied the side door to the kitchen so it wouldn't lock us out,' Tom explained. He was already walking towards the door.

They led the way through the kitchen and dining area and up the stairs. It was a bit of jolt to walk into the dorm after so many years with the bunks still there, minus the clutter, still with mattresses and pillows but no sheets or pillowcases. It was even more of a jolt when Taylor walked down the aisle and stood the other end between the bunks. I sort of choked up; I was watching Chad walk down the aisle!

'Well, does it still look familiar?' he asked.

For a few seconds my breath wouldn't come. Familiar? Godd, if he only knew how much he looked like his father.

'Yes, except for the clutter,' I replied.

'We sometimes sleep up here,' Tom said 'It's fun to lie here in the dark and imagine what it was like when our Dad stayed here.'

'Yeah, we've often wondered which bunk was his,' said Taylor. Ironically, he had moved down the aisle and stood right beside it.

'That one right there, mine was right beside it,' I said.

It was funny the way his face lit up.

'No shit! Now we know, Tom. We can take turns sleeping in it,' he said excitedly.

'Or sleep in it together; that would be neater,' Tom said as he moved past me to join his brother. They stood on either side of the top bunk, rubbing their hands up and down the mattress, as if they were connecting somehow with the boy who was their father.

I walked down the aisle, past them, and stood between mine and Chad's bunks.

'So, you and our Dad were buddies,' Taylor said.

'Best friends.' I wished I could be alone in the dorm, and lie on my bunk, or Chad's, and be alone with my memories. I started to go on but I stopped short; I didn't want it to lead to me having to tell them their father was dead.

'We never saw him or heard from him,' Tom said.

'We don't even know what he looks like. Mom never got any pictures of him.'

'Just look in the mirror,' I said. 'Or at each other.'

They both smiled. 'No kidding? 'We look that much like him?'

'You look just like him,' I said as I pulled out my wallet. I opened it to the few pictures I carried, to the two I had of Chad. One was of him in a suit and tie, looking more handsome than any guy had a right to. The other one was in running shorts and sneakers.

'Dang, look at this, our Dad was a total stud,' Tom said, showing the pictures to his brother.

'Well, fuck, I sure can't blame Mom for going for him,' said Taylor.

'Shit, if he wasn't our Dad, I could go for him,' Tom said.

'Hey, if I'm not being too nosey, was there any of that stuff that went on when you were here, like between the headmaster and the guys?' Taylor asked.

I wasn't expecting that, and it jolted me a little. I hesitated.

'It's okay if you don't want to say,' Taylor said quickly. 'I was asking because......' He suddenly cut himself off, I thought because of a look he got from his brother. It piqued my curiosity. What did they know?

'Because why?' I asked 'Tell me why you were asking and I'll answer your question.'

'We don't know where the gay and straight genes come from, but we've often wondered, know.....'

'Your father,' I finished for him.

'Yeah,' they said, nodding.

'We've just wondered about our Dad....if he was gay or straight, or somewhere in between,' said Tom.

I didn't know how to answer them. My head wasn't clear. I was still reeling from learning that it was Chad, not Brock who fathered these two young studs.

I wanted to tell them that their father was straight as they come; I thought it was what they wanted to hear.

'It doesn't make any difference, really; where the gene comes from, or if he was gay or straight,' Taylor said. 'We got different genes and it works out for us.'

I must have had a questioning look on my face. The boys glanced at each other and it was a silent communication between them. They grinned, and that turned into a quiet chuckle belly laugh that caused their incredible abs to ripple, but neither of them said anything

'So that stuff that caused the scandal, I guess none of that went on when you were here,' Tom said.

'The only scandal was when your Dad got your Mother pregnant,' I said. 'It got kind of hairy.' I went on and told them about the farmer marching into the classroom with a shotgun. They roared with laughter while I was treated to a symphony of bare, rippling muscles.

'So our Dad almost got his balls blown off,' Tom said, still laughing.

'We didn't know who was going to get what blown off, but it was pretty tense,' I said. 'But actually, it was another boy, not Chad, who we all thought got her pregnant,' I said. 'His name was Brock. He all but admitted to it, and he must have thought it was him because he left school and he never came back for his senior year. That's the reason I was so surprised to find out it was Chad. The reason you never heard from him is because he was sure he didn't do it. He admitted to being with your mother but he said he used a condom; the other guy didn't.'

They seemed to be satisfied but I was still curious. 'Can I ask you a question now?'

'Sure,' Tom said.

'A minute ago when we were wondering about your Dad being gay or said, it works for us. I didn't catch what you meant.'

They both smiled again.

'You wanta tell him?' Taylor asked.

'I guess it wouldn't hurt,' Tom said.

'Well, we, uh....well, we're twins, but we're not what you would call really identical in all respects,' Taylor said.

'I'm gay, he's straight,' said Tom. He glanced at his brother and they were both smiling. 'So, it works for us,' he said.

'Oh, I see.'

'Now, can I ask you another question? Actually, I already asked it and you sort of skipped over it,' Taylor said.

'What? I didn't mean to,' I said.

'Well, when I asked you if any of that stuff that caused the big scandal ever went on when you were here, you said the only scandal was when our Dad got our Mother pregnant. That didn't really answer the question, did it.'

'No, it didn't,' I said.

'No, it didn't answer the question? Or no, that stuff didn't go on here.'

'It didn't answer the question. Yes, some stuff like that did go on when I was here,' I said. It was easier to answer truthfully because it was a long time ago, but more, because of the boys admission of their sexual orientation, and I was suddenly hopeful that this all might lead to something.

'But you're not going to tell us what. Like, was our Dad involved in anything like that, do you know?' Taylor asked.


'No shit! He was! Do you know that for sure?' Tom asked excitedly.

Everything was out in the open, I thought it was okay to say it. 'I should know. He fucked my brains out on more than one occasion.'

The look on their faces was priceless and they broke out laughing and high fiving each other.

'No fuckin' shit! That's hot as hell! Are you going to tell us about it?' they asked excitedly.

'Do you guys happen to know about an old shack back in the woods behind the school grounds?' I asked.

'Yeah, man! We've fucked around back there lots of times before we started using the dorm,' Tom said.

I told them about Brock discovering me and Chad in the act, and him fucking us, and about him fucking us in the weight room.

'So, our Dad was gay, too,' Tom said, sounding a little proud.

'I think he was Bi. The gay stuff was more experimenting around,' I said. 'I know he didn't reciprocate much. In fact, the last I heard, he was about to get married.' I stopped there; I didn't want to tell them the whole truth.

Luckily, they didn't ask for it. They were eating up what I was telling them....and responding physically. Their shorts bulged with their obvious hardons.

'Fuck, man, is it perverted to get a hardon hearing about your own Dad having sex?' Taylor said, laughing as he brushed his hand down over the front of his tiny shorts.

Tom did more than brush his hand. 'Naw, I don't think it is if we never knew him,' he said, groping his bulge. Then he was looking at me with a mischievous grin. 'You, uh....wouldn't be interested in messing around would you?' When he said it I saw Taylor groping his bulge, too.

'Yeah, if you're not in any big hurry, and need a place to spend the night, free,' Taylor said.

'Wouldn't it raise suspicions, a strange car parked all night?' I asked.

'Naw, we often have guys stay over, nobody ever bothers us,' Tom said. 'Besides, if anybody came to the door we would just ignore it and say we didn't hear them.'

I swallowed hard at the thought of having sex with these two perfect specimens, my temperature rising in my head so fast that I wondered if I might look flushed. 'Well, I'm not in any hurry,' I said.

'Great! We don't even have to go out for food, we can fix something to eat down in the kitchen,' Taylor said excitedly.

'But I oughta shower first. He don't have to, he hasn't done anything, but I'm all sweaty,' Taylor said.

'Fuck you,' Tom said, laughing.

'You got it backwards as usual, I'm the one who does the fucking,' Taylor said.

'You don't need to shower on my account,' I said. 'When I saw you get off the tractor and come toward me....I saw how those shorts were all soaked with the sweat shrunk're fine just the way you are....both of you.'

'Then I don't guess we're in any big rush to eat supper either,' Taylor said, clasping his hand around his brother's butt.

The sight of them, now knowing we were going to have sex, was almost overwhelming. Taylor was squeezing Tom's butt and Tom reached down and clasped his hand over the front of Taylor's shorts.

'Those shorts on you guys are simply awesome,' I said. 'I'm surprised there aren't auto accidents when people drive by.'

They both laughed. 'We do get a few slow drive-bys, and some turn in and circle the drive.'

'Hey, you wanta see us first?' Taylor asked.

'We don't mind being watched.'

'Yes, I would love to watch you,' I said.

'Okay, take a seat and watch, and feel free to join in at any time,' said Taylor.

They smashed their bodies together and started rubbing against each other, like a couple of strippers performing. The hardest point of contact was their shorts. Taylor clasped his hands around Tom's butt and ground his loins against him and started kissing him lightly, while Tom squeezed Taylor's chest muscles and tweaked his tits.

'How about it, are you going to suck me this time?' Tom murmured.

'No,' Taylor replied.

'For our friend, just to show him you can,' Tom chided him.

'But I can't. I've never sucked a cock in my life you know that.'

'I know you never had the balls to suck mine.'

'It's not a matter of balls or no balls. It's just the way we're put together. Fuck, man, what part of I'm straight don't you understand?'

'The part where you're kissing me.'

Taylor laughed and kissed him all the harder.

I didn't know if the conversation was for real or if they were playing for my benefit.

'What if I don't let you fuck me anymore,' Tom said.

'That would be your loss as much as mine,' Taylor said. He had his hands down inside Tom's shorts and I could tell he was fingering his ass.

'What if I decided not to fuck you anymore. Bet you wouldn't like that. Do you want me not to fuck you anymore?'

Tom was wriggling his butt against his brother's hand. 'Aww....Ohhh, fuck no, Bro. I don't want you to ever stop fucking me.

I could tell Taylor had a finger deep inside Tom's ass, maybe two.

'Ohhh....ohhhh, Taylor!....Awwhh, Goddd....!'

'You want me to fuck you now, don't you?'=

'Yesss!' he gasped. 'Ohh, fuck, know I do.'

Taylor turned him around and pulled his shorts down to expose his butt, then pulled out his own cock and rubbed it up down the crack of his ass. Tom squirmed his butt back against it.

'We know which one is Dad's bunk, now, let's fuck on it,' Taylor said.

They pulled their tiny shorts off and Taylor bent Tom over Chad's bunk, facing mine. He wet his cock with spit and slid the head up and down the crack of his brother's ass. He dropped another glob of spit into the crack.

'Why don't you strip down too,' he said to me.

'I will, while I watch you.'

'Do you like to kiss?' Tom asked me.


'Good, we can kiss while Taylor fucks me.' Then suddenly his eyes popped open and he gasped, and I knew his brother had entered him. 'Ohhh....Ohhh, fuck!' he groaned, his head down and his eyes closed, as Taylor slowly plowed into him. 'Awwwhhh!.....Awwhh, fuck, it's in,' he gasped. Lifting his head, he opened his eyes and looked at me. 'Start kissing me, man.'

His brother fucked him and I kissed him. As I did, I removed my clothes, hardly breaking contact with his lashing tongue. It was erotic as hell, but I wanted to get more involved. I wasn't sure they wanted me to but I took the chance. I moved around to the other side of Chad's bunk, behind Taylor. Godd, he was an awesome sight, his beautiful butt muscles flexing and clenching as he drove his cock in and out of his brother's ass, the muscles of his back and shoulders bulging and rippling, and his thighs bulging with each stroke. As I knelt down I could see Tom's big cock pumping out precum that was thrown about as his cock swung about. I clasped my hands around Taylor's taut butt, my mouth watering. I leaned in and began licking his crack. He stopped, looking over his shoulder.

'We're gonna pause for a minute while Justin eats my ass,' he told Tom.

'You lucky prick,' Tom complained. 'You get it from both sides and all I get is fucked.'

Taylor smacked him hard on his ass and they both laughed.

'It's okay, Bro, he's making your cock throb so hard inside me, it feels like you're fucking me,' Tom said.

I tongued him till the muscles in the back of my throat were getting sore. Then I stood and circled the bunk just to watch them. It was better than any porn I'd ever seen, smooth muscles rippling everywhere, but mostly because I was seeing the reincarnation of Chad, doubled. But Taylor couldn't be still. Gradually, he was tightening his butt muscles and moving in tiny fuck motions, gradually building up motion till he finally got back into it full force. Tom showed his appreciation.

'Aww, yeah, fuck me, Taylor.....fuck me,' he moaned as he wrapped his arms and legs around his brother.

Somehow, Taylor found the will power to stop. 'Come on, you want some of this?' he asked me.


Taylor stepped back off the bunk and I took his place. It was the first either of them had seen my cock.

'Holy Shit!' he blurted.

His outburst caused Tom to look over his shoulder. 'Oh My Godd! That is huge! Fuck, man, I don't know if I can take all of that.'

I didn't think he was serious and I moved in behind him, stroking my cock.

'No, man, I can't handle that,' he said, and this time he sounded serious, even fearful. I started to back away but Taylor clasped his hand on my butt to keep me there.

'Sure you can, Bro. You'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't at least try,' Taylor said.

I thought he was being a little dramatic, but I hoped it worked; I really did want to fuck his brother. I wanted to fuck him too but I knew that wouldn't happen. Or would it.......?

'If he lets me fuck him, Taylor, will you let him fuck you?' I asked with a smirking grin.

'Hey, I'm straight.'

'That doesn't answer the question,' I said.

'Yeah, Taylor you're all so fuckin' brave for me but you're a coward yourself,' Tom chimed in.

'I'm not a coward, I'm straight!' he said with great emphasis. 'It's got nothing to do with being scared or cowardly, it's about being straight.'

'Bullshit,' Tom said.

'I don't want to push it, but getting fucked once by your brother has nothing to do with you being straight or gay,' I said. 'It's just two brothers messing around.

'Yeah, what have I been telling you all this time,' Tom said.

'You want to see me fuck him, don't you,' I said.

'Maybe....maybe I'd go down on you,' Taylor said, rather timidly.

He was weakening, and Tom saw it too. 'And let me fuck you,' he said.

'I can get you ready....make you really want it,' I offered.

'How're you going to do that?' he asked.

'Let me show you. Tom and I will make you a deal. Let me show you, and any time you want me to stop, just say so and we'll call it off.'

He had to think about it. I could tell he was a little scared but I thought he was more worried about what it would do to his macho manhood if he didn't want to stop me.

'Okay. Show me what you're gonna show me,' he said.

'Okay, lay down across the bunk beside your brother.'

He assumed the position, cross ways on the bunk with his legs extended over the edge. I knelt down between his legs and lifted them onto my shoulders.

'You're gonna rim me again. I like that. But that's not gonna make me wanta get fucked,' he said.

'Then just enjoy the rimming,' I said.

Tom got up and stood on the other side of the bunk, close to his brother's head, his cock standing out like a club. I began licking Taylor's balls and he moaned softly, closed his eyes and lifted and spread his legs out. I was glad to see Tom step astraddle the top of his head and hold his brother's legs up.

I spent a couple of minutes on his balls then went to work on his ass. I gave him every pleasure I could with my tongue; I needed to make this work. As his asshole grew more relaxed I got more aggressive. I pushed on the back of his thighs and Tom pulled his legs higher and pressed them downward, bending his brother in half. That spread Taylor's butt wide apart and I eyed his asshole, squeezing and palpitating with anticipation.

'I think your asshole is getting anxious,' I said, giving it a few licks.

'Anxious for more of your tongue,' Taylor said.

I gave him more tongue. I dug my fingers into the muscle surrounding his asshole and pulled the hole wide open, exposing the pinkish, velvety lining. It was palpitating in as deep as I could see. I wet my fingers and worked them into his hole and pulled him open wider so I could see deeper.

'Ohh, fuck, this is beautiful,' I murmured.

'You gonna admire it or are you gonna rim it,' Taylor said.

I buried my face in his butt and drove my tongue deep in his asshole.

'AAAaahhhhhh!' he cried out. 'Oh, Fuck!....ohhh....Awwww, fuck, it, my ass....tongue it deep....ohhh, yeah.... Fuck....that is so good!'

I gave it everything I had, licking the inner lining of his delicious hole, fluttering my tongue deep inside him; driving him nuts. At the same time I was rubbing the lower rim of his hole with my thumb. I didn't think he noticed when I worked my thumb through the hole. I didn't think he noticed when I replaced my thumb with my middle finger. Or when I used two fingers, then three. My tongue kept him distracted.

I found his prostate nestled in the shallow depths of his body. I felt it moving, palpitating, throbbing, as if to welcome my fingers, but I quickly avoided it. I concentrated on my tongue and worked my three fingers in and out of his asshole, pressing down against the bottom of the rim to stretch him as much as possible. Every now and then I accidentally touched his prostate but each time I pulled away from it.

'Fuck, man, why do you keep pulling away from that spot? It feels real good when you touch it,' Taylor said as he suddenly reached down and grasped my wrist.

'Where? Show me,' I said.

He held onto my wrist as if to guide my fingers to the spot. I purposely avoided touching his prostate for a moment till we 'found' it.

'There!' he gasped, holding my hand firmly.

'There?' I moved my fingers around, touching the tender organ.

'Yeah! Fuck, man, there! Ohhh.....ohhhh, yeah, right there.....ohhh.....ohhhhh, yeah, keep doing that. Oh, fuck, that is awesome....' He kept moaning as he gripped my hand and thrashed his butt around against it.

Oh, shit, man, I....I think I....w-want ya' to d-do it! Maybe I can....h-handle it.'

'Do what?' I asked. 'I'm doing what you wanted, aren't I?'

'Fuck me. I think I can handle trying it just once,' he blurted. 'Godd, if your fingers feel this good, a cock's gotta feel a hundred times as good.'

I glanced up at Tom as I kept massaging Taylor's love nut. He was smiling from ear to ear. Taylor was getting impatient. He gripped my hand and began using it to fuck himself with my fingers.

'Are you gonna fuck me or not?' he groaned loudly. 'It's what you wanted ain't it? It's what you both wanted, and now I'm ready to try it and you're not doing it?'

I wasn't sure if he was talking about me fucking him, or Tom, but as bad as I wanted to take his cherry, I didn't think it should be me. I looked at Tom again and nodded for him to come around to my side of the bunk. When he let go of his brother's legs, Taylor clasped his arms around his calves to hold them up himself.

'I'm going to let your brother do it,' I said. 'He oughta be the one to pop your cherry.'

He didn't say anything. I didn't think he cared who fucked him, or what; in his heated state of mind he would've taken on a pony.

I stood up to let Tom take up his position beside the bunk, aiming his cock downward toward his brother's gaping hole. I quickly leaned down and took his cock in my mouth to give him lube then I guided it to the waiting hole. I looked up at him with a smile as Taylor's clenching asshole squeezed around Tom's cockhead. I saw tears in his eyes.

I stood back as he slowly entered his brother's body for the first time, and watched two tears run down his tanned cheeks.

'Ohhh, Goddd!' Taylor moaned softly, his head hung over the edge of the bunk.

'Is it okay?' Tom asked.

'Fuckin' more okay than anything that's ever happened to me,' Taylor declared. 'Fuck, man, I'm sorry we waited so long to do this.'

'We didn't wait. You did. I've wanted to do this since day one,' Tom said.

'Well, day one is here and gone,' Taylor said. 'You don't have to want anymore, Bro, you can fuck my ass anytime you want.'

Tom looked at me, all puckered up through his smile; I thought he might cry. I could've almost cried myself as I watched the two brothers and saw two Chads. I tried to conjure up the image of me lying across the bunk and Chad towering over me, fucking me, while the whole dorm watched us. The image flashed before me in a bright light but then vanished, replaced by the two brothers--Chad's sons--in our place.

I had a sudden flashback to graduation day, when Chad and I had sneaked back in the dorm and I stood between these bunks as he sucked my cock to bring up my load of cum that he said he wouldn't leave without. Another of us kissing beside the van with everyone watching and cheering us on. Suddenly, I thought I should leave. This was a moment for Tom and Taylor. I glanced around for my clothes. I found my shorts and was putting them on before Tom noticed I was getting dressed. He reached out for my cock and tugged me closer, guiding my cock to his butt. I was sorely tempted. Godd, I was tempted. But I took the high road. This would always be my dorm, these would always be our bunks, but this was not my world anymore. It ceased to be my world when Chad died and what I had before me was a revelation of pure joy, but I was in their world where I didn't belong. I put my hand around Tom's hand around my cock and squeezed as I gently pulled away from him. I pulled up my shorts, then moved up behind him, pressing myself against his warm, muscular body and we moved back forth together as he fucked his brother. He turned his head and I kissed him fully on the mouth, then I moved away. It wasn't a passionate kiss; it was a kiss goodbye. I finished getting dressed then moved to the other side of the bunk. I leaned down and kissed Taylor on the mouth. I was glad he didn't open his eyes. I stepped away and turned to go. I looked back to see Tom shaking his head, a pained smile on his face. I nodded and smiled back. I took one long, last look around the dorm then left.

I skipped down the stairs, suddenly anxious to be gone from this place. I walked briskly to my car without looking around. I drove away without a backward look till turned onto the highway. Only then did I look back and say goodbye.

The End

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