My back was to the door as I leaned over my drawing board studying plans for a new building we were having constructed, when my attention happened to be caught by movement behind me reflected on a chrome-surfaced lamp right next to my head. Someone had come to the doorway of my office, and was watching me. He stood there for a very long time. It felt like he was staring at my ass. I was wearing a light pair of custom tailored gabardine slacks and I knew my ass - high, tight and muscular - was well displayed, but I rarely caught anyone just standing and staring at it so blatantly. Well, I grant he didn't realize I was able to see him staring at it.

He cleared his throat and said, "Excuse me," in a quiet voice.

Straightening up and saying, "Yes?" I turned to look at him. I had to make a conscious effort to keep my mouth from dropping open. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen. He had dark brown hair, highlighted with a few streaks from the sun, cut slightly longer than the businessmen I dealt with, but looking perfectly natural. His face was clear, with well-chiseled features and a square jaw with a noticeable short scar at the right front edge, which somehow gave him an even more overpowering air of confident masculinity. His lips were full and well defined, set in an almost permanent smile that caused me to like him at first sight. And his eyes! Clear, bright, and seeming to penetrate right into the very depths of my soul.

He had on a well-worn leather flight jacket, a light shirt with only the collar button open, a pair of dark blue work pants which looked sort of baggy but somehow highlighted his big frame, and a pair of work boots. In his left hand, he held a roll of blueprints.

Taken altogether, he was a work of art. I had always wondered if a friend had described an honest emotion when he told me his reaction on first seeing me walking down the street towards him felt like being punched in the stomach. Until this very moment! The sexual power emanating from this handsome man caused my abdomen to tighten, my balls to lift in their sac, my groin to swirl with churning passions, my cock to lurch, and my head to whirl. I felt weak. I thought I might fall over. I stopped breathing as I stared at him, feeling like I had indeed been punched right in the stomach. I had rarely had so strong a sexual reaction to the mere sight of a man. On one level it terrified me, but on a gut level it thoroughly delighted me.

His smile broadened as he saw the impact he was making upon me. His eyes somehow softened with his comprehension of that impact. I was not the first male to react to him this way, I was certain, and in the split second it took for this non-verbal understanding to zap clearly between the two of us, he knew he was looking at a gay male, and I knew he knew it. On the other hand, I figured I was looking at a straight male, except that he was gorgeous - a word I thought I would never use to describe another male, but no other word fits.

"Jack?" he questioned in a rich, melodic voice. I only nodded, dumbstruck. He held out his hand. "I'm Brian. The mechanical engineer? The architect sent me over to review these blueprints. Didn't he tell you I'd be coming?" As he spoke, he took a tentative step or two into my office.

"Yes," I said in a raspy voice I didn't recognize as my own. I cleared my throat. "Of course. Come in, please," I said trying to regain my senses. "How are you?" I took his hand in mine, trying to look him in the eye, and was struck by how strong his grip was. Not that he was trying to squeeze my hand to demonstrate his strength, just that it was evident through the simple act of shaking hands. And I also noticed his skin was firm and felt good to the touch. At the same time, I smelled the light cologne he was wearing which added to my lightheaded feeling, but I could not smell the leather of his flight jacket, which surprised me. I realized it must have been a very expensive jacket. It sure looked good on him, highlighting his broad shoulders. Most men, trying to show off their form, would wear a smaller, tighter size, but with him it came off as adding to his air of modesty. Picture the best looking male model you can imagine, and you've got some idea of what this guy looked like.

He did something that surprised me. As we broke the handshake, he turned and closed the door to my office. I wondered why, but said nothing. We were alone.

"We need to go over the changes," he said, rolling open his blueprints on my drawing board. "Here is one that..." He started talking, pointing with his right hand while his left held open the drawings to keep them from rolling closed. His hands fascinated me. The fingers were very long and large, with clean nails. The skin seemed aglow with health. He had on a wedding band.

Oh, oh. He's married! I said to myself. But even that thought did not lessen my reactions to his physical presence. Standing next to him, there, shoulder to shoulder, feeling the heat of his body next to mine, sensing his aura of strength and vitality, made me feel great. Made me feel excited. Made me feel alive! And made me realize that I was horny. Standing next to me was this handsome, big animal of a man, driving me wild. Just looking at his hands was enough to set my juices flowing.

"Jack... Jack?" he was asking.

Damn. He had asked me something and I hadn't even heard what it was. "Sorry, Brian," I responded, trying to think, using his name for the first time and aware that I liked the sound of it. "I... I'm...." I stuttered, looking for the right reply.

"It's Okay," he said with a grin. "Mind if I take off my jacket? It's a little warm in here." With that he stepped back from the drawing board. The blueprints rolled up by themselves. I made no effort to hold them open. I was watching him remove his jacket. He did it with smooth motions. The shirt he wore had short sleeves. His forearms looked extremely powerful, the skin gleaming, but his wrists were incredible, thick and strong. I was fascinated by them. I had never before seen such thick wrists. Yet his biceps weren't bulging out like a weightlifter's, and his chest seemed flat and normal, for his size. He seemed naturally strong but not fanatically muscle-bound. His waist was reasonably narrow and in proportion to his broad shoulders, but the workpants gave his hips an appearance of being rather wide. Somehow, I sensed that the baggy pants weren't revealing the true character of his muscular build. And his crotch was completely disguised by the bagginess, which could have concealed anything from a teeny weenie to a giant schlong. I found myself wondering just what it did contain. And judging from the size of his fingers...

"Er... Jack?" he interrupted my thoughts.

"Sorry," I said again, feeling like a jerk. To change the subject, I asked, "Would you like something to drink?" I smiled up into his eyes, an inch or two above mine. He looked deeply into my eyes. I felt myself tremble.

"What do you have?" he asked.

Sperm, I thought to myself, but said, "Fresh squeezed orange juice," aloud.

"That sounds great!" he said enthusiastically. "I'd love some."

I took two glasses from my cabinet and a large jug of orange juice from my small refrigerator. As I poured the juice into the glasses, I said, "I make this fresh every day before I come to work."

"Doesn't your wife do that for you?" he asked.

There it was. The typical heterosexual question. I took a breath and said, calmly, "I'm not married."

"Really?" he asked, surprise seeming to register in his voice. "How did a handsome guy like you avoid the trap?"

"Well, what about you? Are you in a trap?" I asked, trying to go on the offensive.

"In a way, I guess I am," he answered with a wistful smile, "she's in her eighth month of pregnancy." He paused to let that sink in.

"Hmmm" was my only comment.

"Yeah," he reacted, "'Hmmm' is right. She doesn't want me to touch her."

"Christ, that must be driving you crazy," I commiserated. I sipped my orange juice as I watched him drink his in one long draft. What are the right words to get him into bed, I wondered, feeling a tremendous longing for him.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and grinned at me. "Had to learn to use my hand, again." He raised and lowered his eyebrows suggestively a couple of times as he smirked like a naughty boy.

"Guess it's a little like riding a bike, we never really forget," I responded, and we both smiled. "But jackin' off's not like the real thing, is it?" I added quietly, holding my breath to see how he'd react to my directness.

"Naw, it ain't," he agreed, then said, "Wish I were back in college, right now."

"Why's that?" I asked, hoping against hope that he had been sexually adventurous.

"My roommate..." he started to say, but then paused. He looked at me questioningly.

"He'd... uh... 'help you out?'" I asked hesitantly. My heart was beating double time with excitement.

"That's a good way to put it." I sensed he was relieved he didn't have to draw me a picture.

"Uh, what was he like?" I asked, really wanting to ask, What did he do?

"To be honest with you, Jack, you reminded me of him when I came in and saw you from the back. You both have the same, strong build."

Right, I thought, we've both got the same high, rounded, muscular ass, and that turned you on. But I said, "Well, I hope you weren't disappointed when I turned around." I felt very bold. We were on my own playing field.

"Oh!" he reacted with surprise, "No! I certainly wasn't. You're a handsome man. Much better looking than that ol' roommate."

I glanced down at his crotch. It was looking fuller, even in its baggy way. He was getting turned on. "What'd the two of you do? Jack off together?" I didn't know if this was the right tact, going at him so directly, but I wanted to get everything right out into the open. He wanted to talk about men, we'd talk about having sex with men.

"Well..." he began hesitantly, "...I guess it did start off that way." He smiled at me. My heart melted.

"I had a roommate like that, once, too," I confided, hoping to put him at ease.

He beamed. "You did?" he asked excitedly. His eyes darted momentarily to my crotch. My cock was growing, moving uncontrollably in my pants.

"Sure. He wasn't as good looking as you are, though." Flattery might help, I figured. "Or as well built," I added.

"Gee, maybe we're more alike than I thought," he admitted. "What did you two do together?" He grinned like a little boy, trying, no doubt, to disarm me.

"Oh," I began with a sly grin, "we started off by jacking off, too, but we'd fuck around. You know. Experiment. Try different things. See what we both liked to do." I smiled. "What did you two do?" I asked it with a straight face. Inside, my heart was pounding. My groin was exploding and my erection was almost complete. He had been glancing down from moment to moment, keeping note of its rise. He was missing nothing, taking it all in.

"You used a good term. 'Fuck around.'" He paused and repeated my phrase. "'Fuck around.' That's the right expression for it. We tried a lot of things."

"Anything ya liked best?" I held my breath.

"Yeah," he responded, then was still. The tension was awesome.

In a weak whisper, I asked, "What was it?" hoping he's say what I wanted to hear, hoping he'd say he loved fucking his roommate's ass.

In as weak a whisper, leaning towards me like he was afraid of being overheard, he answered, "It sure felt good to fuck him in the ass."

"Yes!" I whispered back triumphantly.

He misinterpreted my enthusiasm. "Oh, you liked to fuck your roommate in the ass, too, huh?" He sounded disappointed.

I took a deep breath and smiled at him. "No." That's all I said.

He looked at me for a second or two before its meaning fully registered. Then the clouds parted and the sun came out. His expression changed from disappointment, to surprise, to delight, to excitement! "You mean, you..." he couldn't bring himself to finish the question.

"Yes!" I said again, with enthusiasm.

" like getting fucked in the ass?" He'd found the courage to continue from my enthusiasm.

"I love it," I confirmed.

"Wow, I'm getting a hardon just talking about this," he admitted with a grin, pushing one of his big fists down alongside his fly and giving me an initial impression of the length of hard meat hidden inside.

I looked boldly at his crotch and then smiled up into his face. "I've been growing hard from the moment I saw you."

He blushed slightly, then smiled innocently, saying, "Yeah, I know. I've been watchin' it grow. Looks like we're both turning each other on."

"Yeah," I agreed. "What're we gonna do about it?" I narrowed the gap between us.

"Dja ever 'fuck around' right here in your office?" He didn't back away from me, but leaned forward as he whispered, his face close enough to kiss.

I grinned. "Gave a horny delivery boy a blowjob, once. And I've jacked off in here a couple of times when I couldn't stand the pressure building up in my balls. Know what I mean?"

"Damn. Do I. Sometimes I get to feelin' like my balls'll burst."

"How do they feel, now?" I asked, sliding my hand onto his thigh and slowly moving it towards his crotch.

He sucked in his breath at the touch, shifting his hips forward, welcoming the contact. "Like they're afire," he whispered in a husky tone. He slid his left hand around my waist and tugged me against himself. I tensed but allowed myself to be pressed against his powerful body. My erection strained against the material separating it from his. "Oooh, you feel so good," he sighed. His hand slid down onto a cheek of my ass and the big fingers massaged it knowingly. It felt marvelous.

"I'll lock the door," I told him, leaning back to break from his grip.

"Great," he said, releasing me. I moved to the door and locked it quietly. When I turned back, I got another shock of discovery. He had removed his shirt. His hairless chest was flawless, well developed and beautiful. It took my breath away just to see him standing there. The pectoral muscle plates were thick and flat and highlighted by two large, dark nipples, hardened by sexual excitement. As I was drawn back to him, he smiled and asked, "Where can we do it?" He glanced around.

Although the office was large enough, it didn't contain a couch. "How about doing it right here, standing up?" I suggested, adding, "Ever done it that way?" I reached out and started to undo his belt and open his pants.

He chuckled nervously, holding his arms back to allow me access, and replied, "That sounds sexy. Standing..." he muttered, remembering, "...we used to do it standing in the showers."

My mind was already on the unveiling of the treasures hidden by the baggy pants. After opening the fly and tugging, I let the pants drop to his ankles. He wore a pair of white boxer shorts. The outline of his erect penis was obvious and impressive. My mouth went dry. I unsnapped the shorts and opened them so they too could slide down. What a sight! His erection stared back at me, inches from my face. It was massive. Straight, cut, vibrant and throbbing! His balls seemed huge. They were up close to the thick cock, held in a crinkly bag by which an experienced eye could tell he had not had an orgasm recently. Well-placed pubic hair, trailing to his navel, highlighted the handsome erection.

I reached out and grasped the stiff organ at mid-shaft. He sighed with pleasure. I was in seventh heaven. My hand was barely able to surround the thickness of the rigid cock. His cockhead was awesome. Much larger than mine. I tugged it towards me and kissed the moist tip. It was fiery hot against my lips. My tongue slid out and lapped at the bulbous, deeply flanged crown. He tasted terrific. Clean, manly and delicious. I couldn't help myself, I sucked the cockhead into my mouth and delighted at the sensations the thick corona produced against the sensitive roof of my mouth.

"Christ!" he whispered, thrusting his hips upwards pounding more cock into my mouth, "that feels fantastic! Fuck! You can really suck cock, man." His big hands were on my shoulders and I relaxed my throat muscles and let him fuck his long cock into me, deeper and deeper. I hadn't meant for this to turn into a blowjob, but it felt so good I just couldn't stop myself. And he seemed to love it, too.

As this was happening, I was unbuttoning my shirt and opening my trousers. But my attention was focused on the cock in my throat. It was penetrating as deeply as any other cock ever had, it was that long. And it was so big around, I was awe struck that I was able to handle it with such comfort.

"Oh, God!" he exclaimed in a husky whisper. "This is wonderful. It's in, all the way! Look at that. Your lips are touching my balls. This is fantastic! No one's ever taken me so deeply. Oh, God! It feels so good. You're so tight and so hot."

I slowly withdrew from the cock, raising myself, coming off of the large pole. I stood and my pants fell to the floor. I took off my shirt. My cock was poking out above the elastic rim of my briefs, looking red and alert. He stared. I could tell he liked what he saw.

"I... I..." he sputtered, quietly, "...I didn't want you to stop sucking. It felt so good."

"Yeah, but we're here to fuck, aren't we?" I slowly stripped off my shorts. He watched my every move. "You don't want to miss out on a good fuck, do you?" I asked as I bent over, removed my loafers, stepped out of my pants, kicked my shorts away, and took off my socks. I was naked. His hand was still on my flesh, moving from shoulder to chest and back as I moved. Then I reached over and undid his boots, took them off, pulled off his socks and removed his pants and undershorts. He, too, was completely naked.

I turned and went over to my desk. "Here," I explained, "I keep a tube of lube handy." I took out the familiar tube and glanced back at him over my shoulder. His mouth was open as he stared at my buns. He liked what he saw. A wave of lust washed through me as I thought, excitedly, I'm gonna get fucked by this big stud! Then I felt even more excited as I realized he had probably just thought something like, Look at this nice ass I'm gonna get to fuck!

I went back to him, leaned over and boldly gulped down the wet cock. It slid down smoothly. As he watched, I opened the lube and squeezed some onto my middle finger, then applied it to my anus. "You're not afraid I'll hurt you?" he asked as he watched what I was doing. "You're not worried that my cock is so big?"

With a slurp, I came up off of the magnificent organ. I looked up into his eyes and smiled. "I was taught how to use my ass muscles and sphincter, and how to practice with and exercise them for your maximum enjoyment. I was instructed to use a dildo every day, in order to keep in shape. Don't worry, I'm ready, and I am going to enjoy this just as much as you are. Maybe even more." My fingers were toying with his hard nipples. He had an angelic smile on his face.

I turned, leaned, and rested my hands on the edge of my desk. I moved my feet about eighteen inches apart and poked my ass towards him. He really surprised me. With a wild grunt, he squatted down and took hold of my buttocks in both of his big hands, fondling both cheeks erotically, and then leaned in and kissed my ass passionately. He pressed a cheek against my butt and whispered, huskily, "God, this is beautiful!"

He stood up slowly, aiming his erection between my legs. The still moist head tickled my thigh as it rose towards its goal. It pressed in, felt the pucker of my asshole, and paused. I felt it throbbing to the beat of his heart as it touched against my hole. What's he waiting for? I wondered. But as the moments passed, I realized that his cockhead was becoming hotter and that my ass was responding to its presence by relaxing, trying to flow outwards, and welcoming in the intruder. Before I really knew it, most of the fat cockhead was already inside of me. After a few more moments, my rectum seemed to slip right over the thick-flanged cockhead and suck it into me. Brian grunted with pleasure, but stayed calm, waiting for my body to adjust to the intrusion. He knew what he was doing, had done it before, and was doing it right.

"Oh," I groaned softly.

He nibbled my ear from behind and whispered, "I'm not hurting you, am I?"

In response, I stretched my ass back against the intrusion and forced more of the long cock into myself. "This feels perfect," I sighed.

His cock swelled even further as he realized I was enjoying his assault. He exerted continuing pressures and the long weapon eased slowly, fully, into me until his abdomen was flattening my asscheeks and I could feel his pubic hair scratching the lips of my asshole. "Fuck, Oh fuck!" he cried softly, "It's in all the way. God, you're tight! Man, you are hot!"

I rose up a bit and then settled down on the huge battering ram filling me. It felt incredible. Every nerve fiber remotely associated with my ass felt aflame, and the constant pressures on my prostate gland from the amazingly thick member caused wave after wave of intense pleasure to surge through my abdomen and circulate throughout my entire body. I can't remember feeling more alive and excited as at this very moment.

His arms encircled me and he pressed his whole body against mine, holding on tightly. Then, without relaxing his tight grip, he began a steady, slow, rhythmic fucking motion, of almost tiny thrusts at first, which grew and grew, elongated and sped up, and before long he was fucking me for all he was worth.

My reactions were to match his tempo beat for beat, control my sphincter and ass muscles, grasp that big cock tightly, and give him the ride of his life.

One of his hands slid down my body to encircle and grasp my erection. He had a knowing touch. I loved the feel of my good-sized cock wrapped in his over-sized fist. It felt so different from my own hand jacking myself off. And his technique was excellent, loving, insistent, constant and thorough. The touch of a man who knew how to jack another man off, who'd done this before, and who wanted me to come, not just get fucked.

The feel of his chest and stomach, tight against my back, was wonderful. I writhed in ecstasy, loving the press of his skin against mine, feeling the pounding of his heart against my back. We humped and fucked, pumped and pounded, wiggled and whammed, and before long, and much too soon, found we were both on the brink of orgasm.

He felt my cock stiffen to rigid iron, then we both heard a loud SPLAT as the first spurt of my cum hit the front of my metal desk. My orgasm did something exciting to my bowels which enflamed his passion to the maximum of pleasure and he started thudding into me, sending jet after jet of semen deep, deep into me. We were coming together. The front of my desk received an overwhelming load.

As passions diminished, Brian, leaning over me, resting against me, breathing heavily, heard me whisper, "Don't withdraw!" He didn't say anything, trying to catch is breath, but his penis stopped deflating inside me. He had been simply holding my cock, but then he fingered it, testing its reactions. It stayed hard. His cock began to re-harden, noticeably.

"Christ, this feels so good," he whispered into my ear. I shuddered with pleasure.

"Let's do it, again," I whispered, excitedly.

"Wow! You can take another fuck?" he asked in amazement, but his erection was already as stiff as it had ever been. So was mine, and his knowing grip on it told me he knew I was ready for another run for the gold.

"I think we both can," I replied. He chuckled. So did I.

Without further conversation, we put on a display of man to man sexual fervor that left us both dazzled. It lasted at least five times as long as the first fuck, and took athletic, almost acrobatic, form, ending us up, in turn, with my back on the desk; doggy style on the floor; straddling him as he lay on his back on the floor; and finally with my back on the floor, my calves on his shoulders while he jacked me off and flooded my ass with his sperm. As I came, he leaned down and lapped up some of my cum.

I lifted my legs off his shoulders and he collapsed on top of me, heavily, exhausted. I wrapped my arms around him and held him as we both caught our breath. He rolled off of me and snuggled up next to me looking at my face.

"This is incredible," he announced, softly. "Within two minutes of meeting you, I'm giving you a double fuck, naked, on the floor of your office. I can't believe it." He smiled. It was a smile of pure pleasure.

"Wait a moment," I told him, getting up. I went to my cabinet and brought back some damp hand-towels. I cleaned him completely, head to toe. As I cleaned his balls and penis, he became erect in my hand. "I'd love to suck you off," I said smiling at him, and I toyed with the giant organ.

"Later," he promised. "Let's give it a little rest, for now." He beamed with pleasure, certain that I wanted to continue making love to him.

I helped him dress, cleaned and dressed myself, wiped the desk and floor clean, and sprayed away the heavy man-sex odor with a shot from a pressurized can of room deodorant. I very quietly unlocked, but did not open, the door.

For the next hour and a half, we worked side by side, studying each drawing and making decisions on the construction project. He was efficient and businesslike, intelligent and quick-witted. He had a good sense of humor and an affectionate manner I found extremely appealing. We'd bump against one another as we worked, and kept in almost constant bodily contact. From time to time, I'd catch him staring at me with an expression of very sexual longing on his face. It would stop my heart and make my breath catch in my throat.

I didn't want the session with him to end, but, of course, it had to. Nearing lunchtime, my secretary knocked on my door, poked her head in and told us she was going to lunch and asked if we wanted anything. We said no, and she closed the door. Brian walked over to the door and quietly locked it, again. He turned to look at me with a grin, then grabbed his crotch lewdly.

"Lunchtime?" he asked huskily.

I sank to my knees in response, and he walked slowly towards me, opening his fly. I gave him what was probably the best blowjob of his life. It was unhurried, beautiful lovemaking that satisfied both of us completely. His cock seem made for my body and I almost effortlessly drew out another wrenching orgasm of overwhelming power from his magnificent body. It was bringing me close to orgasm, myself, as I jacked off, but before I could explode he said softly, "Let me finish you off in my mouth!" And then he came. In my mouth! It was sensational. When he was drained dry, I stood and he only had to lean over, suck in my cockhead, and I gushed my orgasm into his hot mouth. He swallowed every bit of my cum. My third orgasm of the morning.

Using the same gesture of wiping off his mouth with the back of his hand that he had used earlier with the orange juice, and with a similar grin, he said with great emotion, "It's like I'm back in college, but your ass is the best I've ever had. Did you enjoy sucking me off?"

"I fuckin' loved it!" I confessed with heartfelt emphasis.

"I'm glad you did. So did I!" he concurred.

"I can't just let you walk out the door."

"I know. This was simply too good to forget about, wasn't it?"

"Yes." I picked up a card from my desk and handed it to him. It had my private number and home phone number on it. "Whenever your balls are afire, and only a fireman will do, call for help."

He took the card and stared at it for a long moment. "It really isn't fair to you," he began, softly, "when I'm committed..." He gave me a gentle smile.

"Hey, it's like college," I grinned, and he grinned back. "When we 'fuck around' it's only to help one another out of discomfort. I've got a commitment, too, but I'm flexible enough to put out some fires."

"That's great, Jack," he responded with a relieved look on his face. "Maybe I will need a fireman, from time to time, at that. I'll call."

For the next three months, my phone rang off the wall. But it began to ease off, then taper off. Those three months had been fantastic. We were great together. I often thought about him, during the next year or so, but I had known what the score was.

About two years later, just as I was getting ready to leave my office, my private phone rang. I picked it up and said, "Yes?"

"I need a fireman," a deep, sexy voice said by way of introduction.

"I've got the right fire fighting equipment," I replied with a catch in my voice.

"Man, you sure do," Brian said, "and this time she's only five month's pregnant and won't let me touch her."

"That ought to give us plenty of time to put out a few fires, don't you think?"

And it was.


Jack Sofelot


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