Monday 15th September 1810

Today I woke up as a monster, I had been ill for a while now but the lady at the apothecary, Ann, had said she could help me. She gave me a vile of what I now know to be her venom and told me to drink it all in one go.

When I woke Ann was with me she looked very pleased with herself. 'I am pleased you are healed. You were going to die if you had not drunk the vile I gave you. I have converted you into a vampire; you have drunk my venom and you will be an immortal just like me. You will hunt humans for their blood and you will live with me and I will show you the ways of our kind'

'What if I don't want to drink the blood?'

'There are some who only drink the blood of animals and some who eat food like they used to. Pathetic really because neither can help them with the thirst for human blood, this is the curse of our kind. Adrian saw to that when he sleighed the dragon and ate its flesh.'

'Who is Adrian...and did you just say dragon?'

'There are three species of immortals; Witches, they are humans that can perform spells to become immortal; Dragons who were the only immortal being until Adrian found a way to kill one and then there are vampires.'

'Adrian is the leader of the vampire world; he is our representative at the immortal council. He presides over any rule breaking of our kind and also passes judgement on other immortals when they commit major crimes. He is my father, my creator; he is your grandfather now. I am your mother; I am responsible for you and your upbringing as an immortal.'

'Mother, I want to have animal blood, I don't want to feed off my family or someone else's for that matter.' And that was that, I had made my decision and in the frame of mind I was in it was almost inevitable that I would make that decision.

Saturday 02 Jan 2010

I have been a vampire for over 200 years now and have experienced many things. But this is something like I have never had before. I have developed feelings for a human. Usually I hardly notice them, but there is something very special with this human. I wish I could put my finger on it. Mother called it bloodlust, when a human's blood smells so divine you go crazy. I wasn't crazy though, if anything I was saner because I thought I was a freak for not been like my brothers. I have never been tempted by human blood. The thought of it makes me feel sick. She thinks it was because when I was created I was so close to death that I valued life more.

But Ben Jones can't know that I am in love with him or that I want to suck the blood from his veins. He mustn't know. I love him too much to hurt him for that. I met him at Diva's club one Saturday night. I wasn't looking for my soul mate, but bumped into him and at once I knew I had to be with him. The thirst was excruciating, I had only fed last night so this seemed odd to me.

He just looked like someone from the magazines, boyish good looks, blue eyes that were so dazzling I had to look away in case he said something about me staring. He wasn't very muscular, but his frame suited him. I had to leave the club in fear of going to him and whisking him off so I could feed.

I went home to speak to mother to see if she could help me. I have never wanted someone so badly before, what was happening to me. Was I turning into the monster I should of become 200 years go? I had to find out what was happening to me quickly, I couldn't risk been too weak to resist.

Sunday 03 Jan 2010

I can't stop thinking about him, he is in every thought I have. I have tried to distract myself but there is nothing I can do. Mother has never fully supported my way of life. I was created, as she reminded me, to hunt humans. I was a freak of nature in her eyes, in my opinion I had no choice I should have killed him. I could have become a human hunter like my family but I didn't want to become one. I had always been a kind human, never got into any fights or wished ill on anyone, so why should my immortality change that. My brother Tobias was at my mothers too, he is the closest thing to a brother that I have ever had. He was created before me, although I am older than he is in human years. He was more sympathetic to my cause and had for a while lived as I did. He told me it was only natural to have bloodlust, he said he had experienced it many times in his 250 years. He assured me it would pass. I couldn't help but think that he was just trying to pacify me.

I asked Tobias to come with me to keep me distracted. I had all evening to kill (so to speak). He agreed provided that he could hunt first. I agreed and told him to go on his own as I did not want to feed yet. I could feel that I would need to soon but as yet I was ok.

Time just seemed to drag for me when Tobias was gone. I kept hoping that he did not go hunting anywhere near Ben, I felt a certain jealousy around Ben. If I couldn't have him then no other vampire was going to.

Tobias came back at around midnight; his eyes were no longer deep red but were lighter because of the human blood. 'So bro; what have you got planned for us to do?' Tobias asked.

'Mmm, I dunno, we could always go see our cousins the witches.'

'Do we have too? I hate them with all their spells and crap.'

'Yes we do; I need to find out if there is a spell that can stop me wanting Ben's blood so badly.'

We went to see my cousins Ashley and Mary. These were two very powerful witches in the London area and I hoped they could help me. They couldn't, I was stuck with this dilemma that I could not fix without either killing the man I love or running away. I was sick to the back teeth of running away. I have spent two centuries doing it. I wanted to stay in one place for a while; I had been given a job from Adrian to show new vampires the best hunting areas of London. It was a good job that the morality rate in London is quite high. Our kind tends to stay in large towns and cities so they can feed without exposure from the outside world. That is our only law, keep the secret.



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