This story took place several years ago during my (Alex is my name) junior year at The university of Louisville where I met Bobby at a campus frat party. It was a sunny spring day in April when one of my friends invited me to his frat house for a beer, hot dog and burger party with 40 students.

When I arrived around 6:30 PM, the festivities were well under way. The guests were drinking, eating, dancing and playing such sports as volleyball in the vine-covered fenced backyard. Some of the co-eds were engaging in heavy petting with the frat dudes.

I went to the kitchen, got a beer and went into the large living room where two co-eds were chatting with a cute blond twink guy.

I said: "Hi, my name is Alex."

The two co-eds introduced themselves as Elizabeth and Caroline. The hot blond twink was stretched out on a sofa and introduced himself as Bobby. I learned that all three were juniors at UL.

The co-eds were standing drinking a beer while talking with Booby. He was stretched our on his back sporting a white tank top and red hot red tennis shorts and white tennis shoes. He was so sexy lying there with what appeared to be a huge bulge in his shorts. I felt an instant rise in my crotch.

As we four talked about our upcoming summer plans, Bobby suddenly changed the subject. He showed us his new very expensive Rolex wrist watch and said: "Hey guys, last week I got this watch as a gift from a 50-year-old man I met at a local bar. I let him take me to his apartment and fuck the hell out of me with the Rolex as the prize for taking his huge cock up my ass."

The co-eds looked shocked, took their beer and joined their friends in the backyard leaving me with hot naughty little Bobby. Man this was working great. I began to really get turned on to this gorgeous 5' 7" tall and about 150 pound blond twink with sexy deep blue eyes and sexy peach fuzz on his legs. Man, I was alone with this cutie, an obvious gay gigolo.

"Alex, you are one hot dude. Are you by any chance gay? I sure hope so."

"Yea, Bobby, I'm gay but no where as active sexually as it appears you are. My first gay experience was as an 18-year-old high school senior when our team's football quarterback fucked me late one night after we had gotten drunk. I knew then I loved a man's cock deep in my ass. Over the past year, I've bottomed several times for my neat roommate who is on the university rugby team. He is such a great hunk and wild fucker. I love getting fucked by him."

"Man that is so cool. Thanks for sharing. I sure would love trying my cock up your ass. This party is so boring. Alex, how about us skipping out and going to my apartment. I bet I can show you some hot kinky tricks that you would love."

Hell, I was overcome with lust when I replied: "Yea, man I love that idea."

As we entered Bobby's apartment, he grabbed my crotch with one hand and used the other hand to show me to his sexy bedroom with hot nude guys' posters on the walls. I was with one sex driven dude. I was in for a night of wild sex.

He threw me on his bed on my back, inserted his hand inside the front of my shorts and located my rock hard leaking cock, began jacking me off, took his other hand and slid it down the back of my shorts and began thrusting a finger deep into my ass. He was moving fast to take me. Our lips met. He offered me his tongue as I parted my lips and took his juicy tongue deep into my throat. We began to ooze gobs of salvia into each others' throat. I began to become delirious with lust for this naughty twink. He had me where he wanted me---his latest catch and a willing bitch.

After some five minutes of mauling me, he stopped and ripped off all my clothes and took off his own clothes. We were now butt naked and sweating like a river over flowing its banks. Oh fuck, I learned that his gorgeous smooth hairless slick cock was 10-inches with a very thick cock shaft and above average balls. Shit, I had never seen a piss slit that wide open or big. His cock head was beautiful and very purple.

Bobby ordered me to close my eyes while remaining on my back. I was not to look. I heard him open a drawer and soon he was on the bed placing a blindfold over my eyes and head. Everything became very dark. Bobby whispered to me: " Alex, you will be my bitch tonight. Will it turn you on if I talk really dirty? Ok, you little whore."

In my state of utter lust, I managed to whisper: "Yea, let me be your bitch, whore and slave tonight. Talk dirty to your bitch."

Bobby began spitting on my 5-foot and 11-inch tanned body. He ran his fingers through my light brown hair with the blindfold covering my deep brown eyes. He spent at least an hour consuming my entire body with his lips, mouth and soft sexy hands. He found my favorite erotic zone as he licked and sucked on my ear lobes. My cock was bouncing like a basketball. Gradually, he spit, sucked and licked up and down my neck, arms, armpits, nipples, chest, stomach, abs, thighs, legs, feet and toes, asshole and last he took charge of my crotch. He sucked and put my balls in his hot mouth before he began sliding his tongue up and down my hot cock shaft. Finally, he clamped his soft sexy lips down hard on my cock head. The feel was so erotic. As he took my big 8-inch cock inch by inch down his throat, I became wild from the pleasure. The fact that I could not see what he was doing greatly intensified my senses of smell and touch that produced chills, goose bumps and tingling over ever inch of my body.

Bobby began to concentrate solely on my steel hard cock down his throat. I felt his tongue run up and down each side of my cock shaft. As he increased the speed sucking my cock, I felt him thrust a finger deep into my ass. I was getting a hot blow job and at the same time getting finger fucked. As I moaned with pleasure. He devoured my cock. I placed my hands on the back of his head and pushed hard to aid him coming on and off my aching cock. Again in the darkness, my sense of feeling was enhanced as I felt his wet hot mouth on my boner. Soon I went over the edge as I felt the oncoming orgasm. I shot at least ten fresh squirts of thick white cum so deep into his throat that I heard and felt him gag as the cum went down his wind pipe. I thought the surge of cum exiting my balls and cock would never stop. It was a massive ejaculation.

When Bobby finally came off my cock, he began to shower me with his foul mouth.

"Well, you little bitch, you did not warn me you were going to try and drown me with that monstrous load of semen. I have never drunk that much hot cum from one blow job. Man, you must have stored that up for weeks. Now, I'm going to have to spank that cute bubble ass of my naughty little bitch and then fuck that asshole until you are raw and beg me to stop. My big cock may wind up in your stomach. I will teach you bitch to not try to drown me with your salty cum."

This little kinky twink had me hot with lust as he turned me onto my stomach. Still with the blindfold, I heard Bobby open another drawer. He came back to the bed. What was he doing? He began to use some type of soft instrument to spank my bubble ass for some five minutes. My cock was beginning to grow again. The spanking went on for some five minutes until my ass was burning but with pleasure, as I begged for more. Then he said: "My little bitch, I have another surprise for you."

He spread my legs far apart, poured some type of liquid on and up my ass. Soon I felt some huge object violate my ass. It felt like a jackhammer. I'd never had anything that big in my ass.

"Oh Bobby, what is that huge thing in my ass? Man, it is big."

"Well, my little fuck buddy, I just put one of my favorite toys up that man pussy. It is a 15-inch big black dildo. Take it like a man."

Bobby fucked my ass for some five minutes with the herculean dildo until my ass was as open as a barn door. The dildo spread my ass chute so wide open that I would be able to take any man's horse cock in the future. I heard him leave the room, go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. In about five minutes, he returned to the bed, turned me on my back and removed the blindfold. Oh shit, his blond hair was wet, his body shinned from the shower and hell, he was wearing a pair of hot pink women's silk see-through panties. Oh my god, he was so sexy as I could see his huge rock hard cock inside those panties. The scene made me hornier than I had ever been. Man, Bobby had more kinky tricks than I had ever dreamed possible. My cock stood straight up and my ass began to pulsate inviting his cock to fuck me.

Bobby climbed up on the bed, put his legs on each side of my head and lowered the wet panties down on my face. I grabbed the back of his butt and plunged my mouth and tongue into the panties. His hard cock stretched the panties as he drove his cloth-covered cock into my mouth. I sucked with ultimate zeal the panties and his cock for some five minutes, as I tasted his precum.

Bobby got up and put a pillow under my sore ass, lifted my legs up on his shoulders, kept the silk panties on, pulled his big hard cock out the right side of the hot pink panties and buried his huge cock inch by inch down my ass while still in the hot panties. He began to fuck me at first slow and soon he began to fuck me harder and harder and faster and faster. I felt his hot cock exploring my entire ass while the silk panties were rubbing against my ass. Nothing had ever felt this erotic.

My cock was going wild bobbing up and down, as Bobby's cock seemed to grow larger in my pussy. I felt lots of precum greasing my ass chute and his cock.

We were moaning and grunting with wild bursts of sexual energy. Soon I saw on Bobby's face the sign of an approaching orgasm. He pulled his big cock out of my ass, put his cock back inside the panties and erupted with a huge ejaculation filling the panties. The cum began to run out the sides of the panties and onto his legs.

He took off the soaked panties and sucked on them and then had me suck cum out of the panties. Then he drove his still cum covered cock down my throat until I had drained him dry. We placed our lips together for a taste of the salty cum.

Finally, Bobby said: "Baby, how was that for a night of hot sex? I have many other hot fucking ideas. Can we do this again? You are the hottest guy I have ever fucked."

"Oh my god, Yes Bobby. I can hardly wait to see what other hot tricks you have in store for me. This was the best sex ever." No wonder the big studs on campus go for you. I wonder how may guys you have fucked?"

"Alex, I lost count a long time ago."

TO THE READERS: Is this the end of the story or do you want more?

This story was written especially for Petey and Bjorn G. and their support of my writing along with all the other guys who have been kind with comments.


Naughty Eric


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