I got my first blowjob this past weekend. My friends and I get together once or twice a week to jack off and jack each other off.  We compete to see who could jack off the quickest.  Or, if we were getting jacked by another, who could hold back the longest. We would tell stories about girls we wanted to screw, boobs we saw down tops, even about seeing our mom getting out of the shower.  Usually one guy would tell the story while the rest of us would jack off.  Whoever told the story would usually be the guy we would squirt our load onto. We never went beyond hand jobs, but we all wanted to get a blowjob.  No one in the group was willing to give a blowjob, so we all just talked about getting one.  One day one of the guys was bubbling over with excitement when he showed up at one of our parties. Victor claimed that he had received a blowjob from a man over the weekend.  He said that he had been working for the guy and during the day the guy asked for help in the small shed.  Once there the guy started asking questions about girlfriends, things that he had tried, and eventually he asked if he had ever gotten a blowjob.  My friend told him no, but he wanted one.   He said the guy dropped to his knees and reached out and ran his hands over his erection.  The guy stroked his cock through his pants and then worked his pants open.  He then pulled down my friend’s boxer shorts revealing his hard cock.  My friend has a really nice 7 inch cock, uncut, with smooth brown skin leading up to a slit always dripping precum.  He said the guy leaned in and stuck his tongue out and licked the precum from the tip of his cock.  After that the guy started sucking and took him completely in his mouth while he tugged on his balls.  He said that when he came the guy sucked and swallowed all of his cum.  He said it was a thousand times better than a hand job. We all wanted to try it and begged him to arrange it for us. We followed him to the home of the man who had sucked him off and waited in the grove behind the house while our buddy went to the back door. A moment later, he waved us in. The man introduced himself as John. He was a husky, good-looking guy in his early fifties, about my father's age. He served us Coca-Cola and then led us into the living room, where he invited us to sit down on the couch. "I'll take my clothes off first," he said. "I like to be naked when servicing a man." He took off his shirt to reveal a muscular chest covered with a carpet of hair. Then he took his pants off and stood in front of us wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. He called me over to him and told me I had the honor of revealing his hard cock.  He was so big standing there in front of me nearly nude; dropping to my knees I reached up for the waistband of his boxers.  “Yes, that’s it boy, pull out my hard cock,” he moaned.  Before I pulled down his briefs I wanted to feel his hardness.  I ran my fingertips over the hard cock pushing out the briefs; I then grasped his cock and started tugging on it to jack him off.  His cock felt so big in my hand, I really wanted to see it; reaching out I grasped the waistband of his boxers. We all sucked in our breath as I pulled them down.  His cock was at least six inches and thick and it was fully hard. He smiled at us as he casually masturbated. "I just love to jack off, especially in front of young men," he said. We asked him how big it was. "Six inches long and four inches around," he answered.  I knelt before him as he stroked his cock.  I was mesmerized by this naked man and wanted to touch and feel and even suck his hard cock. As he stood in front of us masturbating, he asked how many of us wanted to get a blow job. We all held up our hands. Grabbing a deck of cards, he took the ace through six, shuffled them, and then passed them around. "I'll do you in the order of the cards," he said. I drew the ace! My heart raced with excitement as I removed my clothes, he insisted that we all be naked too while he blew us. I am of Mexican descent; my brown cock is about six inches long and uncut; as I lowered my pants it stuck out proudly in front of me. "Nice, very nice," John said. He led me to the center of the room where my friends would have a good view, and then knelt down in front of me.  My cock was harder than ever, I could see a drip of precum leaking from tip of my cock. The foreskin was wrapped around the head, pursed out with wrinkled skin.  He knelt in front of me completely naked; I stood there naked too as my friends watched.  He looked up at me and asked, “What’s your name and how old are you?”  I responded, “Mateo; I’m 18 and in the 12th grade.  He reached out to grasp my brown skinned cock, wrapped his hand around the shaft and then leaned in and put his lips on my cock head.  I thrust my hips forward when I felt his lips trying to get my cock into his mouth.  I felt this man wrap his lips around my young cock and start tonguing the foreskin and piss slit where a huge amount of precum was leaking.  “Mateo, I want you to cum in my mouth,” he said.  John's mouth felt absolutely incredible on my cock. My wildest fantasies had not prepared me for the feel of a hot, wet mouth on my cock. John took my entire length down his throat and sucked hard as he pulled off.  His cheeks caved in and their soft insides stroked my shaft. I really enjoyed when he sucked my balls; my cock swelled even bigger as I watched him take each of my balls in his mouth and suck, and then he would lick my ball sack and bury his face in my pubes. He licked up and down my cock as my friends watched.  They were all jacking off watching me get sucked.  John slipped my cock into his mouth and took me down to my pubes; I pushed up filling his mouth and throat.  He pulled all the way off with a wet pop, and then he repeated the entire process. I could only take ten of those wonderful sucks. He bobbed his head rapidly as I shot my load into his mouth. He was trying to coax out as much spunk as possible.  Finally, he took one hard, deep suck to strip out any juice left in the pipeline. That one almost brought me to my knees. I collapsed on the couch as one of my friends took my place. Once again he looked up and asked, “What’s your name and how old are you?”  My friend is was a bit scared.  He responded, “D-D-Domingo and I’m a junior.” Domingo has hair around his cock and stomach, and his cock was hard and stuck straight out.  He too has an uncut cock, about 7 - 7.5 inches long, and around 1.5 inches across.  Right now I could see his precum dripping from the tip of his cock head peeking out the foreskin.  John leaned in and licked the dripping goo from Domingo’s cock. Then all of my buddies were treated to their first blowjob. None of them lasted more than a couple of minutes. John went around the circle giving each of us boys seconds. John stood in front of us stroking his cock and asked if any of us wanted to try sucking. None of us did, so he said that he would settle for a hand job. All of us wanted to do that. He brought the deck of cards and dealt them out to us. The first to get an ace would be the winner. I won again! John stretched out on his back on the carpet and told me to straddle his legs facing his cock, and then he had the other boys kneel around him, two on each side and one above his head. He told them that their job would be to jack off on him while he was getting jacked off by me. He masturbated to show me how he wanted it, and then he told me to take over.  "Give it to me nice and hard," he said. "Don't worry, you won't hurt me." I began to pump his cock. I giggled like a girl the whole time.  I jacked John’s cock for 5 minutes; my precum was leaking and covered my cock head.  Without thinking about what the others would say I leaned in and placed my cock at the entrance of John’s ass.  Feeling this he pushed up as I leaned in and the head of my cock slid into his slick ass.  I had never fucked anyone and the feeling was indescribable.  I pushed in more as John raised his legs up; I started pumping his ass and quickly had buried my cock in his asshole.  My buddies were silent as they watched and jacked their cocks.  "Okay guys, give me your load," John said. My buddies all started beating off hard and fast. A long rope of cum shot out of Juan's cock and hit him in the face. Another stream landed on his hairy chest. Then all of my buddies started cumming at the same time. My brother shot his load against the tip of John's nose. Two of the guys on the sides used his nipples as targets and the other two splashed down on his cock and balls. I kept jacking John as I leaned into his ass and pumped my dick fast in and out of his asshole.  John was moaning my name as I fucked him hard; finally I felt my orgasm coming.  I pushed my cock into his ass and arched to get as much as possible in; I started cumming in his ass, grinding deeply as my cocked pulsed squirt after squirt of my young cum deep in his ass.  I pulled out and unloaded another shot on his balls. When we were finished, John was covered with cum.


James Stone

[email protected]


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