Loving the outdoors, I had been waiting for warmer weather so I could take a couple of weeks vacation and do some hiking in the nearby national forest. I loved being alone with nature.

I had checked the weather reports and the forecast was for partly cloudy skies and temperatures in upper fifties and lower sixties during the day. I scheduled my vacation and packed my gear and headed out. I arrived at the park office mid afternoon on Friday, registered and headed out.

Just before dusk, I stopped and set up camp for the night. I had packed numerous ready to eat meals to eat, as well as some bottled water. I planned on supplementing my meals with fish caught and game I had trapped. I knew I could get fresh water from the spring fed creeks or from melting some remaining snow.

On Saturday things began to change. By mid afternoon the skies turned darker, and soon a light drizzle began. That was followed by a change in the wind which began coming from the north and the temperatures began to drop. I found a rock overhang and slipped in it trying to get out of the weather. To try and keep warm, I put on the rest of my clothing. The wind changed again and the rain became heavier and blowing into the overhang. I headed out to try and find a drier spot.

Soon, the rain changed to sleet then snow as the temperatures continued to fall. The winds pick up and soon I could hear branching snapping from the wind and the weight of the ice and snow. I had seen this before and knew that a late winter blizzard was brewing. They didn't happen often but they did happen and could be deadly.

I continued looking for shelter and my speed slowed as the cold began to take control of my body. I walked though out the night, knowing that stopping could mean freezing to death. Ice formed on my eyebrows and lashes and beard, as I fought the elements.

Then near dawn, total exhaustion was taking control of my body. I began to stumble and fall as the blizzard drew more intense. I stumbled again and fell face down in the snow. Trying to get up, I raised my head. Then I saw it.

There ahead of me was the faint outline of a small cabin, with smoke rising from the chimney. The last thing I remembered was trying to get up and make it to the cabin. Then, things went black.

I began to hear faint sounds around me and as I began to return to reality, I realized that I was in a bed and warm. Then, I slowly realized that I was totally nude.

Opening my eyes, I began to scan the room. Then I saw him. he was smaller in stature that I, but muscular. Slowly, he placed logs on the fire with precision. Hearing me, he turned and said, "Welcome back to the world of the living."

"Where am I?"

"You're at a ranger shelter in the park."

"How did I get here?" I asked thinking that it was Sunday.

"Sunday morning when I stepped out to get some wood off the porch. I saw a mound in the snow that shouldn't be there. Upon checking, I found you buried in the snow. I brought you in here and your clothes were all soaked and frozen. I had to remove them and get you in bed and get you warm to try and save your life."

"What day is it?"

"Tuesday morning. This blizzard is the worst we have had in over forty years. If you listen you can still hear the wind blowing. It's still snowing but not as heavy."

I sat up in bed with the covers over my crotch and looked around. My rescuer sat on a chair facing wearing only insulated long john bottoms. His muscular hairy chest was bare as he asked if I was ready for something to eat.

As I ate, we talked and he said his name was Rex Hubbard and that he was a park ranger. He was twenty-nine and nice looking, with dark brown stubble on his face.

"I'm Eric Denton," I replied.

"I know. After I got you in bed and under the covers, I went through your pockets."

Looking around, I spotted his short wave radio and asked if had found out when someone would be here to get us.

"I have no idea. The wind and ice brought down my tower and we can't communicate with the outside world. If the snow stops it will take several days for them to clear the road up here."

Looking around, I noticed that there was no other bed. I looked at him and asked, "Rex, if this is the only bed, where have you been sleeping?"

"In the same bed with you," he said with a slight smile.

Then, something came over me. I had never given it any thought before, but the thought of sharing a bed with another male seemed to excite me. I had never thought about it before and couldn't believe the feeling I was now experiencing.

I slipped on a pair of underwear and began to move around, and get my balance back.

"Take it slow," Rex told me.

We did a lot of talking that day and soon it was bedtime.

He looked at me and said, "Eric, you didn't know it but when I shared the bed I was nude. I've slept that way for years. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No. This is your cabin so do what you normally do."

"Being nude, our bodies tend to keep each other warm."

"Well, then, I guess I should do the same."

We both removed what clothing we had on and for some unknown reason, my eyes were drawn to his long swinging cock. Never before had I ever been drawn to look at another mans cock.

After he put a couple more logs on the fire, he came over and slipped into the bed next to me. Almost immediately, I could see what he meant as I began to feel the warmth of his body next to me. I turned my back to him as my cock began to stiffen slowly. 'What is happening?' I thought.

"Goodnight, Eric," he said

"Goodnight, Rex."

The next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee brewing, and when I looked over toward the stove, I saw that he was still nude.

Sitting up, I said "Good morning. Is it ready yet?"

"Almost," he replied turning to face me. "Since we saw each other nude last night and slept together, I thought I'd take the liberty of doing what I enjoy and stay nude. It's such a free feeling."

"It's cool with me," I said, and without saying anything, I climbed out of the bed and walked over to the counter and picked up a coffee mug.

Looking at me he smiled and said, "Did you decide to join me?"

"Yea. I thought I'd give it a try and see what it's like."

"You'll enjoy it, I promise."

Several times during the day I felt sure that I saw his cock begin to stiffen. He made no attempt to hide it, and mine began to try and stiffen and I followed his lead and didn't hide it.

Eventually, it was time for bed.

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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